MarkDudenathwill, you mean you dont post pics of food you are about to eat ?00:04
MarkDudeFor random strangers to see?00:04
nathwillmarkdude, i do that on flickr :)00:04
MarkDudeso a smaller group of folks you dont really know00:05
nathwilli restrict most of my pics to people i know :P00:05
nathwilland my new toy: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5342/7209336422_d34cc8b68a_z.jpg00:05
nathwillthat second one is a winner00:05
MarkDudeWhats the story on the postit?00:10
MarkDudeThats hella funny00:10
nathwillone of my coworkers pranked another one of my coworkers while he was away on a business trip00:10
nathwillyeah, i just about busted a rib laughing when i got here in the morning and saw it00:22
MarkDudeSo Fedora did not get a table00:24
* MarkDude is going on offensive as a Linux person on this00:24
* MarkDude just created @boycottOSCON :D00:39
bkerensaMarkDude: sucks for Fedora :P00:56
bkerensaMarkDude: We are on a waiting list but I was told our chances are pretty darn good ;)00:56
* MarkDude has already created @botcottOSCON00:57
bkerensa.... and that I will get to go regardless of us having a booth :P00:57
MarkDudeboycott rather00:57
bkerensaMarkDude: if they ridicule you for typos dont be angry if I retweet :P00:57
* MarkDude plans on going also00:57
MarkDudeLike I would mind00:58
bkerensaMarkDude: O'Reilly also nuked Free Expo Hall ;)00:58
MarkDudeWell if I go I will get a table pass from someone01:01
MarkDudeCLS for sure01:01
MarkDudeI dont think anyones doubts I would protest  while wearing Penguin suit01:02
MarkDudeIf you dont get a table you can join01:03
bkerensaeven if I dont have a booth I already am getting comp'ed pass01:03
* MarkDude can of course have his expo pass paid for01:03
MarkDudeWell duh01:03
MarkDudeIts not about ME getting in01:03
MarkDudeits people that are part of FOSS01:03
MarkDudeExpect some writing similar to my hotdog naming rant01:04
* MarkDude realized the zombie comic KILLED the chance to work at most companies01:05
MarkDudeSaid screw it. I can be an irritant if need be ;)01:05
bkerensaMarkDude: 10 days before OSCON you should go down to Barnes and Noble and by Ubuntu User magazine... I got the Feature Article ;)01:06
* MarkDude may go to FOSScon. I plan on writing stuff to the effect of OSCON is no longer relevant01:06
MarkDudeits DECLINING01:06
MarkDudebye bye OSCON01:06
MarkDudeThat will help market my talks to the #2, #3, etc conventions :D01:07
MarkDudeAll this at the same time I am requesting books from Oreilly01:07
MarkDudebkerensa, gareth was on the cover of linux mag for last oscon, cant beat that01:08
bkerensa:P I know... It was also the last print issue01:09
nathwillbye all. bbl01:09
MarkDuderofl bkerensa01:40
cy1Ugh... hate java so much...04:16
cy1Oracle: want an offline copy of the core documentation for java? TOO BAD FAGS04:16
cy1Heaven forbid the central basis of the language had documentation for it that wasn't on oracle.com.04:19
blkperlcy1: its more enterprise that way06:22
cy1blkperl: lol06:23
blkperlnathwill: are you going to spam an annoucement of the event, do we have a calagator yet?06:23
nathwillblkperl. i will, and not yet06:23
nathwilljust to confirm, we're set for the 16th from 10-8 in masee (sp?) eng building at PSU?06:24
nathwilldo you have a room num?06:24
blkperlFAB 86-0106:24
* bkerensa goes back to reading 06:24
nathwillawesome. ty much.06:24
blkperlnathwill: yep june 16th, 2012 10am-8pm06:24
* nathwill distracts bkerensa from said activity by inquiring after the subject matter06:25
blkperlinternets and power will be provided,06:25
nathwillblkperl: perfect, i'll register the event now.06:25
nathwillman... forgive me.. it's late, i'm tired... this is the Bug Squashing Party, right?06:26
blkperlnathwill: Debian / Ubuntu Bug Squashing party06:27
blkperlalso spam the debian people please06:27
nathwillgot an address?06:27
blkperlnathwill: 1930 SW 4th Avenue06:28
blkperlPortland, OR 97201, US06:28
nathwilli meant an email addr, sorry06:28
nathwillfor the debian people... not sure if there's a debian-or mailing list...06:28
blkperlnathwill: http://pdx.debian.net/mailman/listinfo/debian-portland-soc06:29
nathwillsweet. thanks.06:29
blkperli think thats the correct one06:30
nathwillseems like it.06:30
nathwillwoo, time to actually create some sieve rules for the mailing lists.06:31
nathwillthey are simply too multitudinous to handle at this point06:31
blkperlcan we rope some people into lightning talks too?06:31
blkperlbkerensa: lightning talk on juju? i want to troll06:31
nathwillhehe. help me wrangle!06:32
nathwilloh god... what did we decide as the focus? i think we'd decided multiarch, and python3?06:35
nathwilli thought there was something else....06:35
blkperlbitzied bugs?06:35
blkperlalso lets wrangle someone to do a talk on linux containers06:36
nathwillso.. i'm not a pro, but i'd be happy to talk about what i know06:36
blkperladam_g: lightning talk on something? :)06:37
bkerensaNathwill: http://db.tt/zstBZz1P06:43
nathwillis that a tablet?06:43
bkerensaI spy06:43
nathwillniiice. what's the irc client?06:44
bkerensaBut i also can just ssh to my laptop and use irssi06:44
nathwillinteresting, androirc looks totally different on my phone...06:45
bkerensaNathwill:  now u m7st spam to OSU , PLUG06:46
nathwillplug too, eh?06:47
nathwillwe're just a-spamming everybody06:47
bkerensaLol Google voice to text06:47
nathwillwell duh. how else are they going to machine-analyze your conversations?06:47
nathwillyou laugh now...06:56
cy1google also invests extensive resources in optical character recognition.06:57
nathwillalright, night all... see ya tomorrow.07:16
blkperlnathwill: want to make a sign?19:46
nathwillblkperl: a sign?19:47
nathwillpeace? westside? live long and prosper?19:47
blkperlto advertise ubuntu debian bug day19:47
blkperlwe can print it and place it around the engineering building19:47
nathwilllike a printout flyer like we had for the release party?19:47
nathwilllet me me poke around and see what i can do... i'm not much of  a graphic artist.19:48
blkperlwe should get one of those :)19:49
nathwilljvlb has an eye for it19:51
bkerensanathwill: you could get the deminsions from blkperl and ping jvlb Im sure he would do it20:02
nathwillle sigh20:27
nathwillomg work emergency everyone freak out20:27
blkperlnathwill: dimensions be normal size of paper20:27
nathwillyeah, i figured20:28
bkerensanathwill: what kind of emergency?20:54
nathwillthe not-really-an-emergency kind20:54
bkerensamake moar sales or layoffs20:54
bkerensa^ that kind? :P20:54
bkerensagood thing :D20:54
nathwillyeah, more the every day minor "emergency" that makes everyone act like their head is on fire while the people who have the ability to fix the problem are just trying to drag out the simple details we need to get started on what's generally a 10 minute task21:00
nathwillmy belief in a world without management is enforced daily :P21:03

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