CelltechI have 2.7ghx cpu, 120gb hdd, and 1gb ram... and my lubuntu is still slow, still glitching at simple things, and still acting like I don't have enough ram...00:02
mysteriousdarrenis the swap turned on?00:20
n1ckn4me09876543where can i find the file to autostart a program? I found this when googling: "Search for startup applications from Dash home. Click open it."  idk what "dash" is01:11
porwahHi, I setup a Lubuntu VM in VirtualBox.  I can't get my mouse to scroll.  I installed Fluxbox.  It doesn't scroll there either.02:09
porwahI've been messing with xorg.conf and haven't had any luck.02:09
porwahAny suggestions?02:09
Unit193You install the vbox extras?02:16
porwahUnit193, yes, I believe so02:50
porwahI've think I've installed them more than once02:50
porwahFor that matter, I can't go full screen either.02:51
Unit193Weird, that normally goes well with me, wonder what he had.03:23
AmberJ_I have an atheros AR9285 wireless network adaptor. My laptop has a shortcut key to disable wifi when not in use. I used it to disable it.04:10
AmberJ_When I enabled it after sometime, I now get "Wireless networks disconnected" message in lubuntu task bar network management icon.04:11
AmberJ_When I right click on the icon in the lubuntu task bar, "Enable wireless" is checked/enabled...04:12
AmberJ_*networking icon04:12
AmberJ_'lspci' output: 02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)04:13
sereis lubuntu 12.4 lts ?05:33
jmarsdensere: We don't have the developer resources to guarantee we can maintain a release for 5 years, so, I don't think is officially an LTS release.05:34
Unit193But the core/most things other than the LXDE components are.05:37
Unit193Lubuntu itself isn't.05:38
jmarsdenlsb_release -d outputs Ubuntu 12.04 LTS  -- but thats because the lsb_release package is from Ubuntu 12.04, which is an LTS release.  So that is a little misleading/confusing.05:39
AmberJ_I had never installed x86-64bit lubuntu...06:11
AmberJ_I just got a new laptop and I am plannning to install 64-bit lubuntu.06:11
AmberJ_I guess 64-bit is as 'normal' as 32 bit lubuntu...06:12
AmberJ_Or, do I need to keep some issues in mind?06:12
icerootAmberJ_: no it is the "same" as the 32bit version with the same programs06:19
icerootAmberJ_: just with the ability to use more memory06:19
AmberJ_Thanks iceroot :)06:35
porwahHi, I can't get my mouse to scroll in an Lubuntu virtual machine on VirtualBox.11:45
porwahI have Fluxbox installed and it doesn't scroll there.11:46
porwahIt scrolls fine in a Xubuntu vm.11:46
porwahAny suggestions?11:46
n1ckn4me09876543I need help autostarting a program when I log in18:37
leszekn1ckn4me09876543: what is exactly the problem ?18:38
n1ckn4me09876543I put the code  "@/usr/share/conkycolors/bin/conkyStart"    also tried "/usr/share/conkycolors/bin/conkyStart &" in /.config/lxsession/Lubuntu but nothing happens18:39
leszekhave you checked the process monitor to see if it is maybe running in the background ?18:40
n1ckn4me09876543Task Manager? i dont see the program name in it18:41
n1ckn4me09876543i went to the directory of conkyStart and execute the file and it works,  just something wrong with autostart, i tried to autostart galculator and it ran fine18:43
n1ckn4me09876543so idk what im missing here18:43
leszekperhaps the script only works, if it is run from within the /usr/share/conkycolors/bin/ directory18:43
n1ckn4me09876543my home folder is encrypted do you think that contributes to the problem?18:44
leszekyou could try creating a script that executes the commands you do when manually starting conkyStart (i.e. cd /usr/share/conkycolors/bin/ ; ./conkyStart) and add it to your autostart18:44
leszekit should be decrypted already when you entered your password at login18:45
n1ckn4me09876543this is the code inside conkyStart file   #!/bin/bash18:46
