Armageddonrapacity, o/02:35
theGrgArmageddon o/ o/ o/17:57
theGrg\o/ \o/ \o/17:58
ArmageddontheGrg, o/18:00
theGrgRyuk says he has issues with pacman saying the package key is bad18:01
Armageddonhe must disable the key checking for now as not all packages are cheksumed yet18:03
Armageddonthe problem with pacman is that it didn't check integrity of packages being installed18:03
theGrgHow come I never got anything like that?18:03
Armageddonthey moved forward and now they added that capability but not all packgaes have integrity check18:03
Armageddonyou probably have it disabled18:03
Armageddonit's in /etc/pacman.conf18:03
theGrgeh, SigLevel = Never18:04
Armageddonhe doesn't have it disabled18:04
Armageddonhe need to disable until all packages are capable of supporting i18:05
Armageddonhe need to disable until all packages are capable of supporting it18:05
theGrghe was using a core install18:05
Armageddonlivecds also have /etc/pacman.conf18:07
theGrglah :P18:07
theGrgI meant maybe it was enabled in the image he had18:07
Armageddonthat's what I said18:08
Armageddonhe has it enabled for some reason18:08
RYUKI have an issue if any1 can help18:18
RYUKhello Armageddon :)18:18
Armageddongo into /etc/pacman.conf18:19
RYUKlong time no c18:19
Armageddonand disable SigLevel18:19
RYUKdid u know the issue ?18:19
ArmageddonSigLevel = Never18:19
RYUKhow so ?18:19
ArmageddonI'm God I know things18:19
RYUKwhat is my issue ?18:19
Armageddonpacman giving you a package key is bad ?18:20
RYUKwell not bad18:20
Armageddonwhatever it is18:20
Armageddonwhat I said will fix it18:20
theGrgHere's what the last part of mine looks like RYUK (al the SigLevel lines are commented out) http://pastebin.com/UZHycMS018:20
theGrgexcept for: SigLevel = Never18:20
ArmageddontheGrg, ever herad of wgetpaste ?18:20
Armageddonyea, well that might come very handy18:21
Armageddonespecially when you have no mouse, no GUI, no browser :p18:21
theGrgI have it installed actually18:21
RYUKmight i ask what is Siglevel /18:22
Armageddonyes you might18:22
RYUKand by disabling it? how does it solve it18:22
Armageddongo ahead ask18:22
RYUKwhat is SigLevel?18:22
Armageddon18:05 < Armageddon> the problem with pacman is that it didn't check integrity of packages being installed18:22
Armageddon18:05 < Armageddon> they moved forward and now they added that capability but not all packgaes have integrity check18:22
RYUKi tried pacman-key --inint18:24
RYUKbas still the same issue18:24
ArmageddonI think that's for initialization18:24
RYUKis it better 2 intall it core wala netinstall ?18:24
Armageddonsame shit different smell18:24
RYUKi deleted the file and re initialized it bas ma zabat18:24
Armageddonafter all you'll update and get the same outcome/versions18:25
theGrgcore install will be installing and updating again18:25
theGrgnet install you get fresh packages dighre18:25
RYUKya so pacman would know the keys18:25
RYUKunlike the core ?18:25
Armageddonthere shouldn't be a difference no18:26
theGrgIt seems keys are still kinda experimental18:26
RYUKla2an i tried refreshing the keys18:26
theGrgThey were disabled by default in my image.18:26
RYUKit said generating keys18:26
RYUKtarkto for a day w ma 5olis18:26
theGrgI've never used 'em.18:30
Armageddonmaybe you should ask in #archlinux18:30
Armageddonthey know better18:30
Armageddonthey are more up to date18:30
ArmageddonI don't even use arch :p18:31
RYUKsure thx18:32
RYUK:) Armageddon18:32
RYUKand theGrg18:33
Armageddonahlan ya obbare18:33
RYUKshu hal 3aj2a honik :P18:34
RYUKbtw I want 2 ask18:34
RYUKkeef feye 2 run the command18:34
RYUKdhdcp every time bdawro la el pc ?18:34
Armageddonlots of ways18:36
Armageddonif it's a daemon add it to /etc/rc.conf18:36
Armageddonor add it to the cron18:36
Armageddonaw use wicd :p18:37
Armageddonit does it for you :p18:37
RYUKwicd ?18:37
theGrgyeah wicd does that18:37
RYUKbzeda bil module ?18:37
theGrgit's a network manager18:37
ArmageddontheGrg, baddo shighil ktir :p18:38
theGrgYou just install wicd18:38
