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StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/branch-use-information_type-redux/+merge/10715002:26
wgrant    Resurrect branch-use-information_type and fix all of the test failures.02:41
wgrantStevenK: Do you have a diff of just the last part?02:41
StevenKHm, I could possibly construct one02:43
wgrantStevenK: Also, in branchChanged and the child bit of transitionToInformationType you're setting information_type directly.02:45
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004087/02:46
wgrantVersion control systems are very good at this if you commit regularly :)02:47
StevenKwgrant: I don't like the idea of recursing into transitionToInformationType from transitionToInformationType.02:56
wgrantStevenK: In fact, I don't like the idea of recursion at all02:57
wgrantDrop it02:57
wgrantThe use cases are very few.02:57
wgrantinformation_type is now only inherited to the branch that's doing the restacking.02:57
wgrantChanging information_type no longer propagates.02:57
wgrantThe number of potential writes is unbounded, and I can't see why anybody would really want it.02:58
wgrantWe saw this morning that all the transitively_private cases are cases where people have project misconfigurations that will soon no longer be possible02:58
wgrantAnd +sharing will soon say "You have 10 private branches, fool"02:59
wgrantIn the very rare case that it might happen.02:59
wgrantI don't see how it will happen, though.02:59
wgrantStevenK: So, drop the child code, and any tests that require it.03:00
wgrantStevenK: Still, the branchChanged information_type setting thing needs to be transitionToInformationType03:01
wgrantStevenK: This probably means adding a flag to transitionToInformationType that says "I actually know what I'm doing and really want this to happen; don't bother checking if the policies allow this branch to be private"03:02
StevenKwgrant: Right -- I don't mind that idea, a strict_checking=True argument to transitionToInformationType.03:04
wgrantI was thinking i_promise_i_know_what_i_am_doing, but that works too03:06
StevenKwgrant: For a further win, I think that means the factory can use transitionToInformationType as well03:11
wgrantStevenK: That would indeed be the case.03:12
StevenKBut I will worry about that after lunch.03:12
wgrantSounds like a plan.03:12
bigjoolsr15291 \o/03:37
wallyworld_wgrant: StevenK: it seems to me that FileBugInlineFormView is defined and used in some tests but is not hooked up anywhere and so is never used. am i right?03:50
wgrantwallyworld_: That seems to be correct.03:51
wallyworld_wgrant: well, i'm going to delete it then i think03:51
wgrantProbably back from the days when it was more AJAXy03:51
wgrantNote that some of the tests may be the only tests of the base class' functionality.03:52
* wallyworld_ gets out the BFG 900003:52
wgrantThat may be why it was kept.03:52
wallyworld_hmmm. perhaps. will look at that03:52
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004143/04:01
wgrantStevenK: Maybe s/strict_checking/verify_policy/, since that seems to be the only check that needs skipping04:02
wgrantYou can then reword the factory like this:04:02
wgrantif private is not None:04:02
wgrant    information_type = blah04:02
wgrantif information_type is not None:04:02
wgrant    tTIT04:03
wgrantRather than the nesting you have now04:03
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004148/04:07
wgrantStevenK: "Check if the new information type complies with the `IBranchNamespacePolicy`."04:09
wgrantparens on line 42 are redundant.04:09
StevenKwgrant: If True, check if ... or just what you have?04:10
wgrantI think just what I have, but it's subjective.04:10
wgrantOn line 64 the flag should be named explicitly to avoid people copying the code badly.04:10
wgrantSame with 12704:11
wgrantOtherwise fine.04:11
wgrantAs long as information_type isn't set manually anywhere else.04:11
StevenKwgrant: A bunch of tests do it04:12
wgrantThey are evil, but don't really count.04:12
wgrantThey can't break anything04:13
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004155/04:14
wgrantBuildbot passed less than 5:40 after you reverted your branch04:15
wgrantElapsed5 hrs, 37 mins, 26 secs04:15
StevenKIt was marked testfix, buildbot won't wait for those04:15
wgrantEven so, builds have been taking more than 6 hours lately04:15
wgrantI guess we have had some optimisations in the last couple of days.04:15
wgranttest 16776 tests 16776 passed04:16
wgrantSo it's correct.04:16
wgrant(well, there's potentially 300 missing, but I don't know quite how buildbot counts)04:16
StevenKThat buildbot pass should fix up the db-stable deployment report too04:17
