goldphishAny Ubuntu kernel people around that could take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/911064 ?03:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 911064 in linux "Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Fn key not working" [Medium,Triaged]03:10
goldphishThat bug had been open for a very long time and has a rather simple fix. You just need to patch a commit from 3.3 or 3.4 into Ubuntu's 3.2 tree.03:11
RAOFgoldphish: Has that patch gone to -stable?03:13
goldphishThe patch mentioned in bug 942184 was for an older 2.6.x kernel. The commits I reference in comment #25 are in mainline trees but for 3.3.x and 3.4.x series kernels.03:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 942184 in linux "The Fn key of my Apple keyboard doesn't work" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94218403:14
goldphishmainline 3.2.x kernels do not have the commits backported03:15
RAOFThe reason I ask is that anything that gets sent to the 3.2 stable kernel will get folded into the Ubuntu kernel (pretty much) automatically. Is there a reason it *hasn't* gone to 3.2 stable?03:16
goldphishI'm guessing nobody has bothered to submit a duplicate patch.03:16
goldphishI'm not familiar with the backporting process or I would initiate that route.03:17
goldphishReading the code I can't see any reason why it would not work.03:17
RAOFGenerally when there's a small patch that fixes a bug it gets CCd: to stable, and the stable kernel process picks it up.03:18
goldphishHmm not sure why the original contributors did not do that. 03:20
goldphishIt doesn't feel right for me to copy their work and submit to 3.2 stable03:21
RAOFNo, that's perfectly fine. You don't claim its your own work, just that it's (a) safe, and (b) should be fixed in stable. See also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelPatches03:21
goldphishoh nice, that doc is very helpful!03:24
goldphishSadly my google searching for ubuntu kernel processes did not turn that up :/03:24
RAOF“site:wiki.ubuntu.com kernel dev” should get you useful pages pretty quickly.03:26
goldphishindeed will do that next time :-)03:26
goldphishSo I'll prepare a patch, submit upstream and update the existing bug.03:26
RAOFThat would be a good way to proceed.03:27
ppisatianother inexpensive arm board05:22
ppisatiunfortunately it's an armv6 chip05:22
cooloneyppisati: is that armv6, i assume it is an x86 board06:39
_rubenit's arm iirc06:44
tjaaltonthe quantal backport kenrel to precise hangs immediately after X has started, mainline 3.4 works fine06:50
tjaaltonthis on ivybridge06:50
tjaaltonbut the quantal one should be based on v3.4 as well, so wondering how that's possible06:51
RAOFtjaalton: The main quantal kernel works fine on my ivybridge, but that's not the backport kernel.06:54
* smb is tired06:55
tjaaltonRAOF: hmm, ok06:56
RAOFPossibly toolchain fun?06:57
tjaaltoncould be06:57
tjaaltonoh, i've got quantal mirrored locally.. i'll just try that one then :)07:02
tjaaltonnah, hung with that one too.. the lightdm login prompt cursor was blinking, mouse & keyboard didn't work but was able to ssh in. nothing suspicious, then it hung after a minute or so..07:08
tjaaltonand why the heck is it using vesa07:10
tjaaltonthe hang is probably related to vesafb then, stopped lightdm and it's working fine so far07:19
tjaaltonmainline 3.4 gets drm set up normally07:21
tjaaltonduh, hung with that one too07:23
RAOFAh. Well, then.07:27
tjaaltontrying 3.3.7 next07:29
jpdsIs that 64-bit x86 PAE kernel a known typo issue?07:47
jpdsbug #992414, I see.07:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 992414 in linux "linux-image-* package title and descriptions have packagers architecture rather than the contained architecture" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99241407:48
tjaalton3.3.7 is fine, but i want my overlayfs :)07:59
* apw yawns08:21
* apw watches his firewall upgrade ... while routing his traffic08:21
apwyean, i didn't consider that during upgrades one might want to use the thing, nor did i consider the number of hours it would take08:25
apwand its not the fastest box in the world either08:25
smbVery true, it is amazing it works. I think I have to do the same but wanted to do it during the weekend.08:33
* apw notes google won out on the patent infringment case with oracle08:34
smbWe should trademark "patent infringement"... 08:39
* smb wonders: how many months will it take for is, until they have fixed gomeisa...?08:43
smbGuess, the answer my friend is blowing through rt...08:44
