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cjwatsoncjohnston: Any idea why http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/canonical-foundations.html hasn't updated in over a day?01:18
pittiGood morning04:58
ajmitchmorning pitti04:59
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gesergood morning06:28
dholbachgood morning07:01
dholbachhey pitti, so the translations in /opt problem was not a gtk problem after all?07:41
pittidholbach: I didn't hear any news about this since yesterday07:42
dholbachpitti, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=676543#c407:42
ubottuGnome bug 676543 in GtkBuilder "Cannot load translations from a locale dir other than the default" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]07:42
dholbachseems we need to document it properly, so apps authors know how to special-case shipping in /opt :-/07:43
pittiah :)07:44
pittiwhat a bad trap to fall into07:44
pittiI thought gettext.bindtextdomain() would actually set it in glibc07:44
dholbachyeah, it's a bit unpleasant07:45
alexbligh1When building a package, what is the approved dh_ method of installing files with an owner other than root?09:07
alexbligh1(specifically in this case into /etc)09:07
pittialexbligh1: call dh_fixperms with some -X options to ignore these files09:11
alexbligh1pitti, thanks09:11
pittialexbligh1: haven't (recently) tested that myself, but it ought to work09:11
pittialexbligh1: HOWEVER09:11
pittialexbligh1: this is only valid if the files you ship are owned by a static system user, i. e. uid < 10009:12
alexbligh1pitti, but how do I get them owned by non-root in the first place?09:12
pittialexbligh1: for a dynamic system user (created with add_user), you need a postinst which calls chown for you09:12
alexbligh1(it's www-data)09:12
pittiok, www-data is a static one, that works09:12
alexbligh1Currently I am doing a chown -R in my postinst, but I worry that when I next install the package, it will think the user has changed the perms, and not update the file.09:13
pittialexbligh1: chown?09:13
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alexbligh1pitti, ah, dh_fixperms is permissions. I need *owner*09:13
pittialexbligh1: yes, what I said; your "make install" or whatever chowns them to www-data, and then you tell dh_fixperms to not change it back to root09:14
pittialexbligh1: dh_fixperms sets files to root:root by default09:14
alexbligh1is the chown in postinst safe? Or might it have problems as set out above in upgrading? chown seems far easier09:15
pittialexbligh1: you should check dpkg-statoverride if you reapply them on upgrade09:16
pittialexbligh1: but you can just call chown if [ -z "$2" ], i. e. on first install09:16
alexbligh1pitti, thanks09:17
apwpitti, hey ... have we manually overridden the ddeb remover?  it seems that the natty release kernel ddebs are gone?09:49
pittiapw: yes; we again ran out of space :/09:50
pittiand since the RT to add more is still pending, I needed some drastic measures :(09:50
pittiotherwise we would have lost quantal09:50
pittiso we now have lucid, oneiric, precise, and quantal09:51
Davieypitti: does the RT have suitable levels of priority attached to it?09:51
apwpitti, should we need them does IS have them on backup somewhere ?09:52
smbLike lava-hot-burning-ass ?09:52
pittiPriorität: 0/09:53
pittiI guess not09:53
diwicapw / pitti, can't we just rebuild the package with pkg-create-dbgsym installed?10:04
diwicIf there's a particular package we desperately need it for.10:05
apwdiwic, perhaps, am trying it now, but th10:05
apwthe old 3.x/2.6.x issue is biting me as the kernel is sooooo old10:05
apwinfinity, when we did --uname-2.6 stuff did schroot gain a personality type for it too ?10:13
cjwatsonapw: setarch x86_64 --uname-2.6 schroot ... #  ?10:26
cjwatsonI guess that's less convenient than schroot knowing for itself10:26
apwcjwatson, yeah, the chroot kind knows for 32bit so it seems orthoganal to have it inside but yes linux64 --uname-2.6 seems to work ok for me10:27
cjwatsonI don't see support for any of the personality options in schroot, anyway10:30
jamespagevibhav: (late response) I don't think that bug is effected by the perl version - just the memory monitor one we did for precise10:44
Caribouapw: pitti: what's the best way / less disruptive way to mirror an archive ?11:10
Caribouthe kernel ddebs are only 120Gb, I'll make a copy somewhere11:10
pittiCaribou: debmirror is reasonably easy to use and quite robust, AFAIK11:11
pittiI had used it years ago, but not recently11:11
Cariboupitti: ok, I'll try that, thanks11:12
pittierr, EFOCUS11:15
dholbachpopey, wow - so you're going to maintain the unity/bamf/etc packages now? :)11:16
popeythanks ☺11:20
popey(I think)11:20
cjwatsonwookey_: dunno if you noticed, but libc6-dev/armhf should be happier now, thanks to Adam11:21
xnoxhttp://www.gtk.org/ got a new layout with 'Avatar'-like tubes hanging of it, interesting.11:23
xnoxjust noticed....11:23
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seb128bdmurray, is bugbot your bot?11:53
seb128why did it tag https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/1001249 "lucid"?11:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001249 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "EYE for Gnome 3.4.1 installed with Ubuntu 12.04 freeze the computer when displaying jpeg pictures from my nikon camera this is not the case with my 10.04 install having EYE 2.30 'tested with same pics'" [High,New]11:53
