ecoloHi all can i ask a qtion00:33
ecoloi have a pb with firefox conexion00:35
ecoloall was ok but today ???00:35
ecoloThe server at www.google.com is taking too long to respond00:36
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brad_I've got a "jumping cursor" and I'm pretty sure I haven't been accidentally touching the touch pad on my laptop. It happens in any program, not when running anything specific (it just happened actually). Any ideas out there?01:50
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sunitasethidasKreech: hi02:21
sunitasethidasKreech: i had no luck..I just gave up02:21
sunitasethidasKreech: you are right..i am just using wireless02:21
joshua1983_1algunos hablan español02:44
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cancerHi all, :)03:46
robertzaccourhow do I make my USB webcam default?03:58
hanibanaI've installed amd64 kubuntu and have 4 GB physical memory. But, free commands shows 3824 MB total. What's wrong?05:29
hateballhanibana: some BIOS do stupid reservations05:30
hateballfor instance on this DELL I have, it reserves ~600MB for whatever arcane reason05:30
hanibanaany command to see the reserved amount?05:32
hanibanahateball: or just see BIOS settings directly?05:33
hateballhanibana: I guess that'd depend on your BIOS, if dmidecode would show anything05:35
hateballhanibana: you dont have shared memory with the GPU then?05:35
hanibanahateball: don't know.  Going to find ways to check both... thanks ;)05:37
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mickelhey how do  I get folder view (thought it was called quick launch) to show complete directory path?05:52
robertzaccouranyone know if there's a ppa for kdenlive 0.9 yet?05:55
fernirobertzaccour: http://www.kdenlive.org/user-manual/downloading-and-installing-kdenlive/pre-compiled-packages/ubuntu-packages06:29
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robertzaccourferni, thanks very much06:33
hanibanaHow can I migrate my Kontact data from my previous system (Fedora 14) to Kubuntu? any folder to copy? is there any database?06:36
L3tophanibana: checkout ~/.kde4/share/apps/kabc/07:01
L3topor ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/  depending07:01
hanibanaL3top: copied, but no todo/contacts in new Kontact.07:05
Tm_Thanibana: it should be enough if you launch akonaditray, make backup of your akonadi database with it, and then restore the database from backup in the new system07:05
hanibanaTm_T: ok, going to test...07:06
forgeausdoes KDE have a network utilities equivalent?07:06
forgeausby that I mean ping, whois, tracert, etc07:06
lordievaderforgeaus: Linux has ping, traceroute and an equivalent for whois doesn't spring to mind right now. Hold on.07:08
forgeausno I mean a gui KDE4 tool07:08
forgeausNetwork tool or network utilites depends on what OS/System you come from its usually called something like that07:08
forgeausapparently Ubuntu has one (gtk based I guess by the look of it)07:09
lordievaderforgeaus: Phew good question, I don't know of any gui who can do this.07:10
Mamarokforgeaus: you should have a look at http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KSniffer?content=2625807:21
Mamarokbut unfortunately it hasn't been ported to KDE407:22
hateballforgeaus: you can use zenmap07:28
hateballI see the ubuntu packages have silly dependencies07:28
Mamarokbut I don't really see the need of a GUI tool for these services, much easier to do in a konsole07:30
hateballthe nmap syntax can be quite daunting if you're a first time user :)07:32
hanibanaTm_T: my previous OS is really broken due to file system issues. But, I have its .kde files. Any other way?07:33
Mamarokforgeaus: I suggest also searching in http://qt-apps.org/ and http://server-apps.org/07:33
Tm_Thanibana: copying all the related files, ~/.config/akonadi/ among the others07:34
hanibanayeah ok.07:36
Mamarokforgeaus, hateball: maybe this: http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/nmapsi4?content=9851507:36
Mamarokmore info is here: http://www.nmapsi4.org/07:37
Mamarokand it is in the Ubuntu repos07:38
hanibanaTm_T: no succuss with copying .config/akonadi.07:45
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hateballMamarok: hey that's cool, hadnt seen that before :)08:16
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forgeauslordievader:   if your still there OSX and Ubuntu both have them out of the box (network utility or network tools)10:03
forgeausbut ubuntu's is gtk and kubuntu doesn't have that package (but I installed ubuntu-desktop so I have it)10:04
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mega0wn3rkubuntu crashed and I can't log on now. Help?11:18
Peace-mega0wn3r: ?11:18
Peace-kubuntu crashed is a bit general issue11:18
Peace-what where when11:18
mega0wn3rI had to shut off holding power button.11:20
mega0wn3rIt froze using nexuiz.11:20
Peace-what is that?11:21
hateballa game11:21
lordievadermega0wn3r: What error do you get when you try to log on?11:22
mega0wn3rIt freezes.11:22
mega0wn3rAlso, it makes me log in multiple times.11:22
lordievadermega0wn3r: Can you still login to a tty?11:22
mega0wn3rAnd it shouldn't need me to log in, anyway.11:22
mega0wn3rI don't know what tty is.11:23
Peace-mega0wn3r: sudo adduser testuser11:23
Peace-mega0wn3r: sudo adduser testuser admin11:23
Peace-mega0wn3r: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/try-to-fix-your-kubuntu-box-with-kernel-recovery/11:24
lordievadermega0wn3r: At your login screen press ctrl + alt + F1, to get a tty.11:25
mega0wn3rtty works11:26
mega0wn3rNow what?11:27
lordievadermega0wn3r: You can login in there? What is next is follow the advice of Peace- and try to login (gui wise) with that user.11:27
mega0wn3rThe group "admin" does not exist.11:29
mega0wn3rI made the user "testuser" then restarted and tried to log on. It brought me right back to the logon screen, though.11:32
lordievaderHey surbiks11:37
surbikshow can find list of app that installed11:37
lordievadersurbiks: Do you want to know all the packages that are installed or just the programs?11:38
surbiksjust program11:39
lordievadersurbiks: Look in the start menu.11:39
surbiksno i want use this list for my widget like lanchpad11:40
lordievadersurbiks: Phew I wouldn't know how to do that.11:41
surbiksok i want to create lanchpad like as apple lanchpad in mac OS X11:42
lordievadersurbiks: If you want to turn that into a plasma widget you might recieve more help in their channel: #plasma11:45
lordievadersurbiks: If you want to turn that into a plasma widget you might recieve more help in their channel: #plasma11:46
surbikslordievader : ok tnx11:47
surbikslordievader : php channel ???11:52
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cancerHi guys12:15
cancerIs it important to have Kernals installed in Kubuntu. and how to check about kernals info. i mean i don't know if they are installed and are they too helpful with graphic card drivers?12:16
BluesKajHey all12:17
cancerBluesKaj: hi :), what's up12:26
cancerIs it important to have Kernals installed in Kubuntu. and how to check about kernals info. i mean i don't know if they are installed and are they too helpful with graphic card drivers?12:26
cancerEven don't know what they are for :D12:26
BluesKaj!kernel | cancer12:28
ubottucancer: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)12:28
level15hi, all: i have 3 LVM volumes on 3 different servers. I formatted them as ext 4. They all mount fine. However, when the system is booting, it complains it cannot check them because of too high revision of the FS or damaged superblock (see http://pastebin.com/RVgrFk5U). If I do file -sL /dev/vg00/bacula_backups, it says it is indeed an ext4 FS, mounted or unclean. ANy ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.14:59
