mhall119jcastro: any idea why django wouldn't be able to connect to postgres when db-relation-changed is called, but can connect after that?00:33
mhall119I'm getting the right username and password now00:34
mhall119and I can ssh into the django unit and manually run the manage.py commands from there and they connect to postgres just fine00:35
mhall119but running the same commands inside the db-relation-changed hook and they fail00:35
mhall119http://paste.ubuntu.com/1003969/ is my db-relation-changed hook00:37
hazmatmhall119, what's the output?01:06
koolhead17SpamapS, ping01:09
mhall119hazmat: output of which?01:12
mhall119hmm, ok, it looks like postgresql's db-relation-joined creates the user account, then passes the login info to summit's db-relation-changed which tries to connect and failed, then postgresql's db-relation-changed actually gives the summit unit access to connect with those credentials01:17
mhall119so I need to run summit's db initialization calls *after* postgresql's db-relation-changed hook, not before, how do I do that?01:18
mhall119hazmat: jcastro ^^ any ideas for me?01:18
hazmatmhall119, output of the db-rel-change hook01:19
mhall119hazmat: see above, I seen what's happening now01:19
hazmatmhall119, i'd fix postgres charm to not put the into into the rel till its ready to be used01:20
hazmatthat sounds like the fundamental issue01:20
hazmatits telling other things about accounts to use, that its not ready to accept01:20
mhall119what's the difference between -joined and -changed for hooks?01:20
hazmatmhall119, joined is executed when a remote/related unit is first seen (for each remote unit).. changed is execute after join, and after a remote unit changes its settings01:21
mhall119so really postgres should be giving access from the remote unit during it's -joined hook, not it's -changed01:22
mhall119unless there's something in my summit charm that would be called after -changed on postgresql01:23
hazmatmhall119, well.. have you verified/echo'd the username/password.. they might not be set the first time the summit's changed hook is invoked?01:23
hazmatyeah.. you are..01:23
* hazmat read the hook again01:23
mhall119hazmat: yeah, they get into the juju_settings.py01:24
hazmathmm.. so the problem seems to be01:24
mhall119but postgres has pg_hda.conf or whatever that acts like a firewall, and until that allows my summit unit access it can't run syncdb or migrate01:24
hazmatcreates the user01:24
hazmatbut it waits till changed to give net access01:25
hazmatwhich is decidedly odd imo01:25
hazmatand a bug01:25
hazmatand it should be reloading instead of restarting sighup style01:27
hazmatalternatively it should set some sentinel value on the rel01:28
hazmatthat the creds are really usable01:28
hazmathmm.. ic01:28
hazmatthis wants an ip dance01:28
hazmatoh.. it used to, yeah.. this is just odd01:29
mhall119I'll ask m_3 in the morning, it looks like he is the original author01:29
hazmatmhall119, try using this postgresql charm.. juju deploy cs:~hazmat/precise/postgresql01:38
hazmati fixed it to give the access in db-relation-joined01:38
mhall119hazmat: running now, I'll let you know01:40
hazmatits at lp:~hazmat/charms/precise/postgresql/trunk is the store hasn't bundled it yet01:40
mhall1192012-05-23 21:52:31,555 unit:postgresql/0: hook.output ERROR: /var/lib/juju/units/postgresql-0/charm/hooks/db-relation-joined: line 41: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'01:52
mhall119/var/lib/juju/units/postgresql-0/charm/hooks/db-relation-joined: line 41: `  echo "host $(get_database_name) ${user} ${remote_host}/32 md5" >> '01:52
mhall119hazmat: ^^01:55
hazmatugh.. copy n paste error01:56
hazmatmhall119, fixed in new rev01:57
mhall1192012-05-23 22:34:46,010 unit:postgresql/0: hook.output ERROR: /var/lib/juju/units/postgresql-0/charm/hooks/db-relation-joined: line 57: syntax error: unexpected end of file02:35
mhall119hazmat: ^^02:35
surgemcgee157Need to find me lucky charms. Also, has anyone found a "user freindly" way of putting config file on the server with juju?02:50
surgemcgee157Or must they be packaged with the content repo and moved around with the charm.02:51
surgemcgee157ohh ya, charm name --> golden-crisp02:55
koolhead17i wish we could use juju 4 trystack03:48
SpamapSkoolhead17: why can' we?04:21
SpamapSkoolhead17: no S3?04:21
koolhead17SpamapS, trystack account is cool. we can easily provision and show demo up and running04:22
koolhead17SpamapS, https://trystack.org/ a testbed for openstack04:23
SpamapSkoolhead17: I know what trystack is04:23
SpamapSkoolhead17: why can't we use it?04:24
koolhead17SpamapS, so we can use it? waoo04:24
