inetprogood morning06:02
superflyMaaz: tumbleweed++ [ for sponsoring my package ]07:11
Kiloshi superfly and other guys. the monkey says he will chair tonight, so thats lekker09:39
Kiloshiya maiatoday hope you will be with us tonight09:39
maiatodayyup kilos09:41
maiatodayI'll try09:41
Kilosty girl09:41
Kilosok guys. see you tonight. have a good day09:42
inetproMaaz: what's for lunch?10:00
Maazinetpro: they say Debonairs Pizza is the leading pizza restaurant in Africa. http://www.debonairs.co.za/10:01
inetproI wonder10:01
bakumanlol lies10:15
bakumani dont like debonairs, stElmos tastes better. And if you are not only looking as TakeAway stellenbosch has al least 5 different rastaurants that are better10:16
bakuman(pizza restaurants)10:17
inetprobakuman: what about Pretoria?10:17
bakumannee daar moet jy maar lewe van melk en heuning en brood10:17
superflybakuman: I agree, I prefer St Elmo's... but Scooters' deep pan pizza is also very yummy11:15
charlvn+1 debonairs is really teh suck11:27
inetproMaaz: for lunch is also <reply> $who: I prefer St Elmo's... but Scooters' deep pan pizza is also very yummy11:29
Maazinetpro: I'll remember that11:29
inetproMaaz: google St Elmo 11:31
Maazinetpro: "St Elmo Steak House" http://www.stelmos.com/ :: "St. Elmo's fire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Elmo's_fire :: "St. Elmo's Coffee Pub" http://stelmoscoffeepub.com/ :: "St. Elmo" http://www.st-elmo.org/ :: "St. Erasmus(St. Elmo) - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online" http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=182 :: "St Elmo General Store" http://www.st-elmo.com/ :: "Saint Elmo - Colorado 11:31
inetproMaaz: google St Elmo Pretoria11:32
Maazinetpro: "Recipe to get larger slice of pizza marke" http://www.btimes.co.za/98/0705/survey/survey.htm :: "Kallie Cornelius - South Africa | LinkedIn" http://za.linkedin.com/pub/kallie-cornelius/15/30b/103 :: "National Lottery" http://www.nationallottery.co.za/competitions/promo.asp :: "St Elmo's Woodfired Pizza" http://www.stelmos.co.za/ :: "Student Bargains - Welcome to University of Pretoria" http://www.tukkieslife.co.za/Bargains.aspx ::11:32
inetproseems there's a business opportunity for someone11:33
inetprono St Elmo's in Pretoria11:33
* inetpro likes the Student Bargains site11:34
charlvnif you need to know where to find good junk food, ask the students11:51
charlvnthey are the authorities on the subject11:51
charlvnnot that good pizza is actually even junk food11:51
charlvnbut the crap they sell in the shops probably do qualify as such11:51
inetproMaaz: for lunch is also <reply> $who: Click on the day to view the bargains for the day http://www.tukkieslife.co.za/Bargains.aspx11:54
Maazinetpro: Got it11:54
charlvnhave you guys tried making pizza at home?11:57
superflycharlvn: the wife does it often11:59
charlvnsuperfly: i don't want to eat pizza in the shop anymore12:01
charlvnit's too easy and too much better to make it yourself12:01
inetprocharlvn: heh12:02
charlvnthe only "hard" part is making the dough12:03
inetprohome made is always best12:03
charlvnso what i normally do is i buy the pre-made pizza bases in the shop and then just do the topping myself12:03
charlvnas long as you use good quality pizza bases it works perfect12:03
inetprothat's what we also do most of the time12:04
charlvnfor half the price you get twice the quality of pizza as the end result12:04
superflycharlvn: the mrs makes the dough in the bread machine12:04
charlvnsuperfly: my mom also has one of those bread machines, they are very handy but it's too much trouble for me still12:05
charlvnthe only pizzas i really like are the original italian style pizzas with lots of fresh herbs12:08
charlvnnot the american pizzas with "pepperoni" on them (which actually means peppers in italian, not even a meat sausage)12:09
charlvnif i ask for pepperoni on my pizza i expect peppers not sausage yuck12:10
Owkkuriinetpro: http://www.bizpages.co.za/cat/st-elmos-woodfired-pizza/willow-way-shopping-centre-location :P I thought the name sounded familiar12:47
inetproOwkkuri: hmm.... way to far from where I am12:49
inetprobut I shall have to remember that when visiting afriend in the area12:49
Owkkuriit's on my way home 12:49
* inetpro has never had a pizza from st elmos12:50
* Owkkuri neither12:50
* Superhuman too13:43
Banlamhttp://imgur.com/gallery/0kovm <- same kind of pictures we had in our computer science theory books15:15
nuvolariam I to early?16:34
nuvolarioh, 19:3016:41
kbmonkey*two ;P16:49
nuvolarihallo kbapie :D16:49
nuvolarigaan dit wel?16:49
