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KovicaI have a question about running a bash script via dolphin. In script run.sh I have a line like this ". ~/.bashrc" in ~/.bashrc I have "export MY_PROG_HOME=~/Apps/myProg/". The problem I have is that in run.sh MY_PROG_HOME is not set. Why?02:03
LordOfTimeKovica:  echo $MY_PROG_HOME02:05
LordOfTimeanything come from that?02:05
Kovica I have echo "MY_PROG_HOME=$MA_PROG_HOME" and the result is "MY_PROG_HOME="02:06
KovicaI have echo "MY_PROG_HOME=$MY_PROG_HOME" and the result is "MY_PROG_HOME="02:06
LordOfTimeyou didnt do what i said :p02:07
LordOfTimedo 'source ~/.bashrc'02:07
LordOfTimethen do 'echo $MY_PROG_HOME'02:07
LordOfTimeanything come out from that?02:08
KovicaLordOfTime: I'm doing that in my script. And I gout empty string02:11
LordOfTimeKovica:  do it in terminal02:12
LordOfTimenot in your script02:12
LordOfTimei thought that'd have been a given02:12
LordOfTimebecause you have to test outside of the script02:12
KovicaLordOfTime: In terminal I do get it right02:12
KovicaLordOfTime: So, MY_PROG_HOME=/home/user/Apps/Prog02:12
LordOfTimeKovica:  does MY_PROG_HOME need to be global outside of that script, or only within the script?02:13
KovicaLordOfTime: I'd like to have it set in my .bashrc so I can use that from any other script.02:14
LordOfTimeKovica:  try your script now, after you do source ~/.bashrc in the terminal first (again)02:15
KovicaLordOfTime: this is the script I have:02:18
LordOfTimeKovica:  pastebin02:18
KovicaLordOfTime: http://pastebin.com/V7tkdx2e02:19
LordOfTimetry this: https://pastebin.com/ze26YwUS02:20
KovicaLordOfTime: If I add MY_PROG-HOME to .bashrc after I have opened a terminal then this script returns empty string02:20
KovicaLordOfTime: MY_PROG_HOME =02:21
LordOfTimeread the pastebin i sent you02:21
KovicaI did02:21
LordOfTimedid you try it?02:22
KovicaLordOfTime: MY_PROG_HOME =02:22
LordOfTimewait a sec02:22
LordOfTimeyou have to source .bashrc thhen first02:22
LordOfTimebecause if you add it to bashrc AFTER the terminal is open it won't be referenced02:22
LordOfTimeso close the terminal and reopen it02:22
LordOfTimeand try again02:22
KovicaLordOfTime: Now it is working..02:23
LordOfTimeKovica:  ~/.bashrc is only sourced when a new instance of Bash opens02:23
LordOfTimeif you edit it *after* the session is up02:24
LordOfTimes/up/already open/02:24
LordOfTimeyou have to do source ~/.bashrc02:24
LordOfTimeand it'll resource that file and apply it02:24
KovicaLordOfTime: But this is not what I want.. :) I want to be able to run the script via dolphin file manager02:24
LordOfTimeKovica: ... eh?02:24
LordOfTimewhat's this script going to do?02:24
KovicaLordOfTime: If I double click in thebash script inside of dolphin then I still get empty string02:25
LordOfTimeyou're not answering my questions02:25
LordOfTimewhy do you need to run the script from Dolphin?02:25
KovicaLordOfTime: Dolphin or from a shortcut in Desktop..02:25
LordOfTimegive me 15 seconds to load up KDE02:26
KovicaLordOfTime: I need this because I install progam will install the actual program on the machine and write its path to .bashrc and put an icon on the desktop. The usercan install the program in a directory of his choosing02:28
LordOfTime.bashrc is a per-user file02:28
KovicaLordOfTime: yes..02:29
LordOfTimeso ~/Any/Path will become /home/[user]/Any/Path02:29
LordOfTimeso unless they have Any/Path in their own home dir, it won't work02:29
KovicaLordOfTime: the user will install it in its home directory02:29
LordOfTimeKovica:  oh... kay......02:31
LordOfTimei think you've messed up something, but...02:32
LordOfTimein Dolphin, my script's supposed to open a test file from a variable'd path location02:32
LordOfTimeand its working fine02:32
FloodBotK1LordOfTime: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
LordOfTimeshut up floodbot02:32
KovicaLordOfTime: hmm. What could I do wrong..02:36
KovicaLordOfTime: oh well.. Thanks for your help. It's a bit late here (4:40 in the morning). I have to go.. Bye02:40