seb128it's a precise user11:53
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wookey_cjwatson: I hadn't. but yes I see a -12 now. That should come through in tomorrow's build results. (which I've just noticed say 'armle' even though they are armhf. That's rebuildd being thick (and currently hacked somewhat) I think.12:08
dupondjecould anyone upload https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/1000356 for me? Will check for SRU also12:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1000356 in freerdp (Ubuntu) "remmina/xfreerdp crashes while trying to use 'remote control'" [Undecided,In progress]12:10
vibhavWho has the upload rights to main?12:16
sladenvibhav: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev + per-package-uploads12:18
cjwatsonmvo: Does http://bugs.debian.org/674338 ring any kind of bell for you?  It seems like it's probably an apt bug ...12:22
ubottuDebian bug 674338 in src:germinate "germinate: FTBFS: test failed" [Serious,Open]12:22
mvocjwatson: yes, its a recent regression with python-apt/apt in debian/unstable12:23
cjwatsonmvo: Do you happen to have the bug number to hand?12:25
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cjwatsonThat said the strace seems to suggest that the EBADFs are in dealing with a seed file ...12:25
tjaaltonis the relaxed sru policy still under review, or is there hope for bugfix release sru's for precise sometime soon?12:26
cjwatsonMy code looks OK though, perhaps some coincidental interaction12:27
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mvocjwatson: not right now, but I hope to find time to work on it today, juliank did figure out the issue already12:30
smoserstgraber, around ?12:31
cjwatsonmvo: ok, cool, I've lobbed the bug over to python-apt as a first step12:31
juliankcjwatson: It's a simple bug where apt passes a file descriptor to gzip, which closes it automatically, whereas the descriptor should not be closed automatically (unless requested so using an AutoClose flag in APT's FileFd)12:32
cjwatsonI like it when my test failures turn out not to be my fault12:34
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xnoxstgraber: rumour has it you run ubiquity from lxc container for testing is that true?12:58
seb128SpamapS, hey13:04
Bluefoxicywhat ever happened to deb patching anyway?13:16
Bluefoxicysomebody changes 1 line of code in libreoffice and you have 6 packages to update and 300MB to download13:16
BluefoxicyHell, somebody changes a 'recommends' to 'suggest' in LibreOffice and you have 6 packages to updated and300MB to download13:17
zulmterry: ping13:19
mterryzul, pong13:19
zulmterry: we have a couple of MIR that are blocking us, dwarves-dfsg, python-jsonschema, and python-repoze.lru can they be looked at toute suite?13:20
zulits also blocking some SRUs as well13:21
dobeyoi i need to do some MIRs13:24
mterryzul, OK.  What's the SRU connection?13:24
zulmterry:  dwarves-dfsg is libvirt and python-jsonschema, python-repoze.lru (new deps for python-routes) is glance related13:25
pittimterry: speaking about MIRs, are you aware that your openal-soft merge introduced quite a few new universe deps?13:25
mterrypitti, aw darn it.  I forgot to check for that13:27
pittiI created some MIRs for many other universe deps after the intial debian syncs/merges, and also dropped a few dependencies13:28
mterryzul, sorry, am still confused.  Why does an SRU for precise care which component a quantal package is in13:28
zulmterry: because we need to fix glance in quantal in order to start an SRU for it and its blocked on jsonschema not being in main, and python-repoze.lru being a new build deps for python-routes13:29
mterryzul, OK, can start looking now13:31
zulmterry: thanks13:31
stgrabersmoser: around now13:38
stgraberxnox: yes, I run part of ubiquity in containers on my machine, though I doubt it'll work for you as I'm guessing you're working on partitioning and there isn't much we can fake from a container for that part13:39
xnoxstgraber: do you get point & click interface though? =)13:40
stgraberxnox: yes13:40
smoserstgraber, i think i was going ot ping about bug 99379413:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 993794 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Precise can't connect to a network guarded by an authentication webserver whose address can only be looked up with one of the nameservers whose address is provided by DHCP" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99379413:41
smoserbut i then realize its not actually a resolvconf issue, but really more network manager's issue13:41
stgrabersmoser: yeah, that has to do with the way dnsmasq balances the requests between the servers, I believe it mostly happens when the secondary servers answer faster than the primary one13:42
smoserwell, its a generic issue. not related to speed really.13:43
stgraberwell, in theory dnsmasq will send the request to the server with the lowest latency, so if you primary server is the fastest one, you'll get the right record back13:44
tseliotpitti: I'm trying to build ubuntu-drivers-common in my quantal chroot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004747/13:46
