Len-nbailo_, found my problem. I tested running with no swap. Very stable BTW. and found the next day I was at a login screen... 00:02
Len-nbMy first thought was that it had rebooted on me, but after I had logged in I found I was still at RL3... Hmmm must be a memory leak. I watched memory for a long time and the amount of ram in use was very stable.00:05
Len-nbmust be something that was running when I wasn't watching. 1st guess? screen saver. (i was using GLSchool) so I reverted to "blank only". Ran overnight again and there were no problems.00:09
Len-nbwill test with swap on again and swappiness 0.00:26
ailoArdour beta4a just came out12:48
ailoArdour 3 beta412:48
ailoThey say it's the last beta, so maybe the final will be out within a few months, maybe 3?12:50
len-dtailo, Sounds good. The only problem I have had with the A3 betas is that I have not found a way to export toc files. I can set cd markers etc, but I guess the export toc is not in the same place?13:15
ailolen-dt: Which version did you try that on?14:23
ailoAccording to beta 3 release notes "Restore ability to create TOC and CUE files during export, and improve the formatting of these files "14:23
ailolen-dt: I haven't done much work with that in the past, but just trying the export function, it seems it's all there14:26

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