SpamapSkoolhead17: I don't know!04:24
SpamapSkoolhead17: you said we can't04:24
SpamapSI'm asking why you say hat04:24
SpamapSthat rather04:24
SpamapSkoolhead17: if they expose S3 and EC2, we can use them today04:24
koolhead17SpamapS, well let me ask the guys maintaining it.04:25
koolhead17HP folks i suppose04:25
SpamapSkoolhead17: I believe there are two regions and they are both somewhat different04:26
SpamapSanyway, I'm out04:26
koolhead17SpamapS, will keep you updated. laters04:26
hazmatmhall119, there's a new version up if you want to give it another whirl... :-(04:35
hazmatSpamapS, trystack has no storage04:35
hazmatat least not of lastweek04:35
koolhead17hazmat, your correct its just compute node04:36
hazmati'm out as well04:41
twobottuxaujuju: Creating volume group in nova-volume Juju charm <http://askubuntu.com/questions/141552/creating-volume-group-in-nova-volume-juju-charm>07:55
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vrturboI've been trying an openstack deployment using MAAS server and juju charms, I've spent the last 3 days trying to get it to work and there is alway something within openstack that doesn't work12:08
vrturboany one had any success with openstack deployed via juju ?12:09
victorpjcastro, jamespage, trying to transfer a css file to a wordpress instance as part of a charm, but cant find how to do it. Can you point me to somewhere that gives example/how to?12:18
victorpI would like not to have to upload the css file to a repo or something, but to bundle it in12:19
victorpthe charm12:19
m_3mhall119: hey... so the db-relation-changed in pg... remove the netmask from the hba config.  The real fix is for the charm to make sure it's always using ip... this has been a pain b/c it's switched back and forth between dns name and ip addr w/ netmask12:36
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mhall119m_3: my problem was that the pg_hba settings weren't being set until *after* my summit charm was trying to run syncdb against it12:39
m_3mhall119: ah... yeah just move it to joined then12:40
m_3mhall119: the orig thinking was that you exposed the db _after_ it was sufficiently created by the changed cycles12:40
m_3mhall119: but understand the need12:41
mhall119m_3: I believe that's what hazmat has done, so you'll just need to merge his changes12:43
m_3mhall119: sorry pg still needs some tlc... it's been on the list but below the pain-threshold :)12:44
m_3mhall119: needs pg9 replication too12:44
jcastrovictorp: if you include it as part of the charm the entire charm gets copied over13:10
jcastroso you can stick it in like /stuff or something13:11
jcastroand then as part of the charm copy it over to the WP dir13:11
mhall119jcastro: hey, if I'm generating an admin password for Summit, how do I let the deployer know what it is?13:16
jcastromhall119: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/limesurvey13:18
jcastroyou can make a default13:18
jcastroand then have a config option to change it13:18
jcastro(see the end of that readme)13:18
mhall119jcastro: hmm, default passwords aren't ideal13:21
mhall119I suppose I should learn config.yaml13:22
jcastrocan you not set one and then just make the user set one via a config option?13:22
mhall119I don't know, I don't know how the config options work yet13:22
mhall119I'm currently setting a randomly generated password13:22
jcastrooh dude, config options are the best!13:22
jcastroyeah that's fine13:22
jcastroand then just say "set a password via config"13:22
jcastrolet me show you an example13:22
jcastroactually, using limesurvey: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/limesurvey/config13:24
victorpjcastro,  thanks13:24
jcastroSpamapS: ping me when you're around13:45
jcastroSpamapS: I'm only on for half a day today (leaving for the weekend) and I'd like a quick catch up with my bro13:45
melmothHi there. PLaying with maas and juju to see how it works. I m wondering... How do you guys manage name resolution ?14:07
melmothlike, i have installed maas-dhcp, i add 2 nodes in maas, i juju bootstrap14:08
melmothit will use one of those node, and juju status needs to be able to resolve th ename of this node.14:08
melmothi have to guess its name by looking in /var/log/maas (and finding some stuff that looks like ip) untill i found the right ip of the niode14:08
melmothand then set it in /etc/hosts before i could juju status. I bet there are more convenient way to do that. no ?14:09
melmothhmmm, the maas server itself can resolve the name... I guess the idea is to use this one as a dns then ?14:16
hazmatmelmoth, you have to point juju to the maas server..14:18
