hadsMissed it. Morning.08:35
kcjYou're rather late.08:39
mwhudsonwell, that was peculiar21:26
mwhudsoni arrived at work to find so many wifi dialogs that the drop shadow was solid black21:27
mwhudsonand then on trying to reboot, got stuck at a black x screen with pointer for a couple of minutes before lightdm appeared21:27
ajmitchthat's a bit concerning21:28
lifelessmwhudson: iwlwifi ?21:29
mwhudsonlifeless: yes21:29
mwhudsoni should say that i'm running a mainline kernel21:29
mwhudsonto try to chase down https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/98273821:29
ajmitchiwlwifi/iwiagn seem to have a few issues21:29
lifelesss/a few//21:30
mwhudson03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34)21:30
mwhudsonKernel driver in use: iwlwifi21:30
mwhudsonit was perfect for me until about a week before precise got released :)21:30
ajmitchof course :)21:31
* ajmitch made the mistake of trying to resize an ntfs partition while using wifi - kernel panic 21:31
ajmitchI didn't care about any of the files on the partition, but it was a pain21:33
lifelessthumper: so when are you guys publishing the nzpug keynote list ?21:40
thumperlifeless: ask thomi :)21:50
thumperI'm not sure21:50
thomioh. We'll probably announce keynotes one at a time, rather than all at once21:50
thomiand it'll start happening... soon21:51
thomiwhere: 0 days < soon <= 30 days21:51
mwhudsoni see you are not using the computer person definition of soon there21:51
ajmitchbecause he's put an upper limit on it?21:52
mwhudson  In case you're not a computer person, I should probably point out21:54
mwhudson  that "Real Soon Now" is a technical term meaning "sometime before21:54
mwhudson  the heat-death of the universe, maybe".21:54
mwhudson                                     -- Scott Fahlman <sef@cs.cmu.edu>21:54
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