bodhi_zazenmhall119: some people have asked about how you see working with forums / askubuntu00:00
mhall119we have already  been using and promoting askubuntu for app developers to ask for help with coding/packaging, etc00:00
bodhi_zazenI am active on askubuntu, so personally see no problems00:00
bodhi_zazenbut other staff are not as active on askubuntu00:00
mhall119but askubuntu isn't a good place to seek advice, and it has no social interaction00:00
mhall119the primary reason for an app developer forum is to give them somewhere for form as a community00:01
s-foxmhall119:  why do you want to create a section on the ubuntu forums, but have all technical questions directed to askubuntu  ?00:01
s-foxit seems very odd medium00:01
mhall119well AskUbuntu can't do it, and we haven't really gotten much acivity on the IRC channel00:01
bodhi_zazenmhall119: explain AU, and how forums integrates with discussion00:02
mhall119every other developer portal (android, windows, etc) has a forum for their app developer community00:02
mhall119bodhi_zazen: basically AU would be used for "How do I do X" and "Why isn't Y working?"00:02
mhall119but questions like "What's the best IDE to use?" or "Should I use Gtk or Qt?" would be directed to the forums00:03
bodhi_zazenSo Forums gain - Visibility for developers , and a place for discussion00:03
mhall119anything social would happen on the forums00:03
bodhi_zazenAU is not so great with discussion00:03
mhall119right, AU is just a knowledge base00:03
coffeecatmhall119, sending app developers only to askubuntu for technical support limits their choice. They can ask technical questions on the forum as well.00:03
mhall119coffeecat: they  can, and they will (people still ask developer help on IRC too)00:03
bodhi_zazenAU community tends to use SE chat, not IRC00:04
mhall119but in general we want to build up the amount of support information in AU00:04
mhall119SE chat?  I didn't know there was such a thing00:04
bodhi_zazenWhen I log in there, I get a list of the AU rooms00:05
mhall119well thats......yeah...00:05
bodhi_zazenand on00:05
bodhi_zazenA few AU members are active on IRC, most are in chat rooms00:05
bodhi_zazenAny other questions about AU ?00:06
* mhall119 has yet another place to lurk00:06
mhall119there was one more, but I don't remember it, and I can't find the email00:06
s-foxdoes au allow for community links mhall119 ?00:06
mhall119s-fox: community links?00:07
bodhi_zazenAU tends to direct discussion to forums, forums are more "social" that way00:07
mhall119s-fox: we're going to link to the forums on http://developer.ubuntu.com/community/00:07
bodhi_zazenAU also has meta - http://meta.askubuntu.com/00:07
s-foxwe recently linked to other areas of the ubuntu community mhall119 , such as askubuntu and launched answers, it would be nice to see the link exchange returned00:07
bodhi_zazenAU links to forums commonly00:08
mhall119s-fox: I don't know about AU, but I plan on heavily promoting the use of the app developer forums00:08
bodhi_zazenThe netiquette , however, on AU is to re-post forums post with link00:08
bodhi_zazenAU does not like it when you answer with a link to wiki or forums, and no content00:08
s-foxbodhi_zazen:  i was thinking akin to our nab bar menu items00:08
bodhi_zazenWe could ask on meta00:09
bodhi_zazenmeta is sort of the place to ask for that s-fox00:09
bodhi_zazenbut AU community makes fairly heavy use of forums00:09
s-foxbodhi_zazen:  i could speak with jorge00:09
bodhi_zazenso they would probably be open to it00:10
bodhi_zazenThat too s-fox00:10
bodhi_zazenposting on meta either b4 or after would help ;000:10
bodhi_zazenOther questions for mhall119 ?00:10
bodhi_zazenmhall119: do you have questions for us ?00:10
bodhi_zazenNext up - open floor - although s-fox has a topic00:11
bodhi_zazen[TOPIC]Open floor00:11
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mhall119is there a way to make a link that will create a new forum thread if one by that name doesn't already exist?00:11
bodhi_zazens-fox: topic00:11
bodhi_zazenI do not think so mhall11900:11
cariboo907there is an option to search if there is something similar, when creating a new thread00:12
bodhi_zazenAnyone else have any questions or issues ?00:12
mhall119ok, I would like to make a new thread for any new tutorials we add, I guess I can just make them manually and add the link00:12
bodhi_zazenmhall119: tutorials on wiki or askubuntu ?00:13
s-foxi request guidance on replies to the welcome message. i have been receiving 10ish email per day quoting message and then a series of stars. i assume this is spam filter in action, would it be okay to ban users who send these type of message ?00:13