kbmonkeyja ja gaan lekker ou, en self?16:50
nuvolariklop-dissel-boom dankie16:50
nuvolariow :-/16:50
kbmonkeykickass :p16:50
nuvolariag jinne :-/ my compose key is weer opi koffie16:51
kbmonkeyI have about 10 MB left on my 3g, i'm *hoping* i wont run out tonight.16:51
nuvolarino web browsing for you!16:51
kbmonkeyno git either :(16:51
kbmonkeyha ha. maar ek moet die agenda somehow try sien...16:52
kbmonkeyoh disco, login works in elinks :D16:55
kbmonkeyit wont accept the dates for start/end.16:59
nuvolaribleh. UI freeze :-/17:01
kbmonkeyso listen, i can login to loco with elinks :] ha ha17:05
nuvolarikbmonkey: did you try lynx before?17:06
nuvolariI can't remember how they stack up17:07
kbmonkeyyes, I used lynx for a while. elinks is like enhanced lynx17:08
kbmonkeythat took a third of my MB, im getting worried now =D17:08
kbmonkey...unless my vnstat is misreporting.17:09
kbmonkeyhow do I see my network throughput per device, again.. ?17:09
nuvolarilemme check17:10
nuvolariI forgot that one17:10
kbmonkeycan you chair meetings nuvolari ? 17:12
nuvolarihmm, do we have an agenda?17:16
kbmonkeyhad to verify my account... okay folks don't look like i can stay online, something chewed my 3g 17:16
kbmonkeyit will drop me pretty soon :(17:16
kbmonkeythere is no agenda either, nuvolari. hmm17:17
nuvolarisocial meeting? :P17:17
kbmonkeyseems like it =D17:18
kbmonkeyon my remote shell so it wont time me out, at least17:18
nuvolarikbmonkey: try less /proc/net/dev17:18
nuvolarithere was one nifty tool17:19
nuvolaribut I can't recall what it's called17:19
nuvolarior just ifconfig: "RX bytes:19877881 (19.8 MB)  TX bytes:4294589 (4.2 MB)"17:20
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 17:24
Kilossjoe was amper laat17:24
Kiloshi nuvolari 17:24
nuvolarilyk of dit net social gaan wees oom17:24
Kilosevening everyone17:24
nuvolarikbmonkey: perfect combo: iftop and nload17:24
Kilosdie apie het gese hy kom stoel wees17:24
nuvolarihy vra of ek kan oom17:24
* nuvolari skraap die moed bymekaar :P17:25
Kiloswanner nou?17:25
Kilossjoe jy sal moet baas skap kry oor maaz17:25
Kilosen maia het ook gese sy gaan try hier wees17:26
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:27
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:27
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please17:27
Maaznuvolari: Okay17:27
nuvolarig'evening octoquad 17:27
Kiloshi octoquad 17:27
octoquadgood evening everybody :)17:27
octoquadhow we all doing?17:27
Kiloswe kinda cold and you?17:28
octoquada teeny bit cold, but all good. lol17:28
Kilossuperfly, you here?17:28
superflyhi Kilos17:28
Kilosyay you chair tonight superfly 17:28
superflyKilos: I don't have meeting priviledges with Maaz17:29
nuvolaribah :'( I can't do nothing17:29
Kiloscant highvoltage give you priviledges?17:29
Kilosor Owkkuri 17:29
superflyKilos: no, I don't think so17:29
Kilossjoe only drubin 17:30
nuvolarihowcome everyone is in the list but me? :P17:30
Kiloshave you got priviledges nuvolari 17:30
nuvolarino oom kils17:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and nuvolari!17:31
Kilosdrubin, ping17:31
KilosMaaz, ty17:31
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:31
nuvolarithanks Maaz 17:31
nuvolariI'm really not in the list17:32
nuvolariI tried creating a meeting event17:32
nuvolariI'm somehow not part of the ubuntu-za team, but I am already part of the team in launchpad...?17:32
nuvolarinot making sense17:32
Kilosits maaz thats fulla17:32
Kilosyo refusenik 17:33
KilosOwkkuri, is there anyone else with ops here17:34
Owkkurinot that I know of Kilos17:34
nuvolarioom Kilos, I can make you chair :P (well, in the meeting event17:35
Kilosno no you bigger than me17:35
* Banlam bangs a gavel17:36
Banlamwhat's happening?17:36
Kiloswe trying to find a chair17:36
nuvolarinot a lazy chair though17:36
* Banlam is sitting on one17:37
nuvolariMaaz: jump17:37
MaazHow high?17:37
nuvolariMaaz: jump very high17:37
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?17:37
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:38
Maaznuvolari: You're not the boss of me17:38
nuvolariI tried17:38
nuvolariMaaz: help becoming boss of you17:38
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...17:38
nuvolariutter discrimination17:39
Kiloscocooncrash, you here?17:39
cocooncrashKilos: Yup17:40
Kiloscan you please give nuvolari  and/or superfly ops17:41
mazalEvening all17:41
Kiloslo mazal 17:41
nuvolarihi mazal 17:41
superflyKilos: not ops, meeting privs17:41
nuvolariye, we need so faery-dust to start the meeting :P17:41
Kiloscocooncrash, meeting priviledges for nuvolari  and/or superfly please17:41