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ussher_when launching games they often try to take over the whole screen.  Is there a way to force them to launch into a single window that i can position where i want it?05:13
ussher_for example 'teeworlds' a game from the standard repos05:14
Avihayussher_: try "man teeworlds" or ask google05:37
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gio3505hello guys, anyone here?06:28
xieyihi, what is the matter06:29
gio3505I was trying to install kubuntu via wubi, but kubuntu was not listed in desktop environments. Have any idea?06:30
xieyisorry, I am newbie too :-p06:31
gio3505lol, k06:31
gio3505its odd though, cause the website says that wubi allows you to install it, but the only environment listed is ubuntu...06:32
xieyimaybe you can install kubuntu on virtual machine06:34
gio3505nah, kinda wanted to dualboot it. ill try the ubuntu channel.06:34
xieyihas anyone know how to edit formula in calligra word?06:35
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jpgeek1hey there Kubuntu08:13
jpgeek1I have been trying to change the font size in xterm via the .Xresources file08:14
jpgeek1however setting the faceSize: only works if I set the font as well08:15
jpgeek1and setting the font to anything other than -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso10646-108:15
jpgeek1makes Japanese input not show the qlyphs any more08:15
jpgeek1might someone be able to kindly point me in the right direction?08:16
jxjlgood morning, I am trying new kde telephaty, but I have problem, whe I add presence plasmoid, I can't see it on panel, but when I right click on place, where it should be, menu with presence pops up. is this bug or I am doing something wrong?08:25
mcloyhow to restart samba, my windows machine shares are not showing up09:23
mcloyis there a way not to install kde (remove it) but run dolphin or xchat or a video (just these applications) and do all work at command line?09:24
cancerAny HELP http://paste.kde.org/487838/09:31
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:53
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safridzalhelp please, im using kubuntu 1204, after run a wine apps, half of my desktop gone. I've try restart the plasma-desktop but its not work12:15
Mamaroksafridzal: no worries, that was just a netsplit12:17
safridzalwhats netsplit?12:17
Mamaroksafridzal: that is when the server is disconnected from the network12:17
Mamarokas you need to go through a server to reach IRC12:18
Mamarokbut it is nothing to worry about for the user12:18
safridzalcan you help me??  im using kubuntu 1204, after run a wine apps, half of my desktop gone. I've try restart the plasma-desktop but its not work12:18
Mamaroksafridzal: hm, did you try to just restart KDE?12:19
safridzali've try restart the box12:19
safridzaland the desktop still weird12:20
Mamarokweird as in no planel visible?12:20
safridzalno, it like there is a space on my desktop12:20
safridzalmy wallpaper can fill that space12:20
Mamaroksafridzal: you see the panel?12:20
safridzalMamarok: yep, i see the panel, the wighet anything12:21
safridzalah, i;ve unlock my widget, but i cant move them.. its kind of stuck12:21
Mamaroksounds like a graphical glitch to me, that usually is solved by restartin Kwin, which you do by just logging out of KDE and in again12:21
safridzali've try that12:21
Mamarokyou tried that already?12:22
safridzalyep, not working12:22
Mamarokwhat strange application did you try to run wiht wine?12:22
safridzala game, 4x4 evo12:22
safridzalits run OK before..12:22
Mamarokjust a moment, I need to fin where wine stores the settings which might be the problem12:23
Mamaroksafridzal: check if you have a folder called .wine/12:24
safridzalon my ~ ?12:25
Mamarokyes, do -s -la in a konsole12:25
Mamaroksorry: ls -la12:25
safridzal.wine ?12:25
safridzalits there12:25
Mamarokthen erase it, then restart KDE12:26
safridzalbut my game will erased then?12:26
safridzalmy c drive is on that .wine folder12:26
Mamarokwell, the game appears to be the responsible for your desktop problem, not sure you really want to run that again12:26
Mamarokor at least run it as a different user12:27