mhall119bodhi_zazen: on developer.u.c00:13
mhall119dpm is putting together a collection of tutorials there00:13
overdranks-fox +100:13
cariboo907s-fox, I did, when I handled the welcome message00:13
bodhi_zazens-fox that is one of the joys with welcome message =)00:14
bodhi_zazenIf it seems like spam, I will ban00:14
s-foxbodhi_zazen:  it bites00:14
bodhi_zazenWho will take welcome message this month ?00:14
cariboo907I will00:14
coffeecatAs a general point, I'm uncomfortable with using the censor list for spam domains. It removes the evidence.00:14
* s-fox thinks we should have a welcome bot 00:14
IowanWith THAT kind of promo?00:14
s-foxseriously, noone should reply to welcome message00:15
bodhi_zazencariboo907: do you know how to make that change in the admincp ?00:15
cariboo907Yes I do00:15
bodhi_zazenOK, teach overdrank or Iowan or some other admin to do it00:16
s-foxbodhi_zazen:  welcome bot to send all welcome messages  ?00:16
bodhi_zazenPart of rotating tasks is getting everyone up to speed00:16
cariboo907Sure, no problem00:16
bodhi_zazenThank you00:16
bodhi_zazenAny other topics00:16
* bodhi_zazen adds Welcome message to monthly chores00:16
* s-fox wants 4 weeks off adminny type things00:16
Iowancariboo907: Show me...00:17
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meetingologyMeeting ended Thu May 24 00:17:26 2012 UTC.00:17
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s-foxthank you all for coming to the meeting :)00:17
bodhi_zazenwe are over our hour, bring any additional topics / questions to #ubuntuforums00:17
bodhi_zazenThank you all for coming and participating in the community00:17
mhall119thanks everyone00:18
moergaesBye and good night!00:18
s-foxau revoir00:20
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vibhavHas the meeting started?15:20
dholbachvibhav, in 40m15:21
dholbachwho else do we have here for the MOTU meeting?16:00
dholbachperfect - we probably better get started - others might hop in in a few :)16:01
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dholbachthis is the first MOTU meeting in a long while, so please bring up whatever you want to discuss, even if it's not yet on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Meetings16:02
dholbach#topic meeting times16:02
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dholbachwhen we discussed this at UDS, the proposal was 2nd & 4th Thursday, 16 UTC16:02
dholbachback then we already realised that this might be bad for some16:03
ajmitchbad for a few :)16:03
highvoltageit's right over lunch time EST, but I can live with it.16:03
dholbachajmitch, isn't it insane o clock where you are? :)16:03
micahghighvoltage: it's the middle of the night for ajmitch16:03
broderoh, o/ btw :)16:04
broderlooking at the wrong window16:04
dholbachgeser dug out the meeting times of the last MOTU meetings and it seems we alternated between 4:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC16:04
dholbachand AFAIK the new RMB teams will meet at 10 and 20 UTC to try to cover most of the world16:05
dholbachany strong feelings about either of the possibilities? :)16:05
* ajmitch is still of the opinion that rotating meeting times is only useful if you'll have enough people show up16:05
pleia2dholbach: 12 and 2216:05
dholbachthanks pleia2 - I was close, wasn't I? :)16:06
dholbachwe could trial one of the solution for a couple of months16:06
dholbachany strong feelings or should we move this to the mailing list?16:07
asomethingto the list!16:07
dholbach#action dholbach to mail list about meetings times16:08
meetingologyACTION: dholbach to mail list about meetings times16:08
dholbachmoving on16:08
dholbach#topic MOTU School (Bhavani Shankar)16:08
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: MOTU School (Bhavani Shankar)
dholbachit's unfortunate that Bhavani can't make the meeting, but he wanted us to briefly talk about MOTU school and ideas for this cycle16:08
dholbachI think there was a work item in the blueprint as well16:09
dholbachdoes anyone still have it in front of them?16:09
tumbleweedcan't see a workitem https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-q-motu-bof16:09
highvoltagebhavani is in UTC+6 right?16:09
dholbachI think the idea was to have a couple of training sessions throughout the cycle16:10
dholbachhighvoltage, UTC+5h30m I think16:10
vibhavhighvoltage: UTC+053016:10
dholbachok, I can't find the action right now, but I think it was Bhavani (and others)  who wanted to have some training sessions this cycle, not as often as weekly, but every now and then16:11
dholbachto provide an entry point for new contributors16:11