cocooncrashMaaz: grant admin to superfly when authed17:42
Maazcocooncrash: Sure17:42
cocooncrashMaaz: grant chairmeeting to superfly when authed17:42
Maazcocooncrash: chairmeeting permission for superfly is already auth17:42
Banlamcoo coo ka choo17:42
Kilosty cocooncrash 17:42
nuvolarilol Banlam 17:42
cocooncrashMaaz: create account nuvolari 17:42
Maazcocooncrash: Yessir17:42
cocooncrashMaaz: grant chairmeeting to nuvolari  when authed17:42
Maazcocooncrash: Righto17:42
nuvolariBanlam: bleshu17:42
Kilosthere you go guys, fight over who is chair17:43
* nuvolari is not the fighting type17:43
Kilosnuvolari, start the meet17:43
superflyhrm, OK, shall we start?17:44
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:44
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:44
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:44
Maazsuperfly: Done17:44
Banlammaaz, I am Gareth Cawood17:44
MaazBanlam: Done17:44
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:44
Maaznuvolari: Okay17:44
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:44
MaazKilos: Alrighty17:44
octoquadMaaz: I am Bruce Pieterse17:44
Maazoctoquad: Done17:44
Kerbero"i am, therefore i am"17:45
KerberoMaaz: i am jp meijers17:45
MaazKerbero: Yessir17:45
Kilosha ha17:45
mazalI assume we must all give our name ?17:45
mazalMaaz: I am Wikus van dyk17:45
Maazmazal: Yessir17:45
Kilosno nom de plumes17:45
Kerberowikus vd merwe17:46
Kiloscocooncrash, are you joining us?17:46
nuvolariMaaz: topic Review previous minutes17:46
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:46
Kiloshi psydroid sign in with maaz please17:47
nuvolariif I can find the previous minutes we can review it :P17:47
superflynuvolari: dunno about the minutes, but here: http://churchm.ag/harvard-athletes-perform-call-me-maybe-video/17:47
psydroidhi Kilos17:48
psydroidKilos, how do I do that?17:48
Kilosjust type in maaz I am "name"17:48
Kiloshiya maiatoday 17:49
nuvolarilol superfly 17:49
maiatodaysorry I am late people17:49
psydroidhi superfly nuvolari Kerbero maiatoday17:49
nuvolarino problem maiatoday 17:49
nuvolariwelcome 17:49
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:49
Maazmaiatoday: Yessir17:49
nuvolariooh, pretty cool video17:50
octoquadnuvolari: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/406/detail/17:50
* mazal wonders if Maaz can make coffee :P17:50
psydroidMaaz I am Sunil Janki17:50
Maazpsydroid: Righto17:50
KilosOwkkuri, are you joining us?17:50
nuvolarito be honest, I'm a bit lost17:52
maiatodaythe meeting has started?17:52
octoquadnuvolari: what are you still looking for the previous meeting minutes?17:52
nuvolaribut need a little help maiatoday :P pleeze17:52
maiatodayok no problem17:53
maiatodaywhere are we17:53
maiatodayok meeting minutes17:53
superflynuvolari: oops, got my links crossed :-/17:53
nuvolarino problem superfly 17:54
maiatodaydid you start the meeting with Maaz?17:54
nuvolarimaybe I should pay better attention before chairing a meeting 17:54
nuvolarimaiatoday: affirmative17:54
maiatodayok good17:54
nuvolariand started topic review minutes17:54
maiatodayso are we reviewing minutes?17:55
Banlamin theory17:55
maiatodayalso we don't have an agenda17:55
maiatodayso lets make one quickly:17:55
maiatodayreview minuets17:55
maiatoday2: feedback from release parties17:56
maiatoday3: ubuntu hours17:56
maiatoday4: certification update17:56
maiatodayanything else?17:56
maiatodaymaaz help me with meeting17:56
Maazmaiatoday: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.17:56
maiatodaymaaz can you do meetings17:56
maiatodaymaaz what can you do17:57
Maazmaiatoday: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.17:57
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.17:57
Banlamso any news on ubuntu CDs?17:58
nuvolarimaiatoday: is there any reason why I'm not in the meeting team list?17:58
nuvolariI can't create a new meeting entry17:58
maiatoday5: feedback on cds17:58
maiatodayno no reason nuvolari 17:58
maiatodayI don't control the list17:59
maiatodaywho is the controller of the Maaz list?17:59
Banlamare we going to discuss launch parties?17:59
maiatodayMaaz topic review minutes17:59
MaazCurrent Topic: review minutes17:59
maiatodaydoes anyone want to say anything on the previous minutes?17:59
maiatodayit was short, so I think we can move on17:59
maiatodayMaaz topic feedback from release parites18:00
maiatodaybleargh spelling18:00
MaazCurrent Topic: feedback from release parites18:00
nuvolariyeah, chair in training, not going as smooth today :P18:00
maiatodayno problem nuvolari 18:00
