lucia111hiiiii a tt08:40
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technovikingwhat fonts list should I use on an Ubuntu website, getting complaints of the forums not great on XP machines14:56
steveedwardstechnoviking: 'Ubuntu', Ubuntu, 'Ubuntu Beta', UbuntuBeta, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', 'DejaVu Sans', Tahoma, sans-serif;14:59
steveedwardstechnoviking: Is our usual list.14:59
steveedwardstechnoviking: No worries.15:02
technovikingsteveedwards: am I allowed to add helvetica?15:20
steveedwardstechnoviking: Not really my call, but I can't see the harm of adding it between Tahoma and sans-serif if you really want to.15:23
technovikingthanks again15:25
steveedwardstechnoviking: ;)15:25
* AlanBell has read only live pad working23:18

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