strictlandhello everyone00:32
strictlandi have an issue booting up xubuntu, can any one offer assistance?00:36
strictlandits my first time joining these chat room so please forgive my noobness00:37
drcstrictland: Just ask your question and if someone has an answer, they'll say so.00:43
drci.r., don't ask to ask00:43
strictlandSo my xubuntu system is setup to shutdown via cron at a specific time everyday, then it wakes on lan everyday as well at a specified time. my problem is, a few weeks ago, my system would wake onlan but stop at a black screen with text saying something about "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported ubuntu" .... I dont know what to do?01:09
strictlandHere are my boot info script results if that helps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1004011/01:18
hauxI installed xubuntu 12.04 on a system with this board: http://www.logicsupply.com/products/kino_690s1  It is hooked up a television as a "media" pc. I can't get fglrx to work, and otherwise am having serious resolution issues. None of the resolutions I select fit the screen very well. They are either oversized, or too small. Any ideas?02:14
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rbrtAnyone know how I view the changelogs of files that will be upgraded, when I do apt-get upgrade?03:05
rbrtI see there is a changelog option in the apt-get man, but I'm not sure how to go about useing it to display the files that come back from apt-get upgrade03:06
rbrtapt-listchanges the only way to do this?03:10
chelzaptitude changelog package-name03:11
LiquidedgeHey all.  Having a rough time with a new install.03:11
rbrtchelz: yeah but when I do apt-get upgrade and it spits me back a list of programs, there isn't a more automated way?03:11
chelzrbrt: you can use fancy aptitude searching for packages that will be upgraded03:12
LiquidedgeAfter I hit "Install Xubuntu" it works for a bit then the graphics on my screen go crazy.03:12
rbrtLiquidedge: try passing options at boot for differnt video options03:12
rbrtor try alternate install03:13
LiquidedgeI tried alternate install with nomodeset03:13
LiquidedgeWhat other options do you suggest?03:13
rbrtchelz: can you elaborate on that? I think I'm jsut confusing myself now lol03:13
rbrtLiquidedge: what kind of video card do u have03:14
chelzrbrt: the aptitude manpage says about searching stuff "see the section “Search Patterns” in the aptitude reference manual"03:14
LiquidedgeNot sure.  It's a Toshiba Satellite laptop.03:14
LiquidedgeModel number is scratched off.03:14
LiquidedgeCan't even get to lspci to get info03:15
rbrtLiquidedge: oh its alptop03:15
LiquidedgeI had Linux Mint on it.  Just doesn't seem to like the Xubuntu install.03:15
chelzrbrt:  for example to search installed packages for packagename, you can do:    aptitude search '~i'packagename03:15
rbrtchelz: how does that give me the changelog though?03:16
chelzrbrt: you find what gives you results of packages to be upgraded, then use it with "aptitude changelog"03:16
chelzaptitude changelog '~i'packagename03:17
chelzbut not ~i03:17
rbrtchelz: oh ok I have to read up on aptitude then03:17
chelzthis is one way to do it. i'm used to aptitude more than apt-get so there might be some way with apt-get that i don't know about03:17
rbrtchelz: I saw thi s apt-listchanges package too but I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole before seeing if there was a trick i was missign with apt-get03:17
rbrtchelz: gotcha, thanks for the tip03:18
chelzrbrt: well that apt-listchanges might be some 3rd party tool, which is okay, like i like apt-file, but i prefer to use existing features of tools when i can03:18
rbrtchelz: yeah I feel exactly same03:19
LiquidedgeSo, it's a laptop so I'm screwed.03:19
rbrtLiquidedge: lol no sorry03:19
rbrtlet's see03:19
chelzLiquidedge: there's gotta be some magic combination of boot options03:20
rbrtput it this way what have you tried so far03:20
rbrtLiquidedge: it might take couple tries to figure it out03:20
LiquidedgeIs there a way to get past the graphical install environment but still have it be automated?03:20
chelzLiquidedge: if you take off "splash" and "quiet" and "--" you might get some info about where it's erroring03:20
chelzLiquidedge: you can do a preseed file but that's fairly advanced03:20
rbrtdid you try the nomodeset Liquidedge ?03:22
chelzmash f6 is one thing, and try the "try xubuntu" rather than just doing install. but yeah if you're having graphical errors then using the alternate CD does increase your chances of a good install03:23