maiatodayI'll stop anytime if you wanna take over18:00
Banlamso who attended release parties?18:00
maiatodayok so we had a fun party at the shuttleworth centre18:01
maiatodayvery sweet, yet yummy cake18:01
nuvolarino no, it's ok maiatoday, I'll pay attention today18:01
Banlamphotos? blog posts?18:01
maiatodayI wanted to blog about the pretoria release party, but I haven't got the pics yet18:01
maiatodayyeah hang on I'll get the link18:01
nuvolariI'm not sure if we're on for a release party here in durbs18:01
nuvolariI've been trying to keep an eye on the mailing list, but that's about as far as I got 18:02
maiatodayDoes anyone have pics for the pretoria release party?18:02
maiatodaymaaz action maiatoday ask for release party pics for pretoria party on mailing list18:02
Maazmaiatoday: What?18:02
maiatodaymaaz agreed maiatoday ask for release party pics for pretoria party on mailing list18:03
MaazAgreed: maiatoday ask for release party pics for pretoria party on mailing list18:03
superflymaiatoday: I did see a few on a friend's facebook page - I can ask about them18:03
maiatodayok 18:03
maiatodaythanks superfly18:03
maiatodayany other feedback from release parties?18:03
nuvolariwelcome zeref 18:04
zerefherro nuvolari 18:05
maiatodayit was low key but we had quite a few people, the pretoria people had a good turn out they say18:05
Kiloshi zeref sign in to the meeting18:05
maiatodaydoes anyone want to add anything about the release parties?18:06
maiatodayok then18:06
nuvolariI wanna set the next topic maiatoday 18:06
maiatodaymaaz topic ubuntu hours18:06
MaazCurrent Topic: ubuntu hours18:06
maiatodayoops sorry18:06
nuvolari:P sies18:06
zerefKilos: ?18:07
nuvolariok, I'll do the next18:07
maiatodayyour message came through here just as I hit return18:07
maiatodayI'll hang back next time18:07
Kiloszeref, its our monthly ubuntu-za meeting and we need some names18:07
maiatodayanyone planning an ubuntu hour?18:07
Kilostype in maaz I am "name"18:07
mazalWhat's an ubuntu hour ?18:07
nuvolariI should communicate with kbmonkey18:07
nuvolarias he's around now18:07
maiatodayBanlam, when shall we have one, it's exams now isn't it.18:07
zerefmaaz I am Lunga Mthembu18:08
Maazzeref: Sure18:08
nuvolaribut we don't have a formal UH planned18:08
Banlammaia, i don't reside in the area any more unfortunately18:08
BanlamKerbero, 18:08
maiatodaymazal ^^18:08
Banlammaiatoday, exams start soon yes,18:08
Banlamif not tomorrow18:08
Kilosnuvolari, contact william walter he had something to do with the last one there i think18:08
Kerberoyes it start tomorrow18:08
maiatodayok that means people will want to go out for a beer won't they :D18:08
Kerberobut the kids don't come anyway18:09
Kerberoso i think we should organise a ubuntu hour or beer evening asap18:09
nuvolariKilos: yeah, I will contact him oom18:09
nuvolariif it wasn't for him there wouldn't be anything going on in durbs :P18:09
maiatodayok Kerbero we can talk off line an make one happen18:09
Kilosyo queery sign in18:10
=== queery is now known as Guest21740
zerefhmmm, anything happeing in Joburg?18:10
nuvolarigood evening Guest21740 18:10
maiatodayfor the benefit of people who haven't had a ubuntu hour, contact a mate that uses ubuntu, meet at a public place18:10
maiatodayannounce ahead of time here or on the mailing list18:11
maiatodayhang out18:11
maiatodaymaybe take a picture18:11
maiatodaybe open to meeting other ubntu users or future ubuntu users18:11
maiatodayanyone have anything else they wanna add about ubuntu hours?18:11
Kerberosince queery and banlam are gone from stellenbosch nothing happens here anymore18:12
Kerberonow that is on record too18:12
Kerberotwo awesome people18:12
maiatodayKerbero: it's up to us18:12
maiatodayyeah to awesome people18:12
KerberoGuest21740: change nick + tell maaz your name18:13
=== Guest21740 is now known as queery1985
maiatodayGuest21740 wanna tell us about the release party in Pretoria18:13
maiatodayAlso please send me pics to blog18:13
queery1985maaz i am queery18:13
Maazqueery1985: Done18:13
queery1985damn nickserv18:13
Kerberolol, regte naam verkieslik18:14
queery1985Oh right will do maiatoday18:14
queery1985sorry for the late join18:14
maiatodayhow many people at the pretoria release party queery1985?18:14
queery1985Ill try to organise an Ubuntu-Hour next month18:14
Kilosqueery1985, you are forgiven . dont make a habit of it18:15
queery1985i joind the party late but when we got there about 1518:15
maiatodayoh cool18:15
queery1985so it was a success18:15
maiatodaywe had people coming and going in CT but I think around 15, which is good going since it was a public holiday long weekend18:16
