directhexvanilla coke was rather meh00:05
Azelphuryea, it is rather meh00:05
directhexalso, imported vanilla coke will be hfcs00:05
Azelphurepic sweet shop opened near my house, I'm a happy camper that's where I got it from00:06
Azelphurthey have everything :D00:06
directhexfor only  600% markup!00:06
Azelphurlike 15 different types of toffe, caramel, fudge, imported coke, walls lined with everything :D00:06
Azelphurthey even had bright orange chocolate bars o.O00:06
directhexamerican chocolate tastes of vomit :(00:07
directhexintentionally. they flavour it with vomit.00:07
Azelphurnot all imported obviously00:07
Azelphurvanilla coke was £1.4900:07
directhexwell, that's a slight exaggeration.00:07
Azelphursome toffee was 50p, and a reasonably big belgian white chocolate was £300:07
Azelphurso not too bad00:08
directhexbut american chocolate is made with, or artificially flavoured to emulate, a process called the "hershey process" - you can guess which company first used it00:08
directhexthe hershey process produces butyric acid as a byproduct, which is the vile-smelling component of vomit00:08
* Azelphur shrugs00:09
directhexso other companies which follow a more conventional process just throw butyric acit into their chocolate mix, to make their chocolate taste more like vomit, since it's what consumers expect00:09
Azelphurare you trying to put me off my tasty things00:09
ali1234is that why advent calendar chocolate always tastes funny?00:09
directhexali1234: i think those are mostly made in europe, no? europeans expect a different taste too, although theirs is for more pleasant reasons00:16
directhexali1234: basically, brits expect chocolate to taste like cadbury's, which has an excessive quantity of vegetable oil in it00:16
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Knightwisegood morning everyone06:49
Knightwisehow are you doing today06:49
TheOpenSourcererI'm good thanks Knightwise - and you? Morning everyone else.06:50
diploMorning All07:10
Knightwise /join #ubuntu-ppc07:17
Knightwisehey diplo07:38
Knightwisehow are you today07:38
diploNot bad thanks Knightwise, yourself07:39
diploWell saying not bad, my arse and legs are in agony but other than that!07:39
diploBiggggg cycle yesterday evening with a few pub stops, then cycled to work this morning07:40
diploMay have over done it for someone as unfit as me :)07:40
Knightwiselol :) know what you mean07:45
Knightwisewhen i went running last time i had the same thing07:45
Knightwisei'm looking around for some help with the install of Ubuntu on my ppc mac07:46
Knightwisebut the ubuntu-ppc channel is pretty silent07:46
diploI've never installed to a mac before, you having issues ?07:47
diploJust ask them and someone will probably reply07:47
MooDoomorning all07:54
Knightwisehey modo08:05
Knightwisediplo: i'm gonna pop them a question in the chat08:06
MooDooKnightwise: hiya08:06
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Knightwisehey s-fox !08:28
MooDoohi s-fox08:29
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:42
Azelphurpfft morning, still havn't slept08:42
Knightwiseyooo dudes08:42
Knightwisehow are you08:42
TheOpenSourcererremember folks - just 14hrs before the EU Cookie law comes into effect - yawn.08:48
* AlanBell wonders if anyone will make any effort to comply with that09:02
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:02
* astromech guards his cookiejar and snarls at anyone coming close09:02
astromechhey brobostigon09:02
brobostigonhey astromech09:02
bigcalmAlanBell: I'm doing so for one of our larger clients :(09:02
AlanBellbigcalm: interesting, what is the approach?09:03
=== astromech is now known as Knightwise
AlanBellasking users first, or not doing cookies?09:03
bigcalmAlanBell: presenting a modal dialog box telling the user that the site uses cookies and linking to more information as to how.09:04
bigcalmWhat's annoying is that this was thrown at me last night09:05
Knightwisewhereupon the average user says 'what the h*ll are cookies ?*09:05
bigcalmI have enough on my plate already before going on holiday09:05
AlanBellKnightwise: that is a major flaw in the whole thing, real people, who this is supposed to protect, just don't care09:06
