qwentin355I need help01:54
qwentin355here is my problem, the windows are not behaving as they should, when opened they open outside of the desktop boundries, the top bar that would allow me to manipulate the window is just off the  screen so I can not do anything with it, when I try to go to edit>preferences it will not allow me, it closes the drop down menu as soon as my cursor touches it. I also cannot create more than one Workspace, I am give the choice to 02:09
qwentin355I really need help02:10
qwentin355also open windows do not show in my panel02:15
len-dtqwentin355, Kind of harsh.. but, (and assuming you are using ubuntustudio 12.04) hit ctl,alt,F1. This will take you to a command line. Login. You should be in your home directory. Type rm -r .config/xfce402:36
len-dtthen sudo reboot02:36
len-dtYou may have to reboot first and do this while the logon screen is there.02:37
len-dtTo really reset things.. from the login screen use ctl/alt/F1 and do rm -r .config before logging in.02:41
qwentin355Ok I tryed Ctr+alt+f1 and nothing happened I tryed it again at the log in screen after restarting and nothing, I am using 11.10 so would an upgrade to 12.04 fix my issues and if it would, please tell me how I would properly do that, last time I upgraded I went from Ubuntu Studio to Plain Ubuntu so I am a little unsure on how to do it properly.03:12
len-dtcan you get an xterm then?03:14
qwentin355ok xterm is open03:15
len-dtif you are using 11.10 is it ubuntu studio or something else?03:18
len-dtSo you are on an xfce desktop environment then?03:21
len-dtcd .config03:22
len-dtrm -r xfce403:23
len-dtrm -r autostart03:24
len-dtsudo reboot03:24
len-dtThat should reset things to default.03:25
qwentin355bash: cd: .config: No such file or directory03:25
len-dtok try cd ~/.config03:26
qwentin355rm: cannot remove 'xfce4': No such file or directory03:26
len-dtwhat does pwd say?03:27
qwentin355_Ok so now everything is back to basics except the windows are still opening outside of the display03:31
len-dtDo you have more than one monitor?03:39
len-dtqwentin355, do you have more than one monitor?03:41
qwentin355Ok same problem, I switched from my hd tv to an hp 22 inch restarted and still the same issue03:41
len-dtOk, it sounds like the display is set up larger than your screen.03:42
len-dtIf you rightclick on empty screen you should get a main menu. try settings->display03:43
len-dtNot sure if it is that simple, I don't remember the 11.10 menu that well.03:44
qwentin355for some reason I doubt that, well actually the reason is that the 'minimize all open windows' is completely inefectual and I am still unable to create new workspaces.03:44
len-dtYou are quickly going beyond what I know. Ubuntustudio 11.10 is based very closely on xubuntu. Some of the guys there may have more experience.03:46
len-dtCan you start things from the normal menu?03:46
qwentin355well perhaps my troubles would be fixed with an upgrade I am not against that Idea I just do not know how to do it03:46
len-dtThe best upgrade path is a reinstall right now.03:47
qwentin355reinstall, would I have to format or is there a way to do it without03:48
len-dtThis means probably backing up your home directory at least. Ubuntustudio 12.04 is much nicer than 11.10 was.03:48
qwentin355alright alot of work but hopefully it will be fruitfull03:49
len-dtI haven't tried quite honestly. I have a 40 Gig USB drive and just copied my home there.03:49
len-dtAsk over at #xubuntu though. It sounds to me like somehow you ave the resolution set bigger than your screen03:50
len-dtI have seen this happen when going from dual screens to single. The system thinks the screen is as big as two screens together and just gives a window inside of that.03:51
len-dtNormally a reboot fixes that.03:51
len-dtCertainly getting rid of ~/.config/xfce4 gets rid of the place where the display config app stores stuff. Unless you have somehow configured x odd.03:53
len-dtqwentin355, when you get to the login screen is the window too big there too?03:53
qwentin355I have no issues at the login screen05:22
len-dtI'm out of ideas. Some one who knows xfce better, maybe on #xubuntu could help. With ubuntustudio, should you choose to install it, try it first with the live ISO image and make sure it works with what you have.05:26
qwentin355yup downloading 12.04 right now 5 hours to go, I'll be asking xubuntu people now, thank you for your help, really I am very gratful.05:29
len-dtNo problem05:29
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qwentin355_oh goodness I think I might have it I just need help inputing it what I;ve got is rm -r ~/cache/sessions, this was some ones answer to a similar issue but I do not know if it worked so can you help me with the proccess of input06:43
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