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jussiczajkowski: post couldnt be found06:49
dholbachgood morning07:01
czajkowskijussi: ah he made it limited08:00
jussiczajkowski: what was it?08:00
czajkowskijussi: let me get it again08:01
czajkowskijussi: http://twitpic.com/9om077/full08:03
jussiczajkowski: Hah!08:04
czajkowskih likes to stir08:06
jussiI noticed... :P08:10
s-foxHello community08:25
dholbachdpm, czajkowski: does anyone have any idea about what's happening with bug 1003576 already?08:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 1003576 in launchpad "Automatic translation exports not committing PO files" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100357608:39
dpmdholbach, it's marked as Critical, so it should be looked at, but I haven't heard anything since I filed it08:40
dpmI was going to ping jtv aboug it, but I've been doing other stuff08:40
czajkowskidpm: ping maintence08:40
dpmit looks like a pretty nasty regression to me08:40
czajkowskiso jam jelmer or villa08:41
s-foxping for jcastro re: askubuntu :)08:41
dpmczajkowski, where, on #launchpad-dev?08:41
dpms-fox, he won't be online until in a few hours time08:42
dholbach#launchpad I guess08:42
s-foxdpm,  yes, i am hopeful he will pick up later :)08:42
dpmyes, but in that case, I'd simply ask the question so that he can answer straight away :)08:43
czajkowskidpm: yup08:44
czajkowskidholbach: dpm raised it08:45
dpmawesome, thanks czajkowski08:45
czajkowskino problem so critical are ones that will get looked at the quickest08:49
czajkowskibut we have hundreds of them08:49
czajkowskiso if there is one in partiular you need looked at08:49
czajkowskiflag it wiht me and I'll raise it and if I'm not online find the mainetnece squad which is the blue squad08:50
czajkowskijussi: if you're free can you spare a few mins for a quick pm  please08:54
dakertechnoviking, any idea why i don't have right to edit my profil ?10:48
dakerhttp://ubuntuforums.org/profile.php?do=editprofile => you do not have permission to access this page10:49
s-foxdaker what is your post count?10:53
dakers-fox, 410:53
dakerdon't tell me i need 50 posts to edit my profil :/10:54
s-foxWe have a sticky - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183681610:54
head_victimYay, I have 57.10:55
dakerwhat 50posts o.O!!!!!!!10:55
head_victimWe should start a thread to help people get their count above 50...............10:55
dakerhead_victim, this will do the reverse thing, it will increase the spam10:56
s-foxhead_victim,  if it appears i will jail the thread without hesitation.10:56
head_victimYeah sorry, I still need to work on getting sarcasm tags working in xchat :/10:56
s-foxdaker 50 posts is quite a low target. it is easy to achieve :)10:57
dakers-fox, easy to achieve with spam ツ10:58
head_victims-fox: my post count is 0.04 a day so I guess I'm a bit behind the average curve.10:58
s-foxhead_victim,  the average is not important. i mean i had my account several months before i even made a post. now i find myself one of the admins on the site. funny world.10:59
popeyhaha, i only have 41 posts11:06
popeyyet I can maintain my profile.. how come?11:06
czajkowskiyou're popey :)11:07
popeynearly 6 years on the forums11:07
head_victimThey're scared you'll shut it down.....11:07
popeyMost Recent Message: August 31st, 200811:08
Davieypopey: Join Date: December 21st, 2006 / Total Posts: 1111:13
Daviey<-- heavy forum user.11:13
Davieypopey: maybe because you are a ubuntu member.. i can edit mine aswell.11:16
AlanBellJoin Date: February 14th, 2006 / Total Posts 2511:31
AlanBellmust have been an exciting valentine that year11:31
nothingspecialha ha ha11:32
dpmdholbach, I see the first translations commits from the auto-exporter coming in12:11
dpmhi all, I always forget who to ask: does anyone know how I can request a bugbot for the #quickly channel?13:14
mhall119ping the ircc?13:17
jussizoom zoom zoom13:18
AlanBell#ubuntu-quickly is that?13:18
jussiAlanBell: its sorted13:18
dpmthanks again jussi :)13:20
jcastromhall119: the vala lens thing was something didrocks brought up13:47
jcastroso if you make him happy with python then that's fine13:47
mhall119jcastro: I'd rather it be in vala, personally, but I don't think it being in Python is a blocker13:57
jcastroI was just saying, didrocks has a concern about that.13:57
jcastrothe rest is between you all13:58
mhall119where is didrocks?13:58
s-foxhey jcastro , where are the community links on askubuntu?13:58
jcastros-fox: what do you mean?13:59
s-foxlike links to other ubuntu sites and things like that. for example the iso download page on ubuntu.com etc13:59
jcastrooh, it doesn't really have that14:00
s-foxWe have a menu item on the nav bar linking to all sorts of different places and wondered where and if ask ubuntu has something similar jcastro , and if it doesn't wondered what you guys would think to having one?14:01
