evso dh v9 tries to execute .maintscript files if they're +x. Bug or the packager should know better?12:07
xnoxev: packager should know better, it's documented behaviour.12:23
evthis whole needing a separate degree to distribute an application thing will never catch on :)12:25
antarusthats just what developers who don't understand how complex packaging is would say ;p12:26
evit doesn't need to be complex12:26
evit shouldn't be complex12:26
antarusI agree the interfaces are poor12:26
antarusbut it is inherently complex12:26
evbut yes, the complexity is baked in. "Hey, here's a root shell. Have fun!"12:26
antarusyou could say the same thing about most programming though ;p12:27
evsure - but programming is hard enough. Lets not layer complexity on top of that :)12:27
antarus(if you are distributing a simple applicatoin I would argue that packaging is fairly trivial)12:27
antarusat work you can basically in your 'makefile' just write "builddeb(name, version, release, owner, depends=[foo, bar,baz])12:28
antarusand the system will build you a deb of your code12:28
antarusnow you can't do anything complex with it (conffiles, alternatives, etc..)12:28
antarusbecause its hard to make a simple interface for that ;p12:28
xnoxev: imho it's better than a single monolithic file with pseudo shell functions and requirement to explicitely list every single file & folder that will be 'owned' by the package... (rpm)12:32
antarusreal packages use ebuilds anyway12:33
silvoshi, are you talking about how simple (or not) building ubiquity or just packaging? (having problem to compile and run it here) http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009633/12:42
silvoshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009648/  config.log12:45
xnoxsilvos: ./debian/rules update-local12:55
xnoxsilvos: fakeroot ./debian/rules binary12:55
* xnox ubiquity is a non-standard package, because it includes bits and pieces of other packages12:56
silvosthanks xnox13:05
silvosI thinks its fails again, I changed value in .po to be sure, and when I run ubiquity its runs ubiquity from the apt-get install one with old .po value.13:06
silvosI feel I don't understannd every thing13:06
cm-tI followed same as silvos but I fail to run ubiquity, and I don't find many information on compiling it.13:26
silvosI might forgot some step, is there a wiki page or something like that explainning the compilation ?13:27
xnoxsilvos: after fakeroot ./debian/rules binary13:41
xnox$ sudo dpkg -i ../*.deb13:41
xnoxto install newly compiled ubiquity13:41
xnoxthen run it.13:41
silvoswell, I don't have .deb because of error, I'm trying to understand them14:08
silvoshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009761/  if ever14:32
xnoxsilvos: did you run: fakeroot ./debian/rules binary14:33
xnoxor just ./debia/rules build14:33
xnoxbinary will give you actuall debs to install14:33
silvoshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009761/  is the result of    fakeroot ./debian/rules binary >> bin.txt14:34
silvosi should use the error output14:36
xnoxyes, please. that does look incomplete14:36
xnoxlp:ubiquity currently can only be build on quantal, because it has been ported to python3 and a couple of dependenies are not in precise14:37
xnoxif you want precise's ubiquity get it with $ apt-get source ubiquity14:37
xnoxor there should be a precise branch.14:37
silvos( fakeroot ./debian/rules binary &> bin.txt )14:47
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