inetprogood morning06:54
Squirmooooh, Pretoria tomorrow07:42
charlvnSquirm: what's happening in pretoria tomorrow?09:53
superflyer, afternoon10:05
charlvnhi superfly 10:31
superflyhey charlvn10:39
charlvnhi zeref 12:37
zereffinally finished programming project14:45
inetprozeref: well done16:20
inetprozeref: have you submitted?16:20
mazalEvening all16:57
smilehi :p17:09
Banlamsmile is always so happy :)17:12
smileyes :)17:12
smileit's hot :p17:12
smileoutside :)17:12
Banlamyou're in belgium or somewhere?17:13
Banlamor am i getting people mixed ip?17:13
smilebelgium :D17:14
Banlamis that a yes?17:15
smileBanlam: jap! :)17:22
smileBanlam: and you are from south africa :p17:22
BanlamI am yes17:23
smilecool :)17:29
smileBanlam: in europe it's very hot atm17:29
smilethere also? :p17:29
Banlamnot really17:29
Banlamit doesn't get as cold as winters there17:30
Banlambut we don't consider it warm17:30
smilehow "warm"? :p17:32
Banlamwhere I am it never drops below 0, if it drops below 5 I'll be surprised17:34
Banlamthe weeks forecast is min 10 max 20 most days17:34
Banlamwhich is chilly17:34
Banlambut some warm clothes and one is comforable17:34
smileyes :)17:35
* smile is jealous :p17:35
smileminus 5 is not unusual :p17:35
smileand in summer it's 23 - 32 :)17:36
* Banlam likes the 'cold'17:39
charlvnhi all17:44
inetprogood evening 17:44
charlvnhi highvoltage 17:44
charlvnhi inetpro 17:44
inetprowb highvoltage17:44
highvoltagehow are things?17:45
charlvnhi Banlam, smile 17:45
Banlamgd evening17:45
charlvnhighvoltage: good good, long time no speak to, yourself?17:45
inetprohighvoltage: cool in Pretoria and there?17:45
highvoltagecharlvn: yep doing good thanks17:45
highvoltageinetpro: 27°C here17:46
inetprohighvoltage: in Canada?17:46
highvoltageyeah. there is a few weeks of nice weather every year, at least :)17:46
inetpronice to see #ubuntu-za gathering a few foreigners in here17:47
inetpronot that highvoltage is a foreigner of course17:47
highvoltagenah mars is a local planet17:48
charlvnirc is teh international17:48
inetprohighvoltage: how's things going with edubuntu?17:49
highvoltageinetpro: taking on a lot of work for the next cycle, reviving the server part and also dabbling with tablets. 12.04 was a very good release.17:49
inetprosounds good17:49
inetproat least you still sound as passionate as ever17:50
highvoltagenah I just have no life :)17:51
charlvnlive is for noobs17:52
smilecharlvn: hi! :D17:52
charlvnlive is not for noobs because irc is live17:52
smileinetpro: i'm not foreign :p i'm a belg! :p17:53
inetproheh smile, you just keep smiling!17:53
smileI will ;)17:53
charlvnsmile: flemish, walloon or german?17:54
smilecharlvn: flemish of course! :p17:54
* smile spreekt Nederlands17:55
charlvnah ok nee dat is goed dan :P17:55
smilecharlvn: jij ook? :o17:55
Kerberoenglish here17:55
inetprofirst time ever that I heard about walloon17:55
charlvninetpro: a walloon is a french-speaking belgian, they live in the southern parts of belgium17:55
smileKerbero: jaja :p17:55
inetprocharlvn: I just checked on wikipedia17:55
inetprovery interesting17:56
inetpronever to old to learn17:56
smileinetpro: so is Vlaams. :p17:56
charlvnsmile: nee ik ben een nederlander ;)17:56
charlvnKerbero: wtfbbqktnxbye (does that qualify as english?)17:57
inetprosmile: as jy Vlaams praat dan verstaan jy waarskynlik ook Afrikaans17:57
Kerberoja hy doen17:57
Kerberoek praat baie afrikaans met hom17:57
Kerberomaar in #ubuntu-afr17:57
Kerberowaar dit hoort17:57
inetproKerbero: I've noticed that :-)17:58
smileinetpro: ja, ek verstaan afrikaans :p17:58
charlvnKerbero: why is afrikaans not allowed in this #, it's an official language of south africa yes?17:59
Kerberolong story17:59
Kerberonot banned17:59
Kerberobut english is preffered here17:59
charlvnis xhosa or zulu allowed here?17:59
smilecharlvn: if you can speak it ;)17:59
Kerberoi doubt it18:00
charlvnor swetswana or venda etc18:00
