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mandelmorning all!08:28
* mandel update reboot09:02
ryeverterok: morning09:43
gatoxgood morning!11:01
gatoxmandel, i add a comment in the MP11:27
mandelgatox, ok, checking :)11:28
mandelgatox, god I hate that pyflakes does not have disable comments :(11:28
mandelgatox, branch approved..11:29
gatoxmandel, thx11:29
gatoxmandel, how was your weekend?11:29
gatoxmandel, and hi! jeje11:29
mandelgatox, I might ask you for a review later, the windows tests are broken when I changed the API of the TCP activation in sso so I'm fixing and adding domain sockets in u1-client and u1-cp11:30
mandelgatox, weekend was good, went to buy furniture and not much more :P11:30
mandelgatox, I was at the gym on saturday worked out too much and was tired for the rest of the weekend hehe11:30
gatoxmandel, jejejejee11:31
mandelgatox, how was yours, lots of kinet?11:33
mandelgatox, is it worth it?11:33
mandelgatox, I mean, is it fun to play etc.. 'cause I've seen you killing zombies.. and I would have not uploaded that video to the internet :)11:33
gatoxmandel, lot of ninja coding, and on saturday we went to my house in carlos paz (perrito, nessita, matiasb and some others)..... in we ate a lotttttttt of asado!11:34
mandelgatox, nice!11:34
gatoxmandel, yes, the kinect worth it..... is really fun11:34
mandelgatox, I'd love to be there.. specially when my country is going down to hell.. putos politicos11:34
gatoxmandel, also.... you can plug it to your computer, and make your own programms using the kinect11:34
gatoxmandel, jejeje well i promise an asado if you come to cordoba :P11:35
mandelgatox, would be good to remove the need of a remote.. that way the dog will not distroy it11:35
mandelgatox, I'm jotted down that offer :)11:35
gatoxmandel, ahhh my talk in pycon australia was rejected..... so...... not spain soon :(11:36
gatoxmandel, i'm planning to take some vacations in japan :D11:36
mandelgatox, oh :(11:36
mandelgatox, I'm going to thailand this year, japan might be nexts holidays11:36
gatoxmandel, when you go to visit some new places...... you hire some tourist guide or something..... or tourist package...... or arrange everything by your own?11:37
* gatox is trying to decide which is more fun11:38
mandelgatox, I usually go crazy if I go alone, I usually book a hostal because there you are going to meet students and young people (means going out which is a good thing to do) and then once I have 'friends' I improvise :)11:38
mandelgatox, so for me, student hostals are the way to go11:39
gatoxyap..... i wanted something more like a tour for japan.....11:39
mandelgatox, I'd buy a guide and then use the train seems to be the best thing to do11:41
gatoxyes..... probably11:42
mandelgatox, in my trip to thailand I'm getting there and booking everything from there but knowing a little before hand, for example I'll stay 3 days in the jungle in an elephant trip :)11:42
gatoxmandel, wowwwwww11:42
mandelgatox, sure, I'm even considering getting eye surgery done so I don't longer need the glasses11:43
mandelgatox, I don't want to get lost in the jungle loose then and get eating by predator :P11:43
gatoxjejejeje sounds logic jejeje11:43
mandelgatox, so the ipc on u1-client is using mocker.. I'm very tempted to remove it so that I can add tests for domain sockets too, what do you think?11:55
gatoxmandel, the rule is: if you are fixing/adding some tests where it contains mocker now..... REMOVE IT!11:55
gatox(whenever you can)11:56
mandelgatox, well, I think I do have to touch the tests because they are old right now.. :)11:56
mandelgatox, also, I made changes to the code and the tests pass which is not a very good sign..11:56
ralsina  Good morning12:17
mandelralsina, morning!12:19
ralsinaHola mandel, how's things?12:19
ralsinaIs the mac port done yet?12:20
mandelralsina, lol I wish, I'm fixing the windows tests and in the same branch adding support for domain sockets for u1-client and u1-cp which gets us a step closer :)12:21
gatoxralsina, buenas12:21
ralsinamandel: ack, saw jenkins whining a bit ago, which is a good thing12:22
mandelralsina, then, more fsevents code to increase tests and add integration12:22
mandelralsina, yeah, this started late my friday (at least first time I got it) I'll try to set up the mac jenkins this afternoon (I have to play with my rooter, ouch!)12:22
ralsinamandel: I just found out I can't use the mini yet because I have no mice12:23
ralsinamandel: so I have to buy one and it's raining :-/12:23
mandelralsina, he, your new cat must be very good :P12:24
ralsinamandel: como se llama el ave que incendia los campos mexicanos?12:24
mandelralsina, ni idea, como?12:25
ralsinamandel: (deci rapido) el pajaro quema maiz12:25
karnirye: FWIW, fresh comments appeared under bug #87934212:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 879342 in Ubuntu One Servers "Got status code 302 or 401 using Ubuntu One" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87934212:25