apwsmb, i've jollied the rt along we shall see09:20
* apw notes he has finished his router upgrade and rebooted, and well i am still here09:20
smbapw, Thanks and congrats :)09:21
henrixi just realised i dput'ed a precise package with -u kernelteam:lucid :-/09:34
apwhenrix, ok that is probabally very bad09:35
henrixapw: yeah, probably it was a bad idea...09:35
henrixapw: i realised that because it failed to build09:35
apwif my experience is anything to go by we may have to delete the ppa and recreate it to allow us to upload lucid again09:36
apwwhich package is it09:36
apwthat said it is more recoverable than if you had done that to the archive itself, thats fatal forever09:36
henrixwho shall i ping to help me sort that out?09:37
apwhenrix, looking now ... i think we may have been lucky cause its LBM09:37
apwcause it is a version specific package so i think i can just delete it 09:38
* henrix is surprised the impact of that is *that* bad!09:38
apwwell if you upload a higher version of a package the version number can never go down09:39
henrixhmm... i see the problem09:39
apwso if you'd made this mistake with linux then we'd never be able to upload linux at a lower version number than the error version again09:39
henrixyeah, got it09:39
apwbut as its lbm its linux-backports-modules-3.2.0 so actually even if the PPA remembers we likely don't care09:40
apwyou may find you cannot upload it into precise either though, but lets first delete the erroring one09:40
henrixso, after sorting out this mess my next task will be to write a script that makes sure uploads will go always to the correct place!09:41
henrixand stop using dput directly :)09:42
apwhenrix, its an annoying issue as normally you let the dput use whats in the package but there are no -proposed pockets in PPAs hense you need to type it, hense you can mess it up09:42
apwhenrix, ok i've removed the bad pacakge, it takes a full publisher run to clear out09:42
apwthen you may or may not be able to upload the package you have into precise.  it may claim the version number is already present.  but we'll worry about that if it happens09:43
henrixapw: ok, thanks. will try to upload it again later on09:43
Caribouapw: howdy : any reason why the -dbgsym packages would suddently disappear from http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux/09:43
apwgive it half an hour and then see09:43
henrixapw: ack09:44
apwCaribou, they are removed from there 14 days after the package in the main archive is deleted09:44
CaribouI found the pristine Natty kernel there last week (2.6.38-8-server #42)09:44
Caribouapw: ^09:45
apwCaribou, right, thats still in the archive09:46
apwCaribou, becasue its in the -release pocket, so its still held in the pool, and so the ddebs are held also09:46
apwCaribou, i thought arges was already mirroring these cause of this behaviour09:47
Caribouapw: yes, but unless I'm blind, they are no longer there : http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux/09:47
Caribouapw: I'm working on this with arges09:48
apwok which version are you looking for which isn't there ?09:48
Caribouapw: 2.6.38-8-server09:48
diwicCaribou, hmm, I think there was a UDS session about the ddebs, where they said they deleted some ddebs to free up disk space09:48
diwicCaribou, but I don't know how the selection was made09:48
Cariboudiwic: I hope not09:48
diwicor don't remember, rather09:48
apwdiwic, hmmm ...09:49
apwCaribou, hmmm, i concur it seems to be gone, asking pitti now if they have done something different or its 09:50
apwwhether its broken09:50
Caribouapw: I'm sure it was there last week, I got a copy from there09:50
apwCaribou, ok they ran out of space and nuked them09:50
Caribouapw: luckily, I still have the extracted ddeb on a local machine09:50
apwits not clear what use hte ddeb from a natty -release kernel is, as noone in their right mind should need it09:51
apwbut yes, it was that or lose the latest ones for the latest kernels it seems09:51
apwcooloney, smb, vv10:54
apw    Pull user namespace enhancements from Eric Biederman:10:55
apw     "This is a course correction for the user namespace, so that we can10:55
apw      reach an inexpensive, maintainable, and reasonably complete10:55
apw      implementation.10:55
apw    10:55
cooloneyapw: hmmm, not sure about what's the enhancements from Eric.10:56
cooloneyapw: any URL or email? smb told me some of Eric's patch were landed in linux-next10:56
apwcooloney, this is in linus master tree, merged overnight by the looks of it10:56
apwthe beginning is worrying10:56
apw      Highlights:10:56
