bencerstgraber: how are you going with the zentyal packageset thing?14:32
stgraberbencer: I'm waiting to have a team to give the rights to14:32
benceruhm and i guess zentyal team doesnt work14:33
bencerbecause there are more people in there14:33
stgraberright, micahg was supposed to create a package set team owned by the DMB for that and add you to it14:34
bencerso he has to create the team?14:34
micahgbencer: I told you that yesterday15:06
bencermicahg: ok, didnt read that, true15:22
bencerwhen do you expect to have time for that?15:22
micahgI have a long day today, will try to squeeze it in15:23
bencerok, we have a fix here ready for the reported bugs, i will have to read on SRU to see if its worth it15:24
mhall119first contribution to edubuntu in about 2 years15:25
mhall119hopefully it won't be another 2 years before the next one15:25
mhall119stgraber: highvoltage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/AppGuide is updated for precise, and links to apps.ubuntu.com now15:26
stgrabermhall119: cool, thanks15:26
micahgbencer: you still probably won't be able to upload to precise unless stgraber creates the packageset there as well (usually not done, not sure of the difficulty_15:29
stgrabermicahg: I added a "copy" function to edit_acl for that ;)15:32
stgraberI don't usually do it unless I get asked though, keeping the packagesets up to date for every release is a bit of a pain, so I only copy when needed15:33
bencerstgraber: micahg dont do it for precise by now, i want to read/discuss if its worth it to make a SRU15:51
benceris a bug when upgrading from lucid15:52
jacalvofrom any previous distro, also affects natty, oneiric...15:53
jacalvobut the fix is in the postinst of the precise package15:53
bencerstgraber: micahg what do you think? does it work it a SRU? whats the policy on these cases?15:54
micahgupgrade bugs are generally good SRU candidates15:57
PictixBonsoir tout le monde / Hi everybody17:49
Er_hello to alll18:07
Er_hello everyone18:08
HyperbyteHi alkisg :)18:11
highvoltageand I miss alkisg again18:34
HyperbyteIt's ok... I miss him too.18:37
* Hyperbyte comforts highvoltage18:37
edu-sysadminanyone here?19:27
edu-sysadminI had a question about the WebLive sessions, they aren't working for me19:28
edu-sysadminthe client launches then closes after I click OK19:28
stgraberedu-sysadmin: looking19:30
edu-sysadminstgraber: thank you, I appreciate it19:30
edu-sysadminmight also have something to do with my location, I'm in Hawaii19:30
stgraberunless someone is blocking port 6522 or port 6622, it shouldn't19:31
edu-sysadminwouldn't that prevent the client from launching though?19:31
stgraberyeah, it'd19:32
edu-sysadminI can start the nomachine client and see the desktop background as it connects, but then it just terminates right after I click OK19:32
stgraberk. I'm currently applying the pending updates on both servers, then will reboot them so they run all the session cleanup scripts, maybe that'll be enough, otherwise I'll have to investigate later19:33
edu-sysadminokay, thank you!19:34
highvoltagemgariepy, stgraber: hopefully this pans out: http://tranzistors.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/progress-on-gnome-lockdown-1-feature-list/20:12
stgraberhighvoltage: yeah, I think I saw it on planet gnome earlier this week, that's good news20:13
mgariepystgraber, is ionice working in lxc containers ?20:24
stgraberit should, yes20:24
stgraberroot@mediatomb01:~# ionice -c 1 ls20:24
stgraberas the IO scheduler is container aware, it "should" do the right thing and not let a container kill the whole host20:25
mgariepyit's not on openvz ;) hehe20:25
stgraberyeah, OpenVZ is weird like that, it does something similar with the OOM kill protection20:26
mgariepycan we sru this in ubuntu ?20:27
stgraberinstead of doing the obviously correct thing of grouping all the processes of a given pid namespace and consider the group as a single regular-priority task outside of the pid namespace (that's what the linux scheduler does)20:27
stgraberjust to be annoying, I'll say no ;) if it was breaking with LXC, it'd be a bug, but considering we don't support OpenVZ since 8.04, it's not technically a bug :)20:28
stgraberI'm not against SRUing it with some other fixes, just won't push it on its own20:28
stgrabermgariepy: can you file a bug against ltsp in Ubuntu, targeted for quantal+precise with an ltsp upstream task and tagged with needsru?20:30
mgariepystgraber, k thanks20:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1004158 in ltsp (Ubuntu) "ltsp-update-image doesn't work on precise in an openvz container" [Undecided,New]20:45
stgrabermgariepy: already fixed upstream?20:46
mgariepyj'ai pris le test de /etc/cron.daily/mlocate ;)20:46
mgariepysur ce, cya20:47
mgariepystgraber, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ltsp-trunk/revision/224220:47

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