Kerberoall 11?18:00
charlvnsmile: lol i don't haha18:00
Kerberonorth and south sotho?18:00
inetprocharlvn: nobody banned Afrikaans in here18:00
charlvni wonder if it's possible to type bushmen language18:00
Kerberoa lot o !'s and \'s18:00
Kilosgood evening superfly smile and others18:01
charlvnhi Kilos 18:01
Kiloslo charlvn 18:01
superflyhi oom Kilos18:01
Kerberoexample: http://www.mieliestronk.com/landwapen.html18:01
inetprocharlvn: but when there's a lot of chatter in Afrikaans it's better to move to the dedicated channel because not everyone can understand it in here18:01
Kerberoa lot of !'s and /'s18:01
inetproall depends on the situation18:02
charlvninetpro: it's a surprise people don't complain about the dutch in here... especially since it's not even a south african language :P18:02
inetprohi Kilos18:02
Kiloshiya inetpro 18:02
inetprowb superfly18:02
superflythanks inetpro18:02
smilegood evening Kilos 18:03
smileno parlare espagnol? :p18:03
inetprosmile: heh!18:04
Kilosyou guys all well??18:04
smileKilos: ;)18:05
smileI don't speak Spanish :)18:05
Kerbero<thumbs up>18:05
Kilosnice to see some action here and some joking and smiles18:05
smilewell we should keep alive, Kilos 18:05
Kilossmile normally i just see you say bye18:06
Kilosyou had a good day today?18:06
smileyes :)18:06
smileKilos: i know :p18:06
smilebut i was busy today18:06
smilelike always18:06
smilebut now less busy then let's say, wednesday18:06
smileit was really hot today in europe :)18:06
smilea little bit too hot :p18:06
smile+- 3218:07
smilewe are not used to it :p18:07
Kiloswhat do you call hot?18:07
smile(sorry, 23 :p )18:07
Kilosthats lekker not hot18:07
Kerberodat is koud18:07
Banlam32 is warm18:07
Banlam40 is hot18:07
Banlam23 is comfortable18:07
Kerberobo 30 is eers warm18:07
Kerberolol @ banlam18:07
Kerberohot vs warm18:07
* Banlam 's climate control in his car is set to 2218:07
Banlamhot is warmer than warm18:07
Kilosthats too cold18:08
smileKerbero: dat is warm. :p18:08
Banlam22 is delightful18:08
Banlamfor shrots and a shirt18:08
Kilosand penguins18:08
smileKerbero: koud is -5 ;)18:08
Banlampenguins \o/18:08
Kerberobanlam is shorts and a shirt is awesome18:08
Kerbero;) back to you18:09
Kilosinetpro, en hoe gaan dit by jou18:09
Kiloshi barns18:09
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:11
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:11
inetproMaaz: coffee please18:11
Maazinetpro: Yessir18:11
KilosMaaz, with cremora18:11
MaazAh! At last someone with taste18:11
KilosMaaz, and milk18:11
MaazNow you're talking18:11
KilosMaaz, rusks please18:12
Maazbehind the calender on top of the fridge, but dont tell everyone Kilos18:12
Kilosdoop n ouma doop n ouma18:12
smileKilos: jy praat ook afrikaans :o18:12
Kilosoh my i wondered what dictionary i had here18:13
inetprohas anyone ever tried using Ubuntu in Afrikaans?18:13
Kerberohas anyone ever tried using windows in afrikaans?18:13
Kilosthere is no afrikaans for sudo18:13
Kerberorhetorical question18:14
smilenee, Kerbero 18:14
Kerberosupergebruiker doen18:14
Kilosha ha ha18:14
charlvnmost people i know just use it in english, it's a pain to get used to a new language in menus etc even if you speak it18:14
inetprocharlvn: I agree18:15
charlvnusually it's more of a pain than to just use it in english18:15
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!18:15
KilosMaaz, ty18:15
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:15
smileMaaz: :D18:15
Maazsmile: Sorry...18:15
charlvnand full disclosure, i used to be involved with translate.org.za, i have nothing against software translation or anything18:15
smileMaaz: I want cookies! :D18:15
Maazsmile: What?18:15
inetproI have a friend who uses the Afrikaans version of Firefox and Thunderbird18:15
smilecookies! :o18:15
inetproon Windows18:15
smileinetpro: werk dit goed? :p18:15
Kilosshame poor guy inetpro 18:15
