pleia2philipballew: I don't think anyone has gotten a formal response00:29
IdleOnenope not yet01:20
IdleOnephilipballew: I believe either way they will let everybody know01:21
IdleOnepatience is the mark of a good operator :)01:21
m4vthis was a test, you failed.01:32
philipballewlol, also making sure you are on top of things is :)01:52
sandydHi, can someone set my cloak? My launchpad id is https://launchpad.net/~sandyd02:02
Unit193Pici, AlanBell, funkyHat.  Just a little IRCC hilight.02:04
Unit193sandyd: Congrats!02:04
sandydUnit193: Thanks :)02:05
Unit193It may be a bit, late their time.02:16
primefalcongreetings all the, the ubuntu wiki says says to come here to set up a member cloak, launchpad profile is https://launchpad.net/~primefalcon05:15
Unit193Pici, AlanBell, funkyHat.  Just a little IRCC hilight.05:16
Unit193Bit late their time, so you may whait a while.05:17
Unit193Congrats on your membership!05:17
primefalconthx :-)05:17
primefalconand thats ok late here where I am too, so might try again tomorrow... see if anyone is around (past midnight here in Wisconsin)05:18
Unit19301:19 here in Ohio.05:19
primefalconanother night owl eh05:20
primefalconanyhow I'll pop in again tomorrow wife is already asking whats taking me lol.... take care05:22
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primefalconhey all, wiki says to come here to get an irc member cloak my launchpad link is https://launchpad.net/~primefalcon14:50
AlanBellhi primefalcon14:51
primefalconhey AlanBell14:51
AlanBellstaff can we get an ubuntu/member/primefalcon cloak for primefalcon please14:52
nikodone, congrats Pricey14:52
nikoer, primefalcon :)14:52
AlanBellthanks niko14:52
primefalconlol thx :-)14:52
nikoyou're welcome14:52
primefalconjust a quick question for other members is there any kind of meetings or such for members?14:56
AlanBellnot as such14:59
AlanBellno secret handshake either14:59
AlanBellsomeone should fix that14:59
primefalcondefinately! secret hand shakes rock15:02
njinHello can I have a cloack Ubuntu/member/njin https://launchpad.net/~fabiomarconi thanks15:10
AlanBellyes you can :)15:12
tsimpsonnjin: please identify to NickServ first though15:12
AlanBelloh, not identified yet15:12
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode15:13
tsimpsonthey are registered, just not identified (as far as I can tell)15:13
njinI'm registered (i think)15:14
tsimpsonnjin: you need to identify to the account though, /msg NickServ identify <password>15:15
tsimpsonyou should have your client do that automatically if you can15:15
njindon't know, i've got the mail.. njin,15:23
njinIn order to complete your registration, you must send the following15:23
njincommand on IRC:15:23
njinif I try to register it tell me that i'm registered15:23
njinfinally dono, sorry15:24
njintsimpson, thanks15:25
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/njin cloak for njin please15:26
nikocongrats, njin15:26
sandydHi, can someone set my nick cloak for me? My launchpad is http://launchpad.net/~sandyd20:11
Unit193AlanBell: You around now?20:13
topylistaff, can we please have an ubuntu/member/sandyd cloak for sandyd?20:16
topylithere we go. thank you20:17
Unit193(Forgot the last IRCC member...)20:17
sandydThanks :)20:18
topylisome people are less active at times than others :)20:18
Fuchscongratulations, sandyd20:18

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