glyphIs there any way to rebase without actually referring to history?00:18
glyphJust spit out a pile of patch files, then re-apply them?00:18
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glyphI ask because I'm still wrestling with https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/485601 and I need to rescue some branches in a repository with that disease00:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 485601 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [Critical,Fix released]00:19
eagleon1bueno thank you for the response, much appreciated03:13
eagleon1for bzr, do I always need to type the filename after? is it possible to auto add a whole bunch of files atuomatically (detected) if not already added?05:46
lifeless'bzr add'05:51
lifelessjust like that, will add everything in the tree that isn't ignored or already added05:51
eagleon1thanks, thats excellent! appreciate it05:52
eagleon1are there any known downsides to running off cygwin by the way?05:53
lifelessit will be a bit slower than a native build, due to the cygwin path translation overheads05:53
eagleon1ah, ok if thats all it is it should be ok. My projects aren't huge (less than 50 mb) avg...05:54
lifelessAs far as I know we handle text/binary etc all correctly.06:06
lifelessso no reason not to use it06:07
eagleon1thats true, but I am creating a bash script to automate a few things as I develop, and I want the script to be as portable as possible06:11
eagleon1i dont use windows much, just when I need something that only runs on windows will I use (like photoshop for example)...06:12
eagleon1bash script will only contain paths and stuff so that I don't need to type all that manually every time06:13
eagleon1or make mistakes using a gui06:13
eagleon1hi, does anyone know how I can get bzr-upload plugin instlled on a cygwin setup?09:27
jelmereagleon1: like any other bzr plugin I suspect - 'bzr branch lp:bzr-upload ~/.bazaar/plugins/upload'09:28
eagleon1thanks, will try that out :) appreicate it09:30
eagleon1hmm.. I get an SSL error msg when attempting that: Value "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt" is not valid for "ssl.ca_certs"09:32
eagleon1No valid trusted SSL CA certificates file set. See 'bzr help ssl.ca_certs' for more information on setting trusted CAs.09:32
eagleon1See `bzr help ssl.ca_certs` for how to specify trusted CAcertificates.09:32
eagleon1Pass -Ossl.cert_reqs=none to disable certificate verification entirely.09:32
eagleon1bzr: ERROR: _ssl.c:323: No root certificates specified for verification of other-side certificates.09:32
eagleon1ok, read the help file.. added 'ssl.cert_reqs=none' to my config and it works now :)09:35
mgzthat's a win for the error message clarity.09:36
eagleon1yep, indeed :)09:36
eagleon1there was more info on adding an SSL cert, but I don't really need that09:37
eagleon1hmm.. this installs the plugin on my user account, is there a similar way to put it system wide?09:37
mgzhm, I don't recall exactly with cygwin09:38
mgzbut basically putting in the plugins dir of where bzrlib is installed will do09:38
eagleon1ah ok, that helps09:38
mgzif there's a setup.py script, running that should do.09:38
mgz...I can't even remember if you need to elevate to root for cygwin when doing that09:39
eagleon1any idea where this is installed on cygwin by default?09:39
eagleon1root does not exist on cygwin by default09:39
mgz`python -c "import bzrlib;print bzrlib"`09:40
eagleon1ah, excellent.. thank you :)09:40
eagleon1<module 'bzrlib' from '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/bzrlib/__init__.pyc'>09:41
eagleon1cd /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/bzrlib/09:41
mgzcd plugins09:42
eagleon1actually this path does not exist... hmm09:42
mgzprobably a symlink at the python2.6 level?09:42
eagleon1possible.. but shouldnt that still cd09:42
mgzcygwin is a bit funky with directories09:43
eagleon1yeah, its funny.. i went to: /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/09:43
eagleon1and that worked and I can se bzrlib right there09:43
mgztry branching bzr-upload then running `python setup.py` inside that branch?09:43
eagleon1now cd bzrlib/plugins worked :)09:43
* mgz bops cygwin09:44
eagleon1indeed.... :P09:44
eagleon1will try your suggestion09:44
eagleon1actually, just one question crosses my mind... when I read the manual/ref regarding bzr push, it mentioned that the working tree is uploaded for supported formats... but it didn't mention what protocol that was... I use bzr+ssh:// shouldn't that push the tree?09:45
eagleon1if it does I wont need bzr-upload right?09:46
mgzthink of push as not creating a tree on the destination, as that's true for all the cases you're likely to care about09:46
eagleon1hmm.. in my case I want to update a live web demo of the app that I am working on... so push wont be sufficient then right?09:47
mgzit will update a tree only if it has a local filesystem, not over http/sftp/bzr+ssh09:47
eagleon1bit confused, what do you mean by local file system?09:47
