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alkisgI don't understand why building ltsp works for everyone but not me, without manually running ./autogen.sh first.08:41
alkisgIt fails to build on launchpad for me, it fails with local debuild -b -tc...08:41
alkisgThe problem is in the final dh_clean, which deletes client/localapps/missing, and THEN tries to run `make clean`, and that fails because client/localapps/missing isn't there..08:41
alkisgI.e. I get the .debs and then it stops with an error08:41
stgraberalkisg: I always "export" the branch with mkdst to a temporary tarball, that way it runs autogen and any other needed action. I also never re-use a build directory.16:54
alkisgstgraber: wouldn't it be considered an error though if it doesn't build with just debuild?16:55
alkisgI also don't reuse a build directory, I run bzr clean etc before running debuild again16:55
stgraberyeah, it's certainly a bug, just not one any distro maintainer ever hits ;)16:56
alkisgOK, I'll try to find some fix for it...16:57
alkisgstgraber: ...but how did the ltsp-daily recipe work then? Does it run mkdst or autogen.sh?17:02
stgraberalkisg: IIRC the packaging for ltsp-daily has some changes in debian/rules to run the autogen17:03
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