wgrantNot until it's on prod, IIRC04:17
wgrantBut I don't quite remember.04:17
StevenKwgrant: Anyway, you seem fairly happy with this branch, shall I commit and push?04:18
wgrantStevenK: Indeed, and I shall go over it with my Fine-Toothed Comb of Pedantry again.04:19
wgrantTotal LoC delta for William Grant: -740. Churn: 2589004:20
lifelesswgrant: ohlo ?04:21
wgrantcjwatson's thing04:21
lifelessoh, I haven't seen that04:21
lifelesslinky ?04:21
wgrantIt's in lp-dev-utils now04:21
lifelessI should pull that :P04:21
lifelessdid he send mail about it ?04:22
wgrantIt counts from the introduction of the new policy by default04:22
wgrantHe didn't04:22
wgrantIt was discussed only on IRC and in the MP AFAIK04:22
lifelessperhaps I don't get lp-dev-utils MPs04:23
StevenKwgrant: How do you get the churn?04:23
wgrantStevenK: I used the vim option04:24
StevenKwgrant: MP diff updated04:25
StevenKwgrant: How goes the combing?04:39
wgrantStevenK: Sorry, got distracted04:40
wgrantwallyworld_: In your sharing jobs MP, I think you left the old sharing_jobs.error_dir config key there04:41
wgrantYou deleted the section header, but not the error_dir key04:41
StevenKwallyworld_: It's raining in Sydney today -- you may think of it as the tears of NSW supporters if you wish.04:42
StevenKwgrant: Stop getting distracted!04:46
wgrantStevenK: Looks reasonable.04:59
StevenKwgrant: Toss it at ec2?04:59
wgrantStevenK: I'd test rather than land, given what happened before, but yes.05:02
StevenKTrust our test suite much?05:02
wgrantTest suite, sure05:03
wgrantTestrunner... nope05:03
wallyworld_StevenK: did you even watch the game?05:47
StevenKwallyworld_: Nope05:48
wallyworld_wgrant: you sure i left that error dir key in there? the mp diff says it's gone05:48
StevenKwallyworld_: Why would I want to watch thugby?05:49
wgrantwallyworld_: You removed the setting, not the schema key.05:49
wallyworld_why not? it's a great game05:49
wgrant154-dbuser: sharing-jobs05:49
wgrant156# See [error_reports].05:49
wgrant157error_dir: none05:49
wallyworld_ah ok. tests still run. but will remove, thanks05:51
wgrantwallyworld_: How're you intending to land this series?06:31
wgrantwallyworld_: It seems like the early bits could be landed now.06:31
wgrantRather than doing it all in a 10000 line diff06:31
wallyworld_i rather do the whole lot06:31
wgrantThat's a really good way to ensure that bugs slip through.06:31
wgrantBut we'll see :)06:31
wallyworld_the functionality is all very narrowly focused06:32
wgrantThere are things there like magically making the (API-visible?) sharing service writable when the moment the triggers are disabled.06:32
wallyworld_that can happen after the landing and we have seen that everything is ok for a bit06:33
wgrantI mean it's not a sensible thing to happen ever.06:33
wgrantHow do those things follow?06:33
wgrantI don't understand the logic around "triggers are disabled, so it's OK for everyone to write to grants whenever they want"06:35
wallyworld_i don't think those are connected wither06:35
wgranthttps://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/subscribe-grants-access-1000045/+merge/106278 line 18206:36
wallyworld_triggers disabled = turn on ff to manually keep subscriptions in line with access06:36
wallyworld_sorry, what's your point?06:37
wallyworld_we are replacing trigger code with model code06:37
wgrantThe sharing service magically becomes writable when the triggers are disabled06:37
wgrantRather than when writing is enabled.06:37
wgrantThis sharing service is callable over the API06:37
wallyworld_only indirectly06:37
wallyworld_the sharing service needs to be able to write to do the job the triggers used to do06:39
wgrantThe diff's ~6000 lines, and has a number of changes that I don't really understand, and dozens of conflicts that I can see. It's going to be very difficult to land it as a whole in any sensible fashion.06:48
wallyworld_each individual piece has tests which need to pass06:57
wallyworld_it's not really that complicated - the end result is two jobs which clean up subscriptions for inaccessible bugs, and optional code to grant access when someone is subscribed06:58
wgrantAnd turning that on implicitly turns on APGs, because it makes the sharing service writable.06:58
wgrantAnd other side-effects that I haven't noticed yet.06:58
wallyworld_so what's wrong with turning on APGs?06:59
StevenKbranch-use-information_type-redux => devel  [FAILED]   (up for 1:53:05) i-3755745106:59
wgrantThey're a great way to spy.06:59
wgrantBecause they're not shown on the bug page yet.06:59
StevenKAt least I know its marked as failed correctly ...06:59
