barnaPlease help on the channel #ubuntu-br02:21
ubottuIn #ubuntu, thomas said: !ops: there is a channel flooder in #ubuntu-br if any of you could take care of it02:21
barnaour bot is not online, channel # ubuntu-ops that is empty.02:22
barnatranks again IdleOne !02:22
ikonia@mark #ubuntu mcloy despite being unbanned for cross-posting yesterday posted the same question in #ubuntu #kubuntu #ubuntu-server09:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:28
mcloyi am new to irc. i thought my text is not visible in #ubuntu and i asked that to users too. "is my text visible?"  i got no reply and i posted same question in #kubuntu. got no reply. i am banned . any help?09:30
ikoniaif you are new to irc, your account is 1 year old,09:31
ikoniathat seems odd to me09:31
ikoniamcloy: I explained to you in detail to stop cross-posting, you ignore it and got banned, I explained in more detail, you ingnored it, I explained it again, you ignored it and got banned09:31
ikoniayou then kicked up a fuss that it was personal, so others explained to you that cross-posting wasn't helpful and to stop09:31
ikoniayou got unbanned09:31
ikoniayou then cross-posted again09:32
mcloymy brothers09:32
ikoniait seems you don't seem to understand "don't do this"09:32
mcloyi am new to irc. i thought my text is not visible in #ubuntu and i asked that to users too. "is my text visible?"09:33
ikoniayou are not new to irc09:33
ikoniayou have held the account for over a year09:33
ikoniayou know how to kick up a fuss, pm people, evade bans,09:33
ikoniayou should be able to understand simple instructions "don't cross-post"09:34
mcloyits my brothers. its mine now09:34
ikoniaI don't know what that means, I'm sorry09:35
ikoniaI'm also a little concerned that you seemed to do the cross-post 30 seconds after I removed myself from being "/away"09:35
ikoniaalthough I may be reading more into that than I should. I admit09:35
mcloy i thought my text is not visible in #ubuntu and i asked that to users too. "is my text visible?"09:35
ikoniaI'm sorry, I don't accept that09:36
ikoniayou know what you are doing,09:36
ikoniaand you where told if you have any queries/issues ask in this channel, do not cross-post09:36
mcloyyou are not sorry. you are getting it personally.09:36
mcloystay away from me.09:36
ikoniaat this point, I'll leave it to one of the other operators to deal with you.09:36
ikoniaif none of the other operators are free at this time, I suggest you try later09:37
ikoniabut please don't start pm'ing people again, I'm sure someone will be free at some shortly.09:37
mcloyi told you i thought my text was not going in the channel. thats why i did it.    YOU JUST NEEDED A REASON TO BAN ME.09:38
bazhangmcloy, lets lose the caps09:39
mcloybazhang,  what now...09:40
bazhangmcloy, discuss with me09:40
bazhangnot via PM please09:40
bazhangmcloy, I have a few minutes to discuss this, if you wish.09:41
mcloyyou can see what i typed above . thats the truth. what else i can say...09:41
bazhangmcloy, you wish to use those few minutes productively, yes?09:42
mcloyit would be odd to repeat.  i am new to irc. i thought my text is not visible in #ubuntu and i asked that to users too. "is my text visible?"  i got no reply and i posted same question in #kubuntu. got no reply. i am banned . she just needed a reason to ban me. thats all09:42
bazhangmcloy, if not, come back at some other time in the future.09:42
mcloybazhang,  hm09:42
bazhangok mcloy then come back at some other time if you just wish to follow the above.09:43
mcloybazhang,  i didnt got any warning or kick before a ban. i asked people "is my text visible"09:43
bazhangaskubuntu.com is a good alternative mcloy09:43
mcloybazhang,  i didnt understood. what is required?09:43
bazhangmcloy, its a website09:44
mcloycan i be unbaned now?09:44
bazhangmcloy, NO09:44
mcloyyou think i did that intentionaly. and its not a mistake and ikonia  was not trying to find the a reason to ban me?09:46
bazhang!crosspost | mcloy09:46
ubottumcloy: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.09:46
ikoniamcloy: how about I remove the ban from #ubuntu but leave the ban in place in #kubuntu and #ubuntu-server09:47
ikoniathat will activly stop you from cross-posting the same questions in multiple channels ?09:47
mcloybazhang, ^09:47
bazhangmcloy, not going to repeat all the guidelines chat as we did that yesterday. you were originally banned for the same behavior09:47
mcloybazhang,  ofcourse. it was  a mistake.09:48
