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dj__hi guys05:49
dj__im trying to work out how to mount my nas05:50
dj__i can connect using smb://<ip address>05:50
dj__but dont know how to mount it05:51
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tdnAt this bug report, I am asked to chroot into my old rootfs and do apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. However, I am unsure what is needed in order to make a working chroot. Can you help me? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/100330910:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 1003309 in linux "Boot fails after installing updates, error: “cryptsetup: evms_activate is not available"" [High,Confirmed]10:29
Geo|AndroidI somehow broke unity. When I log in nothing loads. I only see my desktop background. I am able to get a terminal up with ctrl alt t. How do I safely uninstall and reinstall unity?20:11
geirhaGeo|Android: Depends if it's a user setting it breaks on, or if you've overwritten some important files as root20:23
Geo|AndroidI was not in root, I was changing the color of the dash with ccsm.20:24
geirhaGeo|Android: Try logging in with the guest user, see if it loads there20:24
Geo|AndroidThen I did an update and rebooted.20:24
Geo|AndroidIs there a keyboard shortcut to log out? Or something I can type in the terminal?20:25
geirhagnome-session-quit --logout20:26
Geo|AndroidUnity loads just fine as guest20:38
philipballewunity --reset should work to reset unity iirc20:38
Geo|AndroidUnity panel service no process foind20:40
Geo|AndroidFound* excuse my phone typos20:40
philipballewdid you disable unity in ccsm?20:44
Geo|AndroidNo. I was trying to change the color of the dash but it just changed back after I closed ccsm every time so I gave up20:45
Geo|AndroidI found an article that said this is a common error when you play with ccsm. There is a how to, going to follow it now.20:54
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