wallyworld_they are shown on the +sharing page06:59
wallyworld_and it's not a side effect if the behaviour is intended06:59
wgrantThe behaviour is not intended./07:00
wallyworld_to me it is07:00
wgrantAnd +sharing is not accessible to many people.07:00
wallyworld_we are not allowed to change the bug ui07:00
wallyworld_that was agreed to afaiui07:00
wallyworld_so we cannot show apg on the bug page07:01
wgrantAnybody who agreed to not showing APGs on the bug UI was silly and shall be overridden07:01
wallyworld_who made you god?07:01
wgrantWe *cannot not show them*07:01
wgrantThat would make bug access entirely opaque.07:01
wallyworld_it was agreed to by the product team and curtis i think but i could be wrong07:01
wgrantIt may have been agreed that we wouldn't need to show AAGs, because they require a subscription.07:01
wgrantThat is perhaps a reasonable position to take, but there is some dissent.07:02
wgrantNot showing APGs is entirely unreasonable.07:02
wallyworld_do they have to be shown on the bug page? what about the pillar page?07:02
wgrantThey should probably be on some publicly visible page on the pillar somewhere.07:03
wgrantBut it's essential that the bug page not make it impossible to see who has access.07:03
wallyworld_that's what i thought we were going to do07:03
adeuringgood morning07:08
lifelessstub: hi07:12
lifelessstub: catchup ?07:12
stublifeless: sure.07:19
lifelessstub: skype ?07:21
lifelessstub: why you no answer :P07:22
stubsorry - downstairs stealing my mike back07:23
lifelessah :)07:23
lifelessstub: epic issues?07:29
stubI was hearing you fine07:43
stubI can hear you07:43
stubdropped out07:48
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danilosfrankban, hi, it seems my branch hasn't landed even though it passed all the tests; perhaps pqm acting weird or something?08:14
frankbanyes danilos :-( it should be fixed now, restarted the full land for your branch08:15
danilosfrankban, ack, thanks (though, you can also do a direct pqm-submit when you don't want to wait for the full cycle: not a hurry with this one :)08:18
frankbanyes I know danilos, but since it was a testrunner bug, i just wanted to try the whole process again08:19
danilosfrankban, ok, sure thing, sorry for being annoying then :)08:20
frankbandanilos: you are not annoying, I always appreciate suggestions on processes :-)08:21
wgrantfrankban: You can just search for tracebacks in the subunit output to confirm a good run08:34
wgrantfrankban: It still ran all the tests.08:34
frankbanwgrant: you are right, thanks08:37
wgrantIf it was a good run you should see the full 17000ish count in the ec2 mail.08:38
wgrantWithout even going into the subunit stream.08:38
wgrantAFAIK it's only on error that the stream gets corrupted.08:38
czajkowskijam: jelmer vila could someone have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/100357608:45
_mup_Bug #1003576: Automatic translation exports not committing PO files <regression> <translations> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1003576 >08:45
czajkowskijam: thanks08:45
czajkowskidpm ^^^^08:45
jamI'm guessing this is the "translations for Q are fairly stalled right now".08:45
wgrantIt's probably unrelated.08:45
wgrantBut jtv would know08:45
dpmhi jam, this is about translations for projects not being committed, rather than translations for the distro08:46
jamdpm, czajkowski, so at this point, I don't really know how to dig into this further without just agreeing that it is a critical issue (user impacting), and it should go into the queue of ThingsThatShouldBeFixed08:52
czajkowskijtv: hola there seems to be a possible regression bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/100357608:53
_mup_Bug #1003576: Automatic translation exports not committing PO files <regression> <translations> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1003576 >08:53
jtvczajkowski: I'm looking into it — my guess is it's probably just transient problems or old locks sticking around.08:58
czajkowskijtv: cheers08:58
wgrantYou know what08:58
wgrantI haven't had export cronspam for days08:58
wgrantI wonder if it was never reenabled after the attempted initialisation earlier in the week08:58
wgrantI bet they reenabled stuff on ackee/loganberry, but not crowberry08:59
* wgrant checks.08:59
wgrantgnuoy: Hi08:59
gnuoywgrant, hi08:59
wgrantgnuoy: translations-export-to-branch.py is still disabled on codehost@crowberry due to RT#52815. The other disabled jobs were reenabled a couple of days ago, but that one was apparently forgotten.09:00
_mup_Bug #52815: logitech usb headset sound output dies after 1 minute <gst-plugins (Ubuntu):Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/52815 >09:00