n1ckn4me09876543sleep 25 && conky -c ~/.conkycolors/conkyrc;18:46
leszekhmm... ok18:46
n1ckn4me09876543so how do I add that to autostart18:46
leszekthis should work than nevertheless18:46
leszekis the script set to be executable ?18:47
n1ckn4me09876543File Properties> Make the file executable18:47
n1ckn4me09876543if i try to do autostart of      @conky     another conky start up with weird looking stats lol18:48
leszekok than there should be an error message that indicates why it does not start18:48
n1ckn4me09876543how can i find that error18:49
leszektry lookint into ~/.xsession-errors18:49
leszekperhaps you can find something regarding conky there18:49
n1ckn4me09876543i found a lot of this  (lubuntu-software-center:1756): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_icon_set_render_icon_pixbuf: assertion `icon_set != NULL' failed18:51
n1ckn4me09876543then one of this (pcmanfm:1658): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_entry_get_text: assertion `GTK_IS_ENTRY (entry)' failed18:51
n1ckn4me09876543but no conky18:51
n1ckn4me09876543brb gonna reboot trying something else19:07
xerxeshi im having some trouble with Lubuntu 10.04 the thing is that while in pcmanfm19:09
xerxesi can navigate without problem in my Desktop folder between the icons with arrow keys and run the apps with enter key.. BUT19:09
xerxeswhile native on my desktop i cant navigate the icons at all and when pressing enter nothing happens why is that?19:09
holsteinxerxes: what icons? the ones on the desktop? i dont think thats a feature19:11
xerxesholstein: exactly19:11
xerxesfor example qmmp desktop icon19:11
xerxesand chrome desktop icon19:11
holsteinxerxes: i dont think thats something that is supposed to happen19:11
xerxesehm me neither :S19:12
holsteinim sure you can make it happen19:12
xerxesi dont know why this happend19:12
xerxesor how i repair it..19:12
holsteinxerxes: im not sure it ever worked19:12
xerxesfeels quite stupid to reinstall for this issue..19:12
holsteinxerxes: i would try a new user temporarily19:12
holsteinor try with a live CD19:12
xerxeswell i could try a new user19:13
xerxesi modded my Lubuntu19:13
xerxesso it will autologin19:13
holsteincool... you should be able to logout and log in as a different user temporarily as a test19:13
holsteinpretty sure thats not a feature for LXDE19:14
holsteini dont use icons to launch like that, so i have tried19:14
holsteinand i dont have LXDE in front of me, and the version i do have is 12.0419:14
xerxesno it's 10.0419:15
xerxesor more exactly Mint 919:15
holsteinxerxes: correct19:15
xerxesbut it's based on 10.0419:15
xerxesand no a new user didnt work :(19:15
xerxessame thing19:15
holsteinxerxes: *i* *have* 12.04 installed19:16
holsteinxerxes: correct.. i dont think what you want happens in LXDE19:16
xerxeswell i could use pcmanfm and just use "single click"19:16
holsteinxerxes: mint can break that though19:16
xerxesdont think its a mint issue19:16
holsteinxerxes: i would ask in a mint channel on spotchat19:16
xerxesif you look at this thread19:16
holsteinxerxes: i dont think its an issue at all19:16
holsteinxerxes: i dont think its something that is supposed to occur is what im saying19:17
holsteinthe feature is not there19:17
holsteinnothing is broken19:17
xerxesholstein: ok so it's like a bug ?19:17
holsteinits not supposed to do that19:17
holsteinxerxes: nope19:17
holsteinxerxes: its not a feature, is what im proposing19:17
holsteinxerxes: the functionality you seek is not present19:17
xerxeshmm :/19:17
xerxesdont know why that functionality was lost for me though19:17
xerxesalso one more thing19:18
holsteinxerxes: how was it lost?19:18
holsteinxerxes: when did it work?19:18
holsteinxerxes: have you asked in a mint support channel?19:18
xerxesit started with that i wanted to remove cups19:18