charlvnas soon as you search for a proxy and have to go to "instaanbediener" you get lost18:16
Kerberomaak my koekies skoon18:16
Kerberoverwyder almal van hulle18:16
inetproKilos: he's still as happy as ever18:16
inetprojust not sure whether he's using the latest version18:17
Kiloshe never knew any better i spose18:17
Kiloswin7 is very heavy18:17
Kilosthe iso is 3.3g18:17
Kilosinetpro, you have nearly a whole month to organise kid stuff to not interfere with next months meeting hey18:19
inetproKilos: hmm...18:19
inetproKilos: when is the next date?18:19
Kilos18th looks like18:20
Kilos5 days before im 6118:20
Kiloswhew ou donner18:20
inetprohighvoltage: can you op me again so I can change that topic, please18:22
inetproor superfly, drubin, ...18:23
Kilosinetpro, why dont you stay opped instead of unopping after changing topic?18:23
inetproKilos: nah, better to stay out of the limelight18:24
smileinetpro: you will die.. ooit :p18:24
smilehaha! :p18:24
inetprosmile: hmm...18:24
Banlamplausible deniability18:25
smileinetpro: dat is waar he :)18:25
superflyinetpro: what do we need the topic changed to?18:25
inetpro- IRC meeting Mon, 21 May 19:30 SAST  18:26
inetpro+IRC meeting Mon, 18 June 19:30 SAST 18:26
Kiloshi conradvo 18:26
* smile knuffelt inetpro18:27
Kiloslong time since we showed over 40 peeps here18:27
inetprosmile: wat het ek nou verkeerd gedoen?18:27
charlvndoes inetpro know what knuffel means18:28
charlvnsmile: it's a "druk" in afrikaans18:29
Kiloswhat does it mean and in what language18:29
smileinetpro: niets. :)18:29
Kilosoh a hug?18:29
smileja! :)18:29
charlvnin dutch it's a knuffel18:29
Kilosha ha ha18:29
inetprocharlvn: yikes!18:29
smileinetpro: wat het jy gedink? ;)18:29
Kilosinetpro, s wife will hit him18:29
inetproek het gedink hy smile bedoel om my te knyp18:30
charlvnhahahahaha this is classic18:30
smileinetpro: nee, ek knyp jou nie! :)18:31
charlvni always use this one to troll south africans with: http://whitenoiseinsanity.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/catinboxkevinsteeleflickerphoto.jpg18:31
Kilossmile why you hide your name18:31
smilehow do you mean? :)18:31
charlvnrecipe: take a photo of a cat in a box and ask a dutchman to describe what he sees18:32
charlvnthen give his/her answer to a south african18:32
charlvnend: epic troll18:32
Kerberolol nee18:32
Kilosin xchat if one right clicks the nicks on the right it shows who you are18:32
Kerbero'n kat telery is beter18:32
smilehmm.. strange :p18:32
smileKilos: check out www.hugsmile.eu to know who I am :)18:33
inetprocharlvn: eh18:33
Kilosnaw i cant go browsing18:33
inetprojy loop nou op dun ys18:33
smilegood night everyone! :D18:33
Kerberosmile = st niklaas18:33
smile"Welcome on the site of Geoffrey De Belie! You can contact me here.18:33
Banlamooh, a .eu domain18:33
smileI live in Belgium, in a town called Sint-Niklaas. I'm often on msn, wikipedia and irc (see also chatting in #hugsmile). I'm addicted to smileys. I have brown eyes and brown hair. You find more information about me on my public profile. It's also the place to look for pictures of me. I don't have pets anymore.18:33
smileGeoffrey De Belie "18:33
smileBanlam: yes, i'm proud eu member :)18:33
smilegood night everyone, see ya :)18:34
Kerberoi'm not :(18:34
Banlamcan anyone get a .eu?18:34
charlvnsmile: yuck, you're proud of the .eu ?18:34
charlvnBanlam: nope, you have to live in the EU18:34
Kerberohy is 'n belg, hulle regeer die EU18:34
Kilosnight smile sleep tight18:34
charlvnlol i thought it was the bilderbergers18:34
smilecharlvn: no, to be a member of the European Union :)18:34
charlvnyeah that's what i meant :)18:35
smilethank you, Kilos :)18:35
inetprosmile: lekker slaap18:35
charlvnanti-EU sentiment has been growing in a lot of countries18:35
Kerberosmile: do you onle have to give an address in the EU?18:35
smileI do think so :(18:35
Kerberosophi nummer?18:35
smileKerbero: but you can give a fake one ;)18:35
smileno. :p18:35