wgrantCould you uncomment it, please?09:00
jtvczajkowski: mystery solved.  :)09:00
gnuoyok course09:00
wgrantI shall also prepare an appropriate script-monitor invocation09:01
wgrantAs it appears to lack one.09:01
gnuoywgrant, done09:01
czajkowskijtv: magic :)09:01
wgrantgnuoy: Thanks.09:02
czajkowskijtv: cheers09:02
wgrantNo point running it manually now -- it may well take more than an hour and get killed.09:02
czajkowskidpm: yer sorted :)09:02
wgrantBut we could do a manual run in an hour if dpm thinks it's urgent.09:02
jtvwgrant: if this script is not run for too long, it may lose updates.09:02
wgrantIt will automatically run in a little under 20 hours09:03
wgrantIt has not run in 4 days09:03
jtvEnough to lose a day's worth of data.09:03
jtvIf it hasn't run in 4 days, then it may have lost 2 or 3 days' worth of data.  Adding a day is not good.09:03
dpmwgrant, I agree with jtv, if possible, it'd be good to have a one-off run asap in addition to the next run in 20 hours09:04
wgrantSurely it uses a last update time, not hardcoding 24 hours which will never work?09:04
jtvNot 24 hours, but way back when it did hard-code some fixed time period.09:04
* wgrant checks.09:04
wgrant        """Get date of last translations commit to `branch`, if any."""09:05
wgrantThat looks encouraging09:05
wgrantYeah, should be fine09:06
wgrantit uses the last translations commit - a fudge factior09:06
wgrantOtherwise I would have had to append the exporter to my list of things that really aren't very good ideas :)09:06
wgrantgnuoy: I propose https://pastebin.canonical.com/66679/09:09
gnuoywgrant, seconded09:09
gnuoywgrant, done09:11
wgrantgnuoy: Marvellous, thanks.09:12
wgrantdpm: The export script somehow missed out on our usual monitoring; that has now been rectified.09:12
dpmthanks a lot for your help wgrant, great to hear it's sorted now09:13
dpmand thanks czajkowski09:13
dpmand gnuoy :)09:13
wgrantWe'll do a manual run right after fastdowntime.09:13
dpmwhen's fastdowntime?09:13
wgrant47 minutes from now09:13
czajkowski10am UTC every day09:13
wgrantIt normally takes about 25 minutes, I think, but it's got 4 days of stuff to do09:13
wgrant"It" being translations-export-to-branch09:14
wgrantfastdowntime will hopefully take about 67 seconds.09:14
dpmjtv, did your changes to fix translator credits and other stuff in Translations you were telling me the other day land?09:15
dpmhi could someone give some guidance to the guy willing to help fixing bug 869824? I think just a few comments in the bug report would already be helpful. Thanks!09:24
_mup_Bug #869824: Doing a search in the ddtp-ubuntu project's translations templates times out <ddtp> <nightmonkey> <search> <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <Ubuntu Translations:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/869824 >09:24
jtvdpm: I added a note.09:29
wgrantI'm trying with a trigram index09:30
wgrantShould help at least a bit.09:30
wgrantWill see in a few minutes09:30
jtvYou're trying it right now?09:30
wgrantOn dogfood, but yes.09:30
wgrantIndexes building09:30
jtvAh, that explains.  :)09:30
wgrantAlthough the potranslation index is going to be maaaaassive09:31
dpmthanks jtv, glad to hear that the upgrade might help. Did you see the question above about the recent translations changes branch you mentioned a few days ago? ^09:31
jtvdpm: oh, sorry — phone.09:31
jtvMissed that.09:31
jtvWell the branch I was waiting for has finally rolled out.09:31
jtvThe follow-up branches are now going through testing prior to landing.09:31
nigelbwgrant, StevenK - are you both purple mafia too?09:33
jtvIf only they could have asked Al Capone such a simple question.09:33
nigelbwgrant: Wasn't there some work to change the diff generation from cron to job queue? rabbit? Did that land?09:34
nigelb(or was that not purple)09:34
dpmjtv, cool. So once they've all landed, if I recall correctly, some of the things that we'll see are: translator-credits cleanup, translations done with message sharing enabled will be correctly committed, regardless of whether they were done in the distro or in the upstream project. Is that correct? Anything else?09:34
wgrantnigelb: The backend job stuff is currently being tested on staging.09:34
wgrantIt's not purple.09:34
nigelbAh. Deryck's team?09:34
czajkowskiOrange :)09:35
jtvdpm: I'm not sure what you mean with committing of translations, but the *credits* will start fixing themselves.09:35
wgrantdpm: It won't affect the comitting09:35
wgrantdpm: That requires additional work09:35
jtvThe credits for Ubuntu and upstream will be more or less identical.09:36
dpmok, understood, thanks wgrant and jtv09:36