ikoniamcloy: if I remove the ban in #ubuntu you can get support from the primary channel, and thus stop you cross-posting in #kubuntu and #ubuntu-server any more ?09:48
ikoniawould that be an acceptable way to allow you to use the channel ?09:48
mcloyi didnt knew the outcome. can you unban me bazhang ?09:48
* mcloy waits for bazhang voice too09:49
ikoniamcloy: I've given you a suggestion to get you unbanned from #ubuntu would that work for you ?09:49
* mcloy nods09:49
bazhangmcloy, I won't unban you at this time. if someone else sees fit to do so, that's their call.09:52
bazhangand I have to run now.09:52
mcloybecause you think i did that intentionaly. and its not a mistake and ikonia  was not trying to find the a reason to ban me?09:52
* mcloy waits09:54
ikonia!idle mcloy09:54
ikonia!idle | mcloy09:55
ubottumcloy: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.09:55
* mcloy is waiting for his matter09:55
Tm_Tdiscussed in pm10:18
Tm_T@mark #ubuntu mcloy keep blaming ikonia, lies about details and tries to talk away from the blame10:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:37
mcloyanyone around?11:28
mcloyany second thoughts?11:28
mcloythe ban11:28
mcloyplan to?11:29
Tm_Tmcloy: I said, it wont change anytime soon11:29
Tm_Tif you keep failing to listen, it will just move further11:29
mcloysoon is = ?11:30
Tm_Tseveral weeks11:30
mcloyis there a ban time policy for ubuntu?11:30
Tm_Tthat bans are infinite until they're resolved11:30
Tm_Tor whatever happens11:31
mcloyno time policy?11:31
mcloyhow can i resolve my ban then?11:31
Tm_Tby following instructions I have given to you11:31
Tm_Thint: I didn't instruct you to come here at the same day asking about it11:31
mcloyyou gave me many instruction in the last hours. which relates to resolving the ban specificaly?11:32
Tm_Tbasicly all of them11:32
Tm_Tin your case, that is11:32
mcloycan i request you to be concise?11:32
mcloyand specific11:33
Tm_Tshow that you can follow our rules in channels you are not banned for some time, multiple weeks11:33
Tm_Tand perhaps after that we can return discussing to your unbanning11:34
mcloyi do not have busines in other channels. so i cannot spend time there.11:34
Tm_Talso, you need to show that you take responsibility of your actions and you stop lying or twisting facts11:34
mcloyi do take responsibility for my acts, and if theres a conflict of lying. you can point it11:35
Tm_Teither way, I cannot trust currently you can use our channels without breaking rules and causing unneeded diturbance, thus I am not going to let you in anytime soon11:35
Tm_Tmcloy: I already did in our conversation in private, did I?11:35
mcloyas i told , i do not have busines in other channels. so i cannot spend time there.11:35
mcloyprooving my behaviour11:36
mcloyhow else to resolve11:36
Tm_Tthen give us time, multiple weeks, and perhaps if you are honest and show that you understand things then you might be able to back in11:37
Tm_Tthat is, after multiple weeks11:37
Tm_Tcurrently I don't see any other option11:37
Tm_Tuse other support channels in the meantime, like our forums, askubuntu etc11:37
mcloygood idea, but only thing i didnt grasped is what will change in those weeks?11:37
mcloyhow will you know iam honest11:38
Tm_Tby showing that you can listen instructions to stay away for multiple weeks for starters11:38
mcloyhow can i not stay away , as i will be baned for those weeks.........11:38
Tm_Tperhaps I cannot, I think it's my headache, not yours at this point11:38
elkyHe means from this channel.11:38
mcloythis and ubuntu and kubuntu and ubuntu-server11:39
mcloyhow would you jugde me when iam not around. i didnt got the intellegence behind it.     (iam asking to improve and as its concerning me directly.)11:40
Tm_Tmcloy: first thing you need to improve is to stay away from here as requested11:41
Tm_Tif you cannot follow such a simple request, that's enough11:41
mcloybut i was here as its for ops and user channels.  to resolve the issue.      iam not here offtopic11:42
Tm_Tyes and we won't be discussing your matter until several weeks11:42
mcloyand iam not forcing anything. just trying to understand . what is the strategy to resolve.11:43
mcloyhow weeks will help. iam wiling to obey.11:43
Tm_Talso when we possibly eventually return to discussion, please, please, stop blaming ikonia, and all the other points I already gave you in private11:43
mcloytell me when ill blame him again11:43
Tm_Tmcloy: let's call it a simple test if you can follow instructions11:43
Tm_Tmcloy: you keep saying you're banned only because of ikonia making it personal11:44