melmothhmmm. make sense. but does not makes me happy :)14:18
melmoththe maas server is a kvm vm, juju runs on the hypervisor14:18
melmothso maas is actually using the machine juju runs on to resovle names itself.14:19
melmothi wonder if there is a way to have specific dns resolution path for a given user...14:19
hazmatmelmoth, so your saying juju on the host can't resolve the vm that maas is running on?14:23
melmothnot exactly.14:23
melmothwhen i run juju status, juju try to ssh on one of the box i have addedd in maas14:24
melmothand this is the box it cannot the name of14:24
hazmatjuju asks maas for the host names14:24
melmothwell, it should.14:24
melmothbut it does not here14:24
melmothif i remove my entry i added in /etc/hosts, juju status fail14:24
melmoth2012-05-24 16:25:19,238 ERROR Invalid host for SSH forwarding: ssh: Could not resolve hostname node-000023560101.local: Name or service not known14:25
hazmatsounds like your network is setup quite correctly14:25
hazmater.. isn't14:26
hazmat.local is a zeroconf address14:26
melmoththe actual name is localdomain, i guess this is just a "formating cut"14:26
melmothhmmm, funny. on the maas server the domain name is localdomain14:27
melmothbut frmo my hypervisor, i need to put only local (as it appear in the error message) in /etc/hosts14:27
melmothis it a problem if i associate ip with nodes myself directly with cobbler ?14:28
melmoththis way i could put stuff in /etc/hosts and be sure it s the same once and for all.14:29
vrturboreboot the juju zookeeper, mans should fix your problems14:29
vrturbothen look in /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq {tab} {tab}14:30
vrturboalso don't use .local breaks stuff14:30
vrturboops replace mans with mdns (stupid auto correct)14:31
vrturboor while logged onto your maas server run14:32
vrturbotcpdump -npi eth0 not port 22 host {node ip that doesn't resolve}14:33
vrturbothen reboot the node with dns issues14:33
vrturbowatch the tcp dump as it comes up14:33
vrturboshould see some traffic on port 535314:33
melmothit s not a node that has dns issue, its the main hypervisor. If i reboot this one, all the world reboot :)14:33
melmothbut i ll try to fiddel with cobbler manuall to be sure each node have always the same ip14:34
melmoththis way, it should works as i want, as long as maas does not fiddle with this itself.14:34
vrturbohmm I run maas and juju zookeeper on virtual nodes14:35
vrturbodidn't want to blow away a full hardware nodes for their services14:36
melmothdo you run juju on a vm or the hypervisor itself ?14:36
melmothah, ok.. that would be another option14:36
vrturbointact you can run juju from any node14:36
vrturbobut when you boot strap it deploys the zookeeper14:37
vrturbowithout the zookeeper you can't connect to the environment14:37
vrturbothere an't much doco on MAAS14:38
vrturboit's been a big pain for me14:38
vrturbodnsmasq + MAAS + cobbler is alittle buggy14:39
vrturboI've seen a launchpad blueprint to take cobbler out of the MAAS server, maybe things will be better then14:39
twobottuxaujuju: Juju error: Server refused to accept client <http://askubuntu.com/questions/141687/juju-error-server-refused-to-accept-client>14:52
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surgemcgeeSo many questions...15:25
surgemcgeeWhat is the url for the entire charm repo? Fill in the blank --> charm getall _____15:25
imbrandonSpamapS: btw, i dident get my golden-star for the Ubuntu charm idea :)15:26
surgemcgeeDoes the above statment mean that my comments are being considerd/noticed? (Not trying to be crass)15:27
surgemcgee3--  A clover, haha15:28
jcastrohmm, "charm getall" used to work didn't it?15:41
jcastroI distinctly remember a command to snag them all at once15:42
SpamapSimbrandon: Hah, true.. that was your idea. :)15:42
SpamapSjcastro: it "works"15:42
SpamapSbut its so bloody slow15:42
SpamapSI think we may need to maintain a tarball somewhere with all of them so people can wget the whole archive15:42
negronjl'morning all15:42
SpamapSI bet we can maintain that in charm-tools as a download file actually15:43
imbrandonSpamapS: how ?15:43
imbrandonthe last bit15:43
SpamapSlaunchpad has an API for uploading files15:43
jcastronegronjl: I'm going to assign you a card for the graphs measuring review queue performance if that's ok with you?15:43
imbrandonahh ok i got ya, i was thinking actually IN charm-tolols15:43
negronjljcastro:  Sure ... I have some questions when you get a chance re: patch pilot15:44
imbrandoni see what ya mean though, works kinda like a reverse debian watch ?15:44
jcastronegronjl: yeah,  mira we should have a quick charmers G+ if we can15:44