pittitseliot: hmm, thanks; I tried to build an earlier version in my PPA successfully, but that was two days ago already13:48
pittitseliot: that's with latest aptdaemon, I presume? 0.43+bzr810-0ubuntu3 ?13:50
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tseliotpitti: let me check13:56
mterryzul, for python-repoze.lru, is there a reason to not sync back up with Debian (we added delta to run tests, but added "|| true" because the tests failed on buildd) -- could we be more selective with tests that don't need network access?13:57
zulwe could be more selective13:58
zulmterry: but im not sure how13:58
tseliotpitti: the chroot used aptdaemon_0.43+bzr810-0ubuntu314:00
pittitseliot: ok, thanks; I'll build a chroot here to replicate this14:00
tseliotok, thanks14:02
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pittitseliot: so, a local dpkg-buildpackage still works fine here; I need to run out for a bit, but letting that chroot build in the meantime14:14
tseliotpitti: ok, I'll try that14:15
slangasekroaksoax: you appear to have dropped the dh_python2 delta in python-xattr by syncing it - this is not ok, python-support is package non grata in main.  Can you please move this back to dh_python2?14:15
roaksoaxslangasek: ah yes, my bad.. missed the fact that python-support was a Dep, while the package was being build with python2 from debian. :) Thanks for noticing14:20
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slangasekroaksoax: the components-mismatches report makes us notice ;)  thanks in advance for fixing :)14:21
roaksoaxslangasek: :) is this sent over the ML?14:23
* roaksoax needs to wake up... need more coffee14:23
stgraberroaksoax: that's sent to the ubuntu-release ML14:24
roaksoaxstgraber: cool thanks14:25
* roaksoax needs to update his spam filters :)14:25
roaksoaxand subscribe to it14:26
tseliotpitti: building it locally inside a chroot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004842/14:34
SpamapSseb128: hey back. :) Whats up?14:40
seb128SpamapS, is there any way you could review 2 SRU candidate for me today?14:42
seb128SpamapS, unity and bamf in precise (unapproved), those are overdue and I would really get them out before the w.e but not on friday in case there is any issue...14:44
seb128SpamapS, if you don't have time I will try with chance with slangasek or infinity next ;-)14:45
seb128SpamapS, hey btw, how are you? ;-)14:45
bdmurrayseb128: that's bryce's bot14:46
seb128bdmurray, thanks14:47
seb128bryceh, hey, how is you bot deciding that a bug should be tagged "lucid"? it tagged a precise report "lucid" ;-)14:47
slangasekseb128: why is friday a concern for pushing to -proposed?  (not that I don't think we shouldn't get them out ASAP)14:47
seb128slangasek, "I'm there for too long", "french paranoia", "pick something that doesn't make sense to others" :p14:48
seb128slangasek, basically just me being paranoid about friday uploads14:48
slangasekseb128: well... it's -proposed, we don't require or warrant them to be regression-free at that point :)14:49
seb128right, I still like to be around and to be able to deal with any issue if there would happen to be one14:49
SpamapSseb128: I'll do as many reviews as I can today. Will start in about 1 hour.14:50
seb128SpamapS, thanks14:50
SpamapSseb128: lots of uploads from kde update too, so the queue is getting backed up14:51
seb128SpamapS, well as said I would appreciate to get that unity one out, it's over due and fix some annoying bug in the default desktop on the lts14:51
seb128SpamapS, the other desktopish ones from me have lower priority14:52
seb128SpamapS, (bamf is included in the "unity update set" btw)14:52
slangasekSpamapS, seb128: let me go ahead and queue-jump those two14:54
seb128slangasek, thanks! ;-)14:54
slangasekseb128: btw, do all of the changelog-referenced bugs have test cases in the description?  I'm going to be a hard-nose about that going forward :)14:54
seb128slangasek, yes, though the format is not strict, i.e they don't all start with TESTCASE:, but they all have steps to trigger the issue and what to test in the description14:55
slangasekok, sounds good14:55
seb128slangasek, didrocks has been strict on that, that's one of the reasons the SRU is coming a bit later in the week that planned ;-)14:56
slangasekcool ;)14:56
SpamapSslangasek: thanks :)15:09
pittitseliot: ok, I get the same errors in my pbuilder15:25
tseliotpitti: I hope those errors make sense to you15:25
tseliotI really don't know what's going on15:26
pittitseliot: they don't make sense to me yet, looking now15:27
tseliothehe, ok15:28
dupondjecould anyone upload https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/1000356 for me? Should be SRU'ed also15:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1000356 in freerdp (Ubuntu) "remmina/xfreerdp crashes while trying to use 'remote control'" [Undecided,In progress]15:37
seb128dupondje, try asking chrisccoulson or mterry they are patch pilot today according to the schedule15:38
seb128doh, though chrisccoulson still didn't apply for upload rights I think15:38
chrisccoulsoni'm meant to be patch pilot today? :/15:38
chrisccoulsonman, i suck ;)15:39
dupondjecome on!15:39
chrisccoulsonwhy do my patch pilot days always collide with firefighting?15:39