asomethingI think we could probably swing a few sessions, I just don't want to start promising regular sessions again and then fail16:11
ajmitchit's a nice idea, as long as someone's willing to run them16:11
dholbachmaybe we could discuss a few ideas and collect a list of people who won't volunteer, but at least want to be involved in the discussions?16:12
tumbleweedif it is only one or two sessions, that should be easier to staff, than a week-long UDW16:12
dholbachyes, it should be a lot easier, if we would for example do a Q&A session or a "demo a bug fix" session16:13
dholbachwhich doesn't huge amounts of preparation16:13
dholbach... require ...16:13
dholbachdo we have any reasonably new contributors here with some requests for training sessions?16:13
dholbachvibhav, what would you like to see discussed in one of those sessions?16:14
vibhavThe debian/rules file16:15
highvoltagemaybe I'm going a bit off-cource, but it might be nice to have some kind of a list of people who'd like to attend beginners training, and every time there's 5 or so people in that list a session is scheduled. when there's small groups of enthusiastic people then google hangouts might be nice for that too. (and as I'm typing that I'm already dreading all the problems that come with google hangouts)16:15
vibhavIt took me some time to understand it :)16:15
dholbachhighvoltage, nice idea16:15
dholbachvibhav, yes - sounds good16:16
dholbachasomething, maybe we can even steal some of the content for the packaging guide :-)16:16
dholbachhighvoltage, I'd really like to get semi-regular hangouts going - as an experiment this cycle16:16
asomethingsure, there's also stuff that's been done before that we can update: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training/Logs16:17
dholbachah yes, that might serve as a great basis16:17
highvoltagedholbach: nice :)16:17
dholbachit really doesn't hurt to repeat topics16:17
dholbacheverytime at UOW or UDW there's new folks who listen to the same "get started" sessions :)16:17
dholbachok, that sounds like a good start for Bhavani and others :)16:18
dholbacheveryone OK, if I mail Bhavani and CC the lot of you? :)16:18
dholbachok :)16:19
dholbach#action mail Bhavani with info about MOTU School discussions, CC everyone who showed interest in the topic16:19
meetingologyACTION: mail Bhavani with info about MOTU School discussions, CC everyone who showed interest in the topic16:19
dholbach#topic review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/FAQ/New_Draft (Bhavani Shankar)16:19
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/FAQ/New_Draft (Bhavani Shankar)
dholbachBhavani updated the MOTU FAQ and wanted us to have a look at it16:19
vibhavThat FAq is a bit short16:19
dholbachI think it'd be good if we all quickly went through it and commented in here, so he can review the log later on16:20
tumbleweedthere are definitly language issues to sort out (I almost sat down and edited it, but wanted to chat to him first)16:20
dholbachvibhav: if you have some questions you feel should be answered, feel free to ask them in here16:20
dholbach... so they can be addressed16:20
vibhavI dont have any questions till now16:20
dholbachfor "What prerequisites do I need to start off ubuntu development?" I think I could borrow some text from the packaging guide16:21
highvoltageit would be nice if it had a bunch of packaging related questions and answers.16:21
tumbleweedIt may be worth leaving in a question on mentoring that maakes it clear that there isn't any, just use #ubuntu-motu16:21
vibhav"Is MOTU Rocket Science?"16:21
dholbachtumbleweed: good point :)16:22
highvoltagedoes motu get a lot of questions about what ubuntu is? if that's the case then perhaps that page should also link to a more generic ubuntu FAQ first16:22
tumbleweedhighvoltage: that also occured to me16:22
tumbleweedwe do get lots of questions from new users asking what programming languages they need to know, that could probably be better addressed in the FAQ16:22
highvoltagetumbleweed: *nod*16:23
dholbachit sounds like we can very easily fix a couple of things in there, and also merge the missing old content from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/FAQ16:23
vibhavA question like: Do I need to know any programming languages for MOTU?16:23
dholbachI think if we all take just a couple of minutes after meeting we should be able to sort most of this out very easily16:24
vibhavdholbach: I thought it was no, one can contribute to MOTU by only bringing upstream changes to Ubuntu or backporting fixes16:24
dholbachvibhav: can you elaborate? I'm not quite sure I understand16:24
dholbachbringing upstream fixes in and backporting them is definitely a good way to contribute - not the only one, but definitely a good one16:25