rbrtcan you boot into windows maybe and get some info about the vid? so you have some idea what your dealing with03:25
chelzwell if mint boots, can just boot a mint livecd03:32
rbrtI was just thinking same thing03:33
LiquidedgeSorry guys.  Connection got weird.03:34
LiquidedgeOkay, I'll try it with mint.03:34
chelzLiquidedge: well i mean take off splash and quiet from boot options to get an error msg03:35
rbrtfb=false you coudl try too03:38
rbrtLiquidedge: add that to boot prompt03:42
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LiquidedgeWindows is installing just fine.04:24
LiquidedgeThis makes me sad.04:24
chelzthat's not mint ;/04:25
Marzatathat is Wisonds?04:25
LiquidedgeMint kept rebooting, too.04:26
LiquidedgeMust be something with the video card.04:26
chelzLiquidedge: heyy you said mint worked04:28
LiquidedgeOf course, Comcast has chosen this moment to be wonky so finding answers is extra hard.04:28
LiquidedgeIt did, but I stopped that install to try other Xubuntu stuff.04:28
LiquidedgeThen it didn't work.04:28
chelzdying vidjeo card maybe04:30
LiquidedgeProbably.  I wonder if that's even replaceable on a laptop or if it's on the mobo?04:31
chelza few laptops have gpus that aren't soldered but those are rare. the socket is called mxm04:32
chelzLiquidedge: still, you should try to boot xubuntu, mash f6, then on the boot option line take off quiet and splash04:32
chelzso you can get an error message04:33
chelzand find out what's actually wrong04:33
LiquidedgeYeah, but as it's going, the text gets all weird looking.04:33
LiquidedgeI can get to the "Install Xubuntu" prompt and then hit F6 and change any of the variables.04:34
lycratHi, I recently installed xubuntu besides my ubuntu (12.04). What I can't figure out: how do I change to a second user (go back to login screen)?04:37
Unit193Top right there is a username, click that.04:37
lycratI found that, but there I have to log out.04:38
lycratI want to login another user...04:39
lycratAnd then switch between them: Ctrl-Alt-F7 and Ctrl-Alt-F8.04:40
Unit193I have it, I'll blame my version and say it'll be in the next version of Xubuntu.04:40
Unit193Oh, that's a bit different.04:40
chelzlycrat: go to ctrl-alt-f6 say and do "startxfce4"04:42
lycratI had to login and got a fatal server error: Server is already active for display 0.04:44
chelzstartx -- :104:47
chelzlycrat: try that04:47
lycratIt's easier: I had to lock my screen and then I can login another user. Now I have two displays running...04:49
chelzoh yeah that's fast user switching04:50
lycratThanks guys!04:50
qwentin355Hello, I've been sent here from #UbuntuStudio because they couldn't figure out what what wrong with my desktop. I am using Xfce4 and have been having trouble for quite some time. Here is my tale. Many months ago I installed a distro called UbuntuStudio, I was unfamiliar with Xfce but over time I became familiar to it, but one fateful night the firey fox died, resulting in unforseen metamorphosis, the background became light blue05:37
chelzqwentin355: you got cut off at "became light blu"05:38
qwentin355thank you chelz, the defualt icons were  never seen again, and the desktop icons I had made were gone, any new icons I made were now able to be resized, a feature that I profusley enjoyed for many nights, I started a new life with a linux that was the same but had changed so much in an very short time, and in time I grew fond of it, but last night the musical giant Ardour died which resulted again in change, back to the way thin05:42
chelzqwentin355: cut off again at "back to the way thi"05:45
chelza fix might be panels05:45
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/05:45
qwentin355ngs were but not the same at all, this distro was different from the distro I knew before, it was broken, the windows no longer fit within there confines and... you know what I'm done with that time for the issues, my windows open outside of the monitor and just far enough out that I cannot manipulate them, I also cannot create new workspaces, when I open firefox  or any program I cannot interact with the drop down widgets, when05:48
chelzqwentin355: you might want to pastebin what you want to say since you keep getting cut off05:51
qwentin355so I cannot access preferences for them, also right click drop down closes when my cursor is over it so I cannot copy paste I have run rm -r .config/xfce4 which did its job but did not fix all the problems, I can now maybe see the windows that I have open on my panel, I cannot be sure because the open window cover the left 2/3 of my screen, also05:52