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safridzalMamarok: not working12:40
Mamaroksafridzal: you are not on a wubi isntallation, are you?12:41
safridzalits a full insatll12:42
safridzalSystem:    Host aragorn-1215B Kernel 3.2.0-23-generic x86_64 (64 bit, gcc 4.6.3)12:42
safridzal           Desktop KDE 4.8.2 (Qt 4.8.1) Distro Ubuntu 12.04 precise12:42
safridzaland my graph12:42
safridzalGraphics:  Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 6310] bus-ID 00:01.012:42
safridzal           X.Org 1.11.3 drivers ati,fglrx (unloaded: vesa,fbdev,radeon) Resolution 1366x768@60.0hz12:42
safridzal           GLX Renderer AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics GLX Version 4.2.11627 - CPC Direct Rendering Yes12:42
Mamaroksafridzal: changing the wallpaper didn't help I guess12:44
Mamarokwhat if you change the desktop layout?12:45
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safridzalstill not working12:45
Mamarokeven with a different desktop layout? Try the search and launch one12:46
safridzali've try to change to plasma netbook, and it fill all my screen12:46
safridzalbut if i choose plasma-desktop, it still there, the space12:46
Mamarokthat sounds like a plasma widget taking up that space and not being visible12:47
Mamaroksafridzal: could you please make a snapshot of what it looks like? KSnapshot is the tool for that12:48
safridzalstill waiting for imageshak tu load12:49
safridzali got a very slow inet here12:49
BluesKajHi folksd12:50
Mamarokhi BluesKaj :)12:51
BluesKajhey Mamarok , how's things ? :)12:52
Mamarokfine, thanks. Triaging plasma bugs these days, quite a challenge :)12:53
BluesKajI can imagine12:53
MamarokBluesKaj: see -offtopic for the sequel :)12:53
BluesKajyup , got it :)12:54
safridzalMamarok: http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2840/snapshot1xp.jpg12:56
Mamaroksafridzal: IIUC your desktop lost it's right side, correct? Please go to the system settings -> Display and Monitor and check if the settings there are correct12:56
Mamarokprobably the game resized your resolution12:56
safridzalMamarok: but i can right click on that blank space12:58
safridzalthe monirot setting is right12:58
Mamarokcan you drag the widets to that space too?12:58
Mamaroksafridzal: can you drag the widgets to that space too?13:00
safridzalcant move the widget13:01
safridzalall my wigdet13:01
Mamarokyou can't move them at all? weird13:01
Mamarokwhat if you set the desktop layout to grouping desktop instead of desktop?13:01
Mamarokdoes that help?13:02
Mamarokthen it is a plasma bug fixed in 4.8.313:02
safridzalhow can i do that13:02
Mamarokright click on the desktop -> Desktop settings -> Layout13:03
Mamarokyou can try between the desktop and grouping desktop13:03
safridzalnnot working13:04
Mamarokthose are quite similar, but I had to do this at some point in 4.8.2 to have my wallpaper stretched correctly13:04
Mamaroksafridzal: what is your current desktop layout? Folder view?13:05
safridzaldekstop now13:05
safridzaland after i change to newspaper layot, i got this:13:05
Mamarokyour desktop geometry is totally off, did you check if there is a shift in the horizontal orientation in the monitor (System settings -> Display and Monitor)13:06
safridzalits no rotation13:08
safridzalis that relevant?13:08
Mamaroksafridzal: no, what is relevant is the position13:09
Mamarokthat should be Absolute, 0, 013:09
safridzalit is now13:09
Mamarokwasn't it before?13:09
safridzalit was13:10
safridzalnow i think about reinstalling13:11
Mamarokno, why? Upgrade to KDE 4.8.3 might be better, it is in the kubuntu-backports PPA13:11
sallaiEgy kis segítség kellenecompiz-zal kapcsolatban13:13
Mamaroksallai: !hu13:13
sallaiTud segíteni valaki 12.04 LTS van telepítve?13:13
Mamaroksallai: this is an english cannel only, please13:13
Mamarok!hu > sallai13:13
ubottusallai, please see my private message13:13
Mamarokchannel* actually13:14
Mamaroksallai: English, please! I won't repeat that!13:14
BluesKaj!hu | sallai13:17
ubottusallai: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál13:17
MamarokBluesKaj: it's OK, I think he understood, the last word he said apparently means Thank you :)13:18
