agarwoodHi, wich langage here ?00:06
agarwoodsome one ? Il y a quelqu'un ?00:08
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:10
agarwoodokay, I need that " boot.img.gz " for xubuntu 12.04, do you know where I can find it ? thank you00:11
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laiteHm, it seems that plymouth doesn't show with nouveau drivers, screen stays blank until it's filled with some garbage on startup05:14
laitedoes anyone know some solution for this05:15
laiteI have geforce gts45005:15
thermiI have a Problem06:07
thermithe Update Manager doesn't show me, that 12.04 LTS is available, although it is set to display me newer LTS Releases06:07
thermiI receive upgraded packages normally and everythin works fine, but it still bothers me that the notification for newer releases doesn't work.06:08
thermiI have it now set to display normal releases as well and now it shows me that 10.10 is available. Normal or not?06:09
thermiOk, I think this is broken. I set it to display LTS-releases only, reloaded and now the old display for 10.10 is stuck.06:14
laitethermi: you could try running update manager from terminal like this:  update-manager -d07:40
therminow it works07:41
thermiit is odd.07:41
thermiI hope that Bug is fixed in 12.0407:43
magnus__what do you guys usually use to manage your ssh connections?08:50
Marzataxfce terminal08:51
magnus__ah right, nice and simple08:51
magnus__don't get me wrong, I prefer xfce way of dealing with lots of windows, compared to Gnome 3 and Unity, but sometimes wonder if there is an even easier way of managing loads of connections at the same time08:52
magnus__I loose track of the tabs and windows I have some times ;/08:52
* magnus__ gooles xmonad08:54
magnus__googles ;)08:54
magnus__maybe what I am after, will have a play later ;) cheers08:55
magnus__xfce can use this too I take it?08:56
Marzatamagnus__: you can install xmonad and uses Xfce ot Xmonad, or even together09:01
Marzatamagnus__: Google is a xmonad user09:02
magnus__hmm; may give it a go09:02
magnus__hope its not too complex to setup. Just works out the box?09:03
Marzataand you log out, then on the login menu choose xmonad session09:04
magnus__thanks Marzata ;)09:04
Marzatafyrir ekkert09:04
magnus__we'll see09:05
MarzataGoogle and Ubuntu: http://youtu.be/yGIGmve78Yg09:06
rcjamesHey guys I have one problem with ati catalyst it wont open.10:42
magnus__well I installed xmonad; when I came to login by selecting it, it just hung10:58
magnus__back in xubuntu  :(10:59
magnus__just wanted to try it out10:59
knelixI've got an issue logging in- Login keeps looping- throwing me back to the login screen.12:11
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baizondoes someone use the kernel mainline ppa?12:42
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recon69_lapI take it xubuntu has lots of little glitches ? like my sound is earphone only since i booted with ear phones plugged in?14:34
sakrayaamihi there, I'm using the latest Xubuntu 12.04 on a virtual machine and it has amazing performance. However I have some strange issue, when I try to play a movie there is no video output, however the flash is running as well as the sound. Any ideas?14:44
holsteinrecon69_lap: likely just something with your specific hardware.. you can always check with the main ubuntu live CD and take XFCE out of the equation..14:44
holsteinsakrayaami: maybe a codec issue...14:44
sakrayaamireally strange14:45
sakrayaamilet me check the codecs, i've tried to use vlc, smplayer and parole - the same14:45
recon69_lapholstein: well, it matches up with the glitch last night when pluging in the ear phones did not silence the speekers :)14:45
holsteinyeah?.. im sure we can find a file type that any operating system cant play sakrayaami14:45
holsteinrecon69_lap: some folks install the pavucontrol package.. its not a glitch though that the hardware has no software or drivers to communicate with it14:47
recon69_lapsakrayaami: video driver? old ATI?14:47
sakrayaamii'm installing the restricted extras for xubuntu14:48
recon69_lapsakrayaami: that will probably work :)14:49
sakrayaamihope so14:49