asomethingvibhav, I think dholbach was saying "yes, we need that question in the FAQ" not answering it yes16:26
highvoltageit would be nice if we could link to my "where's the right place to submit my fix!?" flowchart once it exists :)16:26
vibhavdholbach: Sure, For example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/873784 , Fixing it in Ubuntu only requires one to copy the changes from upstream and preapre a debdiff16:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 873784 in accountsservice (Ubuntu) "reload_passwd uses fgetpwent rather than getpwent, ignoring /etc/nsswitch.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:26
vibhavhush you stuipid bot16:26
dholbachyes, that's definitely a good way to contribute16:26
vibhavSO, Apparently, You dont need to know any programming language16:27
vibhavJust a knowledge of the debian build toolchain :)16:27
dholbachit helps, but there are tasks where you don't need to know much yet and where you can learn as you go :)16:27
dholbachalrightie, we should probably just all take a look at it later on - I'm sure Bhavani will appreciate it16:28
dholbachshall we move on?16:28
dholbach#topic Update from Developer Advisory Team16:28
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Update from Developer Advisory Team
highvoltagein many cases it's more important to know the policies around the languages, like python or perl or ruby each have their own additional policies and tricks in addition to the usual packaging things16:28
micahgPHP, R, haskell...16:29
dholbachhighvoltage, yep - I'm sure we can phrase it in a general and reassuring way still :)16:29
dholbachasomething, broder, huats: did any of you prepare anything update-wise? :)16:29
ajmitchmicahg: dont forget C#16:30
highvoltageheh, I didn't even realise that that could sounds scary16:30
brodernope, i haven't had time to do anything :-/16:30
asomethingdholbach, I didn't get around to much DAT wise in the past week16:30
dholbachthe only thing I have from the advisory team is: in the last 3-4 weeks we had 5 people joining ~ubuntu-dev which is great :)16:30
dholbachand also we have the first very new people contributing to quantal16:30
dholbachalthough I expect more new folks getting involved in fixing their pet bug in precise still16:31
dholbachasomething, broder: I didn't get much done either - more in the next week :)16:31
dholbachany questions for the advisory team people?16:31
geserwhat is the Developer Advisory Team? hearing it the first time16:31
dholbachoh ok16:32
ajmitchtop-secret cabal16:32
dholbachforgive me, if I quote from the wiki page16:32
dholbachThis team in terms of UbuntuDevelopment, tries to fulfill the following tasks in the Ubuntu world:16:32
dholbach    Reach out to new contributors, thank them for their work and get feedback.16:32
dholbach    Reach out to people who might be ready to apply for upload rights and help them.16:32
dholbach    Reach out to contributors that went inactive and get feedback from them and offer help.16:32
vibhavA seperate channel dedicated for new contributors run the the DAT for questions might help16:33
dholbachthe idea of it was to close some of the gaps in process by social means - currently on the team are asomething, huats, broder, bhavi, warp10 and myself16:33
dholbachthe team has been in place since some time in the last cycle16:33
vibhavDoes the DAT have a facebook page or something16:33
ajmitch-motu itself is quiet enough, I don't think a separate channel is necessarily a good idea16:34
asomethingdholbach, is your lightning talk about DAT from UDS online?16:34
dholbachand a report of the outreach to new contributors has largely been put together by asomething here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~andrewsomething/dat/16:34
vibhavOr the Ubuntu Developer Page on G+ could congratulate people who have got their first fixes into Ubuntu16:34
dholbachasomething, I don't know16:34
dholbachvibhav: up until now the DAT has mostly been reaching out to new contributors on a personal level - we never wanted it to become a mentoring team16:35
dholbachwe felt that #ubuntu-motu or the motu mailing list were much better candidates to answer all kinds of questions16:35
dholbachgeser, does that sort of answer your question?16:35
dholbachok cool16:36
dholbachany more questions?16:36
dholbachok, moving on then :)16:37
dholbach#topic Review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative (dholbach)16:37
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative (dholbach)
broderhey guys - need to run early. don't give me too many actions ;)16:37