mcloymay i SuGgEsT a way?  unban me and moniter for some time. you can anytime ban again.         if you have a better way to resolve. iam willing to cooperate11:44
Tm_Tyou will not be unbanned at this time11:44
Tm_TI repeat, you will NOT be unbanned at this time11:44
Tm_Tyou are already banned again11:45
mcloyok. its your choice. but tell me how to resolve. (time of weeks will not help resolve the issue.)11:45
Tm_Tmcloy: I already said to you, show me that you can follow simple request of being away several weeks11:45
Tm_Tthat's first step11:45
LjL1) come back in a couple of weeks, not before11:45
mcloyhow would you jugde me when iam not around. i didnt got the intellegence behind it.     (iam asking to improve and as its concerning me directly.)11:45
LjL2) when you come back, stop blaming and ignoring ikonia11:45
LjLthat's the steps11:46
mcloyLjL, ^11:46
Tm_Tmcloy: anything unclear still? (:11:46
mcloyit will be odd for me to repeat11:46
mcloyhow would you jugde me when iam not around. i didnt got the intellegence behind it.     (iam asking to improve and as its concerning me directly.) may i SuGgEsT a way?  unban me and moniter for some time. you can anytime ban again.         if you have a better way to resolve. iam willing to cooperate11:47
LjLmcloy: your question makes sense, but let me put it this way, since we cannot judge people when they're not around, should we never ban anyone?11:47
Tm_Tmcloy: I can judge that you were able to follow the first step11:47
LjLmcloy: after all, as soon as they're banned, we can't "judge" them anymore11:47
Tm_Tmcloy: I can also judge your response when we return to the discussion then after we have passed those several weeks11:48
mcloyyes. so wasting some more weeks of mine  plus 2 previous months of ban would be  a better way to resolve?11:48
Tm_Tor anyone of us ops11:48
Tm_Tmcloy: it's better than letting you in yet again rightaway without you showing you can follow any instructions11:49
mcloythere are certain qualities of a person that makes him op. e.g handle channel abuse. do justice and be reasonable. if you are stubburn and cosistent on you decision. its better for me to part and make milliions of ubuntu users - 1 .11:50
LjLthat is your choice alone11:51
mcloyguilt / satisfaction / justice is  inside of a person. you can feel it if you want to11:51
mcloyLjL,  you and Tm_T   have left me no other11:51
LjLthe way i see it, if the ops are being stubborn, at least they aren't the only ones who are being11:51
mcloyif you see it that way.11:52
Tm_Tmcloy: I have given you a simple instructions how we can begin resolving this11:52
mcloyTm_T,  that has no logic to me11:52
LjLyou have an alternative11:52
LjLappeal to the IRC Council11:52
Tm_Tmcloy: neither there is any logic on letting you back in11:52
mcloycross posting was never that sever that it would last 2.5 months11:53
Tm_Tanyway, if you choose not to follow my requests, I don't see what we can gain continuing the discussion here11:53
Tm_Tmcloy: you forget your bandodging?11:53
mcloyonly because you see it that wat11:53
Tm_Tand I repeat, bans aren't for punishment11:53
mcloyif you say so...11:53
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Tm_Talso there's no set time for bans, it's often up to the users how long the ban sticks11:54
mcloyit is a punishment and harrasment for me11:54
mcloyi see it . its not up to me as a user.     iam on decretion of some ops11:54
ikoniamcloy: I have given you an option of me removing the ban in #ubuntu only so you can use the channel11:54
ikoniakeeping the bans in place in #kubuntu and #ubuntu-server so you can still get support in #ubuntu but stop cross-posting in the other channels11:55
mcloyif i would be taking options from you. i would have done it yesterday before chating and requestion ops for 5 hours. ikonia11:55
ikoniaok, so you're rejecting the option of having the ban removed, fair enough.11:56
ikoniaI'll leave it as it is.11:56
Tm_Tsounds fair to me11:56
LjLmcloy: if you don't even want to accept to have your ban removed because you have something personal against ikonia, that's only your problem, and there is nothing further to discuss11:56
mcloyfreely speaking. i dont think ikonia is viable to be an op.  but thats my personal opinion if you dont like my view11:56
mcloyofcourse. everyone is afraid to step a fellow op. despite injustice happens11:57
Tm_Tmcloy: you can express that with lenghty argumentation to irc council if you wish11:57
* mcloy nodes11:57