BluesKajlevel15, you may wait a while for a resonse to that kind of question here, maybe the ppl at #ubuntu can help since they have more than 5X more helpers then we do.15:05
level15BluesKaj: yeah, I already asked over there, too. Thanks :-)15:06
BluesKajlevel15, ok15:06
level15and on ##linux15:07
level15no luck, though15:07
ikonialevel15: ok, lets take a look15:07
ikoniawalk me through it a bit, with a little more detail15:07
level15ikonia: there is an LVM volume. I put an ext4 fs on it15:08
level15i can mount i no problems15:09
level15but i cannot fsck it15:09
ikonialevel15: ok - one step at a time15:09
ikonialevel15: this is kubuntu 12.04 ?15:09
level15no, ubuntu server 12.0415:09
ikoniaok, so let me just check15:09
ikonia!find ext15:09
ubottuFound: byobu, doc-linux-text, e2fslibs, e2fslibs-dev, emacs-goodies-el, fonts-nanum-extra, genext2fs, gettext, gettext-base, gettext-doc (and 603 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ext&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all15:09
ikonia!info e2fslibs,15:09
ubottue2fslibs (source: e2fsprogs): ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries. In component main, is required. Version 1.42-1ubuntu2 (precise), package size 195 kB, installed size 387 kB15:09
ikonialevel15: where these volume's created manually or with the installer ?15:10
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level15i did the vgcreate and mke2fs myself15:10
level15and lvcreate15:10
ikonialevel15: ok, what was the mke2fs option you used15:10
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level15ikonia: let me look them up on my history15:13
ikonialevel15: great,15:13
level15ikonia: sudo mke2fs -r4 -L bacula_backups /dev/mapper/vg00-bacula_backups15:13
ikonialevel15: out of interest, if you just do a fsck /dev/vg00/bacula_backups15:14
ikoniawhat happens15:15
level15same thing, fs rev too high, no valid superblock15:15
ikonialevel15: the -r flag doesn't actually set it to ext4 as I'm reading15:15
ikonia(I've never used the -r flag)15:15
ikonia-t ext4 would be creating it as ext415:16
level15ikonia: yes15:17
level15but -r4 is supposed to do that too15:17
ikonianot as I read it15:17
ikoniacan you run a "tune2fs -l /dev/vg00/bacula_backups"15:17
level15tune2fs also says invalid superblock blah blah blah :-(15:18
ikonialevel15: very interesting,15:18
ikonialevel15: do you have any spare space in that volume group ?15:19
level15i can increase it a little bit15:19
patrissin our Kubuntu Pangolin we don't have yet the global shortcut for kwin, it's a bug?15:19
ikonialevel15: I'm just wondering if you can make a test lv for me please.15:19
level15ikonia: what would that be? though i was just reading and i think you are right about the fs creation15:20
level15it was wrong to use -r 415:20
ikonialevel15: yeah, I think that's the glitch15:20
level15weird that file -sL /dev/... says it is ext415:20
level15jeez this is all sooo weird15:21
ikonialevel15: as I'm reading it appears there is no "revision 4" file system, so that may explain the problem15:21
ikonialevel15: if you can create another LV, then do a proper ext4 creation and FS check on that new volume, I'd be interested15:21
patrissyesterday we hare lost some packet with the deinstallation of kubuntu-desktop, we have retreave use from the lastest kde 4.8.x but we have notice this now…15:21
level15ikonia: sec15:22
BluesKajpatriss, why did you remove kubuntu-desktop ...did you try to remove akonadi or nepomuk ?15:23
level15ikonia: it checks allright15:24
ikonialevel15: I think we have a winner.....15:25
level15ikonia: indeed15:26
level15now I'm off to see how to change the revision back15:26
patrissBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004905/15:27
akiswhy my 10.04 cannot proceed with updates and every time the system tries to update i am taking the following message "The specified update could not be found.It could have already been installed or no longer available on the remote server."?15:28
patrissBluesKaj: p   kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts15:29
patrisskonqueror-shorcuts is not installed15:29
patrissit's the problem ?15:29
patrissI think no…15:29
BluesKajpatriss, search for kubuntu-desktop15:30
patrissi   kubuntu-desktop15:31
level15hey, ikonia, thanks a lot for helping me figure out the issue15:32
BluesKajpatriss, also , aptitude still works , but it's not actively supported any longer afaik , so your dependencies may not be resolved as cleanly as with apt-get15:32
patrissok, so what can I do ? apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop ?15:33
BluesKajpatriss, yes15:33
ToeKutterwow i had constant issues with Application menu's not wanting to come up. Is this normal for this Distro ?15:33
patrissok I have done a apt-get remove aptitude too ^^15:34
patrissBluesKaj: I should quit the session to do that?15:35
patrissX, I want say?15:35
ikonialevel15: bad news, the info I've found says you can't change the revision without re-applying the file system15:36
ikonialevel15: I don't know how solid that information is though15:36
BluesKajpatriss, no need to quit session15:37
patrissok, well I send the command line15:37
akiswhy my 10.04 cannot proceed with updates and every time the system tries to update i am taking the following message "The specified update could not be found.It could have already been installed or no longer available on the remote server."?15:38
level15ikonia: I'm on ext4 channel and some guy says he is trying to figure out a way to do it with a dd to the appropriate sector15:39
ikonialevel15: that would be super cool15:40
level15ikonia: yeah, if it works, I'll share with you how he accomplished it15:40
patrissBluesKaj: the problems is the same15:40
ikonialevel15: please do15:41
level15ikonia: dd if=/dev/vg00/bacula_backups of=/dev/vg00/bacula_backups bs=4 skip=$((256+15)) seek=$((256+19)) count=115:50
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ikonialevel15: is it really that simple ?15:52
level15ikonia: it seems to be, now fsck runs, I am about to mount the fs15:52
ikonialevel15: very cool15:53
level15yeah... you and these guys at #ext4 saved my life today, thank you sooo much15:54
ikonianice job15:56
ikoniayou're welcome15:56
sunitasethiwhat is level15?16:00
BluesKajsunitasethi, it's a person :)16:04
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totyk0received this notice -- Bell in session 'Shell'   -- what is this?16:12
DarthFrogtotyk0: You've got a shell open and whatever program is running in it, is sending you a "Pay attention to me" signal.16:17
totyk0Darkwing, ok16:21
L3topikonia: I dropped. If level15 provided that solution I would appreciate a pm with it... just to know.16:24
NCS_OneI'm trying to connect a iphone to kubuntu and installed ifuse but when I connect the iphone it doesn't mount it16:24
NCS_Onewhat do I have to do?16:24
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ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod16:29
BluesKajNCS_One, ^16:29
NCS_OneBluesKaj: Thanks16:40
BluesKajNCS_One, hope it helps16:40
NCS_OneBluesKaj: it doesn't :(16:53
sky100hi BluesKaj16:55
BluesKajNCS_One, well sorry , I don't have an Iphone and no experience observing it's support here16:55
sky100im confronted with the issue of the clock showing time in UTC .. not the local time16:55
sky100rebooted .. still its not fixed16:56
sky100really its annoying ..16:58
sky100any help pls..16:59
sky100ok fixed17:01
jose___sOMEONE IS THERE?17:06
lelamal!caps | jose___17:06