MamarokI already told him the channel13:19
BluesKajwell, Mamarok , it's still not English :)13:19
Mamarokyes, but you are basically repeating what I already did :)13:20
BluesKajok , I just switched over to my test drive , so i missed that13:20
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faglnarWhy ia Konqueror/rekonq so slow?14:17
Mamarokfaglnar: you have a slow computer or a slow connection maybe?14:18
MamarokRekonq works normally fast here, compared to Chromium and Firefox on the same machine14:18
MamarokI haven't used Konqueror in ages though, can't tell about that one14:19
faglnarSlow connection yes, slow computer no. Firefox and chromium are fast as usual but rekonq does take even about 10 seconds to render the webinterface of my router which is connected per gigabit lan14:19
BluesKajthe problem is rekonq is the default and it's still a bit buggy14:20
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Tm_Tfaglnar: I wonder if there's some JS involved that is slow on js engine rekonq is using14:21
Tm_Tor something similar14:21
faglnarits the luci interface from openwrt14:21
faglnarbut regardless of the site its significantly slower than firefox and chromium14:22
BluesKajTm_T, rekonq keeps reloading here , I have to resize for my large monitor and it loads java or flash really slow then it reverts and I have resize again ...you might be on to something14:23
faglnaralso how can I turn off the offer to install flash player on konqueror/rekonq start?14:24
otherMI can't find the channel list in Quassel15:35
otherMgot it15:36
otherMI just want to have casual conversation. This network seems mostly technical. Where could I go instead?15:38
otherMgood point15:38
sparajhello to all kubuntu users15:45
BluesKajhi sparaj15:49
Ezimhi sunitasethi17:01
Joitsunitasethi: hows your linux installation doing?17:25
faglnarI just found again a way to appreciate kde17:27
faglnarthe incredible window behavior customization17:27
elfhcan anyone help me to install lmms on kubuntu 12, 64 bit? is it possible at all?  i added repositories, but when trying to install lmms i get error - not installable.17:41
sunitasethiJoit: it is so far as good...it takes some time to boot up17:43
sunitasethiJoit: i have ubuntu 12.0417:43
Ezimelfh, https://launchpad.net/~dns/+archive/sound?field.series_filter=precise17:51
Joitsunitasethi: good to hear that. I got 12.04 too, but it actually boot fast, i got a 3200mhz cpu with 1gb ram, cant complain about it, it starts faster then my other PC what first shows the boot menu and other stuff18:01
swecarpelfh,  iissent lmms in muon18:05
Ezimkubuntu boots okey here also18:06
Ezimwith 12.04 even plymouth works good :)18:06
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elfhswecarp, i tried install from muon, i get the following error: The "lmms" package could not be marked for installation or upgrade:18:49
elfh        Depends: lmms-common (=0.4.10-2ubuntu1), but 0.4.13-stable.git.2225-2~precise1 is to be installed18:49
elfh        Recommends: caps, but it is not installable18:49
elfh        Recommends: tap-plugins, but it is not installable18:49
elfhEzim, i already added those ppas18:49
Ezimelfh, okey.. did not lmms that was in muon from start good enough?18:50
elfhi didn't have lmms in muon from the start.18:50
Ezimelfh, I you should.. weird..18:51
qbitI see lmms in my Muon here too18:51
elfhEzim, i checked muon software center and couldn't find it there. then i added ppa and checked it again - no luck, then found those packets in muon package manager18:52
Ezimelfh, yeah you should first search muon package manager18:53
EzimI do not use muon software center18:53
Ezimdo not find it good enough18:53
elfhEzim, well, i can delete those ppas and check again. will this change anything?18:54
Ezimelfh, you will have the package provided by ubuntu18:54
Ezimshould work18:54
elfhEzim, ok, will try now18:54
Ezimelfh, you know how to remove ppa?18:55
elfhEzim, just uncheck  in software sources?18:55
Ezimelfh, no18:55
elfhEzim, tell me then ;)18:56
Ezimelfh, you want the command line way or gui way?18:56
