bazhang<lymon> oh the other os im trying to install its some os i found on warez05:20
bazhang<lymon> Windows Mac OS Pro Xp 201205:21
bazhang<troll> ?05:21
bazhangthats a nasty hostmask if I am reading the spanish correctly05:28
Madpilotthe guy you just showed the door in #u?05:28
bazhang<ViveElNorte>  why was I banned?05:29
bazhangMadpilot, yep ^05:29
bazhanglymon back with more nonsense05:38
bazhang* [omenz] (~vx@ unknown06:11
bazhangthis looks like that user 'poison crew' known troll06:11
bazhang<CokeAddict> bazhang how do I google?06:15
bazhangnot going to respond...06:15
Madpilotjust saying06:17
Madpilotand yes, I know we usually discourage that sort of thing06:17
Tm_Tjust no06:17
bazhangyeah. so not going to respond, I value the CoC06:18
bazhang<s4ltnesst00dles> nm6 shut tht anus pls will ya   that was omenz /poison crew06:36
Tm_T...then who are you? (: ^07:20
bioterrorthe another fella07:20
IAmNotThatGuyNot that guy for sure :)07:22
jussioh dear... they let IAmNotThatGuy in here? :P07:32
Tm_Tjussi: unfortunately07:32
jussipoor us :P07:33
* jussi hugs IAmNotThatGuy07:33
bioterrorthis is like from the "Spaceballs" the moment when the apes sees spaceballs coming out of the maids nose07:33
IAmNotThatGuyJussi Ohai :)07:33
* IAmNotThatGuy hugs back07:33
bioterror"there goes our planet"07:33
ubottuWizard called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()07:35
jussiTm_T: and if you want to know who he is... see his hostmask.. ;)07:35
IAmNotThatGuyTalking about that guy????07:36
Tm_Tjussi: that's not the point (:07:44
bazhanggood movie though11:59
tonyyarussoDid Ubuntu stop using -security as a separate repository section?  I keep noticing my MOTD saying things are security updates, but they're coming from the normal -updates, and it's throwing off my monitoring software.16:46
topylitonyyarusso: -security is working for me. maybe you should try another mirror16:49
tonyyarussotopyli: Hrm, this is with the main archive.  Weird....16:49
topylilet me check. i did get updates this morning16:49
tsimpsonI think they push to both -security and -updates16:49
topyliyep, at least my finnish mirror works16:51
tonyyarussoSee http://pastebin.com/Y1yDY67Q16:53
tonyyarussoand the same thing on precise:  http://pastebin.com/KLxRvnt516:54
popeyi thought -security was the central one so guaranteed to be right even if mirrors are messed with16:56
popeybut packages go to both -security and -updates, so they hit mirrors16:56
tonyyarussoWell, *something* has changed, because a year and a half ago when I was writing up something with this an apt-get -s upgrade would show them as coming from -security.16:58
tonyyarussoI wonder if there's a priority preference somewhere now.16:58
tonyyarussoOkay, I can confirm that they go both places - if I comment out -updates in my sources list and update, it shows the same packages as coming from security.17:01
tsimpsontonyyarusso: it's probably just sorted alphabetically and the first one with the file is chosen17:30
tonyyarussotsimpson: Maybe...  There seem to be various Priority and Default-Release preferences for APT, but I'm not quite clear how to use them yet.17:35
tsimpsonapt has an "interesting" configuration scheme17:36
topylii like that. "interesting". like breezy badger was "special"18:04
Myrttinothing beat Warty18:05
Myrttiit was painful enough that I updated it to Breezy immediately18:05
topyliwell warty really was special18:05
topyliusing it during development was what i would call "special". but i don't think anyone really though someone would actually use it. it was not linux for human beings18:06
jussiit was quite simply... warty! :D18:08
topylihey, it had the latest gnome! debian's gnome team was lagging a bit at the time, and ubuntu managed to recruit a few great gnome people18:10
topyliwho cares if x crashed, gnome was up to date! :)18:11
MyrttiI'm still bitter about the 6.06.1 update18:12
Myrttior the one before it18:12
jussibah, and here I was thinking this was -offtopic...18:13
topyliit often is :)18:13
mneptoknedz moar kittehs18:19
tonyyarussoHuh.  The priorities in 'policy' seem right, but then it grabs the wrong one.20:13
tonyyarusso        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main i386 Packages20:13
tonyyarusso        990 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-security/main i386 Packages20:13
jpdstonyyarusso: We certainly want people to get packages from -updates rather than -security if they're there.21:39
jpdstonyyarusso: security.u.c == a small number of hosts.21:40
jpdstonyyarusso: People go there first to get the security fixes quick.21:40
jpdstonyyarusso: Then as the mirrors catch up, people go to -updates with their respective mirror instead.21:40
tonyyarussojpds: Okay, that much makes sense, but doesn't explain a) Why that wouldn't act on the hostname instead of release, and b) why it seems to be in direct conflict with the priorities APT is displaying.21:57
tonyyarussojpds: My paste just has the defaults from installation, but normally I would have it set to all of those lines being a local repository mirror, so -updates and -security are coming from the same location.21:58

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