seb128chrisccoulson, yes you are! didn't google calendar email you? ;-)15:39
micahgremmina is in desktop15:39
mterryseb128, I will patch pilot, but I'm busy doing MIRs to unblock people now.  :(15:39
seb128chrisccoulson, is there any day you are not firefighting?15:39
mterrydupondje, I will look at it later today if chrisccoulson doesn't first15:39
seb128mterry, no hurry ;-)15:39
pittitseliot: ooh, it makes perfect sense now15:40
tseliotpitti: what is it?15:40
pitti-    @unittest.skipUnless(os.path.isdir('/sys'), 'no /sys dir on this system')15:41
pitti+    @unittest.skipUnless(os.path.isdir('/sys/devices'), 'no /sys dir on this system')15:41
pittitseliot: pbuilders/chroots have an empty /sys15:41
pittibut it tries to access /sys/devices/15:41
dupondjemicahg: its bug in FreeRDP lib :)15:41
tseliotpitti: ok, that would explain it15:41
pittitseliot: pushed15:42
micahgah, yeah, freerdp is in core15:42
pittitseliot: I get some more errors in my pbuilder, but these two are the ones you got15:42
dupondjeWould like to fix some more things in Remmina/FreeRDP later on15:42
dupondjecause there seems to be alot of complaints15:42
tseliotpitti: can I pull the code? (in my local branch)15:42
dupondjebroken things :(15:43
pittitseliot: yes, I pushed to my branch on github15:43
pittitseliot: perhaps wait a bit with merging it into your official one until it's working?15:43
tseliotpitti: yes, that's just for testing things locally15:43
pittitseliot: "GError: Query type 'modalias' is not supported" means that the PackageKit plugin crashed; I'll try to get a better error message out of that15:44
pittiin fact, I already have some provision for that: setting APTDAEMON_LOG and APTDAEMON_DEBUG in tests/ubuntu_drivers.py15:45
tseliotpitti: it builds here. Maybe add packagekit-backend-apt to the dependencies?15:46
pittioh, that's separate now?15:46
pittitseliot: hm, I'd need python-aptdaemon.pkcompat | (packagekit && packagekit-backend-apt)15:47
pittiI guess that expands to pkcompat || packagekit, pkcompat || p-backend-apt15:47
pitti(deMorgan, was it not?)15:47
pittiah, now I see what's wrong with the other tests15:47
tseliotpitti: shall I just test it with jockey-text?15:50
pittitseliot: shoudln't matter which jockey frontend you use15:51
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tseliotpitti: I don't think it can be tested in a chroot as it looks for the result of "uname -r" which doesn't match the kernel in the chroot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004953/16:00
tseliot(which is 3.4)16:00
pittitseliot: oh, you mean jockey, not ubuntu-drivers?16:01
pittitseliot: yes, ubiquity calls it with -k <kernel>16:01
pittithat overides uname -e16:01
tseliotpitti: yes, which I need to test ubuntu-drivers, no?16:01
pittierr, -r16:01
tseliotpitti: sudo jockey-text -l --no-dbus -k 3.4.0-3-generic doesn't seem to work16:02
tremoluxslangasek: just fyi, we uploaded a software-center for precise SRU that targets just the two issues, per our discussion yesterday16:05
tremoluxslangasek: I did most of the verifies yesterday, I'll finish the last of them for soon16:07
pittitseliot: ok, now fully builds for me as well; pushed a small fix again16:08
tseliotpitti: good. How shall I test it now?16:09
pittitseliot: would you be ok with pulling this into git, and me uploading the current trunk?16:10
tseliotpitti: sure, feel free to make a pull request and to upload16:10
zulmterry:  repoze fixed now i think16:12
mterryzul, awesome16:12
cjohnstoncjwatson: I believe its due to the cron not being turned back on after having it off for a bit for some troubleshooting.. an oversite most likely.. I have requested from IS that it be investigated..16:15
jamespagedoko: OK with you if I sync nmap from Debian?  delta no longer required (Debian have moved to dh_python2)16:21
cjwatsoncjohnston: thanks16:21
pittitseliot: argh, got disconnected16:21
tseliotpitti: sure, feel free to make a pull request and to upload16:22
cjohnstoncjwatson: its re-enabled16:22
pittitseliot: ah, thanks16:22
cjohnstonthanks for pointing it out16:22
pittitseliot: https://github.com/martinpitt/ubuntu-drivers-common/commits/master now has the release tag as well16:23
pittitseliot: pull request sent16:23
cjwatsoncjohnston: How frequently does it normally run, and how long does it generally take to update?  Just so I know how long to wait before reporting something in future ...16:23
cjohnstoncjwatson: its now at every three hours :-(16:24
tseliotpitti: merged, thanks16:24
cjohnstonso it could be up to 6 hours from now in theory16:24
pittitseliot: uploaded16:24
pittitseliot: thanks for testing it!16:24
cjwatsoncjohnston: Fun16:24
cjohnstoncjwatson: it should be brought up for discussion during the release meeting16:25
cjohnstonit needs some love16:25
cjohnstoni most likely wont be there for it, but pitti seb128 and skaet are all aware of the issue16:25
pittitseliot: would it be possible for me to directly commit to the official branch?16:27
tseliotpitti: let me check16:28
pittitseliot: I can e. g. commit to packagekit, hughsie gave me access16:28
pittitseliot: Admin -> Collaborators perhaps?16:29
tseliotpitti: I've just done that. Can you see if you have access?16:29
pittitseliot: yep, page grew an "ssh" checkout now; thanks!16:30
tseliotpitti: excellent :)16:30