mcloyLjL,  i just didnt wanted my matter to be resolve by ikonia11:58
mcloythat is a choice i have.11:58
LjLyes, it's a choice you have11:58
mcloyit can be any other op11:58
LjLand it results for now in you staying banned11:58
LjLchoices have consequences11:58
mcloyi know..11:58
LjLso, come back in a couple of weeks, *or* appeal to the IRC Council11:58
LjLthat's where it's at11:58
mcloyiam happy today. and was yesterday.11:58
LjLand it won't change11:58
mcloyas i told Tm_T   its not just about ban. its about justice and making ubuntu better.       i have many ips. and can change nick. chatting in ubuntu is not a big game for me..  but i didnt11:59
mcloyi am not happy to see who became operators of #ubuntu .12:00
LjLmcloy: then if you think there is something wrong, the right venue is a mail to the IRC Council, where you can expose your thoughts in detail to the right people12:00
mcloyand this opinion is nutral12:00
mcloytheres no use.12:00
mcloyon user wont matter12:00
mcloyi understand i dont own ubuntu .and its not free for humanity12:01
LjLmcloy: you won't know if there's no use until you try12:01
mcloyi understand i dont own ubuntu .and its not free for humanity12:01
mcloythats all i will say12:02
LjLok, if there is nothing further (and i don't think there is at this point), please /part for now. you know what your options are.12:02
mcloyya. i would love to see you add a 1 plus to millions of kicks and bans you have me and enjoy.12:03
mcloyif it would be upto me. ill stay in ubuntu12:03
* mcloy claps12:04
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1537 users, 6 overflows, 1543 limit))12:16
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1548 users, 6 overflows, 1554 limit))12:16
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IdleOneGuest55695: identify!14:35
oCeanfriend or foe!?14:36
Mamarokit's Pici16:21
Fuchsthat doesn't answer the friend or foe question!16:22
Mamarokoh yes it does16:22
IdleOne"it's Pici" should answer any questions you may have.16:31
funkyHatI had a question about the meaning of life. I suppose you're right.16:31
Fuchswouldn't he be Guest4242 then?16:34
funkyHatFuchs: a common mistake! 42 is the answer to the "ultimate question", not the meaning of life.16:35
Fuchsoh, I thought of the meaning of life as a subset until now. Thank you very much for that update <316:35
ikoniahi epzil0n17:09
epzil0nhi there17:10
ikoniacan we help you with something ?17:10
ikoniaI suspect your dns hostname has caused some problems17:10
ikoniais there something you need/want from the operator team ?17:11
epzil0nAhh, well int's a bnc and disconnects now and then17:11
epzil0nno, don't know why i'm this channel17:11
ikoniaepzil0n: well, the hostname it's resolving to isn't really going to work in the ubuntu channels17:11
IdleOneright but it is offensive and why you got forwarded to this channel17:11
epzil0nhehe, ok i'll just change that.. only humor nothing else sry17:12
ikoniaepzil0n: thanks17:12
IdleOnethank you.17:12
epzil0nnp ;)17:12
ikoniaepzil0n: if you change it to something without the bad language, you'll gain access to the channel you wanted17:12
Unit193He was from #xubuntu17:14
ubottupgib called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:51
MyrttiI've asked him to join here18:54
pgibdidn't know about this chan18:55
Myrttiso you had a pastebin link?18:56
pgibright. I went into #ubuntu. upon join, pl099 started sending me messages asking what I do, and asking if I could help him with some bank drop.. sounds like he is trying to scam people, or just being really silly. But I didn't want anyone else to get in trouble from him18:57
IAmNotThatGuypgib, can you take a screenshot of the private messages from that person to you and share it through imagebin ?18:59
IAmNotThatGuyAlso, the nick is not registered18:59
Myrttithere's a pastebin18:59
MyrttiI'll nudge him in pm19:01
Myrttialright, thanks, his idle time is 12 minutes so atleast he's not doing it now to anyone else.19:05
MyrttiI'll keep my eyes open.19:05
pgibyeah, he stopped messaging me one we stirred up commotion with the !op command19:06
pgiband now he has quit anyways19:07
IAmNotThatGuyMight be a troll19:07
Tm_Tthar's new19:07
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CoreyAre we "a Ubuntu shop" or "an Ubuntu shop?"21:11
popeyunless you pronounce it "you-bun-too"21:31
popeyaltohugh even then it sounds odd21:31
DavieyI think it's a .. as in 'a pending-trademark-approval shop'22:09

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