ubottujose___: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.17:06
jose___how can I enter in a xat about i want?17:07
jose___such as ubuntu?17:07
lelamaljose___: type: /join #ubuntu17:08
jose___ok thanks17:08
pedori need to report a bug but i don't know to whom. everytime i open libreoffice it crashes itself and plasma desktop. i found out that if i remove global menu it works. i'm using window menubar. so, i report the bug to kde, kubuntu or libreoffice?17:20
BluesKaj!bug | pedor17:26
ubottupedor: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:26
Wolf1983Van itt olyan aki ubuntu 12.04 lts compuz beállításában jártas?17:26
BluesKaj!hu | Wolf198317:27
ubottuWolf1983: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál17:27
emniyetselam arkadaslar sorum olacak sizlere17:54
emniyetben frost wire kurmak isdiorm kubuntuda nasıl kurablirim bilmiorm  yardımcı olurmusunuz17:55
emniyetkimse yokmuuuuuuuuuu17:56
mcloyPlease install the virtualbox-ose-dkms package and the appropriate17:57
mcloy         headers, most likely linux-headers-generic.17:57
mcloy  but i have already installed virtualbox-ose-dkms17:57
DarthFrogSo install the kernel headers then.18:05
DarthFrogsudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)18:06
mcloyi thought i already have headers. dont i?18:07
DarthFrogIf so, then that command will tell you that they are already installed.  If not, it'll install them.18:07
phoenix_firebrdi am going to install nvidia proprietary driver using jockey, i am given with two options 1. "post release updates" 2. "version current" which one should i select?18:09
mcloynow that is strange. it says need to get 0/12mb and is unpacking. so installing headers.  dont the headers installed. what are headers by the way18:09
mcloyDarthFrog, ^18:09
Joitphoenix_firebrd: i did try lately the new updated from nvidia, but had only trouble with it, the current one worked better18:10
DarthFrogIt would seem to me that unless you have a brand spanking new video chip, you'd be better off with the current version.18:11
phoenix_firebrdJoit: DarthFrog ok i will install the current version18:12
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: Besides, you can always change your mind later.18:12
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog:  ya, but i should be prepared for the boot problems before that :)18:13
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd:  You've internalised the Boy Scout motto.  :-)18:13
mcloyDarthFrog,  and sudo modprobe vboxdrv solved the problem further .thanks.18:14
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: :)18:14
phoenix_firebrdis there a channel for xbmc18:14
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, yes , #xbmc18:17
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ok18:18
Joitphoenix_firebrd: well it was not to worse, only a lot did slow down and did not work well18:20
phoenix_firebrdJoit: :D18:21
Joityeah. but at last anything started and i could do some things18:22
L3topFor the record Joit I disagree. The 295.40 driver has regression issues. nvidia-current-updates works better for everyone I have heard reports of installs for... except you. This is not to say that your experience will be unique, but in my purvue atm, it is.18:39
BluesKajL3top, not sure , but is the 295.53 diver available for 12.04 ...I'm on 12.1019:02
L3top!info nvidia-current-updates19:04
ubottunvidia-current-updates (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-updates): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 295.40-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 32650 kB, installed size 96014 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)19:04
cancerHi guys :)19:04
L3topim on 1004 atm.19:04
cancer:D talking Nvidia, Interesting19:05
cancerL3top: hey, how are you?19:05
JoitL3top: ups? well, yes at 10.04 both driver worked for me, but at 12.04 th new updated one did mess it up. but i said anyway explicit, " i had"19:05
cancerL3top: [17:26:27] <cancer> Is it important to have Kernals installed in Kubuntu. and how to check about kernals info. i mean i don't know if they are installed and are they too helpful with graphic card drivers?19:06
cancer[17:26:49] <cancer> Even don't know what they are for :D19:06
BluesKajL3top,think it might be the post-release version that uses the .5319:06
BluesKajcancer, I gave you a post this earler today explaining with urls etc19:07
L3topJoit: again... was just more of an fyi ;)19:08
* L3top blew up his 1204 desktop this morning and has been too lazy to fix it.19:08
BluesKajok , gonna switch drives ,,,check how my 12.04 install is doing19:10
L3topI suppose I could chroot real quick...19:11
cancerBluesKaj: is there anyother place to ask the same question?19:11
cancerany channel?19:11
BluesKaj!kernel | cancer19:12
ubottucancer: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)19:12
BluesKajcancer, read the first url19:12
L3topCandidate: 295.49-0ubuntu0.119:12
L3topBluesKaj: ^19:13
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=== PasNox_ is now known as PasNox
phoenix_firebrdxbmc doesnt start says " Xbmc needs hardware accelerated opengl rendering"20:03
phoenix_firebrdxbmc was working perfectly until before i installed the nvidia binary drivers20:04
cancerphoenix_firebrd: Hi20:21
phoenix_firebrdcancer: hi20:21
cancerphoenix_firebrd: will you help me?20:22
phoenix_firebrdcancer: sure20:22
cancerabout graphics drivers. http://shitohichiumaya.blogspot.com/2012/01/using-nvidia-quadro-10000m-lenovo-w520.html?m=120:22
cancerthere's something i'm thinking to try from this link.20:23
cancerjust got confused on two points.20:23
phoenix_firebrdcancer: what is it?20:24
cancerOld is gold :-p20:25
cancerphoenix_firebrd: i'm confused about; which way to use, what come to my mind is 2nd. that worked :D, and the other confusion is about drivers 32bits\64bits.20:26
phoenix_firebrdcancer: what about 32/64 bit?20:27
cancerqouted from the link; 'sudo sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-290.10.run (I don't install the 32bit compatible OpenGL libs. That might cause a problem. Others I answer yes.)'20:28
cancerphoenix_firebrd: ^-^20:29
phoenix_firebrdcancer: what is your kubuntu is it 32 bit or 64 bit?20:30
phoenix_firebrdcancer: why didnt you install 64 bit opengl libs?20:30
cancerphoenix_firebrd: i tried to confirm about kubuntu bit's but didn't find the way.20:31
phoenix_firebrdcancer: so is your kubuntu 32 or 64 bit20:32
cancerhow to check that?20:32
phoenix_firebrdcancer: lsb_release -a20:35
phoenix_firebrdcancer: what does the first line say?20:36
phoenix_firebrdcancer: try "arch " command20:36
cancerNo LSB modules are available.20:36
cancerphoenix_firebrd: arch | i68620:39
phoenix_firebrdcancer: yours is 32 bit20:40
phoenix_firebrdcancer: install the opengl libs and drivers that are 32 bit20:40
canceropengl libs, what if they are already installed. any query?20:40
yofelcancer: nvidia ships their own openGL libraries, so just install their 32bit driver20:41
phoenix_firebrdcancer: if its a default install do noting, but if you had installed a 64bit version with arch override then uninstall it and install the 32 bit one20:42
Joitcancer try getconf LONG_BIT20:42
Joitthen its 3220:42
cancerJoit: this is the path to 64bits, will i get 32 by changing '64' from it. http://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/confirmation.php?url=/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/290.10/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-290.10.run&lang=us&type=GeForce20:43
phoenix_firebrdcancer: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us20:45