recon69_lapholstein: pavucontrol is the default in xubuntu14:49
sakrayaamianyway as I said it has very good performance14:50
sakrayaamii've just migrated from mint xfce edition and i'm very pleased from what I see in xubuntu14:50
recon69_lapworking good for me to, just a few little things cropping up14:50
sakrayaamino sign of the old shitty xubuntu14:51
recon69_laplol, going to reboot to see what happens to sound :)14:53
holsteinrecon69_lap: i say, take xubuntu/XFCE out of the equation and test.. i tend to think its likely hardware support rather than something isolated to linux14:53
recon69_lapyep, speeker sound back after reboot14:56
sakrayaamidoes the birdy singing again?14:56
recon69_lapand plugging in earphones does not silence speakers14:57
holsteinrecon69_lap: it really shouldnt... i think that requires a driver14:59
holsteini heard there was development to include that soon, but the conversation was over my head14:59
recon69_lapnot a big issue, missing the disk utility package seems a bigger boo boo :)15:00
holsteinas i said before you left, try with other live CD's and take xubuntu/XFCE out of the equation... i think you'll find that its a hardware support issue15:00
recon69_lapholstein: so what you suggesting is that I find the driver from my sound device and install it?15:02
holsteinrecon69_lap: what im suggesting is, the manufactuerer of your device has not supplied a driver that supports the features you are looking for in the operating system you are using15:04
recon69_lapholstein: worked fine in ubuntu 10.04, so I suspect something else15:05
autifWhat is the right place to ask about Install CD customization? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization is based on hardy and i386 - I need to customize a CD for amd64 - have some questions.15:05
holsteinrecon69_lap: this is important information.. likele a module you can add back in... the kernel cant keep *all* drivers and support in it15:06
recon69_lapthats a lot of reading autif15:10
autifrecon69_lap: Yes. I know there are a lot of Ubuntu devs in this channel, so may be someone know where is the right place to ask something about *.conf files under "Building the repository with apt-ftparchive" - those files are specific to i386 - whay needs to be done with amd6415:13
recon69_lapautif: I would think just use a amd64 iso image as your starting point instead of a 32bit15:15
autifrecon69_lap: I am using the amd64 iso image to begin with - but it seems like files like apt-ftparchive-deb.conf need some sections in addition to what is listed in this article15:16
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xubuntu272quisiera saber como cambiar de arquitectura mi xubuntu17:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.17:26
xubuntu272lo instale en 32 bits quiero pasarlo cambiarlo a 6417:26
nubahi folks, is there a mini.iso for xubuntu? it seems that'd be the simplest way to install in a x220 ultrabook.. don't have a usb stick handy, the other choice would be netboot..17:33
Unit193The mini.iso is the mini, there's not one for Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu.  It's just the core system, but you can install xubuntu-desktop17:34
nubagreat! will give it a try, then! thank you! :)17:35
daniel2i have a friend with a flash problem! bbc i player says need to install flash! she has already installed it anyone had a similiar problem or fix18:41
Unit193What browser, package, and OS version?18:42
daniel2firefox not sure which os version i have yet to pay her a visit18:42
Unit193Then it'd be rather hard to help.18:43
daniel2i think from googling that she may not have libflashplayer.so in the plugin directory18:43
Unit193I generally have whoever purge flashplugin-installer and install adobe-flashplugin (after adding the !partner repo)18:44
daniel2as adobe flash is not being supported for linux any longer! how long do you think it will take for migration to html 518:44
daniel2or is there a linux work around for flash in future! i have heard of gnash18:45
Unit193Flash is fine for now, and will get security updates still too.18:45
daniel2do you have to add ppa to repo's to install flashplayer on xubuntu or can i get deb from adobe site18:46
