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cpatrick08can somebody help me the 20120523 daily-iso iso wont launch the installer and ubiquity is version 2.11.106:11
cpatrick08i am using the kubuntu iso06:12
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BluesKajHey all12:18
ActionParsnipHey guys, does anyone find that accessing the settings in VLC makes a tonne of HDD activity requ (requiring a hard reboo12:22
patdk-wkActionParsnip, use an ssd?12:24
ActionParsnippatdk-wk: no platter based12:27
patdk-wkwhy I said, use an ssd :)12:28
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ActionParsnippatdk-wk: the system won't take one12:29
ActionParsnippatdk-wk: not veryconstructive12:29
BluesKajActionParsnip, no , vlc seems well behaved here12:29
ActionParsnipI see. I'll keep digging :). Thanks12:30
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MrChrisDruifP.s.: oss-compat doesn't want to get installed/updated on my system?22:46
FernandoMiguelbeen like that for 2 weeks22:48
FernandoMiguelI eneded up uninsntaling it and installling v222:48
MrChrisDruifFernandoMiguel; I've been noticing it for two weeks or something22:53
MrChrisDruifGhehe "Depends: kmod | module-init-tools | hurd"22:54
MrChrisDruifAwkward, it seems that oss-compat depends on EITHER kmod, module-init-tools or hurd, but module-init-tools is installed and still it won't install O_O22:56
FernandoMiguelsome weird build dependency22:57
FernandoMiguelI filed a bug for it22:57
MrChrisDruifLink? I'll mark myself as affected23:00
MrChrisDruifOw, and epiphany-extensions is very picky about which epiphany-browser it wants23:05
MrChrisDruifepiphany-browser (>= 3.4), epiphany-browser (<< 3.5)23:05
MrChrisDruifCurrently installed= 3.5.123:06
FernandoMigueldon't have it on habd23:06
FernandoMiguelbut there shouldn't be many for oss-compat23:06
FernandoMiguelsame goes for cups23:06
FernandoMigueland cifs-utils23:06
MrChrisDruifI got cups and cifs-utils installed afaik23:07
FernandoMiguelnot that23:07
FernandoMiguelcups complains on upgrade23:07
FernandoMigueland cifs doesn't work (you can't mount)23:07
MrChrisDruifI don't care too much for epiphany-browser btw, but gnome depends on it23:07
MrChrisDruifAlright, epiphany-extensions bug was reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/epiphany-extensions/+bug/100423323:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1004233 in epiphany-extensions (Ubuntu) "Unable to install epiphany-extensions in 12.10" [Undecided,New]23:26
jbichaMrChrisDruif: have you ever done any Ubuntu/Debian packaging?23:39
MrChrisDruifjbicha; I did not23:39
MrChrisDruifThou if I could fix this by learning to do so (and it's not too much trouble) I'd be glad to help23:39
jbichaah, well that's a good bitesize bug for someone that wanted to get started with packaging23:39
MrChrisDruifHurray, fix my own bug ^_^23:40
MrChrisDruifBut would you mind if we pick this one up tomorrow? I need to get to bed...23:40
MrChrisDruifDate and time in the Netherlands: Fri May 25 01:40:5623:40
jbichasure, you can do it whenever, you can get help in #ubuntu-motu23:41
jbichaand read through the intro & setup at least of http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/23:41
MrChrisDruifTheme seems a bit of on that page, but I'll give it a good once-over tomorrow23:43
MrChrisDruifBut with that I'm off..23:43

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