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pittigood night everyone!16:34
mterryzul, hiyo.  In python-jsonschema, you write that it's "An(other) implementation of JSON Schema".  Are there others?  Presumably none in main yet?16:40
zulnone in main yet16:41
mterryzul, your patch for repoze.lru just comments out the tests, which doesn't seem like a real fix.  Do we know why they are failing?17:02
zulmterry: no they work fine locally but not in the buildds17:03
mterryzul, if they are provably bogus failures, that's one thing (and the patch should document why), but it's not clear these are completely bad tests (or at least, just need some grease to work in the buildd).17:05
zulmterry: so document the patch and try to get a real fix later?17:06
mterryzul, I meant the patch should document why the tests are provably bogus.  We don't have enough information to document it one way or the other17:08
mterryzul, I'd like either a real fix or a real explanation for why they are failing in buildd and why it's OK to ignore them17:09
zulmterry: i dont have enough information for you why they are failing but this is blocking python-routes which is blocking glance f117:09
zuland i dont have enough experience with repose.lru either17:11
mterryzul, so once you get this in main, you update glance, and then how does that work with precise?  You're not moving python-repoze.lru in precise, right?17:13
zulmterry: no we arent just quantal17:14
mterryzul, so you're selectively backporting parts of glance to precise?  But you still need the version update in quantal before you backport?17:14
zulmterry:  yes and yes17:15
zulbut repoze.lru is not a requirement for precise17:15
mterryzul, can your team commit to fixing the test stuff before alpha 1?  (I'm OK with waving my hands at the tests for now, but they shouldn't stay broken)17:16
mterry(and by fix, it may just mean explaining why buildd's can't reasonably run those tests)17:17
zulmterry: yes i can commit to fix the test stuff before alpha117:18
mterryzul, cool.  I'll file a bug for that and assign it to the server team (or you?)17:18
zulmterry:  preferably me :)17:18
mterryzul, cool, approved that one then.  Just the dwarves one has problems then, I believe17:23
zulmterry: yeah ill have a look after im done here17:29
henrixpitti: any chance of having someone looking at kernel linux-ec2: 2.6.32-345.48 ?17:30
hallynslangasek: regarding /dev/shm (set up by initscripts), I notice that sid has /dev/shm as a bind mount of /run/shm;  precise has it as a symlink.  Is that difference intended?17:31
hallyn(it affects whether sid's initscripts postinst can be deemed broken or not)17:31
henrixpitti: we have the next kernel ready to upload, but we can't do it before this one is moved away from proposed17:31
slangasekhallyn: a bind mount?  surely that's only in a chroot?17:32
hallynamazon ami17:32
slangasekhallyn: or prior to the first reboot?17:32
slangasekthen I think the ami was built wrong17:32
slangasekthe bind mount is supposed to be a temporary "until next reboot" measure in the upgrade handling17:33
slangasekafter which it should be replaced by a symlink on shutdown17:33
hallynhm. lemme look through its init17:34
hallynyeah maybe i need to reboot the ami17:36
hallynexcept of course it doesn't want to reboot17:39
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hallynslangasek: phew, right you are.  (for some reason after reboot /proc didn't get mounted, but I'll assume that's not my problem for now - instance badness)17:43
hallynso /dev/shm after reboot -> /run/shm.17:43
* slangasek nods17:43
mterry@pilot in17:47
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive open | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/HaWdtw | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> precise | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: mterry
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* dholbach hugs mterry17:52
seb128jcastro, you got your chrome unity fix in proposed, thanks to Trevinho for the fix, popey for the packaging work and slangasek for the SRU processing ;-)17:52
cjwatsonAuto-sync from unstable in progress, as agreed at UDS17:54
brycehseb128, it scans for mentions of 'lucid' or '10.04' in description or comments (think it may look in attachments too.)  Certainly it isn't foolproof18:00
seb128bryceh, ok, the bug description says "it was working on 10.04 but it's not on 12.04" so I guess that's it18:02
seb128bryceh, you don't use the same logic to tag "precise" if 12.04 is mentioned?18:02
brycehseb128, yeah that type of description will get it doubletagged.18:04
seb128bryceh, well it got only tagged "lucid" in this case18:04
seb128bryceh, i.e no precise tagging18:04
brycehseb128, it should use the same logic for tagging precise; if it isn't then that's a bug.  point me at the bug report and I'll investigate when I get a chance18:05
seb128bryceh, it's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/100124918:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001249 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "EYE for Gnome 3.4.1 installed with Ubuntu 12.04 freeze the computer when displaying jpeg pictures from my nikon camera this is not the case with my 10.04 install having EYE 2.30 'tested with same pics'" [High,New]18:05