xerxesand like.. a loot of packages were uninstalled i know really stupid of me19:18
xerxesbut then i dint have any window manager installed so i said oh well fuck it.. i just fix it myself19:18
holsteinxerxes: mint is quite customized.. i would try a lubuntu live CD.. see if that funtionality is there19:19
xerxesim more in to try peppermint19:19
xerxesif i would go for something completely new19:19
holsteini would try something like kupfer as a launcher19:19
holsteinxerxes: peppermint is quite a bit like lubuntu19:19
holsteinits a custom LXDE19:19
holsteinquite nice.. those guys live near me actually19:19
xerxesbut when im thinking19:20
xerxesit feels quite stupid to reinstall for this issue...19:20
holsteinxerxes: agreed19:20
xerxesi mean i could just open pcmanfm19:20
holsteinxerxes: maybe try kupfer19:20
xerxesand go to desktop folder and voila19:20
xerxesok will try kupfer19:20
holsteinxerxes: or just another FM19:20
holsteinxerxes: or fixing what you borked by visiting a mint channel with what you removed19:20
xerxesi can confirm that this package is a bit weird..19:21
xerxes1 moment19:21
holsteinthis package?19:21
holsteinyou'll need to report those for the mint team19:21
xerxesholstein: mint-lxde-default-settings - This Package contains the default system settings for Linux Mint LXDE Edition.19:21
xerxeswhen i try to install it19:22
xerxesi get dependencie error telling me this19:22
holsteinxerxes: sure.. thats mint specific though19:22
xerxesThe following packages have unmet dependencies: mint-lxde-default-settings: Depends: pcmanfm2 but it is not installable19:22
holsteinyou could try installing lubuntu-desktop19:22
holsteinor using the -f flag19:22
xerxesapt-get -f install ?19:22
holsteinOR asking in a mint channel!19:22
holsteinim not sure whats up with the mint versions of packages19:23
xerxesholstein: do you possibly know how to get the trash bin in pcmanfm ?19:23
xerxeson the left hand side bar ?19:23
holsteinOR what you have forced already that could be causing breakage19:23
holsteinxerxes: i dont know what bar you have placed on the left hand sie19:23
holsteinis it an LXDE panel?19:23
xerxesno in pcmanfm19:23
xerxesyou have a sidebar19:23
xerxeslike there are mounted volumes19:24
holsteini dont have mint19:24
xerxesyour download folder19:24
xerxesyour home folder19:24
holsteini dont know what they have customized19:24
xerxesyour Desktop "folder"19:24
holsteinbut those are "bookmarks" or "shortcuts"19:24
xerxesdo you know how to add trash bin there?19:24
holsteinand you should be able to remove the ~/.config file if you have borked it19:24
xerxesi copied mine19:24
xerxesfrom mint and changed name19:25
xerxesto lxde-rc19:25
xerxesor what the hell the name was :p the standard one19:25
holsteini would ask in a mint channel then19:25
xerxesholstein: hi again19:31
lubuntu_opEvening mates ,I just installed Lubuntu 12.04 and smplayar crashes with this error in his log http://pastebin.com/BKhXZNzV20:15
lubuntu_opand flash games (which worked on Linux Mint 12 LXDE and Fedora 16) are sluggish and "slow" on Lubuntu .Any way to change that20:16
Unit193That looks more like the command it's passing to mplayer than an error, and what package of flash do you have?20:18
Unit193dpkg -l |grep flash20:18
lubuntu_opUnit193: ii  flashplugin-installer                   Adobe Flash Player plugin installer20:20
Unit193I don't think it'll help at all, but I always recommend adobe-flashplugin from the !partner repo.20:21
lubuntu_opIll try firefox ,maybe there will be a different effect20:22
lubuntu_opI just hope it isnt Xorg related issue bcs I gave up last ubuntu (11.04 if I remember correctly) due to my AGP ATI x1050 card20:24
lewellyntbh, i would have given up on ubuntu if it wasn't for the fact that the software i need has os requirements that intersect at xp32 or ubuntu32. can't get multi-card video working :/20:26
