barnaPlease help with the User guest53049, the channel #ubuntu-br02:11
LordOfTimebarna:  eh?02:11
barnahe came in and was talking about naked women, asked to stop. He pasted the same text up to Excess Flood returned with another nick! (@ c9322b67 gateway/web/freenode/ip.
barnahe 's coming in and doing flood till you drop, please help, I'm trying to make a stand!02:15
LordOfTimedid you do !ops ?02:16
barnaWe have no op online right now.02:16
* LordOfTime lols at the access list02:17
barnain fact, the months do not have op online02:17
LordOfTimeif i had an ubuntu/member cloak (and not my current cloak, with ubuntu secondarily) i'd have helped xD02:17
LordOfTimebarna:  just do !ops anyways02:17
LordOfTimeits normally a trigger to ping the ops channels02:17
barnaalso our bot is not online, it sends pro channel #ubuntu-br-ops that is empty.02:19
barnaLordOfTime, Thanks anyway!02:20
LordOfTimewell the best I can suggest is you do ignore  on *!*c9322b*@*201.50.43.*02:21
barnaIdleOn, ready to solve!02:24
=== Pici is now known as Guest55695
fujisanO barna15:46
fujisani will vote for you15:46
Fuchshrm, meeting today?18:05
DJonesSupposed to be one, although I saw AlanBell saying he might not be home for the meeting18:05
Fuchsnevermind, there he is <318:06
* AlanBell arrives18:06
AlanBellso yeah, meeting nowish in #ubuntu-meeting18:06

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