seb128bryceh, thanks18:05
brycehseb128, ah, well to be honest these days I rely more on apport adding the tag when running apport-collect or ubuntu-bug18:06
brycehsince most of the time if they've filed a report without doing that, their bug usually is not diagnosable anyway18:07
seb128bryceh, I don't rely on the feature, I was just curious why a precise bug got tagged "lucid"18:07
brycehbut I'll check my script18:07
seb128bryceh, thanks, though it's very low priority, I was mostly curious there so don't bother much about it18:08
brycehseb128, hah, found it18:11
brycehthe bot uses brad's kernel lookup table, which hasn't been updated since maverick18:11
bryceheasy fix...18:11
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alexbligh1pitti, sorry to bother you again with what I was asking earlier. If I install a .deb with conffiles with owner root, then in my postinst chown www-data those files, then at some later date install an upgraded version of the package, will it treat those conffiles as changed (and thus not reinstall them) or will it leave them as it is?18:20
alexbligh1s/leave them as it is/install the new versions/18:20
alexbligh1I'm reading this: "Note that a package should not modify a dpkg-handled conffile in its maintainer scripts" <- does this only apply to the contents of conffiles, or also their permissions?18:22
slangasekalexbligh1: generally applies only to the contents18:27
mterrydupondje, btw, doing your bug now.  Thanks for the patch!18:28
mterrydupondje, uploaded to quantal, working on SRU for 12.0418:28
alexbligh1slangasek, so I am safe to chown conffiles in my postinst? I'm just wondering whether I should should be doing override_dh_install and a chown there at build time...18:29
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slangasekalexbligh1: files are stored in the .deb by numeric uid and you can't rely on that being the same on the build system and target system (sometimes you can't rely on the user existing at all on the build system)18:30
slangasekwell... www-data is actually an exception18:31
slangasekbecause it's in /usr/share/base-passwd/passwd.master :)18:31
slangasekso actually, yes, you can chown them in the package18:31
alexbligh1slangasek, may be override dh_fixperms then, and do a chown www-data:www-data $(CURDIR)/debian/$(package)/etc/foo18:32
slangasekalexbligh1: yep, that works in principle18:33
slangasekthough, I do have to ask, why is www-data supposed to be able to write to these files?18:33
slangasekwe generally try hard to *not* let web apps write their own configs18:33
slangaseksince that tends to lead to security problems rather quickly18:33
alexbligh1slangasek, they aren't really configs. They're .po files for different translations.18:36
slangasekso a) why do they need to be owned by anyone other than root? b) why do they belong in /etc/18:37
alexbligh1slangasek, (a) so they can be uploaded through the webserver, (b) well, there are two ways of configuring these, the old way (which involves editing the files), and the new way which involves the pofile being uploaded, sanitised, running msgfmt on it, and putting it somewhere. I really don't want to suid the last process, hence owned by www-data. They are in /etc because we want conffile behaviour on upgrade.18:40
alexbligh1(so yes they could be elsewhere but I still have the conffile interaction)18:40
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slangasekalexbligh1: well, if you're going to this much trouble to enable them to be updated via the webserver, I think conffiles are the wrong mechanism; it would probably be better to ship these as templates under /usr, and copy them to /var at package install time, letting the webserver update them there18:49
slangasektremolux: software-center accepted into -proposed now; and apologies, I had noticed the oddness of the fix for bug #999486 being commented out when reviewing the debdiff for the last one but didn't follow up18:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 999486 in software-center (Ubuntu Quantal) "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__contains__' when clicking the All Software button" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99948618:50
slangasektremolux: oh, hold up - not accepted just yet18:51
tremoluxslangasek: oh, no worries, yeah, we overlooked that  :/18:51
slangasektremolux: hmm - it seems someone has already published 5.2.2 to -updates, that was unexpected18:51
slangasek5.2.2.1 accepted into -proposed now18:52
tremoluxslangasek: ?? really?18:52
slangasekI don't know who or why18:52
tremoluxslangasek: hmm, not all of the verifies were complete18:52
slangasekwell, it's done now18:52
tremoluxslangasek: but it should not be a problem, we have all of those fixes in trunk and test everyday18:52
* slangasek nods18:52
tremoluxslangasek: so to get, we just need do the remaining verifies? (most of the unverified bugs from 5.2.2 were related to the regression and the disabled fix actually)18:55
slangasektremolux: yes18:55
tremoluxslangasek: ok, I'll look for it on here and take care of them: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html18:56
tremoluxslangasek: thanks a lot for your help!18:56
slangasektremolux: no problem :)18:56
seb128bryceh, oh, good, thanks!19:08
