philipballewExcellent. It is a really sweet area.00:04
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philipballewthis channel dies when I am most awake07:11
philipballewWe need a CA nighttime users group!07:11
jbermudesphilipballew: ok, but you bring the snacks07:39
BA707Hello California...   Bruce in Lake County, just outside Middletown (100 mi North of Oakland) just dropping in after being away from Ubuntu for a few years.18:12
akkhi, BA70718:14
BA707Greetings akk...18:15
BA707Where are you in CA ?18:15
akkI'm in San Jose.18:16
pleia2welcome BA70718:18
BA707Greeting Pleia2.18:18
BA707Ah yes..  where it all began... San Jose and Sunnyvale..  ;)18:19
akksilly-con valley18:19
BA707thank you18:19
BA707been through there several time when I was living in West Oak.18:20
akkNot quite as scenic as where you are now.18:21
BA707aamof, was on my way to a concert in SJ when I got my LeBaron totaled.  Never made the concert :(18:21
BA707true, very true.  But more work to be had..   It's tough to survive up here, due to the lack of jobs.18:22
BA707Not much discretionary income out here for hiring a 'Computer Consultant' now days..18:22
BA707But I flatly refuse to put myself in the place of the stress that comes with the corporate race.18:23
BA707at 55 (err 56 in a few days), that would not be healthy for me.18:23
BA707Need to do some updates.  Using v10.04 Desktop from the ISO, and having some minor problems with it.  Does anyone have advice on which updates to let Lucid do ?  Or should I just let it run-free and do them ALL ?18:26
BA707no updates applied at this point18:27
BA707fresh install18:27
akkA fresh install of 2-year-old Lucid?18:28
pleia2in general I'd just let all the updates get applied, did you just download the iso (so.. 10.04.4) or an old iso?18:29
BA707yup..  that's the burn I had available.18:29
akkI'd do all the updates, since they'll mostly be security updates, but why not update to Pangolin?18:29
philipballew12.04 is really nice18:29
BA707d/l it a couple years ago.  started out with v8.04 LTS from the mailed CD set.18:29
BA707can the update to 12+ be dome online ?  Or should I nuke and start from scratch ?18:30
pleia2it can be, but if it's already a fresh install it would be faster to just reinstall18:31
akkYou can do it online -- there's a gui upgrade manager or commandline do-release-upgrade18:31
BA707As I recall that is in the Admin menu, yes ?18:31
akkI'm not sure it's faster to install if you include time to download another ISO, then burn it, then install it, then get all the updates.18:31
akkBut it might be marginally safer (you know you get a clean install, no upgrade issues).18:32
pleia2well, first you need to apply all the updates to 10.04, which is most likely a bigger download than a 700M iso18:32
pleia2some of the updates to 10.04 smooth the transition to 12.04, otherwise it'll be a bit of a mess :\18:33
BA707True, but I am not 100% sure about my burner at this point, I had started to have some issues with ISO burns on my last couple attempts testing other distros.18:33
BA707think I'll try the update path first and see if that completes.18:34
akkI probably would -- burners are a hassle. Mine seem to die every other time I try to use them.18:34
BA707I'll do the scty updates first, then apply the misc, and see how that goes..18:34
akk(which admittedly is once or twice a year ... apparently they don't like sitting idle.)18:35
akkDoing the updates is probably a waste of time if you're about to upgrade to a different release.18:35
akkExcept that you do want to make sure apt-get and do-release-upgrade are as current as possible.18:35
* akk goes off to a meeting -- good luck, BA707!18:36
BA707You got THAT right..  I even started using a head cleaner on a regular basis, but to no avail...  I'll be glad when we progress to the little crystaline 'sugar cube' for our data storage..  ;)18:37
BA707Thanks akk..  I'm going to go grab a cup of tea and watch the update here..  Thanks..18:37
BA707pleia2: And I thank you for your advice...  Sounds like I may have a chance..  You now have me hungry to try 12+18:39
* BA707 is closing apps to attempt the updates...18:39
Faqtotumbkerensa: any luck with that guy?20:56
bkerensaFaqtotum: Waiting on response... I told him if he comes out tomorrow to NE I will buy it from him before I leave town Saturday morning but if not I asked if he can take Paypal and ship it to California to DonkeyHotei20:59
Faqtotumthat's me21:00
Faqtotumif you get it before you leave, are you by any chance headed this way?21:00
bkerensaFaqtotum: lol not a chance :P im just going to a diff town in Oregon21:02
bkerensaFaqtotum: I thought it was for DonkeyHotei ?21:02
bkerensaFaqtotum: the guy says he will take paypal verified and ship?21:02
philipballewraevol you made it@21:04
* bkerensa poofs off to run errands21:04
* Faqtotum is DonkeyHotei\21:05
philipballewall these crazy people with so many nik's21:06
akkso confusing21:08
philipballewpeople might not like if my name was both philip and betty at the same time.21:09
raevolphilipballew: \o/22:05
pleia2jtatum: ah, just got my alert for the -us linode migration23:30
jtatumgoing a lot slower than I imagined :) still haven't gotten one for my second linode23:32
pleia2haven't gotten one for my personal one yet23:32
jtatumi suppose it's a lot of work that they don't want to do all at once23:33
* pleia2 nods23:33
bkerensapleia2: your migrating away? :P23:35
pleia2bkerensa: no, linode is doing hardware upgrades of all their systems, so they're creating tickets and migrating hosts23:36
bkerensapleia2: ahh fun times23:37

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