harrisconfiguration: latency=000:00
harrishow do i configure it00:00
casey9nulldev maybe i should delete00:00
nulldevcasey9 whats the script doing?00:00
daguydatpwnzdoes anyone know any good irc clients for ubuntu?00:00
nulldevcasey9 checking battery time?00:01
casey9when a poweroutage happens it will send a alert email00:01
harriswhen i type the code lshw -C network it says network not claimed and then configuration: latency=000:01
casey9one problem is its jsuting the mail program and i don't have it on there00:01
NoVoteLossdaguyfatpwnz....what do you mean "good"?00:02
harrisso how do i configure it00:02
NoVoteLossxchat is fine for me00:02
nulldevcasey9 not going to work as whats going to run it when theres no power00:02
saryharris: please pastbin the following commands to paste.ubuntu.com so we could all have a look  .. lspci -nn | grep 0280; rfkill list all; lsmod; lshw -C network00:02
casey9i got the ssmtp program and want to ues it00:02
casey9a ups thats what its reporting00:02
nulldevcasey9 no servers will be working though00:02
daguydatpwnzwell something thats light looks nice and is easy to use00:02
nulldevcasey9 ah ok you have ups00:03
casey9nulldev i'm useing the ssmtp program instead of mail how do i get it to use ssmtp?00:04
nulldevcasey9 ssmtp you sure you dont mean smtp?00:04
Orbiteydaguydatpwnz: irssi if you are not a newbie00:04
casey9i do but thats what the program is called00:05
casey9! sstmp00:05
daguydatpwnzim using weechat-curses00:05
binnihow do I start gnome-online-accounts in ubuntu, it doesn't seam to be in system settings00:05
daguydatpwnzi heard it's already pretty similir to irssi00:05
harrisfor lspci -nn http://pastebin.com/B5KFv30y00:05
nulldevif its a secure smtp I dont know but personally would set up a mail relay over ssh00:05
casey9well i'm useing ssmtp because i just need it to be able to send emails00:06
HwHJust installed emacs pyflakes pymacs python-mode yasnippet. This retarded weird DE on Ubuntu is not playing nice with emacs. .emacs.d should be under $HOME. At work we are on Debian with xfce.00:06
casey9info ssmtp00:06
ActionParsnipHwH: you can use xfce in ubuntu if you want00:07
harrishow do you enable latency=000:07
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nulldevcasey9 I know how to read man pages .. dude Im compiling  a Linux distro more than shuttleworths efforts00:07
HwHI need to drop auto-complete and some other plugins into .emacs.d/ on other GNU/Linux distros that should be under $HOME. Is it not on Ubuntu?00:07
daguydatpwnzactually i was thinking how can i host an irc server?00:08
harrisActionParsnip,  how do you configure latency=000:08
casey9nulldev what i want to know if how do i get the script to use ssmtp and not mail00:08
ActionParsnipharris: no idea, or I would have replied earlier00:08
nulldevcasey9 I dont know00:08
HwHThis huge red desktop reminds me of a baboons ass!00:09
nulldevssmtp is often used just use smtp and encryot your mails00:09
ActionParsnipdaguydatpwnz: http://www.the-tech-tutorial.com/?p=70900:09
ActionParsnipHwH: then change the desktop, ranting about it does nothing00:09
HwHActionParsnip I am going to use this as a headless. Just set up ssh. Less confusing that way.00:10
daguydatpwnzthanks ActionParsnip00:10
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nulldevLinux FTW00:11
amh345im trying to stop mysql from running as a startup service permanently.  but every time i reboot is running again!    is this the correct way to permanently disable a service? update-rc.d -f mysql remove00:12
ActionParsnipamh345: looks good to me00:12
amh345well wtf.  hah00:12
nulldevamh345 chkconfig mysql --off00:13
amh345chkconfig isnt installed00:13
nulldevamh345 or chkconfig mysql off00:13
harrisdoes anyone know how to configure latency=000:13
nulldevamh345 try which chkconfig depending on your enviroment you might have to use the full path00:14
nulldevnippin to th e fridege00:15
Jester86_Mobilehey guys.  Anyone have a clue how to fix the headphone detection issue with 12.04?00:16
Jester86_MobileI upgraded my system from 11.10 and it killed it :-\00:16
ironmHello. Is a desktop Live image for ubuntu 12.04 available? I can't find any direkt link (google)00:16
ActionParsnipJester86_Mobile: can you give the output of; wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh00:17
Jester86_Mobileit detects headphones when it first bots and won't redetect anything after that until it is rebooted again00:17
saryharris: and the other commands output ..00:17
saryironm: ubuntu.com00:17
stevecamim trying to connect to google talk on empathy in the new upgrade, but it keeps on asking me for my password, is this a common problem?00:17
ActionParsnipironm: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso00:18
ActionParsnipironm: MD5: d791352694374f1c478779f7f4447a3f00:18
Jester86_MobileActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=24331e0178e222400e9a13b7d869e19d4fe39d2800:18
nulldevamh345 any look with chkconfig?00:18
amh345nulldev, it's not installed.  ill install it shortly. doing a distro upgrade now00:19
ironmsary, ActionParsnip ist this image an installable only image or live image? ... ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso00:19
ActionParsnipironm: they are one and the same thing00:20
ironmthank you ActionParsnip00:20
ActionParsnipJester86_Mobile: try:    echo "options snd-hda-intel model=ACER" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/nill00:20
ActionParsnipJester86_Mobile: http://www.linlap.com/wiki/Acer+Aspire+693000:20
ActionParsnipJester86_Mobile: also http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156927300:21
Jester86_MobileActionParsnip, i'll look into it00:21
ActionParsnipironm: remember to MD5 test :)00:21
ilpolloespañosh chanel please00:22
curiousxsup all00:22
saryilpollo: /join #ubuntu-es00:22
curiousx!es ! ilpollo00:22
ubottucuriousx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:22
curiousx!es | ilpollo00:22
ubottuilpollo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:22
nulldevif [ -d windows ] ; then; rm -rf windows; fi00:22
ironmActionParsnip, thank you :) ... ironm@sid:~$ md5sum -b ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso00:22
ironm128f0c16f4734c420b0185a492d92e52 *ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso00:22
curiousxilpollo: ahi voy para alla a ver si te puedo ayudar :D00:23
ironmActionParsnip, I guess, that I can dd this iso to a USB stick and boot from it, right?00:23
curiousxi am latino but i don't like ubuntu-es, guys in #ubuntu are cool =)00:23
ActionParsnipironm: sure, you can use unetbootin00:23
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TechSmurfit takes this box 30 seconds from the time an ethernet cable is plugged in or the interface is brought up for it to begin tx/rx. auto/static interface, ubuntu 12.04 stock 3.2.0 kernel, intel 82574L nics.... any ideas?00:24
zykotick9ironm: cat would be suggested over dd00:24
ironmActionParsnip, is it no binary-hybrid image ?00:24
zykotick9ironm: it's hybrid00:24
ironmwhy cat and not dd zykotick9  ?00:24
ironmthank you zykotick9 :)00:24
zykotick9ironm: ? sector size of image vs. usb (would be my guess)00:25
HwHemm whats wrong with this? Need to mount a disk ' mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom '00:26
ActionParsnipironm: you can use dd if you want00:26
nulldevif anyones intrested in a gnome 2.6 based distrom that will be built on gentoo keep your eyes out for NarcTix00:27
rhizoanyone know a freenode channel for ubuntu on android ?00:27
ActionParsnipHwH: try:    sudo mkdir /media/cdrom0; sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom000:27
ironmthank you again ActionParsnip  and zykotick900:27
zykotick9!alis | rhizo00:27
ubotturhizo: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:27
saryrhizo: you can search for channels in freendoe using alis .. right just what zykotick9 point you to :)00:28
nulldevyou dont need sudo to mount cdunless your systems well locked down00:28
ActionParsnipnulldev: in CLI, you'll need sudo to mount00:28
HwHActionParsnip Sees it was already mounted. I guess there is automagic mounting.00:28
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ironmdd if=./ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1M00:29
ActionParsnipHwH: sweet :)00:29
nulldevthats ubuntu only then not Linux00:29
ActionParsnipnulldev: well, this is Ubuntu support, so yeah00:29
nulldevtrue :)00:29
Jester86_MobileActionParsnip,  seems like most of that was referring to correcting mic issues?00:29
rhizothanks zykotick9, sary00:29
moesUbuntu-10.04..gparted error..warning:invalid partition table on /dev/sda..wrong signature 595400:30
nulldevdoes shutleworth actually code anything?00:31
HwHnulldev not even sure that is legal according to the GPL. Sure that might work with a BSD license, Macintosh put a GUI on BSD and sold it as Apple.00:32
casey9what is wrong with this script? http://pastebin.com/PmmbgCUA00:32
nulldevubuntu is going dev null if a distro like mint can take over00:33
nulldevbut ubuntu is  a rip off debian00:33
ActionParsnipJester86_Mobile: could try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*     wait 10 seconds and then retry sound00:34
ActionParsnipnulldev: its based on it, thats all00:34
nulldevIm building my ow distro at the min and doing alot more work than shuttleworth wont make as much money though00:34
Jester86_Mobilealright thanks ActionParsnip .. think I'll make a backup first tho00:34
OerHeksnulldev, dream on00:34
nulldevoerheks dream on at what?00:35
nulldevIve already done lfs and recompiled gentoo00:35
nulldevubuntu is debians source renamed00:36
nulldevfair dos new desktopk changes that a bit00:36
ActionParsnipnulldev: lots of apps use the same source, like firefox and so forth, its not debian's to be renamed....00:37
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ironmActionParsnip, is it a joke or is there really any possibility to open a terminal window without installing additional software?00:37
ActionParsnipironm: press CTRL+ALT+T00:37
ironmin live mode00:37
nulldevactionparsnip yeah but make an effort to it00:37
ActionParsnipnulldev: ubuntu submits bugs upstream00:38
zykotick9ActionParsnip: Mozilla forces Debian to rename firefox...00:38
ironmthank you ActionParsnip  :)00:38
nulldevactionparsnip dont just put your brand in00:38
strictlandhello everyone, i have an issue booting up xubuntu, can any one offer assistance? it's my first time joining these chat rooms, so please forgive my noobness00:39
ActionParsnipstrictland: what video card do you use?00:39
ActionParsnipstrictland: and what issue do you see?00:39
strictlandi use onboard00:39
ActionParsnipstrictland: I have many systems, they have onboard vieo chips ranging from SiS to nvidia00:39
strictlandbasically my computer shutdowns automatically via cron command00:40
ActionParsnipstrictland: what is the onboard chip?00:40
strictlandand i setup to wake on lan in bios at a specific time00:40
strictlandwait a sec let me check00:40
ActionParsnipstrictland: then you will need to boot to root recovery mode and edit the cron00:40
nulldevstrictland well if your system shuts down from cron check crontab00:40
ecoloi have a pb with firefox conexion00:41
ecoloall was ok but today ???00:41
ecoloThe server at www.google.com is taking too long to respond00:41
ecolothanks vm00:41
FloodBot1ecolo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:41
ecoloOk sorry00:41
moesUbuntu-10.04..gparted error..warning:invalid partition table on /dev/sda..wrong signature 595400:42
ironmis there no aptcdon for bubuntu 12.04 anymore ?00:42
ironmaptoncd ...00:42
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline00:42
casey9nulldev can you look at this script00:42
ecoloi have a pb with browser connexion can anyone help00:42
nulldevcasey9 sure00:42
casey9nulldev http://pastebin.com/PmmbgCUA00:43
nulldevcasey9 wheres that failin and what error?00:44
ironmis there another toll to create package repositories for off line installations? (for 12.04) .. like aptoncd00:44
casey9nulldev its not writing to the debug file so ether its the script or the script isn't running00:45
ubottuapt-file is a program that can tell you which package(s) contain(s) a given filename. To install it and generate the database it needs, run "sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update"00:46
nulldevcasey9 the script wont run unless theres a cron or start up sscript for it00:46
casey9nulldev is there any log files i can look at that will help me00:47
null-Hi, where can I find a default sources.list for US?00:47
nulldevno but whats that script doing?00:48
casey9nulldev the same as the other just a different version of the script00:49
nulldevcasey9 I script your script makes no sense00:50
casey9nulldev theres another script that runs that script00:50
strictlandback again sorry, kid was fussing00:50
strictlandmy motherboard is M4A88T-M00:51
strictlandmy system use to wake on lan without issue, and i have it set up via cron to shutdown at 1am everyday00:52
strictlandnow it doesnt want to succesfully boot... it seems to stop at a black screen with text that arent consistent00:53
strictlandeverytime my xubuntu system wakes on lan, i get a black screen with text saying something like: Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported ubuntu... any suggestions?00:58
silva41boa noite00:59
ironmhow can I install aptoncd on 12.04 desktop in live mode?00:59
nulldevstrictland hdd,(0,0) : kernel /boot/yourkernel00:59
nulldevnot : ;00:59
silva41alguma nina00:59
strictlandim a total noob, is this something i need to type into terminal?00:59
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dalek_how do I get the users & groups app to come up? I click it and nothing happens.01:05
dalek_forget that.. it has finally decided to come up ;)01:06
piihbHey guys. Is there a channel I should go to for help setting up my Dell - or maybe someone here could help me?01:06
deadmundpiihb: setting up your dell with ubuntu ??01:06
wilee-nileepiihb, if it is ubuntu this is the place01:06
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
piihbI've read a bit about installing the latest version of Ubuntu on my XPS 15z. Everything said there wouldn't be too many problems, but my keyboard and trackpad don't work.01:07
piihbI'm new to Linux and can't really do much on my own but look help stuff up online :/01:08
deadmundpiihb: the mouse does work?  Are you talking the live CD or on an installed system?01:08
piihbInstalled system. Neither the mouse/trackpad nor the keyboard work.01:08
deadmundpiihb: did those things work on the live CD?  What if you press num lock, does the light change?01:09
clausenis UnionFS available in Ubuntu?01:12
compdocpiihb, Ive been using linux for years, and I look up stuff all the time.01:12
piihbhey guys, im not gonna be able to type for a bit01:13
piihbmy dad needs this wireless keyboard >.< let me try to find another in my house01:13
n1ckn4me09876543Id like to allow a certain program to autostart when i log in, where can I find this file?01:14
deadmundn1ckn4me09876543: try running the command: gnome-session-manager01:15
seeqwellon my system n1ckn4me09876543 its in system settings and in autostart01:15
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arooni-mobilehey folks... recently swapped out a bad laptop hard drive for a new one.  new one has been spinning for 10 hours (copying a bunch of files from my old box) and SMART data says it already has 4 bad sectors... is this normal?01:16
=== netmk is now known as Guest38521
arooni-mobilehey folks... recently swapped out a bad laptop hard drive for a new one.  new one has been spinning for 10 hours (copying a bunch of files from my old box) and SMART data says it already has 4 bad sectors... is this normal?01:16
deadmundarooni-mobile: 4 bad sectors is so little you shouldn't worry01:16
arooni-mobiledeadmund, whats bad01:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:16
deadmundarooni-mobile: drives develop bad sectors over time regardless of use01:16
=== Guest38521 is now known as netmk_
deadmundarooni-mobile: 100's01:17
deadmundarooni-mobile: take a look at the smart data using the disk utility.  It gives some other numbers for perspective01:18
NiebuhrHello. I'm having a problem with the Xserver, I guess -- I'm  being told at login that my graphical interfaces are not detected. I've been running 12.04, I guess with xfce fine for two weeks now and was behind on updates, so that can't be the problem. Any help?01:18
NiebuhrI am trying to spare reinstalling the whole system, which I would do in other cases to spare stress.01:18
arooni-mobiledeadmund, all other smart data from disk utility sohws normal01:19
arooni-mobileor healthy01:19
dlentzNiebuhr, pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:19
deadmundarooni-mobile: what is the value / category that is not 'normal' ?01:19
saryNiebuhr: i'd start truobleshooting X , to determine where the issue coming from , then you might need to debug X and such.01:20
arooni-mobiledeadmund, current pending sector count; 401:20
dlentzdeadmund, if it is a brand new drive, bad sectors are not good01:20
strictlandSo my xubuntu system is setup to shutdown via cron at a specific time everyday, then it wakes on lan everyday as well at a specified time. my problem is, a few weeks ago, my system would wake onlan but stop at a black screen with text saying something about "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported ubuntu" .... I dont know what to do? Here are my boot info script results if that helps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004011/01:20
Niebuhrsary: right. I had typically used gentoo, and I'm far more experienced in that regard (perhaps I should switch back, use this as an impetus), but I will do some fishing around01:21
Niebuhrdlentz: don't have access to that at present, using Windows.01:21
deadmundarooni-mobile: ohh, is it new?  Maybe this is bad.01:21
harrishi can someone help me with my wifi problem01:21
deadmundarooni-mobile: I assumed we were talking about reallocated sector count01:21
saryright , as dlentz mentioned .. the X log should tell al lot , and also ~/,xsessions-errors .01:22
arooni-mobiledeadmund, its a brand new drive01:22
NiebuhrI'm gonna do some tinkering. I hope I won't be back!01:22
clausenis it possible to mount a file system in two places (without nfs)?01:22
clausenunionfs seems promising, but it's not in ubuntu!01:22
deadmundarooni-mobile: It's fine to have some reallocated sectors.  I sector is remapped.  Then it becomes reallocated.  Since your have some stuck pending that is not good.  The pending count should go back to 0 and reallocated should increase01:22
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harriswhat is the code that shows you what wifi card you have01:22
deadmundWhen a sector is remapped*01:22
deadmundharris: sudo lspci -k  (but it shows lots of other stuff too)01:23
sarsaeolharris: lspci?01:23
deadmundsarsaeol: sudo lspci !01:23
saryharris: lshw -C network , and lspci .01:23
deadmundharris: -k shows the drivers in use too, -C network is probs a good idea to limit the output01:23
sarsaeoldeadmund: oops!01:23
harrissary go to your pm01:23
arooni-mobiledeadmund, when does this remapping happen?  reboot?01:23
saryharris: Okay :)01:23
deadmundarooni-mobile: I believe it happens on the fly (instantly when a write fails).  I could be wrong though.01:24
=== netmk_ is now known as netmk
deadmundarooni-mobile: It might be delayed if you're doing a really big write / read like you said you are.01:24
harrisdoes anyone know a lot about wifi01:25
arooni-mobiledeadmund, god damn it; its been a day and a half just to get this drive swapped data baked up etc01:25
arooni-mobilei hope i dont have to do this all over again01:25
deadmundarooni-mobile: It shouldn't take a day.5 just to copy a hdd01:26
deadmundharris: I do.01:26
* deadmund proudly states that his hdd power cycle count is 533401:26
arooni-mobiledeadmund, well it takes longer if your old drive had a bunch of errors and kept crapping out; along with slow read speed01:26
windbuntuthe only way i have been able to get buntu going on wifi if by having it hooked up to the internet by hard wire 1st, then ubuntu offers me the wireless driver automatically.01:26
deadmundarooni-mobile: ahh, yes.  Just copy user data :)01:26
arooni-mobileplus if you happen to be in another country and have to find the damn service center01:26
angadgot a login loop in 12.04. can anybody help?01:26
deadmundwindbuntu: that is the easiest way01:26
harrisdeadmund,  check your pm01:27
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angadUbuntu 12.04 login loop : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1196287001:30
harriswhat is the code that you type so that you dont have to reboot01:30
szalharris: when doing what?01:31
deadmundszal: I helped him in a PM :)01:32
harrisnevern mind deadmund fixed it for me01:33
sistlaHow can i run a command that i can run natively on my linux box but not in remote login to same box01:34
szalilpollo: try "/join #ubuntu-es"01:34
szalsistla: huh?01:34
deadmundsistla: what?  Take the command you want to run.  Log in 'natively' run it01:34
chrislu5ticOh i'm happy01:35
sistlahi i can run a command say mkxfs if i run natively on my lixbox01:35
sistlabut if login using remote connetion i can not run that01:35
sistlais there a way to do that01:36
szalsistla: why not?01:36
chrislu5ticwheres actionparsnip01:36
deadmundchrislu5tic: not here01:36
sistlahow ?01:36
zykotick9sistla: details often help.  what program are you running?  what are you using to "remote login" into the box?01:36
szalchrislu5tic: how are we to know?01:36
chrislu5ticDeadmund: shocking first time ever lol01:37
deadmundchrislu5tic: he is usually here01:37
sistlazykotick9: mkxfs01:37
imbezolwhat's responsible for activating and mounting the LVM volumes? mine don't show up as devices because they need to have "lvchange -a y" run on them first and that's not happening automatically01:37
Snowiemawnin everyone01:37
chrislu5ticI solved a problem I've been discussing with him for like a year, that's all lol01:37
sistlazykotick9 i am using xorg for my remote login01:38
=== Snowie is now known as Snowie_NOOBspert
deadmundchrislu5tic: what was the problem?  What did you do to fix it?01:38
chrislu5ticinstalling the DEV version of aircrack-ng editing the common.mak file01:39
chrislu5ticto get past the "negative one patch" problem01:39
sistlaZykotick9 : any help on that01:39
undecimcan i rename eth29 to eth0 without rebooting? (i'm using wlan0)01:39
Snowie_NOOBspertHas anyone had unusual dock behaviour in unity since 1204 update. mine wont hide and on the rare occasions it does it wont pop back open easily when i shove the mouse to screen left01:39
deadmundchrislu5tic: awesome!  What did you do to fix it?01:39
Meatball_hi everyone. Is this the official Ubuntu Chat?01:39
nemoSnowie_NOOBspert: I think they removed autohide of dock in most situations in 12.04 because it was annoying people01:39
Snowie_NOOBsperton a brighter note, fglrx now lets me run 3d desktop01:39
nemoSnowie_NOOBspert: there are plenty of annoying bugs in 12.04 but I thiiiink that what you're seeing is deliberate01:40
deadmundMeatball_: yes01:40
Snowie_NOOBspertnemo, really? ok. is there an option to enable01:40
undecimMeatball_: This is the official support channel01:40
chrislu5ticInstalled build-essential, and libssl-dev,01:41
chrislu5ticremoved  "werror" from cflags 2 line  in "commom.mak" with gedit,01:41
chrislu5ticand thennn  used the --ignore-negative-one command before mon0 and wlan001:41
chrislu5ticto force it,  cracked wep network with less than 3000 unique iv's01:41
FloodBot1chrislu5tic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:41
deadmundchrislu5tic: awesome!  Good job :)01:41
Snowie_NOOBspertnemo, answered, yes there are, and you can even adjust the 'screen shove left' sensitivity. Well done buntu team01:41
=== cccaldas_ is now known as cccaldas
chrislu5ticcompiz experimental plugins are coool01:42
deadmundchrislu5tic: yes they are :)01:42
Snowie_NOOBspertchrislu5tic, yes they are. I really loved the fishtank cube, but it does need better fish01:42
deadmundchrislu5tic: I love cube (even if it is old now)01:42
chrislu5ticyou know what.. last time i turned that on it screwed everything up, i've got like everything but that on..01:43
chrislu5ticYEAHH  when unity came out i was like wtffff all these conflictions with cube but i got it goin01:43
deadmundchrislu5tic: Yeah I like gnome3 better than unity.  Less buggy I think01:43
undecimchrislu5tic: My unity crashes every time I enable a plugin, lol01:43
Snowie_NOOBspertits open sauce. stability comes with time young padewan01:44
chrislu5ticI had to disable unity, enable cube, then reenable unity  or it wouldnt work.. now i can leave unity on while changing things01:44
chrislu5ticcairodock is fun too01:45
chrislu5tici autohide my launcher01:45
Snowie_NOOBspertgot bored and thought i would come and help all the newbies play DVD's, but it seems quiet. must be wee hours in the am in most parts of the world01:45
chrislu5ticanyone here played nexuiz/xonotic?01:46
deadmundSnowie_NOOBspert: It cannot be wee hours of the am in MOST of the world ;)01:46
chrislu5tiche's got you there01:47
Snowie_NOOBspertdeadmund, LOL, correct, it will be exactly half. I really offended a room full of people once by stating "Half of the world is of below average intelligence". ppl didnt like that01:47
deadmundSeems like there's more than that.01:48
chrislu5tic1 - 5 americans cant point out america on a world map : S01:48
chrislu5ticsad but trueee " metallica scream"01:50
Snowie_NOOBspertchrislu5tic, i have heard that too. im australian, so it's easier for us. we are the big lump all on it's own at the bottom01:50
chrislu5tichaha easy for you,, your down unda01:50
saryguys , probable better to chit·chat in #ubuntu-offtopic , or #defocus . :)01:50
harrishow do you make ubuntu remember password to wifi01:50
chrislu5tictell me... do you play the digireedoo ? hahhahah01:50
harriswho knows about wifi01:51
hauxI installed xubuntu 12.04 on a system with this board: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/kino_690s1  It is hooked up a television as a "media" pc. I can't get fglrx to work, and otherwise am having serious resolution issues. None of the resolutions I select fit the screen very well. They are either oversized, or too small. Any ideas?01:51
saryharris: from the Network Manager , or iwconfig .01:51
piihbHey, can someone help me configure the trackpad and keyboard for my Dell?01:51
Snowie_NOOBspertharris, it should automatically remember it for you01:52
Snowie_NOOBspertchrislu5tic, nah, takes too much wind01:52
harrisSnowie_NOOBspert,  thank you01:53
chrislu5ticharris your problem solved?01:53
harrischrislu5tic,  yes01:53
chrislu5ticwo0o0o0o  hours laterrr01:53
Snowie_NOOBspertharris, it can be hard to get used to not having to click apply or tick a box to remember something01:53
piihbIs anyone good with Linux/Ubuntu who could help me with a few things? :S01:54
gryjust ask01:55
Snowie_NOOBspertpiihb, lol, you are in the right place01:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:55
piihbI installed the latest version of Ubuntu - 64-bit. First of all, my keyboard nor my trackpad work. I posted about it on the forums too, if anyone wants to check it out.01:56
grywhat hardware you using?01:56
piihbI didn't do any of the things listed in the "Installation gotchas" on this page https://wiki.edubuntu.org/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z Is that a problem?01:57
piihbAlso, once all that gets worked out, I want to put some of the same problems I have on the Windows portion of my laptop on the Ubuntu portion. But I don't want to install all of them again. Is there a way to do that?01:58
piihbsome of the same programs*01:59
gryit seems odd to use a edubuntu page, are you using edubuntu or ubuntu?01:59
piihbi just didn't see anything for ubuntu and i didn't think there would be many differences02:00
Snowie_NOOBspertanyone have a good wallpaper with all the new shortcuts for 12.04. google was no help. I have seen them for 11.1002:00
piihband here's ubuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z they're almost identical02:01
grygoing through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z#Hardware might help02:01
=== wilee-nilee is now known as mmmmbacon
Sargun-WorkWhere can I get the ubuntu / debian installers source code?02:03
piihbOkay, I haven't done that yet. What is the grub boot line?02:03
piihbIs that in the terminal?02:03
piihbgry: Where do I find the grub boot line?02:05
mega1i have just installed server 12 and i get an error when i use apt-get update02:05
hauxI installed xubuntu 12.04 on a system with this board: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/kino_690s1  It is hooked up a television as a "media" pc. I can't get fglrx to work, and otherwise am having serious resolution issues. None of the resolutions I select fit the screen very well. They are either oversized, or too small. Any ideas?02:06
grypiihb: I think the steps describe how to set that 'permanently' in a grub file, doing that and rebooting would work02:07
WhitePelicandoes anyone know where I can get help changing the font in google earth? I have googled or it with no success02:07
WhitePelicanfor it*02:07
sarsaeolWhitePelican: tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1790776 ?02:08
harrishow do you add tomboy lens to ubuntu02:08
gryharris: did you try searching in the software center?02:09
gryit's not there?02:09
mega1is the irish server for files down02:11
saryharris: and what does apt-cache policy tomboy02:11
saryshows !02:11
porwahHi, I can't get my mouse to scroll in a Lubuntu VM.  Any suggestions? It works fine in a Xubuntu one.02:11
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest40930
WhitePelicansarsaeol, I tried that, no effect02:12
gryporwah: might want to try #lubuntu in a bit if no replies here02:13
harrishow do you install tomboy lens in 12.0402:14
gryharris: few folks saw your question, I personally don't have an idea yet. please idle around02:15
saryharris: i have installed tomboy in 12.04 , you might need to enable the universe repo , and update the package packages archive , sudo apt-get update , then sudo apt-get install tomboy .02:15
SRHi, I have a desktop running ubuntu lucid 10.04 for a long time and it is very stable. I tried upgrading to natty 11.04 and it was crashing randomly (once a week) so I went back to lucid. Now I'm trying precise 12.04 and it's freezing randomly again. The computer is always on, it freeze when I'm not there, the screen is black, no keyboard, no mouse, no ping, complete freeze. Power button does nothing unless hold 4sec. Any clue where to st02:15
harrishow do you install tomboy lens in ubuntu 12.0402:15
grySR, that got cut off at 'any clue where to st' - and what hardware are you using?02:16
mmmmbaconharris, is this you http://askubuntu.com/questions/139994/installing-lenses-and-scopes-in-ubuntu-12-04-error02:16
mmmmbaconharris, the ppa not working?02:17
SRAny clue where to start to find the solution? Using asus motherboard p7h55-m lx.02:17
harriscouldnt install it02:17
Guest40930I am looking for help with screen flicker02:17
Guest40930I am novice just started using a Hanns G monitor and it is flickering like crazy02:18
mmmmbaconharris, I don;t do PM's and most will refusw with a ask if you can,02:18
harrishow do you install tomboy lens <mmmmbacon>02:19
mmmmbacon*without, I just add to my ignore list but thats just the way I am02:19
harrishow do you install tomboy lens02:20
Guest40930can somebody help please02:20
piihbCan someone explain to me how to access the grub line? I don't think it's difficult, but I haven't gotten it to work yet >.<02:21
piihbGrub boot line*02:21
sarySR: i'd switch to a virtual console and cat to the X logs file and look for errors , and ~./xsessions-errors as well.02:23
piihbCan anyone help me with grub boot line commands?02:23
harrishow do you add the tomboy lens to ubuntu 12.0402:24
sarypiihb: if GRUB menu doesn't show up after the BIOS screen , press and kepp holding SHIFT.02:24
sarybeeb/ ;)02:24
piihbsary: I have dual boot. So after I choose Ubuntu, just hold down shift?02:25
SRsary, I can't switch vt when it happen because it's completly fozen. I've look in the logs (/var/log/*) and did not see anything abnormal.02:25
piihbI dual boot*02:25
mega1i just installed ubuntu server12.04 and it will not update02:26
mmmmbaconpiihb, you shpuld have the grub menu if you have a dual partitioned dual boot02:26
mmmmbaconpiihb, otherwise e for edit at the grub menu02:27
sarypiihb: No , the GRUB menu is where you can see and select to boot to either of your dual boot OS's .. so you are in GRUB a that point.02:28
=== mmmmbacon is now known as wilee-nilee
sarySR: and i assuem you can reach GRUB bootloader !02:29
SRsary, yes after the reboot.02:30
piihbsary & mmmmbacon: I'm looking at this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z#Hardware     It asks me to edit the grub boot line. I have to do that during start up or I can do it after logging in?02:31
=== zz_diddledan is now known as diddledan
cwoodGood evening. I'm sorry in advance for being a sad git, but is there any repository that retains sun-java6-bin for 10.04?02:32
zykotick9cwood: if you want sun-java download it from oracle (it's been removed from all gnu/linux distros, or should have been)02:32
cwoodSadly that's the thing I want. I'm in a situation where compatibility>security, sadly.02:33
zykotick9piihb: e at boot menu.  or edit /etc/default/grub once in ubuntu (update-grub after change, to apply)02:33
hauxI installed xubuntu 12.04 on a system with this board: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/kino_690s1  It is hooked up a television as a "media" pc. I can't get fglrx to work, and otherwise am having serious resolution issues. None of the resolutions I select fit the screen very well. They are either oversized, or too small. Any ideas?02:34
piihbzykotick9: So there's more than one way to edit it?02:34
sarySR: then , i'd startwith memtest and file system check .. if all is to the good , reconfigureing X would be next .02:34
zykotick9piihb: e at grub is only temporary02:34
Prodigalcan someone walk me through installing a deb package02:34
cwoodProdigal: sudo dpkg -i filename.deb02:34
mega1does anyone know this Err http://security.ubuntu.com precise-security InRelease02:35
=== manigma77______ is now known as manigma77_
Dr_WillisProdigal:  easy way 'sudo gdebi foo.deb'02:35
mega1i get it when i use apt-get update02:35
piihbzykotick9: Can I make it permanent through terminal commands?02:35
zykotick9piihb: yes, edit /etc/default/grub02:35
Dr_Willisof course double clicking on a deb should fireup the software center and install it02:36
piihbzykotick9: As a complete novice, what is etc/default/grub? A folder?02:37
deadmundpiihb: it's a file02:37
deadmundpiihb: folders end in /02:37
diddledanmega1, I think it's complaining that it can't find the directory "InRelease" in the repository - check your sources.list file is correct02:37
SRsary, I doubt it would be memory or file system. I can reinstall 10.04 and everything is fine. Did the test with 2 harddrive.02:37
mega1this is a fresh install02:38
SRsary, reconfiguring X not sure I understand what to do.02:38
piihbzykotick9 and deadmund: Thanks! I'll be back in a bit. I have to hop over to Ubuntu from Windows.02:38
mega1where is the sources.list02:38
Dr_Willis!grub2 | piihb02:39
ubottupiihb: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:39
Dr_Willismega1:  /etc/apt/sources.list02:39
harrishow do you install tomboy lens in ubuntu 12.0402:39
Dr_Willisharris:  if its not in the repos. find a ppa for it02:39
muktiDo devices in /dev belong to groups?02:39
diddledanmega1, this is the security updates section in mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004080/02:40
harrisDr_Willis, what is the repos02:40
arooni-mobilehi folks; my compiz crashes on ubuntu 12.04 on lenovo t420 (fresh install) when i try to do normal ubuntu login (unity 2d works fine).  here is the error i see from dmesg: [   90.121542] compiz[2077]: segfault at 200000001 ip 0000000200000001 sp 00007fff47e093a8 error 14 ... ideas?02:40
pbx2test...can anyone here me?02:41
harrisDr_Willis,  how do you get to that02:41
pbx2or read what I am typing02:41
Dr_Willis!repos | harris02:41
ubottuharris: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories02:41
muktipbx2: yes02:41
Dr_Willis!ppa | harris02:42
ubottuharris: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:42
pbx2how to put the close and minimize to the right in the latest ubuntu?02:42
sarySR: then my guess is , its releated to your graphic card .. to reconfigure x drop to a root shell from recovery mode , hen execute the following commands .. sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg , sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg , sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:43
Dr_Willispbx2:  saw a guide on that in the askubuntu.com sitee yesterday, someone else asked the same question02:43
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263302:43
SRsary, thank you, I'll try those.02:43
AprelDr_Willis is there a list of all the !commands ubottu has responses for?02:44
arooni-mobilecan someone help me with compiz02:45
pbx2when I do alt + f2 and type gconf there is no gconf editor02:45
pbx2and when I click on anything nothing happens, for example gconftool02:46
zykotick9!bot | Aprel02:46
ubottuAprel: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:46
zykotick9pbx2: gconf was renamed dconf i believe02:46
buhmanif I have crontab and file in cron.hourly like this: http://sprunge.us/AFeC then whatever is in cron.hourly should run hourly, yes?02:46
buhmanbecause it doesn't seem to be running hourly02:46
pbx2zykotick9: yeah but nothing happens if I click on it after alt + f202:47