gatoxralsina, jajajaa12:26
mandelralsina, uf, tan malo como, como se dice autobus (colectivo) en aleman?12:26
ralsinamandel: subanaprietesetrujenbajen?12:26
mandelralsina, si :)12:27
ralsinamandel: that one was old when I was not12:27
ryekarni: slow network connection, timestamp checking. same thing12:27
mandelralsina, last one, como se dice cuanto cuesta un pajaro en vasco?12:27
ralsinamandel: you told me already12:27
ralsinamandel: acuantolacacatua?12:27
karnirye: Could we mark it as 'in progress' perhaps? Or let them know we're working on it.12:27
mandelralsina, es cara la cacatua?12:27
mandelralsina, I need to get new jokes :(12:28
ryekarni: in progress12:28
karnirye: thanks12:28
ralsinamandel: OTOH, the one I did about a song with diego in twitter right now? I am fairly proud of that one!12:28
ralsinaAnd enough jokes, let's fix a bug or two12:28
alecuhey ya! hey ya' all!12:28
gatoxalecu, hi12:29
* rye injects https://code.launchpad.net/~rye/ubuntuone-client/ignore-in-close-write-in-dirs/+merge/106612 - nothing to fix, just test under Ubuntu ^_^12:29
ralsinahola alecu!12:29
ralsinarye: looking12:29
ryebecause if i write an automatic test for this you will all hate me. Setting up ecryptfs directories in tarmac, managing mounts...12:30
ralsinarye: is this the cause of all the weird eCryptfs errors?12:30
ralsinaor at least some of them?12:30
ralsinarye: haha12:30
ryeralsina: no, of only one of them: when you cd to ~/Private, syncdaemon explodes and won't synchronize anything until restart12:30
ralsinarye: yes, we will not add tests for that :-)12:30
mandelok, I'm off to have lunch12:31
* mandel lunch12:31
ralsinaAnyone other than rye has branches for review I should look at?12:31
alecurye, no need to do an integration test for this; but a unit test would be nice.12:32
ryealecu: the thing is that i can't cause pyinotify to trigger this12:33
alecurye, so, we should at least build a pair of tests that try to send the IN_CLOSE_WRITE and that check whether it was pushed or not.12:33
mandelralsina, there are a few but I think I went over all of them..12:34
ryealecu: another thing - we don't seem to have any test that tests for filters like this12:34
ralsinamandel: ok12:34
alecurye, we should send a synthetic event. But don't worry, I can take care of those tests.12:34
alecurye, thanks a lot for finding this and for your fix.12:34
ryealecu: it has been sitting in LP for 6 months and today joshuahoover forwarded me a ticket with exactly this problem and I recalled I promised to get it in in some of my blog posts12:35
ralsinaalecu: so you will branch from that branch?12:35
alecuralsina, right12:35
ralsinaalecu: ok, cancelling review12:36
ryealecu: so should I unpropose the branch?12:44
alecurye, I'm working on the test, then you can add it from my branch so the branch with the fix is still the one you did.12:53
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/poauth/test-runner/+merge/105874 still has no reviews :)12:53
ralsinadobey: on it12:53
ryealecu: oh, shiny! I get all the credits!12:55
alecurye, and the karma, yes.12:56
* rye loves bzr --author switch12:57
ralsinadobey: line 107 of the diff, why?13:01
ralsinadobey: same thing in other places, too13:01
dobeyralsina: you mean the new line?13:02
dobeyline 187 in the diff isn't a change, either13:02
ralsinadobey:107 not 18713:02
dobeyoh, 10713:02
dobeybecause python313:02
ralsinadobey: you are using list() on a generator13:02
ralsinadobey: both are valid on python 313:02
dobeyam using list() on a thing that isn't a list13:02
dobey.items() does not return a list on python313:03
ralsinadobey: yes items() on py3 is a generator. You can iterate over it just fine13:03
ralsinadobey: https://pastebin.canonical.com/66420/13:04
dobeytell that to 2to313:05
ralsinadobey: do not use 2to3, 2to3 is dumb :-)13:05
ralsinadobey: or, better, explain me the problem. So, if you use 2to3 on that without the list() it fails?13:06
dobey2to3 just outputs a diff of suggested changes. one of those suggested changes is to include the list() there13:06
ralsinadobey: ok, that one doesn't seem necessary, and is kinda ugly13:07
dobeyi can change it to not have the list() i guess13:07
ralsinadobey: please13:08
ralsinadobey: that change only is useful when you are using items in a non-iterative fashion, which it seems is not the case in any place here13:10
ralsinadobey: you can even tell 2to3 to not suggest those changes with -x dict (but that disables a bnch of other stuff too)13:11
dobeyralsina: also, i guess we do need to backport some things for windows-installer, and maintain a stable branch, if we are going to ever have nightlies, beta, and stable releases for windows13:11
ralsinadobey: yeah13:11
ralsinadobey: it makes sense to have a stable branch that builds from stable and keep trunk building from trunk13:11
dobeyi guess i'll do that then13:13
ralsinadobey: should be just a small fix in conf.py13:14