maiatodaydoes anyone want to add anything about ubuntu hours?18:16
nuvolarihi magespawn 18:16
Kiloshi mageSIGN IN TO MEETING18:16
magespawnHowdy 18:16
maiatodayor ask anything about ubuntu hours?18:16
zerefmaiatoday: any ubuntu hours planning for joburg?18:16
magespawnMazz I am Greg Eames18:17
Kiloshi magespawn sign in18:17
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames18:17
Maazmagespawn: Yessir18:17
maiatodayyeah I think queery1985 wants to have one18:17
queery1985zeref: I'll organise one next month18:17
magespawnSorry i am late18:17
zerefcool, i'd be interested in helping out :-D18:17
maiatodayzeref you can help queery1985 :D18:17
maiatodaysnap hehe18:17
nuvolarino problem maiatoday, taking it slow tonight :P18:17
nuvolarier, magespawn 18:17
koiosifymaaz I am Nicholas18:18
Maazkoiosify: Done18:18
maiatodayshall we move to the next topic? 18:19
nuvolarioh hi koiosify 18:19
koiosifyhi all!18:19
Kiloshi koiosify 18:19
nuvolariok, I'll do it maiatoday!! :P18:19
nuvolarimy turn18:19
* maiatoday sits on her hands18:19
nuvolariMaaz: topic certification update18:19
MaazCurrent Topic: certification update18:19
magespawnYes nuvolari18:19
Kilosmagespawn, he is concentrating18:20
maiatodayok that topic was just finding out how the people who are helping each other work through the certification material were progressing18:20
Kiloslearning to chair18:20
maiatodayif someone wants to comment18:20
nuvolariI think oom Kilos is more active in the certification than me :P18:21
nuvolarihello smile 18:21
Kiloshi smile 18:21
smilehi! :)18:21
maiatodayKilos are you guys managing with the certification stuff18:21
magespawnI have not touched in ages18:21
smilemeeting here I understood? :p18:21
nuvolarismile: yup18:21
Kilosmaiatoday, whats that?18:21
smilenuvolari: when? :p18:21
maiatodayoh ok then it wasn't you18:22
nuvolarismile: you can identify to maaz by "maaz: I am <name here>"18:22
Kilossmile, sign in18:22
smilewell I don't know. I have to go in nine minutes :p18:22
Kerberodo it anyway18:22
octoquadcan you tell me more about the certification18:22
smilemaaz: I am smile18:22
Maazsmile: Alrighty18:22
maiatodaykbmonkey and some people were going through the Linux certification material18:22
nuvolariIt's the standard LPI certifications right?18:22
Kilosoh that18:23
queery1985i wanna do it too18:23
maiatodayyes the LPI18:23
Kilosour tutor is kinda busy18:23
KilosMaaz, LPI manual18:23
maiatodaythere is a small yet tenacious group18:23
maiatodayqueery1985: the material is free18:24
maiatodayyou can probably just go through it and ask questions18:24
maiatodaythere was a group18:24
maiatodayI think with a mailing list and a google groups, not sure18:24
* nuvolari is getting the group info18:24
magespawnThere is and a wiki18:24
maiatodayok cool18:24
nuvolariMaaz: linux-studies18:25
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?18:25
nuvolariMaaz: lpi18:25
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...18:25
TonberryMaaz i am Hendrik van Wyk18:26
MaazTonberry: Yessir18:26
nuvolariMaaz: lpi-group is https://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies18:26
Maaznuvolari: Got it18:26
queery1985maaz botsnack18:26
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well18:26
Kilosha ha18:27
nuvolarithere's some more resources mentioned in the group postings18:27
Kilosqueery1985, i had a link where you actually register for the lpi certs18:27
Kiloswill try find it again18:27
maiatodayok so open invite, people who want to do LPI join the group and ask questions18:27
nuvolariye, it used to be a bit more active18:28
queery1985oh cool can oom Kilos please compile the info in a email and send it to the group? pweees18:28
Kilosqueery1985, we have a channel as well18:29
nuvolarianything else on the certification?18:29
smilebyee :)18:29
magespawnMaybe if we remind peoppe i tend to forget18:29
queery1985on freenode?18:29
Kiloswe have all been slack maiatoday sorry18:29
Kilosyip queery1985 18:29
nuvolaridid everyone see the mail with the .ics file for the meetings?18:31
nuvolarican I continue to the last topic?18:31
octoquadI was waiting to announce that18:31
mazalYeah , but I don't know how to import it nuvolari18:31
queery1985ek okie18:31
octoquadWikus just asked for instructions on how to import it, I have responded to the mailing list.18:32
mazalThanx octoquad18:32
octoquadno prob18:32
nuvolarigoogle calendar maak dit easypeasy :P ek weet nie hoe Thunderbird werk nie18:32
nuvolariah, thanks octoquad 18:32
Banlamyeah, google just picks it up and asks you what you want to do18:32