zykotick9pbx2: sorry, i'm no help - i don't use gnome3.  good luck.02:48
pbx2I have Nvida GT 520, there are 2 drivers available ==> version current + post-release updates02:50
piihbIs there anyway to remove the Ubuntu partition from my laptop so I can re-install it?02:50
pbx2I switched to post-release updates02:50
pbx2is that the latest version?02:51
Dr_Willisi always go 'current' drivers first pbx2, ive never had post-release work for me (yet)02:51
Dr_Willispiihb:  the installer can reformat it and use it again. no need to 'remove' it02:51
itsrachelfishI just turned on a computer for the first time in 2 years02:52
piihbDr_Willis: When I log in to Ubuntu, I can't do anything. I don't even have an option to shut down. I have to hold down the power button.02:52
itsrachelfishHow do I upgrade from Jaunty to Pangolin?02:52
pbx2is post-release a newer version? The driver version numbers are not given in Additional Drivers tab.02:52
piihbThere are no options in the top black bar, nor can I open any applications.02:52
Dr_Willispiihb:  try the rescue/recovery mode? if you want to reinstall.. boot the cd, and reinstall02:52
piihbDr_Willis: How do I get to recovery mode? On start up, when I choose Ubuntu, I don't think there's any recovery option.02:54
pbx2Dr_Willis: the link you gave me is bug report...which has lots of comments...do you know how to move the close button in Unity?02:54
jenthis is a small problem but it is quite annoying, adobe or what not will NOT allow me to use my cam for things like omegle02:54
Dr_Willispiihb:  should be a nmenu item in the grub menus for some recovery/rescue option.02:55
=== jen is now known as Guest44137
pbx2move it to the right that is02:55
=== Guest44137 is now known as fluffyone
fluffyoneits quite annoying02:55
Dr_Willispbx2:  saw a guide  on it - on askubuntu.com yesterday02:55
sunitasethican someone help please? I have a usb ethernet adapter that I can see in lsusb and its light is on but i have no internet connection02:55
Dr_Willispbx2:  it made use  of the dconf* commands i recall02:55
fluffyoneanyone know how to fix my stupid issue?02:56
arooni-mobilehi folks; my compiz crashes on ubuntu 12.04 on lenovo t420 (fresh install, and integrated intel graphics) when i try to do normal ubuntu login (unity 2d works fine).  here is the error i see from dmesg: [   90.121542] compiz[2077]: segfault at 200000001 ip 0000000200000001 sp ... and  [   97.320512] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id02:56
piihbDr_Willis: Are the grub menus accessible on start up or do I have to log in/02:56
sunitasethican someone help please? I have a usb ethernet adapter that I can see in lsusb and its light is on but i have no internet connection02:56
sunitasethidasKreech: u there?02:57
pbx2Dr_Willis: don't suppose you have the link in your history?02:57
fluffyonecan someone help me with adobe settings for camming on omegle?02:57
Dr_Willispiihb:  grub menu is he first boot menu items you see befor the main os starts up02:57
Dr_Willispbx2:  nope.  all i did was use th askubuntu.com lens yestgerday for someone02:57
pbx2because I cannot find it...02:57
piihbDr_Willis: There's no time for me to do anything between the time I choose Ubuntu and the time it takes to load.02:57
sunitasethican someone help please? I have a usb ethernet adapter that I can see in lsusb and its light is on but i have no internet connection02:57
Dr_Willisand im not on a ubuntu pc right now where i can get to it02:57
clausensunitasethi, did you retry disabling/reenabling networking?02:57
clausen(I find that helps!)02:57
clausensunitasethi, anything interesting when you type "dmesg | less" ?02:58
sunitasethithanks clausen but it is already disabled02:58
clausensunitasethi, and when you enable networking?  (in the network icon thing on the top right corner of the screen)02:58
buhmanif I have crontab and file in cron.hourly like this: http://sprunge.us/AFeC then whatever is in cron.hourly should run hourly, yes?02:59
buhmanbecause it doesn't seem to be running hourly02:59
clausensunitasethi, (i.e. the network manager applet)02:59
arooni-mobilecan someone help me with my compiz segfaults?02:59
Dr_Willisbuhman:  what is the cronjob doint? you did use full paths to the commands?02:59
buhmanDr_Willis: did you read my paste?03:00
Dr_Willisbuhman:  i cant read web site//pasgtes03:00
pbx2its ctrl+alt+del to change gnome3 right? during the login screen...03:00
sunitasethiclausen: when i type dmesg | less my terminal jammed03:00
buhmanDr_Willis: if you can irc, you can read sprunge03:00
buhmancurl http://sprunge.us/AFeC | less03:01
Dr_Willisbuhman:  im on my cellphone using ssh, so no i cant..03:01
clausensunitasethi, you can scroll up/down with arrows, and quit with q03:01
buhmanDr_Willis: yes you can03:01
clausensunitasethi, you can skip to the end with "G"03:01
Dr_Willispbx2:  change gnome3 to what? the login screen has a menu button to select what desktop to use03:01
=== Tux is now known as NaggyNagios
Dr_Willissunitasethi:  in less, q = quits, / = searches, see man less for more info03:02
pbx2Dr_Willis: from Unity to Gnome3 I think...because I need to get the close buttons to the right....03:04
Dr_Willispbx2:  the login screen has a little round button next to the peoples name that s a menu to select the desktop03:04
pbx2ok thnx03:05
sunitasethithanks Dr_Willis03:05
Dr_Willisthey really need to make that much more obvious i guess03:05
Dr_Williswhen minimal design runs over  ease of ussage03:06
macdaddyGood Evening all03:07
=== Guest48735 is now known as jsec
muktiI'm trying to figure out if I'm able to mount a drive, how do I figure out what group that drive is part of?03:07
macdaddyI was wondering if I could get some help with ubuntu and mounting a drive in win 703:07
Dr_Willismukti:  you mean usr/group type group?03:07
sunitasethianyone know how to fix usb bug?03:08
macdaddyUbuntu - Win 7 64bit...03:09
macdaddyany idea's?03:09
macdaddyhow do I mount a win 7 drive?03:09
Dr_Willismacdaddy:  you mean acces your ubuntu partition from windows?03:09
odaEvery time I try to compile source I get this "bash: ./configure: No such file or directory03:09
Dr_Willisyou sort of just asked tghe oppositge of that. ;)03:09
odaI used cd to get the correct directory but it doesn't work03:10
macdaddyI want SABnzb to transfer finished articles to a Win 7 comp on my network03:10
Snowie_NOOBspertmacdaddy, it doesnt automatically mount?03:10
Snowie_NOOBspertmacdaddy, is it a partition on your system03:10
Dr_Willismacdaddy:  a networked machione? or a local drive?03:10
muktiDr_Willis: If I insert a disk, how would I figure out what group it is part of so that I can make sure I'm part of the group if I wanted ot mount it?03:10
celthunderoda: chmod +x configure03:10
muktiI guess it would be one of the /etc/group groups03:10
Dr_Willismukti:  i cant say ive ever really noticed disks having 'groups' theres a user option in fstab hat lets all users mount  a filesystem.03:11
macdaddy2 comps, 1 w/ubuntu the other with win 7, I use ubuntu to download, and I want it to send the article to the win 7 comp over the network.03:11
Snowie_NOOBspertmukti, yeah, groups can mount or they cant. the drive doesnt really matter03:11
Dr_Willismukti:  and i think theres some ntfs-3g 'group' for vfast/ntfs filesystems for fuse ussage03:11
sunitasethihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1004104/ can anyone help????03:11
Dr_Willismacdaddy:  easiest/simplist way. install ssh on ubuntu box. use winscp on windows box.03:12
odacelthunder, "chmod: cannot access `configure': No such file or directory03:12
celthunderoda: is there a configure script when you run ls03:12
Dr_Willisoda:  then you dont have a 'configure' script to run.03:12
macdaddyDR_Willis, do you have a guide or set of instructions, Im a noob03:12
Snowie_NOOBspertoda, take a step back, what are you trying to do exactly03:12
Dr_Willismacdaddy:  install ssh server on ubuntu, run winscp on windows.. is about as basic as it gets03:12
Snowie_NOOBspert! info ssh03:13
Snowie_NOOBsperthope that works03:13
odaSnowie_NOOBspert, Trying to install Java Runtime03:13
odaSnowie_NOOBspert, It's been extracted from a tarball03:13
celthunderoda: apt-get install jre or whatever03:13
Snowie_NOOBspertok. so you need to chmod the file03:13
Snowie_NOOBspertif you ls, is there a file called 'configure;03:13
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.03:13
sunitasethihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1004104/ can anyone help????03:14
bazhang!helpme | sunitasethi03:14
ubottusunitasethi: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude03:14
sunitasethiubottu sorry03:14
bazhangoda, read the java link above03:14
ubottuIt's ok, I am only a bot so I cannot stay mad at you. For apologising to humans though, take a read of http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2009/07/20/on-apologies/03:14
Dr_Willisand its a good idea to at least summarize yor ussie along with the paste03:14
AprelHas anyone used kdenlive 0.9 on Ubuntu and had problems getting audio?03:17
AprelI've tried every audio setting and audio device...03:18
Aprelcalling it in the terminal doesn't output any error message.03:18
L3topAprel: what problem are you specifically having? During monitor you cannot hear audio?03:20
Dr_Willisif its running on ubuntu/unity/gnome - you should be using the 'pulse' audio sound device i would hink03:20
=== fupz is now known as felipe__
Dr_Willis'alsa' device sould also work03:21
L3topAprel: but watching the video you are trying to edit does play audio if you just open it?03:21
piihbI turned off my Bluetooth and it turned off my wireless too. I won't let me turn it on. Is there a way to fix this with the terminal? Also, when I go to the Windows partition, my wireless is always off, and I have to turn it on every time.03:22
AprelI don't get any audio in the program on playback, but if I export a video with audio and play in in something else (like movie player) audio is fine03:22
Dr_Willispiihb:  'go to the windows partition'  = you mean boot to  windows?03:23
AprelBut absolutely no sound while editing :/03:23
piihbYeah. I turned off the bluetooth on Ubuntu and now my wireless is automatically turned off every time I boot to Windows.03:23
dingushello, i am going to install ubuntu on my laptop, but i'm not sure whether or not I should use the 32bit or 64bit version. my processor is a core i7, 64bit, but the ubuntu download page reccomends 32bit03:23
L3topAprel: by export... what format are you exporting it to? what is the source file? It may be a codec... can you play the source with audio in something else?03:23
dingusshould i just go with the 64bit version ?03:24
Dr_Willisdingus:  use 64bit if your hardware supports it03:24
sunitasethihi L3top03:24
zykotick9dingus: if you need to ask, i'd say use 32bit03:24
sunitasethihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1004104/ L3top does this make sense to you?03:24
L3tophello sunitasethi. You are going to ask me about this oddball USB ethernet call eh?03:24
sunitasethiL3top: it is challenging03:25
AprelL3top: yes, source has sound in vlc, movieplayer, etc. I also tried exporting teh file i want to edit to raw codec. That plays fine in everything else, but feeding it back into kdenlive doesn't make audio available :/03:25
dingusDr_Willis, zykotick9 thanks03:25
naryfasunitasethi: good to see you here again lol03:25
sunitasethihi naryfa03:25
AprelAnd actually did that export with kdenlive itself03:25
naryfasunitasethi: hi :)03:26
* L3top doesn't let 15 dollar solutions cause him this much aggrivation... 03:26
Dr_Willisive been toying wwith video editing in 'openshot' this week..  decent little app. :)03:26
sunitasethinaryfa: hi03:26
sunitasethiL3top:  good03:26
piihbDr_Willis: Yeah. I turned off the bluetooth on Ubuntu and now my wireless is automatically turned off every time I boot to Windows.03:26
sunitasethidoes this make sense to anyone ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004104/03:26
L3topI would assume that it is a setting in kdenlive Aprel... I do not use kdenlive... so I cannot look through it. What is the source file type?03:27
naryfasunitasethi: you still fight with that usb ethernet?03:28
harris_hi how do you add the tomboy lens to ubuntu 12.0403:28
sunitasethinaryfa: yes we never spoke before03:28
L3topsunitasethi: have you confirmed that this usb ethernet adapter is working in another OS?03:28
naryfasunitasethi: we did, last night03:28
harris_naryfa, are you still chatting about ethernet03:28
vexaxvhey guys i installed 12.04 on my wifes laptop and everything is good except the brightness is so low and i set it all the way up it wont change if i move the slider..03:28
sunitasethinaryfa: i am going to sell the adapter03:28
vexaxvanyone know how to fix that03:29
=== d is now known as Guest87828
naryfasunitasethi: good idea03:29
harris_hi guys how do install the tomboy len in ubuntu 12.0403:29
sunitasethiL3top: it is suppose work with windows xp03:29
xanguaharris_: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/11/unity-tomboy-lens.html google is your friend03:29
L3tophave you confirmed that specific one  in your hands does sunitasethi?03:29
Dr_Willisvexaxv:  often its a good idea to check the forums or askubuntu.com for the exact make/brand/model  of  laptop - and see if others have similer issues and possible fixs03:29
harris_xangua, what about grooveshark03:29
AprelL3top: it's an flv. I'm going to give Dr_Willis' openshot a try.03:29
piihbDr_Willis: What were you saying earlier about using recovery mode to reinstall, in a sense?03:30
sunitasethiL3top: it was when i bought it03:30
ivanBliminsehello.. I'm running docky on gnome 3.4.2, is there any reason the docklets disappear on computer restart or logout/login, or any solutions known?03:30
zykotick9vexaxv: does this happen to be a EEE netbook?03:30
xanguaharris_: mmm it looks the ppa for tomboy lens is only for oneirc03:30
Dr_Willispiihb:  you normally use recovery or rescue mode to 'fix' a broken system03:30
vexaxvits a toshiba satelite l75503:30
sunitasethiL3top: but you never know03:30
harris_xangua,  well03:30
Dr_Willistomboy has really fallen out of favor. ;(  i liked the app.. but never use it any  more either03:30
sunitasethiL3top: and i think this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004104/ it may have worked03:31
zykotick9vexaxv: adding "acpi_osi=Linux" to grub might be worth a shot, e at grub menu to test.03:31
vexaxvzykotick9, how do i do that03:31
L3topthat is why I am asking sunitasethi... usually if you get a "bad cable" query... something is wrong with the device... but not necessarily.03:31
piihbDr_Willis: So how can I use that to fix my Bluetooth? Also, when I did recovery mode last time, I had to hold the power button on my laptop because I was staring a bunch of white text on a black background and nothing was happening03:32
burnthey :) ... I upgraded to 12.04 from gnome classic, wow what a mistake, now cannot see the pannel in unity, in gnome classic (with effects) I cannot move, resize, minimize or close a window! ... I can only move windows in gnome classic without effects03:32
sunitasethiL3top: it is in excellent physical condition03:32
burnthas anyone else had any problems03:32
Dr_Willispiihb:  i dont know how you turned off your blooth.. try turning it back on he same way?03:32
naryfaburnt: welcome to unity03:32
sunitasethiL3top: the cable works with other ethernet ports03:32
burntI dont use unity03:32
burntits naff03:32
sunitasethianyhow, good night03:33
burntI use ubuntu with gnome classic03:33
Dr_Willispiihb:  recovery/rescue mode is the console.. so  its text ... you  enter commands03:33
piihbDr_Willis: Didn't work. It should've been a simple click of a button, but it didn't give me the option.03:33
burntnaryfa, :)03:33
harris_does anyone know how to install the tomboy lens for ubuntu 12.0403:33
naryfaburnt: aah, sorry03:33
burnthey its ok :)03:33
blackmatrix_nyhello folks...I have a 64 bit i5-2467M Dual-Core...would it be advisable to install the Ubuntu amd64 or the 32 bit version for intel ?03:33
vexaxvzykotick9, ??03:33
L3topvexaxv: can you raise the brightness with the fn + f? key ( on this laptop it is f8)03:33
burntwish I could fix this03:33
Dr_Willisharris_:  if the ppd does not support 12.04 -  then you  would use the source. which may  not  work properly with the new versions of unity03:33
harris_does anyone know a lot about lenses03:33
vexaxvL3top, no..03:33
Dr_Willisblackmatrix_ny:  use 64bit os if your hardware supports it03:34
vexaxvL3top, i cant edit the brightness via keyboard or settings03:34
zykotick9vexaxv: i already said.  someone else will need to help you - sorry03:34
vexaxvzykotick9, its ok03:34
sbattey2burnt are you using the mate fork? try that03:34
harris_Dr_Willis, what is a ppd03:34
xchatsegfaultMy xchat seg faulted and now I can't open no programs.  I don't even get boot up sound - all programs won't respond.  Natty03:34
Dr_Willis!ppa | harris_03:34
ubottuharris_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge03:34
L3topThat is very strange... vexaxv.03:34
vexaxvL3top, it is..03:34
naryfaburnt: somebody complained about that yesterday, all they did was delete .x---somethin file03:34
vexaxvL3top, only thing i can thing of is visual drivers but there working fine03:35
piihbDr_Willis: There's no way I can go over to the 32-bit now that I already installed the 64-bit?03:35
burnthow can I initiate / run / load the side panel in unity from terminal?03:35
Dr_Willisnaryfa:  .Xauthority :03:35
harris_Dr_Willis, how do i get that ppa03:35
burntsbattey,  nah I just upgraded from update manager03:35
Dr_Willispiihb:  i always use 64bit.  if you want to go to 32bit.. you reinstggall03:35
burntnaryfa,  wish I knew what to del03:35
Bulletrulzcan i duel boot lubuntu and windows 7 with a usb stilc03:35
Dr_Willisharris_:  someone said the ppa for it did not support 12.04 eaarlier03:35
Curt`Hello. I am trying to get my wireless working and am being unsuccessful (Dynex dx-wgpdtc; Broadcom 802.11; BCM4318). I03:35
naryfaburnt: Dr_Willis just said what03:35
xchatsegfaultdid anyone say my name?  I'm on irssi with no gui system :(03:36
zykotick9!broadcom | Curt`03:36
ubottuCurt`: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:36
piihbDr_Willis: Wouldn't that involve uninstalling first?03:36
Curt`I've been refering to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1604868 and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_Internhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_Internet_accesset_access03:36
burntah sorry03:36
vexaxvL3top, any suggestions?03:36
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde03:36
Dr_WillisI think i spelt it right  .Xauthority03:36
blackmatrix_nyDr_Willis, I'm not sure about the naming of amd64 which kind of looks like its specifically made for amd chips...would it support intel chips too ?03:36
Dr_Willispiihb:  the installer can reformat the hard drive.03:36
Bulletrulz!bohdi linux03:36
harris_Dr_Willis, how do i get the ppa03:36
L3topwell... i would like some information from it... is it bright enough to use at all vexaxv?03:36
bazhangBulletrulz, /msg ubottu03:36
Dr_Willisblackmatrix_ny:  totally wrong. amd64 is for any 64bit cpu -  intel or amd.03:37
harris_Dr_Willis,  to try it03:37
vexaxvL3top, yes infact it runs quite nice03:37
vexaxvL3top, but if you compare it to mine..oh yeah brightness is lowww03:37
L3topvexaxv: lspci -nn | grep VGA03:37
Bulletrulzcan i insta,, lubuntu from a usb drive and keep wiindows03:37
Curt`I still seem to be unsuccessful: step 2 assumes it is listed under Additional Drivers, which i am not seeing (b43 - Internet access)03:37
vexaxvL3top, k now what03:37
blackmatrix_nyDr_Willis, ok thanks, but they gotta fix that name though...totally misleading03:37
L3topvexaxv: if you can get on that laptop and get here so we can just copy paste back and forth... that would probably be easier03:38
naryfaBulletrulz: you can03:38
Bulletrulz!help list03:38
zykotick9L3top: brightness issue with portables is often an acpi issue03:38
Dr_Willisblackmatrix_ny:  thats the name that has been used for several years for all 64bit versions by a great manu disrtos03:38
bazhangBulletrulz, I told you to /msg ubottu  , please do so03:38
Dr_Willisblackmatrix_ny:  amd had 64bit chips out first03:38
vexaxvL3top, k ill be right back03:38
harris_Dr_Willis,  check your PM03:38
L3topzykotick9: you are very correct... I always forget that... this should probably be addressed with a boot parameter03:38
Dr_Willisblackmatrix_ny:  and from what i recall intel basically licensed the 64bit extensions..03:39
vexaxvL3top, jyssica@bubbles:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA03:39
vexaxv00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Device [1002:9649]03:39
blackmatrix_nyDr_Willis, I see...thanks03:39
zykotick9Dr_Willis: "amd had 64bit chips out first" not quite true - many ONLY 64bit CPUs before AMD's x86_6403:39
harris_how do you install the tomboy lens in ubuntu 12.0403:40
vexaxvL3top, im on her laptop :)03:40
Dr_Willisbut those were not intel compat whish is what we are refering to. but its all being summarizedd  greatly. :) this  isent wikipedia03:40
L3topthat isn't very helpful... you should update-pciids     in terminal... but as zykotick9 pointed out... this is probably an acpi issue completely unrelated03:40
L3topvexaxv: ^03:40
Dr_Willisharris_:  if the ppa does not exist for that release you use the source code..03:41
vexaxvL3top, whats the command to update it03:41
harris_Dr_Willis,  what is the source code03:41
Dr_Willisharris_:  you did try searching the repos to see if it was in the default repos? you checked askubuntu.com ?03:41
Dr_Willis!compile | harris_03:41
ubottuharris_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall03:41
L3topI believe you will want to boot with --noacpi or something, but I will have to look it up vexaxv. One moment please03:42
vexaxvL3top, k03:42
piihbDr_Willis: Thanks! I uninstalled. I'll install it again tomorrow with help so I don't screw things up next time haha :P03:42
harris_how do you search to see if it is in the repos03:43
edwinkcwwhat is the faster way to remove last file path in the command? e.g. After I type /usr/bin/jfskldfjkljfsdkjf, I would like to go back /usr/bin. Instead of using del, is there any better way?03:44
Dr_Willisedwinkcw:  bash has some keyboard shortcuts to delete last word.. but i cant rember them03:45
edwinkcwDr_Willis: oh, I need them03:45
Dr_Willischeck the  bash docs/tutorials :)03:46
Dr_Willissaw some bash command line keybinding  cheat sheet online once..03:46
Dr_Willischeck out bash 'history' cheat sheets also. thst can save a lot of typing03:46
Dr_Willisi dont seem to use 5% of thebash features that are there...03:47
Dr_WillisPlus most of the keybondings wont work with me on my cell phone over ssh. :)03:47
edwinkcwI think the better way is to use ctrl left-arrow and then ctrl K03:48
zykotick9edwinkcw: did you find alt+d?03:48
edwinkcwzykotick9: not work..03:48
shapeHello, can someone please tell me why the program "sensors" is showing me these alarms? http://pastebin.com/cRg7sMWC03:48
zykotick9edwinkcw: works here?  http://www.aboutlinux.info/2005/08/bash-shell-shortcuts.html03:49
edwinkcwzykotick9: using ctrl+k is better03:49
zykotick9edwinkcw: if you want to delete to the eol sure03:50
Dr_Willistesting to see if ctrl-k works here.. la la la kkk  nope..03:50
edwinkcwzykotick9: oh...alt + backspace03:51
viteHi I am stuck installing mailman, what key is the choose key to choose the language03:51
Aprelshape: it looks like a problem with the configurations of the thresholds. high = 0.0 C is obviously wrong03:52
Dr_Willisvite:  if its some text dialog box.. use tab and enter03:52
shapeAprel, yeah, so is it the program that is faulty?03:52
viteDr_Willis its 12.04 server, pink screen and it does not choose it03:53
BlackWebI'm testing out ftp with vsftp server, and on the client machine when I try to transfer a file it says Transfer Complete. then No Transfer to ABOR, any ideas?03:54
Dr_Willisvite: for most of the dpkg config dialogs, i belive you use tab to move around, arrow, space and enter keys03:54
Aprelshape: looking at sensors --help, it looks like you can supply a config file. My guess is yours got corrupted or was never set right by the program03:54
BlackWebWhich on the client machine then i can ls the directories just fine of the vfstp server but ya just doesnt want to transfer it03:55
vexaxvL3top, ever figure anything out?03:56
shapeAprel: I just ran sensors-detect again, and I got the same result.03:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
harrisAnybody know why I cannot upload directories of files with ftp to my web root?03:57
viteoki doki will try03:58
paulus68trying to launch a setup with the ubuntu 12.04 alternate version, however when the setup gets to the point of formatting hd it keeps turning in circles, is it possible that this is caused by a hd failure? or do I need to search in a total different direction03:58
robertzaccourhow do I make my USB webcam default?03:58
Aprelshape: hmm, I'm not sure how to fix this because I don't know how hardware communcates what the good thresholds are to the sensors program over pci04:00
chip8874I can only find too specific of examples on the internetz for this, but  how can I navigate/interact with a wepage that only uses javascript, from the shell? I would like to script the onClick of a div in a tabledata.04:00
advanxeri have cron job, but seem it never execute it. this is the syntax is 0 5 * * * /var/backup/backup.sh04:00
bazhangchip8874, hows that related to ubuntu04:00
advanxeris it correct ?04:00
advanxeri want the job to be executed at 5 am daily04:00
chip8874bazhang: its on the terminal04:01
shapeAprel: yep, I was just wondering if someone knew how it does that. I'm sure the computer is fine. Speedfan (in windows) says everything is fine. The computer is old anyway 1.6Ghz AMD sempron so even if it fries, w/e04:01
Aprelshape: but those values don't look like cause for alarm, contrary to what the sensors programs is flawingly stating04:01
L3topsorry vexaxv... I got pulled into another chat04:01
bazhangchip8874, whats on the terminal04:01
shapeApel, yeah, it's the thresholds that seem to be wrong. So automatically it considers it an alarm.04:01
vexaxvL3top, np so any idea?04:01
chip8874bazhang: I would like to know how to script that action with linux04:01
bazhangchip8874, try one of the java channels, perhaps04:02
Aprelshape: knowing that, then, perhaps it's just the old hardware implementing an old threshold-specifying interface...? (Sorry for not being more helpful)04:02
BlackWebMy problem with the ftp transferring, it works fine on a Windows machine as far as transferring goes its just my other linux box thats having problems04:02
bazhang!alis | chip887404:02
ubottuchip8874: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*04:02
chip8874bazhang: ok thanks04:02
shapeAprel, yeah, no worries. I was more curious than worried! Thanks anyway though, I appreciate it :)04:03
Aprelshape: np04:03
chip8874Ah, sorry to be off topic04:04
shapeAprel, btw I have another thing and let me know if you happen to know about it. The old computer, while it plays HD video in Parole smoothly, in VLC it doesn't. I tried turning harware acceleration on but it still does the same thing.04:04
L3topbazhang: how do you set noacpi? I am looking at kernel (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz-`uname -r` root=/dev/hda1 acpi=off noapic          but I expect that is a bunch of nonsense...04:05
robertzaccourhow do I make my USB webcam default?04:05
L3topapic... dangit04:05
Aprelshape: do you knwo the codecs the hd video files are using?04:06
shapeAprel h.25604:06
hoangDo you know ?04:07
hoangConfigure Domain Controller On Centos04:07
L3topok vexaxv: edit /etc/default/grub     and on the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=       add noacpi somewhere04:07
shapeAprel, sorry H.26404:08
Harrishi this morning i was told to type in two codes to activate my wifi and they worked but when i restarted it went away04:08
vexaxvL3top, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" thats what it currently looks like04:09
Aprelshape: h.254 is an insanely compressed codec. I wouldn't be surprised if the code behind vlc wasn't as efficient as parole's.04:10
L3topvexaxv: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noacpi"04:10
Harriscan someone help me04:10
Dr_WillisHarris:  check the history command to see what they were04:10
bazhangHarris, with what04:10
Dr_WillisHarris:  or the channel logs04:10
paulus68trying to launch a setup with the ubuntu 12.04 alternate version, however when the setup gets to the point of formatting hd it keeps turning in circles, is it possible that this is caused by a hd failure? or do I need to search in a total different direction04:11
Harrisi know what they were04:11
Harrishow do i make them stay04:11
Aprelshape: looking online, gstreamer is the backend for parole wheereas the FFmpeg project backs vlc04:11
vexaxvL3top, whats no acpi do04:11
Dr_Willispaulus68:  you could  use gparted to partion, and format them from outside the installer and watch for errors04:11
shapeAprel, Yeah. Thanks btw!04:11
HarrisDr_Willis, how do i make them stay04:12
Dr_WillisHarris:  if we knew what commands you are refering to...04:12
paulus68Dr_Willis: is there a way to launch gparted from alternate cd?04:12
Aprelshape: it's probably just a difference implementations that becomes appearnt on older hardware. But, yeah, vlc is so versatile for playing media that it's usually my go-to04:12
Dr_WillisHarris:  or toss them in /etc/rc.local and see04:12
Harristhey are04:12
Dr_Willispaulus68:  i always use a gparted live cd.  the text based tool 'parted' can work from  the alt-cd's consoles i  think04:12
paulus68Dr_Willis: since I am not able to get into a live cd at the moment, might also be possible that I need to burn the image again04:13
robertzaccourhow do I make my USB webcam default?04:13
Harrissudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer04:13
Harrissudo modprobe b43 Dr_Willis04:13
Dr_WillisHarris:  the install command just needs ran once.04:13
Dr_WillisHarris:  and you can set the module to autoload04:14
ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist04:14
shapeAprel, of course. I use it on my other (good) computer, because it plays....Everything!04:14
HarrisDr_Willis,  how04:14
Dr_Williswhat is the module autoload file.. /etc/modules i think04:14
HarrisDr_Willis,  it said permission dined04:15
Dr_WillisHarris:  linux basics.. to mess with system configs.. you need sudo rights04:15
Dr_Williswell ubuntu  basics. ;)04:15
Dr_Willisits also possible thst module has been blacklisted to keep it from auto-loading04:15
Dr_Willisyou may  need to unblacklist it.04:16
vexaxvL3top, thank u it worked what did no acpi mean04:16
HarrisDr_Willis,  i am sudo04:16
BlackWebWhen I try to transfer a file with ftp, using "get remotefile localdestination" then it Aborts, doing verbose then it says it cant open file, but on a Windows Box it transfers just fine, Any ideas?04:17
L3topIt turned off the advanced configuration and power interface vexaxv.04:17
Dr_WillisHarris:  so add the module name to the end of the /etc/modules file04:17
vexaxvL3top, what does that have to do with brightness04:18
vexaxvL3top, i have one more issue and this time its on my laptop haha04:19
L3topThe greatest drain on power on laptops is often the screen... it attempts to automatically change the settings. This works on a bunch of hardware, on some, it does not.04:19
L3topvexaxv: ^04:19
robertzaccourhow do I make my USB webcam default?04:19
tattolianyone in here have an x120e or might be able to figure out why i can get sound from both my headphone jack and hdmi but nothing from my speakers?04:20
L3topdefault what robertzaccour?04:20
tattoliim running 64 bit 12.0404:20
Harrishow do i make it autorun Dr_Willis  what do i type the codes in04:21
Dr_WillisHarris:  the /etc/modules file is a text file you edit and add the modules you want to load to the list.04:21
L3toptattoli: have you looked at alsamixer? Just type alsamixer in a terminal, and see that the appropriate mixers have levels and are not muted (MM at bottom)04:22
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest92623
L3topWhat is the other issue vexaxv?04:22
vexaxvL3top, well my issue is when i shut down my computer it hangs and 9/10 times i have to hold the power button04:22
robertzaccourL3top, there's a really cool webcam photo app from the Chrome Web Store and it uses the laptop's built in webcam instead of the USB one there's no option for that. Maybe I can somehow disable the laptop webcam?04:23
UncleSlippyFisthello all. first irc so i know very little04:23
tattoliL3top: nothing is muted in alsamixer04:24
robertzaccourL3top, that would probably work. Maybe there's a way to disable my integrated webcam04:24
HarrisDr_Willis,  i cant/ dont know how to open /etc/modules04:25
Dr_WillisHarris:  its a text file. use a text editor04:25
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code04:26
Harriswhere do i locate it04:26
L3topvexaxv: you might look through dmesg log and try to figure out what is hanging...  that log is no joke though. cat /var/log/dmesg04:26
UncleSlippyFisthey, I'm going to get a thinkpad T520 and istall ubuntu on it pretty soon.  Has anyone done this? Any issues?04:26
Dr_WillisHarris:  locate? the full path to the file ie /etc/modules04:26
Dr_WillisHarris:  gksudo gedit  /etc/modules04:27
L3toprobertzaccour: I am not really sure how that would be done... depending on how the application detects things, I don't know how to ignore hardware in /dev.  It is possible you can unmount things udev automatically finds, but I honestly don't know04:27
Dr_Willisif you unload the module for a device - its /dev/ entry should also vanish04:28
felipe__is anybody else having problems when turning off their laptops. Mine doesn't shutdowns or restarts.04:29
UncleSlippyFistI have had no problems myself04:29
Dr_Willisfelipe__:  can depend on the chipset/make/model of the laptop   often the forums or askubuntu.com have tweaks for specific models04:29
vexaxvL3top, i dont see anything04:29
UncleSlippyFistblue people in youtube videos anyone? really annoying04:30
felipe__Dr_Willis, I found nothing on the forums, I'll try askubuntu. but this has been happening to me since 11.10 before that it worked flawlessly04:31
bazhangUncleSlippyFist, full screen the flash, then turn off hw acceleration04:31
Dr_WillisUncleSlippyFist:  known bug. disable hardware acceleration  in flash settings can fix it. or use html5 option on youtube04:31
L3topvexaxv: Unfortunately I can't really think of a better place to start than there... I have never really had any sort of shutdown issues. Perhaps someone else will have a better idea.04:31
Dr_Willisfelipe__:  new kernel, new subsystem changes.. new bugs04:31
robertzaccourL3top, oh ok thanks anyhow. I was hoping I could disable the integrated webcam so that the chrome app uses the usb webcam instead04:31
UncleSlippyFistDr_Willis: Is there a way to disable hardware acceleration without right clicking a flash video? Because right clicking always freezes the browser for me04:31
felipe__Dr_Willis, ok thanks04:32
Dr_Willisrobertzaccour:  unload the module the other webcam uses.04:32
vexaxvL3top, well thanks for all your help im off for now cya man :)04:32
Dr_WillisUncleSlippyFist:  make sure its fullscreened. i just use html5 on youtube04:32
L3toprobertzaccour: you may indeed be able to... Dr_Willis pointed out that removing the module should handle it... so I am guessing an rmmod will be in order... I am looking things up.04:32
UncleSlippyFisti use html5, too, but for some reason it doesn't work on all videos.  Some are still flash.  very random04:33
L3topnp vexaxv, sorry I couldn't be of more help on your second issue...04:33
Dr_Willisyoutube dosnet have them all converted to html504:33
UncleSlippyFistoh hey! full screen worked! Thanks, Dr_Willis04:33
AethrsI'm trying to rescue a system that won't boot with grub, but when I update-grub2 it can't find the device for the root filesystem.  I'm chrooted, can anyone help?04:33
Dr_WillisAethrs:  did you set up the  /dev/ in the  mountpoint befor you chrooted?04:35
AethrsYes, i did.04:35
AethrsThat's why I'm kinda confused.04:35
Dr_Willisperosnally i tend to just use 'grub-install'  with all the right options, i rarely chroot any more04:35
Dr_Willistheres also that boot-repair gui tool04:35
AethrsHow do i use grub-install ?04:36
AethrsOr the gui tool, for that matter.04:36
Dr_Willisgrub-install --help04:36
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:36
Dr_Willishas a link to instslling the boot-repair tool04:36
robertzaccourDr_Willis, I'm not sure how to do that04:37
Dr_Willisrobertzaccour: do what?04:38
* Dr_Willis has only a 10 line history buffer visible04:39
robertzaccourDr_Willis, I don't know how to unload webcam modules04:39
Dr_Willisrobertzaccour:  sudo rmmod modulename04:39
AethrsThat link doesn't really seem to be useful to me.04:39
ksbalaji_mine 10.4 LTS - after update my ooo is slow. Starts accessing HDD on every click/move! Help!04:40
Dr_Willistheres a link to installing the 'boot-repair' tool somewhere in those docs. its in a ppa.04:40
AethrsSo would grub-install --root-directory=/mnt be reasonable?04:40
AethrsDr_Willis- "Installing"?  I have a unbootable system.04:40
Dr_WillisAethrs:  im not sur if it wants /mnt/ or /mnt/boot04:40
Dr_Willisyou can install the boot-repair tool from a live-cd setup to 'ram'04:40
robertzaccourDr_Willis, sudo rmmod modulenamme04:41
robertzaccourERROR: Module modulenamme does not exist in /proc/modules04:41
Dr_Willisi was hopeing thwy would include it on the 12.04 live cd. ;( but no luck04:41
AethrsSearching on that page for repair turns up nothing.04:41
Dr_Willisrobertzaccour:  yes.. you need to put in the right modulename04:41
robertzaccourDr_Willis, oh, I don't know what that is04:42
