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thelinuxerhi mohamed-ragab10:36
thelinuxerglad to have u here :)10:36
mohamed-ragabHi thelinuxer10:36
mohamed-ragabYOU Know me ?11:51
thelinuxermohamed-ragab: sorry got disconnected several times11:51
thelinuxeractually I don't :)11:51
mohamed-ragabNo prob11:51
thelinuxerjust welcoming you here11:51
mohamed-ragabthelinuxer, You are welcom11:51
thelinuxeranyone interested in free software is a friend11:51
mohamed-ragabfrom cairo ?11:51
mohamed-ragabyou are right11:52
thelinuxeryes I am, you ?11:52
thelinuxerwe should come to our next meeting ba2a11:55
mohamed-ragabi hope11:56
thelinuxerI meant you*11:56
thelinuxercool catch u later isA :)11:56
mohamed-ragabانا بعرف بعد ما بيخلص11:56
mohamed-ragabi know11:57
thelinuxerwill try to announce it early isA11:57

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