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qwentin355the minimize all open windows is completly inefectual. now we have tried restoring it to its original state to no avail, we have tried different monitors one a 46in and the other 22in both 1080 and that is the resolution being put out05:55
qwentin355my panels are still where they are supposed to be05:58
chelzqwentin355: you could backup and try a fresh install06:00
chelzi'm not entirely sure what you're saying the issue you're experience is. is your display resolution changing on its own?06:00
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qwentin355the display resolution is fitting but windows simply open outside of the display, beyond the reach of my cursor, I am also unable to make more workspaces, I have added 7 but I still only have one, also all open windows do not show on the top panel where you would expect them to06:04
chelzqwentin355: hm might be easier to reinstall than figure out how to fix that stuff06:06
chelzif removing .config/xfce4 doesn't fix it, i'm not sure06:07
qwentin355yeh that was there conclusion but they sent me here just to make sure, I have no issue with reinstall just kinda wanted it to be a last ditch effort06:08
chelzqwentin355: anything in particular you were doing around the time this happened?06:09
baizonqwentin355: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=610206:25
baizontry that06:25
qwentin355baizon are you a wizard?06:28
baizonqwentin355: ?06:28
qwentin355that looks exactly like what my issue might be06:29
baizonso i hope the sollution will help :)06:29
qwentin355Im certainly going to try when my upgrade finished downloading.06:30
qwentin355now I feel lame, and I really hope you do not role your eyes but I dont know how to run it in XTerm06:54
qwentin355can you help this noob out one more time?06:55
baizonyou mean that command?06:57
baizonqwentin355:  just open xterm, then type: "rm -r ~/.cache/sessions"06:59
baizonor instead of ~ you can type: "/home/<youusername>/.cache/sessions"07:00
qwentin355no such file or directory07:04
baizonthen type "ls"07:06
baizonor better "ls -a"07:06
baizonand check for the .cache directory07:06
qwentin355not found07:11
qwentin355would something like cd .config work07:11
baizonwhat dirs do you got?07:13
baizonthere must be a .cache dir07:13
qwentin355~/.config$ rm -r ~/.cache showed no syntax but I am not sure if it did anything07:14
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qwentin355should I descend into write protected directory /home/quentin/.mediatomb?07:22
qwentin355oh dear god what have I done07:32
qwentin355gone, every thing gone07:32
qwentin355every filesystem is empty07:34
qwentin355but atleast the problem is fixed, silver lining07:34
baizoni hope this isnt your productivity pc :)07:59
qwentin355so anyone know of a good file recovery program for linux?08:05
Unit193ubottu: quiet.08:06
Unit193qwentin355: Use testdisk, it's CLI, but works great.08:07
qwentin355well here is what happened, I came here for help to fix a problem and we accidentially removed almost everything from my harddrive, I still have every thing I got from software center but everything else is gone, will testdisk get these back?08:11
Unit193Don't restore it to the same disk, or boot from it and your chances are higher.08:13
qwentin355looks like I have a lot to learn before I can run a recovery08:17
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Unit193http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step Generally this site should help.08:18
qwentin355I hope this works, I am not sure If I have anything of value, thank you all, I hope this works but It can wait until the morning08:20
Unit193Heck yeah, it's 04:23 here. :P08:23
xubuntu179hello there, could anyonw please tell me how i could place a close button into the top panel so i can run all windows with miximus and than close them from the panel08:26
ochosixubuntu179: afaik you can't with xfce-panel08:38
Jonne_that dual-screen bug in window buttons is still not fixed in 4.10, apparently08:53
cathperWill I be presented with an option to use an encrypted homedir when installing?08:58
xubuntu179yeah i found that xfpanel isnt used anymore and indicator applet doesnt work09:00
xubuntu179but shound there be a possibility to add a button like bodhi close button or the close button which was in the mid edition09:00
ochosixubuntu179: what do you mean xfce-panel isn't used anymore? (same goes for the indicator-plugin btw, both are used by default in xubuntu)09:02