Dr_Willisrobertzaccour: neiother do i04:42
Dr_Williswhich is why i said 'modulename' ;)04:42
robertzaccourDr_Willis, do you know how to find what the modulename is?04:43
Dr_Willislsmod shows them all.. but what each webcam uses..  no idea.04:43
Dr_Willisit may have  the name of the webcam somewhere in the name of the module04:44
AethrsDo you happen to have a link to the repair tool?  Those grub links are huge and searching for "repair" returns no results within the very, very long pages.04:45
Dr_Willisa google hit for  'ubuntu boot repair' showed   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair04:45
crunchbangalgum brasileiro?04:45
FloodBot1crunchbang: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:45
bazhang!br | crunchbang04:46
ubottucrunchbang: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:46
Dr_Willisvery first link on..... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:46
=== wesayers is now known as enchilado
AethrsWow I really miss lilo.04:47
Dr_Willisi miss lilo - like i miss a toothache04:48
=== saban is now known as sponzor
AethrsOh yikes, /boot seems to be full.04:50
Dr_Willisheh/ my /boot/abi-3.2.0-23-generic partion is like 5 gb.. it rarely gets full04:51
Dr_Willisoops. ;) tabcompletion04:51
Dr_Willisi do keep iso files in it.04:51
AethrsFor some reason the installer made it 228M, and it's full.04:51
AethrsAnd I can't boot, update initramfs, or anything.04:51
Aethrsi don't even know what I can delete.04:51
Dr_Willisthe installer dosent make a seperate /boot/  partition as far as ive ever seen04:51
Dr_Willisbut i rarely mess with server installs either04:52
fhdDoes anybody know what exactly gnome-system-monitor is displaying under "Memory" on the processes tab? I can't seem to extract the same value from /proc/PID/status.04:52
undecimI've got an encrypted home directory on one computer, and want to be able to access it via NFS on another computer, but all I see is the "Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop" and "README.txt" files. How do I view the ecryptfs files with nfs?04:53
robertzaccourDr_Willis, would it help if I pastebin the output?04:53
AethrsSo Dr_Willis- Where am I supposed to find that grub-fix-utility ?04:54
fhdundecim: I'm thinking that the user whose homedir that is has to be logged in for the files to be accessible.04:54
undecimfhd: I am04:55
Dr_WillisAethrs:  the boot-repair is a gui tool you can install, i normally just need to use  the grub-install command.04:55
fhdundecim: Hm, I was pretty sure they got mounted on login.04:55
undecimfhd: In fact, that's where I'm running this chat from. sftp works just fine.04:55
Dr_Willismy /boot/ is taking up 50mb right now04:55
undecimfhd: They get mounted, but as a FUSE filesystem. The nfs-kernel-server doesn't read it.04:55
fhdundecim: Can root see the files? True on my system.04:56
undecimfhd: Yes, but not nfs04:56
fhdundecim: Oh, no idea then, sorry.04:56
undecimI'm thinking I need to install a userspace NFS server....04:56
fhdundecim: I thought NFS was user space :P04:56
undecimfhd: Not the one in the ubuntu repos, lol04:57
Dr_Willisi think theres like 2 differnt nfs serverws in the repos04:57
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.04:57
undecimDr_Willis: I only see nfs-kernel-server.... Google finds nfs-user-server for Hardy.... 4 years behind for me04:57
Dr_Willisones in the kernel - so its faster04:57
AethrsSo it's something like grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/vda04:58
Dr_Willis-root would be a path to a mounted directory not a deivce i belive04:58
Dr_Willisunless you are using a weird mountpointnasme ;)04:58
AethrsManual page says "--root-directory=DIR"04:58
Dr_Willisor i am reading the word wrapped command formated badly on irc'04:59
Dr_Willisi cant recall if you wantg /mnt/ or /mnt/boot/04:59
Dr_Willis if your /boot/ is on its own partition. it mayy want just that dir.05:00
harris_Dr_Willis,  i added it to the end and it didnt work05:01
chrislu5ticmy head is exploding05:02
bazhang!ot > chrislu5tic05:02
ubottuchrislu5tic, please see my private message05:02
Dr_Willisharris_:  i have the attention span of a newt.. and no idea what you are refering to05:02
harris_Dr_Willis,  remember the code not automatic05:03
brightsparksHi. I've just install Opera 11.64  in Ubuntu 11.10. But flash doesn't seem to be working. It works ok in firefox. Is there some way of linking firefoxes plugsins to Opera??05:03
harris_so you made me add it to a document05:03
Dr_Willisno clue harris_ ...05:03
harris_well it didnt work05:03
AethrsWell, grub-install under chroot can't find the device.  Under the installer shell the command doesn't exist.05:03
Dr_WillisAethrs:  i  used grub-install without chrooting05:04
AethrsFrom rescue mode on the CD?05:04
Dr_Willisnot sure about the instsaller shell. could be its as limited shell05:04
AethrsDr_Willis- Then exactly what kind of shell should I use?05:04
Dr_Willisi use the desktop-live cd normally05:04
AethrsOkay, I'll go download that..05:04
harris_<Harris> can someone help me05:05
harris_<L3top> vexaxv: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noacpi"05:05
harris_<Dr_Willis> Harris:  check the history command to see what they were05:05
harris_<bazhang> Harris, with what05:05
harris_<Dr_Willis> Harris:  or the channel logs05:05
FloodBot1harris_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:05
Dr_WillisAethrs:  there is a custom boot-repair live-cd also thats ubuntu+ the boot-repair tool05:05
AethrsIs that on the ubuntu website?05:05
Dr_Willisits on the boot-repaur url i pasted earlier i think..,05:06
Dr_WillisIm not sure if you MUST use 64bit  for a 64bit repair..  but id think it would be a good idea05:06
AethrsI can't chroot without 64-bit.05:06
wilee-nileeAethrs, run the create bootinfo and paste it to a pastebin  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair05:06
AethrsAnd maybe I wont' use that, but it's kinda handy05:06
Dr_Willisseems its not based on a ubuntu   cd. but does 64 and 32both from one cd. neat trick05:07
MadpilotDoes 12.04 have a way to show System Info permanently somehow? I seriously miss the applets you could put in pre-Unity toolbars.05:08
Dr_Willisa must stick in yopur toolboxx sort of tool05:08
Dr_WillisMadpilot:  theres exxtra indicator-applets you can get.  askubuntu.com had a huge list of them all at one time05:08
TobsCorehey, is it possible to shutdoen tt7 (x-server) and only run on tty1 (for example) - to save some batter?05:08
AethrsDownloading that iso and transferring it to the server.05:09
MadpilotDr_Willis, do they tuck into the Unity sidebar, or up in the notification area?05:09
Dr_WillisTobsCore:  sudo service lightdm stop05:09
Dr_WillisMadpilot:  indicator applet = top right05:10
TobsCoreDr_Willis: Thanks05:10
Dr_Willisthe old notiffication are = is a single indicator applet  - i belive..05:10
MadpilotDr_Willis, so up in the notification area. cool.05:10
Dr_Willisits not the notification area. ;) its the indicator-applet area05:11
apheronhi there everyone05:11
MadpilotDr_Willis, close enough. :)05:11
apheronfinally into linux so I can irc05:11
laumonierhi how can i create a usb boot with slitaz ive tried with dd and the usb key is not recognized and with unetbootin ive got kernel panic ty for help05:11
Dr_Willisuntill they totally remove that oold notification area..05:11
Madpilotnext question for someone trying to like Unity - can the "messaging" dropdown be customized? Having Thunderbutt there when I use Evolution is a minor nuisance.05:12
vadi2I'm having a severe issue with 12.04's home encryption. I can't find out which files are taking up space - the disk usage analyzer says only 8gb is used by home when I scan it, yet when I scan the whole filesystem, it says 90gb is used by home. The computer is also complaining that there is -NO- disk space left.05:12
Dr_Willislaumonier:  after you use dd to dd an iso to theusb, you will need to 'zero' it out and repartition it back to a normal filesystem for unetbootin or other tools to be able to  write to it05:12
vadi2Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't think it will boot next time I restart it.05:12
wilee-nileelaumonier, #slitaz is your channel05:12
brightsparksHi. I've just install Opera 11.64  in Ubuntu 11.10. But flash doesn't seem to be working. It works ok in firefox. Is there some way of linking firefoxes plugsins to Opera??05:12
brightsparksNamely flash and java05:13
lymoncan someone help me install ubuntu on a new os? im having trouble installing this and another os on this new pc i just bought05:18
=== enchilado is now known as jeb_
lymonwhat i keep getting is "CDBOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR"05:18
bazhanglymon, the other OS is windows? with the ntldr error?05:19
=== jeb_ is now known as enchilado
lymonthere is no os currently on there05:19
bazhanglymon, the other OS you are trying to install...05:19
lymonoh the other os im trying to install its some os i found on warez05:19
manish411hey I want to make kdm as default login manager, I have installed kdm05:20
lymonWindows Mac OS Pro Xp 201205:20
bazhanglymon, whats the OS05:20
muchonjoin #ubuntu-es05:20
manish411which is the configuration file which starts the daemon during booting process in ubunbtu?05:20
bazhanglymon, theres not such an OS05:21
lymonthen what did i just download....?05:21
lymonvirus? :|05:21
mysteriousdarrenlol maybe05:21
bazhanglymon, this is ubuntu support only. chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic05:21
lymonyeah i know05:22
lymonim trying to install ubuntu as well05:22
lymonbut im still getting that error05:22
bazhanglymon, thats not an ubuntu error05:22
lymon"CDBOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR"05:22
lymonwhat is it then?05:22
daguydatpwnzwhat command do i type to switch channels05:22
ViveElNorteare negros allowed to use Ubuntu?05:22
bazhanglymon, no idea. dont keep asking here05:22
lymondude come on im just trying to install it so i can use this new pc i got no need to be a douche....05:23
manish411how to make kdm as the default login manager ??05:24
manish411I have installed kdm05:25
DarkApexmanish411 "sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm"05:25
DarkApexrune this05:25
manish411so what exactly will it do?05:26
ViveElNorteare negros allowed to use ubuntu?05:26
DarkApexit will give you an option to choose from various dms05:26
AethrsOkay so I booted the boot-repair thing.. And there's a nice little background of a computer and some tools and a disassembled camera.05:26
manish411ok got it05:26
Dr_Willismanish411:  asks what *dm to use05:26
Aethrsafter selecting '64 bit'05:26
MadpilotViveElNorte, only warning. Behave.05:26
DarkApexDr_Willis: Exactly!05:26
ViveElNorteMadpilot  wtf are you talking about?  are negros allowed to use ubuntu?  that was my question!05:27
ViveElNortenow can somebody answer it!05:27
laumonieris it possible to compare automaticaly with md5sum??for the moment i read and compare visualy the two sum is it possible to does it automaticaly??05:28
AethrsThere's 3 little mysterious icons to the lower-left... But this thing doesn'ta ctually seem to do anything.05:28
Dr_Willislaumonier:  md5sum has a -c filename  option i recall05:28
laumonierive got to create a files with the md5?05:29
Dr_Willisor some option to use a md5sum file05:29
hanibanaI've installed amd64 kubuntu and have 4 GB physical memory. But, free commands shows 3824 MB total. What's wrong?05:29
Dr_Willisyou download the sum file from the site you get the files05:29
L3top  -c, --check          read MD5 sums from the FILEs and check them05:29
Dr_Willishanibana:  sounds about normal to me.05:29
laumonierthe site where i get just give me the md5 not a files so i have to create a file?05:30
laumonierin a text05:30
=== Whiskey- is now known as Whiskey
AprelDo the md5sums in the files need to be in the same order?05:30
Dr_Willislaumonier:  guess so.  ubuntu ftp sit has a single sum file with a dozen+ file/sums in it05:30
vadi2Aprel: no, per-file md5 sums are per-file05:30
Dr_Willisits a simple file format,  filename  sumname  (if i recall)05:30
Dr_Willisfrom what ive seen - if the md5sum fails, then its normally a Very differnt sum. ;)05:32
vexaxvhey guys if i switch to gnome 3 on ubuntu instead of unity will it be faster or slower05:33
UncleSlippyFistI personally don't notice a big change05:33
Dr_Willisvexaxv:  seemed sbout the same to me05:33
vexaxvDr_Willis, k but it doesent use compiz does it05:34
Dr_Willisgnome-shell uses  mutter i thunk.05:35
L3topvexaxv: which machine is this?05:35
UncleSlippyFistjust out of curiousity, what DE is everyone using here? Gnome classic, here05:35
vexaxvL3top, my laptop ubuntu 12.0405:35
xanguaUncleSlippyFist: not a poll channel05:35
vexaxvL3top, just trying to get the extra little fps boost for games and i figured being it wasent using compiz..05:36
Dr_Willisused a minimal window manager for most gains05:36
Dr_Willislike fuxbox05:36
L3topAre you using a proprietary driver vexaxv?05:36
Dr_Willisor a light desktop like lubuntu05:36
vexaxvL3top, fglrx in restricted drivers05:37
lymoncan someone help me here?05:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:37
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
L3topOut of curiosity can I have the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA      vexaxv?05:38
vexaxvits a radeon 420005:38
vexaxvsave ya the time lol05:38
L3topdoesnt help me.05:38
vexaxvook hang on05:38
vexaxvcorey@bash:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA05:39
vexaxv01:05.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series] [1002:9712]05:39
L3topI would not expect the fglrx to do well on that specific card.05:39
lymonif its not too much trouble can someone help me figure this one guide out to fix a problem im having with the install of ubuntu?05:39
L3topYou are playing games without problems vexaxv?05:39
manish411I have installed kdm and made it the default login manager , but how do I configure it start genome-session automatically after I login ??05:40
vexaxvL3top, i am but id like a frame boost i can notice a little lag here and there05:40
Dr_Willismanigma77_: it should rember the lastg selecgtrrd session05:40
Dr_Willislast selected session05:40
Madpilotlymon, link to the guide you're using, or details about the problem you're having?05:40
BlackWebWhen ever i try to use the command line ftp to transfer stuff off my server then it fails with this error code05:40
BlackWebftp> get winbind_2%3a3.6.3-2ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb /home/infinity/Desktop/05:41
BlackWeblocal: /home/infinity/Desktop/ remote: winbind_2%3a3.6.3-2ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb05:41
BlackWeb200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.05:41
BlackWeb150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for winbind_2%3a3.6.3-2ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb (4419790 bytes).05:41
BlackWeblocal: /home/infinity/Desktop/: Is a directory05:41
FloodBot1BlackWeb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:41
BlackWeb226 Transfer complete.05:41
Dr_Willisit wants a filename, not just a path perhaps05:41
BlackWebSo give it a file name Dr_Willis05:41
lymoni keep getting the "cdboot : coudlnt find ntldr" ive burned ubuntu to disk and put it on usb and nothing... just keep getting that05:42
Dr_Willistry it and see.. i dont use ftp any more... dump ftp and use ssh/scp....05:42
BlackWebone sec i'll try that05:42
Madpilotlymon, that's a Windows install guide and sounds like a Win install error...05:42
L3topI am surprised it is functioning well at all vexaxv... it is not supported by fglrx afaik05:42
Dr_Willislymon:  sounds like its booting the hd. not the cd.05:42
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest58135
vexaxvL3top, if its not supported then how am i using it >.<05:43
lymonim doing the del and selecting usb and disc05:43
lymonand still nothing05:43
Dr_Willisyou might have made usb wrongly05:43
lymonlike i did the whole boot usb and disk and yeah...05:43
Dr_Willisntldr = a common windows error message05:43
lymonhow so? all ubuntu said for install was copy .iso and put in flash05:44
Dr_Willislymon:  you just put the iso on  the usb as a file? whats the contents of the usb now?05:44
L3topvexaxv: they drop support rather a lot... typically because they add support for something new which causes some sort of problem with X range of cards... the degree of the problem varies.05:44
Guest58135a la conchesumadre con esta gua!05:45
ThePendulumDr_Willis: Probably something along the lines of ubuntu12.04_amd64.iso05:45
L3toptheir response is simply "that is no longer supported" vexaxv05:45
vexaxvL3top, well i could always download from amd's site05:45
L3topbut RS/RV 6xx-8xx are explicitly not supported.05:45
Dr_Willislymon:  you did it wrong then/missread the  guide05:46
Dr_Willislymon:  you image, or use a tool like unetbootin to put the iso on the usb in a bootable format05:46
Dr_Willislymon:  tools at the pendrivelinux web site make it  easy05:46
=== dj is now known as Guest41027
vexaxvL3top, corey@bash:~$ fglrxinfo05:46
vexaxvdisplay: :0  screen: 005:46
vexaxvOpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.05:46
vexaxvOpenGL renderer string: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series05:46
vexaxvOpenGL version string: 3.3.11627 Compatibility Profile Context05:46
FloodBot1vexaxv: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
lymonoh didnt see that in there install thing :P05:47
vexaxvL3top, looks supported to me :)05:47
ThePendulumDr_Willis: Why is that tool still recommended? I only have succes with pendrivelinux every now and then, while UNetbootin has always worked and is also slightly easier to understand.05:47
WizardGood morning.05:47
Dr_WillisThePendulum:  ive had unetbootin fail quiet a lot over the yers..   the pendrive tools have several differnt tools. and are often updated a lot fasgter05:47
Dr_Willisunetbootin for a long time couldent do a persistant save file, or use grub2 ..notsure of its featuers now05:48
vexaxvL3top, would i get better performance if i downloaded from amd's site as opposed to the proprietary restricted drivers?05:48
Dr_Willisalso i dont think unetbootin can set up several differnt disrtos on the pendrive, like  some of the pendrivelinux sites tools can thats a biggie for me05:49
Dr_Willis16gb flash drive with 16 differnt disrtos ;)05:49
ThePendulumDr_Willis: What do you mean? There are plenty of distro´s you may use it for, even some of the BSD ones05:49
L3topI am checking vexaxv, but the proprietary restricted is what you would download from their site...05:50
dj__how would i mount my nas using only the ip address05:52
Dr_Willisdj__:  what service is it using?05:52
dj__i have samba installed and smb05:52
zexypantsif i use samba as domain controller for windows clients, can i still share drives on the windows machines easily?05:52
vexaxvL3top, hm..05:52
dj__i can connect using smb://<ip address>05:52
Dr_Willisyou can make a fsgab entry foro it, or use the smbmount command i recall05:52
dj__im not sure how as im very new to ubuntu05:53
Dr_Willissmbmount \\servername\sharename    use ip# for servername05:53
Dr_Willisi think thats close.05:53
dj__ive looked at the fstab would that be under [global]05:53
Dr_Willissmb:// will makeit appear in the .gvfs directory after you first access it - i belive05:53
Dr_Willissmb.cconf has a [global] not fstab05:54
dj__well when i go to networks and browse i can see it but cant access it05:54
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dj__i can only access it in home by typing in the address bar05:54
manish411how to configure kdm to run genome-session automatically after I login05:54
Dr_Willisit cant handle the hostname, but can the ip# you mean:05:54
manish411I want to switch from gdm to kdm05:55
L3topgimme a minute vexaxv.05:55
ThePendulumI installed Ubuntu on my SSD, but Windows is ever since completely preventing from anything but itself to boot05:55
dj__yeah the ip works but not the hostname05:55
Dr_Willisdj__:  dirty fix. edit /etc/hosts and have the hotsname map to  the ip# ;)05:55
Dr_Willisi think theres a better fix.. but i always use static ips on my home lan05:55
dj__ok then what if the ip is a dynamic ip given by the dhcp05:56
Dr_Willisi set my dhcp server to always assign ip based on mac.. so the boxs get the same ip.05:56
Dr_Willisany new machines get a higher range of ip#'s05:56
dj__well unfortunately my house mate set it up and wont change the settings05:56
Dr_Willissmbtree or findsmb can slso show the host and ip#05:57
Dr_Willistaske a hammer to it.. ;)05:57
dj__i wish i could take one to him05:57
Dr_Willisor just set your server to use a static ip05:57
dj__he says it takes ages to access when its static ip set05:58
Dr_Willisive alsays had issues with nautilus not working by hostname, but did by ip#05:58
Dr_Willishes wrong..05:58
icerootis NVIDIA Optimus working now with Ubuntu Kernel 3.2 (or higher)? or still faciing the memory-leak bug which is disabling the optimus feature?05:58
dj__ya cant teach him05:58
Dr_Willisit looks up hostname,,,,,a nd converts it to ip anyway05:58
dj__i mean i was able to access it when i had jaunty installed05:59
realgodwhat ubuntu version best for use virtual box?05:59
dj__without having to configure anything really05:59
icerootrealgod: 12.04 lts05:59
Dr_Willisnautilus has issues with hostnames.. theres some service i recall tht helps it.. but i never use it05:59
fidel_iceroot: talking about enabling & disabling the nv-part?05:59
icerootfidel_: automaticly enabling/disabling05:59
Dr_Willisrealgod:  whatever version you want.05:59
fidel_iceroot: k - still have mine auto-disabled05:59
icerootfidel_: until 3.0 there was a memory leak in the main-kernel and so they disabled the auto-feature06:00
dj__am i stuck using nautilus in 12.0406:00
Dr_Willis!info smb4k06:00
ubottusmb4k (source: smb4k): Samba (SMB) share advanced browser for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.10-1.1 (precise), package size 1560 kB, installed size 3958 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)06:00
dj__or can i change it06:00
Dr_Willisthis is linux.. of course you can change it..06:00
fidel_iceroot: curious: are you using bumblebee?06:00
Dr_Willistheres a dozen ways to find/access samba shares also06:01
dj__ok what one would be able to do what im asking without too much configuring06:01
dj__as im only new to network administration (still learning)06:01
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
icerootfidel_: never heard of it until now, my system with nvidia optimus will arrive today so i did not any testing yet06:02
icerootfidel_: is it worth having a look at it?06:02
realgodthank you all06:03
fidel_iceroot: well i used it month ago when my optimus device arrived - basically those days to have better handling for optimus - while i disabled the nv part completly at the end to save power. those days it was helpful - but i havent messed around with the gfx-setup since then06:03
fidel_iceroot: i dont need the nv-part of the gfx on linux anyways06:04
icerootfidel_: ok, i need the system just for one task, Diablo 3 and i dont want optimus to start the intel-part when i am playing or removing the ac-adapter06:04
dj__O.o ok all of a suddent im able to access everything any idea why its worked all of a sudden when i havnt done anything since comming here to ask for help?06:04
fidel_iceroot: as a sidenote - as it might affect you as well - i needed to play with acpi=noirq to be even able to install ubuntu on my box06:05
Dr_Willisdj__:  samba is just screwy at time06:05
fidel_all other install attempts failed pretty fast using debian & ubuntu ;)06:05
icerootfidel_: i hope i dont need some hacks to start it on my new laptop06:05
dj__ok cause ive been working on it for over 24 hours06:05
dj__nice to know it will work eventually XD06:06
icerootfidel_: but thank you for the info about the option06:06
Dr_Willisdj__:  or die withiut notice06:06
dj__ok yay guess ill look forward to that06:06
=== arizona_bay is now known as Guest83807
Dr_Willisdj__:  learn ssh and scp ;)06:07
=== Guest83807 is now known as xx
dj__ok how hard is that to learn as i struggle with javascript06:07
L3topvexaxv:  I am correct, ATI dropped support of the HD 2000-4000 series after 12-5...06:08
Dr_Willisssh more imporntant then js06:08
dj__i understand but how complex of a language is it06:08
=== deejay31|Offline is now known as deejay31
icerootdj__: if you want to do some linux-administrations there are 4 tools which are important to know, ssh, screen, bash, vi(m)06:08
L3topvexaxv: Trying to find the tech note on ATIs site... but it is noted all over bug reports.06:08
Dr_Willisits not a language06:08
vexaxvL3top, 12-5?06:08
=== griselda is now known as spex971
L3topvexaxv: ATI version06:09
=== deejay31 is now known as deejay31|Offline
dj__looks like its back to colledge for me06:09
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)06:09
vexaxvL3top, then how am i still using it?06:09
Dr_Willisvexaxv: luck06:10
dj__wow all of this to use ubuntu on my home pc as a windows replacement XD06:10
dj__but im sold to it Xd06:10
vexaxvsoo wtf do i do now haha06:10
omenzmy lilo doesnt work on xbuntoo06:11
omenzim on most linuxhelp channels06:11
Dr_Willisssh is for more then ubuntu06:11
=== dbum is now known as dbummy
omenzi cant seem to find the problems06:11
L3topvexaxv: As I said... the problems they have range in severity... they are simply dropped from support. Mostly what I see in bugs are flickering etc. ATI is notorious for doing this06:11
vexaxvL3top, i had flickering issues in 11.1006:12
vexaxvL3top, there gone now06:12
icerootdj__: ssh is the most important and the most usefull tool in GNU/Linux, UNIX, something that is complety missing on windows06:12
ninuxiceroot: thumbsup!06:12
dj__so what language is terminal using as in windows command prompt uses dos06:13
icerootdj__: bash06:13
iceroot!bash | dj__06:13
ubottudj__: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:13
dj__ok im guessing that will be my first thing to learn then06:13
icerootdj__: learn ssh, screen, bash and vi(m) if you want to be an admin06:13
dj__well linux is just a side project for me to learn but i will do as it will help me if i ever have to work with a linux server XD06:14
icerootdj__: on a linux-server you need the 4 tools i mentioned06:14
icerootdj__: for private work you dont need one of them06:15
vexaxvL3top, where can i go to see the support list for fglrx06:15
Dr_Willisin this day.. you will use linux  somewhere.. ;)06:15
dj__ive figured that as most business's use a linux box aswell as server 2008 or something like that06:15
Dr_Willisim using ssh to get a shell from my android phone06:16
icerootDr_Willis: but the good thing is you can do your normal work without the tools, you dont need the bash anymore (5 years back... it was different)06:16
chigybuntuHow to configure SSH in ubuntu 12.0406:16
Dr_Willisshell is my normal work06:16
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)06:16
icerootDr_Willis: but you are not a normal user :)06:16
buhmandj__: actually it's called "cmd.exe", not "DOS" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_command_shells06:16
Dr_Willisnone of us are.. nirmal06:17
dj__thats true but its the same language with slight changes06:17
L3topvexaxv: I am just telling you, that your card is unsupported. If it works for you... awesome... I am a big fan of not fixing what isn't broken... ATI does not produce such a list to my knowledge... it would make my job a whole lot easier. Instead they put out a memo noting that they have dropped support for xxxx or have added support for xxxx I am still looking for that.06:17
icerootdj__: ssh can do so many things, e.g. i am using ssh to write this message to you, i am using ssh to copy some files, so have access to another machine, so use a secure ftp protocol and so on06:17
chigybuntuI have tried to ssh to a blackbuntu machine and the connection is refused...06:18
icerootchigybuntu: maybe ssh is not running on the server06:18
icerootchigybuntu: or the port is not forwarded06:18
vexaxvL3top, thats what i mean it would be nice to see some list like that06:18
=== deejay31|Offline is now known as deejay31
=== aivaras is now known as vataitau
jmwpcI'm adding my samsung printer to my ubuntu server (for use with cloudprint), using the ppd file from the Samsung unified driver, my documents come out like this: http://i.imgur.com/maARa.jpg --- what am I doing wrong here?06:19
dj__anyway thanks for the help guys ill take this all into mind and start studying06:19
=== deejay31 is now known as deejay31|Offline
chigybuntuiceroot: I started the service on the blackbuntu machine but when i start it says "connection closed by the host"06:20
Dr_Willischigybuntu:  time to check your router/firewall06:20
icerootchigybuntu: nmap -p 22 hostname06:20
Dr_Willisssh localhost from the server. :) as a test06:20
icerootchigybuntu: run that command from the client (maybe you need "sudo apt-get install nmap" first)06:21
vexaxvid still like to know whats up with my shutdown hanging lol06:21
chigybuntuthanks iceroot, let me try that option..06:22
vexaxvL3top, k well thanks man im off for a bit ill cya later06:22
siva4080I'm using virtual box on Windows.  I want to install Ubuntu on virtualbox. Where can I download the disk image of Ubuntu ? please suggest me06:22
bazhangsiva4080, www.ubuntu.com06:22
Dr_Willissiva4080:  just use the isp and install it like you would normally06:22
iceroot!download | siva408006:22
ubottusiva4080: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Precise, and help keeping the servers' load low!06:22
Dr_Willisiso   :)06:22
icerootsiva4080: use the iso to install instead of a virtual disc image06:23
Dr_Willisim not sure there are  premade vm disk images any more06:23
icerootDr_Willis: not official ones06:23
Dr_WillisJeOS is a dead  project now?06:23
* tMH is gone. nsf06:23
bazhangtMH, disable that06:24
Donas`fuck off niggas !06:24
icerootDr_Willis: yes, 10.10 was the last one06:24
albechinstalled the new ubuntu and now when i try to launch my evolution and send mails it does not send. I suspect it is due to a certificate issue. I am not prompted to accept the self-signed certificate and its just waiting... any ideas how to force this pop-up?06:24
jonjon79<- newbie, I'm trying to mount my ntfs partitons as readonly, read about using fstab but not much luck from google or ubuntuforums, can u help me mount my ntfs partition as readonly upon boot? tyvm06:26
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE06:26
Dr_Willissee ntfg-3g docs also06:26
jonjon79Dr_Willis, wow ty man, ima check that06:27
iceroothm, maybe using ntfs instead of ntfs-3g if you want read-only :)06:27
Dr_Willismounting ntfs in linux must have 9000+ google hits. :) its  a common faq06:27
iceswordwhat's iceroot06:27
icerooticesword: ?06:27
bazhang!ot | icesword06:28
ubottuicesword: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:28
bazhangicesword, this is NOT the chat channel06:28
iceswordo k06:28
crazydiamondHi. How do I create ubuntu live USB from Ubuntu?06:29
iceroot!usb | crazydiamond06:29
ubottucrazydiamond: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:29
icerootcrazydiamond: the first link will show how to make a bootbale usb stick with a live-version which can also start the insaller06:30
siva4080I've downloaded ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso file.  I want to use it on Virtual Box on Windows Host.06:30
jonjon79iceroot, tried that also, but i get error "Unprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE library"06:30
siva4080At the starting , on Virtual box , I'm seeing "try ubuntu" and "install Now" options..06:31
icerootjonjon79: when using fstab? or when using the normal mount-command?06:31
* omenz away c0mat0se06:31
omenzor away what ever06:31
siva4080If I choose "Install Now" option , where ubuntu will be installed?  on VirtualBox or on Windows itself ??06:32
bazhangomenz, disable that06:32
icerootomenz: stop that please06:32
omenzhey you what do you say06:32
omenzsomething beautiful06:32
icerootsiva4080: virtualbox06:32
omenzhey you are you dying with need06:32
bazhangomenz, thats enough. stop06:32
chigybuntucan you update a facebook status as you can tweet via terminal?06:33
siva4080iceroot: So , It is safe to choose install now option right? because I don't want to loose windows. I want to use Ubuntu on VirtualBox only...06:33
icerootsiva4080: and virtualbox is creating a file on windows06:33
=== omenz is now known as s4ltnesst00dles
icerootsiva4080: its safe06:33
icerootsiva4080: if you started the installation inside virtualbox and not on a restart on the pc where the cd was in the drive06:33
s4ltnesst00dlesomenz whoo06:34
iceswordwhat the hell06:34
s4ltnesst00dleswe are sorry but we do not know anything of that nature, please wait for more ops06:34
siva4080iceroot: I'm starting installation on VirtualBox..06:34
Dr_Willisstuff in vbox affecting the  hoost machine? ;)06:34
chigybuntuGuys can you update a facebook status using terminal?06:34
icerootsiva4080: then everything is fine and your windows will not be removed06:35
Dr_Willissort of would defeat  one of the main reasons to use vbox06:35
s4ltnesst00dlesnm6 shut tht anus pls will ya06:35
icerootchigybuntu: yes, by mail06:35
s4ltnesst00dlesi forgot06:35
chigybuntuiceroot: how please!!06:35
icerootchigybuntu: ask in #facebook because its not ubuntu related06:35
icerootchigybuntu: you can send mails to facebook and that will create/comment things06:36
lymonthis new pc i got is so much fun.... i did your instructions willis and i got some weird purple screen with  what appears to be a filmreelclip and a man in a circle then it all goes black and then nothing06:36
icerootchigybuntu: for sending mails on the shell have a look at mutt06:36
lymonideas on what this is now....?06:36
didofacebook is so bacefook ;)06:36
TobsCorehow comes Ubuntu wastes so much battery life06:36
fidel_TobsCore: powertop might be a nice helper to get more informations06:37
icerootchigybuntu: also have a look at bitblee if it is able to talk to facebook now06:37
icerootTobsCore: which ubuntu-version?06:37
TobsCoreI just shutdown my ligthdm and run in tty and I only got 2:30h of battery life06:37
fidel_TobsCore: could have several reasons - analyzing what eats the most right now is a good way from my point of view06:37
mi3can someone give me some suggestions on which font that is http://imagebin.org/213661 ?? that loading part?06:37
BlackWebDr_Willis, Thank you :) that ftp problem was what you said, it needed a file name for local machine, Which i thought the man pages said it'll just use the existing one if none is supplied, but ya Thanks again :)06:38
siva4080iceroot: hmmm..    so many problems  :'(06:38
TobsCorefidel_: And I can figure that out with powertop?06:38
irenicus09hi anyone knows if pcmanfm can display thumbnail preview of video files?06:38
lymonanyone got ideas on this new problem of mine....?06:39
lymonsome weird purple screen with what appears to be a filmreelclip and a man in a circle then it all goes black and then nothing06:39
fidel_TobsCore: yep - its a diagnose tool06:39
mi3!ask | lymon06:39
ubottulymon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:39
fidel_elaborate | lymon06:39
fidel_!elaborate | lymon06:39
ubottulymon: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:39
chigybuntuiceroot: thanks much, and last time i used dig to find short definitions of word using terminal from wikipedia "dig +short txt word.wp.cx" but is there any command which allows you to view even a longer text?06:40
lymonwhats to elaborate06:40
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | lymon06:40
ubottulymon: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:40
lymonwhat i said is what happens :|06:40
Dr_Willislymon:  what you are doing  for starters...06:40
lymonburned cd iso06:40
icerootchigybuntu: never used something like that so i dont know, sorry06:40
jonjon79iceroot, when using fstab with options { defaults,nls=utf8,umask=0222,users } and then clicking on file-manager06:41
lymonwish i could simply show :P06:41
chigybuntuiceroot: Not a problem, thanks anyway..06:41
Dr_Willislymon:  gfx issues at install = try the nomodeseetg option06:41
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | lymon06:41
jonjon79iceroot, I want to use the drive like normal but mount ntfs readonly (so that my kids wont accidentaly delete files there again)06:43
slafjiwwhat is the smallest rescue live linux out there? I can't boot my system.06:43
Dr_Willisslafjiw:  tinycorelinux = 10mb06:43
Dr_Willisnot specifically designed for 'rescue' but it csan do stuff06:43
slafjiwDr_Willis: thanks, is it bootable from usb? yeah i just need to copy/remove some files.06:44
Dr_Willismulticorelinux = tinyhcore+more  = 35mb06:44
Dr_Willisslafjiw:  of course it is. ;)06:44
chrislu5ticAfter creating a live bootable Ubuntu with persistence file, using start up disk creator,06:46
chrislu5ticit wont save... no persistence.06:46
=== wesley is now known as Wesley
quentusrexanyone know if it is possible to configure apt to use a client tls certificate?06:47
quentusrexfor bi-directional tls authentication.06:47
jonjon79chrislu5tic, did u pass the grub/syslinux parameter "persistent"?>06:51
tasslehoffhow can I wake the display of a system from an ssh session?06:52
Dr_Willisis therre a casper-rw file on the flash. ;)06:52
chrislu5tici just used startup disk creator to make the persistence file,06:52
chrislu5ticnot exactly to advanced here.  I'd need a link to a guide or something06:52
Dr_Williscould be it dident make it.06:53
chrislu5ticit spent a while doing it..06:53
chrislu5ticlonger than putting ubuntu on it06:53
Dr_Willishow are you testing anyway?06:53
moohow do i decrypt access-your-private-data06:53
=== moo is now known as Guest51790
bohemian9485!info UNetbootin06:54
ubottuPackage UNetbootin does not exist in precise06:54
