Ankmani want to upgrade to the new ubuntu release. but the computer has no display and no keyboard etc. so i access it via ssh...19:48
Ankmani used 'do-release-upgrade' before, but it always fails as it seem it wants to open an "x-dialog" at some point...19:49
Ankmanand 'do-release-upgrade' seems to have no options. anyway, if i edit the /etc/apt/sources.list, just put the new ubuntu name (version's name) there and run aptitude (update and upgrade). shouldn't that work?19:49
avoineAnkman: yep that would work19:55
Ankmanty :-)20:00
Ankmanavoine: well here i go. i'll blame it on you if it fails ;-)21:21
Ankmannah, doing do-upgrade thing again21:33
Ankmani exported DISPLAY to ""21:33
Ankmanlogged in via ssh, getting21:33
AnkmanContinue running under SSH?21:33
AnkmanThis session appears to be running under ssh. It is not recommended21:33
Ankmanto perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it21:33
Ankmanis harder to recover.21:33
Ankmanas it's supposed to be21:33
Ankmanwish me luck :-)21:33
AnkmanYou have to download a total of 1235 M. This download will take about21:48
Ankman1 hour 20 minutes with your connection.21:48

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