maiatodaywe had an ubuntu-za calendar before if I remember18:32
magespawnYou can add google calender straight to thunder bird18:33
queery1985it exists18:33
nuvolariok, advancing to last topic18:33
maiatodaygo nuvolari 18:33
queery1985i used to handle it, and it had a repeating thing on it but im not getting reminders anymore18:33
nuvolariMaaz: topic feedback on cd's18:33
MaazCurrent Topic: feedback on cd's18:33
maiatodaythe cds are trapped in customs18:33
maiatodayI spoke to TNT a few days back18:34
nuvolariwe're not smoking anything!18:34
nuvolariI hope18:34
queery1985did he order the CD's cause that might be why they are stuck *TNT*18:34
Kerberotnt post. stomme nederlanders.18:34
maiatodayapparently canonical put (in their eyes) a small invoice on it but the euro exchange rate18:34
* tumbleweed waves18:34
Kiloshi tumbleweed 18:35
queery1985euro is 10.8 today18:35
nuvolarihi tumbleweed :) welcome18:35
maiatodaythe invoice is 319 rand and if it is over 300 rand it is an expensive parcel and needs to be taxed18:35
queery1985its been climbing18:35
maiatodayso I am happy to pay the tax but I don't know how to make it go forward18:35
nuvolariblegh :-/18:35
nuvolarihow many CD's?18:35
maiatodayI will phone them tomorrow18:35
mazalI don't understand the cd's thing18:35
maiatodaythe parcel is 9kgs18:35
octoquadmaiatoday: don't they send it back if you don't collect it within x days?18:35
mazalWhy are we buying cd's ?18:35
nuvolariwow, that's quite a bit then18:36
maiatodaywe aren't buying cds, mazal 18:36
Banlamwe're not18:36
magespawnWow thats a few18:36
maiatodaywe are an official loco so we get it free18:36
octoquadif peeps want CD's in the durban area, they can ask me18:36
Banlambut customs kick up more of a fuss if there's no "value" displayed on items18:36
maiatodayyeah but these are branded cds which official locos get18:36
Banlamthe fact is we're importing something which is worth something18:36
Banlamnevermind that we didn't pay for it18:36
nuvolaricustoms act like windows users: it can't be free...18:37
octoquadlol nuvolari 18:37
maiatodayanyway, it's no use arguing, I just want to get them before quetzal is release18:37
octoquadcan't we say it's for a non-profit?18:37
maiatodaywhen I get them I'll divide them up and mail them to the centres again18:37
mazalOne of those many "rules" I don't get18:38
maiatodayoctoquad: I did explain that we don't sell them etc etc18:38
octoquadhow many do you get?18:38
maiatodayI don't know the exact amount octoquad but as I said the parcel is 9kgs18:38
octoquadmaiatoday: ah, then what's there problem lol18:38
octoquadsorry their problem18:38
nuvolariI'm not going to take again, as I can't get them distributed here again :-/18:38
Kilosred tape18:38
octoquadnuvolari: are you from durbs?18:39
nuvolarioctoquad: ye, ballito18:39
maiatodayI'll send a list on the mailing list and ask who wants me to send them18:39
maiatodayI had a list of people, but I don't know if they still want cds18:39
maiatodaymaaz agreed maiatoday will find out on the mailing list who wants cds once they get here18:39
MaazAgreed: maiatoday will find out on the mailing list who wants cds once they get here18:39
nuvolariI know William is quite active in distributing ubuntu18:40
nuvolariand repo's18:40
maiatodayI am happy to make up a few parcels but I would prefer to send one parcel to a central point in each area18:40
queery1985since im traveling all over JHB freestate and pretoria I can also help distribute18:40
maiatodaythat's the end of my story about the cds18:40
Kilosthanksfor all the effort maiatoday 18:40
nuvolariok. any other last-minute topic?18:40
Kerberoi want cd's and i'm not on the mailinglist18:41
nuvolariyeah, thanks for your help maiatoday :)18:41
maiatodayI always give you cds Kerbero :)18:41
SquirmI also don't mind distributing any linux distro, will have to be posted though.18:41
queery1985you can we set a time limit on sending emails to the list?18:41
mazalI have a qeustion18:41
mazalI think I have asked it before but can't remember the answer , think there was an issue18:42
maiatodayno problem Squirm, last time I sent a parcel to people, contact me on the mailing list and let me in know what area you can distribute18:42
maiatodayqueery1985: what do you suggest?18:42
Squirmmaiatoday: eh, not part of the mailing list :P but I'm here most of the time18:42
Squirmmaiatoday: Mooi River18:42
Squirmkind of nowhere, but I'm there18:43
nuvolarino further topics?18:43