Dr_Willisthere should be a  casper-rw file on the usb drive somewhere06:54
Dr_Willisi think thats the right name06:54
L3top!info unetbootin06:55
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 565-3 (precise), package size 282 kB, installed size 794 kB06:55
Dr_Willisi tend to do full normal installs to my big usb drives06:55
chrislu5ticI just want to put it onto an 8gb usb and have it save, so i can take it with me in my pocket06:55
jonjon79chrislu5tic, upgrades are a pain with persistent puppy-like saves, why not create an install onto the stick? here's a persistent guide I used a while ago http://shallowsky.com/blog/2011/Oct/28/06:57
jonjon79I just want to mount ntfs readonly but using the filemanager from the desktop, is that so hard06:58
wilee-nileechrislu5tic, if you make a casper-rw partition you can have more than 4 gigs of persistent.06:58
* jonjon79 screams while pulling hair out06:58
chrislu5ticim just not so advanced with commands and such,06:58
* jonjon79 is bleeding onto fstab06:58
tMHbazhang - it's a lice script from sep'97;)06:59
jonjon79chrislu5tic, me either m8, but persistent is a bit advanced tbh06:59
=== enchilado is now known as jebstonehelperbo
=== jebstonehelperbo is now known as enchilado
Dr_Willisshould be exmple ntfs entries in the fstab .07:00
wilee-nileechrislu5tic, with 8 gigs I would do a full install07:00
chrislu5ticyeah, i have an 8gb usb,07:00
Dr_Willis /dev/sdb2 /media/ntfs  ntfs  defaults 0 007:00
gliorosHow to tell what os a server use when i only have the ip ?07:01
Dr_Willisor somthing like that07:01
chrislu5tichow do I...hmmm07:01
wilee-nileechrislu5tic, just use the cutom install something other, and put the grub on the thumb07:01
Dr_Willisiv done full normal installs to 8gb flash drives befor.07:01
chrislu5ticwith start up disk creator?07:01
wilee-nileechrislu5tic, have you install ubuntu before?07:01
neokyaIs updating Linux kernel is good idea?07:02
chrislu5tic10 times over..07:02
chrislu5ticbut using usb,07:02
wilee-nileechrislu5tic, use another thumb or disc booted and the custom install to that thumb07:02
chrislu5ticokay i see, need to external media's07:03
wilee-nileeinstalls just like you were putting it on a HD, you just use the something other option to point it correctly the install.07:03
chrislu5ticthats... really useful information07:03
chrislu5ticrather than persistence07:03
chrislu5ticguys in backtrack linux chewed me up and spit me out on this one lol07:04
Dr_Willispersistant is good for 'light' ussage07:04
Dr_Willisi don see muxh need for backtrqck for most users..07:05
Dr_Willisits not a disrto for normal 'desktop ussage/work'07:05
chrislu5ticalot of people tend to use aircrack and metasploit,  which was why i was looking into it07:06
chrislu5ticyeah I know.. penetration etc07:06
Dr_Willisa lot of people need to get another hobby....07:06
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, you ever figure out how to clean that casper?07:06
Dr_Willisi rarely use the eprsistance file stuff wilee-nilee  - what do you mean clean?07:07
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, the casper gets full it wont clear with a autoremove or autoclean or the cache I believe07:07
Dr_Williswilee-nilee:  cant say tht ive had that issue.07:08
chrislu5ticthat was rude07:08
Dr_Willisusing  apt a lot on a persistant setuop can cause isse.07:08
rafuHi, is there a way to control certain bios parameters in the BIOS from the OS? what i want to do is to change the IDE controller to AHCI07:08
Dr_Williswhich is why i say use persistant save only for light ussage07:08
enclosedhello, i noticed that the 12.04 image says it is 701 MB does this mean it will not fit onto a CD-R?07:08
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, me neither I will see a person on occcasion who runs them long enough and does upgrades fill it07:08
Dr_Willisenclosed:  it fitsf07:08
chrislu5ticthats fine,  that had nothing to do with my speaking of interest in aircrack and such and you saying people need other hobbies.07:09
Dr_Willisupgrading a persistant save setup can cause major issues07:09
wilee-nileeyeah light use for sure07:09
enclosedDr_Willis: awesome, thank you. i only have CD-Rs so i didn't wanna waste the time downloading the image if it wasn't going to fit07:09
Dr_Williseven getting the nvidia/ati drivers working on a persistant save can cause big issues07:09
Dr_Willisenclosed:  usb is the way to go07:09
neokyaHi everyone. My update manager is suggesting to update Linux Kernel image? Is it good idea to update?07:10
chrislu5tici think we already got to that conclusion captain07:10
Dr_Willisneokya:  go for it. ;)07:10
enclosedDr_Willis: computer is too old to boot from USB07:10
Dr_Willisenclosed:  eww. ;(07:10
neokyaDr_Willis: But I hear it might create problems on other programs07:11
enclosedDr_Willis: my girlfriend brought her old computer over here so that i can recover the data off of these old IDE hard drives07:11
Dr_Willisneokya:  that wouldent make sence. since a upgrade would be to fix bugs normally07:11
wilee-nileeneoark, you just want to watch out for partial upgrades.07:12
enclosedDr_Willis: what do you think would be the most efficient way of transferring at least 100 gb of data from those old ide drives to my main computer?07:12
Dr_Willisenclosed:  external usb enclosure  is what i normally use.07:12
Dr_Willisbut if the pc boots - live cd with a little disrto and use ssh07:13
enclosedDr_Willis: what if i don't have any of that and am on a tight budget.. samba server maybe?07:13
Dr_Willissamba is a pain at times07:13
neokyaOk. Thanks a lot.07:13
enclosedDr_Willis: what about konqeror with fish:// protocol?07:13
Dr_Willisi got a universial usb adaptor for hard drives. ;) can do ide/sata/laptop ide.07:13
Dr_Willisfish is ssh/scp i think07:13
enclosedDr_Willis: what is the technical term for that adapter?07:14
Dr_Willisuniversal usb adaptor ;007:14
Dr_Williswhat the box says07:14
Dr_Williscost me $2007:14
Dr_Williseven has a power supply07:14
enclosedDr_Willis: and with that i can hook up both ide and sata hard disk to my computer?07:14
Dr_Willisit can do any type of hd.. except scsi ;)07:15
Dr_Williside, sata, laptop07:15
Dr_Willisnot all at the same time. ;)07:15
Dr_Willisbrb. gotta swap batteries07:16
enclosedDr_Willis: i will definitely be investing in one of those, thanks for the tip07:16
kapzHow can I make use of my ideapad special keys like one key theatre key to launch an app like cheese? I tried with keyboard shortcut but it does nothing07:18
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lymoni am full of problems :( new issue installed it all and now after the initial install reboot i get nothing but blackscreen :/07:28
remlabmis this a good channel to ask ubuntu server questions in?07:31
lukicat2 questions on ubuntu 12.04: 1. how to set the frame rate of the screen? 2. how to let ubuntu 12.04 look like the older version?07:31
lymonten minutes of waiting and still black screen :/07:34
icerootlukicat: tft monitor?07:34
sindilehow do i check the version of a library07:36
lymonit shows the ubuntu purple color and then blackscreen forever07:36
lukicaticeroot: yes, laptop display07:37
icerootlukicat: then you dont have to set a framrate07:37
sathsohow to minimise the size of the ubuntu07:37
icerootlukicat: tft displays dont have a framerate like the old monitors07:37
lukicatbut the screen is flickering?!07:37
Miscnimorning all07:38
lukicatand i also have another problem, after booting i only see a black screen, but hear the startup sound. if i change to text console via ctrl alt f1 and then back to f7 all is fine... some1 heard about something like that?07:39
lymonno flickering just straight up blank07:39
lymonoh.... thought someone was asking me :P07:40
da_kaktusHi guys, do you know anything about high load in 12.04?07:40
sathsokindly clarify this query ..... " how to minimise the overall size of ubuntu"07:43
lymonideas by anyone?07:43
chinaflyDO you have a friend from china ?07:47
lymonno, but is this a offering of peace and friendship from you?07:48
SolarisBoyda_kaktus: can you use top to try and determine what "may" be raising your loads?07:54
SolarisBoyguessing not07:57
lymonany ideas on mine?07:57
lymonim reinstalling for a third time at the moment :P07:58
SolarisBoydid each reinstall end in that place? with a blank screen?07:59
lymonyeah after it had me do the reinstall and then i had to unplug it08:00
sbatteyYou had to unplug it?08:00
anomCan anyone see why this crontab wouldn't work? -- http://pastebin.com/q9Xjc24N08:00
sbatteySounds like a kernel panic08:00
sbatteyI diagnose kernel panics with my keyboard08:00
sbatteyIf you press caps lock and the light doesn't light up it was a kernel panic08:00
lymonyour talking to me right battery?08:01
lymonand no the capslock doesnt work :/08:01
SolarisBoyare you at the screen of your system?08:02
sbatteyEither the driver didn't get loaded or you have a kernel panic08:02
lymonso what do i do now?08:02
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sbatteyYour first order of business is to boot into a safe mode and find your logs08:02
SolarisBoyright on08:02
sbatteyis grub loading?08:02
lymonthis is a pc i just bought and everything was wiped08:02
lymonand no it is not08:02
SolarisBoyi think there is a missing link08:02
SolarisBoykernel panic in my experience logs to the screen08:03
mega1does anyone know this error W: Failed to fetch http://ie.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/InRelease08:03
mega1this is a fresh install08:04
sbatteydid you install grub?08:04
sbatteyTo the mbr?08:04
sbatteyis grub does;'t boot you're pretty much screwed I think08:04
sbatteymaster boot record08:04
lymonill be honest i dont know any linux terms08:04
sbatteyit is an install option08:04
sbatteymbr is a computer term08:04
SolarisBoydo you have a live cd?08:04
lymonwhen i reinsert cd it shows it08:04
SolarisBoyand when you boot the drive it does nothing?08:05
sbatteyIf your live CD booted and worked fine but your computer won't boot you have a grub issue08:05
SolarisBoywell -08:05
sbatteygrub is a bootloader08:05
lymonyeah nothing comes after its installed08:05
SolarisBoyshows "what"?08:05
SolarisBoyafter it is installed08:05
sbatteyat some point in the install it should have talked about this,08:05
stuenghello. under ubuntu server with xorg installed and XBMC the performnace of XBMC is sluggish unless I startx as root08:05
lymonjust a purple screen for a second then it dissapears08:05
enclosedDr_Willis: i'm out for the night, thanks for the tips. good night08:06
SolarisBoyso technically it sounds like your doing grub08:06
lymonideas on what to do.... or is it a hardware issue?08:06
sbatteyylmon, when you boot do you get a black and white box with options in it?08:06
SolarisBoyas afaik thats the only thing that turns the screen purple08:06
SolarisBoyit sounds like you may have a video driver issue possibly at lymon08:06
lymonno sbattery just a black screen08:06
wilee-nileelymon, how did you install a cd or usb flash?08:06
sbatteyyou need to boot ubuntu from grub into the safe mode and figure oiut your graphics issue08:07
lukicatshort problem: when i start ubuntu it comes up with the start sound but only a black screen. after switchting to text mode and back to graphic mode all is fine... how to solve this? =)08:07
SolarisBoythe right answer..08:07
wilee-nileelymon, you chose install to the hard drive?08:07
lymonyeah its installed to the hd08:07
SolarisBoygrub is loading if his screen is purple08:07
SolarisBoywhen it's trying to switch resolutions for GUI mode - it seems its going black?08:08
stuenghold shift while you boot, see if you get the grub screen08:08
sbatteyubuntu is trying to boot if his screen is purple08:08
SolarisBoyright -08:08
wilee-nileelymon, so what happens when you boot?08:08
SolarisBoymeaning grub ran..08:08
SolarisBoyhe gets black screen - video issue sounds like to me08:08
lymonas in?08:08
SolarisBoyespecially if the live cd vid works08:08
sbatteyyes, meaning he didn;'t know what grub was when we asked haha08:08
lymonyeah just that08:08
lymoni can do the test and install08:08
wilee-nileeSolarisBoy, I am not asking you please08:08
SolarisBoygrub != worm08:08
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | lymon08:09
ubottulymon: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:09
SolarisBoydid i say your name in my comment?08:09
SolarisBoynomodeset - like i been getting to - checking your settings...08:09
lymonbut when i do the hd nothing at all08:09
lymonyeah i installed it like that08:09
lymonand nothing :/08:09
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stuengif you hold down shift on boot, dont you get a "safe mode" or something? I cant remember08:09
wilee-nileeSolarisBoy, you are not saying anybodies nic welcome to my ignore08:09
SolarisBoymaybe youll stop saying my name then08:10
sbatteywilee-nilee don;t be a dick08:10
SolarisBoyanyway - lymon - i had this same issue on my last install08:10
SolarisBoycd works hd doesn't - vid setting are out of wack08:10
SolarisBoystart with nomodeset like thingy told you there08:10
stuenghello. under ubuntu server with xorg installed and XBMC the performnace of XBMC is sluggish unless I startx as root08:11
wilee-nileelymon, feel free to ask any questions on inserting the nomodeset in the kernel as suggestd you need to hold down the shift at powering on to see the grub menu08:11
wilee-nileelymon, there is a safe mode as well in the recovery boot08:12
icerootstueng: i had the same issue, the problem was das pulseaudio was not running and xbmc tried to contact it all the time08:12
lukicatwhen i start ubuntu it comes up with the start sound but only a black screen. after switchting to text mode and back to graphic mode all is fine... how to solve this? =)08:12
icerootstueng: then i used lightdm with xbmc-standalone08:12
icerootstueng: lightdm is starting pulse, dbus and so on correctly, you are missing pulse and dbus08:13
wilee-nileelukicat, you now the graphic card?08:13
stuengiceroot: I dont have a DE, just plain xorg. what is xbmc-standlone ?08:13
vexaxvhey guys i installed gnome 3 (gnome-shell and gnome-common) via the repos in ubuntu 12.04 and i want to remove all the gnome 3 crap now im not liking it to much lol, but when i uninstall those two i downloaded theres still the options at log in screen, so im guessing theres dependencies or something i have to uninstall too? or other crap that came with it? so how do i uninstall everything related to that package like i did when i install08:13
vexaxved it, via terminal or whatever08:13
icerootstueng: xbmc-standalone is an entry in lightdm just like unity, lxde, kde and so on08:13
lukicatwilee-nilee, think its an intel gma, but i dont know exactly08:13
lymondo you guys think it would make a difference if i used the hdmi port instead of vga for this comp?08:13
icerootstueng: and your problem is you have plain-x and you are not starting pulse and dbus08:14
stuengiceroot: I dont want or have lightdm08:14
icerootstueng: then start pulse, dbus and so on08:14
stephanmgis it worth reading the "debian user handbook" if i'm running  a ubuntu system? (thought i never used debian)08:14
stuengiceroot: ok, so I should install pulse and dbus08:14
icerootstueng: you also have to start them08:14
stuengok, ill have ot reboot to do that.. soooo bbiab, thanks08:14
stuengiceroot: ok, start then using the service command?08:14
icerootstueng: i dont see a problem having lightdm + session "xbmc-standalone" with autologin08:14
Dr_Willislymon: why uze vga wgen you got hdmi?08:14
wilee-nileevexaxv, checkout playing around to remove the full gnome-shell  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/08:14
icerootstueng: you will not see lightdm then08:14
stuengiceroot: sounds good, ill try it08:15
icerootstephanmg: yes08:15
stuengiceroot: so I will install lightdm, pulse, dbus and then edit lightdm.cfg to make my default session xbmc-standalone ?08:15
lymoni put this at my desktop stand and not at my tv stand08:16
icerootstueng: correct08:16
lymonso should i try that then?08:16
stuengiceroot: ok, bbiab then, reboot08:16
wilee-nileelukicat, try the safe mode in the recovery if you are not in and check the additional drivers app if you are updated.08:16
lukicatkk, try to update everything, wilee-nilee08:16
icerootlukicat: i had the same problem, the issue is that the splashscreen is not killed correctly, my workaround was to disable the splashscreen08:17
wilee-nileelukicat, the additional drivers many times has the drivers needed if not getting auto installed.08:17
lymoni think im going to try and use it on hdmi port08:17
ninuxdoes anybode use awesome wm here???08:18
lymonill brb then since old pc is currently on tv08:18
lukicaticeroot, thanks for the workaround. gonna try it, if driver updates wont work08:18
icerootlukicat: edit /etc/default/grub there is a line with quit splash  remove the two strings, save the file, run sudo update-grup and reboot08:18
lymonerr actulaly brb if i still get issues08:19
Dr_Willis'quiet splash'     ;)08:19
SolarisBoysure... though moving the pc to fix this is non optimal08:19
goddardhow much does the file system differ when comparing debian and ubuntu?08:20
SolarisBoythe filesystem structure? or the fs?08:20
Dr_Willisboth follow the LSB dont they?08:21
goddardthe structure08:21
ubottuThe Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.08:21
SolarisBoythey are about the same08:21
icerootgoddard: both are the same08:21
J11_I upgraded my distro, and now my ICS stopped working, it seems the iptables rules are in place but the dhcp server isn't08:21
icerootgoddard: but because of different programs (e.g. upstart) there are different directories too08:21
SolarisBoyor other little customized things ubuntu does things..08:21
enclosedwhen i try to boot from the live cd i get a black screen with a blinking dash on the top left of the screen...08:24
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | enclosed08:24
ubottuenclosed: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:24
SolarisBoythat must be a popular one here over past couple of weeks huh?08:25
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | enclosed08:25
ubottuenclosed: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:25
Dr_Williscouple of yeaars08:25
Dr_Willisthey need to just make it a default option/entry on the main menu. ;a008:26
SolarisBoyi'd say08:26
SolarisBoyrather than breakage first - =)08:26
enclosedDr_Willis: thanks i will try that08:26
Dr_Willisi dont need it any more fo rmy nvidia ssytms..  used to be i had to use it08:26
SolarisBoyi think my whole company had to put that line in on the same day08:26
SolarisBoyinteresting - im scared to move it now08:27
carpiHi. I have a dual monitor setup. And I have twinview on both. But on one of my Flat panel monitors, when I maximize any application window the title bar disappears.. Could someone please tell me how I might solve it?08:27
vexaxvhey guys i accidentally deleted gnome-session and i cant log on now, how do i get to a command prompt so i can reinstall via terminal08:27
stephanmgiceroot: i just thought ubuntu would be completely different and you should not use the debian stuff.08:27
icerootstephanmg: because they use different software versions and sometimes different methods08:28
Dr_Williscarpi: it goes into the unity panel i thought.. at lessssst it does here08:28
ikoniavexaxv: boot into recovery mode from grub08:28
vexaxvikonia, i did08:29
carpiDr_Willis: Im not using Unity actually..08:29
wilee-nileestephanmg, ubuntu is basically based on debian, hardly different fundamentally really, just modified and newer packages08:29
vexaxvikonia, now what08:29
SolarisBoyall ubuntu's start at a debian08:30
ikoniavexaxv: install the package as you said08:30
carpiDr_Willis: the thing is, I am able to get the view on both monitors. Only problem is.. on one of the monitors the image is scaled beyond the edge..08:30
Dr_Williscarpi:  sounds like an 'overscan' setting perhps08:30
vexaxvikonia, i only get the option to do root..but i have to enable networking and after i do then type something and hit enter it says filesystem not mounted or somethin like that and trys to do a normal boot08:30
carpiDr_Willis: Genius. Thank you very much. I adjusted the Overscan setting in the NVIDIA X Server Settings.. : ) It worked08:32
enclosedDr_Willis: okay somewhat made some progress that time.. it spit some errors out at me, can you help me make sense of this? i took a picture of my screen. http://db.tt/hKiIWiUT08:32
vexaxvikonia, it wont let me do anything it trys to boot normal before i can type anything into the root termina08:32
Dr_Williscarpi:  i see that when using tv's as monitors08:32
ikoniavexaxv: what do you mean you can't type anything into the root terminal08:32
Dr_Willisenclosed: i dont even rember the original issue08:32
vexaxvikonia, when i enable networking then if i sit there at the terminal for 3 sec something comes across the screen then it trys to boot normal08:33
ngabawith Hungarian locale, in the main window of claws-mail, I can see absolutely strange date: "2012.54.23.(Sze) 12:54"08:33
ikoniavexaxv: how are you trying to enable networking ?08:33
ngabawhat is wrong? other programs (like mc), seems OK.08:33
enclosedDr_Willis: black screen with blinking dash in top right hand corner.. i set nomodeset then tried to boot from the live cd and got this error http://db.tt/hKiIWiUT08:33
vexaxvikonia, with the enable networking option then pressing ctrl alt delete to go back08:34
vexaxvto click root08:34
carpiDr_Willis: yea.. im using a flat panel TV as a monitor. However it is working now. Thanks for the hint.08:34
ikoniaclick root ??? you should just be booting into a root shell, no menu's/gui08:34
Dr_Williscarpi:  yep. had exact same issue with a tv as a monitor.08:34
lukicatwilee-nilee, now i updated some drivers and got a really bad result... again graphical mode only comes up after switchting to text mode, but now the graphical display is only available in the upper half of the monitor =(08:34
vexaxvikonia, if u hold shift grub comes up, then u can click recovery mode i can still go the the login screen but the "unity" session and gnome session had disappeared from the menu so when i type in my password and log in nothing happens08:35
wilee-nileelukicat, had you installed drivers before this change08:35
lukicathmm not really, just did a clean installation of ubuntu 12.0408:36
ikoniavexaxv: recovery mode should not be a deskop/gui08:36
vexaxvikonia, what do u mean08:37
freakolowskyok this is getting ridiculus ... i have 8GB of RAM (40% free), ihave i7 quadcore proc (top shows nothing above 5%), i have a Radeon with 1GB RAM ... yet unity i still glitchy when switching wrkspaces .. what gives08:37
wilee-nileelukicat, graphics are not really a strong area for me but the channel needs to know exactly what you have run this command and post the results.  lspci | grep VGA08:37
unkn-errorwhen updating, upgrading and installing packages with apt, synaptic and aptitude dose the package manager do a check (of hash, md5 or sha etc.) to see if the downloaded archive/packages are saine(healthly)?08:37
ikoniavexaxv: when you launch into recovery mode, it should drop you into a shell, not a desktop08:37
vexaxvikonia, it brings me to a menu08:38
SolarisBoyyea i think it does which asks you what you want to do - run fsck etc etc etc08:38
vexaxvikonia, resume clean dpkg failsafex fsck grub network root system-summary08:38
ikoniaversi: what are the menu options08:38
ikoniavexaxv: which one are you picking ?08:38
ikoniavexaxv: which option are you selecting ?08:38
vexaxvikonia, network to enable networking (my blue light comes on) then root so i can get in the terminal but if i wait 3 sec if retrys to boot normal08:39
vexaxvcant even type anything in08:39
ikoniavexaxv: just select "root"08:39
stephanmgwilee-nilee: okay, thank you08:39
enclosedi am trying to boot from the live cd at first i was getting a black screen with a blinking dash in the top right hand corner so i set nomodeset and it started to boot but i got this error.. can someone help me make sense of it? http://db.tt/hKiIWiUT08:39
lukicat00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) Graphics Controller (rev 06)08:39
vexaxvikonia, k hang on08:40
lukicatwilee-nilee, i think its an known error with this ugly graphic card, going to google it again...08:40
vexaxvk im in the terminal now what08:40
vexaxvikonia, how can i turn on the internet via terminal08:40
ikoniavexaxv: now you should be able to install the missing packages08:40
ikoniavexaxv: use the init script08:40
ikoniavexaxv: or manually set it up08:40
ikoniavexaxv: eg: ip or ifconfig08:41
vexaxvikonia, my internet isnt on, i have to click enable networking lol but thats what messes it up, so what do i type to turn on the wifi08:41
ikoniavexaxv: I'm busy patching a machine at the moment and you don't appear to be listening to what I say when I say "don't click enable networking" - manually setup the network connection with "ip" or "ifconfig"08:42
SolarisBoyifconfig <interface> <ip address> netmask <your netmask> up would work08:42
vexaxvikonia, i never said i did click it i heard what u said, i dont know how to manually do it08:42
SolarisBoyvexaxv: ^08:43
SolarisBoyim assuming your in a root shell and the user root - else you need to prepend sudo08:43
ngabahm, I've just realized that month == minute08:43
vexaxvsays the package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened08:45
vexaxvwhen i try to install a pkg via terminal08:45
sheepyI usually use apt-get to update, and it had been holding back a kernel update, but yesterday I used the GUI and it updated the kernel and started chucking up loads of crash report errors on boot and unity 3d has switched back to unity 2d08:46
curiousxaloha all :D08:47
sheepyI just updated the kernel again today, the crash report popups are gone now, but I seem to be stuck in Unity 2d08:47
sheepy*errors on login, not boot08:47
vexaxvhow do i connect to another computer via ip on ubuntu 12.0408:47
vexaxvlike teamviewer08:47
SolarisBoyyou use a connection protocol08:48
fizyplanktonvexaxv: if all you need is a shell, use ssh08:48
vexaxvi dont think that would even work..08:48
sheepyis there any way to get unity to try running in the normal unity mode, as it seems to be stuck in unity 2d, even though I am not logging in using the "Ubuntu 2d" option at the login screen.08:48
curiousxvexaxv: with teamviewr08:48
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX08:48
vexaxvi accidentally deleted gnome-session and i casnt login now i need to reinstall it but i cant get to a terminal with internet to reinstall08:48
vexaxvthats my problem08:48
SolarisBoyumm - did you try to do what they told you vexaxv?08:49
curiousxoh! ye, ubuntu has with vino server but in order to the remote machine you have to open the port 590008:49
SolarisBoywhich is bring up the interface manually while in safe mode?08:49
SolarisBoylike the ifconfig line previously shown? - or is that you didn't read that?08:49
vexaxvSolarisBoy, yes but i dont think i did it properly08:49
SolarisBoyok - so fix the command it works08:49
vexaxvi did ifconfig08:49
vexaxvjust now08:49
vexaxvi need to turn on wlan008:50
SolarisBoyagain -08:50
lymonso ummm yeah guys...08:50
lymonlooks like it works when i used the hdmi port08:50
gkaklasvexaxv, to enable a network interface use "ifup wlan0"08:50
lymonam i all safe?08:50
lymonhold on as i restart that pc and check08:50
SolarisBoylol - cute08:51
vexaxvit says unknown interface08:51
lymonto install wireless adapter somehow and then ill install wine and DIABLO308:51
SolarisBoyvexaxv: im thinking you use network manager?08:52
lymonthis makes me sad though the problem the whole time was not using hdmi08:52
SolarisBoylymon: thats not the problem really08:52
lymonare you sure?08:52
vexaxvSolarisBoy, i use it to enable my internet when i can actually use my laptop..08:52
lymoneverything is running smoothly now08:52
SolarisBoythats because you swapped to hdmi instead of doing nomodeset08:52
gkaklasvexaxv, does wlan0 appear in the output of "ifconfig"?08:52
vexaxvSolarisBoy, wlan0 popped up when i did those command u told me with the ip netmask etc08:52
SolarisBoyso in turn you moved your computer to fix it - non optimal but if it works fine08:52
vexaxvgkaklas, no08:53
lymonit works this way better08:53
vexaxvgkaklas, only lo08:53
SolarisBoyvexaxv: ifup is for configured interfaces08:53
SolarisBoyit assumes you have some file that ifup will use08:53
lymonsince what that comp is for is for editing and this monitor is well.... dimmish08:53
SolarisBoyif your using network manager - you dont have that file08:53
Knightwisehey everyone08:53
fizyplanktonvexaxv: im assuming you are in the recovery root shell. are you in the shell with networking?08:54
vexaxvSolarisBoy, okay so what do i need to do to get the internet working..08:54
Knightwiseanyone have any experience with booting 12.04 on a G4 imac ?08:54
SolarisBoybring up the wlan the same way network manager would08:54
KnightwiseI try to boot from the cd but the sceen just goes blanc08:54
gkaklasvexaxv, then you have to configure the wlan0 interface manually...08:54
vexaxvfizyplankton, i am but when i click enable networking after about 5 sec it trys to boot again which takes me out of recovery mode08:54
vexaxvgkaklas, k how08:54
SolarisBoyfirst is wireless your only option? vexaxv?08:55
vexaxvSolarisBoy, yes08:55
SolarisBoyok - then carry on08:55
fizyplanktonvexaxv: another idea, since it looks like internet wont work for quite some time, if you only deleted the gnome-session folder (wherever that may have been), just live boot from a cd and copy and paste it08:56
vexaxvwhen im in recovery mode when i click enable networking then go back to the terminal i type ctrl alt delete i think that may be why it trys to load, whats the appropriate key to hit to go back08:56
vexaxvfizyplankton, i have ubuntu on a usb08:56
fizyplanktonvexaxv: is the broken ubuntu on the usb?08:56
vexaxvfizyplankton, no its a new copy08:56
fizyplanktonvexaxv: then if you just deleted a folder, boot live from the usb and copy it08:57
vexaxvfizyplankton, i deleted the pkg via synaptic08:57
SolarisBoyor you can boot the cd mount the drive and chroot into it08:57
fizyplanktonnow thats an idea.08:57
llutz_vexaxv: boot into normal mode, login at console, install your package08:57
Moscherkoboldhello everyone, is this the right place to ask a question about ubuntu one?08:57
gkaklasvexaxv, could you repeat your problem with gnome..?08:57
vexaxvk so wait if im on live desktop via usb how do i get into my o.s to install gnome-session back08:57
llutz_vexaxv: why do you use recovery mode with all its limitations for this?08:58
vexaxvi accidentally deleted gnome-session08:58
fizyplanktonllutz_: its not that simple08:58
llutz_fizyplankton: it is08:58
SolarisBoyllutz_: problem being setting up his wireless is a task for a beginner08:58
vexaxvso when i try to login theres nothing not kdm gnome unity08:58
jstooneHi, I'm using Xmonad as my default window-manager and I need to execute a cmd when i login. What is the best way of doing this?08:58
llutz_SolarisBoy: nmcli exists08:58
SolarisBoyits true08:58
llutz_vexaxv: console-login not X08:58
llutz_vexaxv: boot, pres alt-ctrl-f1, login08:58
SolarisBoylet see if that works.....08:59
gkaklasvexaxv, what does come up when you boot?08:59
jstoonellutz_: that is tty1 right?08:59
llutz_jstoone: yes08:59
jstoone llutz_: thanks08:59
llutz_jstoone: line above was not meant for you08:59
vexaxvi can boot normal and it goes to the login screen09:00
vexaxvbut when u switch from unity to gnome09:00
vexaxvthat little ubuntu button09:00
llutz_vexaxv: boot, pres alt-ctrl-f1, login09:00
vexaxvon the login screen09:00
vexaxvtheres nothing09:00
vexaxvim trying llutz09:00
* SolarisBoy yawns09:00
FloodBot1vexaxv: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:00
fidel_!enter > vexaxv09:00
ubottuvexaxv, please see my private message09:00
jstoonellutz_: sorry, my bad, i needs to be executed each time i boot09:00
vexaxvllutz_, it just beeps nothing happens09:00
jstoonellutz_: have to go, but thanks!09:01
llutz_vexaxv: press "ALT-CTRL-F2"09:01
llutz_jstoone: line above was not meant for you, i havent answered to your problem09:01
vexaxvllutz, beeps again then nothing09:02
llutz_vexaxv: then you have way more problems than just a removed package09:02
vexaxvllutz, wait it opped up then disappeared09:02
vexaxvhang on09:02
fizyplanktonvexaxv: if your not in any graphics manager, press alt-sysrq(aka print screen)-r then do ctrl-alt-f1. if you are in a display manager, do ctrl-alt-sysrq-r then ctrl-alt-f109:02
SolarisBoyi love those sysrq combos =) super old school09:03
fizyplanktoni know right!09:03
SolarisBoylols ;>09:03
fizyplanktonunfortunatly, i frequantly have to use REISUB because my xorg.conf is a nightmare09:03
fizyplanktonand i refuse to try to clean it up because it took me 14 solid hours to get it working09:04
SolarisBoyyea - sounds like me - i haven't touched anything named xorg. in a long time - my box works lol09:04
sbatteyfizyplankton it;s not just your xorg.conf that is a nightmare….the entire x system is a nightmare09:04
sbatteyI say we cleanse it with fire.09:04
pbx2how to move the close buttons etc to the right in ubuntu 12.04 lts09:04
SolarisBoyi think its more so what people do with x to break it09:04
sbatteyX is flawed for what it's used for.09:05
fizyplanktonsbattey: get this. i cant use xrandr. im stuck bridging 2 physical graphics cards across 4 monitors with.....wait for it........XCINERAMA09:05
SolarisBoyoh heck nah09:05
sbatteySounds raunchy.09:05
lukicathow to let ubuntu 12.04 look like e.g. 11.10?09:06
SolarisBoyassuming you have what DE setup?09:06
SolarisBoylukicat: do you mean classic gnome?09:06
fizyplanktonget this. the when the screensaver turns off, you can see a drop in mem usage on the system monitor graph. hey, a fullscreen app across over five and a half million pixels takes alot of memory09:06
vexaxvk i got it to work and im in the terminal again but this time when i type ifconfig eth0 pops up09:06
SolarisBoyim sure the macro link is just a coming,, give it a sec..09:06
vexaxvhow do i enable it so i can download the pkgs09:07
SolarisBoyfizyplankton: madness !! lol09:07
pbx2I only get 2d option in login...i don't think you can get gnome in ubuntu 12.0409:07
vexaxvpbx2, u can09:07
SolarisBoyvexaxv: thats not hte command i gave you =)09:07
pbx2vexaxv, how?09:07
SolarisBoyifconfig lists interfaces - more options/arguments convfigures them09:07
vexaxvSolarisBoy, okay what do i do solaris09:07
llutz_vexaxv: "nmcli con"   it should show you your connections. take the connection name of your wifi-connection and "nmcli con id "that_name" up"09:07
SolarisBoylook into nmcli thing that llutz mentioned09:08
SolarisBoyits likely you best option09:08
vexaxvpbx2, synaptic, install gnome-session09:08
SolarisBoy&& no internet in safe more - wlan only interface - configured via nm - sounds like llutz_ hit it on the head to me..09:08
pbx2so its not possible to move the close buttons to the right with unity?09:08
tankHi pbx2! You can use myUnity or Ubuntu tweak09:09
iceroot!controls | pbx209:09
ubottupbx2: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263309:09
vexaxvllutz, im trying to connect to ballhome so how do i type it09:09
pbx2iceroot, the bug link has way too many comments to go through09:10
SolarisBoyas in the network? ballhome? if you bring up the interface via nm09:10
icerootpbx2: there is one command with gconf09:10
llutz_vexaxv: "ballhome" is given under NAME when you run "nmcli con"?09:10
SolarisBoyit would automatically look for you remembered networks afaik09:10
SolarisBoyi think thats the SSID he wants in on09:10
vexaxvllutz, yes09:10
pbx2iceroot, do we press alt + f2 to go to gconf09:11
icerootpbx2: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"09:11
llutz_vexaxv: nmcli con id "ballhome" up09:11
icerootpbx2: type that in a terminal09:11
pbx2iceroot, thanks. it works :)09:11
vexaxvllutz, says error con and id are not valid09:12
SolarisBoyis the interface up?09:12
SolarisBoyim sitting looking at my nmcli con output and i see my wireless nets from home09:12
icerootpbx2: it was the first entry in the bug :)09:12
llutz_vexaxv: err*           nmcli con up id "ballhome"09:12
vexaxvsays device not managed by network manager09:13
llutz_SolarisBoy: those are the connection-names from networkmanager, not necessarily ssids09:13
=== oppenguin is now known as oppenguins
lymoncan someone help me install a wireless adapter then i should be out of your hairs for a while :P09:13
vexaxvi setup that network thats the ssid09:13
SolarisBoyvexaxv: try this please: 'nmcli con status'09:13
fizyplanktonlymon: is it a broadcom adapter?09:13
SolarisBoyand tell or post what comes back09:13
SolarisBoythose are ssids09:13
vexaxvnothing is listed llutz09:14
SolarisBoyin the status command?09:14
vexaxvjust says name uuid devices default vpm master-path09:14
lymonnot sure but its a linksys wusb10009:14
SolarisBoyso no interfaces are up09:14
vexaxvdoesent look like it i guess09:14
vexaxvmy internet icon on my laptop is red09:15
vexaxvnot blue09:15
llutz_vexaxv: nmcli -p dev09:15
vexaxvso id say no09:15
kmdmOk, I give up, how do I just report a new bug in Ubuntu when I simply can't use ubuntu-bug to file it and the obvious web link just redirects to the wiki page instructing you to use ubuntu-bug? :/ Is there just the web-form hiding anywhere?09:15
pbx2iceroot: it doesn't work for Firefox?09:15
llutz_vexaxv: does it show wlan0?09:15
vexaxveth0 and wlan0 llutz09:15
icerootpbx2: working for all programs09:15
fizyplanktonlymon: you are in luck. mine is a linksys wusb300n. the procedures should be similar (tho you wont like it one bit09:15
pbx2maybe I need to restart...09:15
lymonalright then so whats up....?09:16
SolarisBoynmcli nm enable wifi09:16