Joitno, software is written for the purpose, they use different commands and may variables, you only will mess up in the system20:45
phoenix_firebrdcancer: what is your graphics card?20:45
cancerphoenix_firebrd: Nvidia Quadro Fx 100020:45
Joitcancer:  do you need to boost your graphic performance, or why are you loking so hard for an driver?20:47
cancerJoit: check this link, i'm trying to follow the instructions that shown in the link working. http://shitohichiumaya.blogspot.com/2012/01/using-nvidia-quadro-10000m-lenovo-w520.html?m=120:47
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cancerJoit: that's a long story, in simple i have tried much, even with L3top and other members from here. what i'm trying now will be experimental.20:48
phoenix_firebrdcancer: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-173.14.31-driver.html20:49
cancerJoit: past few minutes i saw a word 'Nvidia' some discussion was on it & now i'm charged again to work on it. :D20:50
cancerphoenix_firebrd: are they 173 drivers current/recommended one's?20:50
Joitcancer: so you are at 11.04 but your card is a fx1000?20:51
cancerJoit: NO, 11.1020:51
phoenix_firebrdcancer: dont know about that but it says "Quadro ODE driver"20:51
phoenix_firebrdcancer: dont know about that but it says "Quadro ODE graphics driver"20:51
phoenix_firebrdcancer: your better check this20:52
phoenix_firebrdcancer: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us20:52
cancerphoenix_firebrd: i have it already opened. :)20:53
phoenix_firebrdcancer: select the appropriate options and download20:53
Joitcancer you could try to start grub with the option --nomodeset, you may can enter the kde menu to configure it further. btw, what do happen at the otther drivers ?20:55
cancerwe tried nomodeset.20:55
Joitcancer: did you boot it with strg-x?20:56
Joitor strg-g, not sure20:57
ofmhi all20:57
cancerJoit: | phoenix_firebrd : http://paste.kde.org/486398/20:58
ofmKorganizer and kmail and others don't work. talk about akonadi server is not working. What is needed to Akonadi work?20:58
phoenix_firebrdcancer: the resolution problem happens just during boot or exist even after login?20:59
cancerphoenix_firebrd: nope, that not like that.21:00
phoenix_firebrdcancer: explain21:00
cancercan't do that. that's now like a story.21:01
cancerit's almost time to disconnect, electricity shortfall here. :( any second from now can be happened for an hour.21:01
* cancer Muwahhhhhhh 21:02
phoenix_firebrdcancer: ok21:02
Joitcancer:  trow that card out or get an other monitor lol21:03
Joithow do you connect them now both?21:04
luke_66hi everyone21:04
Joitthey have different adaptors21:04
cancerhow to install java?21:05
Joitcancer lok in muon or your package manager for openjdk21:05
Joitcancer: i cant find any models for e72, the one i can find is e7421:09
Joityours is maybe a different brand?21:10
cancerJoit: sorry my mistake, e7421:10
cancerthat's it.21:10
Joitah. yeah then i got it21:10
Joithow do you connect both? did you make cables by your own?21:10
cancerJoit: no, it's DVI connector.21:10
luke_66i have a problem after an update. which log i cold check? i'm in /var/log/upstart, error semms to be related to ConsoleKit, btu i'm checvking /var/log/upstart/module-init-tools.log and i've found FATAL: Module rtv not found. what i can check? kdm start succesfully but i dont have any login prompt...21:10
cancerusing Connector or can say adapter as well.21:11
luke_66*FATAL: Modulertc not found21:11
Joithttp://www.superwarehouse.com/IBM_E74_Black_17_CRT_Monitor/63324HN/ps/38577 it says here 15 mini sub21:11
Joiti would crude say, that the drivers suspect a dvi monitor21:13
Joitexpects, is it21:15
cancerJoit: yes, that could be the issue, and so i'm searching for the proprietary nVidia Quadro driver to use all of the capabilities of your graphics card21:15
phoenix_firebrdcan this package be removed "xserver-xorg-video-all" or is it a critical one?21:17
cancerJoit: and the max resol. mentioned there isn't right. i'm using it on 1280x1024 60hz21:17
cancerphoenix_firebrd: at my hand Nvidia-common is installed.21:17
cancer01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV30GL [Quadro FX 1000] (rev a2)21:18
cancerJoit: so if it's like that you suspect, any idea for solution?21:18
cancerphoenix_firebrd: may be said right about Nvidia-common :D21:19
cancerJoit: that's what we all think might be a reason.21:19
phoenix_firebrdcancer: sorry man i cant understand what you are talking21:19
Joitcancer i look right now through related stuff but not sure, which one sounds good. either looking for older drivers as you want, or disable certain 'features' at the driver21:20
cancercertain features you mean by?21:20
Joitcancer: like autosets ?21:20
cancerdon't know about that.21:21
cancerlets try21:21
Joitor may you go first back to a lower resolution, could be, that the new driver dont support the higher one21:21
phoenix_firebrdneed to restart brb21:21
cancercurrent resolution is 1024x76821:22
Joitwell, i dont wanna now ask you to install the driver and reboot, or ?21:23
Joitwell i am still looking for more21:24
cancerJoit: tell me where to start?21:24
Joitcancer: did you try to install the driver, and then compile the kernel for acpi off?21:24
cancerdon't know?21:24
canceri was asking in room early today about kernel.21:25
Joitat the link you posted eralier, it said, you need to compile your kernel21:25
Joiti saw that a bit, that you did21:25
Joitthe last answer i did read, was, that someone said, you dont need to compile the krenel21:25
luke_66i have a problem after an update. which log i could check? i'm in /var/log/upstart, error seems to be related to ConsoleKit, but i'm checking also /var/log/upstart/module-init-tools.log and i've found 'FATAL: Module rtc not found.'. what i can do? i'm using kubuntu 12.04, kdm start succesfully but i have no login prompt... already checked dmesg | less..21:25
openosHI Every body21:25
Joitwhat else?21:25
cancernot that21:25
cancerJoit: not that.21:26
cancer[17:26:27] <cancer> Is it important to have Kernals installed in Kubuntu. and how to check about kernals info. i mean i don't know if they are installed and are they too helpful with graphic card drivers?21:26
cancer[17:26:49] <cancer> Even don't know what they are for :D21:26
FloodBotK1cancer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:26
openosi already have Ubuntu whit gnome shell and Unity i switching To KDE How I Can remove Gnoem And Unity Apps21:26
openoshow to get pure kubuntu experience whitout gnome shell and unity apps ??21:27
Joitcancer, compare the kernel like a core, what manage the main input and output ebtween your inputs, the hardware and the software21:27
Joitcancer: does that make sense for you?21:27
Joitopenos: with your package manager21:28
Joitcancer: the kernel is simple the core code, what manage the communication between all parts21:29
cancerJoit: nothin21:29
apacheloggercancer: it is the heart of the system21:29
apacheloggerwithout it *nothing* works, in fact the system would not even start21:29
cancergot it.21:29
Joitcancer: ok. when a computer starts, it does nothing first. you need a software, what identify your hardware21:30
Joitwell, looks like allraedy answered21:30
openos<Joit> How ???21:32
openosI still Get Gnome and Unity updates21:33
Joitopenos with muon ie?21:33
cancerJoit: i appreciate you help, but afraid it will take long to understand. i'm newbie.21:33
luke_66any help?21:33
Joitcancer since when do you use comjputers?21:33
Joitluke sorry, not from me, its spanish for me21:33
cancerJoit: that's not my point, i mean with linux.21:34
apacheloggercancer: kernel business is nothing you need to immediately worry about21:34