negronjljcastro:  ok ... invite me15:44
jcastroSpamapS: imbrandon: you guys got time for a quick pow wow?15:45
imbrandonyup let me login real fast15:45
imbrandonbeen going back and watching all the juju sessions i missed and some i dident as refeshers, good good stuff15:46
jcastrohandy, having the important sessions recorded. :)15:47
imbrandonwould be cool if we could get all of them even if audio only15:48
imbrandonas i just have them in a minimized browser anyhow ignoring the vid15:48
jcastroinvites sent15:49
surgemcgeeI feel like I've wonderd here. You all going to a hangout?15:49
surgemcgeesurgemcgee has stolen the blue moon!15:50
SpamapSjcastro: yes b.r.t15:56
SpamapSjcastro: curses.. something requires a reboot. 2 minutes16:01
hazmatsurgemcgee, why do you want to do charm getall?16:10
imbrandonSpamapS: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/ansible-project/x_0gDQv4co416:58
imbrandonSpamapS: thats the email chain i spoke of16:58
SpamapSright, Ansible16:58
imbrandonand thats the one wheere i was saying "hey whats next?" he asked16:59
imbrandonnegronjl: ^^16:59
imbrandonjesus, i think i used all my energy for the rest of the week on that call tho, i seriously think i need to go back to the doc's ( already had one apt since uds )17:00
surgemcgeeI will just grab the ones I need, no biggie. Also, the charms are installing puppet. Shouldn't puppet be installed on the dev client and puppetmaster be used in the install script?17:10
surgemcgeeAnd is that DNS entry nessessary?17:11
imbrandonSpamapS: is charm getall smart enough to update the local cs too ?17:16
SpamapSimbrandon: it will run 'mr update' if it sees a .mrconfig in the dir already17:17
SpamapSimbrandon: I think it might also run 'charm update' in that case too17:17
imbrandonthat would be helpfull17:17
imbrandonincase the maint dident inc the rev17:18
imbrandoni guess17:18
SpamapSno it just fetches the list again17:18
SpamapSso any new charms will get checked out17:18
SpamapSthe whole thing is really crap, just use charm get :)17:18
imbrandonkk, yea between that and the series , i dont see a need ( well anytime even semi soon but not gonna say never ) for cs instructions17:19
imbrandonlike i thought17:19
imbrandonSpamapS: crappy but exists > nothing17:20
imbrandonSpamapS: e.g. my php in enterprise + world theory :)17:20
SpamapSalright, txzookeeper is in Debian NEW queue.18:06
SpamapSon to txaws18:06
jkyleI have a question for juju+maas. Can you declare a specific target for a juju deployed service?18:27
jkyleFor example, say I have a "monitoring services" charm and I want to deploy to a specific class of machine or a specific machine18:28
james_wjkyle, it sounds constraints are what juju provides for what you are wanting to do18:30
jkylecool, I'll search the docs :)18:30
james_wjkyle, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/constraints.html#provider-constraints18:32
marcoceppijcastro: are we getting rid of this or what? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoW1nhI7IMt3dFRvSFdkZmNqQ0t3RjZ2QTR2Z19teWc#gid=018:34
jkylejames_w: I see "orchestra" referred to. I thought that MaaS + Juju was the successor to Orchestra. can you use cobbler classes directly?18:36
james_wjkyle, I'm guessing that's just a leftover artefact18:36
jkyleI think using cobbler management classes would be stellar18:37
jkyleas a sort of "pool" specifier18:37
marcoceppijkyle: I don't think you can use cobbler classes with MAAS + Juju yet18:45
marcoceppito my knowledge, only maas-name can be used by juju constraints as of now18:45
imbrandonsweet, more swag ... email subject of "blitz.io: You just got a tshirt!" is always cool :)18:56
MarkDudeimbrandon, just shared the zombie comic and the pinup albums- let me know what you think.18:56
imbrandonnice , i'll check em out in a few18:56
imbrandoni think i have enough cough medicine in me to make it till bedtime :)18:57
imbrandonwell and actually be productive somewhat18:57
MarkDudejcastro, right now Fedora is having its elections. Next week is townhalls. I was hoping to get a sentence or two from you as far as how cool it will be to have Juju in the repos18:59
MarkDudeThis will be easier with some board members on it18:59
MarkDudeNo big hurry tho :)19:04
imbrandonMarkDude: he said something about flying home today a few hours ago so he is likely mid-ait19:16
MarkDudeOh cool19:16
MarkDudeI will email him then19:17
MarkDudeis it jcastro@ubuntu.com?19:17
marcoceppiMarkDude: according to LP it's jorge@ubuntu.com19:17
MarkDudeCool, that was my 2nd guess19:18
MarkDudety marcoceppi19:18
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mhall119hazmat: your postgresql changes seem to have done the trick, thanks!20:35