ochosicathper: i think so, but i'm not 100% positive09:02
xubuntu179no i mean the xfpanel plugin to run stuff like gnome-window-picker09:03
ochosioh right, yeah, xfapplet is deprecated, that's true09:04
xubuntu179so does anybody know a way to add a close button to the panel. not the whole stuff like the globalmenu. just a close button like in the ubuntu mid edition09:08
cathperochosi: You were right.09:09
baizonis there a way to check if the cpu freq is scaling / changing?09:57
baizondmidecode | grep “Current Speed” | head -n 110:05
baizonis this right?10:05
baizoncause then my cpu isnt changing the clock speed anymore :(10:05
baizondamn it10:24
Kingsyguys, how do you share folders to a windows network on xubuntu ?10:53
Kingsythere is no option to do it int he file explorer10:53
gordonjcpKingsy: samba10:59
schoppenhauerhellow. how is it possible to change a toolbar from being on the bottom to being on the top and vice versa (I would like to "swap" the toolbars, and I cannot find an option in the toolbar menu)11:01
Kingsygordonjcp: yeah got it.. there is no tool for it, you just have to mount the drive manually in xmb.conf11:04
Kingsyffs you get the idea11:04
gordonjcpKingsy: do you mean access files on the Xubuntu machine from Windows machines?11:06
Kingsygordonjcp: yeah, its ok I got it working just fine, I was just wondering if there was a GUI tool was all, and there isnt one11:08
gordonjcpKingsy: tbh server-y things tend not to have GUIs11:08
Kingsyyeah.. the smb.conf file was pretty self explanitory.. it even had examples there I could use :) and bang.. restart samaba.. it works11:09
schoppenhauerok got it, it is a bit complicated, one has to unlock it first and then lock it again11:14
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SandJIn Xubuntu 11.10, how do I edit the menu options?  I want to add one.12:40
KingsySandJ: applications -> settings -> main menu12:54
SandJKingsy, there is no "main menu" under "settings"12:58
SandJActually, I remember now - there is no menu editor in Xubuntu.  It is something to do with editing .desktop files.12:59
ochosiSandJ: at least in 12.04 you can edit the menu with alacarte13:01
ochosimight be that it's also possible in 11.1013:01
ochosii just forgot, because i never do that13:01
bluesabreI was actually having trouble with alacarte.  I cannot get rid of my Wine menu13:02
ochosibluesabre: wine's menus are in a separate folder in /home13:03
ochosiusually in .local/share/applications/13:03
bluesabrethat's what I thought too13:03
bluesabreI deleted those, menu persists13:03
ochosidon't ask me why though13:03
ochosiit's kinda messy13:03
ochosithat's odd13:03
ochosithat usually works13:03
bluesabreI agree13:03
bluesabreI'll probably log that when I get home13:04
ochosibtw, i have no problems with hiding the wine-menu with alacarte13:04
ochosii just unticked the "show" column for the wine menu and it's gone from the menu13:04
bluesabreReally weird13:06
bluesabreTime to recreate my profile!13:06
ochosiyeah, sometimes a good idea13:06
ochosilots of old cruft if you always keep everything in /home13:06
ochosi(which i usually still do)13:06
bluesabreyeah, but I usually reinstall about once a month, so dunno13:07
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Kingsyochosi: just out of curiousity.. don't you have a windows buttons item on any of your panels?13:56
Kingsyyou use the top panel for everything?13:56
ochosiKingsy: you mean the window-button plugin that shows open windows?14:06
Kingsywell no, its just a panel item14:14
Kingsythat shows you your open windows..14:14
ochosiKingsy: yes, that's what i meant (and said), but to answer your question: yes, i do use that14:18
ochosiotherwise my top-panel would be rather empty14:18
ochosi(and i only have 1 panel btw)14:18
drclike all right thinking people.14:19
tinkerttoyHello, everyone! ^^14:39
tinkerttoyI need a little help with Xubuntu on my laptop. Mine is one of those that has keys for volume control, right?14:40
tinkerttoyWell, my issue is that, while it changes the volume, it changes the volume of the wrong stream. Instead of my speaker, it changes the volume on my HDMI out. I don't have much PulseAudio knowledge so if anyone could help that would be great!14:42
tinkerttoyMy laptop model is a HP Pavilion g6-1d18dx Notebook PC.14:42
tinkerttoyAnd, uh, that's just about it I guess! :314:43
tinkerttoyAgain, if anyone could help that'd be great.14:43
tinkerttoyHello Pen! What do you know about PulseAudio on laptops?14:43