ryeerm... how come i have conflicts in https://code.launchpad.net/~rye/ubuntuone-client/ignore-in-close-write-in-dirs-stable-3-0/+merge/106613 ???13:18
ryei know13:18
dobeywow that is a long branch name13:18
ryeproposed against trunk13:19
ryedobey: if it breaks, i found a bug :)13:19
dobeyrye: not really. unix sockets have a maximum filename length13:20
dobeyrye: so if it breaks, your branch name is too long :)13:21
ryeyeah, i guess 128 characters13:29
dobeyrye: why no unit test?13:34
ryedobey: alecu is working on that since he knows where events can be injected from13:34
ryeswitched to WIP13:35
ralsinadobey: +113:36
dobeymorning briancurtin13:39
briancurtinmorning dobey13:39
dobeybriancurtin: are any of the last 3 changes on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-windows-installer/trunk necessary for doing the 3.0.1 release for winodws?13:40
briancurtindobey: nope, those aren't needed for it13:41
dobeyok, cool13:42
alecurye, https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/ignore-in-close-write-in-dirs13:42
alecurye, (still running the tests on it, though)13:42
* mandel back13:47
dobeybriancurtin, ralsina: made the 'release' of windows-installer 3.0.1 with updated xml to change the version to 3.0.1 and build to 100113:48
ralsinadobey: awesome, thanks13:48
dobeyso you should be able to build a 3.0.1 release for windows now13:49
ryealecu: wow, i spent a couple of days ago trying to come up with the test... and all I was thinking - how to make filesystem send these events13:51
ralsinabriancurtin: what dobey said^13:51
briancurtinralsina: how should that affect the 3.0.1 installer i already built? i was going to do some last testing this morning then ask if rick got a chance to look at it, then get everything signed13:52
ralsinabriancurtin: well, since you already built it, in no way I guess :-)13:53
dobeyi thought that was a "candidate" and we'd build a proper thing after the stuff was released13:53
ralsinadobey: the idea of a candidate is that if it's approved, it's shi[pped13:54
dobeyralsina: but the idea of having consistent releases across platforms is that everything is built from things that are released :)13:54
ralsinadobey: yeah, we have a conflict of paradigms here ;-)13:56
ralsinadobey, briancurtin: we need to decide on a worklow here13:57
ralsinadobey, briancurtin: and I am sure you two can come up with a nice one13:57
ralsinaFor this release, just ship the one that's done, for the next one, we have a defined checklist and steps to follow13:58
ralsinadobey: plus, the one that was built on friday should be the exact same code as this one we could build now, really13:58
briancurtinsince "creating the release" in LP is something dobey does, at least for now, i'd hate to have him go through any of that, then come back today and say no now we need to include these two branches, do another candidate, come back with another branch, then we finally release13:59
ralsinabriancurtin: the main problem being that we keep needing magic branches13:59
ralsinabriancurtin: which is something we should aim to get rid of for the next release, anyway14:00
briancurtinid certainly love to get away from that14:00
dobeywell, what is the current 3.0.1 installer built from exactly?14:00
ralsinabriancurtin: we are all in agreement there. We just need to get it fixed. So, you and I will do it before the next release. Plus, with the nightlies from jenkins, we can get have QA test before we do a "real" release, and avoid all this silly work you  have to do now.14:01
* ralsina is -1 on english today :-/14:01
dobeymsinly, i think we should also strive to have reproducible builds on windows as well as linux.14:02
briancurtindobey: it's from stable 3.0.0 plus https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntuone-control-panel/c2c-loading and https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntuone-client/fix984407-windows-is_root14:02
dobeyerr mainly, not msinly14:02
dobeybriancurtin: ok i think we definitely need a new installer then14:02
ralsinabriancurtin, dobey: isn't windows-is_root in 3-0 now?14:02
briancurtincrap...do we still need mandel's extra logging SSL branch14:02
ralsinabriancurtin: no, that's merged14:03
briancurtinyeah, i have no idea what we're doing then14:03
mandelbriancurtin, is there :)14:03
dobeyralsina: actually i don't think the extra logging is in stable-3-014:03
ralsinadobey: oops, it should, shouldn't it?14:03
briancurtini do the release from stable-3-0 on the 3.0.0 tag, plus the two branches listed above14:03
mandelralsina, dobey, briancurtin, it is in trunk.. maybe not in an stable branch14:03
briancurtinso mandel's branch isn't in the stable, so i forgot that one...14:04
dobeythere are lots of other branches that should be included in the 3.0.1 release14:04
ralsinabriancurtin: ok, let's do one from 3.0.1 tag instead. dobey: we should get mandel's branch in stable, too :-(14:04
ralsinabriancurtin: anyway, we probably can't get QA today because it's accounts-releas-day-again14:04
