bachi gmb -- any progress on the /var/tmp problem?11:11
gmbbac: none yet. Just grabbing some lunch; maybe we should pair on it after standup.11:20
bacgmb ok.  i'll fire up an ec2 instance11:21
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb call RSN12:09
gary_postergetting a hangout address...12:09
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/9ee69a171ceb3e2b794d492280bead509d4fddb812:10
gary_postergmb is fighting firefox?12:11
gmbgary_poster: Had lost connection. Joining now.12:11
gmbNow I'm fighting firefox12:13
bacgary_poster: if you're still chatting with benji would you mention he's not on irc?13:01
gmbbac, I'm ready to hang out / skype / whatever whenever you are.13:02
bacgmb: ok, you want to create a hangout?13:03
gmbbac, Done. Invitation sent.13:04
gmbhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/8ef4543f15cb72fc89bf5cb8a2e897d3e614e3e2, for reference13:04
gary_posterbac, benji won't be able to be here today after all13:10
gary_postergmb, did you want me to join?  got an invitation13:10
gmbgary_poster, So did everyone, apparently.13:10
gmbNo, it's okay.13:10
gary_posterok cool13:10
gmbWe had a very confused Aaron.13:10
bacgary_poster: in that case, can you and i talk during benji's 2:00 slot?13:11
gary_posterdid you include circles?13:11
gary_posterbac, sure13:11
bacgary_poster: gmb did point out the script branch-rewrite.py is added as a RewriteRule to the local-launchpad apache config.  so bouncing apache will cause /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev to be created.  can't find a link yet but it is good to know there is another (hidden) path that causes it to be made.13:29
gary_posterbac, ah, interesting.  good catch.13:30
gmbbac, gary_poster: The only reference I can find to /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev in the output of `make -d clean build schema` is the rm -rf of it that make build does.13:31
gmb... which is pretty much what we expected, I think.13:31
bacgmb: yep, on an unbroken machine13:31
bacit'll only be really interesting when run via lp-setup-lxc-build13:32
gary_postergmb, that matches what I saw, yeah.  I thought that, eventually, we might want to use "make inplace" rather than "make build" or "make install" because it seems to create the directories as we want13:32
gary_posterah, frankban, whoops.  getting a hangout room...13:32
gary_postergmb, need to step away and will ping when I return.  no later than quarter till.  S'ok?14:27
gmbgary_poster, That's fine.14:27
bacgmb: i've got an instance that appears to be up.  want to hangout?14:36
gmbbac, Sure. I'll need to hop over to my one-to-one with Gary at some point soon, but we might as well make a start.14:36
bacgmb: soon being top of the hour?14:37
gmbHmm. Actually, sooner.14:37
gmbbac, So, why don't you start poking around and I'll join you when I can.14:37
gmbRather than interrupting things just as they get going.14:37
bacgmb: ok14:37
bacgmb just create a hangout and invite me when you're read14:38
gary_postergmb, meh, sorry, and I made you not hangout15:02
gary_posterbut I'm ready now15:02
gary_postergetting hangout15:02
gary_postergmb ^^15:03
bacgmb, gary_poster: aha!15:03
* gary_poster eagerly awaits aha moment15:03
bacthe lxc container is getting brought up and down all of the time.  each time it comes up, apache starts and the branch-rewrite script gets run.  (this is the difference from a local machine)15:04
bacso it is apache coming up that makes that directory15:04
bacwhy this only happens now i don't know15:04
gary_posterbut bac, that happens also when we ssh in15:04
bacbut i can remove the directory, shut down the container, start it back up, and there it is15:04
gary_posterto an lxc container that its already running15:04
gary_posterbac https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/110aa68ecccc7bb4323ad132b1079bff120478e1 ?15:05
* bac dances a jig15:12
bacgary_poster, gmb: ^^15:12
bacthis time i *did* mean to interrupt15:12
gary_posterbac :-) yay!  awesome, good catch15:13
bacthx to gmb's insight15:13
gary_posternow what do we do about it :-)15:13
gary_posterMaybe we don't run make install15:14
gary_posterand do make inplace instead15:14
bacperhaps.  we may have a timing issue though.15:17
baclp-setup-lxc-build pretends to wait for the container to be "ready" but clearly apache is still coming up at that point15:18
bacand if apache beats us, we're screwed unless we can delete that directory as root15:19
bacwhich i don't think we can15:19
bacgary_poster: can i join the hangout with you and gmb when you finish your weekly?15:47
gmbbac, We finished; let me start a new one and invite you both15:50
gmb(And hopefully not $world+$dog15:50
* bac hates airlines. just bought tickets for my parents and had to pay an extra $70 so they can sit next to each other.15:50
gary_postergmb could you give me url?15:57
gmbgary_poster, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/4b1e08d9fc3d9e4c60b747ee42d066a6cc4b6056?authuser=0&hl=en-GB#15:58
bacgary_poster: here is the change i'm proposing.  will test on ec2 now.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1005098/17:28
bacso, it was a wee bit over two characters17:28
bacbut i wanted to ensure rewrite.log didn't get created by apache17:29
gary_posterbac, I think that diff is reversed.  Could you confirm pls17:29
bacyep, the first is reversed the second is correct.17:30
gary_postergot it17:30
baci always get those wrong when doing bzr diff17:30
gary_posterlooks nice bac17:32
gary_posterso, bac, after doing that, do you still feel like the "tests should pass after make inplace" approach should be pursued, or do you think this is far enough to take it?17:35
bacgary_poster: i think it would be nice to not have to worry about apache if we don't have to17:35
bacgary_poster: lpsetup will need to manage test vs dev box setup if that is the case.  (it may already do that)17:36
gary_posteryeah, to some degree it does17:38
gary_posterrobert has already asked for/suggested more17:38
gary_posterbac, I'm going to retroactively make a bug for this and assign you to it17:40
gary_posterthen put it on the card17:40
bacgary_poster: ok17:41
bacgary_poster: i've started a PPA build for my lpsetup changes.  it'll be an hour or so before it is ready17:41
gary_posterand then another hour for the instance to be ready17:42
gary_posterat which point we'll be pretty close to EoD17:42
baci've created a yellow/experimental ppa for adding stuff we just want to play with that we can easily remove17:42
gary_postercool, good idea17:42
gary_posterbac, do you agree with this summary?17:43
gary_posterApache configuration is necessary for tests but makes it impossible to use "make clean" safely in lxc17:43
gary_posterbac, almost finished with bug then will call you18:02
gary_posterbac, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/100408818:05
_mup_Bug #1004088: Apache configuration is necessary for tests but makes it impossible to use "make clean" safely in lxc <paralleltest> <Launchpad itself:In Progress> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1004088 >18:05
gary_posterbac, ping me when you are ready and I will start hangout18:06
* bac runs to get water18:06
bacgary_poster: ok18:08
gary_posterbac https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/808e46bd4d2b62c66982476debd3a15c7440298f18:08
bacurgh, my PPA is dragging along.  an hour later it has a 52 minute eta.18:56

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