fizyplanktonlet me see if the kernal patch is compatible with your card09:16
SolarisBoythat may be what you all are looking to do..09:16
vexaxvhow do i turn on wlan0 through nmcli09:16
lymonas in graphics card?09:17
nibbler_hi. in ubuntu 12.4 i cannot use the gnome file browser to connect to my samba share anymore (smb://$IP/share) - i checked my settings with smbclient - there it works. any  hint?09:17
lymonbad news with that lol.... my graphics card shows up as unknown09:17
fizyplanktonwifi card09:17
fizyplanktonthis is best handled in a pm09:17
SolarisBoyvexaxv: the wlan is seen if it shows in print devices - have you tried that enable thing?09:18
SolarisBoy'nmcli nm enable wifi'09:18
vexaxvinvalid paremeters09:18
gkaklaskmdm, I'm not sure but try this link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect09:18
llutz_vexaxv: nmcli nm wifi on09:19
kmdmgkaklas: You're a star :) thanks!09:19
vexaxvllutz, k light is still red but i typed it and nothing came up09:19
vexaxvi typed sudo apt-get install gimp to test it and all the mirrors it says could not resolve09:20
llutz_vexaxv: try again:  nmcli con up id ballhome              <- make sure to spell ballhome exact as given from "nmcli con"09:20
icerootvexaxv: which ubuntu-version?09:21
vexaxvim on ballhome right now on this laptop and that laptop says not managed by network manager or unavailable09:22
vexaxvubuntu 12.0409:22
icerootvexaxv: ah ok seeing what llutz_ is saying it seems more of a network problem then the eol problem09:22
vexaxvim about to just reinstall dang09:22
vexaxvi just need internet in the terminal so i can reinstall the gnome-session >.<09:22
vexaxvwhats rf kill09:23
vexaxvi typed sudo ifconfig wlan0 up and it says it cant due to rf kill09:23
llutz_vexaxv: sudo rfkill unblock all09:23
vexaxvstill says it cant due to rf kill09:24
llutz_vexaxv: "rfkill list wifi"  does it show hard- or soft-blocked for your wifi?09:25
pungi-mani am having some problem running xmonad can anyone please sovel it.this text (http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004401/) is coming when i run it in terminal by the command "xmonad" without quotes. I am using ubuntu 12.0409:25
pbx2iceroot, it doesn't work for windows which are maximized. the close buttons are to the left if maximized.09:25
vexaxvhard for hp wifi09:25
vexaxvphy0 hard09:25
pbx2and I don't like the file and menu options being merged with the top bar09:25
llutz_vexaxv: does your laptop have any key-combos/switches to en-/disable wifi?09:25
llutz_eul3r:  Do you have any ubuntu support related question?09:26
vexaxvthe touch button on my laptop but it wont work when i touch it09:26
pbx2is it possible to have separate windows, where options are not merged with taskbar?09:26
vexaxvnm i got it09:26
SolarisBoyswitch was off?09:26
vexaxvthe light is blue now >.<09:26
pbx2i.e. File, Edit etc...09:26
=== nacnud is now known as realityinfo
llutz_vexaxv: try again:  nmcli con up id ballhome              again09:26
vexaxvi think im already connecting sudo apt-get update is going09:27
vexaxvyep update worked09:27
vexaxvholy cow :)09:27
llutz_in the end ...09:27
vexaxvinstalling gnome-session >.<09:28
pbx2is there supposed to be some 3d effects I am not seeing like in windows 7 aero theme where you can preview the windows minimized etc?09:28
vexaxvthank u guys09:29
vexaxvgotta wait and make sure it works now..09:29
biophysicshello I was wondering in which package is the default ubuntu background present - purple wallpaper09:29
pungi-mani am having some problem running xmonad can anyone please sovel it.this text (http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004401/) is coming when i run it in terminal by the command "xmonad" without quotes. I am using ubuntu 12.04 gnome09:29
CrypticS_did ubuntu 12.x go 3d?09:30
mrgthey. having a problem with my wireless card. attempted to follow the steps listed here - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/troubleshooting-wireless.html. But after installing the driver it's still displaying the pci as 'unclaimed'09:30
BlouBloucryptfu: no09:30
vexaxvwoohoo it worked thanks guys09:31
BlouBlouCrypticS_: ^09:31
CrypticS_BlouBlou: screenie coming dropbox is stuffing up.. hold on09:31
Magnuim not sure how to get tvtime to work with an avermedia, "AVerTV Volar HD" (N11360). it seems possible but i have no real idea of what im doing.09:31
BlouBlouloculinux: hi09:31
pbx2is there some hotkey for workspace switcher?09:32
CrypticS_BlouBlou: https://www.dropbox.com/s/914wzb4if7gcexh/screenshot.png09:33
loculinuxHello dido09:33
pbx2pungi-man, that doesn't work09:33
BlouBlouCrypticS_: interesting, I have never seen how to enable it09:33
pungi-manconfigure it in Compiz settings09:34
BlouBlouanyways, no 3D glasses :P09:34
CrypticS_BlouBlou: just did the standard upgrade and that's how it rebooted09:34
mayanks43hey, my wifi stopped working after upgrade to 12.0409:35
pbx2pungi-man, where is the Compiz settings?09:35
=== georgee is now known as glioros
mayanks43i can't see wlan0 in iwconfig09:35
pungi-mantype ccsm in unity home09:35
mayanks43and sudo modprobe iwlwifi shows not found09:35
mayanks43any ideas?09:35
pbx2pungi-man, no matches09:36
llutz_mayanks43: "modprobe -l iwl*"09:38
mayanks43llutz_: FATAL: Can't have multiple wildcards09:39
llutz_mayanks43: "modprobe -l iwl\*"09:39
mayanks43llutz_: http://pastebin.com/aUeqFNWB09:40
d8bhattaHello, my client has provided me pub key in a file called newservername.pub , and I do already have my  keys in my local host.  I am not sure how can i include that .pub file in my computer so that I can perform sftp or ssh? Help needed!09:40
llutz_mayanks43: uname -r09:40
mayanks43llutz_: 3.3.609:41
SolarisBoyd8bhatta: you can use it manually like this ssh -i .pub or you can setup for .ssh/config file to point it automaticlly each time09:41
llutz_mayanks43: check changelogs for 3.3.x then. 3.2.x has come with iwlwifi, no idea why 3.3. doesn't09:42
georgeeI tried to install suphp and Browser starts downloading PHP files any ideas?09:42
SolarisBoyd8bhatta: technically the command would be more like 'ssh -i /path/to/key.pub user@host' but as stated you can setup in .ssh/config or the global alternative to point the Host and what user and what key to use - and then you can simply do 'ssh hostname' and the setttings will be read in09:42
llutz_mayanks43: or does iwlegacy replace it now? idk09:42
arturazHello. I'm planning on installing ubuntu 12.04 on a fresh server with two 300GB drives. Can default server installer make them into mirror raid?09:42
mayanks43llutz_: not sure09:43
pbx2its my understanding that you can set up a file server for a small office using ubuntu os...but where do all the cat6 wires from other computers go...assuming the office is not set up for wireless09:43
arturazHello. I'm planning on installing ubuntu 12.04 on a fresh server with two 300GB drives. Can default server installer make them into mirror raid? And will GRUB will be able to boot it?09:43
llutz_mayanks43: what wifi-chipset?09:43
llutz_pbx2: to a router/gateway/patchfield09:44
mayanks43Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 AGN09:44
pbx2will like a simple network switch work as a router?09:44
pbx2because there are many computers09:44
pbx2routers only have 4 ports09:44
llutz_pbx2: switches exist09:44
zpartayou connect a cable from the router to the switch and connect the computers to the switch09:45
llutz_mayanks43: modinfo iwlegacy              shows only 3945/4965 as suported with 3.2.x09:45
pbx2zparta, so everything gets connected to the switch right? i.e. isp connection, file server, all the computers?09:46
zpartaisp in the router09:46
mayanks43llutz_: same here09:46
zpartaon th wan port09:46
eul3rUbuntu has hard freezed on my laptop . I can move mouse pointer but cant click anything  I can't shut down my laptop too . What do I need to do ?09:46
llutz_mayanks43: i'd check kernel-changelogs then09:46
zpartapbx2: and one cable from the 4 lan ports on the router to the switch then connect all computers to the switch including the file server09:46
mayanks43llutz_: k09:46
fidel_eul3r: 1 option is ssh-in and use the shutdown cmd09:47
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Drajweranyone using 12.04 lts with gnome panels?09:47
Dr_Willishmm. now why would i  be able to ssh into my box via its ip directly, but not via its dyndns.org type name. which was working earlier today. guess a dyndns issue.09:47
Drajwerare gnome panels in official repos still?09:47
eul3rfidel_: i can't do anything. Ubuntu doesnt respond to keypress.09:47
pbx2zparta, thanks, and does it matter which kind of switch I buy? like there are unmanaged and managed switches?09:47
fidel_eul3r: i am talking about using another computer - login from that box via ssh to the 'problem-box' and cause a shutdown from that remote session09:48
d8bhattaSolarisBoy: thanks, I just realized that the provided file is called  newtestserver.pem and when I run the command you gave "ssh -i /path/to/key.pub user@host" it gives error like ssh: Could not resolve hostname newtestserver.pem: Name or service not known . This error may be reasonable because of .pem file09:48
Magnuim not sure how to get tvtime to work with an avermedia, "AVerTV Volar HD" (N11360). it seems possible but i have no real idea of what im doing. so far it says"no video source".09:48
fidel_eul3r: as alternative idea - try pressing: CTRL + ALT + F1  (if you are used to tty)09:49
SolarisBoysame deal d8bhatta just use proper file name - and also. keys have specific permission to keep 600 on the file 700 on the top level folder09:49
SolarisBoyjust an fyi =)09:49
eul3rfidel_: ctrl+alt+f1 doesnt work09:49
=== jimmy_lo_cheng_f is now known as jimmy_lo_chien_f
TobsCorehey, is HUD implemented in Ubuntu 12.04?09:50
TobsCoreand if so, how can I trigger it?09:50
HyperbyteHey.  Anyone here who has experience with Samba and LDAP?  With 12.04, I can't connect to shares anymore.  Samba has problems with getting the right primary group ID for a user.09:51
yeatsTobsCore: when you have a program open, hit the alt key09:51
TobsCoreyeats, thanks :)09:52
Dr_Willishold down  SUPER key to show keybindings for unity09:53
d8bhattaSolarisBoy: great..it perfectly works. thanks, great support.09:53
SolarisBoysure buddy ;>09:53
eul3rfidel_: I get network error : connection timed out.09:53
yeatsDr_Willis: nice - I didn't know that09:53
Dr_Willisyeats:  time to check  out some new features in 12.04 sites/guides ;)09:54
zpartapbx2: does not matter in a small scale network09:55
yeatsDr_Willis: yeah - just haven't bothered :-)09:55
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: your smb.conf wouldn't have changed at all would it have?09:55
pungi-mani am having some problem running xmonad can anyone please sovel it.this text (http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004401/) is coming when i run it in terminal by the command "xmonad" without quotes. I am using ubuntu 12.04 gnome09:55
kippyGuys, can I re-connect to same x-session after a disconnect? I am using xrdp (on server) and remmina to connect09:55
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: also specifically which ldap? microsoft AD "ldap" or a real implementation of ldap like openLDAP?09:55
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, I've changed some things.  I don't think the problem is in smb.conf though.09:55
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, 389 directory server. :)09:56
fidel_eul3r: mh - if it doesnt react on CTRL+ALT+F1 nor to a ssh-connect you havent that much options left09:56
SolarisBoySolarisBoy: ohhh nice =) indeed09:56
HyperbyteI'll provide you with a full log file of what happens.09:56
MalsasaHello, i wanna do compilation for applications from source in ubuntu... what should i prepare for that?09:56
SolarisBoyuh oh -09:56
pbx2zparta: appreciate the information. thanks. :)09:56
fidel_eul3r: there are some sys-keys you might be able to press - but i dont have them in mind. maybe someone else can hel09:56
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: j.p ill take a look - no promises - im in the office =)09:56
llutz_!compile | Malsasa09:56
ubottuMalsasa: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall09:56
SolarisBoyif it's jumping out and stabbing me ill tell you about it though09:56
llutz_!checkinstall | Malsasa09:56
ubottuMalsasa: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!09:56
eul3rI am using PuTTY for ssh . I just need to type in ip address right fidel_ ?09:57
Malsasawow, thank you.09:57
MalsasaI dont know it before...09:57
fidel_eul3r: i am not using putty myself - but yeah: defining protocol and host ip should be everything you need to do afaik09:57
CrypticSquaredso back to my 3D ubuntu problem.. anyone seen it before?09:58
fidel_putty should ask for the user afterwards afaik09:58
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, that is very much appreciated.  Samba logs say on connect that primary group SID of a user, does not match the domain of the user.  pdbedit -u jan -v  shows this to be correct, different SID's.  This is the full debug output form pdbedit -u jan -v:  http://dev.hfive.nl/sambaldap.txt09:58
HyperbyteSearch for the text "primary group" to jump to the interesting part09:58
SolarisBoyi swear i saw that before.. hmm09:59
kippyHow can I reconnect to same remote x-session after a disconnect? I am using xrdp on remote machine and remmina to connect09:59
HyperbyteThe group exists in ldap.  'net groupmap list' confirms it.  I've ran the LDAP query manually, it gives exactly one result - the correct group.  Yet somehow Samba thinks it is not a domain group.09:59
HyperbyteThe type of the group is specified while creating the groupmap as type=domain though, and LDAP sambaGroupType is 2, which reflects that.10:00
Dr_Williskippy:  try reconnecting yet? its possible the x-session closed and you cant reconnect10:00
SolarisBoysilly question your nsswitch didn't change?10:00
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, mmm...10:00
kippyDr_willis, i reconnected, but it gives me a new session i think with the desktop, I can't see my running applications, although pgrep lists them10:01
HyperbyteWell yes actually10:01
SolarisBoymmhmm interesting10:01
HyperbyteRather than specify "ldap files" it now says "files ldap"10:01
SolarisBoyswap it back?10:01
SolarisBoyand try that again10:01
SolarisBoyno restarts should be needed .10:01
HyperbyteWill try.10:01
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, no change.10:02
georgeeis there a command to mannually delete logs with logograte rather than set a cron ?10:02
hroiIm looking at a blade station that can offer 1TB in DDR3 RAM.10:02
hroi16 cores10:02
hroiIm wondering if the linux kernel supports such large RAM memory access10:03
SolarisBoywhat type of blade station?10:03
llutz_georgee: logrotate <config-file>10:03
SolarisBoyjust curious - vendor etc.10:03
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: going to actually look at the log now..10:03
hroiSolarisBoy: DELL power edge R 91010:03
georgeellutz_: the location of config-file?10:04
llutz_georgee: /etc/logrotate.d/*   perhaps10:04
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
hroiSolarisBoy:  can buy this blade direct from DELL for 30-50k$, can have 1TB RAM, 16core for this money,10:04
llutz_georgee: or just /etc/logrotate.conf   for the main-config10:05
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, thanks10:05
hroiSolarisBoy:  I imagine I could run a knockout web-service with one of these things10:05
eul3rSo i can ping into my laptop which has hard-freezed but cant ssh into it . Any solution ?10:05
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/administrators/32979-solved-repair-corrupted-ldap.html10:05
georgeellutz_: -bash: /etc/logrotate.conf: Permission denied10:05
DaraelIs there a known issue with multiple keyboard layouts after upgrade to precise?  Because I'm having trouble on about four different machines.  Each account is stuck in its default layout from pre-upgrade - others are selectable in the indicator, but doing so has no effect.  My extra options (compose key, caps-lock-as-backspace, layout-shift-keys...) seem to have stopped, too.10:05
SolarisBoypossible hit for you - still looking..10:05
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SolarisBoyhroi: heck yea man =)10:06
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, been Googling all morning... that last link is specific to some software callled Zimbra.10:06
llutz_georgee: needs sudo10:06
Magnuim not sure how to get tvtime to work with an avermedia, "AVerTV Volar HD" (N11360). it seems possible but i have no real idea of what im doing. so far it says"no video source".10:06
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: sure - but zimbra uses ldap the same10:06
unkn-erroranyone know what is the maximum swap size partition for 32bit with kernel 3.x? I have read that 2.4 or 2.6 had a maximum of 2 Gb size per swap partition, but I have also read that some people use 256 Gb of swap10:07
SolarisBoyhe has the same error UNKNOWN error thingy.10:07
SolarisBoyand from what i recall it could be related to some thing deep in the user setting or group setting10:07
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, yeah, but their solution is delete and remake the account in Zimbra.10:07
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: you need the equivalent10:07
SolarisBoypossibly delete and recreate the _user_10:07
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: also i said - possible hit =) - not the hit10:08
needi need help with my MBR10:08
Darael!elaborate | need10:08
ubottuneed: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:08
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, I can't delete and recreate my LDAP users...  well I suppose I could, but it'd cause a whole lot more problems than what I have now.  Good link though, if it had more technical info I'd be happy now.10:08
SolarisBoythe local mapped user/group10:09
SolarisBoyassuming you have that..10:09
HyperbyteGroupmaps are stored in LDAP, I have recreated those a few times.10:09
needi have corrupt my MBR, i can not enter ubuntu10:10
needi am using live cd10:10
anilhi guys i have tata photon plus wireless datacard india  it gets automatically disconnected aftr arnd three hours i have to restart my sys then start intrnet all ove again what seems to be the prblm10:11
ikoniaanil: probably your carrier disconnecting you after 3 hours usage10:11
needi need to fix the MBR with out reinstall ubuntu10:12
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: ok10:12
anilso it hs nothing to do with the OS ryt??10:12
ikoniaanil: probably not10:12
anilok thnx10:12
ikonia!fixgrub > need10:12
ubottuneed, please see my private message10:12
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: can you post the ldapsearch line showing the user/group and then show the id of the same from the client? side10:12
alFReD-NSHI accidentally deleted a lot of js/coffee files10:13
alFReD-NSHany idea how to recover?10:13
ikoniaalFReD-NSH: they are gone10:13
needthe text is so small i cant see anything10:13
alFReD-NSHtried scalpel , but it needs headers...10:13
ikonianeed: what can you not see ?10:13
Magnu<unkn-error> Is there a max?10:13
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, http://dev.hfive.nl/ldapsearch.txt10:14
needthe text of the chat page is so small10:14
alFReD-NSHSo there's no way that I can recover text files?10:14
eul3rI can ping to my laptop but can't ssh into it using putty . I get network error : connection refused. What do i do ?10:14
llutz_eul3r: start ssh on the laptop10:15
ikonianeed:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub10:15
yeats!recover | alFReD-NSH10:15
ubottualFReD-NSH: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel10:15
ikonianeed: click that link10:15
eul3rllutz_: my laptop runing ubuntu has hard-freezed .10:15
llutz_eul3r: bad luck then10:15
CrypticSquaredBlouBlou: it was the radiance theme10:15
Dr_Williseul3r: so power it off/back on10:15
yeatseul3r: any reason you wouldn't want to do a hard reset on the laptop?10:16
eul3rDr_Willis: I can't power it off . Tried many times10:16
mcphaileul3r: alt-sysrq + REISUB to reboot10:16
Magnuis this post visable?10:16
Dr_Williseul3r:  press hold power button for like 10 sec10:16
yeatsMagnu: yes10:16
EsZettAalneed: I suppose you can influence the font size of the webchat in your browser settings10:16
eul3rmcphail: i am afraid i dont get what you mean .10:16
sirriffsalotHey guys! My 3.2.0-23-lowlatency version which I access from grub has a completely messed up screen resolution after downloading a nvidia driver in my 0-24-generic...:(10:17
eul3rDr_Willis: tried it 2-3 times. Trying again now.10:17
Azimuth_!vhost Azimuth@azimuth.fr10:17
sirriffsalotI get this as the beginning error: "Could not apply stored configuration for monitors"10:17
Dr_Williseul3r:  every laptop ive everf seen - i could press and hold power for like 10-15 sec and it would force a power off10:17
mcphaileul3r: hold down alt+sysRq keys and type REISUB slowly10:17
Dr_Willisif the laptop has a sysreq key. ;)10:18
ARTSIOMI am compiling a program in ubuntu 12.04, and it is faling with " undefined reference to `SDL_CreateRGBSurface'", I have libsdl1.2-dev library installed. If it is a wrong channel for this question, can you please point me to a correct one10:19
eul3rDr_Willis: thanks a lot ! Your solution worked :) Thanks mcphail too ! Any precaution i need to take to avoid this happening in future ?10:20
llutz_eul3r: install openssh-server and hope it will be responsive on hard-freezes10:20
sirriffsalotNo one? I've been at it for a day now...10:20
eul3rok llutz_ . Forgot to thank you too :P10:21
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: looking10:21
icerootwhat is the driver i want to install for a geforce 540m if the driver-tool is not offering a non-free driver?10:21
Dr_Willisisent theres some kernel/auto reboot on hard dreaze thing?10:21
dz0ny@eul3r is this ati graphic card?10:21
Dr_Willisiceroot:  i normally insgtgall nvidia-curent and hope for the best10:21
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, it is very much appreciated!  I'm quite stumped with this.10:21
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eul3rah btw is there a good pdf editor which can select text , highlight text , add/remove notes etc ? I tried xournal but I didn't like it10:21
icerootDr_Willis: from the repos? that is the nonfree? with 3d?10:21
alFReD-NSHy u no ppl tell me that I could do this `sudo cat /dev/loop0 | grep --binary-files=text -10 'doctype 5'`10:21
Dr_Willisiceroot:  yes.10:22
lymoncan someone help me install wine and then diablo 3? :P10:22
yeatssirriffsalot: can you do 'lsmod | grep nouveau'?10:22
Dr_WillisalFReD-NSH:  we have no idea what you are talking about10:22
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: ok so now on the samba client - said group exists? GID 1500?10:22
alFReD-NSHDr_Willis: for recovering deleted files10:22
sirriffsalotyeats: in the lowlatency version?10:22
yeats!wine | lymon10:22
ubottulymon: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:22
icerootDr_Willis: thank you for the info, i will have a look10:23
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, for the client that doesn't matter.  But on the Samba server Unix group 1500 exists (via LDAP)10:23
Dr_WillisalFReD-NSH:  i imagine the success rate of that working - can be rather random10:23
alFReD-NSHDr_Willis: `doctype 5` was a unique string in the files, so yeah that worked :)10:23
yeatssirriffsalot: I'm not familiar with what that is, but I'm guessing that nouveau is getting loaded which is why your resolution is wrong10:23
eul3rI am using mendeley desktop currently but i wanna know if there are better options available !10:23
Magnuim not sure how to get tvtime to work with an avermedia, "AVerTV Volar HD" (N11360). it seems possible but i have no real idea of what im doing. so far it says"no video source".10:23
alFReD-NSHDr_Willis: but well worked for me, found most of them :D10:24
HyperbyteI'm not actually running a primary domain controller here... I just need to share some files with a Windows machine, under LDAP user credentials10:24
Dr_WillisMagnu:  i tend to hit the mythtv forums when messing with tv tuners. ;) often hass good guides.. even if its not tvtimespecific10:24
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: cool - is there a working account for comparison value?10:24
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, nope.10:24
HyperbyteAs long as Samba doesn't recognise the primary group, and translates that to a strange group SID not belonging inside the domain, Samba won't allow logins.10:25
CalypAnyone has any idea why a computer booting from a Ubuntu 12.04 CD hangs immedietely witha black screen only saying "Loading boot logo.."10:25
Magnu<Dr_Willis> cheers10:25
SolarisBoyfun stuff10:26
yeatssirriffsalot: if nouveau shows up in 'lsmod', you'll need to blacklist it for your nvidia driver to work10:26
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | Calyp10:26
ubottuCalyp: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:26
HyperbyteThe whole problem is I can't log on.  I can't log on because my primary group SID isn't part of the domain.  The group SID isn't part of the domain because Samba assigns another one, because it won't recognise my primary gorup iN DALP.10:26
HyperbyteI'm quite confident that once Samba assigns the correct primary group, all my problems are over.10:26
sirriffsalotyeats: alright. finally I might actually learn what blacklisting means?:)10:26
SolarisBoyquestion what if anything changed? did you mention an update? on the samba client?10:26
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, from 11.04 (Samba 3.5) to 12.04 (Samba 3.6).10:27
HyperbyteI read on forums that the group checking has become a lot stricter between 3.5 and 3.6... so I assume this has always been broken, and is only now becoming a problem.10:27
yeatssirriffsalot: do 'sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf' and add a line to the bottom of the file that says 'blacklist nouveau'10:28
Bauldrickanyone point me to getting ipod 5g 'seen' un 12.0410:29
love4linuxhhello everyone.. I am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 on a laptop with two disks (win7 and previously ubuntu 11) but the bootloader fails to install... anyone can help me with this issue? or any tutorial that I can follow?10:29
sirriffsalotyeats: cheers, will try after breakfast:)10:30
jiltdilHow to recover data of lvm?10:31
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: can please post smb.conf?10:31
tdnAt this bug report, I am asked to chroot into my old rootfs and do apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. However, I am unsure what is needed in order to make a working chroot. Can you help me? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/100330910:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1003309 in linux (Ubuntu) "Boot fails after installing updates, error: “cryptsetup: evms_activate is not available"" [High,Confirmed]10:31
icerootwhat is the easiet way to see if my system is using 3d from my vga without installing a game?10:31
SolarisBoyincluding mod times?10:31
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | lovelin10:31
ubottulovelin: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:31
tdnjiltdil, what do you mean by recover?10:31
dz0nylove4linux: did you disable boot anti-virus also what error do you get?10:31
Dr_Willisiceroot:  using nvidia, run nvidia-settings tool10:31
jiltdiltdn, Lvm is corrupt, i want to get data back please tell me10:31
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, http://dev.hfive.nl/smbconf.txt10:32
tdnjiltdil, please elaborate. How is lvm corrupt? How do you detect this? And what have you tried so far?10:32
icerootDr_Willis: ok "you are not using nvidia x driver" is maybe the answer i was searching for10:32
icerootDr_Willis: or better its not the answer i am searching for but is answering my questions10:33
Dr_Willisiceroot:  you did run that tool and have it write teh xorg.conf file?10:33
jiltdiltdn, using testdisk10:33
SolarisBoylooks sane - i see no idmap lines but w/e as you stated you may not need them....10:33
SolarisBoycan you up the ldap debug level and try again looking at the log?10:34
jiltdiltdn, please tell me method10:34
icerootDr_Willis: yes i will now restart x10:34
Dr_Willisiceroot, i tend to install nvidia-current, reboot, run nvidia-setting as root, save xorg.conf, then restrt x server10:34
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, maybe I do.10:34
icerootDr_Willis: strange is that nvidia-xsettings told me that my xorg.conf has a parsing error... i never editied by hand10:34
love4linuxdz0ny: just before finishing the installation it pops up a message saying: "Bootloader install failed - Sorry, an error occured and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location". That location is /dev/sdb5 which is described as the Ubuntu 12.04 lts drive10:34
cristian_cHow can I enable pinch gesture on my touchpad in ubuntu?10:34
CalypDr_Willis: Tnx, but I don't get where I'm supposed to make this settings... (?)10:35
jiltdilDr_Willis, I have a corrupt lvm. Want to recover Data please help me how to do this?10:35
alFReD-NSHwhat is the new line match in regex?10:35
cristian_cthere is this page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/11300/how-do-i-test-multi-gesture-capabilities-of-a-touchpad10:35
love4linuxdz0ny: i tried installing the bootloader at /dev/sdb with no luck10:35
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: me thinks so.. but also depending on setup you may not... its a little fuzzy - but if you never had it there (and it worked)- i think its a non issue10:35
cristian_cbut I don't know how to use it10:35
SolarisBoybut those would be in smb.conf - so i can't see how an upgrade would wipe certain things and preserve others in a file alone10:36
cristian_cwhat set-props are about the pinch?10:36
SolarisBoyBUT it sounds like just like you said the mapping is broken - which i can only abstract to idmap lines and such in smb.conf10:36
SolarisBoybut turn up the debug lets see anything else occurs - Hyperbyte10:36
icerootDr_Willis: as it seems my mainproblem is that OPTIMUS is disabling the nvidia-card while x is starting10:37
icerootDr_Willis: i will do some research on that, thank you for the info about nvidia-xconfig10:37
HyperbyteSolarisBoy - this has changed the problem10:37
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, are you still here in ~30 minutes?10:38
HyperbyteBecause I really need some lunch...10:38
dz0nylove4linux: i see,  can you post "tail /var/log/syslog" there shuold be some indication what's the error10:38
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, you're being a great help though!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)10:39
Magnuhow do i reply to a comment in xchat?10:39
SolarisBoyHyperbyte: i think i had an ephinany10:39
SolarisBoyill be here - in the office10:39
dz0nylove4linux: you might also read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUbiquity10:40
HyperbyteI will definitely bug you later then.  Thanks a lot so far. :-)10:40
SolarisBoyjust ping me a few times if anything - no worries sir - i like "interesting" issues like such - call me a glutten or w/e - umm one thing10:40
SolarisBoy:: /var/run/samba/*tdb || one of those may be corrupted - i recall blowing them away with likewise - im not suggesting it - but maybe it can help provide another path to look at10:41
love4linuxdz0ny: it prints several lines "ubuntu grub-installer: dpkg: warning: there's no installed package matching grub-efi-amd64, grub-efi-ia32-bin, grub-efi-ia32" then "info: installing grub on '/dev/sdb'" "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)"10:43
kosmosSOand it's work - speed up ubuntu a lot10:43
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dz0nylove4linux: looks like grub wasn't installed during installation of packages can you post uname -a10:47
dz0nylove4linux: also very good guide http://www.rodsbooks.com/ubuntu-efi/index.html10:49
lymonjust wondering does anyone here use or know of lightworks?10:49
love4linuxdz0ny: yes thats the problem, but why? uname -a gives "Linux ubuntu 3.2.0-23-generic-pae #36-ubuntu smp Tue Apr 10 22:19:09 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux"10:49
dz0nylove4linux: are you installing this on mac?10:50
love4linuxdz0ny: nop, its a HP pavillion dv7-1199ev with two disks. One has win7 and the other had ubuntu 11.1010:51
CalypSo I gave up on the loading boot logo freeze-up and tried another computer. Same thing, only it don't clear the initial bios bootscreen, so this one is like: "Booting atapi CD ROM:"  ... "Loading boot logo..."  and then nothing more. (12.4 on an old machine (read "Pentium 2")10:52
yeats!alternate | Calyp10:56
ubottuCalyp: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal10:57
xevioxhi, where can I change the default sender address ("From" field) of system generated emails?10:57
yeatsCalyp: but... I would assume that machine probably would not run regular Ubuntu - you might want to try Xubuntu or Lubuntu10:57
stuengiceroot: thanks I got xbmc running nicely as normal user, installed lightdm10:57
xevioxI've installed ssmtp and be able to send messages through it, sadly it doesn't work without a valid sender address as parameter10:58
xevioxbut I want to use the option to rewrite the sender to the defaults one to be able to also get system messages sent..10:58
stuengwhen linux starts up my system spends a long time at "waiting for network configuration" I have commented out everything in /etc/network/interfaces. I dont want the system to wait for the network on boot, what I can do ?10:58
stuenganyone know of something that will monitor my bandwidth use? in real time? nice GUI looking thing?11:01
SolarisBoywaiting for network means you have or may have a slow network11:02
icerootstueng: nice to hear that11:02
SolarisBoyrather than bandwidth consumption - maybe your getting slow dhcp assignment or something?11:02
sirriffsalotyeats: I tried the command with nouveau, no luck.. nothing pops up, just a new line of "xxxx@xxxx:-#"11:02
stuengSolarisBoy: I dont want network, I commented out everything in interfaces I want to contorl the network after I boot11:02
sirriffsalotyeats: any other ideas?:)11:02
SolarisBoybut - like you should let interfaces bring up lo and stuff11:02
SolarisBoystueng: leave lo up dude..11:02
dontknowchromium still 18, great!!!!!11:02
Calypyeats: thanks, on another p3 it says thatthe kernel requires a feature missing in the CPU ( pae cmov )11:03
stuengyeah ill uncomment lo11:03
sirriffsalotyeats:  I don't have the any headers for lowlatency according to synaptic, could that be the reason?11:03
stuengits sat there waiting for something though... but whatever it is is not in interfaces so where else would it be ?11:03
SolarisBoystueng: then once you do that ok - sure disable the interfaces.. it really depends _where_ they are managed at11:03
SolarisBoystueng: network manager maybe?11:03
SolarisBoystueng: anyway once you get a clean boot - restart network manually and see if it spits a clue on console or logs11:04
stuengSolarisBoy: the box is portable, in different locations it will connect oto different networks.  I want to manage the networks from inside XBMC with the nm-manager plugin11:04
SolarisBoyhmm - does that negate anything i mentioned ?11:05
stuengSolarisBoy: network manager works independantly of interfaces? is there a file I can edit to look at what its trying to do?11:05
SolarisBoySolarisBoy: you can have both running - if it's interfaces afaik networkmanager should ignore - but yes there are more than one place or way an interface can get up'd11:05
SolarisBoygenerally if it's happening dynamically on boot on a ubuntu box - its interfaces or network manager for defaults11:06
stuengSolarisBoy: right, and how would I configure NM? from the terminal? which file(s)?11:06
SolarisBoystueng: nothing says you don't have some other not so common network utility running - but technically its not that fuzzy check network manager - check interfaces11:06
SolarisBoystueng: either or11:06
stuengI dont have a window manager so I need to do this from terminal11:07
SolarisBoystueng: most users will default to the applet configuration - but i think you can use the command line the sme11:07
SolarisBoystueng: ^^11:07
SolarisBoystueng: nm-tool i think will atleast print the configs for you11:07
SolarisBoystueng: rather the interfaces its managing - and their status11:08
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stuengSolarisBoy: yeah it spits out a list of SSIDs in range and the status of  eth011:08
SolarisBoyso there you go11:08
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SolarisBoydisable them there - either by command line - which i dont use nm so can't help much more than telling you to man the command11:09
SolarisBoybut stueng: if you see wlan ssid's there and you see eth0 thats whats managing those and thats whats bringing them up11:09
shawny78hello all, probably a simple question, but could someone tell me how to find out who is logged into your system (I'm guessing 'who' command) but also, what IP they are loggedd in from?11:09
stuengSolarisBoy: for example, in the gui, you can tick a box tha t says  "connect automatically"11:09
stuengSolarisBoy: so what I am looking for is the text based equivilant to unticking that box I guess11:10
SolarisBoystueng: you need to man the command11:10
jribshawny78: you can use "who" or "w"11:10
SolarisBoyman was written to be understandable11:10
stuengSolarisBoy: its about 3 lines long, the man11:10
SolarisBoyget a tea and read11:10
SolarisBoythre are more tools in the chain that that11:10
SolarisBoyi showed one11:10
SolarisBoynmcli is another11:10
shawny78Thanks jrib!!11:11