seb128slangasek, s-c, @who; pitti (from -changes), why: I guess it's "90% of the bugs verification-done and no verification-failed or regression signaled on a long list of bugs"19:20
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seb128slangasek, it's sometime tricky to wait that all bugs are confirmed on such updates and if most bugs are verification-done and nobody pointed regression it's better to get moving that to stale19:21
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seb128slangasek, just saying, and I might be wrong so keep the discussion for pitti if you disagree ;-)19:23
slangasekhonestly, I would rather we be prepared to kick proposed SRUs back out if we can't get full coverage19:23
slangasekbut yeah... the problem here is that tremolux had been talking with me about it, but we didn't actually mark any of the bugs verification-failed to block its promotion19:24
seb128that's one of the issues pitti raised on the list about SRU team and bug emails flood19:25
seb128somebody has to watch for any regression mentioned in any of the bugs and set a failed flag somewhere19:25
slangasekI don't think it was mentioned on the bug19:25
slangasekon any bug19:25
seb128slangasek, another issue with such uploads is that apport bugs often have no steps, they are like "they happen randomly to some users", so it's hard to get verification-done19:25
slangasekwe should've flagged it with the tag19:25
seb128i.e fixed come from guessing from the stacktrace19:26
seb128but it's hard to find anyone to verify the fix19:26
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seb128we can't block the updates for ever because "obvious code fixes" didn't get verified by anyone19:27
slangasekyes, well, errors.ubuntu.com will help with that eventually :)19:27
seb128it helps if we see that the issue stop being reported19:27
seb128but it means we need a progress tracking for specific issues which I think we don't have yet?19:27
slangasekyep - hence, "eventually"19:28
tremoluxslangasek, seb128: for bugs that are impossible to consistently reproduce (there were a couple out of about 20 fixes in this SRU), we simply try to provide the steps that can cause it and ask the verifier to do those steps repeatedly..that sort of thing19:29
tremoluxslangasek, seb128: but we are definitely counting on errors.ubuntu.com, because that's where we prioritized them from19:29
seb128tremolux, right, it's not specific to you, most of the segfaults are like that19:30
seb128i.e we have g-s-d segfaults which apparently randomly happen at logout in a racy way19:30
seb128it's hard to test them out of checking that the update creates no regression and watch the reporting status19:31
tremoluxseb128: yep, I see, just clarifying for our case19:31
tremoluxsame situation19:31
seb128slangasek, btw speaking for SRU, shotwell has a SRU with 3 bugs listed, 2 got verification-done, the third one seems to not be enough of a fix but improve things (i.e incomplete fix)19:32
seb128slangasek, what's the recommend way to mark the remaining bug in a way which doesn't hold the copy to -updates? (no reason since it fixes 2.5 issues and create no regression)19:33
slangasekseb128: mark it 'verification-done' now, then reset the state after publishing19:33
seb128slangasek, ok, thanks19:34
hallynwhat assumptions do we make about mounted MOUNTPOINT=/sys versus the rest of the base root filesystem (i.e. /usr/bin)?19:41
hallynCan I assume that if /sys is mounted, the programs installed by a package are going to be available?19:42
slangasekhallyn: no19:43
slangasekhallyn: that's probably going to change this cycle, but you can't rely on it /yet/19:43
slangasekhallyn: any reason not to just wait for the 'filesystem' event?19:44
hallynbug 995956 wants libcgroup to start earlier19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 995956 in libcgroup (Ubuntu) "cgconfig upstart job should start earlier and mount all available cgroup types by default" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99595619:44
hallynoh that should be fine19:44
slangasekhmm, well, 'filesystem' won't usually be much earlier than 'runlevel'19:45
stgraberhallyn: is there any reason not to get that out of the archive and use cgroup-lite everywhere? last I checked cgconfig was so bad it'd prevent my laptop from resuming (still haven't figured out exactly how it managed that ;))19:45
slangasek('runlevel' is basically 'filesystem' + 'network')19:45
slangasekhallyn: 'start on filesystem' definitely won't do what the bug submitter is asking for... lots of other stuff starts in parallel as soon as the 'filesystem' event fires19:46
hallynstgraber: that would be MY preference19:47
hallyni don't know why people insist on installing libcgroup :)19:47
dupondjemterry: thanks alot! more bugkills to come! :)19:50
jbernardhallyn: that would be my preference too. Also for debian, that might be the best solution19:52
hallynjbernard: i think i've asked this before, but (since you maintain it) what exactly do you need from libcgroup?19:55
dupondjemterry: won't we need a rebuild of Remmina because of the multiarch lib dirs ?19:56
jbernardhallyn: if you take out the initscripts, I think the package has some nice features.19:56
hallynjbernard: the utilities to manage cgroup settings you mean?19:56
jbernardhallyn: yes19:56