StevenKnigelb: Purple *Assassins*09:39
nigelbStevenK: Right. Sorry. Hey, I suggested the name. I think.09:39
bigjoolsPurple Headed Monsters09:39
StevenKnigelb: Maybe a variation of it.09:40
wgrantjtv: Bah09:40
wgrantjtv: My plan is foiled09:40
wgrant# CREATE INDEX temp_pomsgid ON pomsgid USING gist (msgid gist_trgm_ops);09:40
wgrantERROR:  index row requires 8436 bytes, maximum size is 819109:40
nigelbAny of you other than rob headed to kiwipycon?09:40
jtvwgrant: no toast?09:41
wgrantjtv: Not for an index, I guess.09:41
wgrantjtv: We probably have to use full FTI09:41
wgrantRather than an ILIKE09:41
nigelbStevenK: I think I gave it a different colour. Someone else picked the colour.09:41
bigjoolswe should become the Rampant Reds09:42
jtvOh please no09:42
nigelbRowdie Reds09:42
jtvwgrant: annoyingly, what we have works just great for everything else.  We've been hoping for ddtp-ubuntu to be split up a bit more, but…09:42
StevenKnigelb: We were Teal, until wgrant, sinzui and I revolted.09:42
czajkowskiwgrant: there is downtime today at 20:00 UTC09:42
bigjoolsI now have the Monty Python scene in my head ... "Welease Woger!"09:43
wgrantczajkowski: There is09:43
wgrantjtv: I'm surprised it works09:43
wgrantjtv: Given the whole seq scan thing09:43
czajkowskiwgrant: there is09:43
nigelbStevenK: Haha09:43
bigjoolsStevenK: you were already revolting09:43
wgrantjtv: I guess every other template has few enough messages that it can just check them all...09:43
StevenKbigjools: You must have taught me well, then.09:43
jtvwgrant: Exactly.09:44
nigelbbigjools: Where in Australia are you settled?09:44
StevenKnigelb: In wallyworld_'s lap.09:44
mgzthe great barrier reef09:44
nigelbI didn't realize this question would involve *hilarious* answers :)09:44
wallyworld_i otlerate him for now09:44
wgrantjtv: Also, that query is terrifying, btw09:44
bigjoolswgrant: your children will be next09:44
bigjoolswallyworld_: : your children will be next09:45
wgrantThat could be a while09:45
nigelbbest. tabfail. ever.09:45
jtvwgrant: I don't recall it off the top of my head, mercifully09:45
bigjoolsI hate irc09:45
wallyworld_bigjools: next for what?09:45
jtvIce cream!09:45
wgrantjtv: It is 94 lines in length.09:45
bigjoolswallyworld_: you've heard the Manic Street Preachers?09:45
* wallyworld_ shakes his head09:45
bigjoolsyou probably have but don't remember09:46
bigjoolsI'll play some next time you're round09:46
bigjoolsone of their tracks is called Australia :)09:46
jtvWhy wait?  Turn up the volume a bit more.09:46
wallyworld_so long as it's not more van halen09:46
nigelbbigjools: Anyway, so you're in Sydney? Melbourne?09:46
wgrantie. nowhere09:47
bigjoolsI went to Melbournce once09:47
bigjoolsthat was enough09:47
jtvGrrr why can't I connect to anything?09:47
bigjoolsand Melbourne too09:47
nigelbI should be touching one of Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane on my way.09:49
daniloslifeless, hi, is there something I need to do to get db-stable r11610 deployed?11:27
czajkowskidanilos: wrong timezone for him11:31
danilosczajkowski, he's lifeless, there's no wrong timezone for him ;)11:31
cjwatsondanilos: Wait.  See https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/LaunchpadProductionStatus11:36
nigelbdanilos: valid point there :)11:36
daniloscjwatson, thanks, but I've out of the process for a while, do you know if DB r11611 will also include r11610? or should I get a separate request up there11:38
daniloscjwatson, btw, are you rotating in LP, or just hacking on it (not so) randomly? :)11:38
cjwatsondanilos: It means "everything up to r11611" (the rest are just merges and such)11:39
daniloscjwatson, cool, thanks, so it's not cherrypicking, great11:40
wgrantWe haven't cherrypicked in a long time.11:40
cjwatsondanilos: Not rotating as such, but probably the majority of my scheduled work for this cycle involves improvements that Ubuntu Engineering needs in Launchpad11:40
daniloscjwatson, right, cool11:40
cjwatsondanilos: So same kind of deal as the Linaro work items work AIUI11:40
daniloscjwatson, yeah11:40
daniloscjwatson, btw, while we are on the topic, do you know if ubuntu is planning to do any migration of their old workitems? I'd like to get rid of the migration script to help our LOC cause :)11:41
cjwatsondanilos: I was under the general impression we weren't (and I'm not sure I see the point myself), but I'm not authoritative for that11:42
cjwatsonAFAIK we're using the new work items field for all quantal work and no longer care about pre-quantal work items11:42
cjwatsonI thought Kate was the contact for verifying that11:43
daniloscjwatson, she was, I haven't seen her on IRC for a few days though11:43