briancurtinralsina: no problem. i will take a look today and see what i can find on my own, then get them a release whenever they can take it14:05
ralsinamandel: please restate bug #1002208 as a bug? :-)14:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 1002208 in Ubuntu One Client "Unix domain sockets should be used for the IPC on darwin" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100220814:07
mandelralsina, fuuu ok, on it, I wish my todos would use bug titles..14:08
dobeyi wish bitrock had good version comparison support14:13
ralsinamandel: thing is, a bug should describe something that is wrong, not how we want to fix it14:16
joshuahooverralsina, briancurtin: i think we can probably do qa on windows in between new accounts work...don't hold up on it for qa...if need be i'll help test again14:16
mandelralsina, I know, I just keep writing things as my todo list..14:16
ralsinamandel: so "Darwin is using wrong transport" is a bug title, specially with a description explaining why14:16
ralsinamandel:  I used to do the same, but it' tricky to hand bugs over when they are done as todos :-)14:17
ralsinajoshuahoover: ack14:18
ralsinajoshuahoover: we have some minor branch selection troubles to clear first, but we'll have something today14:18
mandelralsina, I know.. sorry14:18
ralsinamandel: np14:18
* briancurtin rebooting since windows update keeps nagging me14:20
joshuahooverralsina: can you update the rt ticket to let IS know it's not coming today and give them an estimate on when they should expect it? i'm thinking wednesday or thursday at this point, but i'll leave that up to you14:20
ralsinajoshuahoover: I think it can go out today, if QA can do a minimal run of tests14:21
ralsinajoshuahoover: at least put the binaries for signing late today14:21
joshuahooverralsina: oh, ok...i guess it depends on when we get the installer today...but yeah, assuming we get it before the end of the day today then we should be able to turn it around with testing pretty quick14:22
ralsinajoshuahoover: we'll try to get it ASAP and then we'll see14:22
ralsinajoshuahoover: worst case it will be uploaded tomorrow morning14:23
joshuahooverralsina: ok, sounds good14:23
* mmcc finishes reading backlog14:28
mmccmorning all14:28
mandelralsina, gatox, can I have a very easy review for the following: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/darwin-ac-cmdline/+merge/106635 I just moved the code out to the correct function and allowed it to be used at package level14:29
gatoxmmcc, hi14:29
mandelmmcc, morning!!14:29
gatoxmmcc, of course14:29
ralsinagatox: sure14:29
ryeYAY 3rd IPC in U1 for Mac OSX14:29
ralsinammcc: good morning!14:29
mandelmmcc, I did a review I owed you, there are some small things to fix14:29
gatoxohhhh the review was for mandel14:29
gatoxmandel, of course14:29
mandelgatox, te odio -_-14:29
* gatox has the ability to ping always the wrong person14:29
mmccok mandel, still going thru emails...14:30
* rye goes to the last spanish lesson14:31
ralsinamandel: +114:33
mandelralsina, thx!14:33
gatoxmandel, +114:37
mandelgatox, thx, we need to change that to work in a decent manner on darwin but the current imp is ok for what we need atm14:38
ralsinabriancurtin, dobey: want to talk about what is and is not in stable-3-0 and what should be in 3.0.1?14:42
ralsinabriancurtin: good, talk with dobey and I will listen and chime in when needed :-)14:43
briancurtinso at the very least, what i've been using has been stable-3-0 plus the is_root fix (the main point of the release), the c2c fix (allows c2c page to, at the very least, not display "getting information" forever), and it should have included mandel's SSL logging branch14:45
briancurtini'm certain there is more to release, but i'm not sure if this release is just intended to fix the is_root problem since that is starting to build up support tickets, or if we want to release everything else that has been added since 3.0.0 release14:45
dobeyif we're going to release it as 3.0.1, then it should include what's in 3.0.1 (and i guess the ssl logging branch if necessary)14:46
dobeythere are definitely other important fixes in the 3.0.1 tarballs which i think should get pushed out in the windows release as well14:47
briancurtinthat makes sense to me, i just didnt know what else constituted 3.0.114:47
briancurtinsince i already forgot the mandel branch, i need to create another installer anyway, so i can do it from 3.0.1 plus our select branches (probably just C2C then)14:48
ralsinabriancurtin, dobey: seems to me we rushed the windows bit and should instead have held back until we had 3.0.1 "done"14:48
dobeyralsina: right14:48
briancurtinagreed. i only had my windows hat on, so when we had windows ready, i was ready to roll14:48
gatoxmandel, mmcc can we move the fsevents mumble from today to tomorrow?? i'm taking half-day sick after the standup because i'm with a really bad headache14:48
ralsinahopeully this release will be awesome enough that we'll feel no rush to do the next one14:48