hazmatmhall119, awesome, thanks20:36
jcastroupvotes please!20:48
mhall119jcastro: AWS has ARM hardware now?20:49
jcastrowe simulate20:49
jcastroso when this hits the market20:49
jcastropeople can be ready20:49
jcastroit's a simulated Calxeda box20:49
mhall119oh, ok20:50
mhall119there's something almost zen-like about watching my instances install and configure themselves in debug-log20:50
jcastroI know20:50
jcastrocan you believe people used to launch instances like this by hand?20:51
jcastromhall119: on tuesday you should link up with m_3, he's been at a conference but worked with chris on the django/summit stuff20:51
jcastroI am pretty sure you guys could sort out your issues in a few minutes of facetime20:51
mhall119jcastro: hazmat sorted out the last of my issues20:52
jcastroah, rock and roll then20:52
hazmatmhall119, thanks for your patience on those round trips..20:54
hazmatjcastro, oh.. that's what its for20:55
hazmati was wondering why we have amis for that stuff20:55
jcastrohit the ground running when they ship!20:55
mhall119jcastro: check it out: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/summit/charm/revision/220:58
mhall119that's all I had to change between the initial charm generated, and what summit needed to work20:58
mhall119and most of that is because Summit does stuff in a funny way20:58
hazmatmhall119, do you need to do the init-summit and pullapps against the real db?21:00
mhall119hazmat: no21:01
hazmatjust checking21:01
mhall119those just setup the local disk env21:02
imbrandonoh crap, i just learned some new nginx magic SpamapS , 4x the current ludicris numbers avail now ... with just a bit of creative request queuing upstream21:05
imbrandonhrm , time to get this on one of my sites and really test it more than local, only bad part is it requires a patch to nginx21:05
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SpamapSimbrandon: does nginx have some kind of request de-duper for when you have to fetch from the backend?21:46
SpamapSimbrandon: have always thought caches should do that21:46
SpamapSbut I've never pushed optimization far enough where that would have been enough of a win21:47
imbrandonSpamapS: not sure, but this is basicly making all the requests pool in nginx then only handing php 1 at a time21:47
imbrandonand man, its MUCH better at queueing than even php-fpm21:47
SpamapSimbrandon: interesting21:48
imbrandonand to be honest i thought thats how it worked internally to begin with but i guess not21:48
imbrandonthat and i think i figured out why i always peek arround 500 concurrent connections and could never figure out why21:50
imbrandoni was doing a bit of math wrong and assumed 8192 connections * 4 worker processes == win21:51
imbrandonbut it actually == about 500 concurrent due to some wonky math21:51
SpamapSGWB style math :)21:51
imbrandonsooooo i may have found a few bits that will make some nice additions to the base config :)21:52
SpamapSFool my servers you can't get fooled again.21:52
imbrandonstill need to test it all out tho21:52
surgemcgeeWhat is the best method of moving templets around? I wan't a simple vhost in sites-available. Can I do this nativly?22:30
surgemcgeeAlso, is there a way to package two charms together. The one is more of a generic template for the main one and I need people to know this.22:32
SpamapSugh, looks like txaws is incompatible with twisted 12 ...22:33
SpamapSsurgemcgee: There are two ways to get that done22:34
SpamapSsurgemcgee: there's a very experimental 'charm splice' command that I developed, but its a bit crackful as it can't really relate the two charms together (well it can, but it emulates this in a really weird way)22:34
SpamapSsurgemcgee: the other way is to turn the detailed part into a subordinate charm, and have the generic service charm as the primary..22:35
SpamapShazmat: ugh, lp:txaws is a mess22:48
SpamapShazmat: no tags.. any idea what revision 0.2.3 was taken from?22:49
SpamapShazmat: I *think* it is r13922:50
SpamapSAhh.. txaws works fine w/ twisted 12 .. missing files in the tarball22:55
hazmatSpamapS, that looks about right23:10
hazmatSpamapS, agreed its inanely difficult to tell, i had to resort to a diff23:10
SpamapShazmat: I just used log to find commits before/after release23:12
SpamapShazmat: but yeah, diff confirms.. sort of (since some files are not in sdist)23:13
SpamapSaaaaannd txaws is now in Debian NEW queue23:42
* SpamapS moves on to juju23:42
SpamapSman this is so much easier when I don't need a debian sponsor. :)23:42

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