Aramhi davecheney13:04
davecheneyhi there13:06
davecheneyor should I say, welcome13:06
Aramdavecheney: I'm trying to setup everything to all tests for juju's dependencies pass before I try to do anything. go test launchpad.net/mgo, do you know if I need to setup mgo beforehand somehow?13:13
Aramthe zookeeper tests launch zookeeper with a test configuration.13:13
AramI guess this is not the case for mgo?13:14
Arams/go test launchpad.net/mgo/go test launchpad.net/mgo fails/13:14
davecheneyahh yes13:15
davecheneyapt-get install mongodb-server zookeeperd libzookeeper-mt-dev13:15
davecheneyshould get you going13:15
AramI installed all those, but:13:16
davecheneyok,maybe you need to start the service13:18
AramI guess, though it seems like the tests want to start mongo manually.13:20
davecheneyyeah, the zk tests run it up on a spare port13:25
AramI think I solved it.13:25
AramI had to install supervisor13:25
Aramwell, now I'm waiting to see if it did anything.13:26
davecheneySun May 27 15:11:29 ReferenceError: rs1a is not defined wait.js:4213:50
davecheneythat sounds like the problem13:50
davecheneyyou're using precise right ?13:51
Aramyeah, I believe this fails: rs1a = new Mongo("").getDB("admin")14:02
* Aram knows nothing about mongodb14:02
Aramthe default system provided instance works.14:02
Arambut in the test a javascript file is used to create new instances.14:02
hazmatm_3, installing zookeeperd runs zookeeper.. for the tests you only need libzookeeper-java and zookeeper-server16:30
hazmatwhoops.. that was for Aram ^16:30
Aramhazmat: thanks, I figured.16:30
hazmatAram, out of curiosity, is doozerd dead?16:31
AramI think so.16:31
m_3hazmat: np17:01

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