mazalMany people have slow or no internet and Ubuntu needs quite a few additional software and codecs to make it really good. Are we allowed to distribute iso's of Ubuntu that already have the multimedia additions and extra software installed ?18:43
mazalyeah , that one18:43
nuvolariyeah, I think we're allowed to do that in ZA, not?18:44
maiatodaySquirm, email me your info if you want me to send cds, I need a postal address and a name18:44
tumbleweedwe don't recognise software patents in ZA18:44
tumbleweed(although people do file them)18:45
mazalCos with 12.04 I came close to 1gig of additional stuff installled , and many people don't have the means to do that18:45
nuvolariI don't know about any of you guys, but basically doing an upgrade for me was useless using the CD/ISO as it still downloaded > 300MB18:45
octoquadWe should just make an apt-on-cd with updates and codecs and distribute with the original cd18:45
Kilosmazal, you can distribute remastersys dvd's as well with everything18:45
octoquador Kilos idea18:45
Kerberoi still think canonical should start to send us blank branded cd's18:45
SquirmI have a 4mb uncapped, unshaped line. so I don't mind distributing dvds either18:45
Kerberothen we can write them before distribution18:45
maiatodayKerbero: I agree completely18:45
nuvolariKerbero: awesome idea!18:46
mazalKilos, that was what I was thinking18:46
maiatodaybut I am not sure if they will18:46
queery1985I have a Web africa account so free repo18:46
magespawnCan we get the art work and brand them ourselves?18:46
octoquadKerbero: Canonical might see it as a security issue or perhaps loading linux mint on a Ubuntu CD18:46
maiatodaymagespawn: Kerbero got quotes, we can brand ourselves but it is super expensive18:47
Squirmso we have to pay to give away cd's18:47
BanlamKerbero, are you going to sit and write 100 CDs with your PC?18:47
magespawnIcan you cover your costs?18:47
nuvolarimaybe we should start a pledge list?18:48
Kerberobuy maia a coffee18:48
Kerberoat the ubuntu hour18:48
SquirmI've always wanted to set up a toaster, I'm just not in the right area18:48
maiatodaythe thing i most people who already use ubuntu are happy with an iso which they put on a disk themselves18:48
octoquadI really think we should just distribute on the fly. Create 5 CD's carry them around with you or stash some in your car and laptop bag and if you meet peeps who are interested, give them a copy.18:49
maiatodaybut people who have never used it like a branded cd18:49
KilosSquirm, maybe at the varsity in pmb18:49
SquirmKilos: that's still 40min away, besides I don't go there often18:49
Squirmto pmb that is18:49
Kilosbut theres nothing in mooiriver except cold18:50
Kilosand some farmers18:50
nuvolariI think for next time I'll promote xubuntu18:50
Squirmwell, like I'm going there tomorrow, but getting a lift and it's tomorrow evening18:50
magespawnAnd a nice river18:50
nuvolarimaybe burn some disks for people interested around here18:50
Squirmmagespawn: no18:50
Squirmmagespawn: you DO NOT want to swim in that rivet18:50
magespawnAhh but iis it nice?18:50
octoquadis Maaz still recording?18:51
Squirmmagespawn: brown and polluted != nice18:51
maiatodaywe can probably give her the rest of the evening off, nuvolari?18:51
nuvolariok cool18:51
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:51
MaazMeeting Ended18:51
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-05-21-17-44-22.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-05-21-17-44-22.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-05-21-17-44-22.html18:51
nuvolariok, what now maiatoday?18:52
maiatodaywho hoo good job nuvolari 18:52
nuvolarithanks :>18:52
Kilosthanks alot guys. was an interesting meet18:52
queery1985Maaz: coffee on18:52
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:52
octoquadthanks nuvolari and maiatoday :)18:52
queery1985Maaz: coffee for all18:52
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:52
Kilosminutes nuvolari 18:52
nuvolariyou're welcome18:52
maiatodaywell since we don't have a page on loco.ubuntu.com for this meeting, we can't put the minutes there18:52
magespawnTy guys18:52
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:52
MaazKilos: Righto18:52
* nuvolari was a bit rattled tonight :P18:52
maiatodayI'll update the monthly report quick just so we catch the minutes18:52
maiatodayand maybe I'll make a loco page after the fact18:52
octoquadgotta run, see you all on the mailing list and have a great week!18:53
nuvolaricheers octoquad 18:53
Kiloscheers octoquad 18:53
queery1985let me get my phone and cable so i can send you the pics maiatoday18:53
Kilosgo well18:53
mazalBye everyone ;-)18:53
