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MutantTurkeyplease worship me01:58
MutantTurkeyI have fixed a process from 7 hours to now 18.75 minute01:59
MutantTurkeywhile rewriting the cod01:59
MutantTurkeynow it uses multiple threads to handle the issues, doesn't have a ridiculously bad naming or code style convention01:59
MutantTurkeyactually is readable01:59
MutantTurkeydoesn't write a  variable to a temp file and then back into another variable anymore...01:59
MutantTurkeyI AM A MONSTER02:20
MutantTurkeya awesome kind of one02:21
MutantTurkeya boss02:21
MutantTurkeywhat's the difference between sys and user time?02:57
MutantTurkeyon our cluster real    0m1.447s user    0m0.760s sys     0m0.630s02:58
MutantTurkeyon my laptop : real    0m1.162s user    0m0.828s sys     0m0.012s02:58
MutantTurkeyI mean this thing this is supposed to be fast02:58
MutantTurkeyQuad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 237802:58
MutantTurkeythis is a i5 laptop02:58
MutantTurkeybut there is a high amount of sys time02:59
MutantTurkeyon the 'cluster'02:59
MutantTurkeywould that be because it might be accessing disks over the network?02:59
MutantTurkeyyippie fixed03:06
Irishmanlukeso I guess the total user time is based on the number of cylces spent executing instructions while the sys time is based on the number of cycles spent executing syscalls for the program, and the real time is actually how long it took03:09
Irishmanlukeso sys time and user time are completely different03:09
Irishmanlukeand they both would aggregate time spent if something was executed in parallel03:10
MutantTurkeysys time is like fs calls?03:13
MutantTurkeyIrishmanluke: yeah read/writes are system time03:28
andrewWhat's this about monday?05:02
InHisNameyou have a geeknic happening on Monday 28th 2pm - ??05:22
rmg51NONIC for me13:46
* jedijf either work....14:01
* ChinnoDog yawns14:04
ChinnoDogWho is an expert at custom .xinitrc files?14:04
jedijfChinnoDog: arch wiki14:18
Joe_CoTJonathanD, I apparently do have off memorial day14:22
JonathanDJoe_CoT: see you there?14:22
JonathanDIt's InHisName's deal so let him know.14:22
Joe_CoTI'll have to see if my family's doing anything14:23
JonathanDJoe_CoT: your family is going to geeknic.14:23
JonathanDMake it happen!14:23
JonathanDJoe_CoT: you coming to fosscon?14:24
Joe_CoTprobably not14:29
Joe_CoTI stepped back from most of the open source stuff14:29
Joe_CoTI still run Ubuntu, I'll sometimes tell people Ubuntu's cool and help them with it if they ask, that's .... about it. I don't promote, I don't develop14:30
JonathanDShameful :p14:30
ChinnoDogjedijf: why does archwiki have all the good information?15:02
jedijfbut why mommy16:16
jedijfare we there yet16:16
jedijfis this ubu romper room?16:16
MutantTurkeyi suck at scripting16:51
MutantTurkeyis there a good way to exectute one command on 8 different servers, and as each one exists launch another one?16:51
ChinnoDogThat sounds like a virus17:00
ChinnoDogHow is that different from using ssh to remotely execute commands from a batch file MutantTurkey ?17:00
ChinnoDogs/batch file/shell script/17:00
ChinnoDogIf I ever go to UDS I'm going to wear a Microsoft t-shirt17:01
waltmanMutantTurkey: I vaguely remember Gaylord mentioning something like that for his clusters.17:05
waltmanAlso you should ask the guys in your lab, because they do that sort of stuff all the time.17:05
MutantTurkeynobody is around lately17:05
MutantTurkeyand only ling uses it afaik17:06
MutantTurkeywaltman: yeah he mentioned somrthing yesterday called "torque"17:06
waltmanLou and Steve were around this morning17:06
waltmanyeah, that might be what I was thinking of17:06
MutantTurkeylooks way overkill17:07
MutantTurkeythat's the problem these solutions are too much setting up17:07
MutantTurkeythe point is to save time :-)17:07
MutantTurkeyI think i can do it with the parallel process17:08
waltmangaylord and his minions made torque sound easy17:08
waltmanSo your plan to "save time" is to spend 20 minutes on irc asking people, and when you don't like the solutions to write your own when there's already a way to do it that your syadmin supports?17:09
waltmanThere's a guy named Jon who works for Gaylord. I think he may have already written some scripts to automate stuff.17:11
waltmanI will also reiterate that Lou and Geoff are the true experts on this, not me.17:12
MutantTurkeyI mentioned this cluster to lou yesterday nd he said 'wow i didn't know that existed' lol17:13
MutantTurkeywaltman: do you hear the stampede's going on upstairs? it's ridiculous17:13
waltmanhe might not have been to the meeting where Gaylord and Jon talked about this, but Geoff was.17:13
waltmanMutantTurkey: I never hear anything upstairs.17:14