apacheloggerit is really really really low level21:34
Joitcancer: well windows works similar, its just not that open21:34
apacheloggercancer: also FWIW ... every operating system has a kernel :)21:34
openosWhat is The Best System font In KDE21:34
Joitcancer:  thats the main point from an 'operating system'. that it provides a interface, where you can comutate with your pc21:35
Joitthats why they make this basic code. the rest is software, what is executed and do funny and sometimes weird things21:35
cancerJoit: right21:36
cancerso how to configure/tweak it?21:36
Joitnot sure, this acpi is a power management function, its used to save energy or boost performance21:37
Joitbut i ve read, that it can make sometimes problems, even i never had some with it21:37
cancerOne question, what if i install those 64bits drivers in current os?21:37
apacheloggerwhat do you want to configure?21:38
Joitbut with noacpi for pci (pci=noacpi) you turn this management off21:38
Joitthey mostly dont work together21:38
* cancer lost21:38
Joitits like the driver does ask something, but the system dont understand it21:38
Joitpci are the slots on your motherboard where your soundcard, graphic card is in21:39
Joitthey call it pci, but the standard is now different for graphic cards,21:39
Joitits agp now or higher21:40
Joitbut they still handle it as pci21:40
Joitand with the command above, you tell  the core code, not to use energy management at your graphic card21:40
cancerJoit: you want me to dialbe pci slots?21:40
Joitcancer: no, my point is, to compile the kernel with acpi off21:41
cancerHOW? that21:41
apacheloggerthat does not even make sense21:41
Joitif this would help after this howto, but compiling a kernel is quite some work21:41
Joitapachelogger: he had a howto, where they suggested that21:42
apacheloggerwhich howto is that and what is the problem to begin with?21:42
yofelI *think* he wanted to install a specific nvidia driver a while ago, and got the 64bit one but runs a 32bit system - that's where I stopped following the discussion21:44
Joitapachelogger: http://shitohichiumaya.blogspot.de/2012/01/using-nvidia-quadro-10000m-lenovo-w520.html?m=121:44
Joitapachelogger: his problem is a e74 ibm monitor and a nvidia fx1000 card21:44
yofelJoit: and the driver from the archive doesn't work?21:45
cancerJoit: will it effect my XP by disabling 'acpi'21:45
Joityofel:  he has a vgs to dvi connector and it anyhow doesnt21:45
Joitcancer:  when you disable it at the kernel, then not, when you do it in the bios, then maybe, but it doesnt mess really21:46
Joityofel: dvi to vga cable21:46
apachelogger(most BIOSes will not allow you to disable ACPI)21:47
Joitapachelogger:  thats the monitor http://www.superwarehouse.com/IBM_E74_Black_17_CRT_Monitor/63324HN/p/3857721:48
yofelJoit: meaning nvidia-settings isn't seeing the monitor, or...?21:48
Joityofel: i think so too, not sure at all21:49
cancerJoit: can you please paste the like for kernal solution describing acpi disabling?21:49
apacheloggerxrandr -q knows more21:49
apachelogger(regrading the detection of screens)21:50
Joitcancer:  you would need to go through how to compile the kernel, there you can disable acpi21:51
Joitcompiling it, means, you build it by your own, create a new code21:51
Joitbut it takes a while mostly, until it did makea new kernel21:52
Joitlot of work, where most dont want to do21:52
Joitfor me 1 hour mostly, and when i checked the wrong options, it simple didnt work :P21:52
cancer[02:20:08] <Joit> cancer i look right now through related stuff but not sure, which one sounds good. either looking for older drivers as you want, or disable certain 'features' at the driver21:53
canceri didn't expect this from the above qoute :-p21:54
apacheloggerJoit: that is wrong21:56
apacheloggeryou can disable acpi via a boot argument21:57
Joitapachelogger:  well its the howto from this card manufactor, when you wanna use a vga monitor with a apadter21:57
Joitapachelogger: with is it?21:57
apacheloggerwhere does it say that?21:58
apacheloggerif that fails to work acpi=off, though that is not advised as it can mess up things21:58
Joitapachelogger:  here ->> http://shitohichiumaya.blogspot.de/2012/01/using-nvidia-quadro-10000m-lenovo-w520.html?m=121:58
apacheloggerit does not say anything about compiling your own kernel there21:59
cancerJoit: will my wireless work by using 'pci=noacpi'21:59
cancerand please have a look on it. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185378321:59
Joitcancer:  yes. its only the energy managment22:00
Joitdoesnt have to do with the input output from a card22:00
cancerJoit: did ya checked that link22:00
Joitcancer: do you have actually one from this drivers installed what dont work?22:01
Joitgive me a minute :p22:01
cancerjust want to know if that easy one will work for me.22:01
* cancer waiting22:01
Joitcancer it should do it. there is once the posibillity to start your system with your own commands or edit the file, where the commands are in22:03
cancerand afraid it can also over heat graphic card.22:03
Joitit cant overheat it, it may even runs only slower22:03
Joitthats why they implemented it :P22:04
Joitdo you have a driver at your system what you can try?22:04
Joitdo you know how to add commands at the startup?22:04
cancernot exactly, that what only we saw. there are more with issue after doing that stuff.22:05
apacheloggerJoit: it won't run slower22:05
apacheloggerwhich leads to the van working all the time22:05
apacheloggerto prevent overheating22:05
cancerJoit: yes i think i can edit that from grub. but better to add it with nano.22:05
apacheloggerwhich makes that approach only temporarily sensible22:05
Joitapachelogger:  if you can criticise every second sentence i write, hows about you help him fruther to go through?22:05
apacheloggerotherwise the fan might need to be replaced ^^22:05
canceri only have to edit this right? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=off pci=noacpi"22:06
apacheloggerplease lave out the acpi=off22:06
apacheloggerfirst try with noacpi22:06
apacheloggeracpi=off will turn it off completely22:06
apacheloggerwhich in turn makes every fan in your system work overtime as everything will run at maximum speed22:07
cancerapachelogger: that 'acpi' is about a power we plug in card right? ;)22:07
apacheloggerJoit: I am not criticising, I am just informing you :)22:07
apacheloggerbut if it disturbs you I can stop22:07
cancerapachelogger: is this right then? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=noacpi"22:07
Joitapachelogger: informing looks way different imho22:08
Joitand i have for sure forgotten all this stuff in 2 days, because i have other things in mind22:08
apacheloggercancer: yes22:08
cancerJoit: please, be cool. that was also in my mind, i browsed before implementation. so asked that question.22:08
apacheloggercancer: acpi is the entire power management22:09
cancerapachelogger: nano command please?22:09
apacheloggercancer: just use kate22:09
cancerapachelogger: thanks for correction.22:09
apacheloggerkdesudo kate SOMEFILE22:09
cancerdon't know grub path :(22:09
apacheloggercancer: I am certain the ubuntuforums thread you posted above contains it ;)22:10
cancer'pci=noacpi' will only effect card?22:10
apachelogger2nd post in that thread ^^22:10
Joitcancer:  its in /boot/grub22:10
apacheloggercancer: more or less22:10
cancer/etc/default/grub OR /Boot/grub?22:12
apacheloggercancer: also technically speaking, in case you are interested, pci is a bus standard ... you could imagine it as a motorway for data inside the computer22:12
apacheloggercancer: /etc/default/grub22:12