bluesabretinkerttoy: Have you looked at Sound Settings in the Sound Menu?14:45
bluesabreWhat you might be looking for would be under Output Devices.14:46
bluesabreIs there more than one device listed?14:46
tinkerttoy[09:42] <tinkerttoy> Well, my issue is that, while it changes the volume, it changes the volume of the wrong stream. Instead of my speaker, it changes the volume on my HDMI out. I don't have much PulseAudio knowledge so if anyone could help that would be great!14:48
tinkerttoy"It" being the volume keys on my laptop.14:49
bluesabreYou may just need to click the "Set as fallback" icon in the upper right of the Laptop Speaker output14:50
tinkerttoyAlready tried that, Blue, didn't work.14:51
Sysiuff, why can't I find the blog who had fix for that..'14:53
tinkerttoyRemember, the actual audio plays through the proper stream, it's just the keys that go to the wrong stream.14:56
Sysiyou need to change default device/channel in settings editor (not manager)14:58
tinkerttoyOkay, I've found the proper settings, I think I can figure out how to change this.14:58
g0toI've read Thunar is already able to mount remote fie systems15:02
tinkerttoyActually, I can't! >< How should I figure out the setting corresponding to the stream I need?15:03
g0tobut using Go->Open location and adding a ssh:// correct address doesn't work for me :S15:03
tinkerttoyg0to, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work because ssh isn't a filesystem. Have you tried substituting it with ftp:// ?15:04
Sysitry sftp instead of ssh, make sure you have gvfs-backends installed15:04
bluesabreOr go to System > Gigolo and let the gui do it for you :)15:05
g0totinkerttoy, so it isn't ftp. Both are protocols to reach a remote system.15:05
g0totinkerttoy, I've tried sftp since I have no ftp server running in the target machine15:06
tinkerttoyWell, I'm pretty sure you'd have to SSH into the server and transfer it back to you from within the console. I'm no expert on networking, though. :P15:07
g0toSysi, gvfs-backends is not installed. I believed that it was only needed for Samba (2nd bullet on 2nd point -> http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/)15:08
ochosig0to: sftp should work15:08
Sysig0to: oh15:08
g0tobluesabre, ochosi :neither sftp or gigolo do the job but I can access the remote system using CLI ssh15:09
ochosig0to: any special parameters you're using or plain "ssh $user@$ip"?15:10
ochosiyou can also try sshfs btw15:10
ochosifirst you'd probably have to install sshfs, then "sshfs user@server:/folder mountpoint"15:11
g0toochosi, the regular call but, when I use the Open Location feature, I use sftp://user@machine15:11
ochosig0to: that works for me15:13
g0toochosi, I'm going to try installing gvfs-backends15:13
ochosig0to: hihi, yeah, without that it can't work :)15:14
g0totime to restart X, see you in a moment15:14
g0toochosi, Sysi: it worked. After installing gvfs-backend I can ssh remote machines from Thunar15:17
g0tothanks, guys ;)15:18
baizonguys a question... im using jupiter (http://www.jupiterapplet.org/), when i uninstall it the Asus Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) doesnt get the default settings. It stays on the last configuration15:34
baizonany ideas how to set the default settings?15:34
neroninI just installed the 64bit version of Xubuntu (uname -a: x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux) But it only think i have 3Gb of ram (Mem:   3083408k total) although i have 4Gb. Any idea why this could be?15:47
baizonneronin: integrated graphics card?15:48
neroninbaizon, good question, it is a laptop. But i thought the card had its own memory.. I'll double check that15:49
baizonneronin: mine is integrated and uses 500MB memory :) so i got 3,5GB :)15:49
neroninYes it seems i remembered correctly: Graphics Memory Type: ATI - Dedicated 1024Mb15:51
neroninI assume dedicated means its not taking those 1024 from my RAM, right?15:51
baizonso you got your answer :)15:51
baizon4GB - 1 GB = 3GB :)15:52
neroninbaizon, yes, but what about "Dedicated"?15:52
neroninShouldn't it be "shared" if it used the RAM?15:53
baizonneronin: yes its shared but i allocates the amount of memory15:53
baizonwhen im not wrong you can change it in your BIOS15:53
baizon...so its static15:54
neroninbaizon, really, thats really shady marketing. I really thought "Dedicated" meant it had it's own memory15:54
Kingsyspeaking of RAM, is it possible to force ubuntu to make more use of the ram? I have 24GB of ram and I swear its never been above 3% :P15:55