Knightwisejust make a law that says : no third partie cookies and get it over with09:06
KnightwiseAlanBell: exactly09:06
brobostigonor understand it, properly.09:06
KnightwiseAlanBell: it would be more logical to make a law that has sites declare when they are trying to install a trojan on your system09:07
AlanBellit would be more logical to make it a browser issue09:08
KnightwiseAlanBell: correct. but hey .. that would be logical09:09
Knightwiseand legal and logical don't mix09:09
brobostigonAlanBell: isnt that kinda already there, where you can limited cookies, or tell you browser, to pickup none at all, wihtin certain parameters?09:09
AlanBellbrobostigon: it is in some browsers, bit harder on mobile ones sometimes09:09
AlanBellthe EU could have suggested to browser developers that they improve on this09:10
brobostigonAlanBell: i would agree, yes.09:10
ali1234there is no way to fix stupidity09:11
AlanBellthen it would actually work on facebook and google etc which are exempt anyway becuase they are not EU based websites09:11
ali1234if you try to put this in the browser you just get yet another pop up that has to be dismissed the first time yu use it and is never seen again09:12
AlanBellmaybe, or unity style notifications that pop up every time a cookie is dropped09:13
AlanBelland a way to browse and remove cookies (like some browsers have already)09:13
ali1234what's the point?09:14
ali1234that's a terrible idea :(09:14
ali1234the only way to fix it is make the browser go absolutely insane whenever a site uses a 3rd party cookie09:14
ali1234treat it the same as a XSS attack09:15
AlanBellit is a less terrible idea than getting websites to do it09:15
ali1234firefox has it all wrong09:15
KnightwiseI prefer IE 6 :)09:16
ali1234instead of displaying that scary warning on self-signed certs (which are more secure than "trusted" ones)09:16
Knightwiseat least that way you know you get ALL the mallware09:16
Knightwiseand don't miss out on anything.09:16
ali1234it should throw a fit on cross-site anything09:16
AlanBellali1234: I agree wtih that, certainly09:16
AlanBellself-signed certs are only a bad thing if you sell certificates09:16
ali1234cool, now the kids can learn how to deal with kernel panics and overheating hardware09:42
ali1234and no, i don't think much better of arduino09:44
AlanBellI am so glad I asked them not to ship it with Ubuntu 9.04 or whatever they were going to do09:44
bigcalmAlanBell: ok to pm?09:59
bigcalmWhere's AlanBell wandered off to?10:03
AlanBellbigcalm: sure10:06
bigcalmThere he is!10:06
bigcalmI shouldn't be thinking about lunch already, should I?10:06
Daraelbigcalm: Why on earth not?  Food is always good.10:08
bigcalmDarael: well, it's good to keep to fairly regular set times10:08
DaraelBah.  Some of us don't have the luxury of the right body-type for that.  I graze.10:09
davmor2morning all10:13
davmor2czajkowski: prodity prod10:13
bigcalmHi davmor210:17
davmor2morning bigcalm10:23
bigcalmOne for popey: http://failblog.org/2012/05/24/funny-facebook-fails-failbook-also-the-reason-why-i-got-a-sex-change/10:34
bigcalmpopey: working from home just isn't the same eh?10:35
diploAnyone watching the #dragon vid from nasa ?10:59
davmor2bigcalm: is this you coming out of the closet ;)11:00
bigcalmThat's right, davmor2. As a prank, I'm outing myself11:01
bigcalmOh I am such a rotter11:01
bigcalmHow is /rot13 not a default command on all irssi clients?11:02
davmor2bigcalm: I know I thought the mrs had locked you in one for saying she was 40 in public :P11:02
bigcalmI'll be 33 in a month and a bit, don't see the fuss about ages myself11:03
bigcalm38 days that is11:03
davmor2bigcalm: yeah but you're a bloke you're not meant to notice :D11:03
davmor2brb kernel update reboot time11:04
diplobigcalm: I don't see the problem either, my friend I'm off out with tonight is 36/37 and his missis is 12 years older11:06
diploLovely woman and they are really happy11:06
bigcalmThe fact that Hayley still gets asked for ID should be pleasing for any woman11:07
bigcalmIt annoys Hayley somewhat sadly11:07
* gordonjcp was asked for ID in Tesco a few months back11:08
bigcalmgordonjcp: were you buying a Ben10 item and they thought you were too old?11:09