cancerapachelogger: is that called the word Joit used 'criticising' :-p22:13
cancernano -i /etc/default/grub   ?22:13
apacheloggerwell if that was critising then I really do not know what informingis -.-22:13
cancerapachelogger: na22:13
Joitlast time i did edit the grub file it was at a different location22:13
cancerno, nononono22:13
apacheloggercancer: kdesudo kate /etc/default/grub22:13
cancerapachelogger: just afraid.22:13
Joitbut i enjoy leaning back and just to watch, dont worry22:13
cancerit's opened with this command: nano /etc/default/grub ?22:14
apacheloggerJoit: might have been in grub1 times,back then the file was /boot/grub.cfg22:14
apacheloggerwe since switched to grub2 which allows for a more elegant way of dealing with configuration creation/editing22:14
apacheloggercancer: kdesudo kate /etc/default/grub22:14
cancerGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=noacpi"22:16
apacheloggercancer: also to continue on my pci description ... how the datagets on the motorway is not particularly important, it may be through a card you plug in or it may be a chip directly built into the computer22:16
canceri'm using card.22:16
apacheloggerPCI itself primarily defines how software may use a device attached via PCI22:17
cancerthere is built-in too.22:17
apacheloggersimply put it defines the language you use22:17
apacheloggerJoit: yup, that'd be grub122:17
LexingtonNCNew here. Can't get Streisand to DL22:18
Joiti see22:18
LexingtonNCtnvideos.zip from all 3 sources is interrupted22:18
apacheloggercancer: most computers have a mixture of builtin and pluggables22:18
cancerdone editing.22:19
apacheloggereven most laptops do (for example the video chip is mostly builtin whereas things such as a SD card reader are in fact pluggable)22:19
apacheloggercancer: run `sudo update-grub`22:19
cancerone thing still left. Drivers.22:19
Aluminhow can I get Apper to stop reminding me that an upgrade to 12.04 is available every 5 minutes?22:19
apacheloggerthat command will apply your changes to grub22:19
cancerwhich one to install, current/recommended 173?22:19
AluminI'm like...I'M GETTING TO IT!  :P22:19
Joitapachelogger: but you still need to run update-grub, to update the /boot/grub/conf.cfg22:20
apacheloggercancer: current should be 29522:20
draikHow can I update GRUB2 so that it can pick up my new drive?22:20
apacheloggerwhich is what should work for you according to the howto22:20
apacheloggerdraik: update-grub22:20
draikthank you, apachelogger22:21
apacheloggerJoit: yep, though it does more things now... essentially it aggregates informations/configurations from varoius places to build the final configuration22:21
Joitwell i wont ask why you need to run the update to change the grub.cfg22:21
apacheloggerJoit: e.g. you can write a scrip that helps update-grub to autodetect operating systems22:21
apacheloggerJoit: scalability would be the answer if you had asked :)22:22
apacheloggercancer: yah, that's fine22:22
apacheloggernow just install nvidia-current and it should work22:22
apacheloggeryou may also use jockey-kde, which should automatically download and configure everything22:23
Aluminactually, on of my friends was having trouble setting up a dual boot with GRUB2 the other day 'cause it wouldn't see her new drive22:23
apacheloggerJoit: a more immediate reason is that this is the way the system expects it to be done ... i.e. if you were to change the config directly as soon as you install a package that triggers update-grub it would overwrite your changes22:23
LexingtonNCAlumin, there is a setting (sorry, I saw it in passing) that will allow you to completely skip a particular upgrade. Use it for now and then reset it to default when you get ready.22:24
cancerapachelogger: http://imagebin.org/21376222:24
Aluminwe tried everything we could think of, including running update-grub I dunno how many times22:24
Aluminit never showed up to grub22:24
apacheloggercancer: on what version of Kubuntu are you?22:24
Aluminbut here's the strange part: GRUB2 auto-populated entries for the other OS, but when you tried to boot it it would say "no such disk" and the tab completion never showed anything other than (hd0) and its partitions22:25
apacheloggerAlumin: was there something installed on the other drive and did the system see it (e.g. did it show up in partitionmanager)?22:25
apacheloggerAlumin: BIOS might need an update then22:25
LexingtonNCNo I have NOT quit22:25
AluminBIOS update to see two disks at once?22:25
apacheloggergrub very much depends ont eh bios to provide accurate information regarding the devices22:25
cancerapachelogger: http://imagebin.org/213762 ????22:25
apacheloggerAlumin: might just be that the bios has problems with the firmware of the hardware22:26
apacheloggercancer: please update to 12.0422:26
Aluminthe hard drive in question worked in that computer before22:26
cancercan't do it now.22:26
apacheloggerAlumin: with grub?22:26
apacheloggercurious then22:26
apacheloggermight well be a grub bug22:26
Aluminso basically what she's trying to do is put a new drive in, install Linux Mint, and then dual boot between that and her current Debian install in case she doesn't like it22:27
cancerapachelogger: one question, will that grub edited text will do any harm?22:27
* cancer :D22:27
Joitits not a big deal22:27
Joitthe changes you do make with this22:27
Aluminy'know, actually, now that I think about it I may have lied about that drive's having worked before in that system22:27
Aluminthe one with Mint on it may be new22:28
Aluminbut then riddle me this22:28
cancerJoit: with wt?22:28
Joitwt what?22:28
Aluminhow do the menu entries for it get auto-populated?22:28
apacheloggercancer: in that case you will have to download the driver from nvidia's website and manually install it22:28
canceryou mean, changes i have made.22:28
apacheloggercancer: quite honestly upgrading to 12.04 seems like the more economic solution here22:28
cancerapachelogger: OK22:28
Joityes, acpi on or off is no big deal22:28
apacheloggeras it already has 295, plus updates in the kernel might have made the acpi config unnecessary to begin with22:29
cancerJoit: i sometime don't shut off system for 24 hrs :D22:29
apacheloggerAlumin: through Linux :P22:29
apacheloggerAlumin: as I said, grub depends largely on the BIOS to provide accurate information22:29
cancerapachelogger: let me to the nvidia official site. can't eat more text. :-p22:29
Joitcancer: when your fan runs a high speed now then its no problem :p22:30
* cancer will die, happily22:30
apacheloggerAlumin: Linux OTOH has all sorts of additional featuers and work arounds for BIOSes that do not do that22:30
Aluminoh, the menu is built at update-grub time22:30
cancerJoit: cpu fan use to run like jet.22:30
apacheloggerAlumin: so it can totally happen that Linux sees a drive that grub does not see22:30
apacheloggerAlumin: aye22:30
Aluminbut a firmware incompatibility?  really?22:30
apacheloggerit happens more often than you think22:31
AluminI can't even remember the last time I had to worry about something like that22:31
L3topapachelogger: his card will not work with nvidia-current22:31
apacheloggerAlumin: totally depends on the drive22:31
Joitcancer when will you 'Die? i wait here, what actually does happen22:31
L3topapachelogger: cancer must use the legasy nvidia-glx-17322:31
apacheloggerAlumin: same thing for CPUs actually22:31
AluminOK, well what the heck, might as well give it a shot22:31
apacheloggerthough then the issue is more apparent because the BIOS will go whoop whoop ^^22:31
AluminI suppose it can't hurt anyway22:31
apacheloggerL3top: http://shitohichiumaya.blogspot.de/2012/01/using-nvidia-quadro-10000m-lenovo-w520.html?m=1 suggests it will22:31