SolarisBoystueng: man/research - i just mentioned im not as fmailiar nm - not used to using it - i set up my interfaces manually - i hate managers11:11
SolarisBoyso if your looking for help on the commands to use - i'd refer you to man - or one of the folks in this room, they probably use nm more than me..11:11
stuengSolarisBoy: I am fine using nm to join/leave networks etc, to control the connections, what I cant find is where it stores its config .... but ill have a google around to see if I can find it11:12
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SolarisBoywell its under /etc/NetworkManager - but its not as flat as interfaces - ill say that much11:13
stuengah thats why I couldnt locate it, capital letters11:13
stuengwho does that11:13
SolarisBoythe people who made network manager...11:13
stuengthanks gtg11:14
manish411I want to make kdm as the login manager, how do i configure it to run genome-session after login11:14
Dr_Willisat least they dident use _ and . in the name11:14
SolarisBoyand hes outta there11:14
SolarisBoyDr_Willis: true indeed11:14
mishn0neесть русские?11:15
FloodBot1mishn0ne: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:15
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:15
Dr_Willismanish411:  each user had a .dmrc file that defines their defaut window manager11:16
Dr_Williswhat is genome-session anyway11:17
17SAA7XDDI haven't got any headers installed for my 0-23-lowlatency version, which headers should I install from terminal when I am running a 64-bit version?? Several to pick from...11:17
dontknowwhy does official repo still have chromium 18, not 19?11:18
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages11:18
SolarisBoyi had a client who couldn't find the 'pseudo' command - we kicked around the idea of making a global alias for pseudo='sudo' but it was to much11:18
Dr_Willisdontknow:  because its not ready yet..11:18
dontknowDr_Willis, how? 19 is released days ago11:19
SolarisBoydoesn't mean it goes in the repo11:19
manish411in archlinux we start gnome-session through a script called xinitrc which is read by the login manager11:19
Dr_Willisdontknow:  so11:19
SolarisBoygnome-session gets kicked off automatically on ubuntu they don't use that .Xinitrc file that for those not using a display manager11:19
dontknowDr_Willis, even second update came for 19 yesterday11:19
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: I didn't get that second bit about "install headers for libraries"...11:19
WhereIsMySpoonEr, i just cd'd to my /mnt folder and did an ls, and my shell locked up for a while, then said i cannot access the folders in /mnt, permission denied. I retried as root (sudo -i) and it still is giving me this error :S :S11:19
WhereIsMySpoonwtf is going on11:20
SolarisBoylike on arch - the default install no dm - so you can either start from Xinitrc or do a DM - if you do DM - it will likely start your sessions and such11:20
SolarisBoyits an "authenticated" session much like how you start ssh-agent etc - in fact i think closely related11:20
Dr_Willismanish411:  you can create custome x sessions by either making a .desktop file for the session or using the .xsession file and select custom/user in kdm11:20
WhereIsMySpoonam using 11.1011:21
Dr_WillisWhereIsMySpoon:  whatsa mounted to /mnt?11:22
manish411Dr_Willis  : what I want at present is to start gnome desktop after i login using kdm11:22
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: had you recently changed/mounted/unmounted anything?11:22
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, no11:22
WhereIsMySpoonDr_Willis, should be a couple of samba servers11:23
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: how do I get the accompanying dev packages?11:23
Dr_Willismanish411:  kdm should remember the last selected desktop session. which gets saved to the users .dmrc file11:23
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: can you post your /etc/fstab || and the output of 'mount' ?11:23
manish411ok , so where is this .dmrc file?11:23
SolarisBoyso - wait11:23
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, sure, min11:23
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: and how do I know if I need the accompanying libraries?:P11:23
Dr_Willismanish411:  in the users home. and kdm should have a menu to select gnome or unity or whatever11:23
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etfbOK. So, Unity. I love it, honest I do.  Better than Gnome, KDE, etc.  But my wife is about to get her laptop upgraded to it, and there's one feature she's going to miss: a temperature indicator in the top menu bar.  Is there any provision at all for that sort of thing in Unity?11:24
manish411 this is my .dmrc file11:24
FloodBot1manish411: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:24
manish411ok got it11:25
Dr_Willisetfb:  there are cpu indicator applets in the repos, ppas and a list at askubuntu.com for most you would want11:25
fidel_etfb: you could solve that via conky - but thats a cli-based way of displaying text-informations somewhere on your desktop (in case you cant find a real solution)11:25
SolarisBoyi just installed one from ppa - works fine unity and all (i love my temp/weather indicator too)11:26
etfbDr_Willis, fidel_: Thanks.  Good leads. I'll follow them up.11:26
Dr_Willisaskubuntu.com has a nice list of quicklists, indicator-applets and other nice things11:26
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Dr_Willismany are not in the repos yet. but in ppa's11:27
MonkeyDusthot-babe cpu indicator has been removed from the repos11:27
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, Dr_Willis: http://pastie.org/396054811:27
jasoxDid anyone successfully run unity 3d engine in virtual machine on linux ?11:27
Dr_Willisit was at mediabuntu MonkeyDust  last week.. been there for years11:28
manish411what is a 3d engine?11:28
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: Error! Problems with depmod detected.  Automatically uninstalling this module.11:28
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: could you please help out..?:)11:28
Dr_Willis17SAA7XDD:  means nothing to me11:28
d-techmake: permission denied ... running as root ... any ideas?11:28
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: DKMS: Install Failed (depmod problems).  Module rolled back to built state.11:28
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: so how did thoe mounts get there?11:28
SolarisBoybeing they aren't in fstab and all..11:28
jasoxmanigma77__:  unity3d.com11:29
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: if possible try to unmount those samba shares and do ls in that /mnt/ directory again? also check your message logs11:29
SolarisBoysamba can be funky sometimes11:30
abhijitruckscan i get ubuntu 11.10 unity in 12.04?11:30
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: that was some of the output of that headers command you gaveme...11:31
Dr_Willisabhijitrucks:  id guess no11:31
MonkeyDustabhijitrucks  what do you mean? a unity downgrade?11:31
abhijitrucksi hate this new unity11:31
Dr_Willis17SAA7XDD:  i gave you a bot factoid.11:31
17SAA7XDDDr_Willis: riight?11:32
MonkeyDustabhijitrucks  use ccsm and myunity to configure unity, both tools are in the repos11:32
Dr_Willisi love the new unity. ;)  hud rocks.11:32
strkwhat's that application that pops up when you end out of space ?11:33
strkfrom GNOME, that is11:33
strkand, hard disk space (ignore/explore)11:33
SolarisBoydisk usage analyzer?11:33
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, things have changed! :)  I now do not get an error about the group not being a domain group.. in fact, there's no errors about the group at all... but it does still resolve to an incorrect group SID.11:33
Dr_Willisout of disk space?11:33
strkSolarisBoy: yep, what's the application name to start form console ?11:33
SolarisBoyi dont know the name of that horrible gui thing11:34
SolarisBoyi use du/df and find..11:34
SolarisBoybut if you type the WINDOW key and open the search widget then type disk im sure its indexed properly11:34
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, message logs?11:34
strkfound: baobab11:35
strkthanks :)11:35
SolarisBoywhat in the world...11:35
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, unmounting the samba shares using umount, it says the share is not mounted according to mtab11:35
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: /var/log/messages /var/log/syslog and others - mainly those11:35
SolarisBoyright on11:35
SolarisBoyuse -l11:35
Dr_Willisa kind of tree11:35
SolarisBoyseems like you may have a samba _server_ issue11:35
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, -l did nothing11:35
SolarisBoybeing where we are i have to ask11:36
SolarisBoywhat did you expect it to do?11:36
WhereIsMySpooni dont know, i dont know the doc for umount by heart11:36
WhereIsMySpoonyou told me to use -l11:36
SolarisBoyumount -l /mount/pint11:36
SolarisBoythen type mount and tell me its there or no?11:36
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, you mean //mount/folder  right?11:37
WhereIsMySpoonor you mean /mnt/folder11:37
WhereIsMySpoonumount -l /mnt/folder gives: umount: it seems /mnt/folder is mounted multiple times11:37
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, "exactly"?11:38
SolarisBoyso - again - what did you do to mount those sambas?11:38
SolarisBoyi see they aren't in fstab11:38
SolarisBoybut they were mounted - and now they seem to be stale11:38
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, sudo smbmount11:38
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WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy,  sudo smbmount //server/folder /mnt/folderlocation -o user=servergroup\\username,noperm11:39
SolarisBoyyea actually i see it now - if you look at your mount11:39
SolarisBoyits clearly wrong11:39
SolarisBoyyour mounting the same things over and over11:39
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, hm, true11:40
dr_willisthats messy.  ;)11:40
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, if they're just mounted via smbmount, i should just restart right?11:40
SolarisBoyyou can try to umount the //server/device11:40
WhereIsMySpoonthen they'll go away11:40
SolarisBoywell yea that would fix it11:40
SolarisBoybut its linux11:40
SolarisBoywe dont do that...11:40
SolarisBoybut feel free to do M$ moves11:40
FloodBot1SolarisBoy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:40
SolarisBoyoops sorry forgot about your ratelimiting11:41
dr_willissamba mounts can get real confused.11:41
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, "umount: //server/folder is not mounted (according to mtab)"11:41
WaqarAzeemhello! firewall is disable, ssh is installed but still unbale to access the machine using Putty ... Network error: software caused network abort ... from where should i start to investigate11:41
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: you should use the real name11:41
=== luizcantoni is now known as cantoni
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, i am using the real name when i actually do the command11:41
ramkamxi'm trying to use airodump-ng for wifi coverage testing. it works for a minute or two, then, all connexions drop. could it be a service that interferes with the process ? any1 has experience on that ?11:42
dr_willisWaqarAzeem:  on server try ssh localhost,  to see  ssh is working.11:42
jstooneI am using the Xmonad window-manager and I need to run a cmd to adjust my screens on every login, is there any way to automate this, so that this cmd runs at each startup?11:43
SolarisBoyweird then11:43
jribjstoone: how do you start xmonad?11:43
WaqarAzeemdr_willis: read from socket fail. connection reset by peer11:43
dr_willisjstoone:  checked the xmonad docs and homepage/faq?11:43
jstooneit's set at the default and lanuches after I type my password.11:44
SolarisBoyWhereIsMySpoon: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/manpages-3/umount.cifs.8.html11:44
dr_willisWaqarAzeem:  sounds like ssh server is not running or mssconfigured11:44
jstoonejrib: that was for you sorry.11:44
SolarisBoyseems like a relevant option huh?11:44
jstoonedr_willis: I will do now, thanks11:44
DeltaHeavyHey, I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 using GNOME "Classic" or whatever it is. Every time I open a directory with Nautalis, even after the folder is open the "Opening <directory name>" hangs for a while. On top of that it's taking unusually long to open a directory (5-10 seconds). Anybody know what might be causing this?11:44
jribjstoone: so you just use the session file provided by the xmonad package?  What command are you wanting to run? Do you really want it to run every time you log in or just once after boot?11:45
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  same here, same in 12.04, too11:45
peacedefender__I am not sure if my model associations are correct because when I try to include two tables, I get "Association named 'team' was not found; perhaps you misspelled it?"11:46
WhereIsMySpoonDeltaHeavy, gnome3 is awfully slow11:46
WhereIsMySpoonDeltaHeavy, its the same fo rme11:46
peacedefender__https://gist.github.com/2780836 << my model11:46
DeltaHeavyMonkeyDust: Is Ubuntu just going to crap? Not trying to start something up in here but I've been using Ubuntu since 8.04, and I switched over to CentOS/Arch around 10.10, now I'm using it again at my workplace and I hate it. Been using it for months and I still think it's garbage.11:46
fidel_WhereIsMySpoon: DeltaHeavy MonkeyDust - are you guys using plain gnome3 or loaded with tons of extensions? just wondering as i am realizing some slowness here too11:47
DeltaHeavyUnity is also fairly unusable at least in 11.04 for the amount of applications I'm using at one time.11:47
jstoonejrib: it's  Xrandr for my dual-screens and it get's reset at every logout.11:47
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, eh, the servers are actually down11:47
DeltaHeavyfidel_: Plain GNOME "Classic". No addons or anything.11:47
WhereIsMySpoonfidel_, i havent customised gnome3 manually11:47
peacedefender__erm, wrong channel sorry11:47
ProgsterLOL, compared to CentOS? Wow you got a real uphill battle there bro11:47
WhereIsMySpoonif it did stuff itself then...*shrug*11:47
=== sergio is now known as sergios
jribjstoone: I start xmonad using a ~/.xsession file.  If you did that, you could just put your command before xmonad in that file11:47
jstoonejrib: the exact cmd is `xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1366x768 --left-of HDMI1 && xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080`11:48
ProgsterCentOS gave me more grief than any other distro (including ubuntu) when it came to sys admin/setup11:48
dr_willisuity and gnome-shell both work well on my netbook.  perhaps its a video bottleneck11:48
OerHeksUnity is awesome, gnome2 is so retarded11:48
DeltaHeavyProgster: I use CentOS for server purposes on my headless box and it's never given me a single problem.11:48
WhereIsMySpoongnome2 >>> gnome3 >>> unity11:48
jstoonejrib: Cool, I'll look into that file right now.11:48
dr_willisgnome 2 is dead..  time to move on.11:49
WhereIsMySpoonnot when gnome3 is a pile of awful :P11:49
DeltaHeavyProgster: Any issues you may have run into is probably just the difference between a Debian based system and a RHEL-like system.11:49
morsnowskignome classic is doing it just fine for me11:49
DeltaHeavyCause CentOS is godly lol11:49
jstoonejrib: That file does not exist in my home dir. i only got ~/.xsession-errors11:49
dr_willisgnome classic may be removed in the next few releases also11:49
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: How long does it take you to open a directory and does the "Opening <dir name>" hang for a while after it's open?11:49
jribjstoone: you'd have to create it11:49
sirriffsalotI fixed my resolution problem by removing the monitors.xml file in ~./config... but why did that solve it?:P11:50
WhereIsMySpoonSolarisBoy, when i try to umount one of the shares, it says it isnt mounted (not with mtab error this time) but when i execute mount command i still see it :S11:50
jstoonejrib: right.11:50
WhereIsMySpoonis this just cause the servers are down11:50
WhereIsMySpoonso i cant umount them?11:50
jribjstoone: and then you would choose that as your session instead of "xmonad"11:50
WhereIsMySpoonor what11:50
morsnowskiDeltaHeavy, almsot instantly and no hanging11:50
WhereIsMySpoonDeltaHeavy, id advise to switch to xfce11:50
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: What CPU is using that?11:50
WhereIsMySpoonits pretty fast11:50
morsnowskisome older intel dual core11:51
DeltaHeavyWhereIsMySpoon: Yeah, GNOME3's back end is sexy as hell but I find it nearly unusable and I think I gave it a good chance. Used it for 4 months.11:51
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: Do you know the clock rate on it? The type of Duel Core? Celeron, Pentium D?11:51
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  this is the support channel, opinions in #ubuntu-offtopic, please11:51
jribjstoone: it's just a shell script with the last line as "xmonad"11:52
DeltaHeavyMonkeyDust: This is support. I have a problem and I want to know if it's hardware related because he's not experiancing the same issue.11:52
jstoonejrib: cool. How do i specify that as my session?11:52
morsnowskiDeltaHeavy, 2x intel pentium 2.8ghz11:52
jstoonejrib: aka, make it choosable at the login-screen11:52
jribjstoone: should show up in the dropdown menu at the login prompt. Might need a lightdm restart? (idk)11:52
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, all is fixed!11:53
jstoonejrib: cool, see you in a sec with updates on how it worked (:11:53
carpiI have a dual monitor setup. Is there a way to save the configuration? Because every time I restart my machine I have to reconfigure the dual monitor setup.. :(11:53
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: I'm using a Celeron 1 core @ 3.?GHz. I wonder if that's my problem.11:53
HyperbyteThe idmap lines did the trick, but -still- Samba was assigning the group a SID of the local server, rather than the domain.  I couldn't explain it.  When I gave the local server the same name as the domain (so the SIDs were identical to start with), things started working.11:53
=== NoiseCounsellor is now known as NoiseCounselor
HyperbyteSolarisBoy, so it isn't super-pretty, and I still don't know exactly -why- Samba was futzing with the domain group SID's... but at this point I'm so happy it works, I cannot stand still to care about the why. :)11:54
morsnowskiDeltaHeavy,  i have no idea. i'm just happy it does bog me down but i will admit that i have the feeling that 10.04 was quicker. that is just subjective though11:54
morsnowskidoesn't actually11:54
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: I'm really hating the direction Ubuntu is going in. Getting bulkier and bulkier. Whole reason I put a distro on this thing was because this computer isn't very powerful.11:55
carpican anyone help?11:55
DeltaHeavyGuess I should just use a different distro or Xubuntu11:55
dr_willislubuntu targets the low end market11:56
morsnowskiDeltaHeavy, i'm the wrong address i don't work here11:56
ramkamxanybody had issues with airodump-ng dropping after a few minutes ?11:56
gentoo_userhi.did someone have script for gmail which working with karamba and would like share?11:56
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: I know, sorry I guess I'm just venting a bit. It's pretty rediclous that Ubuntu won't run properly on a 3GHz single core anymore.11:56
DeltaHeavyI don't know HOW you can even make a Linux distro that bulkyy11:57
sipiorDeltaHeavy: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, sunshine.11:57
morsnowskiDeltaHeavy, i could bet you that is a configuration issue11:57
MoscherkoboldHello everyone, is this the right place to ask something about ubuntu one?11:57
bazhangMoscherkobold, #ubuntuone11:57
DeltaHeavymorsnowski: Any ideas on what?11:57
morsnowskinope not from afar11:57
Moscherkoboldbazhang: thx11:58
DeltaHeavyAnybody know how to fix long Nautalis launches and a hanging "Opening <dir name>"?11:58
=== ubuntu_ is now known as sergioss
sipiorDeltaHeavy: try running it under strace/ltrace, see where it sticks.11:58
sipiorjrib: naughty boy.11:59
WhereIsMySpoonthis is interesting11:59
WhereIsMySpoonwhen i launch nautilus from Places -> home folder, it takes a few seconds12:00
WhereIsMySpoonwhen i launch from cmd line, its instant12:00
dr_willisWhereIsMySpoon:  try it from a newly made user12:00
WhereIsMySpoondr_willis, meh, i dont have the time to mess around with that :p12:00
jstoonejrib:I even tried to reboot (didn't seem right), and still it didn't popup. Although I just made an alias in my ~/.zshrc which runs the cmd.12:00
DeltaHeavysipior: When using those tools it doesn't hang at all for some reason. Still takes ~7 seconds to open up but it doesn't hang.12:01
MonkeyDustWhereIsMySpoon  idd, same here, so it's a gui issue12:01
=== ubuntu_ is now known as sergioss
jribjstoone: what options do you have in the session dropdown menu at login screen?12:01
sipiorDeltaHeavy: does it hang when opening every directory?12:02
jstooneXmonad+Gnome, Ubuntu, Ubuntu2D, Xmonad - And they all were there before.12:02
DeltaHeavysipior: Yes, also sometimes Nautilis opens up instancly, still with that hanging "Opening" though.12:02
jstoonejrib: Jesus, forgot to tag you again..12:03
jstoonejrib: Xmonad+Gnome, Ubuntu, Ubuntu2D, Xmonad - And they all were there before.12:03
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  not if you open nautilus from the terminal, so it's gui or menu issue12:03
jribjstoone: hmm.  I have /usr/share/xsessions/user-xsession.desktop, do you have that?12:03
sipiorDeltaHeavy: this is a new install, no scripts running?12:03
jribjstoone: I also have /usr/share/xsessions/xsession.desktop, do you have that?12:04
sipiorDeltaHeavy: unmodified install, i should say. does it hang before the window itself is drawn?12:04
jstoonejrib: Nope12:04
jribjstoone: neither?12:04
DeltaHeavysipior: Few months old. Been doing this from the start though while it was unmodified. Tried fixing it first thing when it installed to no avail but I figured I'd try again today.12:04
saulCould someone give me a hand for a moment? My external drives stopped automounting.12:05
jstoonejrib: I made ~/.xsessions (since it didn't exist), but i have no /usr/share/xsessions/xsession.desktio12:05
jribjstoone: well you can make /usr/share/xsessions/user-xsession.desktop with the contents http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004596/ .  The other file (/usr/share/xsessions/xsession.desktop) that I have is provided by gdm12:05
jstoonejrib: s/desktio/desktop12:05
DeltaHeavysipior: Also I have no cron jobs, nothing special going on.12:07
sipiorDeltaHeavy: and it never hangs when running under strace? might be interesting to use strace's -f switch and see what the children are up to.12:07
jstoonejrib: Actually. I think I'll go with the alias solution, since It's a laptop and it's only at home I use dual-monitors12:07
teknoprepwhoever came up with the install while configuring your options... genius12:08
jstoonejrib: But thank you verry much! Saved the paste just for good meshurements12:08
CaptainSifffHi there, I'd like to have the droid sans font for latex in Maverick. It does not seem to be contained in texlive-fontsextra. What is the preferred way to get this font for my computer?12:10
MonkeyDustCaptainSifff  maverick is no longer valid or supported12:12
sipiorCaptainSifff: you can just install ttf-droid, i believe. modern tex installs can use truetype fonts out of the box.12:12
CaptainSifffI'm using pdflatex not xelatex...12:13
WhereIsMySpoonDeltaHeavy, does gnome-panel also use a lot of mem?12:13
WhereIsMySpoonFor me, it uses over 50%12:13
sipiorCaptainSifff: move to xelatex. seriously.12:13
|DM|what is that in non-relative terms12:13
DeltaHeavyWhereIsMySpoon: 2.1MB12:14
WhereIsMySpoonDeltaHeavy, heh12:16
WhereIsMySpoonDeltaHeavy, sometimes it gets up to over 1gig12:16
nyctechwizardshey everyone good morning12:16
morsnowskiat 2pm?12:16
WhereIsMySpoonmaybe he doesnt live in europe?12:16
WhereIsMySpoonor she12:16
WhereIsMySpoonaw damn12:18
WhereIsMySpoonspotify doesnt have rammstein on it D:12:18
XanoI need to delete all files and folders of which the names start with a period that are located (anywhere in the tree) in a given folder. rm -R is only recursive in that it deletes all contents if the match is a folder, but it does not search the hierarchy itself. How do I do this?12:22
morsnowskiXano, you can use find12:22
DeltaHeavyXano: Wouldn't 'rm -rf \.*" work?12:22
jstooneHi, I've mounted my ntfs partition with a mountpoint at /jstoone. Why does some of the foldernames have neon-green markings?12:23
jribDeltaHeavy: wouldn't delete a/.b for example12:23
NoVoteLosswhat handles my login screen? if i have other desktops(KDE, GNOME shell, Ubuntu, and more) how do i get rid of the ones i dont want?12:23
XanoDeltaHeavy: Nope. It appears it only matches files and folders found in the current directory, while I need it to match nested files too12:23
jribNoVoteLoss: uninstall the corresponding packages?12:23
ActionParsnipDeltaHeavy: why use force-12:23
=== root is now known as Guest31257
Xanomorsnowski: How exactly? This needs to be automated, because we're talking about hundreds of matches12:24
DeltaHeavyActionParsnip: I'm used to RHEL like systems which ask you "Do you want to delete this file"12:24
morsnowskixano you could try "find . -name "FILE-TO-FIND"-exec rm -rf {} \;"12:24
DeltaHeavyI guess you don't need it but it doesn't hurt12:24
morsnowskiXano, but try it first12:24
ActionParsnipDeltaHeavy: thats not what force is for12:25
ActionParsnipXano: find . | egrep '\12:25
DeltaHeavyActionparsnip: It's not for removing that prompt? What's it for then? I know it also removes verbose for files that aren't there.12:26
judgenhowdy.. if xinerama appears very laggy, what would be the next step to proceede? (i am using fglrx and set up the settings using amdcccle)12:26
ActionParsnipXano: find . -type f| egrep '\.*' -exec rm {} \:12:26
jribXano: don't do that12:27
jribActionParsnip: that will delete way too much stuff12:27
ActionParsnipXano: might wanna make some dummy data to test12:27
judgeni guess i could just go for separate xservers instead.12:28
sipiorXano: or just replace "rm" with "ls".12:28
=== WelshDragon is now known as Guest65315
judgenas the lag is not there then12:28
ActionParsnipJrib: all files from pwd down starting with period, wassup with it?12:28
jribActionParsnip: try: echo a.b | egrep '\.*'12:29
jribActionParsnip: actually, it will delete everything since the output from find will begin with "./"12:29
ActionParsnipOops forgot ^12:30
jribActionParsnip: also, your syntax looks wrong so maybe it delete anything :P12:30
ActionParsnipGotta jet. #bash may be useful12:31
Xanofind . -name ".*" -exec echo "{}" \; gives me a nice list of all matching files12:33
navatwoAnyone know what gconf key I need to adjust to change to radiance theme?12:34
XanoDo we have karma here?12:35
MonkeyDustnavatwo  /apps/metacity/general/theme12:35
WhereIsMySpoonthere's karma in ##java12:36
OerHeks!cookie | Xano12:37
ubottuXano: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:37
WhereIsMySpoon!cookies | Xano12:37
ubottuXano: Cookies are delicious delicacies.12:37
XanoIt's as good as anything!12:37
WhereIsMySpoonhow do you see how many cookies someone has12:37
navatwoty MonkeyDust12:37
ubottumorsnowski: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:37
WhereIsMySpoon!cookie | WhereIsMySpoon12:38
ubottuWhereIsMySpoon, please see my private message12:38
ubottusipior: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:38
morsnowskiXano,  :)12:40
morsnowski12.04 gnome classic. every window i open (egg browser, irc client) ends up under the top panel. anybody an idea where that setting is?12:47
icerootunity is not showing my diablo3 download which is running with wine when pressing alt+tab. if i am correct there were other apps missing too. is that a known bug? a feature? or is there another way to see all running programs? in the left sidebar wine is not listed as running but it is still running12:49
zambamorsnowski: check the settings for compiz12:50
zambamorsnowski: place windows, i believe12:50
Oficlamy alt+tab died :(12:51
morsnowskithanks zamba12:51
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morsnowski!cookie | zamba12:51
ubottuzamba: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:51
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zambaaaaaah, nomnomnom!13:01
jstoonehi, I'm using xmonad, and have some problems getting it to play through my HDMI cable13:06
Harrisdoes anyone know how to get the youtube lens in ubuntu 12.0413:06
angshi I installed a program(QT SDK) on the command line, what is the command to uninstall the program?13:07
Harrisdoes anyone know how to add tomboy and youtube lens to ubuntu 12.0413:08
MonkeyDustangs  try apt-get purge13:08
OerHeksHarris, install it, log out & log in, done13:10
OranGOI am half cat half orangutan13:13
OerHeks!ot | OranGO13:13
ubottuOranGO: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:13
OranGOhooga chakka hooga hooga meow meow! don't bother!13:13
OranGOOoops :/13:13
prateekpwhile i am running make command i am getting an error13:14
OerHeksprateekp, the error includes a hint what you are missing13:15
angsI would like to uninstall QT SDK on ubuntu, I dont know the package name, how can I find out what to write "program" in "apt-get purge program"13:16
L3topsangs apt-cache search qt  sdk13:17
prateekpOerHeks : I am gettin the following error http://pastebin.com/Z2NsjwGF13:17
deforolhello all13:17
prateekpwhich says machine.h : not found13:17
deforolplease answer13:17
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deforolI am new client13:17
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L3topsdeforol: You must first ask a question before you can receive an answer.13:18
OerHeksprateekp, i have no clue about machine.h/genrand13:19
prateekpok leave genrand do u know about machine.h13:20
MonkeyDustdeforol  the natural order is: first the question, then the answer (if any), not the other way13:20
biebI installed ltsp with Ubuntu 12.04, I have to connect to Active directory, so I installed pbis (Likewise-open's replacement), I am connected to the AD domain, I can run the commands from command line to verify AD (find-user, find-dc, etc) and can ssh into the ltsp server with my AD credentials. BUT.. on the server I can not get login as an AD user, there is no option for it, I see the user that I created when installing Ubuntu, and guest session. There is no 13:20
Gosset_Inofensiuhello, I know Vincent Untz was the developer who ported gnome-panel to gtk3. I would like to know the future of this packet, the plan for this project.13:21
icerootGosset_Inofensiu: contact him directly is the best way13:21
Gosset_Inofensiuhmmm surely is13:21
prateekpwhile i am running make command i am getting machine.h not found ... why so ..13:23
OerHeksprateekp, what are you trying to build?13:23
prateekpa module of open source software scilab13:24
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The_explorerREF: WINE1.4 -> On 12.04 x64  = Cant install -> Dependency "will not be installed" ; System = AMD FX(BD)8x RAM=16 vga=1xPCIx16 "NV"gts 250, chipset ?(FX xfire)13:26
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=== juudi is now known as beerbro
sirriffsalotAnyone aware of a safe guitar pro pirate version for ubuntu?:)13:28
L3topsprateekp: is there a reason you would not use the scilab stuff in the repos?13:29
sirriffsalotchu: does it open guitar pro?:O13:29
chuNot *really* the same thing, but no one here is going to recommend *any* pirated software (don't even ask about it), but it's the closest you'll get with linux, sirriffsalot13:29
OerHekssirriffsalot, pirated ? wrong channel13:29
chuDon't know, I don't use either.13:29
sirriffsalotOerHeks: haha:)13:29
never2farhello, the following mysql command:  GRANT ALL ON database.* TO 'x'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'pass';      should grant all privileges on user x from any host except localhost ?13:29
OerHekssirriffsalot, hahaha  ... ha13:29
sirriffsalotchu: holy hell, pirate bay says it can13:29
sirriffsalotNot pirate bay13:30
sirriffsalotWikipedia* rofl13:30
Harris<Harris> does anyone know how to add tomboy and youtube lens to ubuntu 12.0413:30
prateekpL3tops : /didnt understand13:30
chuIt's *incredibly* midi based though, so you're gonna cop it.13:30
OerHeksHarris, again: install it, log out & log in, done13:30
prateekpL3tops : didnt understand13:30
L3topsprateekp: apt-cache search scilab13:31
L3topsfull battery of stuff there.13:31
Harrishow do i install the tomboy lens for 12.04 i only find it for 11.0 OerHeks13:31
OerHeksHarris, google gives me the answer. did it not for you ? >> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/11/search-through-your-tomboy-notes-with-unity-tomboy-lens/13:32
sirriffsalotSo, where is the right place in IRC to discuss pirate copies?:D13:32
LucidGuyI seem to have installed an Ubuntu server using only lvms?  No partitions or partition table for that matter..  didnt think that was possible.13:32
L3topsNot here13:33
OerHekssirriffsalot, we don't care to help you with that. so stop it please13:33
HarrisOerHeks,  no it did not but i will read this13:33
ikoniaLucidGuy: it's fine13:33
sirriffsalotOerHeks: you're really against it I guess?:)13:33
sirriffsalotOerHeks: just for the record I don't do that much13:33
Fat-Thingwhat is multi load apple!? i saw it on my process?13:33
DJonessirriffsalot: Piracy isn't considered appropriate in any channels on freenode13:33
sirriffsalotI see:)13:34
sirriffsalotPardon me then!13:34
prateekpL3tops: i have got scilab working but what i need is to build an external module ... for this i ran the make command and got the error13:34
L3topsI understand prateekp. Either you do not have all of the source, or some prerequisite installed.13:35
prateekpL3tops : where can i find this machine.h13:36
prateekpL3tops : is machine.h part of OS or that of scilab13:36
L3topsYou should talk to whoever maintains the source code prateekp.13:36
HarrisOerHeks, it said tomboy lens could not be found13:38
Harriswho is running ubuntu 12.0413:40
compdocme! me!13:40
alarmschabenHi! When mirroring the official package repositories for the local datacenter, do I have to include i386 even though all machines use the amd64 arch? apt-get update complains about missing i386 packages13:40
SolarisBoypossibly do you have something installed that depends on it but not in your repo?13:41
ikoniaalarmschaben: the x86_64 repo will also have some 32bit dependencies in it13:41
SolarisBoyits absolutely legit to run 32 bit libs on a 64 bit13:41
alarmschabenikonia , SolarisBoy : Ah, I see. That should be the answer to my question. Tnx!13:41
SolarisBoy=) anytime kind sir13:42
Harriswho has ubuntu 12.04 and has the tomboy lens\13:42
OerHeksHarris, seems like there is no tomboy lens availabel for 12.0413:42
HarrisOerHeks,  what about youtube13:43
OerHeksHarris, should be available, check webup813:44
Harriswhere do i type that13:44
OerHeksharris, official it is rude to say google, but i find it rude not to use google13:47
Harriswhat is the terminal code to get minitube13:48
WhereIsMySpoonHarris - why dont you experiemtn a bit, and if yuo dont find it, use google13:50
OerHeksHarris open softwarecentre: minitube13:50
jongleurHi. Is the terminal application of ubuntu 12.04 known as buggy in terms of foreground/background on the desktop? Is there anything how to solve it? Terminal windows in my ubuntu 12.04 installation have several issues: the menu opens behind the window, klicks sometimes "go through" and are applied to the window behind it, and I'm not sure, if there's more - sometimes that's ugly to distinguish. Any ideas?13:50
HarrisWhereIsMySpoon,  i dont know what codes mean13:50
WhereIsMySpoonpretty sure this guy is a troll13:51
WhereIsMySpoongoing into ignore mode13:51
L3topsHarris: http://askubuntu.com/questions/139994/installing-lenses-and-scopes-in-ubuntu-12-04-error13:51
HarrisL3tops, i posted that and it didnt help13:52
L3topshow did it not help Harris? What problem did you have with it?13:52
Harrisit said could not locate package L3tops13:53
L3topsdid you add the repos and update?13:53
OerHeksL3tops, that ppa gives the Oneiric lens only13:54
L3topsI see that... but the youtube lens is there...13:55
L3topsHarris: btw if you added the oneiric sources listed there, and failed to install the lens properly, you need to remove the oneiric sources and update again... having the old repo in there will cause problems13:57
compdocthey sure are updating the kernel a lot lately13:58
Fat-Thingwhat is multi load apple!? i saw it on my process?13:58
Heartbeatsis anyone running spotify on liunx14:03
BaribalHi. I'm having an ATI GFX card. Until today, I had OpenGL support. Now I start Stellarium and it tells me that I don't have OpenGL anymore. glxinfo agrees. What changed with todays updates?14:03
Heartbeatsplsss >:)14:04
freakolowskythare's a linux client?!14:04
freakolowskyits beta, but i had no issues yet14:04
Heartbeatsok, did you get it on the spotify website?14:04
Heartbeatsall i see here is the preview14:05
freakolowskyyes the preview is beta, but it works fine14:05
digitalknightHi all14:05
digitalknightI need an urgent help please14:06
Baribaldigitalknight, then stop stalling and just ask.14:06
digitalknightI was upgrading my Ubuntu from 11.4 to 11.10 today morning14:06
Heartbeatsok thanks freakolowsky14:06
L3topsFat-Thing: think it might be multiload applet? and it was beyond your ability to view the t?14:06
digitalknightwhen during the installattion14:06
MonkeyDust!enter| digitalknight14:06