apw       - Config guards make it impossible to enable the user namespace and10:56
apw         code that has not been converted to be user namespace safe.10:57
apwin my version of english that implies usernamespaces are broken and off10:57
apwlets hope thats not what it means10:57
apw/git2/linux$ git log --oneline dd775ae2549217d3ae09363e3edb305d0fa19928..4b06a81 | wc -l11:03
apwsmb, can you remember how many patches we were seeing in the userns branch serge was pointing us at ? ^^11:03
cooloneyapw: does that mean new kernel with the patches from Eric will break our userspace namespace?11:03
apwcooloney, to be honest i have no idea, his english isn't very accurate so i cannot fathom the meaning with cirtainty11:03
apwi am suspecting i am going to be asking you and smb to work that out sharpish :)11:04
apwcooloney, i think he is saying that the bits which arn't converted will be impossible to turn on or build, but i am not clear11:07
cooloneyapw: no problem. i can dig into it11:08
cooloneythanks for pointing out this11:08
cooloneyyou know merging window sometime is crazy11:08
apwcooloney, and it may not be complete yet, as in there may be more to merge sometimes they do that11:08
apwthough it does sound about the size he was suggesting might be merged in 3.511:09
cooloneyapw: totally 46 patches11:11
apwyeah so about 1/3rd if my memory is complete11:11
=== BenC__ is now known as BenC
apwbjf, hey i see your PPA is nearly full ... i assume we can always delete the 'newer version available' ones right ?12:05
apwdiwic, henrix is having terrible trouble with mumble, with pulse12:19
apwdiwic, oh typically he has sorted himself perhaps12:19
diwicapw, for the wrong device being selected, did you try mumble from my ppa?12:20
apwi did some time back and i seem to remember it didn't change anything12:20
apwor was there a second attempt ?12:20
diwicapw, well, there was one bug in g-c-c and one in mumble, IIRC. And the g-c-c one should be fixed by now12:20
henrixdiwic: i may try that ppa actually 12:21
apwdiwic, oh yeah there was the volumn not beeing tracked right on mics, that is deffo fixed12:21
diwichenrix, if your problem is that you select "default device" in mumble, and it does not update when you select a default device in the sound settings, that's what it's supposed to help against12:21
apwdiwic, and there was the mumble using default device, but i tried your PPA for that and it didn't work12:22
apwas in it was still wrong, though i have mumble bolted to my snowball now12:22
apwso i don't notice it12:22
diwicapw, did you test it with the latest g-c-c that was released nine  days ago into precise-updates?12:24
diwic1:3.4.1-0ubuntu2 to be exact12:25
apwhenrix, i so need the system to know that the d in your name is optional12:30
henrixapw: what you mean by 'd'?12:31
henrixouch! just took a look at the new bugs, and it looks like there's something really bad going on on initramfs generation12:33
apwhenrix, hendrix is what my fingers type when i type your name ... call me old12:38
apwhenrix, on the 24 hours jobbie ?12:38
henrixapw: ah! right! :D12:38
henrixapw: yep, the 24 hours thingy12:38
apwhenrix, this may not be a new issue more than a lot of people upgrading right now of course12:39
apwdammit why does it report bugs in the native language ... 12:39
henrixtrue. but it does look like these reports were already running precise12:40
smbapw, There were many... 30 ... 46 all is many to me12:42
smbapw, And yeah we will find out at some point12:42
smbapw, And I believe deletion in the ppa is a manual job12:42
apwsmb, yeah its manual, and i am pretty sure we don't need 'em in there either12:45
smbNo anything superseded in any way is rather useless12:46
Caribouapw: any luck with rebuilding natty's dbgsym pkg ?12:46
smbdeleting can be a pain as you need to not exceed too many in one request12:46
Caribouapw: I have a copy of the other one, so no rush, just so I can test yours12:46
apwCaribou, actually yes12:46
Caribouapw: want me to test it ?12:47
apwCaribou, just copying them now, this is not quick12:47
apwCaribou, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/ddeb/12:50
apwtgardner, can you add a WI to the backports thingy for me to get that automation done12:51
tgardnerapw, there is a backports thingy ?12:51
* apw saw you updating it12:52
tgardnerah, taht one. too many blueprints12:52
Caribouapw: got the one I needed12:52
apwCaribou, ok cool ... let me know if they work as i can then make you any others you need i guess12:53
Caribouapw: works fine ! just complain about kernel version diffs but nothing to worry about12:54