Kingsyit would be nice to see it load alot more stuff into ram.. just cos it can.. and obviously see the benefit with the speed..15:55
neroninKingsy, at least with other Linux distros you can load the whole OS into the RAM memory. Not sure how to do it in ubuntu though15:56
baizonKingsy: http://ubuntuguide.net/ubuntu-using-ramdisk-for-better-performance-and-fast-response15:56
baizonand put apps cache etc in there and it will run faster :)15:57
Kingsywell, I kinda already have a full installation.. will all of this mean a re=installation?15:58
baizonfor example you can put there your browser cache so the webbrowser will run much faster15:58
baizonKingsy: no15:58
baizonKingsy: search for "ramdisk"15:58
baizonKingsy: http://www.vanemery.com/Linux/Ramdisk/ramdisk.html15:59
baizonneronin: try to boot into your bios and change the amout of vram :)15:59
neroninbaizon, I still think dedicated means the card has its own memory16:00
neronin"Dedicated and shared memory are exactly what they sound like: dedicated memory is memory, usually embedded on the graphics card itself, that is used only by the graphics card. Shared memory means that the graphics card uses system memory (RAM)"16:00
neroninbaizon, I'll reboot and check the bios16:01
baizonneronin: ok so check it16:01
neroninbaizon, Ok problem solved. I only had 3Gb of RAM :)16:08
neroninI was sure i had 4.. :)16:08
baizonand your right16:08
baizondedicated means own16:09
neroninwell...Then at least we learned that dedicated at least means its on the graphics card16:09
havane31hi everybody16:44
havane31i need some help, xubuntu boot is too slow16:45
formashello guys17:52
formasI have a doubt about xubuntu, somone could help me17:53
Spike29formas: sure17:54
formasOK. I have three users or sesions example alumno, admin and another if I want to boot alumno17:55
formasHow can do this?17:55
knomeformas, please don't enable the root account17:56
knomeformas, rather, use the sudoers -file to give sudo access to any users who need root access17:56
formasIn ubuntu ther is Login screen to configure17:56
knomeformas, applications -> system -> users and groups17:57
formasOK I going to try it17:59
doc|homehey, have upgraded to 12.04 and now dialog text and the like have a practically invisible colour for the theme I'm using (Albatros). Anyone know how to fix this?18:05
knomedoc|home, see #9 at http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/18:07
doc|homeknome: great, thanks, seems like a bug that should never have happened in the first place18:08
knomedoc|home, yeah - but gtk3 happened :)18:08
doc|homeI prefer the look of albatross :/18:09
doc|homeoh well18:09
knomewe're working on porting it to gtk3, but that will take some time18:10
doc|homeok, thanks18:10
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rbrtgood afternoon18:53
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xubuntu037Which version of XFCE comes with Xubuntu 12.04?19:35
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!19:59
Guest31378excuse me20:00
Guest31378i need some help20:00
Guest31378can you readme¿20:00
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Guest31378i downloaded a 32bit alternate version of xubuntu...20:02
Guest31378i thank that it was live20:03
xubuntu037thank you20:03
Guest31378but when i start xubuntu on pendrive20:04
Guest31378it try to install complete20:05
Guest31378and i need only livecd version20:05
Guest31378do you understand me?20:07
drcYou dowkoaded the alternate version of Xubuntu, installed it on a pendrive, booted it and it did not boot to a live version and you really need a live version?20:08
Guest31378from here: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/20:12
drcI don't think the alternate version has a "live version", that's why it takes so little ram to install20:12
Guest31378is there any version live?20:13
drcAt the URL you posted, choose "desktop"20:13
Guest31378well i'm going to try it20:15
Guest31378thank you so much20:15
drcno problem...enjoy xubuntu20:15
Guest31378with xubuntu, can i view, save and load file en XFS format hard disk?20:18
drcI have never done it, but http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=xubuntu says yes.20:21
Guest31378ok, thanks20:23
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Zhylhi quick question21:53
Zhyljust installed xubuntu 11.10 on a dell inspiron 1525 and now the mouse isn't working and wired ethernet connections aren't connecting to the net21:54
Zhylnot really sure what to do21:54

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