dholbachanother thing we discussed at UDS was to have regular bug fixing initiatives during the cycle and to use some of the time of the MOTU meetings to review the list and announce if afterwards, so new contributors have some predictably easy tasks to get started with16:38
ajmitchbroder: that's just asking for it..16:38
highvoltagethat's like fixit fridays right?16:38
dholbach#action broder to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative with new thoughts and clever ideas16:38
meetingologyACTION: broder to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative with new thoughts and clever ideas16:38
dholbachthanks broder16:38
vibhavWhat about a sponser-it-$DAY ?16:38
ajmitchhighvoltage: right, but getting the list together of things to work on beforehand16:39
dholbachhighvoltage, yes, but we'd keep the list up until the next motu meeting - so more like a "fix it week" or "fix it 14 days" :)16:39
highvoltageheh, ok16:39
tumbleweedhighvoltage: also deals with all the newbies coming into the channel saying "what can I help with"16:39
dholbachvibhav: I would hope that the patch pilots would handle that16:39
vibhavah fine16:39
dholbachso does the page look generally alright to you? anything we should change or add?16:40
ajmitchit's a good start for the week, we don't want to overload people with 500 things to fix16:40
dholbachthe speling-errors-in-description are just for ubuntu packages, so we should be able to more easily get them in16:40
dholbachajmitch, any other tasks we should be featuring? (maybe for intermediate contributors)16:41
micahgdholbach: security CVE fixes :)16:41
vibhavdholbach: backporting fixes?16:41
dholbachvibhav: like which? from which list?16:41
ajmitchthe perennial favourites of the rc bugs list which I'll rewrite any day now(tm)16:41
dholbachmicahg, if we can curate a list of a few which should be reasonably easy - that'd be awesome16:41
micahgdholbach: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/HighlightedPackages16:41
* micahg isn't sure if they're easy though16:42
ajmitchsecurity fixes is a good one16:42
vibhavdholbach: I dont know any lists though, but we could create a list for backporting fixes16:42
ajmitchthey don't have to be easy16:42
dholbachmicahg, awesome - just to be sure we could pack it into the "experienced contributors" section16:42
dholbachvibhav: the problem with curating lists of easy tasks is that it's easier if you have a list you can pick them off16:42
dholbachmicahg, would you be fine with those bugs being on the UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative page?16:43
vibhavEg: A bug reported from 1.04 is fixed in an SRU in 11.10; There could a list for "SRUs missing from the Ubuntu version they have reported"16:43
micahgdholbach: sure, though the list changes every week, so you might just want to link to the page16:44
dholbachmicahg, nice16:44
asomethingI liked the idea of teaching about patch systems by finding a few good patches from: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.subscriber=ubuntu-reviewers&field.tag=patch16:44
asomethingI can take an action item to add a handful to the wiki page16:44
dholbach#action asomething to review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.subscriber=ubuntu-reviewers&field.tag=patch and add a few to the bug fixing page16:45
meetingologyACTION: asomething to review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.subscriber=ubuntu-reviewers&field.tag=patch and add a few to the bug fixing page16:45
vibhavBut that would require some help from Launchpad too :)16:45
dholbachI also added the lists you mentioned to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative/Organisation so it will be easier next time to pick tasks :)16:45
micahgwell, over half the archive should be source format 3.0 by now16:46
dholbachok, I think that should have us set up to announce our first bugfixing initiative early next week - what do you think?16:46
ajmitchsounds good16:46
vibhavdholbach: A list for fixing easy lintian errors16:46
vibhavLike "Outdated Standards Version"16:47
vibhavchanging the source format to 3.016:47
vibhav... etc16:47
dholbachthe issue with many of them is that these changes would better be done in Debian16:47
highvoltagewell... sometimes those are better to fix in debian16:47
vibhavI almost forgot that16:48
dholbachso we can sync the changes and not keep a delta just for a string change which almost has no impact16:48
dholbachvibhav: but if you can think of something really easy for new contributors, feel free to add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative/Organisation16:48
dholbach#topic any other business16:48
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: any other business
