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xnoxhow often does lp.net update it's debian mirror?20:05
xnox$ requestsync clasp20:05
xnoxW: Target release missing - assuming quantal20:05
xnoxE: The version in Ubuntu (2.0.6-1ubuntu1) is newer than the version in Debian (2.0.6-1). Aborting.20:05
Laneycan be up to a day ime20:06
cjwatsonI'm told the importer runs every six hours, although I'm not sure that *entirely* tallies with my experience20:07
cjwatson10 3,9,15,21 * * * /srv/debian-import.launchpad.net/production/launchpad/scripts/gina.py squeeze sid experimental wheezy -q --log-file=INFO:/srv/debian-import.launchpad.net/production-logs/gina.log20:08
Laneydoesn't it pull from the UK mirror?20:08
Laneyso there are several sources of delay in between20:08
cjwatsonSlightly more complete:20:08
cjwatson# Mirror from ftp.uk.debian.org.  Debian publishes at "52 1,7,13,19"20:08
cjwatson# but we also need to allow time for the above mirror to update.20:08
cjwatson05 3,9,15,21 * * * sh /srv/debian-import.launchpad.net/scripts/mirror-update.sh >> /srv/debian-import.launchpad.net/production-logs/mirror-update.log 2>&120:08
cjwatson# Allow 5 minutes between mirroring and running Gina. The mirror logs suggest20:08
cjwatson# that mirroring takes at most about 1m30s.20:09
cjwatson10 3,9,15,21 * * * /srv/debian-import.launchpad.net/production/launchpad/scripts/gina.py squeeze sid experimental wheezy -q --log-file=INFO:/srv/debian-import.launchpad.net/production-logs/gina.log20:09
cjwatsonI don't know why those two jobs aren't a single job with &&; might ask about that20:09
cjwatson(but during the week)20:09
cjwatsonOh, mind you, .au might have started20:09
xnoxok, thanks. Back to drinking sunday evening tea =)20:13
cjwatsonHm, I think it might be optimistic about Debian's publishing time20:13
cjwatsonSo we might be hitting near worst-case latency20:13
cjwatsonI'll keep an eye on it as best I can and have a look20:13
cjwatsonxnox: This is basically bug 79861120:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 798611 in launchpad "Package Auto Sync seems to get ahead of +localdiff calculation" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79861120:20
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tumbleweedor if we really wanted to optimise it, organise push mirroring21:16
DavieyDoes config changes for status.ubuntu.com get rolled out automagically now, or does it still require a human to pull?21:52
* xnox is this sync running....21:52
cjwatsonxnox: the new binaries?  yes, I run syncs more or less daily21:56
cjwatsonyou can ignore queuebot if it's not interesting :)21:57
xnoxcjwatson: ok. I'm just pondering when will I finally be able to requestsync clasp.21:58
xnoxI am doing ubuntu development DD styly: "TeamUpload/NMU + sync to ubuntu" =))))21:59
cjwatsonmy investigations earlier suggested that the maximum latency is ~13 hours.  but remember that that's from Debian actually publishing to mirrors, not from the upload21:59
cjwatsonthe clasp source is still in incoming.debian.org22:00
cjwatsonoh, it's on ftp as well22:00
cjwatsona little surprising it's not on LP now22:01
Laneypush could be an idea22:01
cjwatsonbut given it's not, I'd expect it to arrive in the import that finishes around 03:4022:01
cjwatsonunless the import starting at 21:10 UTC is slower than I've been led to believe, I guess22:02
cjwatsonI don't have easy access to the logs22:02
cjwatsonmoving the import back an hour is probably an order of magnitude less effort than push mirroring, even if it's hacky :)22:03
DavieyIf you want it sooner, uploading with ~ubuntu1, then syncing out the package when LP knows about it is the best of all evils IMO.22:03
cjwatsonI doubt clasp is that urgent22:03
xnoxDaviey: if I had upload rights in ubuntu....22:03
DavieyEncourages push to Debian first, avoids having an essential fakesync (different sigs).. and still a lower version allowing a sync to override22:04
cjwatsonI'd really prefer people not do that unless they have a damn good reason please22:04
cjwatsonuses buildd resources for minor benefit22:04
cjwatsonand it's easy to screw it up and end up requiring a fakesync in future22:04
Davieycjwatson: right, 'if it's urgent'22:04
cjwatson*very urgent22:04
cjwatsonanyway, it looks like we can easily make the importer have considerably less latency, and I'll look into that tomorrow22:05
xnoxawesome =)22:05

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