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sagaciIf jellyware is around sometime in -chat... i'll be down in Sydney on the 23-24th june weekend so hopefully will be able to get an ubuntu day or afternoon happening for that Saturday afternoon08:53
jaddi27head_victim, Have you seen the mailing list tonight?10:41
head_victimjaddi27: the one where gorilla apparently forgot to hit reply all and just hit reply instead?10:43
jaddi27Yes, that one10:43
head_victimI read it today on the phone10:43
jaddi27Hopefully it doesn't get personal again like a few years ago10:44
head_victimOnly just got home so haven't gone through the inbox too well yet10:44
jaddi27Right. Luckily nothing else has been said yet - lets hope it stays like that10:45
head_victimI was hoping gorilla would be online tonight to chat10:46
jaddi27Is he usually online during the week?10:47
jaddi27Oh, there is a reply now10:51
jaddi27He was good in his reply, so it should be fine10:52
head_victimYep, I met gorilla at the Brisbane LCA, didn't seem the type to make personal attacks.10:52
jaddi27He doesn't sound like it in the meetings, so was a bit surprised by it all. Andre can get a bit fired up though at times10:55
head_victimI play devils advocate at work every second of the day, everyone there always jumps to the worst possible conclusion without thinking things through. So I'm quite used to thinking about how others perceive stuff.11:01
jaddi27Yeah, I have experienced a fair bit of that through school and uni11:02
head_victimAh well, started my uni application for real, it's getting scary now.11:08
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