briancurtinrather, that one windows fix ready14:48
mandelgatox, I'm ok with it14:49
gatoxmandel, thanks! mmcc ?14:49
mmccyeah, no problem, feel better gatox!14:49
gatoxmandel, mmcc thanks! i'll update the event14:49
mmccI was sick all weekend, I feel your pain :\14:49
gatoxmmcc, bummer.....14:50
dobeybriancurtin: the thing is, i don't think we had windows ready, necessarily :)14:50
gatoxmmcc, mandel i sent the update14:50
mmccmandel, just pushed your suggested changes.14:50
briancurtindobey: i dont *actually* think that either, we just got that is_root branch in so for most people (customers), it was ready in that they'd actually be able to use it14:50
mmccbrb in time for standup...14:51
dobeybriancurtin: right. assuming that it didn't break for them on a couple of other bugs in u1-client :)14:51
dobeybriancurtin: anyway, it sounds like you need to use the release-3_0_1 tag now, and also include that c2c branch, and the extra ssl logging branch from mandel14:52
mandelmmcc, ok, will take a look in a few mins14:52
briancurtindobey: so it's that tag from the stable-3-0 *branch*, correct? (just making sure i have the right terminology)14:53
dobeybriancurtin: right14:53
ralsinadobey, briancurtin: we could think of something for "patch releases" like we have in ubuntu, where we do a release from a tag +  a patch. But numbering gets crazy.14:58
alecume too15:01
gatoxmandel, ralsina dobey ?15:01
gatoxFriday: lot of improves in the freaky friday project. Today: Debug Filesystem notifications (not root implementation) tests, a little bit closer.15:02
gatoxRest (Take half-day sick leave).15:02
gatoxmmcc, go15:02
mmccDONE: read up on sandboxing, delinted network detection, made decision doc for osx client15:02
mmccTODO: daemon on 10.6, packaging15:02
mmccBLCK: NO15:02
mmccNEXT: alecu15:02
alecuDONE: finishing security work, some tests for rye's branch15:02
alecuTODO: mumble with mandel, mmcc, gatox: OSX notifications, wrap up security patches15:02
alecuBLOCKED: no15:02
alecuNEXT: briancurtin15:02
briancurtinDONE: half day, release stuff15:02
briancurtinTODO: make a new release based on what we just talked about, test it, etc15:02
briancurtinNOTE: in an hour i have a PSF Board meeting so i'll be around but on the phone15:02
briancurtinBLOCKED: none15:02
briancurtinNEXT: mandel15:02
mandelDONE: Reviews, reviews, reviews. Bug 1002307. Worked on bug 1002208 and bug 1001296 to get ipc on windows back on u1-client and add domain sockets support for darwin.15:02
mandelTODO: More on 1002307 and 1001296 (making the ipc tests with pb run on linux and over both transports), more reviews, fix u1-cp ipc for the same reasons as the above mentioned bugs.15:02
mandelBLOCKED: no15:02
mandelralsina, please15:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1002307 in Ubuntu Single Sign On Client "The darwin implementation of get_activation_cmdline is missing" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100230715:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1002208 in Ubuntu One Client ""Darwin is using wrong transport" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100220815:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1001296 in Ubuntu One Client "Tests are broken on Windows" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100129615:02
ralsinaDONE: bled from my nose all over my notebook (looks like blood is not conductive!), reviews, minor coding, figuring out what bug to hit first, bug triaging, askubuntu answering, canonicaladmining, etc. TODO: fix a bug BLOCKED: no15:02
dobeyλ DONE: 1-1 review meeting, 3.0.1 backports, 3.0.1 releases15:03
dobeyλ TODO: finish bug #853060, 3.0.1 SRUs, u1-installer 3.0.1 release/SRU15:03
dobeyλ BLCK: none.15:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 853060 in ubuntuone-installer "ubuntuone-installer crashed with GError in function(): Failed to execute child process "ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk" (No such file or directory)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85306015:03
alecuralsina, ugh, nosebleed! are you all right?15:03
ralsinaalecu: yeah15:03
ralsinaalecu: I have been having sinus issues all morning, and finally blew my nose once too many15:03
gatoxalecu, i didn't see you in the guest list of the mumble meeting.... i talked with mandel and mmcc if we can move that for tomorrow.... because i'm about to take half-day sick leave now...... because i'm with a really bad headache15:04
thisfredDONE: productive u1db handover sprint TODO: lots, first thing: u1db combine() mapping BLOCKED: no15:04
gatoxalecu, did you receive the update of the calendar event?15:04
alecugatox, no15:04
alecugatox: but now I see it updated, yes15:05
gatoxalecu, it's ok with you to do it tomorrow?15:05
alecugatox: oh, yes. No problem.15:07
gatoxalecu, thx...... i'm off for today now.......15:07
gatoxsee you tomorrow!15:07
alecugatox: bye!15:07
ralsinano comments?15:08
* alecu will be back in 10'15:13