Unit193Another option would be insntalling and using Chrome.18:46
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »18:46
daniel2yeah i have assumed she is using firefox as chrome comes with flash built in! unless xubuntu comes with it's own browser18:47
Artemis3comes with firefox but you can install others18:47
daniel2ah cool18:47
Artemis3flash is not installed tho18:47
daniel2would not having restricted extras install some how be a problem or is this not associated with flash18:48
Artemis3i think you need to add the partners repository and install adobe-flash as instructed18:49
Tiktalikshould I update to 12.0418:49
daniel2ok thank you i will try that when i get to meet up with her18:49
daniel2thanks for your help! she really loves xubuntu btw18:50
Unit193Make sure to remove -installer first.18:50
Unit193Tiktalik: Up to you.18:50
TiktalikUnit193: Will it mess up my drivers?18:51
Artemis3which drivers? are you using restricted drivers?18:51
Unit193℡Shouldn't, but you should look at jockey after.18:52
Tiktalikwell, uh18:54
Tiktalikmy drivers are..to put it lightly18:54
Tiktalikfucked up18:54
TiktalikI really have no clue what I have18:54
Unit193Except you really shouldn't use the type of language. :/  You can use  lshw or lspci to figure what drivers.18:55
Artemis3Tiktalik, you can try in a terminal sudo lshw and paste the resuls to paste.ubuntu.com18:55
Artemis3sandybridge using nvidia video19:00
Artemis3look simple19:01
Artemis3why not try booting the livecd image? should work fine19:01
Tiktalikwell Artemis3, I was having opengl problems with steam19:04
Tiktalikit wouldn't run19:04
Tiktalika sudo apt-get autoremove after I got it working broke it.19:04
Artemis3i don't think you will have any problems, but backup any important data just in case19:04
Artemis3all you need is to run the restricted driver manager (jockey) and enable the nvidia drivers, that is all19:05
TiktalikArtemis3: How can I get a package list19:05
Artemis3i don't know about steam, but i have tried many games with wine and they work fine with the nvidia driver supplied by jockey.19:06
Artemis3perhaps you can install fresh? Would be much simpler.19:07
Unit193Tiktalik: dpkg --get-selections > package-list19:08
* Tiktalik throws caution into the wind and upgrades19:10
Artemis3from 11.10 you should expect any important trouble. Don't mess the nvidia driver just use the one supplied by jockey after the upgrade.19:12
Artemis3should not19:12
milen8204I can not run video in some Internet sites.19:21
milen8204like http://screen.yahoo.com, vbox.com and others19:23
holsteinmilen8204: i would try the chrome browser.. maybe its the sites and not the software?19:27
milen8204holstein,  no i did try whit several browsers but no success19:28
milen8204I thing is something else youtube runs well19:28
holsteinmilen8204: you tried with the chrome browser?19:28
milen8204same effect19:29
milen8204just blank screen19:30
holsteinmilen8204: screen.yahoo.com is just flash19:30
holsteinits playing for me right now in chrome19:30
milen8204I got flash installed19:31
holsteinmaybe make another user and test there.. maybe you have broken something in the browser config19:31
holsteinmilen8204: AFAIK, the *actual* chrome browser has its own flash (not chromium)19:31
milen8204holstein, I have preinstall my OS 2 times19:32
milen8204and that is the problem every times19:32
holsteinmilen8204: sure.. im just saying it is *your* problem.. which makes me want to isolate the browser config... with the actual chrome browser.. not chromium.. is that the case?19:32
milen8204my browser in the moment is Firefox19:33
holsteinmilen8204: user whatever browser you like.. im suggesting hte *actual* chrome as a troubleshooting step, since AFAIK, that is the only way to get current flash support in linux right now19:34
milen8204aha I see19:34
holsteinmilen8204: i use the actual chrome, i get normal video playback on screen.yahoo.com19:34
milen8204I must write in my terminal sudo apt-get install chrome ?19:35
holsteinmilen8204: nope19:37
