WebVisitor-3Hi there!04:25
WebVisitor-3just installed utouch, how to activate it?04:26
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bregmaecho... cho... ho... o...14:17
cndI have to fix up a couple X patches, and then I'm going to be doing research and actually noting down findings14:19
cnddandrader, bregma: standups :)14:19
dandraderStudying how mouse events propagates in nux, etc. Started working on the propagation of gesture events in nux.14:20
dandradergood morning14:20
bregmaI'm (a) fixing bug #803408 'cos it's a simple fix (and a complex test case) and trying to track down that segfault in gesture-accept14:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 803408 in utouch-geis "Subscribing with an empty list of devices subscribes all events" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80340814:22
cnddandrader, btw, is bug 901692 what you were asking about yesterday?14:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 901692 in utouch-geis (Ubuntu) "Need a per-subscription callback context parameter" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90169214:25
dandradercnd, looks like it14:27
cndbregma, have you had any thoughts on how to resolve that?14:28
dandraderalthough I'm not sure yet how much (if at all) that would help me with the gestures delivery in nux14:31
bregmare: 901692, we recently added geis_subscription_[gs]et_configuration(), which makes adding subscription-sprecific context parameters a little simpler14:39
bregmaI'd have to trace through the call sequence to see why I though there would be a complication14:39
cndbregma, if that interface will work, please update the bug and mark it as fix released14:51
bregmathere's more to it than just the interface14:54
bregmathere needs to be a way to link a subscription with a gesture14:55
bregmathere still remains code to be written to get the whole thing working14:55
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cndbregma, what are your plans for utouch-geis releases and srus in the near future?17:53
bregmaI have no concrete plans for a release in the near future, but bug #997630  should probably be SRUd, it's a usability regression18:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 997630 in utouch-geis (Ubuntu) "evince and eog broken on remote sessions (X, NX, x2go and VNC)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99763018:08
bregmawe should probably do a geis release into quantal by early June18:09
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dandradercnd, I'm thinking about a simple gestures delivery mechanism for nux, at least for a first iteration: 1- gesture comes in. 2- find nux::InputArea that is hit by that gesture and that has a subscription matching it. If found, deliver events of this gesture  to that are. if not, reject gesture.22:16
dandraderwhat do you think? do we need more than this?22:16
cnddandrader, who/what/how is gesture accept done?22:16
cnds/what/where/ :)22:17
dandraderthe InputArea that get hit will receive the events for that gesture. so it can accept or reject it on its own accord22:17
cndyes, that sounds right22:17
dandraderGestureEvent class has Accept() and Reject()22:17
cndsounds like what I proposed for utouch-qml22:17
cnddandrader, you might have issues with different nux elements subscribing to different gestures22:18
cndlike 4 touch tap vs 3 touch drag22:18
cndhow will you reconcile that?22:18
cndensuring that the 4 touch tap takes precedence?22:18
cndI'm assuming that nux is basically a scene graph like qml is22:19
cndmy utouch-qml spec has a mechanism for handling that22:19
cndin case you need ideas22:19
dandraderhmm, is it a document or source code? or both?22:20
cndone sec22:20
cndsee the linked algorithm22:21
cndutouch-qml is meant to be somewhat generic22:22
cndif you there are use cases that it has that nux doesn't, we may be able to pare the algorithm down22:22
dandraderI'm considering that if the target nux::InputArea rejects the gesture, that gesture gets rejected for good (geis_reject_gesture gets called) and won't be offered to other nux::InputAreas22:24
cnddandrader, if you can figure out how to meet all the requirements for the unity gesture spec with such a design, then that's cool :)22:26
cnddandrader, make sure you have it worked out how four tap and three drag will coexist22:27
cndi.e., three drag will always fire first22:27
cndbut if you deliver it to a nux window and it accepts before the four tap comes in for the desktop, then what do you do?22:28
dandradershouldn't "construction finished" handle that?22:28
cnddandrader, yes, if the end "client" sees all the gestures22:29
cndif one nux element sees the three drag and a different element sees the four tap22:29
cndand the three drag element doesn't know about the four tap22:29
cndit may become confused or accept the gesture erroneously22:30
dandraderbut nux::WindowCompositor will know that22:30
dandraderas he's the one doing the  delivery of events22:30
cndsounds fine22:31
dandraderbut thanks for bringing up all those cases. I remember then :)22:31
cndI just want to make sure you've thought of that :)22:31
dandraders/remember/didn't remember22:32
dandraderwas still thinking mostly in the atomic mode22:32
dandraderwell, gotta go. see you tomorrow22:32

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