dobeyok, need to get lunch. and then lots of SRU uploads and finishing up this installer bug15:21
thisfredmandel: I have shared with you jam's windows environment which should be everything required to run u1db tests on windows15:40
mandelthisfred, via email?15:40
mandelthisfred, ok, got it :)15:41
thisfredmandel: via this filesyncing service I heard about ;)15:43
alecubriancurtin, you are aware of the branch that mandel is about to propose that fixes ipc on windows, right?15:43
briancurtinalecu: no15:43
alecubriancurtin, are you releasing from trunk or from the tar.gz?15:44
briancurtinalecu: stable-3-0 branch, release-3_0_1 tag15:44
alecubriancurtin, the branch is for trunk, since one of the recent branches that changed ipc to use unix domain sockets for osx broke ipc on windows.15:44
alecubriancurtin, we should make sure that this issue is not present on 3-0-115:45
alecumandel, what would the symptoms for this be? just ipc not working?15:45
alecuit should be easy to tell :-)15:45
briancurtinalecu: i'm building the installer right now so i'll know in a few minutes what happens15:46
alecubriancurtin, great.15:46
ralsinaalecu: that brach never made it to stable-3-0 AFAIK15:46
alecuralsina, great. And I guess it did not make it to 3-0-1 either.15:47
mandelalecu, I believe as ralsina said that this broke trunk and not stable-3-0 but let me check since it is code in sso15:47
* alecu sighes relieved.15:47
* mandel takes a look15:47
ralsinaalecu: shouldn't15:47
alecubriancurtin, ralsina, mandel: what about the branch that logs the ssl details? Why are we manually including it instead of merging it into trunk or stable?15:49
mandelralsina, briancurtin, alecu, if we are using lp:ubuntu-sso-client/stable-3-0  to build the installer there should be no issues with the release15:49
alecumandel, great with that.15:49
mandelalecu, is in trunk, I guess it was not moved to the stable branch, no idea why15:49
ralsinaalecu: I assumed that branch was merged into stable, seems I assumed wrongly15:49
ralsinaalecu: tech leads in 10'15:51
alecuralsina, thanks.15:51
briancurtinugh, can't find the bug i reported about sso not working, which i think was related to mandel's IPC issue. LP sucks.15:52
mandelbriancurtin, was that in production? 'case the ipc is broken but was never released AFAIK15:52
briancurtinmandel: no it was just on my machine using trunk15:53
joshuahooverralsina: any ideas on what to tell windows users getting the valicert error?15:53
briancurtini was trying to debug something the other day and while tests always worked, actually starting up CP and everything else wasnt working15:53
mandelbriancurtin, ok, let me know when you get the but num and I'll take a llook asap15:53
briancurtinoh here it is, mandel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/100040715:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1000407 in Ubuntu Single Sign On Client "AttributeError on new install" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:55
briancurtini dont know how, if at all, that is related to your work...but its something that broke recently15:55
alecubriancurtin, https://bugs.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/+reportedbugs ?15:55
ralsinajoshuahoover: we have one of those?15:56
joshuahooverralsina: more than one15:56
joshuahooverralsina: at least 2 that i'm looking at right now15:56
ralsinajoshuahoover: ok, control panel, certificates, search for the valicert one, "enable for all purposes"15:56
ralsinajoshuahoover: specific steps may vary according to windows version15:56
mandelbriancurtin, ok, looking15:56
joshuahooverralsina: k, thanks!15:57
mandelbriancurtin, and that one is completely new to me.. :(15:57
mandelall, EOD here, alecu I'll propose the fix for windows tom, I'm getting dirty reactor exceptions on windows and will need to refactor the code to use the u1-devtools code correctly16:50
alecumandel, great.16:52
mandelalecu, I should be able to propose the cp branch too and we will have all ipc on domain sockets too, but we geed to get the security right as you mentioned last time, I suppose setting the rights of the socket correctly should be more than enough16:53
alecumandel, should be enough, but not more :-)16:53
mandelalecu, linguistic freedom in my part :)16:54
ralsinaI think I will have a lunch17:01
dobeyonly one of them! :)17:01
dobeyso, i wonder how to make this code actually fail for me17:02
ralsinadobey: yes :-)17:02
dobeyso i have a branch which i think fixes this installer issue17:35
* mmcc going to find a lunch to have17:36
dobeybah, where is this stupid error coming from, or not as the case may be :(17:46
ralsinadobey: want me to test it?17:55
joshuahooverbriancurtin: any update on the windows installer to test? :)17:55
briancurtinjoshuahoover: good timing. i'm wrapping up a quick smoke test with it right now before i upload it, will have a link shortly17:56
joshuahooverbriancurtin: smoke test? sounds unnecessary ;)17:57
briancurtinjoshuahoover: just need to make sure i pulled in the right accessory branches, since i screwed that up last time17:57