maiatodaythanks queery1985 18:53
Kiloscheers mazal 18:54
maiatodaythanks everybody18:54
nuvolaricheerz mazal 18:54
Kilosthank you and nuvolari  maiatoday 18:54
maiatodaynuvolari: you learn quickly, its easy :D18:54
nuvolariyou're welcome oom Kilos 18:54
nuvolarimaiatoday: yeah, I just got lost with the minutes and agenda and where to start :P18:54
queery1985if i can find my cable18:55
nuvolariit was quite a lengthy meeting18:55
Kilosnuvolari, did i give you that link where you sign up for lpi18:56
MaazCoffee's ready for queery1985 and Kilos!18:56
KilosMaaz, ty18:56
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:56
nuvolarihmm, not sure oom Kilos 18:56
nuvolariKilos: tonight?18:56
Kilosit was a site where you register for lpi worldwide18:57
Kilosmaybe it was monkey18:57
Kilosnee man18:57
Kilosa month ago18:57
Kilosor more18:57
nuvolarihmm, I think it was kbmonkey oom18:57
* nuvolari may also suffer from memory loss18:57
Kilosmy pc is such a mess i cant find anything18:58
Squirmgoing to try create an ISO auto update script18:58
queery1985Maaz: ty18:58
MaazYou are welcome queery198518:58
KilosSquirm, i have that18:59
Squirmso say once every 2 weeks in opens up the ISO, chroots in, updates and repacks it18:59
Kiloszsync -i ubuntu.iso http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/precise/ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.zsync18:59
Squirmhmm, sounds easier than I though :P19:00
Kilosfrom an iso first this command19:00
Kiloszsync -i ubuntu.iso http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.zsync19:00
magespawnHow big are the repos for the latest release?19:00
nuvolariack! I want to get an update for my netbook. or I should just try arch19:00
Kilosmust be 40g or so magespawn 19:00
Squirmdoes mint use the Ubuntu repo?19:01
Kerberoit did19:01
magespawnThat would take a awhile to get, is there a command?19:01
Squirmmagespawn: you could use rsync19:01
Kilosyou will have to ask the clever guys magespawn 19:02
magespawnI would like to store is on my shop server19:02
Squirmonce you have the repo synced, rsync just updates what's changed19:02
Squirmmagespawn: I had a script that did that19:02
Squirmor wait19:02
Squirmthat one19:03
magespawnCool ty19:03
Squirmit has the scriprs and all19:03
maiatodayhere is the team report for may with the link to the minutes19:04
queery1985maiatoday: hulle is bietjie groot so hulle upload gou na gmail19:04
maiatodayif anyone wants to add something to the team reports, you can using launchpad log in19:04
maiatodaythe deadline for the team reports is the first sunday of the new month19:04
Kilosmaiatoday, give maaz that link please19:05
maiatodayso may teamreports get added to the weekly newsletter after the first sunday of the next month19:05
maiatodayregso queery1985 19:07
KilosSquirm, look at your pm. i cant spam here19:08
maiatodaymaaz team report is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/12/May19:08
Maazmaiatoday: If you say so19:08
Kilosi forget wht its called19:08
maiatodaymaaz team report19:08
Maazmaiatoday: team report is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/12/May19:08
nuvolarihmm, ubuntu single sign on is a bit broken right now19:08
Kilosty maiatoday 19:08
maiatodayI got the pics queery19:09
maiatodayoops queery1985 I'll blog soon19:09
Kilossuperfly, you were quiet tonight19:10
superflyKilos: I was washing the dished19:10
maiatodaysuperfly: played some cool games at the release party19:10
Kilosthe yank has you under the thumb superfly 19:11
Kiloshi mrs_fly 19:11
superflymaiatoday: it would have been really great to have been able to play Oil Rush :-/19:11
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:13
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 19:13
nuvolarilekker slaap19:13
Kilosjy ook dankie19:13
nuvolarioh my soul! tomorrow is going to be so cold as it's raining now as well19:15
magespawnI am off night all19:25
queery1985""Ubuntu-za" <v3ljpciepcncmjkl2tsoao7290@group.calendar.google.com> is not going"19:28
tumbleweed^ \o/19:36
maiatodaynight all, netbook about to die from power lack19:41
inetprogood evening19:50
Mezenirhey inet19:52
tumbleweedsuperfly: I just synced openlp https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+queue (it would have happened by itself, but only in a few days)21:46
tumbleweedit should be NEW reviewed in Ubuntu fairly quickly21:47
tumbleweedonce it's in, you can backport it to precise if you want: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports21:47
=== Kerbero is now known as Kerbero[afk]

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