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elkyais523, the one-liner doesn't put any icons into the launcher for me. is it supposed to?09:55
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mhall119dbarth__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/UnityHardwareRequirements is being linked to from http://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/unity/, and we discussed removing that link during UDS, are you okay with that?15:39
dbarth__mhall119: hi15:41
dbarth__mhall119: i think that's fine, it's not up to date anymore15:42
mrmcq2uhi, anyone around with experience with developing indicators?18:02
mhall119mrmcq2u: I do18:08
mhall119in Python18:08
mrmcq2uany idea what happened to indicator-network?18:09
mrmcq2uand do u know of any indicators in vala i could look at?18:09
mrmcq2unetwork manager still isnt an actual indicator is it?18:10
mhall119mrmcq2u: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/application-indicators/ has a vala example (towards the bottom)18:11
dandraderall nux examples I run (coverflow, shortcut_keys, text_entry_focus) crash on exit. Is that a known issue or is something wrong with my setup?18:53
dandradernevermind, I messed up somewhere.19:06
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achianghello, is there an environment variable or something that needs to be set in order for compiz to choose the 'unity' profile?21:42
thumperachiang: yes21:43
achiangwe are starting our session in a semi-non-standard way, but at the end, if we don't do our special sauce, we call 'gnome-session --session=ubuntu'21:43
achiangbut that leads to us choosing the 'default' compiz profile21:43
thumper export COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE=ubuntu21:43
* thumper had to look it up21:43
achiangthumper: who typically sets that?21:43
thumpernot sure21:44
thumperbut if I'm starting from a vt21:44
thumperI need to set it21:44
thumperso somewhere in the session manager I guess21:44
achiangthumper: ah ha!21:44
achiangthumper: i got it. /etc/X11/Xsession.d/65compiz_profile-on-session21:45
achiangthumper: except our session name doesn't have the string "ubuntu" in it21:45
thumperthere ya go :)21:45
achiangthumper: and thus we don't get it21:45
achiangthumper: ta!21:45
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