lewellyn(also, hi!)20:26
lewellynbut i do have a more pressing question... how do i stop the notifications from showing up every minute or so that my nics with unplugged cables are disconnected? :/20:27
lubuntu_opSo far best distro (with almost everything working out of box ) was Mint 12 lxde ,for me at least . I just hope I can tweak lubuntu  to work same or better.20:28
lubuntu_op(and yea ,Hi :))20:28
lewellyni don't want to outright disable them, but just get rid of the notifications20:28
lewellyni have 4 nics with unplugged cables, so it's getting mighty annoying ;)20:29
lubuntu_opWell try at #ubuntu ,there is more ppl there and maybe they can help you20:30
lewellyni thought that was an lxde widget thing20:31
lubuntu_opI would like to help you but Im new to lubuntu :D My only advice is to google like hell20:32
lewellynoh, wait. i have nm-Fapplet running. i swear i didn't see that before20:34
lewellyner. wtf. i got a "F" when the popup occurred that time O_o20:34
lubuntu_opvideo works normal in vlc but smplayer fails :/20:36
lewellynoh joy. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/44587220:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445872 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "disable-disconnect-notification option ignored" [Medium,Confirmed]20:38
lewellynthis is just not my week20:38
lubuntu_optry to configure flash and xorg on my pc :D Thats a suicide mission20:40
lewellyni'm guessing there isn't a lubuntu-specific replacement for nm-applet? ;)20:40
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lubuntu_opanyone here use Truecrypt?20:54
lewellynhm. i'm starting to see screen corruption. this can't be good :/20:56
lubuntu_ophow do you mean?20:56
lubuntu_opartefacts or?20:56
lewellyni can't describe them. i'm doing enough that my screen redraws before i can sit and figure out what i'm seeing.20:58
lewellynit's happened in 3 apps so far though.20:58
lubuntu_opany extra drivers for your card at Preferences -> Additional Drivers?20:59
lewellyn"No proprietary drivers are in use on this system."21:01
lewellynhttp://www.greenviolet.net/paste/1337893303.html is my lspci ;)21:01
lubuntu_opLike I said Im new to this but as much as I can read you have integrated graphic card.  As before I think guys at #ubuntu will react faster with advices ,especially to a woman :D21:04
lewellyni know it's an integrated card. and there are no proprietary drivers available. ;)21:05
lewellynand i'm not female...21:05
lewellynbut now to reboot so i can pull out the 4-port nic :(21:06
lubuntu_opGood luck and sorry for misunderstanding ;)21:07
lewellynwell, at least now i don't have constant "network disconnected" popups. now i'll just get to reboot relatively often to swap the nic in and out :/21:09
Guest14322has anyone managed it to get u1sdtool (Ubuntu One) working with appropriate proxy settings?21:12
Guest14322there is a ubuntuone-client-proxy package but I don't know from where this tool tries to read proxy settings21:14
lewellynprobably the gnome configuration, would be my guess21:14
Guest14322another question - is lubuntu based on gnome or gtk?21:16
Guest14322and the gnome configuration can be found in .gconf?21:16
lubuntu_opSo any way Truecrypt can be set to open tc container without manually opening it in /media?21:17
lewellynGuest14322: as for the lubuntu question, the FAQ in the channel topic may be useful21:19
lewellyni would assume that you can use gconftool-2 and/or gsettings to alter the proxy info21:20
Guest14322lewellyn: very interesting, found some proxy related schemas and keys pointing to host and port settings - thanks for the hint21:25
Guest14322does it matter which of these tools I use?21:26
Guest14322especially under Lubuntu?21:26
lewellynprobably :)21:26
Guest14322ok, so I have to try it out21:27