* dholbach reloads agenda page16:48
dholbachno, nothing new on there -- does anyone have anything they'd like to talk about?16:49
vibhavlet me think16:49
vibhavCould the packaging guide be translated?16:50
dholbachha, great you're asking!16:50
vibhav(Though it sounds silly)16:50
micahgdholbach: well, maybe towards the end of the cycle, helping Debian reduce their RC bug count once they're frozen16:50
vibhavOh wait, it can be16:50
dholbachand the translations updates will automatically flow into trunk16:50
ajmitchmicahg: that should be sometime next month, probably worth doing that after feature freeze16:51
dholbachwe are currently figuring out how we can deliver these changes in Ubuntu (separate packages for separate languages, etc.) and to figure out how complete we want translations to be before we ship them16:51
dholbachhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/+bug/961936 has more of this discussions16:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 961936 in Ubuntu Packaging Guide "Only ship translations which accomplish a certain level of completion" [High,Triaged]16:51
dholbachmicahg, yes, totally16:51
vibhavdholbach: I agree16:51
dholbachmicahg, on the bug fixing initiative page we have some instructions for how to submit fixes to debian for packages which are not ubuntu-only16:52
dholbachin the future we might want to collaborate with the debian-derivatives to pick a few targets we want to advertise16:52
micahgdholbach: yes, but I'm talking about gleaning the Debian RC bug list that's unfixed and submitting patches16:52
vibhavdholbach: Lintian error for Ubuntu-only packages16:52
micahgthen we can sync the fixes to Ubuntu16:53
dholbachmicahg, yep, exactly16:53
dholbachsounds great to me - would you like to start doing that now already or in one of the next bug fixing initiatives?16:53
ajmitchmicahg: I've got some work items about the reverse RC bugs page, where we've fixed something in ubuntu16:53
micahggah, I forgot to do my work item of writing the criteria for dropping universe packages not in Debian16:53
dholbachmicahg, ^? :)16:54
vibhav"check for packages that are worth removing from the next release"16:55
micahgdholbach: I think later in the cycle is fine (once Debian is frozen and that RC bug list is the release criteria)16:55
dholbachvibhav: yes, that's an action in here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-q-motu-bof :)16:55
vibhavdholbach: I think  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/+bug/961936 should be for all packages in the Ubuntu Archive16:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 961936 in Ubuntu Packaging Guide "Only ship translations which accomplish a certain level of completion" [High,Triaged]16:55
ajmitchmicahg: run wild with that chainsaw, please :)16:55
dholbachmicahg, ok, great - I'll keep you in mind for that :-)16:55
dholbachvibhav: maybe it'd be a good topic to discuss in #ubuntu-translators16:56
dholbachis there any other business?16:56
dholbach#action dholbach to update minutes and wiki page16:57
meetingologyACTION: dholbach to update minutes and wiki page16:57
dholbachdo we want to pick a chair for next time?16:57
micahgdholbach: here's a handy link foe the Debian bug initiative: http://upsilon.cc/~zack/hacking/debian/rcbw/16:57
dholbachmicahg, thanks, noted on the ..../Organisation page16:58
tumbleweedyeah, we can't make you chair them all :)16:58
asomethingdholbach, not if we don't know what time next time is16:58
ajmitchbroder volunteered, didn't he? :)16:58
dholbachespecially if we should decide in the meantime that all meetings are going to happen at 4 my time :-P16:58
dholbachajmitch, haha16:58
dholbachasomething, yes :)16:59
dholbachok, let's leave it open until next time, then - I'm sure we'll find somebody16:59
dholbachbut I'll add it as a standing agenda item16:59
dholbachthanks a lot everyone16:59
vibhavThere should be an FAQ on how does one apply to be a maintainer for an orphaned package16:59
dholbachthis was an awesome MOTU meeting16:59
* dholbach hugs you all16:59
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Ubuntu Meeting Grounds | Calendar/Scheduled meetings: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs | Meetingology documentation: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu May 24 16:59:44 2012 UTC.16:59
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-05-24-16.01.moin.txt16:59
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-05-24-16.01.html16:59
vibhavGood night everybody!17:00
dholbachnight :)17:00
highvoltagebroder: we should probably talk about those facebook ads some time :)17:00

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