bdmurraywhat is the right syntax for a moinmoin redirect?  I mean for the url you are redirecting to15:11
mhall119bkerensa: do you have the ability to set the series goal on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-q-docteam to ubuntu-quantal?16:10
bkerensamhall119: I should16:11
bkerensamhall119: done :)16:12
bkerensamhall119: btw I assume your still catching up on things but ping me when you do get the instance approved (no rush though)16:31
mhall119bkerensa: will do16:31
mhall119First I need to see if it'll even run on precise, after upgrading my local instance of SUMO stopped working16:32

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