lewellynthere's probably a package you can install which exposes the gnome proxy configuration as a gui for you21:27
Guest14322lewellyn: lxproxy looks promising21:31
Guest14322I will give it tomorrow a try21:32
Guest14322hm, cannot be found in the official repos21:32
Guest14322what a pity21:33
lubuntu_opis there any safe setting for bleach bit?21:59
lubuntu_opdont wonna mess up anything21:59
Unit193That program is just supposed to clean/wipe files of other programs and not the system, so without looking at it I'd think it should be safe enough, what would make you think otherwise?22:00
lubuntu_opWell on windows I know what i safe (more/less) on ubuntu I can only trust bleach bit devs :D22:13
lubuntu_opWell Im off ,so far lubuntu seems really  fast,(so far) stable and good looking. Good night22:37
wxlthat's cuz it is :)22:37
lewellynwxl: i can't concur on the stability point, as stability also includes "doesn't require you to remove cards to shut up the os" in my book :/22:59
lewellynbut so far, it looks to be ubuntu bugs, not lubuntu-specific, at least!23:00
wxlyeah haven't had that issue lewellyn23:00
lewellynwxl: i've had 3 issues so far... 1) cannot successfully boot with pci video card installed alongside the onboard graphics (unique to ubuntu). 2) network manager insists upon constantly reminding me that 4 nic ports are disconnected. 3) i got a notification that my keyboard's batteries are dead. it's ps/2 :/23:02
wxl1. never had that problem before and i have such a situation tho that computer does not have 12.04 on it yet23:05
wxl2. network-manager is a pain sometimes. try wicd.23:05
wxl3. try removing bluetooth modules23:06
wxllewellyn: ^23:06
lewellyn1. i suspect the problem would be lessened if the secondary monitor supported more than 2 resolutions. :/23:06
lewellyn2. isn't wicd for wireless?23:06
wxlohhh right right23:06
lewellyn3. i plan on adding a bluetooth dongle when things upset me less23:06
wxlwicd does wired and wireless23:07
wxlmaybe it thinks you have a usb keyboard?23:08
wxli would try removing bluetooth modules first and see if that is indeed the problem with the keyboard23:08
wxlif not then you can look at what usb keyboard driver it's loading and disable that23:08
lewellyni'm atm considering whether to stick with ubuntu on this box though. it's been almost a week and i'm still not in a usable state. and it looks like one of the pieces of software i installed for (trying to do common-denominator os thing across multiple software products) may not actually have a linux build right now :/23:09
lewellyni'm just confused why it'd say a ps/2 keyboard has low batteries. i couldn't get it to recognize my usb keyboard so i had to whip out a ps/2 keyboard23:09
wxlnow it may have detected a usb keyboard23:09
wxlso it loaded usb keybaord modules23:10
lewellynbut there are none :/23:10
wxlright now, you're sure?23:10
wxlgo through modprobe -l and check23:10
lewellynhttp://www.greenviolet.net/paste/1337901059.html is my lsusb output23:11
wxlgo through modprobe -l23:11
lewellynlewellyn@ghoul:~$ modprobe -l|grep usb|wc -l23:12
wxli wouldn't necessarily expect it to be named "usb"23:12
wxli don't have a usb keyboard so i don't know23:12
lewellynthat was to cut it down from 3526 lines23:12
wxlbut drivers tend to have unexpected names23:12
lewellyni think that's always loaded though23:13
lewellynwithout the hid drivers, it can't detect if you plug in a hid device iirc23:14
lewellynbut as my lsusb shows, i don't actually have anything plugged into a usb port23:14
lewellynoh wait. that's a mouse hooked up on the last line23:16
lewellynit's about time for me to go and have coffee before i start ranting about how, after a dozen years of "this is the year of the linux desktop!", it's far from it.23:17
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