travisgonzales23hey anybody here?00:06
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bkerensaslangasek: Do you know why if I run "gpg -d F1384F1F.signed-by.SOMEID.asc  | gpg --import16:20
bkerensa" it fails saying I need a passphrase but does not prompt me for such16:20
slangasekdo you have gpg set up to use a key agent, or not?16:21
bkerensaI have no idea ^16:21
bkerensaIm assuming not16:22
slangasekif you didn't set it up to, then you don't16:22
bkerensagood morning zenlinux17:43
bkerensagood morning nathwill17:57
nathwillmorning bkerensa, how goes?17:58
bkerensareally wanna run and get starbucks but I got fedex and ups coming so yeah >.<17:58
nathwillblkperl, so no one expressed a preference for either the 16th or the 23rd. what works best for y'all?18:18
bkerensakees: http://seattle.toorcon.org/ do you go?18:27
keesbkerensa: defcon is enough for me. :)18:28
keesI've heard it's really good though18:28
bkerensaDefCon is to far south :P and too expensive18:29
sbeattietoo vegas in august18:30
tgm4883whats wrong with vegas in august?18:37
nathwillthat isn't wrong with vegas every other part of the year?18:40
bkerensanathwill: well all summer in vegas imho is not fun... Have you ever been in the dessert with a hangover? its horrible :P18:43
bkerensaits on level with being in Oakland with a hangover18:43
nathwillanywhere with a hangover is horrible...18:44
sbeattienathwill: vegas in august double-downs on the misery that is vegas, at least to this sometimes-mistaken-for-a-canuckistani.18:44
nathwillat least it's not reno ... vegas does have that going for it.18:44
bkerensaReno atleast is surrounded by mountains capped with snow and rivers18:46
MarkDudeOMG Fedora is STILL fighting over Beefy Miracle name18:53
MarkDudeits incredible18:53
bkerensayou guys need a dictator18:54
MarkDudeWe may have some18:58
* MarkDude will fight them18:58
MarkDudeAt least when Mark S says sumthin' its over done and no time is wasted18:59
MarkDudeIts a cartoon hotdog18:59
bkerensaMarkDude: Did you come to the closing party at UDS? I cannot remember19:00
bkerensathat night was foggy19:00
MarkDudeI took pics of you19:02
nathwillso why would people still be fighting? i don't understand19:02
MarkDudeYou got foggy after that South American booze we found19:02
nathwillit's a vote. people voted. it's done19:02
MarkDudeGood question nathwill19:02
bkerensaMarkDude: oh thats right... I remember dancing with uhh Bethany :)19:02
bkerensaMarkDude: So after the party I was all the way out on International and the East 20's19:03
* MarkDude was tryoing to explain that he has spent time on far stupider pissing contests than names19:03
MarkDudeYes sketchyville19:03
MarkDudeGood for findi9ng both crack AND crakhoes19:03
bkerensayeah all the stores had bullet proof vault windows19:03
MarkDudeDamn, this whole naming thing is going to take some time. This sucks - we are losing all sorts of man hours due to this19:07
sbeattienew name: "Bikeshed Miracle"19:08
bkerensa"Beefy Mess"19:08
nathwilllol @ sbeattie19:08
MarkDudethat was my 1st response19:10
* MarkDude said please look at relevant site bikeshed.org19:10
MarkDudeAnd I vote fot eh shed to be painted Blue, with hotdogs on it19:10
MarkDudeWow, I just got kickbanned for talking about naming process in Fedora-social19:29
MarkDudeBy evilbob19:29
MarkDudeThat is AWESOME19:29
nathwillevilbob did something evil?19:29
* MarkDude had folks asking about him at UDS19:30
* MarkDude thinks he got mad when I asked if he had pets19:30
MarkDudeAnd are they known as EvilCat, EvilDog, etc19:30
nathwillyes, evilnathwill would've kickbanned you as well ;)19:31
MarkDudeAnd then we got into the freakin cartoon hotdog talks19:31
MarkDudeWell I got kicked after saying Im sorry19:31
MarkDudeIt should be talked about on this thread19:31
MarkDudeThere is no CoC. We have be excellent to each other19:31
MarkDudeThis may take a long long time to sort out19:48
* MarkDude has made very clear he has a *scorched earth * policy on this19:48
MarkDudeAnd anyone that votes to limit naming19:48
MarkDudeWill have an albatross around their neck19:48
nathwillwell. naming does have limitations, but they should be only legal considerations having to do with trademark/copyright19:49
nathwillthere should not be any politicking involved in restricting the decisions once an established community-driven process has reached consensus19:50
nathwillcool link from reddit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKOk4Y4inVY19:53
MarkDudeI wish the Ambassaodr list was public, this will get epic19:54
blkperlnathwill: 16th then19:57
nathwillblkperl, ok, cool. will you let me know when we have officially got a room reserved?19:58
blkperlnathwill: got it19:59
blkperlnathwill: i mean on it19:59
blkperlnathwill: what was the time frame?19:59
nathwillblkperl, you mean the hours?20:00
blkperlnathwill: yeah20:00
nathwillslangasek, kees, how long do these normally run for?20:00
nathwilli'd think 6 hours would be good... maybe noon-6, but let's get confirmation20:00
slangasekI'm not sure what normal is20:01
bkerensa>.< http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/sys/3021787761.html20:01
slangasekin Europe, they do them as all-weekend things, with people coming in on train and crashing on couches or at the venue overnight :)20:01
nathwillblkperl, don't suppose psu eng building has bunkbeds? ;)20:02
blkperlnathwill: nope20:02
bkerensaslangasek: imho having a all day event at the very least seems best so we can get much done20:02
nathwillok then... would a 10-> ~8 be a good timeframe?20:03
slangasekthat seems good to me20:03
nathwillblkperl, think we could get 10-8?20:05
MarkDudeYou folks know that if you do a release party picnic for Ubuntu, we can put it on geeknic.org?20:06
MarkDudeIf there is food, its a geeknic20:06
bkerensanathwill: question is how much space will we have? Then next phase is food/drink :) geeks dont work without some sort of snacks and beverages20:06
blkperlnathwill: ok20:07
bkerensaMarkDude: me and nathwill have discussed already.... later this summer likely20:07
MarkDudeWell depending on plan for event, you may be able to promote next event there20:09
nathwillwell, i think room for ~20 would be plenty right?20:22
nathwillbkerensa, what was attendance at the last event?20:22
bkerensa20-25-30? idk exact number20:23
nathwillblkperl, think a room with capacity for 30 is doable?20:24
nathwilli know people tend to float in and out throughout20:24
blkperlnathwill: i think it can hold 80ish20:24
blkperlnathwill: theres multiple rooms too20:25
nathwillexcellent :)20:25
bkerensaIm not agin us using that PSU ya her20:25
nathwillyay whiskey and dishwashing20:57
bkerensasounds like a horrible idea ^21:11

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