dholbachgood morning07:01
Malinmy project finally got built, can someone check if this lens now meets the arb-requirements? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/782/09:56
dpmhi Malin, I'm not a member of the ARB, but here are a couple of suggestions after looking at your app:10:04
dpm- I'd suggest adding icons in all sizes10:04
dpm- There are a few typos in the long description e.g. 'lense', I'd suggest running a spell checker and editing it10:05
Malinah, I see. I should fix the typos10:09
Malinhm, so what other sizes do I need?10:09
Malinah, I should have 128x128, 32x32 and 16x16, but why?10:11
dpmthey are shown in different places, but I don't know exactly which10:11
Malinyeah, cause the lens it self needs 64x64 only10:12
Malinbut if it needs different sizes for the software center, I should add larger and smaler of course10:12
dpmMalin, and I think there is no need to add the link to the homepage in the description, that is already shown in the software center as a link from the home page field you fill in as part of the submission process10:13
Malinso I should remove the link to the launchpad-project-page?10:17
dpmin the description, yes, but not on the other field :)10:20
Malinah, oki10:35
dpmvery cool lens, btw :)10:35
Malinhm, I uploaded more icons, but the 128x128 became unsharp :S10:35
Malinah, you think so? thanx10:35
MalinI want to implement some few new features to it10:36
Malinthere is a realtime-service available, so I need access to an api for it, then it wil present realtime info for the busstop you are going to travel from :)10:37
MalinBut first step is complete. The lens, works. The second thing is to get it into software center10:46
Malinthen I can improve it10:46
dpmMalin, http://askubuntu.com/questions/141594/where-are-the-different-app-icon-sizes-submitted-through-the-app-developer-site12:33
dpmMalin, I would ping someone from the ARB to review it, or send an e-mail to ubuntu-app-devel(AT)lists(DOT)ubuntu(DOT)com12:34
Malindpm: oki :) thanx12:42
dpmyw :)12:42
MalinI have to put in a newer link to source code i think12:43
Malinhm. dosen't work12:48
Malinah, it have to be admitted first :)12:51
mhall119ajmitch: has wendar been around lately?16:43
ajmitchnot that I've seen16:43
mhall119she has a work item for writing an ARB backend for pkgme16:46
mhall119but I don't know what she was planning, as i don't think it's possible to do that16:47
ajmitchright, she was making good progress on that one at UDS16:47
ajmitchwhy don't you think it's possible?16:47
mhall119because the backends are source-specific, not destination specific16:47
mhall119I can see an ARB+python backend, and an ARB+cmake backend16:47
mhall119but not just one single ARB backend16:48
ajmitchright, we talked about the ARB backend calling the other backends16:48
mhall119oh, ok...16:48
ajmitchthe ARB backend would get used because of the extra info passed through from the myapps site16:48
mhall119hmmm, too bad backends are script, not objects16:48
mhall119python's polymorphism would have made that task easier16:49
ajmitchcurrently it just calls one backend, rther than chaining them together, so it has to be done manually16:49
ajmitchbut as james_w suggested, you can have a backend run pkgme again16:49
mhall119recursively calling pkgme?16:50
ajmitchso once we get the ARB queue under control again, I'll need to catch up with you on some of the developer.u.c documentation16:50
mhall119sure, I think most of the stuff I need for developer.u.c is already on your wikis, I just need to know which ones to use16:51
ajmitchthere's also the API documentation stuff to look at16:51
mhall119what do you mean?16:51
ajmitchnot quite as related, but I've got work items for that16:51
mhall119oh, finding outdated links?16:51
ajmitchthe GDN frontend16:52
mhall119oh, right16:52
mhall119yeah, we'll probably want to do a hangout or something to discuss our plans for that16:52
mhall119I need to get that gdn code and poke around at it too16:52
* ajmitch has branched it, looked at it brielfy, but didn't do much at all in the week after uds 16:53
mhall119as we'll need to pick that or RTD before doing any front-end work16:53
ajmitchcursed ubuflu16:53
dpmhey ajmitch, recovered from ubuflu already?16:54
dpmgood to hear that :)16:54
ajmitchseems like we almost forgot it's the last friday of the month this week, I'd better mail the list & see if people are around for a meeting16:56
dpmhey, may I ask you guys to review the app I sent at https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/874/ ? I'd like to write a series of blog posts about how it got started and how it got to the USC, and it'd be awesome if it were available in the SC when I write the first post. Should be easy to review: it's a quickly app andrewsomething had already a look at it and I merged his packaging changes16:57
ajmitchI can try & look at it this weekend if someone else doesn't get to it16:58
ajmitchfirstly I need to get the AU lens in, along with catching up on some others :)16:58
dpmcool, thanks16:59
ajmitchok, motu meeting is over, I'm going to try & get a couple of hours more sleep :)17:00
* ajmitch will be around later17:00
ajmitchdarn, no dpm around still23:43
ajmitchmhall119: if you're around, is it ok to change the visibility on http://developer.ubuntu.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=99&action=edit to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+bug/968235 ?23:43
mhall119ajmitch: I'm not sure what's being done on there23:45
mhall119did you write the page, or just making changes to it?23:45
mhall119or does it just need to be made public?23:46
ajmitchI didn't write it or make changes, I was hoping to catch dpm to ask if it was inadvertantly left as private23:46
ajmitchafaict it just needs to be made public23:46
ajmitchbut I didn't want to just do so without checking with someone23:46
mhall119hmmm, it looks out of date now23:46
mhall119yeah, lots of that is too old to be helpful23:48
mhall119ajmitch: maybe it would be better to just change the link that points there to point to http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/ instead23:49
ajmitchassuming it'll let me edit23:53
ajmitchI think I'll leave it until later23:53

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