Aluminoh man you just reminded me of this old mainboard I had with some lady's voice during POST22:32
apacheloggerlol? ^^22:32
cancerL3top: i'm on nvidia official site now. download type: Quadro ODE Graphics driver?22:32
Aluminone time I booted up and it successfully booted up and ran and everything, but it perpetually had this female voice going "System failed CPU test" over and over again22:33
cancerwhich download type: Quadro ODE Graphics driver?22:33
L3topcancer lspci --nn | grep VGA22:33
AluminI had to use it for a couple of hours to triage and get stuff off...was like 10 years ago and I can literally still hear that voice in my head22:33
cancerL3top: no responce.22:34
L3topyou have to capitalize vga22:34
cancerdid that.22:34
cancer lspci --nn | grep VGA22:34
Aluminapachelogger: anyway, another interesting bit...update-grub didn't update device.map22:35
cancerL3top: with this command i get responce 'lspci -i | grep VGA'22:35
Aluminwe updated it by hand hoping it would help, but no dice22:35
cancerlspci | grep -i VGA*22:35
cancerlspci | grep -i VGA22:36
cancer01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV30GL [Quadro FX 1000] (rev a2)22:36
L3topcancer the command will work... you are transposing it incorrectly. lspci -nn | grep VGA22:36
canceryes, already did that :)22:36
cancer01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV30GL [Quadro FX 1000] [10de:0309] (rev a2)22:37
apacheloggerAlumin: I am prettu sure grub2 does not use it unless it has other means22:37
apachelogger grub-mkdevicemap shoudl still work though22:37
apacheloggermhh, typo party22:37
AluminI wish it _would_ use it, we had the right info in there lol22:37
apacheloggerthat does not mean grub will be able to access the device :P22:38
cancerL3top: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV30GL [Quadro FX 1000] [10de:0309] (rev a2)22:38
L3topapachelogger: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/295.53/README/supportedchips.html     search 0x030922:39
apachelogger*shrug* I work on a need to know basis :P22:39
apacheloggerif someone tells me they need 290 I will give them 290 :P22:40
cancerso i'm again stuck22:40
L3topThey explicitly still produce the 173, and 96 drivers for the handful of chipsets which will crash on current... and it nvidia-current is 295.40.22:40
cancerL3top: so i install 173.14.xx driver.22:42
L3topyou do what you want cancer... I was just providing the information.22:42
cancerL3top: OK22:43
Joitcancer trying to look for the 290.10 driver x86 architecture22:43
L3topI recommend going with what the manufacturer says will work.22:43
cancerJoit: i'm lost22:43
L3topwhich is also probably why your restricted hardware notifier barfs... just guessing.22:44
Joitat your howto page it said to use the 290.10 driver22:44
cancerL3top: there are two in 'jockey' 173-recommended | post release 17322:44
Joitthey only link to the 64bit driver22:44
Joitthere are other what work for the 32 bit arichtecture22:44
JoitNVIDIA Home > Download Treiber > Linux Display Driver - x8622:44
Joit 22:44
JoitAbonnieren Abonnieren Teilen Share22:44
FloodBotK1Joit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:44
L3topagain... because someone got a display, does not mean that it "works"22:44
JoitZugehörige Seiten22:44
Joitthat was what i want to past :D22:45
L3topI mean...  the first four letters of that how to is **** and one of the instructions is "Reboot and pray."22:46
cancerJoit: is this the link for 32bits for those drivers from that link.22:46
L3topI would go with the hw manufacturer and OS recommendation... but hey... Im crazy like that22:46
Joitcancer i hope so, i did hit it like that into my searchmachine22:47
Joitcancer: i cant find them anymore on nvidia, only in german22:47
Joitcancer they name it with x86, not x3222:48
Joitcancer: this one looks like it, just your fx1000 card is not listed there v22:49
L3topstep 4) sudo sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-290.10.run (I don't install the 32bit compatible OpenGL libs. That might cause a problem.22:50
L3topThis is a stupid idea cancer.22:50
* cancer looks/is stupid :)22:51
L3topgood luck22:52
canceri'm dead22:52
cancerJoit: download this?  http://www.nvidia.com/object/freebsd-x86-290.10-driver22:52
cancersame right?22:53
Joitcancer:  well yours is 0.5 mb bigger, but still your card is not listed at the list22:54
Joitso its may a shot in the dark22:54
cancerJoit: my card is on nvidia download list. Quadro | FX Series | FX 100022:55
cancerit's there.22:55
Joitok, somewhere else they wrote, that it makes may no sense to uptdate to 173, because this one seems is stable22:55
Joitbut without warranty, i think in your case its a lot trial and error22:56
L3top(your card is NOT in that list)22:57
cancerJoit: then i must try recommended ones22:57
cancerL3top: recommended / post release both 173.22:57
Joitwell you can, if it isnt a to big problem to switch back22:57
L3toppsssst nvidia drivers are terrible at being purged... they just mash together like raw chicken parts in a ziplock...22:58
Joiti am just not sure, if this howto will work with the 17322:58
L3topagain... I really have no dog in this fight...22:58
cancerJoit: that's not an issue to uninstall 17322:59
Joiti tried once soemthing similar to get some older cards to working with linux, that was quite a..... journey22:59
L3topI expect, frankly, if he just installs the restricted hardware drivers from desktop (which will apt-get install nvidia-glx-173) it will work.22:59
cancerL3top: Nope, they won't....22:59
cancerWithout 'Sudo' :D23:00
Joitwell, i dont wanna get blamed, when it doesnt work, but i would try the reconnoment too first, even, when i put no value in the word 'reconnoment', even less, when there is a dvi vga connector23:00
L3toppssst it is root, thats why it needs a password23:00
cancerJoit: i want you to paste me the link again. without any comments. so i can finally download them too.23:01
L3topcancer... I have a swell idea23:01
L3topDo you have a drive anywhere with some space on it?23:01
cancerJoit: arn't they for BSD?23:01
cancerL3top: ?23:01
cancerL3top:E: Unable to locate package nvidia-glx-17323:02
Joitops, yes, sorry23:02
cancerJoit: :) no problem. hope you have other link too.23:02
L3topbefore you install anything, use clonezilla to make a clone of your current setup in an image on another drive23:02
L3topit will take about 15 minutes.23:03
L3topand then you can just restore before changes23:03
L3top!info nvidia-glx-173 oneiric23:03
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-173 does not exist in oneiric23:03
cancerL3top: is that only to restore settings back to normal.23:03
L3top!info nvidia-glx-175 oneiric23:03
ubottuPackage nvidia-glx-175 does not exist in oneiric23:03
L3top!info nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 oneiric23:04
ubottuPackage nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 does not exist in oneiric23:04
L3top!info nvidia-173 oneiric23:05
ubottunvidia-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.30-0ubuntu8.1 (oneiric), package size 10757 kB, installed size 33372 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)23:05
L3topthere she is23:05
* L3top only deals with LTS generally23:06
* cancer will have LTS 12.04 soon :D23:06
cancerJoit: those are 32bits right?23:07
L3topso cancer if you just make an image of your setup prior to making these changes, you can restore them without having to deal with the purge issues etc.23:07
Joitcancer yes23:07
L3topAnd you can try both, this way, inside of an hour.23:08
L3topwithout conflicts23:08