Armageddonal head of the Linux thingy in LAU kamen18:38
Armageddonlk akhhhhh18:38
theGrgwhen you need to use internet, you run wicd, it turns everything on for you.18:38
theGrgArmageddon it's good they have a Linux thingy in the first place.18:39
Armageddonya di3anak ya salafe18:39
Armageddonya di3an 2iyemak 3al2alile kint ta3rif shway18:39
theGrgRYUK this's all I have in my rc.d daemons: DAEMONS=(syslog-ng @network crond dbus alsa)18:40
RYUKlol Armageddon18:41
theGrgin /etc/rc.conf I mean18:41
RYUKhmm shu zeyed 3ala el network file ?18:41
theGrg@ to background it18:42
Armageddonwhat network file ? :/18:42
theGrgmakes it boot faster18:42
RYUKi know that18:42
theGrgthe network daemon takes several seconds to start on my pc18:42
theGrgso I backgrounded it.18:42
RYUKeh 7ato hiek18:42
RYUKbas it doesnt activate the internet18:43
theGrgyou use dhcpcd18:43
RYUKevery time ?18:43
theGrgor simply install wicd, which does it for you with a GUI18:43
RYUKeh la na3mil install GUI 3ala el OS 1st18:44
RYUKso no i have 2 set SigLevel=never?18:44
theGrgyeah, and comment the others with #18:44
theGrgkeep my link for reference http://pastebin.com/UZHycMS018:45
RYUKbookmarked thx George :)18:45
ArmageddonRYUK, it has an ncurses version18:45
Armageddonno need for a gui18:45
ArmageddonI barely use the gui18:45
ArmageddonI set it up through ncurses on a default connection w ntahit18:46
Armageddonyou get internet during boot18:46
RYUKncuses ?18:46
RYUKncurses ?18:46
Armageddone ncurses18:46
Armageddonaw curses18:46
Armageddonwi7de minon18:46
Armageddonma btifro218:46
RYUKwhat does it do exactly18:47
Armageddonit's a library in C :/18:47
Armageddonman rou7 nti7ir :p18:47
Armageddonplease nti7ir :@18:47
RYUKdamn it bro18:47
RYUKi just installed linux18:47
Armageddonso ?18:48
Armageddonyou're a coder, I'm not18:48
Armageddonkif ilak 3en ?18:48
Armageddon7ot rasak bil arid :@18:48
ArmageddontheGrg, ever tried wicd-curses ? :p18:48
Armageddone good18:48
Armageddonkhalle rasak marfou318:48
Armageddonkhalli houwe yitalla3 bil ard18:48
ArmageddonRYUK, I'm just messing with you18:49
Armageddonbas 3ayb 3lek18:49
theGrgand some other programs with ncurses interfaces... can't remember which18:49
Armageddonfi ktir18:49
Armageddonless masalan18:49
RYUKi ll try that18:50
RYUKthey are saying it is similar to vi18:50
Armageddonvi is an editor :/18:50
Armageddonshou khas ?18:50
Armageddonvi might be written in curses18:50
Armageddonbas ma khas curses bi vi18:51
Armageddonone is an editor, the other is a library for gui graphics18:51
RYUKIt originally used the termcap library, which was used in other programs, such as the vi editor.18:51
Armageddone vi is dead18:51
ArmageddonI hate vi18:51
ArmageddonI prefer vim18:51
RYUKi use nano :P18:52
Armageddonvi byiflijne18:52
Armageddonyou're a loser ma ktalafna 3laya hay18:52
RYUKhahaha vi eh byojlot18:52
ArmageddonRYUK, bta3rif shou byi3jibne fik ?18:52
RYUKshuuu ?18:56
Armageddoninak bitjib l bahdale la 7alak18:56
Armageddon18:54 < Armageddon> I hate vi18:57
Armageddon18:54 < Armageddon> I prefer vim18:57
RYUKshu 5as18:57
Armageddonken fiya tdal honik18:57
Armageddonbas laaaaaa218:57
ArmageddonRYUK, baddo ybahdil 7alo18:57
Armageddon18:54 < RYUK> i use nano :P18:57
Armageddonbizit hal jaweb18:57
Armageddonkif shou khas ?18:57
theGrgstop picking on RYUK Armageddon :p18:58
RYUKu are talking which editors 3am te7ko18:58
Armageddonok :(18:58
ArmageddontheGrg, ok :(18:58
RYUKwhy u hatin on me broda18:58
ArmageddonI'm not18:59
RYUKbjiblak haydek el hindi :P18:59
RYUKma kiss e5et ubuntu19:00
RYUKRida 2ale 12.04 b 3a2ed19:00
RYUKI was like why not give it a try19:00
RYUKi upgraded la el 12.04 faj2a ra7 el network :P19:00
RYUKno internet19:00
RYUKbas it is connected19:01
Armageddonino we are in an ubuntu channel :p19:01
RYUKoh 3ade :P19:01
RYUKbas 5alas f2a3to format 7atet arch19:01
=== ghantoos_ is now known as ghantoos
Armageddonyi ija l batrak19:29
Armageddonbatrak o/19:29

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