MutantTurkeyit sounds like the walls are falling off17:14
MutantTurkeyit's like really really loud sometimes17:16
ChinnoDogWhy does KDE have to be so awesome? I don't want to run it, there is too much bloat.19:40
ChinnoDogBut KDE apps want to install most of KDE along with them19:41
MutantTurkeyKDE3 ftw19:41
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: btw that'll be more fixed as time goes on19:41
MutantTurkeythey are modularizing their libraries19:41
ChinnoDogThat doesn't help me now. I installed Mint with Cinnamon into a VM yesterday. I then stupidly installed digikam from the repository and ended up installing a million things I didn't want19:42
ChinnoDogAfter removing digikam and running autoremove half of them were still installed so I had to hunt them down. I only hope I got them all. idk why they were still installed since synaptic showed they were not manually selected.19:43
InHisNameGlad we didn't try for an evening picnic tonight.19:49
JonathanDInHisName: rain?19:49
JonathanDDoes monday still look clear?19:49
InHisNameThursday's a wash, dunno about monday yet, I'm a lousy weatherman.19:50
ChinnoDogTask Juggler lost its KDE based IDE. Now it is written in Ruby and has a syntax highlighting file for vim :-\19:58
InHisNamenotice to all:   dress rehearsal for geeknic will not be done tonight due to to much water everywhere in the park.   (Grass is too wet, but just not underwater)20:50
JonathanDThere was to be a dress rehearsal? :)20:50
MutantTurkeyyeesh 20 mintes of my mom going omg omg omg20:56
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: why was she doing that?20:59
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: when i told her i got accepted to temple20:59
ChinnoDogoh. congrats20:59
MutantTurkeyI always forget there is #plug and #ubuntu-us-pa and I assume they're the same so i just click randomly on each one20:59
MutantTurkeythen i end up talking out of context20:59
ChinnoDog5pm. What to get done...21:06
ChinnoDogI could eat lasagna and take a crack and making an .xinitrc21:06
MutantTurkeywhat do you guys think about apartments in the city?21:07
SadinChinnoDog dont have one of those :P21:07
SadinMutantTurkey what city phil?21:07
SadinIm not sure i bet they are fine closer to center city21:08
MutantTurkeyi might shoot for south of city hall21:08
JonathanDMutantTurkey: I haven't seen any bobcats around here, no.21:09
JonathanDOh, sorry. Wrong channel.21:09
MutantTurkeyJonathanD: NO I WILL NOT MAKE OUT WITH YOU21:09
ChinnoDogSadin: why don't I want one?21:10
SadinChinnoDog didnt you have one before?21:12
MutantTurkeysee you guys later21:13
Sadinit was a question "dont have one of those?" i forgot the question mark21:13
MutantTurkeyJonathanD: might be in on monday21:13
Sadinmater MutantTurkey21:13
ChinnoDogSadin: no, I didn't have one before. I need one because I want to launch my desktop through a remote shell and use my local window manager, and I don't want to draw a desktop. I only want gnome-panel and related stuffs.21:14
ChinnoDogI am able to launch individal applications and have them open this way. I am also able to launch /etc/X11/Xsession which opens up separate windows for gnome-panel and the desktop (but the desktop is completely unmanagable like that), and I can launch gnome-panel by itself but it is corrupted and obviously needs other stuff loaded21:15
SadinChinnoDog yeah i just didnt know why you didnt have one before21:16
ChinnoDogWhen I use Xsession it uses the remote window manager so I need to put the kabosh on that. I don't want to use up resources for two window managers.21:16
Sadinmy system uses the xinitrc to begin with21:17
ChinnoDogI don't get what all the pieces of the X windows system do21:50
ChinnoDogI get that the X server draws the windows and that the applications tell it what to draw21:50
ChinnoDogI don't understand what draws the menus and windowing elements or how to turn it on/off or how my X server knows to draw them using the local window manager21:51
ChinnoDogAnd I have no idea what metacity or other window managers do since I killed it and can't tell the difference21:51
Irishmanlukethis stuff always confuses me21:51
ChinnoDogoh. No apps on my panel. Maybe that is what metacity does?21:52
Irishmanlukewhich part is actually talking to the graphics card21:52
ChinnoDogThe X server talks to the graphics card21:52
ChinnoDogIt is the only component that does.21:52
Irishmanlukethrough syscalls?21:52
ChinnoDogThe X server running on your terminal. The terminal could be the same box everything is running on or it could be a remote terminal21:53
ChinnoDogIf it is a remote terminal then the process on your linux box sends graphics commands to it over the network21:53
