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JoseeAntonioRHello! I'd like to know if there's any way to un-reject a question.05:13
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: not that I know of no05:34
JoseeAntonioRczajkowski: urgh, I just made a mistake and rejected one that shouldn't have been :(05:34
wgrantJoseeAntonioR: There's no edit icon next to the status?08:55
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JoseeAntonioRwgrant: nope, I can't edit the status (it's a question)19:26
Noldorinho hum19:43
Noldorintip for any Launchpad website folk: instead of a "Lost something?" page when i enter a non-existent project URL, how about an option/prompt for me to create a project with that name? :-)19:44
NoldorinURL hackibility is generally win19:44
Noldorinplus, the existent "create new project" link is a bit obfuscated19:44
Noldorinor at least was last time i checked...19:44
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bobweaverhello there I think that I am going to need more then 2 gigs space but am not sure so I came here to talk about it :) I have made a iso of Ubuntu tv and want to upload it tonight just for testing for like 2 too 3 weeks. Not sure if I have the space thou the dvd iso is not even 2 gigs21:38
bobweaverbut I am not sure if all my other stuff and that is more then 2 gigs def could be21:38

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