Ezimelfh, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/y-ppa-manager18:57
Ezimsudo apt-get update18:57
Ezimsudo apt-get install y-ppa-manager18:58
Ezimnow use y-ppa-manager18:58
Ezimelfh, with y-ppa-manager you can easily remove/add ppa19:00
Ezimand also many other usefull stuff19:00
elfhEzim, some errors again The following packages have unmet dependencies:19:02
elfh ardour : Depends: libjack-jackd2-0 (>= 1.9.5~dfsg-14) but it is not going to be installed or19:02
elfh                   libjack-0.11619:02
elfh gstreamer0.10-plugins-good : Depends: libjack-jackd2-0 (>= 1.9.5~dfsg-14) but it is not going to be installed or19:02
elfh                                       libjack-0.11619:02
elfh jackd2 : Depends: libjack-jackd2-0 (= 1.9.8~dfsg.2-1precise1) but it is not going to be installed19:02
FloodBotK1elfh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:02
elfhEzim, errors again: http://pastebin.com/ADbL7Mtp19:04
elfhbtw, why removing from muon software sources is not enough?19:04
Ezimelfh, try :)..19:06
elfhEzim, seems like that worked. it started installation19:07
Ezimelfh, nice nice19:09
elfhEzim, it runs, thanks a lot!19:11
Ezimelfh, np.19:11
JMichael|workanyone else having issues with kde netbook interface being very crashy in 12.04?19:25
EzimJMichael|work, have you looked for launchpad-bugs?19:29
JMichael|workEzim: no i have not. i was just curious as to whether or not anyone here had encountered anything like this19:31
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JMichael|workgood god.... ubuntu's servers are STILL pathetically slow. are they ever going to fix this problem?19:55
JMichael|workinstalling KDE SC 4.8.3 right now... averaging 15kB/s down, on a GB network19:56
JMichael|workestimated time is 1h 15m19:57
EzimJMichael|work, have you tried other mirror/server?20:06
JMichael|workEzim: how do you do that with PPAs?20:06
EzimJMichael|work, hehe... you mean kubuntu-backports?20:07
JMichael|workExposure_: no, just the kubuntu PPA, in this case20:07
danielo_hey. I can You tell me how to share files throught nfs in 12.0420:07
JMichael|workEzim: : no, just the kubuntu PPA, in this case20:07
danielo_not by samba but native linukx share native system20:08
danielo_so nfs or zero conf20:09
danielo_using rmb on folder I can share only by samba, but in earlier version was nfs to20:10
BluesKajdanielo_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo20:14
gh0ulAny special steps one has to take to get the ibus icons in systray under 12.04? Ibus seems to work, but I get no icon.20:15
danielo_to hard for me :P20:30
danielo_I will stay with samba :P20:30
danielo_I remeber that earier it was working out of box20:31
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ramonhola estoy buscando alguien que hable español para conversar un rato21:52
BluesKaj!es | ramon21:53
ubotturamon: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:53
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safridzalhelp please, I cant add widget to my desktop anymore, but I can add widget to panel22:43
safridzalhelp please, I cant add widget to my desktop anymore, but I can add widget to panel22:51
genii-aroundIn settings.. workspace behaviour ... virtual desktops ... Do you have Different Widgets for Each Desktop checked off?22:54
safridzalgenii-around: its not checked22:59
genii-aroundsafridzal: Please check it off and apply the change, then try to add a widget after that23:00
safridzalit works23:01
safridzalbut i lost all my widget setting on my old desktop23:01
safridzali just set 1 dekstop, how its possible ?23:02
genii-aroundsafridzal: I'm not sure, sorry23:03
safridzallog off. brb23:03
safridzalgenii-around: it works after reboot23:08
safridzalnow i can add desktop widget23:09
safridzalthanks genii-around23:09
genii-aroundYou're welcome23:09
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GH0Does anyone know how to enable wake on lan on an Intel NIC through driver settings?23:56
GH0I know you can do it in Windows, but I am not aware of how to do it through Kubuntu and my google searching-fu was not enough.23:56

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