DJonesIf people are happy together, thats what matters, there's 15 years between my wife & me, it doesn't bother us or our firends & family11:09
davmor2no-ones ask me for ID for age purpose since I hit 16 :(11:10
DJonesAnd I'm the old one, although maybe its a bit scary when I think that I left school when she was 6 months old :)11:10
bigcalmDJones: heh :)11:11
DJonesMost of the people we know thought I was only about 3 years older than her when we got together, thats definately changes in the last 9 years together though11:13
ali1234any idea why this "doesn't work" http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004570/11:48
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brobostigonwhat is the group name, to give a user usb access?12:11
bigcalmali1234: what is firebug saying?12:11
ali1234bigcalm: diddly12:11
bigcalmali1234: what alerts are being shown?12:11
ali1234alerts one and two show, three doesn't show when you click button12:12
gordonjcpbigcalm: beer12:13
gordonjcpbigcalm: I wouldn't have minded if I wasn't quite so *clearly* over 1812:13
gordonjcpor 21, or 25 or whatever arbitrary thing12:13
ali1234it produces no error messages at all on console12:14
gordonjcpmaybe they have upped it to Challenge 3812:14
gordonjcpbuggroff, I have a grey beard and a PWEI t-shirt, do I look like I'm under 18?12:15
bigcalmali1234: I can make it work by putting $ before(function($) {12:18
bigcalmThe (jQuery) is then optional12:18
ali1234unfortunately that does not work on the real version12:19
ali1234then i get "$ is not a function"12:19
ali1234website version: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004620/12:21
ali1234ah i think i know12:22
bigcalmSo this won't work for you?12:22
bigcalm$(document).ready(function() { ... }12:22
ali1234yeah, i need to use that12:23
ali1234because the DOM isn't ready when it has only loaded the header12:23
bigcalmI run jQuery in compatability mode and set up $j to be my jQuery object12:23
bigcalmAnd then run everything though $j12:24
bigcalmThat way I know that I have personally set $j12:24
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ali1234ok that doesn't work either12:31
ali1234ok i finally got it to work... by writing jQuery everywhere instead of $12:33
bigcalmYou really shouldn't have to do that!12:34
ali1234http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1004644/ cf http://docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:Getting_Started_with_jQuery12:35
ali1234i guess that is why that funny function wrapper with jQuery as a param12:36
ali1234wordpress must have done something odd to jquery12:36
ali1234it works!12:38
* diplo is debating have a liquid pub lunch....13:13
diploProblem is will I come back :-/13:14
diddledanali1234, afaik jquery in wordpress is unchanged from upstream13:15
diddledanthey just simply call jquery.noConflict()13:16
arsenhi guys, new system using NIS auth for user login - logged into desktop which seems successful, but no menu/rightclick menu or desktop items/panels load?14:03
brobostigonsvn checkout http://yubico-yubiserve.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ yubico-yubiserve-read-only14:04
diplobrobostigon: You can shorten that to svn co url14:06
diploor svn ci to checkin14:06
diplojust fyi14:06
brobostigondiplo: agreed, yes. i just tried the server software there, and didnt get it working anyway.14:06
vedreameranyone know anything about Ubuntu Partner/Reseller programmme?14:09
diplovedreamer: I believe AlanBell / TheOpenSourcerer are partners to Canonical14:13
TheOpenSourcererdiplo - not really.14:14
diplooh :(14:14
diplojust remember it mentioned and checked your site14:14
TheOpenSourcererWe were many moons ago but their partner programme at that time was non-existent.14:14
TheOpenSourcererSo it was pointless.14:14
vedreamerThey give give much information away at the moment either14:15
TheOpenSourcererThey have made many changes to it in the recent past so it may well be much better now.14:15
TheOpenSourcererOur services tend to focus on the business applications rather then the underlying OS so there doesn't seem to be much benefit to being a partner right now...14:16
vedreamerBeen discussing opportunities for private cloud consultancy with a colleague this morning. Relationships help :-)14:17
