bobweavertgm4883,  I have tied in  you mythbuntu lens of my ubuntu tv on 12.04 seems to be doing ok. Man do I need a pvr/dvr card01:39
tgm4883bobweaver, sweet03:13
tgm4883can you run your build in a VM?03:13
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bobweavertgm4883,  have not tried yet for 12.04 version04:08
bobweaverI am busy hacking away to implant nm-applet to the indicators. maybe by the  Sunday I  will try to pull that off04:09
bobweavers|by\ the|by\ this|04:10
bobweaverI also put a thread up and on the forums looking for help with launcher icons04:11
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bobweaverPART 210:40
bobweaverWho Did the graphics work for the saton project ?11:11
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dakerdo we have a ppa to test ubuntu tv ?18:04
mhall119daker: not yet18:09
mhall119daker: mostly because we don't have ubuntu tv code18:09
jhodappI believe there have been talks of getting a ppa going soon18:12
tgm4883doesn't make much sense to have a PPA until it's over in unity3d land18:19
tgm4883what is the progress on that anyway?18:26
tgm4883A daily PPA would help us once the base stuff is over in unity 3d so we can see how things are progressing and where stuff breaks18:27
mhall119I was one of the unity devs land something18:27
mhall119we can at least start building the new lenses and scopes18:28
mhall119uh oh18:28
mhall119popey: it wasn't me!18:28
tgm4883popey needs to get the weekly USB sorted out18:29
tgm4883popey, if you need help with that, you might want to listen to this weeks UUPC, where there is talk about ubuntu-defaults-builder ;)18:30
mhall119tgm4883: I think bobweaver was working on some image building18:30
tgm4883mhall119, yep he was, although we need to convert that into some build scripts18:30
tgm4883mhall119, we should probably use http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man1/ubuntu-defaults-image.1.html18:32
tgm4883popey know more about that than I do, but I'd imagine if we did that, it would be zero work to move it over to canonical build servers18:32
popeywe have used u-d-b to make remixes in the past, it makes sense to use it again18:38
tgm4883popey, I agree18:40
tgm4883is that what is used internally to build ISOs?18:41
tgm4883the production ISOs for release18:41
tgm4883I think whatever we use, it needs to be the same process that is used internally18:41
popeywe have at least two ways to build isos18:47

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