brycehRAOF, did you mean to drop the work item mlankhorst just added?00:09
bryceh- [mlankhorst] Deal with fallout from nouveau ddx update: TODO00:09
brycehguessing was just a race condition :-)00:09
RAOFbryceh: No, I did not.  Race condition :)00:09
brycehsweet, and now dpkg-control has package hashing support01:01
bryceh dpkg-control --source-suffix foo --binary-suffix foo -k xdmx,xdmx-tools,xnest01:02
RAOFIntel has just decided that it doesn't particularly want to render text.02:02
RAOFAh, right.02:03
RAOFI've hit that UXA bug.02:03
bjsniderthat will be the lead story on phoronix tomorrow02:05
bjsnider"chris halse rogers discovers intel bug"02:06
RAOFMy every utterance *does* have a weight that attracts others' notice :)02:29
bjsnideryeah, sort of like jesus02:44
eric_i'm getting some tearing with 3.4 final on sandy bridge05:14
eric_is this normal?05:14
mlankhorstRAOF: race condition of 90 minutes ;o07:22
RAOFRace condition of not refreshing the page :)07:22
mehohi, i need an driver for my ati radeon express x1100, ubuntu 12.0408:13
mehowhat package shoult i take?08:15
mlankhorstmeho: r600 if it works? :)08:18
mlankhorstwhich you should already be using btw08:18
mehomlankhorst, its a fresh installation, i think this is a universal driver by unbutu?08:21
mlankhorstmeho: yeah r600 is the open source driver, should already be there on fresh installs08:23
mlankhorstif it works no need to install drivers :)08:23
mehomlankhorst, in systeminformation der card is known as: unknown? how can i activate the 3d acceleration?08:25
mlankhorstmeho: how do you know you're not getting 3d acceleration atm?08:26
mehoi think so :), cause the card is unknown. and no effects like on my pc.08:28
mehomlankhorst, you`r right! the acceleration is allready on. ich tested it with cairo-dock.08:40
mlankhorstmeho: yeah the open source drivers are better than fglrx if they work, so i dont recommend installing drivers in most cases08:41
mehomlankhorst, i dont understand why is the card in unity-system-info unknown?08:41
mehomlankhorst, but with "sudo lspci | grep -i vga" it shows:01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RC410 [Radeon Xpress 200M]08:42
mehomlankhorst, thank you for helping!08:44
mlankhorstRAOF: I guess the lts-stack thing isn't completely tested?08:45
mlankhorstProcessing the control file...08:56
mlankhorstTraceback (most recent call last):08:56
mlankhorst  File "../../dpkg-control", line 142, in <module>08:56
mlankhorst    killings = options.kill_binaries.split(',')08:56
mlankhorstAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'08:56
tjaaltonhmm, can't we sru mesa 8.0.3 now with the relaxed policy?08:59
mlankhorsttbh we should sru synaptics-1.6.3 when its released09:01
tjaaltonthere's no 1.6.2 yet :)09:02
tjaaltonneed to get the new mesa in quantal first though09:11
mlankhorstyeah was looking at some stuff, small errors in each of the scripts that made them not work09:12
mlankhorstRAOF: script works after a few fixes09:43
mlankhorstRAOF: pushed them :)10:13
mlankhorstRAOF: hmm.. do we need to rename binary drivers? Aren't we already updating them in backports when they become available?10:43
tjaaltonyou mean blobs?10:47
tjaaltonno need to10:47
tjaaltonsince they have -updates10:47
tjaaltonthough, -updates is changed at will10:47
tjaaltonso maybe they do need renames after all10:47
mlankhorstim just commenting them out for now, too much work in fglrx10:48
mlankhorstok fun, script's still broken :)11:07
mlankhorstRAOF: ping if still awake11:12
mlankhorstnow to figure out how to mimmic launchpad locally11:38
mlankhorstbuild packages with the other packages I built11:38
tjaaltonset up a chroot, build them there11:39
tjaaltonor if using sbuild, teach it to use a local package cache, but i've never done that..11:40
tjaaltonshould have a local repo though, still haven't configured reprepro for it tho11:40
mlankhorstill just build in tmpfs chroot11:40
mlankhorsthm interesting11:52
mlankhorstbryceh/RAOF: I've been trying to build the renamed things, but all the debian/rules modifications are the biggest bottleneck atm. I'm trying to automate those modifications as much as I can. :-)14:17
bdmurraybryceh: I've made https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/UpdateManagerWarningForI8xx which had moved a redirect to X/i8xxUnsupported.  Its important to keep the redirect as update-manager contains that url in it.15:23
brycehbdmurray, ok sounds good17:58
brycehbdmurray, I'd reaped that in a wiki spring cleaning  a few weeks back17:58
mlankhorstbryceh: oh i posted my findings so far on the mailing list, tldr version: undecided :)18:00
brycehmlankhorst, ok reading18:03
mlankhorstbut reply there, im going to bike to a friend now and back for the next few hours18:04
mlankhorstbb :)18:04
mlankhorstok that was fun22:31
cndRAOF, we need utouch-geis pocket copied from precise-proposed to quantal22:36
cndis there a way for me to do that?22:36
cndor does an archive admin like yourself need to do it?22:36
RAOFcnd: I don't know off the top of my head how to do that. I *think* you could requestsync.22:53
RAOFOr you could just upload to quantal, of course.22:53
cndRAOF, isn't there an issue if it has the same version?22:56
cndit would be rebuilt22:56
cndand thus there would be two different packages with the same version22:56
RAOFRight, you'd need to bump the version.22:57
RAOFWe're actually well past the time where you should be uploading to quantal first, anyway.22:58
cndRAOF, this is for a package before quantal was opn22:59
RAOFNot the one that I accepted on Wednesday?22:59
cndyes, the one you accepted into precise-updates23:00
cndit was uploaded to precise-proposed before that though23:00
cndwhile quantal wasn't yet open23:00
RAOFOh, right. And I forgot to copy it to quantal.23:00
cndso is this something you need to take care of?23:01
cndthanks :)23:01

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