AlanBellyeah, we are kind of "friends of" canonical but not partners14:17
AlanBellthey follow us on twitter but we unfriended them on facebook :)14:17
diploI hadn't ever thought of looking for ubuntu on facebook :)14:18
AlanBellevery so often there is a post from "Ubuntu" with about 400 ignorant and faily comments on it14:19
AlanBellI have no idea how that happens14:19
PendulumAlanBell: I think jono14:20
AlanBellyeah, I know jono posts things, I just don't get who the other people are14:21
AlanBellfacebook confuses and worries me14:21
popeythey are our target audience14:22
diploI use it for friends and that's it14:22
diploI use G+ for everything else14:22
AlanBellI would use it for friends, but I added various bits of family, which has broken it for me14:23
arsenhio all - anyone able to assist? have a user attempting to login via NIS auth, gdm login seems to work, gnome appears to load to some extent but no desktop items/panels/objects load, just a movable cursor + desktop background (no right click either)14:23
arseni suspect it maybe permissions related, as a local root account works fine?14:23
diploI've never tried arsen so don't want to throw ideas at yo and break more14:24
diploBut does sound permission related14:24
arsenwell feel free if you know anything that maybe read at login that could cause it :/ initialyl had issues with NFS not being started, or atleast NIS not doing NIS automount before fstab automount, meaning no /home for the user14:25
arsenbut now that's sorted, just doesnt seem to load stuffs. i don't know much about gnome itself.14:25
arsenstrangely, xfce works14:25
diploRead through this ?14:26
diploChecked id of the user, see what it outputs ?14:27
diploBe odd that it works on Xfce and not gdm though if it was wrong14:27
arsenyeah login works with other DE's too, not just xfce14:31
arsenso its gnome and NIS related it seems14:31
dwatkinsgo on, try this one: http://xpde.holobit.net/ ;-)14:34
dwatkins(I'm kidding, it hasn't been updated in years, but it's amusing nonetheless)14:35
arsenim wondering if its related to gnome3 - is there a config setting to enable fallback?14:42
AlanBellanyone else find dual monitors randomly flip to "mirrored"?15:01
gordnot for me, on nvidia15:02
AlanBellfor me it is generally once about 2 minutes after I get it set up how I want it, then it is OK15:02
TheOpenSourcererHappens to me at some random point. Just happened after most of the day working fine.15:04
gordcould it be related to activity?15:04
AlanBellpossibly related to clicking in the laptop screen after a bit15:05
AlanBellthe displays dialog in generall has an over-fondness for mirrored15:05
TheOpenSourcerergord, what you mean actually using it?15:05
AlanBellI never want mirrored displays evar15:06
gordyeah, like i don't know, maybe the lock screen comes up and gnome gets confused15:06
AlanBelldoubt it is the lock screen, it is generally just as I start doing something interesting15:07
TheOpenSourcererI clicked a mouse button.15:07
* gord wonders why his default application for Calender is gedit15:09
popeymy machine locks up if i plug two screens in and move them about ☹15:12
ryanl23Move the screens about or items on the screen?15:13
popeythe screens15:16
popeyin the display applet thing15:16
popeymy desktop monitor is behind my laptop not side by side, if i move the displays around to relfect that, then hit apply... BOOM!15:16
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1002958 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Precise) "Moving external monitor around hard-locks x" [High,New]15:16
ryanl23Thats a bizzare bug haha15:17
diplogord: Mine was like that a few revisions ago15:17
diploNever found out why, or could work out why it did it15:17
ryanl23Im not having that problem tbh....i do have problems with the nvidia drivers though...15:18
ryanl23always have....pain in the arse..15:18
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HilBilly_Tranquille ici16:25
HilBilly_etes vous un conaisseur de la nouvelle version 12.04 LTS par hasardÉ16:25
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gordthus concludes popey's attempt to communicate with the other nations16:40