Caribouapw: this one in particular was a problem. I was able to rebuild the -14 myself.12:54
CaribouI'll work with arges to build a local mirror12:55
Caribouapw: thanks for your help, at least now I know that I wasn't doing something wrong when I tried to build it12:55
argesapw, Caribou what happened with the build?12:55
Caribouarges: looks like apw was able to fix things12:56
tgardnerapw, this one ? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/security-q-kernel-backports - I don't think its the right one for an automation WI.12:56
apwCaribou, yeah that was definatly a "kernel version running on the build system" error12:56
apwtgardner, ok ... erm perhaps just shove it on the versions and flavours then, just so i don't forget12:57
tgardnerapw, yeah, that one is more like it12:57
apwarges, yuo can't build the very early natty kernels on a machine running 3.x the make fails12:57
* apw waits to find out if Caribou can use the rebuilt ddeb or not, useful to know if they are regeneable12:58
Caribouapw: yes it works fine, I think you missed me mentioning it12:58
argesapw, i though the builds were done in a fakeroot12:59
argesbut i guess the kernel version would be the same still12:59
Caribouapw: crash just complains about version discrepancy but nothing to worry about12:59
apwCaribou, ahh yes i should have built it without a version suffix, silly me12:59
* apw will likely rebuild and get you to retest, just so i have the process down pat12:59
Caribouapw: it's not a problem really. actually, I prefer it that way13:00
apwoh ok, then i wont :)13:00
tgardnerapw, added to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-q-kernel-version-and-flavors13:00
apwtgardner, thanks13:00
Caribouapw: this way we can know if they were 'rebuilt' or coming from the original build13:00
apwCaribou, yeah a point indeed13:00
apwCaribou, is there any others you need while i am in the process ?13:01
argesapw, are you just building from scratch or using scripts?13:02
Caribouapw: no, all the crashes I have are from the same kernel, thanks13:02
Caribouapw: but yeah, might be a good idea to tell arges how you did it, in case we need to rebuild some later13:03
apwarges, just doing a full build on our builders so i get ddebs and udebs13:03
apwarges, so literally just building using 'full_build=true' on the command line13:03
apwits good to know they are at least vagluly usable when made that way13:04
Caribouapw: I would have been surprised of the contrary : I spent hours rebuilding SLES9 kernels because SuSE never made the debuginfo kernels available13:05
apwCaribou, i would have hoped, and even assumed they would be, but knowing is so much nicer13:06
Caribouapw: :)13:06
Caribouapw: arges now back to trying to identify the KSM corruption13:06
dileksif I rebuild a package destinated for quantal on a precise host, to which distribution I shall assign it? precise | precise-proposed | precise-backports | etc.?13:40
tgardnerdileks, it hardly makes any difference unless you intend to upload it to a PPA13:41
jsalisburytgardner, Is someone free to take a look at bug 100379314:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 1003793 in linux "broadcom wireless does not work with quantal-backport-kernel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100379314:05
tgardnerjsalisbury, hmm, seems like a dkms issue.14:07
jsalisburytgardner, I added it to the hot list due to the "Reported by"14:08
tgardnerjsalisbury, I happen to have the same HW. lemme explore it a bit.14:08
jsalisburytgardner, cool, thanks!14:08
* ppisati -> brb14:14
* apw finds his dhcp server got deconfigured on upgrade14:28
apwso everything broken an hour after14:28
apwbug #100397114:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 1003971 in isc-dhcp "on upgrade lucid -> precise /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server is not migrated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100397114:39
tgardnerapw, that seems pretty  serious14:41
apwtgardner, yeah, a point, will bring it up on #ubuntu-server14:42
apwi assume we want these sorts of things resolved for .114:42
tgardnerapw, you'd think so14:43
tgardnerapw, maybe you should target that milestone lest skaet miss it.14:43
apwtgardner, done ... so14:45
apwhmmm it went confirmed already someone metoo'd it14:45
* ogasawara back in 2014:50
* apw notes that we are now anonymising ipv6 addresses outgoing ... cool14:54
dileksprivacy extensions?14:55
* ppisati -> gym, before the rest of the world goes there too...14:57