jcastroWe don't really run the site, SE does.14:01
jcastroHowever I know the design team linked up with their design team on header stuff a month or so ago14:02
jcastrobut I wasn't a part of those conversations14:02
s-foxjcastro,  here is what i mean like we do on the forum - http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/2983/0e2a064a27434976a77a505.png14:02
* jcastro nods14:03
s-foxi see you guys have questions, tags, users, badges and unanswered. wondered if community might be a good addition ?14:03
jcastroyeah those are standard across all exchanges though14:04
jcastroI don't think those are customizeable14:04
s-foxooh :/14:04
s-foxthat is a shame14:04
jcastromarcoceppi might know more14:04
jcastrohe can ask them14:04
jcastrois there a standard "super awesome menu" widget across the project?14:04
mhall119jcastro: how about the white "masthead" used in other sites?14:05
s-foxi see what you mean about them being standard jcastro .14:05
mhall119jcastro: like on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/14:05
jcastromhall119: I think that's what the web design team was talking to them about14:05
mhall119though SE has it's own masthead area already14:05
jcastrojono: did gmb put up any of the other team pics?14:20
* jcastro is interested how the guitar hero ones turned out14:20
jonojcastro, they look pretty lame14:27
jcastroman, that sucks14:27
jcastronext time I will make everyone try harder.14:27
balloonsakgraner is doing a livestreamed interview with me this morning.. should you wish to have some background noise.. and I do mean noise.. should be starting sometime in the next hour or so, I'll ping when it goes live :-)14:28
balloonshttp://www.youtube.com/user/AmberGraner https://plus.google.com/u/0/100254004947968890609/posts14:29
dholbachdpm, czajkowski: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-packaging-guide-team/ubuntu-packaging-guide/trunk/revision/103 :-D15:41
marcoceppis-fox jcastro I can ping them about it. We'd likely need to add it somewhere other than the top global bar. SE is sensitive about that :)15:51
jonojcastro, dholbach, dpm, balloons, mhall119 - can you guys confirm that the 12.10 planning spreadsheet has all your approved blueprints in there?17:05
jonoand remove all unapproved BPs17:05
mhall119jono: only the ones we filed, right?17:05
jonomhall119, yes17:05
mhall119not other BPs we happened to get work items on17:06
dpmjono, it's not in my objectives, but could you approve https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-q-translations-roundtable ?17:09
jonodpm, done17:10
dpmthanks jono ;-)17:10
mhall119jono: mine are all approved17:12
jonothanks mhall11917:12
dholbachjono, in a meeting - will look in a bit17:16
jonothanks dholbach17:19
dakerdholbach, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150926243088390&set=a.95723633389.85048.5150088389&type=1&theater17:36
dholbachhaha, nice17:36
dakerMawazine ツ17:37
dholbachah cool17:38
dholbachjono, yes, all approved, all in there17:43
balloonsjono, I have 3 kind of sitting out there still looks like17:47
balloonshowever, all blueprints are in the doc17:48
dholbachsee you tomorrow! have a great rest of your day! :)17:51
twobottuxaucommunity: Where else to go for help if not helped at Ask Ubuntu? <http://askubuntu.com/questions/131149/where-else-to-go-for-help-if-not-helped-at-ask-ubuntu>18:29
mhall119wow, recursive meta-questions?18:29
jcastroupvotes please!20:48
czajkowskijcastro: is that another site I've to join up to ?20:50
jcastroit uses openid iirc20:50
czajkowskicoolt thanks20:58
snap-ljcastro: Upvoted the reddi posting.21:14
greg-gpleia2: now I'm just going to ping you all the time with nice little notes like "Hope you're having a good day!" that'll be emailed to you every 10 minutes or so :)22:43
* pleia2 increases email frequency to hourly22:44
pleia2it is actually 10 minutes by default, clever script22:44
greg-gyeah, read the source on githu22:45
greg-gnow I just need to write an irssi script that will send you a random nice message via PM every 10 minutes. Then you're script will email you with that message. Or I could just email you. ;)22:46
pleia2someone at UDS told me about an android app that sent notifications, but it uses ssh for access to your running irssi session and sysadmin pleia2 died inside a little22:46
* greg-g nods22:47
pleia2this script seems safe22:47
pleia2...even if it stores my gmail password in clear text :x22:47
pleia2but I already do that for offlineimap, so whatever22:47
greg-gyeah :/22:49
cjohnstonirssi from my phone ftw22:52
bkerensaprowl for the win23:07
* MrChrisDruif is lazy and uses andchat on his android...when not 'g'ubuntu with xchat23:13

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