nathwillif i make a merge proposal to update an existing charm, does the merge proposal stand alone, or should i open a bug as well?05:53
marcoceppinathwill: it will stand alone and should show up in the review-queue06:03
nathwillok, cool. thanks marcoceppi06:04
nathwillof course right after doing so, i realize that i overlooked something o_O06:04
nathwilli got the db portion (users, etc) for owncloud setup so that units can share a backend, but... owncloud also needs to share files in this config, so now i need to add an nfs backend :P06:05
marcoceppinathwill: can the charm just re-create those config files for each unit?06:12
nathwillmarcoceppi, it's the user data like uploaded files, calendars etc that's problematic. i've already got the config-file re-creation taken care of06:13
marcoceppinathwill: ah, yeah you'll want to implement the "shared-fs: mount" relation: interface06:13
nathwillk. i put it down as "storage: \n interface: mount", is shared-fs an established name?06:14
marcoceppishared-fs is an established name06:15
nathwillk. i'll switch it up then :)06:15
marcoceppiall the shared filesystem charms should be using it06:15
marcoceppisooner or later ;)06:15
nathwillmakes sense.06:17
nathwillthanks for the heads-up06:17
stayarrrHi all, I get an error while trying juju on ubuntu 12.04 lts07:53
stayarrrI installed everything for local dev07:53
marcoceppistayarrr: what's the error?07:53
stayarrrand if I try to execute juju bootstrap07:54
stayarrri get07:54
stayarrrinternal error Network is already in use by interface virbr007:54
stayarrrDo you know how I can reset virbr0 interface?07:55
marcoceppistayarrr: could you run `groups` and paste the output?07:56
stayarrrmarcoceppi: oliver adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare07:58
marcoceppistayarrr:  the problem is you're not in the libvirtd group, http://askubuntu.com/questions/65359/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-local-usage covers the details how how to fix this (See "error: Failed to start network default"); however, you just need to run the following:07:59
marcoceppisudo usermod -aG libvirtd oliver07:59
marcoceppinewgrp libvirtd07:59
marcoceppithen try to juju bootstrap07:59
marcoceppinewgrp will make it so you don't have to log out then back in again for the group modification to take place. Though it'll only affect the terminal window you run it in. Each new terminal window will need to execute that command until you restart or log out/back in again08:00
stayarrrok, thx08:02
stayarrras i know, the bootstrap exec should be finished or is it a daemon?08:03
stayarrrI ran juju bootstrap08:04
marcoceppistayarrr: bootstrap command will finish almost instantly, however it does several things in the background that can take up 20 minutes to complete depending on your internet connection08:04
stayarrroutput: 2012-05-27 10:04:02,477 INFO Bootstrapping environment 'local' (origin: distro type: local)...08:04
stayarrr2012-05-27 10:04:02,478 INFO Checking for required packages...08:04
stayarrr2012-05-27 10:04:03,525 INFO Starting networking...08:04
stayarrrthx so far08:05
marcoceppiIt should say bootstrap finished08:05
marcoceppiif it doesn't then the bootstrap is hanging somewhere'08:05
marcoceppistayarrr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009298/08:06
stayarrrhm... okay aborts without feedback after STARTINg Networking08:09
marcoceppistayarrr: try running juju -v bootstrap08:11
marcoceppifor more verbose output08:11
stayarrrmarcoceppi: no output so far, hanging on INFO Starting networking...08:16
marcoceppiDo you have any KVMs or Virtual Machines setup on your computer?08:17
stayarrrmarcoceppi, this OS runs in a VM08:18
stayarrrif it helps08:18
marcoceppiAh, that might be the issue. What type of virtualization?08:18
stayarrra standard hardware virt.?08:21
stayarrrI run ubuntu in vmware installed via an iso its completely virtualized os with  virt. hardware config08:22
stayarrrnetwork is NAT08:23
stayarrrmarcoceppi: Okay, I tried several (maybe all) vm ware configs, seems not working. I found this bug-report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/92045409:21
_mup_Bug #920454: juju bootstrap hangs for local environment under precise on vmware <local> <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/920454 >09:21
anosi have a question about load average?10:58
SpamapSstayarrr: I went ahead and marked that bug Confirmed/High. the local provider uses libvirt's networking, and I would suspect this is not working well with the vmware guest additions.15:04
hazmatstayarrr, could you pastebin ifconfig on the virt machine?16:30

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