LordOfTimedaswort:  Ubuntu is the only one with "LTS" releases00:04
GridCubeLordOfTime, no, xubuntu has a 3 years lts00:25
LordOfTimeyou sure?00:25
LordOfTimeoh other than Xubuntu00:26
xerxesHello im having some issues with Spotify and Lubuntu 11.1012:09
xerxeswhen i execute spotify from the command line i get "iligeal instruction"12:09
xerxeshere is my paste from gdb12:09
xerxesand here is from cat/proc/cpuinfo http://pastebin.com/vfABB94612:09
leai just installed lubuntu on my asus netbook, doing great, but i wanted to change some things, first i want to disable lxsession so i can login in the TTY and run X with "startx" with my .xinitrc... and second im looking for a way to connect with my 3G usb modem from the cli... :)13:13
leahope someone knows how, lol13:13
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wilberfanI'm thinking about dual-booting OS X (10.6.x) and Lubuntu 12.04 on an old (2006) iMac5,1 ...   I can't use the 64bit-Mac .iso, can I?17:33
wilberfanOr is that my only option...?17:34
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Unit193I think it'd take the PPC one, wouldn't it? (he asks the air)17:43
smile-is-ziekyes, Unit19317:46
ilijahy is possible run lubuntu 11.10 on thinkpad r50 laptop with 1,5GHz and 0,5GB RAM19:00
ilijathanks in advance19:00
ilijaan one more question will google chrome work fast19:01
ilijabecause on my machine with 1GB ram google chrome is slow19:01
ilijai donot why19:02
leszekilija: chromium is working pretty fast. Chrome should also work pretty fine19:26

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