digitalknightmy laptop overheated and crashed14:06
ubottudigitalknight: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:06
Fat-ThingL3tops, i think so what does it mean then?14:07
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L3topsare you running gnome3 Fat-Thing?14:08
digitalknightMy laptop crashed while I wasupgrading my Ubuntu from 11.4 to 11.10.When I am booting now,I can see 11.10 but many packages are missing(for instance I am not able to connect to my wireless network.)Please help14:08
Fat-Thingno sir i'm still on gnome214:08
freakolowskyPS: anyone had any idea on my issue yet? anything? ... i have 8GB of RAM (40% free), ihave i7 quadcore proc (top shows nothing above 5%), i have a Radeon with 1GB RAM ... yet unity i still glitchy i.e. when switching workspaces14:08
Fat-Thingi got 10.04 lucid here sir L3tops14:08
MonkeyDust!wifi| digitalknight start here14:09
ubottudigitalknight start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:09
ptrkmji need to split flac album image file into multiple flac files (no re-encoding) based on cuesheet. what software can do that?14:09
digitalknight@Monkeydust @ubottu Thanks,but as my laptop crashed while installation,wont many packages be missing?14:10
martmanis there a guide/wiki somewhere on getting xen running on 12.04? i cant seem to find anything14:10
L3topsI don't know specifically what it is, there are a lot of references to it... it is some sort of Gnomish thing it appears Fat-Thing.14:10
OerHeksptrkmj, split lossless > http://code.google.com/p/split-lossless/14:11
Fat-Thingi see thank you sir14:11
OerHeksptrkmj, or on the CLI : cuetools & shntool >> http://danilodellaquila.com/blog/how-to-split-an-audio-.flac-file-using-ubuntu-linux14:12
L3topsFat-Thing: is it eating a lot of process?  also try ps aux | grep multiload            to see if it is indeed applet14:12
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naxili have install ushare (now i have uninstall ushare) but now my shared connection is disable..14:13
naxilwhat i can do?14:14
Fat-Thingit is sir not really but i slows down my desktop tho.....i mean my desktop sucks now i just adjusted it to lower resolution but still :(14:14
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digitalknightPlease help....I am in urgent need.....Is there any way I can recover or...If I download 12.04 and try to install it,will it retain my current files and softwares?14:16
L3topsFat-Thing: Well... do that grep, see what it is... locate it... then kill the process, see if you run better... if you do dpkg -S it, see if you can remove the package or at least suppress its startup and keep a stable desktop.14:16
ptrkmjOerHeks: split-lossless is GUI app? i think i prefer CLI14:17
Fat-Thingok sir thank you :)14:17
OerHeksptrkmj, have fun14:17
marcodigitalknight: you better boot with live-cd and backup your important data14:18
JasonGriffeeInstalling Ubuntu 12.04 via usb stick gives error "Stopping CPU interrupts balacing daemon". This ocurrs right when the graphic info panels that welcome you to ubuntu and talk about software begin.14:19
ThePendulumHow do I boot Ubuntu when it´s installed, yet Windows boots no matter what I do?14:19
elspuddyhi, iv just made an image of a hard drive useing the command dd, how do i mount this drive ?14:19
MonkeyDustThePendulum  repair the grub14:19
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: How? And why should it be repaired at all?14:20
MonkeyDust!grub| ThePendulum14:20
ubottuThePendulum: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:20
ThePendulumI know what Grub is...14:20
MonkeyDustThePendulum  why? because it is broken14:21
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: I installed Ubuntu as the latter14:21
kurtwp_I noticed when a download a PDF using filezilla that it uses GIMP to read the PDF.  Is there is settign in unity to change this habit or would it be filezilla14:21
MonkeyDustThePendulum  still, the link(s) may be useful14:21
ThePendulumHow am I supposed to use the terminal or any GUI if I can´t boot into Ubuntu?14:21
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MonkeyDustThePendulum  it's explained in that link14:22
L3topsJasonGriffee: what is the gpu?14:22
JasonGriffeeRadeon 9550 (Deadicated)14:22
heloevery time there's a new kernel, installing the new package fails with this: "Failed to symbolic-link /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-24-generic to initrd.img: File exists"14:22
heloif i remove /initrd.img and run it again, it appears to succeed14:22
L3topsJasonGriffee: can you get to a terminal on this machine?14:23
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: I´m afraid I don´t see an explaination for it, it´s all using Ubuntu which is not accessible14:23
digitalknight\marko I did that14:23
MonkeyDustThePendulum  boot from a live cd or thumbdrive, work from there14:23
thomad16Hello ^_^14:24
helooh here it is... no resolution though https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/100238814:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1002388 in linux (Ubuntu) "package linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic 3.2.0-24.38 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 17" [Medium,Confirmed]14:24
digitalknightI am able to login to my ubuntu 11.10,but some packages must be missing14:24
digitalknightHow do I recover?14:24
ThePendulumMonkeyDust: Again, Windows won´t let me for whatever reason14:24
heloi suspect leaving a bad /initrd.img should be "High" severity...14:24
JasonGriffeeL3tops, I guess I could via a live session, but I installed ubuntu before without issue. Could there have been a mishap in the creation of the startup cd creation?14:25
thomad16I'm just curious if it's possable to create a 3rd output other than stdout and stdin that other applications can read from?14:25
L3topsI would lean more towards gpu/driver issue... did you install proprietary drivers by chance?14:25
L3topsJasonGriffee:  T^14:25
JasonGriffeeL3tops, also there is no viable OS on the system now14:25
MonkeyDustthomad16  you can use tee to redirect to a file, if that's what you mean14:25
digitalknightMonkeyDust Please help14:26
JasonGriffeeL3tops, what is T^14:26
thomad16no i mean like mkfifo /dev/fd/414:26
thomad16or something like that14:26
AethrsShouldn't boot repair disk display a menu or something?14:26
L3topsJasonGriffee: a typo... I was trying to get you to look above with ^ because I had forgotten to address you, and I am flipping back and forth between several chats14:26
jongleurthomad16: you can create the fifo and pipe to that14:26
HeartbeatsOk i'm trying to edit the repositories list and in terminal it says bash:.. permission denied14:27
jribHeartbeats: what did you type?14:27
JasonGriffeeL3tops, there is no OS on the computer now so drivers are non-issue14:28
jribHeartbeats: you want to open /etc/apt/sources.list in an *editor*14:28
Heartbeatsooh k14:29
jribHeartbeats: is there a reason you aren't using Software Properties for managing repositories?14:29
xanguaHeartbeats: or just go to Software Center - Edit - Sources and add deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free14:29
Heartbeatsno reason*14:30
Heartbeatsand ok14:30
icerootis there a way to make the top-panel in unity transparent? at the moment it is grey/black cant find a setting for that14:30
L3topsJasonGriffee: I misunderstood your original post... I thought this was with ubu installed. Can you boot with the nomodeset option?14:30
digitalknightMonkeyDust marko Please advise14:31
CannedCornhey guys when i installed openjdk-7 it still says JAVA_HOME is not set14:31
JasonGriffeeL3tops, what is that?14:31
jongleuranybody an idea what's up with my terminal?14:31
L3topsdigitalknight: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:31
L3tops!nomodeset | JasonGriffee14:32
ubottuJasonGriffee: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:32
digitalknightL3tops sudo apt-get update will work without internet?14:32
icerootor do we have a unity config tool in 12.04?14:32
icerootdigitalknight: no14:32
xanguamyunityiceroot: there is a setting for that in myunity14:32
xangua!info myunity14:32
ubottumyunity (source: myunity): Unity configurator. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.3-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 529 kB, installed size 1125 kB14:32
L3topsdigitalknight: no... I did not see that you were without internet. Can you plug this thing in?14:32
icerootxangua: thank you14:33
digitalknightL3Tops...sure let me try14:33
JasonGriffeeL3tops, I don't boot into a black screen, it happens later. I have also done this install with previous versions of ubuntu on the exact same hardware.14:34
CannedCorndoes anyone have any ideas on how to resolve that sort of thing?14:34
digitalknightHow do I address a specific person in IRC chat?14:35
xangua!tab | digitalknight14:36
ubottudigitalknight: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.14:36
MonkeyDustdigitalknight  type 2-3 characters of a name and then tab to complete14:36
digitalknightMonkeyDust: Thanks14:37
digitalknightMonkeyDust: Another thing,How can I check which packages were left outduring the installation?I am able to get internet access now...14:37
carreraGreetings! :)14:37
icerootxangua: thank you very much, that fixed my issue and was showing me some other nice things too14:38
MonkeyDustdigitalknight  no idea14:38
china_guangAre here chinese?14:38
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:38
carreraHow can I gain window focus by just moving the mouse pointer over the window. I'm running Gnome on 12.04.14:39
L3topsJasonGriffee: try the text version of the installer... I don't know what versions you have installed in the past, but clearly you are having an issue, probably gpu related, to the unity desktop. You may have to use the text based installer until such time as you can use a driver more appropirate than the framebuffer development driver packed in the installer.14:39
digitalknightMonkeyDust: Ok,thanks.Another thing,I may sound stupid,but I really want to contribute to ubuntu.I am a C and C++ developer and I ama newbie PostgreSQL hacker.14:39
ARTSIOMhow do I get the list of the packages I have explicitely installed with "apt-get install"?14:39
JasonGriffeeL3tops, will i be able to use the unity gui later?14:40
china_guanghow I close my gnome in my ubuntu 12.04?14:40
L3topsJasonGriffee: assuming this is not a hardware error, I would certainly think so... but I have not heard complants of this specific nature and it is not an unusual gpu... so it is hard to say definitely so.14:41
chigybuntuWhich one is a better choice btn BT5 and Blackbuntu?14:42
xanguachigybuntu: just ubuntu support, thanks14:42
hauxI installed xubuntu 12.04 on a system with this board: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/kino_690s1  It is hooked up a television as a "media" pc. I can't get fglrx to work, and otherwise am having serious resolution issues. None of the resolutions I select fit the screen very well. They are either oversized, or too small. Any ideas?14:42
haux*hooked up to a14:43
xanguachina_guang: and by close your gnome you mean¿ log out¿14:43
jongleuranybody with the terminal issue?14:43
chigybuntujongleur: Yeah, i have dig14:44
gileswheya all14:44
gileswi'm having some trouble running apt-file on precise14:44
gileswDownloading Index http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Contents-amd64.diff/Index:14:45
gileswNo Index available.14:45
jongleurchigybuntu: I found at least one other person with the same issue who posted the same issue (but got no reply as far as I can see)14:45
HorizonXPI have this tool on Windows called WinSplit Revolution, that allows me to easily manage and resize windows on my screen. Very useful with my dual monitor setup.14:45
HorizonXPI simply hit Ctrl + Alt and a number pad key, and the window gets moved and resized appropriately14:46
HorizonXPis there an equivalent tool on Ubuntu?14:46
morsnowskiARTSIOM, how about 'aptitude search '~i''14:46
jribHorizonXP: what does "appropriately" mean?14:46
HorizonXPjrib: if I hit 5 on the number pad, it makes it take up the whole screen14:46
morsnowskieverything autimatically installed has an A as marker14:46
digitalknightthank you all14:47
HorizonXPjrib: hitting 6 once, makes it take up half of the right side of the screen14:47
hauxjrib, I assume he means that certain numbers resize the window to a certain size...14:47
HorizonXPjrib: hit it again, and it goes to 33%14:47
HorizonXPjrib: once more takes it to 66%14:47
HorizonXPjrib: do that with 4, and it's the left side14:47
chigybuntujongleur: Is there a way to update facebook status on terminal?, coz for tweeter there is a way to do that......can yo help me with that plz?14:47
jribHorizonXP: you can /probably/ script something like that using wmctrl.  Have you considered using a tiling window manager?14:48
L3tops!enter | HorizonXP14:48
HorizonXPjrib: do taht with 8 or 2 and it does the top or bottom14:48
ubottuHorizonXP: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:48
ARTSIOMmorsnowski: that command gave me a huge list, I for sure was not installing all those packages mannualy14:48
jongleurchigybuntu: no idea, I don't use facebook more than absolutely necessary, sorry14:48
HorizonXPjrib: haven't thought about switching WMs, but scripting something using wmctrl would be fine14:48
angel279Hello, I've installed apache2 + php5 on my apache, but when I trying to access .php file on the browser I get the download popup window (it seems that apache2 not working with the php5) any idea?14:49
chigybuntujongleur: Thanks anyway....14:50
=== ip is now known as Guest31475
HorizonXPjrib: turns out there's a compiz plugin14:51
gileswhrm looks like a dh-make-perl bug14:51
HorizonXPbut with Ubuntu's Unity, I'm guessing Compiz is no longer used?14:51
jribHorizonXP: no idea14:52
Guest31475is there a way to keep menu options in panel always visible14:52
xanguaHorizonXP: unity uses compiz, yes14:53
L3topsHorizonXP: Unity uses compiz14:53
ARTSIOMmorsnowski: ok, but it also includes packages which were installed together with the system install. So is there any way to get packages which were installed by me?14:53
HorizonXPxangua, L3tops does that mean I could add a Compiz plugin?14:53
xanguaHorizonXP: if it doesn't break unity, like the cube, yes14:54
L3topsdepends on the plugin I would say... but yes... the compiz manager14:54
HorizonXPok, looks like the Grid plugin does what I want14:55
morsnowskiARTSIOM, that's the only way i know to get the packages that were installed automatically I'm afraid14:55
HorizonXPand it's in the compiz-fusion-plugins-extra package...14:55
Sidney__are there any apps that will wipe free space14:55
freakolowskyis gnome-shell using dconf or gconf?14:56
tahimikSidney: you can try bleachbit14:56
Guest31475is there a way to keep menu options in panel always visible14:57
level15hi, all: i have 3 LVM volumes on 3 different servers. I formatted them as ext 4. They all mount fine. However, when the system is booting, it complains it cannot check them because of too high revision of the FS or damaged superblock (see http://pastebin.com/RVgrFk5U). If I do file -sL /dev/vg00/bacula_backups, it says it is indeed an ext4 FS, mounted or unclean. ANy ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.14:58
L3topsWhat menu options are you talking about Guest31475?14:58
Guest31475tops - like when i hover to top panel menu-view-tools-help14:59
Guest31475these options only show when cursor goes there , i want them always visible15:00
vimanei have intall mate DE from minimal cd, but no shutdown option. how can i make shutdown option appear?15:00
L3topslevel15: you are running an ext2 check on an ext4 filesystem... use fsck.ext4 instead (probably just fsck would work)15:00
L3topslevel15: clearly we do not want these mounted when checking.15:00
level15L3tops: fsck.ext4 gives the same results15:01
level15L3tops: yes, they are unmounted15:01
level15L3tops: see http://pastebin.com/KQqeLi7Z  it still calls e2fsck15:02
L3topsOh... I see...15:02
L3topsthats wacky.15:02
Sidney__I have a partition onced used for mp3's now I oinly have 90 GB on the drive but it shows 252 used15:03
vimanehas 12.04 no shutdown option in x-server?15:04
Guest31475any clue tops15:05
tahimikvimane: in a terminal you can type   sudo shutdown -h now15:05
Churchis there way to install packages from oneiric repository on 12.04?15:06
ikoniaChurch: no15:06
tahimikSidney:  sudo apt-get install testdisk  then  testdisk /dev/xxx   where xxx is your drive15:07
Guest31475tahimik can u suggest i have a simple thing to ask15:09
Guest31475is there a way to keep menu options in panel always visible15:09
L3topsnot to my knowledge Guest31475... it seems as though hiding would be the preferred behavior...15:10
tahimikSidney: Guest31475: sorry, I usually work at command line. Don't know much about panel gui15:12
lpappHey! How can I disable the screen lock after not using the toughbook for a while ?15:13
lpappIt is a touch based device, and screen lock with entering the password just breaks the workflow.15:13
jobinarDoes anyone know a single command to compile a source code to install all dependencies, without having to individually install each dependency?15:14
lpappohh this one15:15
llutzjobinar: apt-get build-dep packagename15:16
jobinarThanks llutz15:16
arooni-mobilehi folks; just swapped the hard drive in my lenovo t420 ; and i ran the smartmontools on the new drive with these results for the long test:  https://gist.github.com/2782166 ... this is a brand new drive.  do the results look good or should i be concerned?15:19
L3topsllutz: wouldn't you want a -b in there?15:20
compdocarooni-mobile, Reallocated_Sector_Ct   is zero, so thats good15:21
jobinarL3tops: why is that needed?15:21
L3topsbecause it does the build.15:21
jobinarand if i dont, wouldn't make do it?15:22
L3topsyes... I was just trying to address your question: <jobinar> Does anyone know a single command to compile a source code to install all dependencies, without having to individually install each dependency?15:22
arooni-mobilecompdoc, whats weird is that disk utility reports 17 unallocated sectors.  .... does smartmontools override disk utility?15:23
L3topsto compile with all of the dependencies from a single command would require the -b arg jobinar.15:23
=== fernando is now known as Guest44804
compdocarooni-mobile, should show the same info, unless one tool or the other is reading it wrong15:23
compdocunallocated sectors? do you mean reallocated sectors?15:24
jobinarso is sudo apt-get build -b <packagename>,what i need to do?15:24
jobinari mean 'build-dep"15:24
jobinarsorry for that15:24
JHutson456_I can't figure out what I did, but now in the file explorer all the icons are defaulted to be HUGE15:24
HungryManHey, is this the support IRC?15:25
L3topscorrect jobinar15:25
L3topsyes HungryMan15:25
jobinarThanks, L3tops!15:25
arooni-mobilecompanio-, disk utility shows 17 current pending sector count15:25
HungryManGreat. I'm trying to set up a chroot going by this wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebootstrapChroot15:26
companio-arooni-mobile, stop highlighting me!15:26
BaribalHey, HungryMan; did you name yourself after the The Wire character?15:26
HungryManBut I'm getting an error when I type schroot -l15:26
HungryManI didn't =p I named myself after a sandwich lol15:26
HungryMannot as exciting15:26
arooni-mobilesorry comp!15:27
arooni-mobilecompdoc, rather15:27
HungryManHere's the command/error: root@colin-vaio:/home/colin# schroot -l15:27
HungryManE: /etc/schroot/chroot.d/precise_amd64.conf: line 0: Invalid line: “ [precise_amd64]”15:27
JHutson456_dear lord, ignore me, I figured it out15:27
compdocarooni-mobile, pending sectors arent as bad as rellocated. It could mean comm problems or power problems. It means they will continue to be tested15:28
biebin ubuntu 12.04.. how do I change to the gtk greeter?15:28
L3topsHungryMan: Doesn't schroot require a location you are schrooting? What are you doing exactly?15:28
vickManiaAnyone using Xmonad on Ubuntu 12.04?15:28
L3tops!anyone | vickMania15:29
ubottuvickMania: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:29
HungryManschroot -l should list all of the chroots i've created15:29
HungryManI just created a chroot15:29
bieb!gtk greeter15:29
HungryManspecifically I created it in /srv/chroot/precise_amd6415:29
vickManiaDoes anyone use Xmonad on Ubuntu 12.04 ?15:29
chuvickMania: Don't repeatedly post the same thing so often. If you have a question, ask it. We'll see what the hive knows.15:30
=== remi is now known as Guest52888
HungryManI made a topic about it btw: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198608915:31
HungryManIt includes my full .conf file15:31
chuvickMania: That's fine, just ask your question straight off :)15:31
vickManiai am having problems with xmonad when i install it using repos, anyone else had any problem?15:32
L3tops!anyone | vickMania15:32
ubottuvickMania: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:32
Guest52888hello there15:33
chuHey Guest5288815:33
L3tops!details | vickMania15:33
ubottuvickMania: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:33
=== Guest52888 is now known as rems
remswhat's up!15:33
vickManiaI have a  problem with Xmonad, I'm running Ubuntu version 12.04. Its installs fine, but when i try to log out and relogin choosing xmonad just a blank screen comes and nothing happens15:35
HungryManok so i removed some spaces and now i get15:36
HungryManE: /etc/schroot/chroot.d/precise_amd64.conf: [precise_amd64]: Required key ‘directory’ is missing15:36
hairydogGood day everyone!15:37
hairydogDoes anyone know if it is possible to join a windows domain on a ubuntu machine?15:37
hairydogI'm trying to connect my Ubuntu VM to my workplace's domain15:37
hairydogin order to use network printers and resources15:37
mr-richhairydog: samba?15:38
hairydogwhat is samba mr-rich ?15:39
zykotick9!samba | hairydog15:40
ubottuhairydog: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:40
flagg0204anyone know of a way to set ifdown to not issue a dhclient -r15:40
flagg0204i dont want a DHCPRELEASE to be sent when the interface is brought down15:40
LadyNikongood morning.15:42
L3topsvickMania: chances are you haven't told anything else to start. can you pastebin your ~/.xinitrc15:44
vickManiahere is the ~/.xinitrc http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004935/15:45
BLZbubbaok so it is a total disaster to combine focus-follows-mouse with Unity15:45
BLZbubbaif a window is at the bottom of the screen and there is another app above it, how do you get to the menu?15:45
zykotick9L3tops: i don't think .xinitrc is executed if you are using a DM.  i certainly could be wrong, but thought that is only a "startx" method15:47
L3topsvickMania: go ahead and enter an @ to the end of the xmonad line (last line) that will bring up a terminal. You can install various things.15:47
hairydogthanks zykotick915:47
|DM|why do people keep using me :<15:47
compdoc|DM|, its better than being left alone15:48
|DM|compdoc: but... but it feels like rape :< . The take me, they use me and they don't even talk to me. They just use me and move on.15:48
|DM|And I have to handle all their stuff15:48
compdocwelcome to IT15:49
L3topsThere are various shortcuts to bring up applications in xmonad... I would google some...15:49
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest91814
vickMania@L3tops is it possible that you can share your ~/.xinitrc if u have a working one?15:51
rizzyI can connect to my work wireless network, but I have no internet. If I am on windows it connects fine to the internet. If I am at home the wireless internet works fine. The only time I don't have internet is here at work with Ubuntu. Any ideas at all what could be hanging this up?15:51
vickMania@rizzy might be some issues with ur wireless drivers15:52
syntroPi!ubotu > syntroPi15:53
ubottusyntroPi, please see my private message15:53
aLeSDhi all15:53
aLeSDthe rt patch is already in the kenrl ?15:53
MahastiI'm having a problem installing ubuntu from a USB, I get to the advanced boot screen and when I try the 'install' option or 'try without installing' my computer restarts. I've tried deleting the quiet spash, and ive been messing with the options, still nothing. I've tried the settings on the boot manager page also... can anybody help me please?15:53
ausnwordon the boot line type vga=39515:54
biebUbuntu 12.04 LTSP.. connecting to Active Directory with Likewise, to get the other user option back, one must disable the user list and guest account in lightdm or use the gtk greeter... is it as simple as going into lightdm.conf and change the line greeter-session=unity-greeter to "gtk-greeter" or is there more to it?15:55
zykotick9ausnword: fyi vga= has been deprectated for a while, can can cause issues (but might still work)15:55
zykotick9s/can can/and can/15:55
=== branant_ is now known as branant
Mahastiundefined video mode number: 18b, pressed enter to see available modes, tried a few selections and still restarts15:57
reflexrgon ubuntu 11.10 ufw doesn't work after I have opened ports for transmission. transmission says that the port I opened is closed...15:58
reflexrgI had firestarter install before but I purge it15:58
reflexrgsudo ufw status15:59
reflexrgStatus: active15:59
ausnwordvga=395 option 4 or 615:59
Mahastineither worked :(15:59
reflexrgwell going to go back to firestarter16:00
reflexrgufw doesn't work16:00
airstrikehi. what's the easiest way to send an attachment from the terminal through gmail?16:01
Mahastiany other suggestions, ausnword? i appreciate your help so far16:02
zykotick9airstrike: if you use terminal based email - you might want to try mutt16:02
airstrikeit's a one off thing, zykotick916:03
llutzairstrike: mailx -a attachment -s subject tosomeone@somewhere        (heirloom-mailx)16:03
reflexrgis it because my system is setup for static ip?16:04
designbybeckGreetings Dr_willis16:04
designbybeckGood news, the jump drive worked as expected!!!16:04
designbybeckI have noticed though it does take a LONG time to install stuff??16:05
Dr_willisusb flash are slower then hds16:05
designbybeckah I thought you said it would be faster Dr_willis16:05
Dr_willisfaster then using a cd.16:05
hairydogok so I used the guide to setting up a samba file server16:05
ausnwordeSATA to hdmi16:06
hairydogI can see my ubuntu virtual machine from my windows box, but I can't access the share folder on it16:06
Dr_williswait for USB3 flash drives to come out. ;)16:06
hairydogwindows keeps asking for username/password authentication16:06
Dr_willishairydog,  you gave the samba user a samba password with the command 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME' ?16:06
ausnwordcant boot from my external usb hdd?16:06
beandogDr_willis: do they really run that fast that they'd benefit from usb3?16:07
hairydog^ I followed that guide exactly as it is16:07
Dr_willisbeandog,  my other usb3 hds seem a lot lot faster. ;)16:07
beandogDr_willis: really?  huh.16:07
=== VirtualBlackness is now known as L3top
Dr_willisi have a large stack of external usb hds - i keep video files on.. so every bit of speed helps16:07
Dr_willisever try to copy 1TB of data to a external usb? ;)16:08
ausnwordmount -f?16:08
designbybeckyes Dr_willis... then I come back to it the next day!16:08
hairydogI've never even had 1TB of data16:08
beandogDr_willis: not lately.  Mine runs on eSATA, thank goodness16:08
Dr_willisI have a few external sata's but they never seem to work right.16:09
hairydogeSATA is faster than USB3 or no?16:09
ausnworddd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda takes 45 min no matter16:09
BLZbubbahairydog: i would expect the drive to be the limiting factor either way16:09
beandogBLZbubba: yahp.16:09
Dr_willisyea - the hd themselfs are slower then what the buss/connections can handle i belive.16:09
hairydoglet's say you have the same speed drive but one is USB3 one is eSATA, what would be a faster transfer rate?16:10
Dr_willisevery improvement, leapfrogs other things to move the main bottleneck somewhere else.16:10
beandogprobably eSATA16:10
ausnwordeSATA to hdmi16:10
hairydogoh nice16:10
Dr_willissata comes in differnt speeds also now a days i belive..16:10
beandogsata 1, 2, 316:10
beandogsata 3 is standard right now16:10
BLZbubbahairydog: but this is getting close to lmgtfy.com territory :)  e.g.: http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=212026616:11
pgibDoes anyone else dislike the "Enter" key behavior in the Unity HUD?  Pressing enter will execute whatever the first item is on the list - however, sometimes the list is slow to update.  Case in point: type "gimp" and press enter. Evince starts because the list didn't update in time.16:11
=== abhi_69 is now known as WindowsGeek
Dr_willispgib,  cant say ive noticed that.16:11
Dr_willisbrb. gotta do a reboots.16:11
BLZbubba"The transfer rates for eSATA and USB3 are very close. A really good eSATA setup should win by a narrow margin."16:11
hairydoganyhow, can anyone help me figure out what I did wrong16:11
pgibso now, if I want to issue a command, I need to wait an additional second for the hud to say "Oh he's done typing. Let's update the list"  In my opinion, after pressing enter it should perform one final "update" even if it is invisible to the user16:11
hairydogI followed that guide on setting up samba file server, I'm in an ubuntu virtual machine with a bridged network connection16:12
hairydogand I can see from my windows machine the shared folder16:12
hairydogbut when I try to open it, windows authentication pops up asking for username/password16:12
hairydogI tried doing ubuntuvm\master and then my password16:12
hairydogbut it didn't work16:12
hairydogtried using my network username and password and that didn't work either. I'm stumped16:12
beandoghairydog: did you use smbpasswd on the server?16:13
hairydogall I've done is what that guide said to do16:13
hairydogfollowed it step for step16:14
beandogI hate it when that happens16:14
beandogthat's when I start throwing chairs across the room16:14
beandoghairydog: can I get a link?16:14
beandoghairydog: oh, heck, just pastebin smb.conf16:15
beandogmuch simpler16:15
beandogwtc.  WHY are they chowning the directory to nobody??16:15
hairydogk one sec16:15
beandogThat is, really dumb.16:15
hairydognew to ubuntu16:15
=== BaconAttack__ is now known as BaconAttack_
hairydogthere you go beandog16:17
sirriffsalotI've got this http://www.aten.com/products/productItem.php?model_no=CS12 but wonder how I could connect it to my two computers still using my USB devices (keyboard, mouse).... Is there a way to do this?16:18
beandoghairydog: you didn't uncomment security = user16:19
hairydogI did the first time and it asked me still16:19
beandogLemme see what mine is. brb16:19
hairydogso I put it back thinking that it was trying to ask me about the username and password because of that16:19
hairydogand still got the same result16:19
pgibit will ask you, but I thought you would then use your ubuntu username and password16:19
OerHeksbeandog, i see that he made changes, not all of them ( PAM ? ) and not in the right place16:20
hairydogyeah see I uncommented it again16:21
beandogOerHeks: oh yah?16:21
hairydogand restarted smbd and nmbd16:21
beandoghairydog: what changes did you make16:21
hairydogand it still is asking16:21
beandoghairydog: also, here's mine: http://pastebin.com/zTVkQqcL16:21
beandogwait sec16:22
beandoghairydog: go ahead and do smbpasswd again for the user16:22
=== zaid is now known as zaid_h
hairydogwhat is smbpasswd?16:23
beandogchanges samba passwords16:23
beandogsmbpasswd <user>16:23
beandoguser you're connecting as16:23
beandogchanging unix password won't affec it16:23
hairydogenter that in console or what?16:24
hairydogit's asking for an option16:24
hairydogsmbpasswd [options] [username]16:24
hairydoggives me a list of options16:24
beandogno options16:25
zykotick9sirriffsalot: you might want to ask in #hardware, obviously you'd need USB->PS2 adapters (and it may or may not work with those?)16:25
hairydogif I try to put no option it just asks me for option16:25
beandogwhat are you putting16:25
zykotick9sirriffsalot: i find most consumer grade KVMs are sketchy at the best of times16:25
hairydogI forgot to use sudo16:25
hairydogk now what do i do?16:26
sirriffsalotzykotick9: how come?16:26
MO_Handes!lol | beandog16:26
ubottubeandog: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.16:26
beandogsame ^^16:26
* beandog lulz16:26
hairydogrestart smbd and nmbd now beandog ?16:26
beandogsmbpasswd <user>16:26
beandogthat's all16:26
hairydogI did that16:26
beandogand did it let you in?16:27
beandogwell, frack.16:27
zykotick9sirriffsalot: i personally didn't have the greatest luck with my Linksys 4port KVM switch, ended up giving it to a friend (that's just my personal experience, YMMV)16:27
L3top!enter | beandog and hairydog16:27
ubottubeandog and hairydog: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:27
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:27
beandoghairydog: I dunno, I give up, aside from trailing the samba logs.16:27
beandoghairydog: and chowing the directory back to a normal user16:28
beandoghairydog: you could do what I did, and just steal the config from Turnkey Linux: http://pastie.org/396174216:29
morsnowskiyou config stealing dogs16:31
beandogmorsnowski: I think the correct term is 'lazy'16:31
morsnowskijust couldn't resist :)16:32
=== Guest65315 is now known as WelshDragon
pungi-manwhy is this channel so quiet??16:40
beandogbecause we solved everyone's problems16:41
L3topBecause in this space and time we have solved every Ubuntu issue there is.16:41
L3topround of applause16:41
* beandog golf claps16:41
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
morfeoHow install aptana in ubuntu, now i find only download the file but i can do it with terminal?16:43
ausnwordGO AWAY BRIDGETT16:43
opalepatrickanyone have any idea how to get bluefish editor to recognise html5 tags?16:43
ausnwordGO AWAY KAEMAR16:44
ausnwordjust go away16:44
thauriswulfaHELP: My Xubuntu keeps downloading something whenever I connect to internet upto half an hour or so but I don't have zeitgist enabled or some such software connected to internet in background and I am also not good with softwares like wireshark to find that out. So is it normal?16:44
tomvolekhow do i create a trunk directory in svn server ?16:45
sk1specialjust installed windows 8 and i cant boot it from the grub menu anymore..did the update thing..and it sees it..and it actually gets to the windows logo screen. then my pc restarts16:47
sk1special( and it boots fine by loading windows instead )16:48
OerHekssk1special, re install grub2 with the live cd16:50
thauriswulfask1special : it happens with me too but the second time it loads properly Why don't you ask at #windows about configuring the boot settings16:50
L3topsk1special: you should, in general, do this backwards. Install windows, and then install linux. You might try fixing the MBR from windows, and then grub-install update grub again. Windows 8 I have not done anything with.16:50
Russhow is it that bug records get deleted?!?16:50
ubottuError: malone bug 869397 not found16:50
Russis gone!16:50
jamiejacksonhi folks. i'm using openjdk for java development. however, i need a java 1.5 jdk for this project. i don't think there's an openjdk5. can i install sun java 5 alongside my openjdks?16:50
Russa bunch bugs have 867397 marked as their duplicat16:50
thauriswulfajamiejackson: yes you can16:50
Russsuch as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ekiga/+bug/92384816:51
sk1specialah..mmk ty for the suggs16:51
ubottuError: Bug #923848 is a duplicate of bug #869397, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/869397)16:51
thauriswulfajamiejackson: I have openjdk 6,sun java 6,7 all at same time16:51
jamiejacksonthauriswulfa: thanks. straightforward, no caveats?16:51
Russah, private...16:51
Russwtf does that mean16:51
jamiejacksonthauriswulfa: do you use packages for sun javas, or sun installers?16:52
pabelangerQ: How long do dhclient keep trying to get an IP address, if none are served up? I had a problem with my dhcp server (my fault; configuration issue) but one of my servers has not yet re-obtained an IP address.  It seems dhclient has stopped tring16:52
t432Would it be ok to start x server in multiple terminals?16:52
elspuddyhi, im trying to mount an image of my mac hard drive (the image was made with dd) when i go to mount it i get an error , http://pastebin.ca/2153630 , dmesg says [16970.891237] Buffer I/O error on device loop0, logical block 19537139216:52
thauriswulfajamiejackson: no installers just extracted to some jvm folder in /etc16:52
zykotick9t432: it's possible.  "startx -- :1" for example16:52
jamiejacksonah, right. got it. thx, thauriswulfa16:53
thauriswulfat432: I just learned doing that too :-) my advice , do not do sudo with that16:53
zykotick9t432: you should probably only do that with different users mind you16:53
melvincvI'm curious, why the switch to 'rhythmbox' in 12.04?16:54
melvincvfron banshee16:55
zykotick9melvincv: it's not mono-containated16:55
zykotick9melvincv: mono don't run on as many platforms (ie. portable arm devices) that ubuntu wants to support16:55
=== sideonee is now known as sideone
Matisseis there a good, and maybe free (as in free software) alternative to yahoo groups? i want to start a mailing list, but yahoo registration doesnt work (with opera/konqueror I cant even open the registration form)16:57
melvincvI see. But I see that song titles are still cut off, like 'song' becomes 'sono'. Noticed that? Any quick fix?16:57
icerootMatisse: local server, google groups, usenet, launchpad-mailing-lists16:57
thauriswulfaMatisse: Google groups?16:57
cody_Whats up??16:58
ausnwordcody soaks16:58
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.16:58
cody_And WHY is that????16:58