cjwatsonshe's on IRC right now ...11:43
czajkowskicjwatson: thoguht it was going to be raised to stakeholders mrevell may know more about that11:43
cjwatsonwell, logged in I mean11:43
cjwatsonczajkowski: isn't Kate our stakeholders contact, or one of them?11:44
czajkowskicjwatson: aye she is but in case there was further discussion needed maybe danilos should mail and disucss it there?11:45
danilosczajkowski, that's in process (mrevell is handling that), so I was just trying to see if I can get a speedier response :)11:46
czajkowskidanilos: not something I'm sure that can/will rushed  :)11:46
danilosczajkowski, what, a simple confirmation of the previous agreement/decision? I think it can :P11:47
cjwatsonSeems like it should be a no-brainer from our side, TBH, but I don't know if there was any contention or if this is just being careful11:47
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=== jcsackett changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: http://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: jcsackett | Firefighting: - | Critical bugs: 3.47*10^2
jamestunnicliffeHi sinzui, thanks for the review (https://code.launchpad.net/~dooferlad/launchpad/upcomingwork-expand-all/+merge/107083). Should I put the JS in lp/app/javascript? It just feels a bit specific to 1 page to put in a general directory.13:30
sinzuijamestunnicliffe,  lp/blueprints/javascript/workitems.js maybe.13:31
jamestunnicliffesinzui: OK, will do.13:31
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jammgz, vila, jelmer, gmb: Just to confirm, June 25th - June 29th works for everyone, right? I'm starting to fill in all the forms about where and when14:10
jamI wouldn't book tickets just yet, but I would block out your calendars14:10
mgzshould be, will double-double check now14:10
mgzjam: might be best to do these kind of arrangements in #launchpad-kitchen on the internal irc server14:11
jamI didn't feel that a sprint was particularly private... but we could14:11
jamI would have arranged in it #bzr in the past14:11
vilajam: should be good here too14:12
vilameh, I meant the dates, not the channel, I agree -kitchen sounds like the best place ;)14:12
jamthough I would have to actually join #launchpad-kitchen to discuss anything there :)14:13
mgzit's less privateness and more relevence :)14:13
mgzthose dates are indeed good for me.14:14
gmbjam, Yes, 25th-29th is fine.14:18
jamgmb: good to hear14:18
barrylifeless: any chance you might be around?14:36
jelmerjam: hi14:41
czajkowskisinzui: jpds raised https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/100397214:42
mgzjelmer: he's just gone out to mini-swimming, presumably will be back a little later14:42
jelmermgz: aha14:43
czajkowskisinzui: not sure that's a regression14:43
czajkowskior planned14:43
mgzjelmer: free for me to mumble at you briefly?14:43
wgrantczajkowski: dupe14:44
jelmermgz: ish, 14:44
jelmermgz: I'm on leave today, at a conference at the momwnt14:44
mgzah... hadn't gathered. can wait then. you back tomorrow or off then too?14:45
mgzno, off both by the staffing email.14:46
mgzwill bother you next week then.14:46
jelmersure :)14:46
jpdswgrant: Shouldn't you be in bed? ;)14:49
sinzuiczajkowski, as you can see I discovered the bug yesterday. It is a regression14:49
mgzcan't a man hack from bed?14:49
wgrantHave to revert bad changes to the help wiki first14:50
wgrantAnd now I should sleep, before I discover again that someone is wrong on the Internet.14:51
czajkowskiwhat bad changes on the help wiki14:56
czajkowskisinzui: okie dokie14:56
sinzuijcsackett, Do you have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/licenses-modified/+merge/10722916:21
jcsackettsinzui: certainly, i'll take a look in just a moment.16:22
sinzuithank you16:22
jcsackettsinzui: r=me.16:34
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rick_h_hah, love jcsackett's branch name "simplify-everything"16:50
rick_h_was expecting a bit more though :P16:50
lifelessbarry: hi17:56
lifelessdanilos: hi, we don't cherry pick db patches, ever :) - we deploy one and only one; and the policyandprocess wiki page should cover it all17:57
barrylifeless: hi.  wanted to talk to you about py3 support for lazr.restfulclient and lazr.authentication17:57
lifelessdanilos: I'm thinking to make the FDT process the second checkmarkable test process17:58
lifelessbarry: go on :P18:03
barrylifeless: you're probably seeing the internal discussion over on #c but, other than py3 compatible oauth, i need to get rid of wsgi_intercept, which afaict is only used in the package's test cases.  i am not going to port w_i because several of *its* dependencies need to be ported.  for l.rc and l.a, i plan to just steal the few bits of w_i it needs for the test suite18:05