apwdileks, yeah somthing like that, random addresses as primary on the interfaces15:16
apwahh now my ipv6 is unreliable15:33
* tgardner grows old whilst watching a Dell mini-10 install 12.0415:37
jsalisburytgardner, bjf, I've been seeing allot of apt-get bugs today like bug 1002388  15:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 1002388 in linux "package linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic 3.2.0-24.38 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 17" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100238815:46
jsalisburytgardner, bjf The common error is:15:46
jsalisburySetting up linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic (3.2.0-24.38) ...15:46
jsalisburyRunning depmod.15:46
jsalisburyFailed to symbolic-link /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-24-generic to initrd.img: File exists15:46
jsalisburydpkg: error processing linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic (--configure):15:46
jsalisbury subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1715:46
jsalisburyErrors were encountered while processing:15:46
jsalisbury linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic15:46
henrixjsalisbury: yeah, i saw that too... i guess there's something really wrong with the initramfs generation. didn't had a chance to take a closer look yet15:48
jsalisburyhenrix, yeah.  or maybe the install script changed?  15:49
henrixjsalisbury: maybe15:50
henrixjsalisbury: but there are a bunch of bugs15:50
ogasawaraapw: you've got a netbook with broadcom wifi?  Could you test the 12.10 lts kernel from the PPA https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/q-lts-backport16:16
tgardnerogasawara, working on it.16:16
apwogasawara, using which driver ...16:16
apwtgardner, i assume you are talking about the brcm ?16:17
tgardnerapw, yep. I have the exact same dell mini-1016:17
ogasawaratgardner: ah cool, thanks16:17
tgardnerapw, I've just now gotten precise installed. took nearly 2 hours16:17
apwtgardner, heh then it'd be rude for me to just test it16:18
tgardnerapw, if you've got one installed, then feel free.16:18
apwtgardner, oh but ... i have a Q kernel on that machine already16:19
apwtgardner, and i am noticing i have to modprobe brcmsmac before it does anything16:19
apwtgardner, is that the complaint ?  i wonder if its that option you turned on ogasawara for the non-overlapping ids16:19
ogasawaraapw: rickspencer3 is dogfooding and claiming jockey vomits if he tries to active the driver16:20
apwgod, he used jockey, is that wise with a newer kernel16:21
tgardnerogasawara, as it should. we're not backporting dkms drivers, so perhaps this is a jockey bug ?16:21
apwtgardner, but as i say there is also something stopping brcmsmac working right with that kernel16:22
apwtgardner, which i bet is why he is running jocky in the first place16:22
tgardnerapw, I'll have a look at the overlap config16:22
tgardnerapw, according to the bug he didn't try jockey until after his wifi wouldn't work16:23
apwright which would fit the symtoms i am reporting16:23
apwi have to run sudo modprobe brcmsmac with mine16:23
apwafter reboot each time, not had a chance to track it16:23
tgardnerapw, I'll bet there are some modalias issues then16:24
apwright, and i remember ogasawara turngin somethign off recenting for brcm something perhaps its wrong16:24
tgardnerapw, CONFIG_B43_BCMA_EXTRA16:24
sforsheeapw, is bcma being loaded?16:25
apwtgardner, hmmm i am finding brcmsmac works well for me, but doesn't autoload16:27
apwtgardner, so i'd say its not that then, but we do need to find out why its not autoloading at all16:27
ogasawaraapw: I thought we had another brcmsmac sauce patch regarding autoloading, /me digs back through the git logs16:28
apwhmmm maybe we lost it then, that would expalin a lot16:28
apwogasawara, i have a test bed for that one if you find it16:28
sforsheeapw, bcma should be loaded for the pci device, it will create a bcma: device that brcmsmac should match16:30
sforsheeso first thing to check is that bcma is loading16:30
apwsforshee, rebooting now16:32
sforsheeogasawara, apw, tgardner: fwiw brcmsmac autloads okay for me with BCM4322416:32
ogasawarabug 100379316:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1003793 in linux "broadcom wireless does not work with quantal-backport-kernel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100379316:33
sforsheethe autoloading changed from 3.2 -> 3.4, brcmsmac used to match pci ids but now matches on bcma devices16:33
apwsforshee, so no brcma16:33
sforsheeapw, bcma, no r16:34
apwsforshee, not that either16:34