briancurtin...and its good (holds hands up like a touchdown)17:58
dobeyralsina: if you could; lp:~dobey/ubuntuone-installer/fix-aptdaemon17:58
ralsinadobey: on it17:59
ralsinadobey: will make sure I am in such a situation that current package fails, first, then try that oe17:59
briancurtinjoshuahoover: http://ubuntuone.com/7cnc3EWLWTSblGPPPOV7DK18:01
briancurtinsorry for the delay, i got stuck on the phone way too long earlier18:01
joshuahooverbriancurtin: cool, thanks18:02
joshuahooverrmcbride, elopio: ^^18:02
ralsinadamn you apt-get for being slower than everything else in my computer18:05
ralsinadobey: branch looks good, but released -installer has decided to work correctly so could not test IRL that it fixes the bug18:16
ralsinadobey: considering the volume of failure, if it fixes it, we will know18:20
ralsinaI know I soud like House MD there, though18:21
dobeyralsina: but we need to be able to tell the SRU team how to test it18:21
ralsinadobey: we can still use the "network disabled" test, right?18:22
dobeyhmm, let me try on my laptop without network18:23
ralsinadobey: did you commit a partial fix a while ago? I may hve been using nightlies18:25
dobeyralsina: no; i made a fix for a related and similar problem, but apparently not the same one18:26
ralsinadobey: I may have been triggering that one then :-(18:26
* briancurtin back in a few minutes, need to pick up a sandwich18:27
dobeyralsina: i doubt it; that was a long time ago. no way you were triggering it last week :)18:29
dobeyoh fun18:30
joshuahooverdobey: 12.04 user with gnome 3 installed is getting this error when trying to open u1-installer...any ideas/pointers? http://paste.ubuntu.com/999508/18:30
dobeyit installed the cached version18:30
dobeyjoshuahoover: it would appear they have a broken qt or pyqt install18:31
dobeyjoshuahoover: also, that error is from the control panel :)18:32
joshuahooverdobey: yeah, heh...just going by what the user told me18:33
dobeyhrmm, stupid error messages and label widget.18:34
ralsinajoshuahoover: broken system, do apt-get dist-upgrade18:35
dobeyso it does seem to fix the no network case at least18:43
dobeywould like to fix the "clicked cancel in the auth dialog" bug too, but i can't figure out where exactly there error is popping up through18:44
ralsinadobey: closing the installer window half-way through leaves things in a broken state, maybe that's the same thing?18:45
dobeyno, that's different18:45
ralsinadobey: ok18:46
* briancurtin back18:50
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-installer/fix-aptdaemon/+merge/10669319:05
ralsinadobey: got it19:05
ralsinadobey: +119:11
dobeyanyone else want to review that? :)19:13
alecukinder for me!19:19
mmccdobey, I took a look at your mp but I've never written any gtk so don't have much context for judgement. looks reasonable - I'm curious about the bare integers for apparently identifying pages in the notebook, eg set_current_page(2). Is there a reason not to use a variable with a readable name there?19:24
dobeyless typing than defining constants for all the pages19:26
mmccokay - well I guess you still need a more knowledgeable reviewer, unless you want to coach me through testing it out :)19:30
dobeyi can't even fully test it myself :)19:35
dobeyi can only test the case where failure happens due to network being disconnected19:35
dobeybut whatever else is causing problems for users, i can't seem to find a way to cause it19:36
dobeyand users aren't particularly helpful here. "it just didn't work."19:36
mmccdobey: ah ok so this is just to get better debugging info19:42
dobeywell, it fixes the problem of not doing any error handling at all19:43
dobeywhich should generally fix the problem for everyone that's having this specific problem19:43
dobeysince they'll be able to see the error, fix it, and try again19:44
dobeythere are a couple more error cases which i can reproduce, but which I haven't figured out yet either; but they are separate bugs and happen much less often19:44
mmccdobey, your commit message mentions trying again - how does that work? it looks like if you hit 'cancel', __got_response calls main_quit() - am I getting that right?19:57
dobeymmcc: if you hit close it quits, yes. if you hit install, it tries to install again20:03
dobeymmcc: the error page shows [Install] [Close] as the dialog buttons20:03
mmccdobey, ok. would it be a lot of work to switch that to [Try Again] [Close] or something? Admittedly it's a nitpick20:06
dobeywell, it's a string change20:08
mmcc= translation?20:08
dobeyand the whole point of having it just be install there is to avoid the string change20:08
dobey= pain to sru, yeah20:08
dobeyand i don't think having it be something else really helps clarify what it does20:09
dobeychanging it is only to satisfy pedantry really. it's still going to do the exact same thing that clicking on the install button did in the first place. which is install the stuff, or show the error page again20:10