barrylifeless: e.g. lazr/restfulclient/testing/intercept.py18:06
barrylifeless: tho it sucks that i'll have to cargo cult that into l.a too18:06
lifelessbarry: why not do the thing right?18:11
lifelessbarry: it sounds like you're adding technical debt for us to pay the next cycle over18:11
lifelessbarry: its hard to get excited about that :(18:12
barrylifeless: the problem is wsgi_intercept has *a lot* of stuff we don't use, plus several dependencies which themselves would have to get ported.  i want to avoid a multiweek detour right now18:12
barrylifeless: i could always disable the test suites <wink>18:13
lifelessbarry: I understand it has that; but you did an rdepends on the build graph before planning to push for 3-only this cycle18:13
lifelessso I don't understand how it can be surprising or concerning18:13
barrylifeless: not so surprising.  the debian package doesn't build-dep on it because its tests don't run during package build :(18:13
lifelessso from the debian package perspective, there is no issue18:14
barrylifeless: well, i can't just do the upstream port and cross my fingers18:14
lifelessright? All you need to do is make changes to the package which a) don't break python2 and b) let it work in python3 on the CD18:14
barrylifeless: how will i know it works on py3?  i can test that it installs, but can't run the upstream test suite.  doesn't give me lots of confidence18:15
lifelessbarry: you could, but thats orthogonal; how can I help you ?18:15
barrylifeless: i want to know whether you'd accept a branch that removes the w_i dependency, and pulls in just the small bits needed for the l.rc and l.a test suites18:16
lifelessbarry: It makes me very uncomfortable18:16
lifelessbarry: our track record with undoing such short-term actions is deplorable18:16
lifelessbarry: Unless there is a committed project that guarantees the time to come back and set it right, it would just be adding maintenance costs18:17
barrylifeless: i can appreciate that.  so which is the bigger evil, given that porting w_i's stack is simply not feasible right now18:17
lifelessbarry: have you tried porting it ?18:17
lifeless(what makes it not feasible)18:18
barrylifeless: i have looked at it, yes.  to run *its* test suite, means porting mechanize, mechanoid, zope.testbrowser, and maybe one or two others18:18
barryand that's not even chasing *their* dependencies18:19
cjwatsonWould it be possible to build a py3 wsgi_intercept that doesn't support intercepting so many web testing frameworks?18:20
cjwatsonI mean, mechanize, mechanoid, zope.testbrowser are needed because wsgi_intercept has explicit support for intercepting them; but we wouldn't need that for lazr.restfulclient etc. if they aren't relying on those frameworks themselves18:20
cjwatsonSo it could be a reduced-capability port18:20
barrycjwatson: yes, that might be possible.  just the parts that lazr.* care about are about 400 lines18:21
barrythat code is honestly not that interesting.18:22
barrycjwatson, lifeless: lazr.httplib2_intercept? :)18:23
cjwatsonWell, what I meant wasn't to fork wsgi_intercept into lazr, but to keep it being wsgi_intercept, just less featureful - but irrelevantly so for lazr18:23
cjwatsonI don't think lazr.httplib2_intercept would meet lifeless' concerns, as I read them above :)18:24
barrycjwatson: could be feasible if i don't bother the w_i test suite under py318:43
lifelessbarry: hi, sorry18:55
lifelessI blame iwlwifi18:55
lifeless+ NM getting horrifically confused18:55
lifelessI have a call to prep for, so I can't chat more now18:56
lifeless06:24 < cjwatson> I don't think lazr.httplib2_intercept would meet lifeless' concerns, as I read them above :)18:56
lifelesswas the last I saw before network fail18:56
barrylifeless: no worries.  i'll look at a partial port of w_i but won't bother with its test suite, which would be infeasible right right now18:59
lifelessmy key criteria are:18:59
lifeless - do not want increased maint burden for LP team18:59
lifeless - do not want trouble maintaining the python 2 versions in existing stable releases19:00
lifeless   (such as they need it)19:00
lifelessBeyond that, go to town.19:00
jcsackettsinzui: re bug 1003482, which project did you notice it on?19:21
_mup_Bug #1003482: privacy banner is not shown by default when reporting a bug <disclosure> <regression> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by jcsackett> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1003482 >19:21
abentleyjcsackett: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/short-celrerybeat-transactions/+merge/107277 ?20:12