tgardnersforshee, its still got 'MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(bcma, brcms_coreid_table)'16:34
apwif i manually load that should brcmsmac load then ?16:34
sforsheeapw, likely16:34
sforsheewhat's the modalias for the pci dev?16:35
sforsheetgardner, in 3.2 or 3.4?16:36
tgardnershadeslayer, 3.416:36
tgardnersforshee, ^^16:36
shadeslayerhuh? oh .. ok16:36
sforsheetgardner, right. In 3.2 it was a PCI device table16:36
* shadeslayer was surprised for a moment there, having done no kernel work and being highlighted in #ubuntu-kernel16:36
tgardnersforshee, still waiting for this dell mini-10 to update. then I can look at the module aliases for Quantal 3.4. I'm suspecting that is the root of the issue, especially since things work OK after manually probing.16:39
ogasawaraapw: scratch my comment about a sauce patch for autoloading, it was a sauce patch to allow brcsmac and b43 to both build16:39
sforsheetgardner, all the pci ids that were in brcmsmac are in bcma, so I don't know why bcma wouldn't be loading16:39
sforsheeapw, you don't have bcma blacklisted, do you?16:39
tgardnersforshee, 'cause the brcmsmac IDs are for a bcma device, not PCI.16:39
sforsheetgardner, but apw says bcma isn't loading, and it should match the id16:40
sforsheethen bcma creates a device that brcmsmac matches16:40
tgardnersforshee, yeah, bcma should load.16:40
apwsforshee, ahh yes i do ... cause i have wl installed16:40
sforsheeapw, that's your problem then :)16:40
apwand i bet that is also ricks problem, i bet he has wl installed so everything is disabled16:41
tgardnersforshee, so with 3.2 bcma loads b43.16:41
apwbut i bet wl doesn't compile ... so he has nothing16:41
sforsheetgardner, I think what happens is that brcmsmac probes before bcma and thus matches on the device first16:42
apwsforshee, ok will reboot witht hat and see if it resolves16:42
apwsforshee, but i bet he has wl installed, we should ask16:43
sforsheetgardner, because both match on that pci id in 3.216:43
apwsforshee, ok that worked, bcma and brcmsamc are now both loaded and i have wifi.  so that is just a me config cause i wanted wl installed to i know if it blows up, but not being used so i test the real version16:44
apwbut as i say i bet this is a wl not working and installed iss16:44
ogasawaraapw: what's the package name again that provides the wl driver?16:45
tgardnerogasawara, ^^16:46
apwyep that thing16:46
tgardnerapw, we should write a patch for module-init-tools that blacklists on a per-kernel basis16:48
apwtgardner, yeah and we have a WI for that, but in this case its carried by wl so it still would mess us up16:49
sforsheetgardner, to fully explain the situation: b43 will still match the same bcma ids as brcmsmac if CONFIG_B43_BCMA_EXTRA is enabled, which is why we want it disabled16:49
sforsheeit was racy before, but in a way that worked out in brcmsmac's favor16:49
tgardnersforshee, I think it is disabled.16:49
sforsheewhen brcmsmac moved to matching on bcma it worked out in b43's favor16:49
sforsheetgardner, yes, I sent a patch for that last week16:50
* apw thought i saw it applied16:50
apwno idea if its uploaded mind16:50
tgardner# CONFIG_B43_BCMA_EXTRA is not set16:50
tgardnerthis is from the LTS backport kernel16:50
sforsheeyep, I think it went in with the last upload16:50
tgardnerlsmod|egrep ^b16:51
tgardnerb43                   351462  0 16:51
tgardnerbnep                   17790  2 16:51
tgardnerbtusb                  17888  0 16:51
tgardnerbluetooth             185648  24 bnep,btusb,rfcomm16:51
tgardnerbcma                   26123  1 b4316:51
tgardnerrtg@m10:/boot$ uname -a16:51
tgardnerLinux m10 3.4.0-3-generic #7~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Tue May 22 20:22:09 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux16:51
tgardner03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)16:51
tgardnersforshee, so, this is doing about what I would expect.16:52
sforsheetgardner, brcmsmac probably doesn't support that one16:52
tgardnerapw, what model do you have ?16:52
tgardnersforshee, incidentally, b43 on this machine doesn't work for shit.16:54
sforsheetgardner, performance, reliability, or both? My experience is that b43 reliability is fine, but performance sucks16:54
tgardnersforshee, doesn't even scan a beacon16:55
sforsheetgardner, what machine? It's not a macbook, is it?16:55
tgardnerdell mini-10. its a few years old16:55
sforsheeokay, no ideas then16:56
tgardnersforshee, huh, could be I need firmware.16:58
apwtgardner, ahh yes, mine loaded b43 (the dell mini 10) and that bitched about firmware16:59