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vedreamerGods teeth. Kernel been building all day18:50
MartijnVdSvedreamer: on rpi?18:51
cocoa117does the new Freeview HD for DVB-T require new tuner DVB-T2?19:18
diddledancocoa117, yes19:18
cocoa117diddledan, my dvb-t tunner wont even see the HD channel, right?19:19
diddledanthat's correct19:19
cocoa117got it, cheers19:20
MartijnVdST2, S2, C2 tend to be used for HD because of the increased bandwidth19:22
cocoa117diddledan, is dvb-t2 tuner backwards compatible with dvb-t? do i have to keep both tuner for all the channels?19:23
MartijnVdSThey tend to be yes19:23
cocoa117it seems dvb-s2 tuner is fine to receive all the SD channels as well19:23
cocoa117MartijnVdS, got it19:23
MartijnVdSS2 can receive S as well19:23
* AlanBell boots kubuntu 11.10 from CD19:37
* bittin downloads update to my android tablets rom 19:37
AlanBelljussi is going to like the pictures that I just took :)19:38
AlanBellwell that was a complete success, Kubuntu CDs when left dangling in a chicken run for 6 months work perfectly19:46
AlanBellDaviey will be pleased to hear I am now 'installing' Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS19:47
DavieyAlanBell: you are brave :)20:10
czajkowskithis isevning is turning out a bit badly planned, only getting down to have dinner and have yet to get ready for tomorrow :/20:11
* bigcalm looks in for a spell20:14
czajkowskibigcalm: no spells in here20:24
AlanBellDaviey: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/6hbTxUq1FM8mSdHvm7uFptMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink the installation was a success20:24
bigcalmczajkowski: I'll just have to stay for the company then :)20:25
bigcalmCould do with some high energy electronic or dub step to get me though the evening20:28
DavieyAlanBell: hah.20:28
* popey tickles bigcalm 20:29
bigcalmNow up to 8 work spaces on my laptop :(20:30
* bigcalm vibrates popey20:30
czajkowskihmmm my 12.04 seems a bit broken today20:33
czajkowskidid updates and now it's hanging at random times:/20:34
czajkowskihmm 14 more updates lets hope there is something in there that can help20:34
bigcalmShouldn't you be running 12.10?20:38
gordthis early? thar be dragons20:40
czajkowskiI need a working lapotp20:41
czajkowskithough I do have old laptop lying aorund could do with that that20:41
Davieygord: you haven't heard of rolling stability ?20:43
Davieydid you miss the memo?20:43
gordoh right i forgot, everything works perfectly fine all the time now20:44
MartijnVdSgord: except when YOU introduced bugs ;)20:45
Davieygord: i don't know about that desktop lark.. but server, i'd be inclined to say yes :)20:47
gordis ubuntu.com on 12.10 yet? ;)20:49
Davieygord: oh, you are one of them.20:52
gordyup! whos that now?20:53
cocoa117is i7 always quad-core?21:04
AlanBellno, we have a hex core server cocoa11721:04
cocoa117in other word, i can't get i5 with quad-core, right?21:05
cocoa117hold on, no21:06
cocoa117sandy bridge desktop does, damn this thing is more complicated then i thought21:06
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Azelphurhmm, all the things are segmentation faulting.23:17
Azelphurand I mean literally everything, I can't open chrome, terminal, nothing xD23:18
Azelphurguess it's reboot time lol23:19
shaunoAzelphur: I had a strange issue last night where everything was exploding in the most delightful ways.  turned out I'd knocked the firewire cable out (booted off an external disk while I get my ssd rma'd)23:43
shaunosome of the most hellish error messages you've ever seen can start to make sense very quickly :)23:43
popeyshauno: ssd failed?23:44
shaunopopey: yeah23:45
shaunonot best pleased, but it's in warranty and I have backups23:45
popeydid it just fail one day?23:45
popeyno warning, dead?23:45
shaunono warning at all.  was at work, powered it off, came home, powered it back on, it basically didn't exist23:45
popeywhat make/model?23:46
shaunoowc mercury23:46
popeyooh, bed time23:47
shauno(not sure if they rebrand someone else's, but it showed up as owc in sysinfo too)23:47
shaunobackups are good, mailing disks to colorado for an RMA, not so good :)23:47

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