cancerL3top: how much space will it take 'clonezilla' and backup of kubuntu?23:09
cancerJoit: they are on their way too.23:09
Joitcancer: ok. hope they do the job then. i think to make a clone is maybe a easy way too, to quick restore the system, or, got a kinda working configuration sotred23:11
cancerL3top: just a question i once tried to make partition with 'partition manager' and that made me reinstall kubuntu, even destroyed kubuntu partition. hope if you remember that happened last days.23:11
phoenix_firebrdopengl not working23:12
Joitcancer did you do that over use free space ? or changed a done partition23:12
cancerjoit: i did that to resize a done partition from live usb23:13
L3topcancer: that is why I am suggesting you use clonezilla to make a clone of your current setup so that you can restore it when you eventually run into trouble experimenting. Then you are 12 minutes away from where you are right now, no matter WHAT you do.23:13
cancerit acutally hanged at 66%23:13
phoenix_firebrdpreviously i was using the integrated intel grapgics card , install the nvida 9400gt graphics card and install the nvidia binary drivers using jockey , now opengl is not working23:13
cancerL3top: sudo apt-get install clonezila23:13
cancerL3top: sudo apt-get install nvidia-173 oneiric?23:14
Joitphoenix_firebrd: may not the right driver?23:14
phoenix_firebrdJoit: i installed using jockey23:15
L3topno oneiric... otherwise it is fine cancer... though you could just use the desktop23:15
cancerit's 118 mb?23:18
L3topIt is a bootable iso.23:18
JoitL3top:  how big is that backup what it does make, the whole system or only a part of it?23:19
canceryes, whole system or only a part of it? :D23:20
cancerJoit: are you using any IDM?23:20
L3topIt will copy a partition, or hard drive... the size depends on the drive data, there is some compression, but to be speedy, it is not heavily compressed23:20
Joitcancer idm like ?23:21
cancerInternet download manager?23:21
L3topit will copy over network, to a physical drive... ftp... whatever... it is a very cool piece of software.23:21
Joitcancer i mean with it, you can backup importend system files, or any files23:21
Joitnot anymore with linux, i use firefox, and the download manager works pretty well23:22
Joiti used at windows downlöoad manager :P23:22
Joitbut mostly firefox is the first choice, the other one can resume aborted downloads23:22
Joitbut mostly firefox is the first choice, the other one can resume aborted downloads23:23
Joitlooks like, clonezilla backups your whole system, so you may can calculate 8 gb or so23:23
cancerJoit: queassel screen just changed to grey and was stucked. :|23:24
Joitcancer since when did you get lost ?23:24
Joitlast sentence, what you could read i mean23:24
Joitcancer: dloadmanager not anymore with linux, i use firefox, and the download manager works pretty well23:25
cancer[04:22:26] <Joit> i used at windows downlöoad manager :P23:26
Joitok, then you did nothing miss23:26
Joitmaybe its the letter ö23:26
Joitwhat mess at you23:26
cancercan't say much about what messed up. heard about booters, not met one yet.23:27
cancerwhile using linux only :D23:28
cancerclonezilla on it's way. finally.23:28
* cancer started at 1:31:43 | now it's 4:29:5223:30
Joitam or pm?23:31
Joitright now its 1:31 am for me23:32
cancerwe all actually involved.23:32
Joitwell, only if i want :P23:33
Joitmooore parameters https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI23:34
cancerJoit: :D Thanks, i'm already done with enough.23:34
cancermore than enough. :)23:35
Joitcancer:  ok, just, in case, you are bored ..23:35
L3topcancer: I am afk for the night... you will be doing a disk to image or partition to image the first location it is asking for, is the destination for the image.23:35
cancerL3top: ok23:36
cancerdestination to location typo app :D23:36
cancerJoit: yes, i'm from ACPI for now.23:37
cancerL3top: and location can be in NTFS?23:38
cancer7 min remaining @ clonezilla23:38
Joitcancer:  well i think anything will work well with a matching monitor, this one seems is really a  exepction with this connector23:38
Joitbut i guess its to late, that you can get an other monitor23:39
cancerJoit: i told that before, that i'm just doing experiments.... also told about monitor.23:39
cancerJoit: i'll be getting LCD soon.23:40
cancer5mins remaining:D23:40
Joitcancer: well, at last you are maybe a little more linux expert23:41
cancernot expert yet....23:41
cancer3 mins rema...23:41
L3toplocation can be NTFS, NFS, Samba... whatever... it is a very versitile tool.23:42
L3topthen you can blow things up with confidence... as you are only 15 minutes back to where you are now.23:42
cancerOK :D, did you really mean blow by 'BLOW"23:43
openosHi Why There is 2 Login Sound In My Kubuntu23:43
canceralmost done.23:44
openosSomeOne Help23:44
sunitasethiwhy is linux better than windows? it is free and why else?23:44
cancerL3top: what after messing. clonezilla can be used from within terminal/tty..... ?23:44
openosThere is tow Login Sound In My Kubuntu After switching From Ubuntu to Kubuntu23:45
L3topno... it is an iso.. you boot to it23:46
L3topyou cannot clone mounted partitions23:46
cancerL3top: its downloaded.23:48
cancerhow to use it. never used iso in linux.23:48
canceri have extracted to a folder23:48
canceron desktop23:48
L3topburn it. you can do this in braserro23:48
Joitiso is a file what you need to burn,23:49
L3topor... kb323:49
cancerL3top: burn it to what. don't have DVD now.23:49
L3topdo you have a thumbdrive?23:49
cancerL3top: have super drive, but no blank cd/dvd23:50
L3topdo you have a usb drive23:50
L3tophow are you installing kubuntu?23:50
canceryes a thumb/flash/usb drive of 2 gb.23:50
L3topthat will be fine23:50
cancerL3top: need an answer to the question related to kubuntu installation?23:50
cancer:Djust asking23:51
cancerok, usb23:52
Joit<L3top> how are you installing kubuntu?23:52
Avihaysunitasethi: don't take the "free" part lightly. it's also highly customizable, considered highly reliable and can run on many architectures.23:52
L3topplug the drive in, click the K button and type startup       you will see startup disk creator, select that, delete the thumbdrive (theres a button) and select your iso... then burn.23:52
Joit<cancer> L3top: need an answer to the question related to kubuntu installation?23:52
L3topThank you Joit... I was asking, because you can do this the same way.23:53
sunitasethiavihay: i know that23:53
L3topbut what I just detailed is probably fastest cancer23:53
L3topNow, I have to eat dinner.23:54
Avihayyou'd probably want to be more specific in your question. I for one find it very bothersome that windows 7 in school connects to windows-update every time I stick a thumb-drive in, making the mounting process take aprox x60 the time it should23:56
Joitsunitasethi: i think you cant say that anyone is better, but i prefer more at linux, that it does not force you to pay for any additional package and linux respects your privacy23:56
cancerJoit: how to format usb drive? it's not emptly.23:57
Joiteven when i can say in much cases that linux dont bload up like windows does, with its uncomplete deinstalations23:57
Joitcancer partman ?23:58
AvihayI don't really like the fact that windows sends some automated bug reports, I hate the lack of control I feel when windows decides when to shut-down my system for updates23:58
Joiti only remember the command hardly for a tty23:58
Joityes, windows calls a lot home, more then you may want and see23:59
Avihaythe rest of my beefs with windows are centred around the "freedom" section23:59

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