holsteinmilen8204: thats for chromium, whch is why i suggest trying the acutal chrome browser.. then you'll know for certain that the issue is the out of date flash player19:37
milen8204ok I will look up in the Ubuntu Software center19:38
csenger41please help me, how can I configure gmusicbrowser not to fill up the playlist after each startup with my whole library19:39
milen8204holstein, ok thanks will try19:40
holsteinmilen8204: it literally wont hurt, and im not trying to get you to switch browsers at all :)19:40
laitecsenger41: gmusicbrowser is somewhat different from many other players and uses mainly 'filters' to achieve selections from library. However, you can create new playlists, which stay exactly the way you set them, but I think the 'main' PlayList always has everything from library19:41
csenger41all I want is an empty playlist after startup19:41
holsteinid probably just not store my music where its looking19:42
holstein~/Music or whatever.. just move it from there to somewhere else19:42
milen8204holstein, no problem I dont get it that way19:43
csenger41i like using gmusicbrowser, its just a waste of time to empty the playlist every single time its launched19:43
holsteincsenger41: some likely consider it a convenience, but you can tweak as you need19:44
csenger41holstein: but how can I tweak it like that? :S19:44
csenger41I've tried to find an option to turn this off, but wasn't able19:44
holsteincsenger41: i would just not put my music in the music directory, or i would tell the app to not look there19:45
laitegmusicbrowser is incredibly versatile player, and unfortunately that makes it a bit hard to learn in the beginning - I haven't had need for exactly that, but you could take a look to layout 'Exaile' (Preferences->Layout->Player window layout->Make it look like->exaile)19:45
csenger41ok but then I can't browse my music files from the program19:45
laiteit has by default 'static playlist' in there19:45
laiteand you can easily create new, empty lists by right clicking 'playlist 1'-title bar19:46
milen8204holstein, well done19:48
milen8204it works19:48
milen8204whit chrome stable19:48
holsteinmilen8204: not sure how to get a more updated version of flash in firefox though...19:48
milen8204I will use chrome as default19:49
Marzatawhy use Cr?'19:51
csenger41thanks for the help :)19:51
milen8204holstein, clips a littlebit stutter19:56
milen8204little bit19:56
milen8204and the browser crashes time to time19:58
holsteinwell, flash is subpar in linux at best19:58
milen8204any ideas why chrome crashes ?19:59
holsteinmilen8204: flash19:59
milen8204because flash?19:59
holsteinmilen8204: if flash is envolved, its almost certainly flash19:59
Marzatawhat are you watching?19:59
Marzatano browser crashes for me in Xubuntu20:00
holsteinmilen8204: its not too crashy for me though.. maybe every 30 vids20:00
milen8204every time when I try to open facebook20:01
holsteini would try as a different user.. i open facebook no problem20:01
Marzatamilen8204: create one new user, add him to sudo group, try the same20:02
Marzatait's very strange that a browser is crashing while opening the facebook. xubuntu is a pretty stable os.20:03
milen8204I think so but not for me :D20:04
milen8204should I log in whit other user ?20:04
milen8204as administrator ?20:04
milen8204ok will joint after sekond20:05
milenhello again20:06
Marzatais it crashing now?20:07
Marzatamilen: and you did a clean Xubuntu 12.04 install?20:08
milenfirst time when I tried to join in facebook20:09
milenMarzata, I had installed alternative20:09
mileniso file20:09
Marzatamilen: alternate?20:10
milennot desktop , alternative20:10
Marzatadunno what is this20:10
milenwhen you chose which iso file you will download20:11
milenon the xubuntu site20:11
Marzatawe have deployed Xubuntu 12.04 to many pc clones and we haven't any browser crashes20:12
milenIt is like I closed the browser20:14
holsteinmilen: maybe you did. launch the browser from the terminal and note the output20:15
milenno i did not but will try to open terminal :D20:17
Marzatamilen: why not install from iso?20:17
Marzatamilen: desktop install, I mean20:18
mileni did install from ISO20:18