mmccfair enough. I don't feel too strongly about it. any complaints with me approving this then? I understand it now.20:11
dobeyno complaints from me, no :)20:12
mmccok done, thanks for holding my hand there. figured I ought to try to get used to more parts of the code (eg. gtk)20:13
ralsinammcc: good attitude!20:14
* mmcc pats self on back20:15
ralsinammcc: BTW, have you claimed a review day in the calendar yet?20:15
* mmcc tweaks shoulder20:15
mmccralsina, yes - Tuesday! despite appearances to the contrary, it is not today20:15
ralsinammcc: hehe20:15
ralsinaI think we need to tell mandel to get two half-days instead of a day, because he never has reviews on monday morning20:16
ralsinaoh, wait he had 3 or 4 today. Ok then20:16
joshuahooverralsina: remind me again, this 3.0.1 release will have the fix for "Please don't run the syncdaemon as root", correct?20:27
ralsinajoshuahoover: yes20:27
joshuahooverheh, thanks dobey and ralsina :)20:27
ralsinajoshuahoover: I expect we will cause you a lot less pain starting with this release :-)20:27
joshuahooverralsina: i'm hoping!20:28
ralsinaI am going to take a slightly early EOD because I feel like crap. briancurtin, the RT is in your hands as discussed, I am now about to have like a dozen ibuprofens or something :-/20:40
briancurtinralsina: i was going to wait until i got the go-ahead from rick, leo, or joshua to know they've run their test suite or whatever20:41
joshuahoover"a dozen ibuprofens" ...sounds like the dosage you'd give to a grizzly bear20:41
ralsinajoshuahoover: well, I am half grizzly20:41
ralsinafather's side20:41
ralsinaso just 620:41
joshuahooverelopio, rmcbride: any updates on testing the latest 3.0.1 release?20:41
ralsinabriancurtin: when you get word, go ahead, and i'll cross ingers20:41
rmcbride joshuahoover looking good so far. things are working, changes are syncing20:41
mmcchey, feel better soon ralsina.20:43
ralsinammcc: will try!20:43
elopiojoshuahoover: I've just started my testing. No problems so far.20:44
joshuahooverrmcbride, elopio: once you guys are done running through the test cases, please let briancurtin know the results, thanks!20:45
rmcbridewill certainly do so20:47
joshuahooverdobey: i heard from a (turkish) user experiencing the valicert problem on ubuntu and the workaround in bug #997326 didn't work, it said the file already existed21:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 997326 in Ubuntu One Client "Users in Turkey can't connect due to invalid Valicert certificate" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99732621:24
dobeyjoshuahoover: oh fun21:24
joshuahooverdobey: yeah...sigh21:25
* dobey recalls a TMBG song21:25
dobeyjoshuahoover: on the other hand. if the file exists for that user, i wonder if it's a broken symlink or something21:26
joshuahooverdobey: hmmm...could be, i suppose i could ask him to delete the current link and try creating it again?21:27
dobeyjoshuahoover: well, that's assuming the file it's linking to isn't a broken symlink as well21:28
dobeyon my system it's a symlink that points to a symlink that points to a cert file21:30
elopiormcbride, joshuahoover, briancurtin, smoke works here.21:30
joshuahooverelopio: thanks!21:31
rmcbrideelopio: joshuahoover: briancurtin: yea I'd say smoke and a bit more work fine. I have been messing around with various aspects for a while now21:31
briancurtinthanks for taking a look. now that we have at least 3 people successfully using it i'll go ahead and start getting the binaries signed. let me know if anything does pop up so i can halt the process21:34
joshuahooverelopio, rmcbride: did we capture these latest test results in moztrap?21:41
rmcbridejoshuahoover: you know, I did not. I'm working from the windows box doing this, and I hadn't set up the whole browserID thing in it yet21:41
rmcbride(I also forgot Moztrap was working again)21:42
rmcbrideI'll get that set up in this location so that it can be recorded properly after I get dinner started21:43
elopiojoshuahoover: not all the tests are in moztrap yet.21:43
elopiobut I made the runs and recorded some results.21:43
joshuahooverelopio: ah, ok...maybe we can make that part of testing windows next time? either you and/or rmcbride could probably knock out the remaining tests pretty quick next time around21:44
briancurtinbinaries are off to be signed21:45
joshuahooverthanks brian!21:45
dobeyalright kids. have a good evening!21:46
elopiojoshuahoover: sure. I'm copying tests every day. I hope that by the end of the next week all the things from the wiki are updated and on moztrap.21:48
joshuahooverelopio: cool...i would've helped last week but you know, moztrap wasn't available ;)21:49
elopioI know. but don't worry, I'll leave the mac test cases to you so you are not left without the joy of documentatio ;).21:52
mmccI'm heading out for the night. Today's rathole brought to you by: homebrew, py2app, SIP and PyQt.23:07

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