hallynmy main beef actually is not the initscripts but the daemon, which cannot deliver on its promises :)19:56
jbernardi agree completely19:57
mterrydupondje, probably, yes.  Not for 12.04, but for 12.1019:57
hallynthe submitter of the above bug was also askign for some tools to change settings19:57
jbernardthe utilities are useful, but the daemon is a nightmare19:57
mterrydupondje, it should find them in both locations I think19:57
hallynjbernard: so perhaps on top of the cgroup-lite package we should add a cgroup-mgmt package with whatever tools you like/need to use?19:57
dupondjeah but you didn't do the multiarch stuff for 12.04 ?19:58
jbernardhallyn: that would work well for me, but i don't know how many people rely on the daemon19:59
jbernardhallyn: it seems like a great idea to me, remove cgroup-bin, replace with cgroup-lite + additional utils19:59
hallynjbernard: would that scratch a big enough itch for you to want to make a debdiff adding a cgroup-lite-mgmt package?  :)20:02
jbernardjbernard: i think so, it's also an appealing way to re-sync the ubuntu package with the debian one20:04
jbernardhallyn: in which bug is the user requesting additional managment utilities?20:16
mterry@pilot out20:19
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hallynjbernard: bug 99595620:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 995956 in libcgroup (Ubuntu) "cgconfig upstart job should start earlier and mount all available cgroup types by default" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99595620:20
dupondjebdmurray: about the remmina clipboard bug. Some people commented on the bugreport when they had crashes + on the upstream tracker. I also got some emails. All those crashes got fixed. And didn't had any reports anymore. Alot of people confirm its working fine.20:39
dupondjeI'm also using it myself, and having no issues :)20:39
dylan-mHey, mterry, do you know any examples of packages with that reboot-required metadata in their control files?20:42
dylan-mI can't find anything about it, but that's probably because I don't know where to look ;)20:42
broderdylan-m: network-manager20:42
broderi don't think there's any metadata mechanism currently, unless one got added20:43
broderyou run a script which sets a flagfile20:43
slangasekbdmurray: is the security bug that let apt passwords into attachments fixed now?  (for all releases?)20:51
slangasekbdmurray: I ask because I see the bot still removing attachments20:52
dmitriinegronjl: thanks for helping iamfuzz with the partition devices problem21:04
dmitriinegronjl: I am the one seeing this on Precise: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1005486/21:04
JordiGHIs there a way to contact someone on Launchpad if they didn't provide an email?21:05
JordiGHI want to contact this guy: https://launchpad.net/~picaso21:05
slangasekyou can click the "contact this user" button21:05
JordiGHHe backported Octave to the PP release.21:05
JordiGHslangasek: I don't see anything there for contacting them.21:05
slangasekare you logged into launchpad?21:06
JordiGHYes, it says no public email21:06
JordiGHC'mon, Steve, help me out. :-)21:06
slangasekwell, there is a "contact this user" button; I don't know why you don't have it if you're logged in21:06
JordiGHAh, it's top right.21:06
JordiGHHad to grep for it.21:06
bdmurrayslangasek: just because its fixed doesn't everyone installed it21:09
slangasekbdmurray: certainly... does that mean, though, that we're not going to have any apt clone tarballs at all in bug reports for the foreseeable future?21:10
slangasekin theory those are important for reproducing upgrade bugs21:10
bdmurrayright, I heard cjwatson say that too21:10
slangasekanyone know where the packages for "ubuntu satanic edition" are?  I think one of them has called dpkg --sacrifice-goat >> plymouth21:16
bdmurrayslangasek: in the bug mvo indicated he would work on a proper fix that scans data first21:16
slangasekbdmurray: ok21:16
bdmurrayslangasek: I think at ubuntusatanic.com21:17
azeembdmurray: noooo, http://ubuntusatanic.org/21:17
slangasekwhat an obvious name for a repository21:17
azeemand it has a ad banner for MS Dynamics21:18
bdmurrayslangasek: I might look at fixing the aptclone stuff too21:18
slangasekbdmurray: that would be keen21:18
adam_ghow do i go about opening and pushing to a -proposed branch for a precise package that is getting its first update?21:25
stgraberadam_g: you can't get the -proposed branch until at least one SRU was uploaded. So the first one you need to dput without commiting to bzr first21:28
adam_gstgraber: ahhh gotcha, thanks21:29
* slangasek blinks at the follow-up to bug #100412122:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 989331 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1004121 plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo install failure because alternative is a symlink to self" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98933122:04
slangasekI certainly did not expect that22:04
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tumbleweedthe new merges.u.c is too fast. it gets ahead of the LP importer which breaks my oldmerges page :)22:55
* tumbleweed guards against that. such merges are *not* old22:56

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