sforsheetgardner, is firmware loading failing? now that you mention it I recall seeing a thread on linux-wireless about that in the past few days...16:59
apwtgardner, as i am not using it on there, i rmmod'd it16:59
apw(just noticed half an hour ago when tyring to work out why my network kept stopping)16:59
apwand now i know, its cause my firewall reneabled 'suspend on lid close' on upgrade ... POS16:59
sforsheetgardner, http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel.wireless.general/9134117:00
tgardnersforshee, I just read that one this AM, but its more of a load race then anything. I simply didn't have the firmware on disk.17:01
sforsheetgardner, oh yeah, that's a problem17:02
tgardnerapt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree17:02
tgardnersforshee, now it connects.17:02
tgardnerok, back to loading the LTS kernel17:03
ogasawaratgardner: keep me posted how the lts kernel goes after installing linux-firmware-nonfree.  I think rick's running into the same hurdle but he's gotta drop off and will pick back up tomorrow morning.17:12
tgardnerogasawara, it seems to work fine. wl would definitely screw things up17:12
* sforshee -> lunch17:13
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-lunch
ogasawarajsalisbury: for bugs coming in against the 12.10 kernel in 12.04, can you make sure they are tagged 'qa-kernel-lts-testing '18:10
=== tgardner-lunch is now known as tgardner
ogasawarajsalisbury: in the future, once apport is fixed to allow bug reporting when running the backport kernel, you should be able to edit our bug processing scripts to grep for ~precise in the version string and have it add the tag automatically18:12
* smb -> beer18:13
jsalisburyogasawara, will do18:14
jsalisburyogasawara, Do you know if there is an apport bug opened to allow bug reporting when running the backport kernel?18:16
ogasawarajsalisbury: there isn't18:16
ogasawarajsalisbury: or at least none that I'm aware of18:16
jsalisburyogasawara, should I open one, or is there already a work item somewhere to add that functionality 18:18
ogasawarajsalisbury: I was going to add a work item to one of our blueprints so it stays on our radar.  If you want to open a corresponding bug for it, feel free18:18
jsalisburyogasawara, cool, thanks18:18
jsalisburyogasawara, opened a corresponding bug 100410118:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1004101 in apport "[RFE] Allow Bug Reporting When Running Backport Kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100410118:27
ogasawarajsalisbury: thanks18:28
jsalisburyogasawara, np.  It's just a skeleton, since I didn't add many details.18:29
argestgardner, started to look at pad.lv/669641  , anything you need help with to get that one fixed?20:18
argesor rather i was going to, but just saw you assigned it to yourself20:19
tgardnerarges, huh, I guess I forgot about it. UDS likely got in the way. feel free to take it over.20:20
argestgardner, sure. was at the end of my to-do list and just got to it20:21
jsjgruber-x-pWhere's the browsable kernel git repo? The one mentioned on the kernel wiki page seems to be gone-- kernel.ubuntu.com/git20:48
ogasawarajsjgruber-x-p: which specific Ubuntu kernel are you interested in?  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git still looks valid to me20:52
jsjgruber-x-pogasawara, I'm trying to help someone on askubuntu. He wants to know where to look to see where apparmour patches were dropped from the kernel. When I go to that url . I just tried it again and it came up. Sorry for the bother.20:56
* tgardner -> EOD21:10
hggdhquestion: will the LTS backports always have a meta-package ending in 'lts-backport-<version>'? like linux-image-lts-backport-quantal?21:57
jMCgLet's go to22:50
jMCgO_o interesting. I think that ended up in the wrong channel.22:50
jMCgAnyway, hey folks o/~ I'm debugging a problem with a Ubuntu 10.04 VM not booting in KVM. All I can see in the VNC is this:22:51
jMCginit: ureadeadahead main (372) terminated with status 522:51
jMCgSo, if someone has an idea what this is, or how to properly debug it, how to get more info out of it, Ihmmmm.. Have I configured stuff for serial console properly, I wonder..22:54
RAOFhggdh: We don't know yet; it's planned to rename (as *-backports-* is associated with danger by some customers), but I don't know to what.22:58
hggdhRAOF: k, thank you. I will base my scripts on the current naming; I do hope you folks give me some advance notive when it changes ;-)23:06

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