Kerberoi have a real one18:35
Kerberoreal address18:36
smileoh :o18:36
Banlamor we can give smile's one :)18:36
smilewell i really have to go now ;) good night ;)18:36
smileyes, indeed :)18:36
Kerberoi'm sure i do have a sophi number too18:36
charlvnKerbero: sofi numbers are long gone, it's a BSN now and it's only for the netherlands, other countries don't have it18:36
Banlamsofi numbers?18:36
Banlamid number?18:36
charlvnand yes you need a real physical address, i don't think you need anything else18:36
Kerberoi have a physical address in NL18:37
charlvnthen you can register a .eu18:37
Kilossame as on aim you need a usa addy18:37
charlvnBanlam: a bsn is to the netheralands as an id number to south africa18:37
charlvnamericans have social security numbers18:37
Kilosbut addies are easy to find but who would want an eu one?18:37
charlvnKilos: yes exactly my question :)18:38
charlvnand yes you can most likely give up a fake address18:38
charlvni don't think they verify everything18:38
Kerberogoogle verified my NL address \o/18:38
Kilosaol/aim didnt check i just gave the first usa addy i found18:39
Banlamapple thinks I live in Kenya18:39
Kerbero... Liberty Isle, New York, USA18:39
Banlamall they check is the postal cod18:39
Banlamand kenya don't use postal codes :)18:40
charlvnhahahaha big surprise18:40
Kiloswow do they have post?18:40
charlvnthat is strange though, it used to be an english colony18:40
charlvnthat's a good question Kilos 18:41
* Banlam doesn't know18:41
charlvnthe roads in the middle of nairobi are in such terrible shape, you need a bike to get around18:41
Kerberohow about kongo, ex belgian colony18:41
Kerberowe should ask smile18:41
charlvnok i need to bugger off, bbl all18:42
Kiloshi psydroid you well?18:42
Kiloswe are getting peeps from all over18:42
Kilosi see our ruskies have left18:43
psydroidhi Kilos18:43
Kilospsydroid, studying hard?18:43
psydroidhi charlvn Kerbero Banlam18:43
Banlamhey psydroid 18:44
psydroidKilos, somewhat, I'm learning Python now18:44
Kilosfrom byteofpython psydroid 18:44
Banlamneeds moar brackets18:44
Banlamand semi-colons18:44
KilosBanlam, more?18:45
psydroidKilos, and you?18:45
Banlambut i wrote maor on purpose18:45
Banlamit has more heart18:45
Kilospsydroid, im parking off shivering 18:45
Kilosits winter here18:45
psydroidoh, I completely forgot about that18:46
Banlamyou forgot it's winter?18:46
Kiloshe is in the netherlands18:46
Kilosits always winter there18:47
Kiloslike the uk18:47
psydroidit's actually a bit warmer now18:47
Kerberoaltijd 11 steden tocht18:47
psydroidsince last week18:47
KilosBanlam, what do you need more brackets for?18:50
Kerberoit has too little rackets18:50
Kilosset your keyboard to auto repaet and hold key down and you get lots18:51
Kerberomaar dan kla die compiler18:51
superflyKerbero: whaddyamean it needs more brackets?18:51
Kerberojava/c vs python18:51
Kilosha ha ha now you had it18:51
Kerbero"o i love all these brackets" vs "where has all my brackets gone?"18:52
superflyyou can do all sorts of awesome things like: stuff = [{'moo': item.moo, 'bar': item.bar} for item in items]18:52
Kerberofor la in bla { ... }18:52
Kerberofor la in bla:18:53
Kerberothat is why i like php18:53
Kerberoyou can use both java/c brackets and your python brackets18:54
superflyPHP is a hammer with 2 claws18:58
Kerberoheh indeed18:59
Kerberobut easy to get something done18:59
bakumanaka BIG hammer?19:00
Kilosnight guys, sleep tight19:01
bakumannite nite19:02
Kerberonag oom ki...19:02
magespawnhowdy all19:12
psydroidhi magespawn19:16
inetpromagespawn: wb19:16
magespawnhey psydroid19:16
psydroidhi inetpro19:17
superflyhi magespawn19:44
charlvnhi all19:45
magespawnhey superfly19:46
charlvnnn all20:40
Mezenirlate already20:44
SquirmI win21:08
magespawnnight all21:15
drubininetpro: Sorry I was out... we should get highvoltage to give you +O or something22:49

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