mgzsomething that can be addressed with a file: url09:48
eagleon1ah ok, so file://09:48
mgzso, it could be network filsystem mounted locally09:48
eagleon1oh I see09:48
eagleon1this makes sense :)09:48
mgzbut for deploying your branch on a server, bzr-upload is probably what you want09:48
eagleon1yes, looks like it. :)09:49
eagleon1as per your suggestion, ive 'bzr branch lp:bzr-upload' ... and now inside bzr-upload, attempting to run the setup.py09:52
eagleon1i get error: no commands supplied09:52
eagleon1does this have something to fo with cmds.py I wonder (?)09:53
eagleon1*do with09:53
mgzinstall is what you want to do, so `python setup.py install`09:54
eagleon1ah got it, thanks09:54
mgzbad example by me before09:54
eagleon1no problem, it worked wonderfully (it seems)09:55
eagleon1looks like i need t rename that from bzr-upload to upload09:57
eagleon1that got it working...09:58
eagleon1now to document all of this for next time. Thanks for all the help, it's much appreciated :)09:59
eagleon1in bzr upload, is there a way to define a .bzignore just for this plugin? for example, there is a folder that I want to version control so it can't be ignored, but I dont' want this folder uploaded every time I run bzr upload... I couldn't find a solution in the docs11:00
eagleon1not sure if I got a response to this question, my client crashed: in bzr upload, is there a way to define a .bzignore just for this plugin? for example, there is a folder that I want to version control so it can't be ignored, but I dont' want this folder uploaded every time I run bzr upload... I couldn't find a solution in the docs11:41
mgznot that I know of.11:43
eagleon1I will probably have to maintain that other dir separately, but I guess if it was nested this would be basically impossible11:46
eagleon1...unless... I modify the .bzignore just before the bzr upload... would that work?11:47
eagleon1and then put it back right after..11:47
fullermdI don't think upload knows or cares much about .bzrignore...11:49
eagleon1it does, says so in the docs11:50
eagleon1havent tested yet tho11:50
mgzI take it back, there's a .bzrignore-upload in the code at least11:50
mgztry that.11:50
eagleon1ah, thats interesting11:50
eagleon1thanks, ill give it a shot11:51
mgzneeds to be versioned11:51
eagleon1yeah, this is great...11:53
eagleon1this solves my problem11:54
* eagleon1 slaps himself for not reading the documentation properly11:54
davmor2Hey guys just throwing out a thanks for the people behind bzr explorer it's meant that I could see what bzr was doing.  It also meant I was able to ask some sensible questions about how the other devs on my team did local branches (I surprisingly had it all wrong)16:09
davmor2So thanks for making things so easy to see16:10
pindongahi, I have an issue starting today. whenever I try to push a branch I get a Permission denied error from LP, saying 'You cannot create branches in "~username/project"18:58
pindongaany ideas?18:58
eagleonanyone around? :)20:29
youlyssesOf course.20:30
eagleoncool, I was hoping I could get a bit of help on a small error msg im dealing with ..20:30
youlyssesNever ask to ask, just ask. If I can't handle it, someone else will eventually . :-)20:31
eagleonsounds good :) one sec, will paste the error here...20:32
eagleonbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "bzr+ssh://eagleon@domain.com:22/~eagleon/domains/public_html/test1": URLs must be properly escaped20:32
eagleoni changed only the domain name, that's exactly how I have everything else tho20:33
eagleonwhat have I got wrong?20:33
eagleonwas trying diff variations for a while with no avail20:33
eagleonthats on a bzr push command btw20:35
fullermdWhere's it getting the URL from?20:36
eagleonthe command is invoked from a python script, which is getting it from a csv file20:36
eagleonbzr push bzr+ssh://eagleon@domain.com:22/~eagleon/domains/public_html/test120:36
eagleonthats the command20:37
eagleonit also worked fine with a bzr upload just earlier20:37
eagleonvery confusing20:37
eagleon(but that was without the python invocation)20:38
fullermdCheck .bzr.log to be sure the command is coming in right, and see if it says anything more illuminating about where the error happens.20:38
eagleongood idea, checking now20:38
eagleonwhere is the log? this is on cygwin... :-S20:39
fullermd`bzr version` says I think.20:42
eagleonindeed it does, found and checking now20:42
eagleonin the log, it looks like this: InvalidURL: Invalid url supplied to transport: "^Öbz+ssh://20:46
eagleonthis could be the problem, and cygwin the culprit20:46
fullermdDoes sound a little unhelp   ;p20:51
eagleonyeah... are those strange chars at the end normal?20:52
fullermdI wouldn't think so.  I've never seen such a thing.20:52
eagleonyeah... i think its caused by the new cygwin terminal20:53
eagleonI wasn't able to cd to a dir that I knew for sure that existed (when I put the full path)...20:54
eagleoni could cd to it dir by dir...20:54
eagleonthis may be a related problem20:54

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