ChinnoDogSo in this case that is what I want to do. I don't need an X server on the linux box then. I am going to run it headless21:54
Irishmanlukeand whats the inteface to the x server?21:54
ChinnoDogIn this case the X server is Xming running in Windows 721:55
ChinnoDogSo linux app sends commands to Xming, xming draws stuff21:55
Irishmanlukehow does it send commands to xming?21:56
ChinnoDognetwork socket being forwarded through PuTTY21:56
ChinnoDogso, SSH session21:56
Irishmanlukebut if the app were on the same system21:57
ChinnoDogIf the app was on the same system it would still communicate the same way. It would connect to the socket that is assigned to the display, except that the traffic would be recieved by a process on the same system instead of across the network21:57
Irishmanlukeit would connect to localhost?21:57
Irishmanlukeoh ok21:58
ChinnoDogBut, there is more layers than that. If I run /etc/X11/Xsession I get all the visual styles I normally get when I log into the box21:58
ChinnoDogif I run an individual app without running Xsession then I get menus and borders drawn by Xming21:59
ChinnoDogI want them drawn by Xming. I don't want to load whatever it is that makes pretty windows in linux.21:59
Irishmanlukehow does the x server communicate with the graphics card21:59
ChinnoDogthe x server always runs on the same machine with the graphics card. It communicates through the OS it is on top of.22:00
Irishmanlukeok sure, but how, lets say on linux22:00
ChinnoDogThrough the graphics card driver? idk what answer you are looking for.22:00
Irishmanlukehow does it communicate with the driver22:02
ChinnoDogI ran pstree and still have no idea what makes pretty windows22:02
ChinnoDogdirect operating system calls22:02
Irishmanlukeok, thats what I was looking for22:02
Irishmanlukewhat calls, on linux22:03
ChinnoDogidk. I've never written a graphics app on linux.22:03
ChinnoDogoh. Maybe gnome is doing it directly by hooking graphics library calls.22:06
ChinnoDoge.g. launch gnome, then gnome launches something, that app is directed to use gnome libraries instead of library call being send across the wire22:06
ChinnoDogI just created a version of gcalctool that is stylized by gnome and one that is stylized by windows, at the same time. I didn't think I should be able to do that.22:10
* ChinnoDog scratches his head22:10
ChinnoDogWhen my session is running I get stylized windows even if I launch them from the command prompt I used to launch the session22:11
ChinnoDogWhen my session ends the stylized windows are still running but if I open a new one it is stylized by my local window manager? wtf?22:12
IrishmanlukeI need to just run an app and look at what syscalls its using22:12
Irishmanlukeor I could look at some code22:14
ChinnoDogI think they are inseparable. If I run gnome I get gnome everything. If I don't run gnome I save lots of overhead but I have no way to find apps22:34
Irishmanlukeno way to find apps?22:38
Irishmanlukeyou could use the terminal to do that22:40
Irishmanlukeyou could just replace gnome with something lighter weight22:48
ChinnoDognah. I'll just run it. I'm going to prevent the X server from launching automatically on the VM so I will hope that will save enough resources22:55
ChinnoDogthen launch gnome through ck-launch-session gnome-session-cinnamon22:55
ChinnoDogBut, I need to figure out how to prevent it from drawing the desktop in a separate window22:55
Irishmanlukeif you draw something without using x server and x server is running, will it just get rid of it23:00
ChinnoDogidk what you mean by "draw something without using an x server"23:08
ChinnoDogThat is like saying "paint a picture without any paint"23:09
Irishmanlukenot really23:13
Irishmanlukeit's like communicating with the graphics driver directly23:14
ChinnoDogOh. Yes, you can draw direct without an X server. There is a project out there for that.23:18
ChinnoDognow I can't find it23:20
ChinnoDogIt was a library for showing graphics and stuff without using X23:20
jedijfmaybe you should look at how vboxheadless does it, it does pretty much what you're describing23:24
jedijfi have a server no x installed, but can start vm's that do and access remotely; albeit rdp23:25
jedijf*that do have x and full blown gui23:26
ChinnoDogI intend to run vbox headless but I don't wish to run vnc. I want full blown X server windows with 3D acceleration and everything23:43
ChinnoDogI'm going to need to either stop using ssh or disable encryption in it for blazing speed.23:44
ChinnoDogI did install hpn-ssh in the VM though23:45
jedijfChinnoDog: vboxheadless uses rdp technically23:50
ChinnoDogOh. Well, regardless of the protocol I don't want any. :-)23:51
jedijfssh x forward with a panel is what you want23:52

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