milenin the middle of installation it stopped and a massage has been shown that said there is a error and the installation will stop20:20
Marzatais your iso, ok?20:20
Marzataor your hard drive?20:20
mileni chacked it20:20
milenwhit md5sum20:21
milenand have CD checked20:21
Marzataand the hdd?20:21
milenwhen it has been booted20:21
milenhdd did not :D20:21
milendo you think HDD is the problem ?20:22
Marzatainstall disk utility and see if there are any hdd errors20:22
milenwill try20:23
sankeymilen: did you already try opening the browser from terminal?20:24
milenwhat should I write in terminal to start chrome ?20:24
sankeyor firefox20:25
Marzatamilen: looks like this http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Disk-Utility1.png20:25
milenMarzata, I cant open :D it crashes ;D20:25
holsteinmilen: what is the error message?20:26
milencant see20:26
sankeyfrom terminal?20:26
milenIt does not crash now when I have opened whit a terminal :D20:27
Marzatayou can use lynx browser :)20:27
Marzatait is very fast20:27
holsteinmilen: just use it a bit.. theres really no difference20:28
Marzataand pls, check your hard drive20:28
milenI have installed disk utility20:28
milendisk is healthy20:29
mileneverything is good and green :D20:30
sankeyyou need to get your browser to crash while opened from terminal20:30
sankeyopen ten of them or something20:30
milenCrash dump id: 7bc880b662cd766c20:32
milenAborted (core dumped)20:32
sankeyare those all the error lines?20:32
milenI have been opened 3 facebooks :D20:32
mileni think so20:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:32
knome(if you have longer pastes...)20:32
milenknome, I cant use paste bin becouse my browser crashes20:33
knomemilen, we have pastebinit installed by default, but i'm not sure if that works right nwo20:33
mileni will try to pastebin20:33
knomeyeah, that works20:33
mileni will try whit firefox it does not crash20:34
sankeydo you prefer chrome? I suggest you just stick with firefox if it works20:35
milenthere is the report: http://pastebin.com/bUDzjb9T20:35
milensankey, I use chrome because flash in firefox does not work well20:36
sankeydid you install flash?20:38
sankeyor does it work, just not well?20:38
sankeyalso, have you joined the youtube html5 trial?20:39
milensankey, yes I joint in html520:40
milenand install flash20:40
sankeyis it slower than chrome?20:41
milenwho is slower ?20:42
sankeyflash in firefox, flash in chrome20:42
sankeyyou said "does not work well"20:43
milenflash in firefox dont start, but in chrome is slow20:43
sankeymilen: how did you install flash?20:44
milenubuntu software center20:44
milenand some plugins in firefox20:44
holsteinmilen: i dont trust hard drive tests that dont take a few hours to run20:46
sankeyhow new is the computer?20:47
sankeyor old20:47
milensankey, not so new :D Ithink 10 yeasr20:47
holsteinhow much ram?20:48
milen1 GB20:48
milenathlon 1.900 MHZ20:48
milenradeon 920020:48
milen256 MB20:48
milenHDD 41 GB20:49
milenI have new one but need this only for Internet and chat20:50
holsteinthat should be plenty for what you are doing20:51
milenI think so20:51
holsteini run facebood and flash in chrome on an EEE with a gig of ram... no trouble20:51
milenok thanks for the help all I am going to bet tomorrow will find a solution :D20:54
jeffmjackmy xubuntu desktop just went crazy when I started trying to fix video drivers... any suggestions?  Right now I'm thinking easiest thing is to purge/reinstall xfce?  Will that get me anywhere?22:23
Unit193What would you define as "crazy"?  Did you use jockey when downloading drivers?  What did you do to fix them?  Can you just undo that?22:26
jeffmjacki didn't use jockey, was doing everything from command line22:28
jeffmjacktried using ati something-or-other for AMD graphics card, and then got in the weeds when it failed to install correctly22:28
jeffmjacknow, sidebar is missing, top bar is missing, unable to properly configure dual monitors22:29
jeffmjackat this point, between the different proprietary/non proprietary drivers i've installed/purged at various times, i have no idea where I am22:29
jeffmjackand by command line, i mean apt-get22:32
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