jcsackettabentley: looking now.20:24
abentleyjcsackett: thanks.20:24
jcsackettabentley: that's quite an LoC credit.20:24
abentleyjcsackett: Thanks!  It was mostly deleting the create-merge-proposal job.20:26
jcsackettabentley: i can see where that would benefit your credit a lot, yes. :-P20:29
abentleyjcsackett: There was a certain sacrifice involved; I originally wrote create-merge-proposal-job.20:30
jcsackettabentley: they say for good writing, you have to murder your darlings. i suppose coding is much the same. :-P20:30
jcsackettabentley: also, r=me. looks fine.20:31
abentleyjcsackett: thanks.20:32
jcsackettsinzui: can i get you to look at two MPs for me? https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/launchpad/simplify-everything/+merge/107240 and https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/launchpad/privacy-banner-with-better-info/+merge/10724420:33
jcsackettthe first of those fixes the private-by-default banner issue too.20:34
jcsackettapparently my simplifications fixed the regression.20:34
jcsackettyeah, it's always nice when that happens. :-)20:35
cjwatsonMaybe I should write a variant of (or option for) loc-contributions that ranks all contributors by how much credit they have.20:41
cjwatsonIf you want to make progress on something, turn it into a competition :-)20:41
sinzuijcsackett, simplify-everything is r=me when you fix the open span tag20:45
jcsackettsinzui: ah! thanks. my eyes kept slipping right over that.20:46
sinzuijcsackett, I have a gedit plugin that auto completed markup. When I pretended to create a near the end, it suggested that I close a span20:47
jcsacketthm. may need to ping some vim experts and see if i can get the same sort of thing setup in my editor.20:48
sinzuijcsackett, r=me for the other branch.20:48
jcsackettsinzui: thanks!20:48
sinzuijcsackett, my plugin is python, the rules for choosing what can be completed might be adaptable to vim20:49
rick_h_jcsackett: xmledit is a great autocompleting plugin for tags. won't check for valid though20:49
jcsackettrick_h_: you can bolt html linting into vim though, can't you?20:50
rick_h_I'm looking, I've never lint'd my html. I so rarely have issues with it. Usually it comes up in browser or page testing I guess20:50
rick_h_the trouble is that in any templating, code can so make linting go boom!20:51
sinzuijcsackett, read markup generator: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sinzui/gdp/trunk/view/head:/plugins/gdp/complete.py20:51
rick_h_but I do use xmledit for auto closing opened tags as I go along which is nice20:51
jcsackettyeah, with vim-python and some elbow grease that can probably be made into a vim plugin.20:51
jcsackettrick_h_: that would be good. i'll take a look at it.20:52
sinzuijcsackett, Edwin wrote instructions to integrate pocket-lint to vim20:52
jcsackettrick_h_: though i may take a stab at sinzui's plugin. i've been wanting an excuse to play with the black magic of vim plugin creation.20:52
rick_h_jcsackett: yea, there's a book  in github that's "learn vimscript the hard way"20:52
jcsackettsinzui: hrm. i remember that; i even had that working at one point. i wonder why it stopped.20:52
jcsackettor rather, when i removed it, given i have no plugin for it now.20:53
sinzuijcsackett, https://dev.launchpad.net/UltimateVimPythonSetup20:53
rick_h_jcsackett: http://perlbuzz.com/2012/03/new-htmllint-beta-validates-html-entities.html20:54
* jcsackett bookmarks both links20:54
barrylifeless: how's this for awesomeness.  wsgi_intercept can't even work with the python3 version of httplib221:16
lifelessgary_poster: bzr switch -b myname21:25
lifelessflacoste: do you have a couple of minutes; I have a couple of backlogged things to chat about ?21:27
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* StevenK stabs the branch security adapter23:48
StevenKwgrant: I'm seeing something very strange. test_branchlookup.TestGetByLPPath.test_private_branch is creating a branch that is USERDATA, but if I print the information_type in IBranch.visibleByUser it's PUBLIC23:50
wgrantStevenK: Check DB logs to see what's happening, perhaps.23:50
wgrantIt's often the easiest way23:50
wgrantOr show me the test :)23:52
StevenK        branch = self.factory.makeAnyBranch(private=True)23:52
StevenK        path = removeSecurityProxy(branch).unique_name23:52
StevenK        self.assertRaises(23:52
StevenK            NoSuchBranch, self.branch_lookup.getByLPPath, path)23:52
wgrantStevenK: Is it possibly calling it early?23:57
wgrantAnd caching?23:58
wgrantBefore transitionToInformationType is called23:58

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