daviddoriaI need the package sqlite3-dev (for sqlite3.h), but muon doesn't seem to have it (12.04)?16:58
havane31hello everybody16:58
FloodBot1cody_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:58
icerootcody_: stop it16:59
thauriswulfacody_ : because we are happy to have you already on this channel you can go to #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat16:59
cody_THIS IS FREE CHAT!16:59
iceroot!ot | cody_16:59
ubottucody_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:59
havane31i need some help, please16:59
trismmelvincv: bug 81147516:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811475 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "Descender letters (g j p q y) get their tail cut off in current song" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81147516:59
sirriffsalotCome on, the guy lends a bit of fun to the place16:59
sirriffsalotHe does light things up16:59
sirriffsalot"Why so serious?"16:59
cody_i can help you17:00
ausnwordwhy not keel ju17:00
icerootdaviddoria: libsqlite3-dev: /usr/include/sqlite3.h17:00
L3topHe, and you, and others, make it difficult to field support questions, copy and paste, etc, in a channel with over 1500 people in it. Stop it.17:00
jiffe98so I'm booting off of a read-only disk and after I choose the grub option and before it loads the kernel it looks like its trying to do a write to the boot disk, which fails, is there a grub configuration option I can set to not write to the boot disk?17:00
havane31xubunto is booting too slowly on my pc17:00
icerootsirriffsalot: this is a support channel and not a flooding-channel with offtopics17:00
pungi-mani am currently using ubuntu. but i have about fedora a lot. i am a intermediate programmer and user and want to know which one would be better for me17:00
daviddoriaiceroot, ah, I see it. How would I have found that? sqlite3-dev turned up nothing in the muon search, nor did sqlite3.h17:00
icerootdaviddoria: apt-file search sqlite3.h17:00
sirriffsaloticeroot: "Why so serious?"17:01
daviddoriaiceroot, awesome, thanks17:01
sirriffsalotcody_: although, considering you're not in charge here, your IP might get banned...:)17:01
icerootdaviddoria: you have to install apt-file first (sudo apt-get install apt-file) and then update the db (sudo apt-file update)17:01
sirriffsalotAm I right?17:01
melvincvso, uh, is it Fix committed or Fix released?17:01
icerootsirriffsalot: i told you already, so stop it please17:01
cody_i wanted to have fun you party poopers>:(17:01
cody_:( u ruined it.....17:02
sirriffsaloticeroot: and I told you "Why so serious about it?":D17:02
icerootcody_: #ubuntu-offtopic17:02
L3topbecause havane31 is not getting helped sirriffsalot. havane31 can you please give details about the problem.17:02
icerootsirriffsalot: #ubuntu-offtopic17:02
nik_I have a problem with Ubuntu 12.04, I changed the theme using MyUnity and the system froze17:02
thauriswulfapungi-man: you want to go the easy way for ubuntu thats all I know17:02
nik_now when I try to login it just freezes17:02
havane31can i copy paste one line here?17:02
melvincvcody_: please, people need help with their ubuntu here17:02
sirriffsalotcody_: At least find comfort in the fact that you're not an old fart yet:D17:02
cody_How do you get to a chatroom that is not about computers?????17:02
nik_how do I change the theme from the commandline in a tty tterminal ?17:02
L3topyes havane3117:03
havane31dmesg result >>> [   21.365877] Adding 4192252k swap on /dev/mapper/cryptswap1.  Priority:-1 extents:1 across:4192252k  [   31.184015] eth0: no IPv6 routers present17:03
pungi-manthauriswulfa, even i know that ubuntu is for novices and fedora is a big man's job. but i want to know about intermediate users17:03
havane31it seems to slow down the boot17:03
ausnworddoes anyone else think magnitude is annoying?17:03
L3topcody_: /join #freenode  for irc related questions.17:03
sirriffsalotcody_: talk to friends?:P17:03
cody_IS THERE A chatroom for non compueter talk17:04
cody_yeah.. kinda17:04
L3top!poll | ausnword17:04
ubottuausnword: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:04
icerootcody_: #ubuntu-offtopic17:04
daviddoriaFilezilla seems to be broken in 12.04: http://forum.filezilla-project.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=24882&p=95859#p95859 - is there a reason why it isn't removed from the software sources?17:05
trismmelvincv: the fix is not in 12.04, or even a released rhythmbox yet, the upstream code apparently has a new layout that doesn't have this problem, according to the gnome bug17:06
havane31perhaps i could disable the encryption, but i don't how to do it17:07
melvincvtrism: oops :( got to live with it then. I thought I could do some config to fix it17:08
anonymous_hello anonymous17:09
trismmelvincv: we may still see it fixed, there is some discussion in the comments about added a workaround to the code17:09
L3tophavane31: disable the line in /etc/crypttab that mentions cryptswap and remove the cryptswap line from /etc/fstab... then cryptsetup remove cryptswap1, then you should be able to see the swap partition, and recreate it as a regular swap for good measure.17:09
havane31in fact the login sequence is too slow not the boot sequence sorry17:10
L3tophavane31: I am cobbling this reply together from some things, so please backup anything you change.17:10
havane3130 seconds to boot is ok17:10
havane31(i am not an ubuntu expert)17:11
ausnwordhow about 51 seconds to pull up a webpage?17:11
morsnowskishoot your isp17:11
BLZbubbathe original problem scrolled off, what's the slowness issue?17:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:12
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con-manThe action would require the installation of packages from unauthenticated sources.17:13
con-manwhat's that message mean17:13
con-manI mean I know what it means17:13
con-manbut it blocks me from installing any upates17:13
ausnwordget with the abscence of the program17:15
=== deejay31 is now known as deejay31|Offline
havane31it seems to be a bug affecting only xubuntu but nobody answer on #xubuntu17:16
havane31sorry for the disturbance17:16
L3topcon-man: What are you trying to install and from where?17:17
ausnwordtrying to connect sata II to hdmi directly17:18
L3topausnword: stop spamming.17:18
kyle__xfce4-terminal is ignoring my shell and launching sh -> dash instead.  Anyone else experincing this after the latest update?17:18
L3topMight have better luck in #xfce kyle__17:20
kyle__L3top: Maybe, but given a 'buntu provided package that only changed behavior after an update, I thought it was worth asking if any other users noticed it.17:20
kyle__At least before heading there.17:20
gaspernoehey there17:23
harshadhow to automatically exeute particular command after startup in root previllage17:24
thauriswulfaharshad: what do you mean by that?17:25
kyle__harshad: that's what /etc/rc.local is for.  It's run as the last part of the boot sequence.17:25
UncleSlippyFistI just restarted after installing some updates, now my computer just booted into the cli. anyone else? I need help17:25
harshadkyle__:what should i do with that..??17:26
kyle__harshad: Open it in a text editor (as root) and enter the command you want to run as root right after the system finishes booting up.17:27
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
kyle__harshad: For example (assuming you had postfix sendmail exim4 whatever installed), you could put this line in there:  mail -s "The system booted up" me@myownpersonalphoneydomain.com17:28
kyle__harshad: NP.17:29
e33hi, i was running fedora 16, and virtualbox where i have backup all virtual hard disk  *.vdi on external hard disk. i change the operating system to ubuntu, so i could use the same vdi17:29
kyle__e33: the vdi format is identical on all platforms VBox runs on.  I frequently made VDIs files on OSX and used them in ubuntu.  You'll be fine.17:30
MahastiI'm having a problem installing ubuntu from a USB, I get to the advanced boot screen and when I try the 'install' option or 'try without installing' my computer restarts. I've tried deleting the quiet spash, and ive been messing with the options, still nothing. I've tried the settings on the boot manager page also, adding vga=395 doesn't work either... can anybody help me please?17:31
thauriswulfaMahasti: run a check on what its called maybe md5sum17:32
thauriswulfaMahasti : Md5sum of the iso file17:32
e33but i was not able to add one of the O.S as on fedora the network is p2p1, but on ubuntu is eth017:33
piihbWhat's the difference between downloading Ubuntu normally and downloading using the Windows installer?17:33
alessioanyone can tell me why I can't install ati driver?? raga qualcuno può guardare sto log e dirmi perchè non riesco ad installare sti fottutissimi driver ati?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1005101/17:33
e33kyle__: this what is shows me17:33
Dr_willispiihb,  the installer downloads the same iso file17:33
e33kyle__ do i need to change some thing in the settings?17:34
thauriswulfapiihub: windows one will act as a windows program one you can install and uninstall from control panel17:34
kyle__e33: Fedora and other redhat derivitaves are starting to name ehternet devices like BSD does.  You just treat p2p1 as eth0.   It's a name, nothing more.17:34
e33i will tell exactly what is showing to me17:35
lacinycI am currently using ubuntu precise, and generally like to keep my master audio channel at max volume so that I can tweak PCM with some hotkeys on the fly - however, something is constantly changing the PCM and Master channel levels so that PCM is higher and Master is lower; can anyone point me to the culprit of this level changing?17:37
lacinycthis did not happen with previous versions of ubuntu17:37
red_hi all I am wanting to put a super user on my android phone can anyone help or advice please17:37
kyle__red_: This is #ubuntu, not #android.  Also, google is your friend.17:38
red_thank you kyle I hope by your reponse there will be android chat room17:39
kyle__red_: Yup, there is.17:39
lucidhaha google is your friend17:40
lucidgood one17:40
kyle__lucid: I suppose when dealing with android that may be taking multiple ways hu? :D17:40
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lucidJust installed Ubuntu beside windows 7 but it keeps going directly going to win7 without giving the choice between the two17:41
lucidto right kyle17:41
lucidim new to this but I think whats missing the GRUB?17:42
kyle__lucid: Which boot-loader comes up?  Grub or winii whatever-tf-it is?17:42
lucidjust win17:42
* kyle__ nods17:42
lucidno grub, but ubuntu is installed on a partition17:42
lucidshould i install ubuntu first?17:42
Mahastithauriswulfa, I ran a md5 checker off of cnet and it doesnt match...17:43
kyle__lucid: You need to install grub.  I think there's some little helper script/tool that will automake the settings for you to go into the OS of your choice.  But someone else will have to help you, I'm not that great with grub.17:43
fabiobikim trying to get my omnikey 5321 reader work but when i start pcscd daemon i get this17:43
lelamal!grub2 | lucid17:43
e33kyle__: hi, i was running fedora 16, and virtualbox where i have backup all virtual hard disk  *.vdi on external hard disk. i change the operating system to ubuntu, so i could use the same vdi17:43
ubottulucid: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:43
lucidthanks lads/gals?17:43
thauriswulfaMahasti : you got to download again then because the previous file was damaged I guess17:43
Mahastiok, thank you ;)17:44
NoiseEeeanyone think of why a linux/ubuntu server would switch to a dhcp-given IP without me issuing a network restart, and with a static IP set in /etc/network/interfaces ?17:44
wmarone_has anyone had trouble with package authentication? I have a fresh install of lubuntu 12.04 and keep getting "the following packages cannot be authenticated" for every apt-get install command, even after doing an apt-get update... any ideas?17:44
=== noone is now known as Guest90451
lacinycit appears my "volume levels changing" was due to the audio device being configured as "with amplifier", since it seems to have stopped after changing that..17:45
lacinycso, hurray, and such.17:45
Guest90451Hi, someone known how to connect thunderbird to a microsoft exchange server17:45
kyle__e33: The VDI format is the same across distros & systems.  This is a virtualbox issue.  All you need to do is make new VMs and point them to the VDI files.  Someone in a virtualbox channel may be able to help.17:45
kyle__Guest90451: You just do.  Probably telling it it's IMAP is best.17:45
fabiobikim trying to get my omnikey 5321 reader work but when i start pcscd daemon i get this http://pastebin.com/iT4vjTGZ17:46
e33thanks a lot kyle__\17:46
BA707Good morning All...  Just coming back to Ubuntu after being away for a couple years.   Ran out of patience with 'the Puppies'...17:46
Guest90451kyle__, I've got the server name from outlook express, but I can't configure it on thenderbird17:47
sk1specialhow do i fix.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1005123/17:47
sk1specialeven tho thats allready what my res is set to17:47
LucidGuysk1special, nVidia?17:49
BA707First things first...  On the login screen, whatever account I click on, the first time I click on it after entering that screen (or re-entering it), there is no field for the password.  I must CANCEL that first attempt, then on the second try - the password field comes up.  Is there a fix for this ?17:49
kyle__Guest90451: You just put it in as an IMAP server, and (if you're on it's local network) the SMTP server.  If you're not on it's local network, you may have to find another SMTP server.  For whatever reason the thunderbird build in ubuntu doesn't let you save your account & account settings if the SMTP server is bad/non-existant/not-responding.17:49
sk1specialits not a big deal.. just lame to have it pop up every restart17:49
LucidGuyusing nouveau or nvidia drivers?17:49
quixotedonBA707: what versioin are you using?17:49
sk1specialahh.. im  not sure17:49
PictixBonsoir tout le monde / Hi everybody17:50
LucidGuysk1special, lsmod and grep for nouv17:50
Guest90451kyle__, thank you, I'll try17:50
LucidGuyWhat distro/version?17:50
BA707sk1special: Lucid 10.04 LTS (simply because that is the CD I have)17:50
gmcinnesHowdy all17:51
quixotedon!fr | Pictix17:51
ubottuPictix: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:51
vickManiaSomeone please help me with my ganglia installation. Here is my paste of the error i am getting. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1005140/17:51
Pictixthanx quixotedon :)17:51
sk1speciali have 12.04 lts. but LucidGuy: just run sudo lsmod? and will that mess up anything?17:51
Dr_willisBA707,  weird., You have installed all updates and so forth>17:51
Dr_willissk1special,  lsmod just lists the modules..17:51
Dr_willislike 'ls' shows files.. 'lsmod' shows modules that are loaded.17:52
naryfaHi everyone. Anybody here need's a Linux admin ? I need a job :)17:52
sk1specialDr_willis: ah mmk. still new :]17:52
LucidGuysk1special, ok right off the bat Im walking away from your issue .. I'm not a fan of Unity.  If this was a nice Gnome2 environment then I could help.17:52
gmcinnesIn my stupidity, I removed grub from a machine. I've managed to boot the machine from ubuntu rescue remix. How do I get into the "real" environment so I can reinstall grub?17:52
gianfrancocomo configurar ubunu para que no consuma mucha bateria?17:52
gianfrancoalgun tip?17:53
Dr_willisgmcinnes,  you dont really need to get into the real enviroment if you install the fix-boot utility. or use the proper command like options17:53
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:53
Dr_willishttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair boot-repair tool can be installed on the live cd (to ram) and can fix a lot of the issues17:53
sk1specialLucidGuy: lmao. ah mmk sall good.. yeah took a couple days of help on here to get my setup actually working ..was all kinda issues. but all thats wrong now is that t/y anyway tho17:53
JessicaWcan you use setgid on a directory for one group and then setgid for another group in a subdirectory of that directory?17:54
gmcinnesDr_willis: I just uninstalled grub, and forgot to re-install :( Dumb.17:54
Dr_willisgmcinnes,  Hmm.. thats.. weird. why would you remove grub? :)17:54
BA707sk1special:  Did I miss your response ?17:55
Dr_willisgmcinnes,  in that case you do need to chroot in and reinstall grub i imagine.17:55
gmcinnesI'm having issues going from 10.04 to 12.04. do-release-upgrade leaves me with an unbootable disk.17:55
sk1specialBA707: ah maybe? lol if you were asking which verzion i have its 12.04 lts17:55
gmcinnesHowever, apt-get uninstall —purge grub2*; apt-get install grub2 fixes everything.17:55
gmcinnesI just forgot the 2nd step on one machine :)17:56
gmcinnesDr_willis: Any cluestick on how to chroot? It's been a while.17:56
BA707sk1: negative...  I answered your question about which version *I* am using with the login password field fail.17:56
diakitehi everybody17:56
quixotedonBA707: that was my question :)17:57
quixotedonBA707: have you tried updating after logging in?17:57
BA707sk1special: negative...  I answered your question about which version *I* am using with the login password field fail.17:57
diakiteI'm newcomer and I wanna know why my Ubuntu12.04 cant run airmon-ng17:58
sk1specialBA707 : but .. i didnt ask you any questions17:58
quixotedondiakite: it's no longer supported17:58
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d8bhattaHey guys, I have installed sendmail, set up smtp server info into php.ini, when I execute my php code, it neither gives me error nor i receive emails17:58
Gewinnennew to kubuntu, trying to update my java. I'm having some trouble17:59
d8bhattaAny idea?17:59
JessicaWd8bhatta: can you send mail through sendmail without using php?17:59
diakitedo I have another way to get it??17:59
JessicaWd8bhatta: I would start there. make sure it's working and configured properly. Then once you've verified that, check your php.17:59
BA707sk1special: Someone asks me..  Thought it was you..  Sorry..  <checking back in history>17:59
JessicaWis anyone familiar with setgid permissions?18:00
diakitequiotedon do I have another way to get it??18:00
diakitequixotedon do I have another way to get it??18:00
BA707quixotedon: Guessit was you that asked..  :)  I am using v10.04 LTS (because that is the CD I have)18:01
sk1specialBa707: sall good. with my supa limited knowledge .. i would say that just sounds like your pc is supa garby :] when i use my older ide harddrive i have issues like that especially on boot18:02
newlou-osI'm new to Zorin, having trouble printing-any help out there?18:03
d8bhattaJessicaW: I think sendmail is  not configured yet18:03
Dr_willisnewlou-os,  zorin has its own support channels - somewhere.. its not ubuntu.18:04
quixotedondiakite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apoaHf8tPVk but i haven't tried it yet18:04
Dr_willisnewlou-os,  and last i used zorin. i figured i was better off with ubuntu. ;)18:04
diakiteok thank you18:04
JessicaWd8bhatta: if you're just using to let your php script send mail, be lazy, uninstall sendmail and install ssmtp. It's super easy to configure.18:04
d8bhattaJessicaW: hmm...ok..18:05
quixotedonBA707: sometimes fault things like that happen but it only occasionally happens18:05
newlou-osanyone know where Zorin board is?18:05
Dr_willisnewlou-os,  id say check their homepage/forums for mention of irc channels. it might be #zorin  it might not be on this server at all18:06
BA707quixotedon: I have lost track of where the utility is for changing the background and layout of the login screen.  Is that still available ?  Perhaps changing that will straighten out the prob ?18:06
JessicaWd8bhatta: here. this helps. http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/10/21/sending-email-from-your-system-with-ssmtp/18:06
newlou-oszorin is ubuntu isn't it?18:07
JessicaWd8bhatta: but, if you plan on sending and receiving mail, either configure sendmail or install postifix.18:07
Dr_willisnewlou-os,  just because its based on ubuntu, does not make it supported here.18:07
famicube64does anyone know how to change the grub resolution? I want it to be 1080p for my VM18:07
newlou-osok thanks Dr. willis18:07
d8bhattaJessicaW:  I only need to send email18:07
Dr_willisfamicube64,  /etc/default/grub18:07
d8bhattaso ssmtp may be a good choice18:07
=== luizcantoni is now known as cantoni
Dr_willisi dont see much point in grub being 1080p :)18:08
quixotedonBA707: have you tried using others such as gnome ?? sorry, i started using ubuntu since 10.10 so i haven't had much idea about 10.04 layout18:08
famicube64yes I know the config file but I don't know what to add to make it 108018:08
Dr_willistheres a few lines detailign the res in the file.18:08
Dr_willisor check the grub2 docs.18:08
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:08
kyle__Hu.  OK my weird shell issue is, in fact, with ubuntu.18:09
quixotedondiakite: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/aircrack-ng/1:1.1-1.1build1 (is where it is mentioned deleted)18:09
jiffe98is there a way of finding recently installed packages?18:09
JessicaWd8bhatta: well, ssmtp is definitely the easiest. It uses whatever mail server you already have setup. For example, lets say you use gmail. You point ssmtp to use mail.gmail.com and give it the authentication info and it takes care of the rest.18:10
kanfathufoolhu_hei i need some help18:10
Gewinnennew to kubuntu, trying to update my java. I'm having some trouble18:10
Dr_willisjiffe1,  must be. ive noticed the 'logwatch' utility giveing me a summary of recently installed packages. so the log files in /var/log perhaps have info18:10
kanfathufoolhu_i need to fix permissions to ubuntu18:10
kyle__I'm running a script from crontab, that checks for a dead vnc cleans up and runs a new one, or runs a new vnc iff none is running.18:10
kanfathufoolhu_i am having extreme problems with ubuntu18:10
JessicaWd8bhatta: if you don't have access to an external smtp server then, use postfix, i personally find it easier to configure than sendmail.18:10
BA707quixotedon:  Nope...  Just installed this a couple days ago and have not really tried anything other than the OEM tools/settings.   My next step is to d/l all the updates, but I wanted to be SURE none of THEM were going to break the install or cause instability, first.  Are there any 'updates' that I should NOT do ?18:11
Dr_williskyle__,  i have seen ways to use xinit, or upstart to spawn a vnc session as needed.18:11
MustaKotkaHi, I'm trying to install the latest Ubuntu on my VirtualBox. I would like it to "Download updates while installing", but it says that I am not connected to Internet... How should I proceed?18:11
d8bhattaJessicaW: ok..will try ssmtp first and see how it goes18:11
kyle__Inside of those VNC sessions (run from crontab), the shell settings are screwed up.  It ignores the shell in /etc/passwd, and manually running bash it refuses to read it's .bash_profile and .bashrc18:11
Dr_willisMustaKotka,  either way wont matter much. i wonder why your vm is not connectged to the internet however.18:11
JessicaWd8bhatta: if that doesn't work for you, here's a basic postfix setup. it's what's preferred by the ubuntu community. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto18:12
kyle__Dr_willis: True, but there's no reason this shouldn't work.18:12
quixotedonBA707: i think try updating the security updates first18:12
Dr_williskyle__,  personally i ssh in, and start vncserver as needed..18:12
Dr_williskyle__,  i find the whole auto launching/keeping it going just adds to much hassle18:12
MustaKotkaDr_willis, any ideas how to connect it or should I ask google?18:12
quixotedonBA707: recommended updates can be done later, u know every new version comes with some bug, they might be fixed after updating18:13
ausnwordDr Kinect18:13
Dr_willisMustaKotka,  i dont even knwo what VM you are using.. vbox has alwyas connected automatically for me18:13
BA707quixotedon:  Thank you...  Good advice, will do that now..  I will be back...  (also, time for Tea)  ;)18:13
kyle__Dr_willis: I was developing this script mostly for student VMs.  If VNC dies, and is automatically restarted, I'll get far fewer support calls.18:13
quixotedonBA707: go ahead, i'll be off for sleeping (its18:13
MustaKotkalatest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox18:13
eokanyone here have ffmpeg and a webcam and would want to test something for me?18:13
quixotedonit's more than midnight here.. :)18:13
BA707quixotedon:  updating might also solve the intermittant screen blackout I've been suffering..  Thanks Again..  ttfn18:14
quixotedonausnword: keep the language nice please18:14
kyle__eok: And lets turn down the creepy here, and turn up the facts...what are you trying to do/test?18:14
quixotedonBA707: i think so18:14
kanfathufoolhu_is there anyway to mount the web server folder in apache to home18:14
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: Create a symlink in your web folder.18:14
kanfathufoolhu_because i am having permission problem cause it is in /var18:14
BA707That's one of the Seven Dirty Words you can't say on IRC..  ;)  (ala George Carlin)18:14
MustaKotkaDr_willis: latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox18:15
LadyNikonRIP George18:15
kyle__kanfathufoolhu_: Sure, you can specify where it is in the apache config files.  Or if you mean ~kyle ~george pages, that's called public home folders.18:15
kanfathufoolhu_dagerik: how to i create a symlink18:15
eokkyle_: grab desktop, sound from mic, and webcam. put webcam as an overlay in the bottom right corner, send it to vlc and stream it out on http18:15
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: The "ln" command.18:15
Dr_willisMustaKotka,  check the network card settings perhaps. vbox always connected to the internet for me when ivd ran linux in it.18:15
eokkyle_ i dont have a webcam here, so i don't know if my code will work18:15
Dr_williskanfathufoolhu_,  the web servers normally have some security settings where they may or may not follow links. for security reasons18:16
MustaKotkaDr_willis, thanks for the help.18:16
BA707LadyNikon: Yes..  Definately..18:16
kyle__eok: Sure, easy to do with X and any video player that can render to the X background (mplayer can), but with gnome/kde desktops its a bit harder, as they often write to that layer for backgorunds and stuff.18:16
kanfathufoolhu_Dr_willis: so will the sym link work and if so what shoud i do since i am pretty new to linux18:16
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: Here is an example: cd /var/www && ln -s /home/john/ johns_folder18:16
eokkyle_ i might have figured out how to do it all with just ffmpeg and vlc, but getting this here: failed to avformat_open_input 'v4l2'18:17
kyle__eok: I used to play movies fullscreen as my background, while working (fluxbox wm + mplayer)18:17
kanfathufoolhu_dagerik: will it fix the permission issues18:17
Dr_williskanfathufoolhu_,  no idea. Id keep the web files in the proper dirs and not be tossing links around.18:17
BA707LadyNikon:  Got a lot of laughs from that guy, especially in the early years (WYNO Radio), got a little rough later on, but still a good comedian...18:17
eokkyle_: I dont have a webcame here so not sure if its a wrong argument or not18:17
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: What permission issues do you have?18:17
BA707Ooops..  Off topic..  Sorry..  I'm outta here..  Bye All..18:17
kyle__eok: I did that as well, to test.  I used mplayer, not ffmpeg, but the theory holds.  It works.18:17
LadyNikonBA707: indeed.18:18
eokkyle_ ok i do this:18:18
eokffmpeg -f x11grab -s 1680x1050 -r 30 -i :0.0+0,0 -vf "movie=v4l2 [webcam]; [in][webcam] overlay=main_w-overlay_w-10:main_h-overlay_h-10 -s 640x360 [out]" -f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -s 1280x768 -acodec libfaac -threads 0 -f mpegts - | vlc -I dummy -18:18
eok--sout '#std{access=http,mux=ts,dst=:3030}'18:18
kanfathufoolhu_dagerik: the problem i am having is that if i have to zip anything to web folder i dunt have any permission even when i was installing joomla i cudnt even remove the installation folder cause it has no permissions18:19
Dr_williswhats scary  is that i understand like 75% of that command line. ;)18:19
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=== webpigeon1 is now known as webpigeon
Dr_willistheres only like 3 of the options/arguments i dont recall ever using. ;p18:19
kanfathufoolhu_dagerik: ok which is the way that the permissions are to be granted since its root root18:20
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: You need to be more specific. You probably also need to go read how users, processes and permission works.18:20
kanfathufoolhu_dagerik: ok in the web root folder (www) what should it be like since now i have root as group and root as owner18:21
eokkyle_ I assume this message is because i don't have a webcam connected: [movie @ 0xa3b1fa0] Failed to avformat_open_input 'v4l2'18:21
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: It is okay having root to be owner of /var/www18:21
dagerikkanfathufoolhu_: You need to be more spesific. What do you want to do?18:22
tking0038how can I open an ssh connection over an http proxy on ubuntu?18:23
syntroPikanfathufoolhu_, there is a user/group "www-data"?18:25
tking0038that is the apache group18:25
ResponsiveOSIs xubuntu fastest (most responsive) ubuntu version? (Im on kinda old hardware).18:26
d8bhattaRu nning the command ssmtp myemailaddress@gmail.com < msg.txt my terminal is hanged18:26
tking0038no lubuntu is faster18:26
piihbCan someone walk me through adding to the grub line, step by step?18:27
Gewinnennew to kubuntu, trying to update my java. I'm having some trouble18:27
tking0038Gewinnen: what is the problem18:27
Gewinneni can't figure out what to do, I've downloaded the Java 7u4 jdk/jre, but now am unable to get it goin18:28
d8bhattaone thing I have not understood, why do we need to install sendmail or ssmtp in my local ubuntu machine when I am using amazon email server? I am developing locally so I think it should be ok if i  update my php.ini with smtp info. anybody can give clear idea abt this?18:28
tking0038Gewinnen: what you have downloaded is called a binary...18:28
tking0038Gewinnen: inside there is a bin folder .. there is the java exec.. which you can use to run java programs18:29
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Gewinnenah ok18:29
=== testerdude is now known as Guest72226
Gewinnenim in the bin folder, but dont see any exc files18:30
piihbCan someone walk me through adding to the grub line, step by step?18:30
sirriffsalotpiihb: adding the grub line?18:30
tking0038Gewinnen: it doesnt have an extension ... its just called java18:30
tking0038Gewinnen: you can execute it by doing ./java on the terminal18:30
Gewinnenokay ill try18:30
Fat-Thingdoes anyone knows a perl editor for ubuntu 10.04!?18:30
piihb"Add to the grub boot line the following options...18:30
ResponsiveOStking0038 I have tried Lubuntu its oke.Doesnt seem so responsive but ok. Thx and bye18:31
dagerikFat-Thing: vim18:31
sirriffsalotpiihb: what guide exactly are you following? Just in case:)18:31
piihbsirriffsalot: "Add to the grub boot line the following options"18:31
Dr_willisFat-Thing,  geany is a good editor for programers also18:31
syntroPipiihb, maybe look at /etc/default/grub and "sudo update-grub", but be carefull with those18:31
Fat-Thingwat about monodevelop!? does it support perl programming?18:31
tking0038mono is for .net18:32
sirriffsalotpiihb: if I'm guessing right I suppose it means you'll get to the grub selection menu when you boot by holding in shift, and then clicking "e" on the particular version you want to edit. But what guide etc are you following so we're sure?18:32
Dr_willismost people tend to run away from mono.18:32
sirriffsalotpiihb: or what syntroPi said, emphasis on the "careful" bit18:32
Dr_willisIm not sure why you really need a fancy editor for perl.18:32
Fat-Thingi see so can i get that geany on software centre Dr_willis ?18:33
dagerikWhen I add a symlink in /var/www it doesnt show up in the directory listing. It is 777.18:33
Dr_willis!info geany18:33
ubottugeany (source: geany): fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.21.dfsg-1ubuntu4 (precise), package size 992 kB, installed size 2448 kB18:33
sirriffsalotpiihb: ah yes18:33
Dr_willisgeany is also ported to windows. ;)18:33
sirriffsalotpiihb: to do that you do as I said18:33
sirriffsalotpiihb: but take care to do it correctly18:33
sirriffsalotpiihb: or follow as the guide says further down:P18:33
piihbSo I can't talk to you all while I do it :o18:33
sirriffsalotpiihb: well, follow what it says just below!18:34
sirriffsalotpiihb:  "To keep these option edit the grub command. Execute this in a terminal :   $ sudo gedit /etc/default/grub"18:34
tking0038have any of you guys used intel c/c++ compiler?18:34
piihbsirriffsalot: But I havne't edited the grub yet, so those terminal commands will do nothing, right?18:34
sirriffsalotpiihb: once you do "sudo update-grub" and reboot the changes will have taken effect18:35
sirriffsalotpiihb: be sure to take a backup of the file you edit18:35
sirriffsalotIn this case the file /etc/default/GRUB/ "GRUB":P18:35
sirriffsalotpiihb: I prefer to do those changes the way I said, but the terminal way is just as user-friendly I suppose, especially if you want help as you do things18:36
Gewinnentking0038, I got the java exc up in konsole, it shows a list of commands18:36
Fat-Thingi think gvim is also a good editor wish me luck.....i'm tired of this ubuntu exploits hehehe need to be productive to contribute a lil on this distro wew thanx guys for tending the noobs well :) goodnight18:36
tking0038Gewinnen: so say there was a jar file you were trying to run you could do ./java -jar /location/of/jar.jar18:37
kyle__tking0038: Yea, awhile ago.  Was OK.18:37
tking0038kyle__: did you get any of the performance it talks about18:37
piihbsirriffsalot: Wonderful! Thanks for your help :)18:37
kyle__eok: Sorry had to go do work.  But it's the output, the renderer, that's the key.  Reading from a v4l device is pretty standard.18:37
sirriffsalotpiihb: all sorted out?18:37
gdoteofipod touch 4th gen.  do i give up now trying to connect to ubuntu sans virtualbox?18:37
sirriffsalotpiihb: do a reboot before you cheer!:)18:37
gdoteofor can it be done18:38
piihbsirriffsalot: I'll find out when I restart, but it's further than I've gotten before lol.18:38
piihbSo thanks18:38
sirriffsalotpiihb: cheers:) I'm pretty new to linux myself, but spent shitloads of time on that stuff18:38
sirriffsalotpiihb: I'm a master at debugging nvidia trouble now ;D18:38
kyle__tking0038: It was awhile ago, and none of my code was really performance intensive, so I had to make some artificial stuff (mandelbrot fractal, etc).  It did beat out gcc at the time, but that was when gcc was barely in the 3s.18:38
sirriffsalotpiihb: ish anyway18:38
tking0038kyle__: do you think I would get a performance increase if i tried to compile openjdk in it18:39
kyle__tking0038: Some things really will bennefit from the performance, but it's not easy to tell.18:39
sirriffsalotpiihb: may I suggest you reboot now so you don't wake up to an unfunctional computer that ruins your breakfast?:)18:39
kyle__tking0038: I don't really think so.  A jdk is so complex, I doubt much of it's efficiencies/inefficiencies are affected by the compiler.18:39
fabiobikFailed to load symbol for: SCardCancelTransaction, /usr/local/lib/libpcsclite.so.1: undefined symbol:18:40
fabiobikdoes anyone had this error?18:40
tking0038kyle__: thanks.. what does icc help with18:40
djszapiHey! Is it possible to eliminate the top bar on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?18:40
tking0038kyle__: is it more of the math typed stuff18:40
fabiobikim trying to use rfidiot with my omnikey reader18:40
Dr_willisdjszapi,  not really18:40
sirriffsalotdjszapi: what top bar?18:40
Dr_willisdjszapi,  unity puts the menus in that bar. :)18:41
kyle__tking0038: Computationally complex code, mathy stuff.  Outside of that, it's probably a tossup as to which is faster.18:41
tking0038install lxde ... be done with unity18:41
sirriffsalotdjszapi: I'm with tking0038 on this one18:41
tking0038kyle__: ok ... thanks again18:41
eokkyle__: i think i figured it out: http://ffmpeg.org/libavfilter.html#movie18:41
kyle__tking0038: Don't waste to much time playing with compile flags and speed testing.  It's a black hole you'll get sucked down into.18:41
sirriffsalotdjszapi: or if you're addicted to gnome layout, at least go for gnome classic18:41
tking0038better go for the new mate thing18:41
eokkyle__: movie=/dev/video0:f=video4linux218:42
kyle__tking0038: If it's your own code, use a profiler see where it's slow.  THat will help nomatter what compiler it's compiled with.18:42
Dr_willisbut dont expect support for 'mate' in here. ;)18:42
t432Nvedia Driver issue: Attempting to activate driver through "addition hardward" Error Msg: nvidia System Error: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages18:42
tking0038lol dpkg --configure -a18:42
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kyle__eok: Sweet.18:42
Uncle_how do u display temperatures in gnome-panel in 12.04?18:42
tking0038t432:  you are going to have to figure out what package is causing the problem and remove it18:43
Uncle_after upgrading the applet was gone18:43
Dr_willisUncle_,  thers some indicator-applets in the repos, or differnt ppas that can add that feature18:43
Dr_willisUncle_,  the askubuntu.com site has a big list of all known indicator-applets you can add.18:43
eokkyle__: yea, can't wait to get back to work tomorrow, they can kiss the f*ing webex presentations goodbye :D18:43
Uncle_thanks, i'll check it out18:43
t432tking0038: name of the package is "nv